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The different types of Afrobeat. #42

The different types of Afrobeat. #42

Wed, 15 Mar 2023 06:00

If you wanna know the different types of Afrobeats we have and the artistes that created them, you should really listen to this Episode. We also talk about the artistes that fell off and the ones trying to get back up. Lastly, you people should let Asake rest na, what else do you people want gangan?

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Audrey Mah feeling you too exact he he kip pilicies suivre Of course Nd剛allçouji yur iakamiteionsak o tegomning oابiten. Tenneel sided Pue tue A tamp leider Tia Hello doauen gak k hair yo DJ Hanna, am yom ni, toli shaw. Yo, deep way. Kau nga, introduce, introduce, I said. Oh, to show you a bit. Anyway, so you know when I have like up to all my guys there, you know, these chaos, especially if it's us, this episode, I like it, you can ask. So, you're mind. I want to first of all ask you the guys question. We, this new attack, sleep face, we those droves, area mobile, what could see, ya, tranquility, ya, I was like, we, they're talking that resemble palazzo. But I know, I do, it's, well, I know my opinion is biased. Because, you know, I can't be wrong to me. This freestyle, I saw one comment on Twitter. And, and, and, even talk to the, this, this, this news on Twitter, I just want to, I, I think it's okay. Nah, nah, still with, nah, palazzo still. You don't saw. We don't saw, nah, nah, nah, this still with the concubine game. No, I see. We're here. Go, Go Wasnil, we're gonna go back to, or we're going to see me. I'll be asha'ke' to, but only. You know, he's just like palazzo to, ya, nah, this one that I palazzo took on team like, No, no don't say for guys to go election. Yeah, let's do a vagстав of a. Ah ma kaelogh Aki ke. Aki ke. Eeeh, what do you mean I want to say? This Nigerian do your thing. I just want to say, if you vote you do have. I say, then talk talk talk. Shantijun it's in Yajau one year. Oh my goodness. Back in the day. I can't do your thing. No mind them. I feel big. Same cycle, not completely, but it's worth all that before I see even. And I'm hoping. And I'm just going to say, yeah, she vibes now. Or I'll switch now. Let's go up in Yajちゃん Guest's style. Everybody says there's a bit of Wolgaprochen. Talk now. Talk now. If you want to turn here. Sh invite Bler, Sh invite. You can come in too. The ball is switched Farthas, yeah. switch Therefore, You have to join me. No but whoever will be in Z flesh want. No, switch no. That's how you switch in Caiwan style. Yeah go go goYE I'm right, I don't speak. I broke. I broke. I broke a condition. I said, he did jump to that song. It's dark, guys. Yeah, I broke a condition. Hey. It's a bit chance now. That song, like Belaum, I wanted to talk on top of song. You understand? Yeah. I like it. It's not that she likes that shit. I broke a condition. Yeah, I broke a condition. Yeah, you get that. I broke a condition. I broke a condition. I know it's the guy. I know it's the guy. I don't like it. I don't know. I like his songs. I want to be up to his. I like this thing. I'm just tracing the guy. The guy don't prove himself to me. I've been out sitting out of home. What else do you want? What if I love home? I don't want to know what you're doing. You said it was a beautiful movie. She put my life back. So did you like it? I don't know if I want you to go. I mean, I'm not. I say it. I mean it. She said it was a beautiful movie. It's a beautiful movie. It's a beautiful movie. I think I am trying to say that sorry. Yeah. It's a beautiful movie. Hey, say what's moving here? They have to come in here. You'll see the big waves in your hands, I have to go and listen to him very ad and try to like him by my ball. But I hear a rich one if I talk twice every day. This is not a ball time. This guy is so good. He basically listen to that song beside me. He might win the NBA too. Sure, yeah. Once he went back to home, he's not got your big sense. Oh, repeat. He's a typical boy. He could like it. Or change it, change it. He's a nice guy. See the big guy. He was performing like them guys. They look at him. Who be this? And now he said he's walking on me. So he's sitting. What's he doing? He's not clearly what I got. I've no sense. He's not talking. He's not talking. He's thinking about the ball. For CTQ to end, that's it. CTQ say every talk. Say I can comment saying all these. Say I can make him do try again. Say this song. Be like a partner. And this is if he's supposed to do the tent out there. I'm sorry to say that. That's not that good. I'm sorry. CTQ, sir. I think CTQ is trying to lie full, sir. No, no. And bow. No. And he's one of the other. Bow is the needless. Look at that. How about the other. The other. I don't know. CTQ. CTQ, bro. Who tell you say no? He's not broke. I was saying they put. Bro, you know. He's still there. Right. He's still there. Okay. Now you know if he comes. No, no, no, no. Right. CTQ, this guy slapped. And he's eating. And then he took a phone call. How do they say that? They're gonna put a slap. What they want to do? What they want to do now? They use the end of world to slap his face. So they're gonna take a look at what they're saying. They're gonna grab you to the end. How about this CTQ? What's the good to watch? Sometimes. Never see, never. More than CTQ. Anyways. They're looking at them. On Instagram. I'm out. I believe they can hear you calling you. But they're so far. Show them. When they put a clip, they're like, you know, they're bad. They're very bad. They're very bad. I swear. I swear. That's what they're saying. What's the bad thing? If you don't blow, they see CTQ now. What they post? They're like, they're gonna put a clip. They're gonna give you a gift card. They're gonna give you a gift card. They put it on the left side. It's very expensive. What's it? They put it on the left side. Where they see money. How old is that? They get the money. All the papaya. Yeah. Cool. Some of them know they get a gift. They try million followers. Those who don't know, they don't get picked followers. What is trading? All these kidney confers. Kidney confers. Some of them are in Pulu. Some of them are in Pulu. Baby, if you like, if you want to show me that you love me, that can use promo code. If you'd nasty or want to expect. Yeah. Yeah. Use promo code. Yeah. CDQ. That's what I'm saying. Yes. This is what we call Sean. Oh, check the video. He's too. Yeah. No. Who was it? The idea that I give to him. Yeah. Those one of you are for them. You know what I say? Like this now. Yeah. I'm watching the massive devil collates for papas safe on his ID. You should have won million dollars. That's won million dollars. Imagine. Also, you go see the video too. You get the video show. Yeah. You go see the video. All the MCDs you have, go with them follow like that. You dig. And also the last. You know, okay. Okay. Tell me the last one. Where is the key? Oh, yeah. On FEMON. I like it. But I will connect. Can I get one? I want the energy. You know, those people they involve me. It does people on sizes. Yeah. You guys are involved. Why are you on last time? Why are you on stage? So, like, come on. Why are you so in the open? But not since then. You're good. Good on you. This guy. You know, J. And my star romance. I like that. From information taken to me. I'm very beside it. The EP is map that is very the Lisa. I like that. Walking the journey, Poinikah strum. A. Anpan็ plug Anpan devam Anpan afor den by lawsuit ll a ap a haber a n aantal...omali, samali, samali....sensi, samali....sensuunie....donnie. Ok, we draw the Afro-Due-Avul. Afro-Flex. We have Afro-Flex too. Yeah, Afro-Flex. We carry like... Like......Groko....in the way of the way of the way. Afro-Flex. Afro-Flex, my friend's planation. Afro-Flex, my friend's planation. Look at my song already. You know they sing. You don't have to explain something. Afro-Flex. After she comes to that song, I give her... Afro-A like it. This is all you have to do now. What are we to deal? Tomorrow… We are ensures tonight. We're the daughters. We'll fix it when you get married later. This ought to be beginning. Miss Grammario. Miss Grammario.. That's almost the end. Do you get the思心? Dannar! Let's keep moving, don't move from school.You can help me run this game. Please stop. Up – loads of training in the park. Remember things of Atm Very Different Dengay – tuutututu suro o ok Hāma maili lehle, tome bai. Aksi lehle. Daka iplay, dāsu iplay. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, this guy, for te bu. That one, you know who won't get about the right me? It doesn't have any knowledge of me. Sure, yeah. It doesn't get about me. That was afro talk. Afro talk. Afro talk. It does they talk. Afro talk, ya. You know they, you know they, you know they can sing. You don't sing, yeah. It does it, you know the right me. Not my certificate, not mine. I just want to show you a interesting nap! freか No, sorry, no, sorry.ese kuturai me.джو ان выпускہ میںpersonCong spin kwestاwhere they talk. I haven't feeling, I have said the script. I haven't feeling. Interesting. Yeah, yeah. It's not as if I'm bad. But I'm also a little bit of a deal. What's your favorite video? For ID. What's your favorite video? You see about this whiskey DVD. I'm a good boy. Yeah. Or this thing. If you check out my synthetic travel whiskey, that I don't do on the whiskey, that's this year. That can be seen in the old story. Do you get one? Yeah. I want that. I really think we see a dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dance. saint kオンバー drie tre was c quin ty dcheers Y'all had a good idea that they were. That's Josef Blanc. So what did they say? They do say good. Now, those ones, I want to make. You don't want to about this. Bits for the video now. You don't want to about this big artist. It's your favorite boy. No, no, no. Out of three of them, I only put them on the tape. You just need to rap. Everybody release projects. Out at least one song for that person. Go, go, go, go, go. No, like, no, okay, no album here. You want to do songs on Puku, like, go people last night? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That won't say go fan. But I know it's last last. That won't say go fan. But I know it's last last year. And I don't know you know you that. This is the story for me. I know you really good. Ah, that was a bad idea. I know. But for me, I know it'd be like last last. I know, I know, I know. Now you know the talk. Yes, yes, yes. It's the missing the album. Nothing good for that. I feel like. I mean, you're good. I mean, you're good. Going to do that in I did with them. What did you do with that? I started. But it didn't work. Now, the only one is on the two niches. See, you're mad now. Come down, come down. Feel like I'm going to run up to the line. I said, this song is... See, fire up on your soup. Be good, win, fit, change, yeah. I don't know. But when you get on the red, I say. Be fair, boy. But, definitely, at that time, I don't say future, but fire both. Yeah. If you remember. So now, if they've told CFC1, eat song out of the album, we're going to the national abro, let's just be open. Right now. Right now. They don't actually need that. We see them. We don't need that. Because it's going through a lot right now. They don't need that. It's going through a lot right now. Let's just hope for the best. Let's go. That's what I want to say. Like, you got home good. Life is no easy for. That's what we do. And also, let me look for kids. Maybe we observe one minute silence for Costa Tich, D. Start up the company. Push and power. You just say, this guy. And now, we're going to... See, we caught him. Let me see. We caught him. I can't believe it. Now, commercials and screen users are grand. No, we said that there are some destinies. Cancel us beyond masks. That means immigrants are too strong for us. We will see. True immigrants. Then now that we've got our official agency, we have news about their parties. Please. We have a lot of telling news we won't see it. Whoever loses will be judged against it. OK. I think it's not my question. Because if you flatter him, if you're losing, then it's not your question. Really, that's just anivia. That seems fine. Yeah. There were IVO and I bet this greeting would be nice....in the New York City and this guy. Yeah. In the interview I swear. I swear. You guys, this stage is about four-stroke. No, make one another with the top with you. That's what I think. That's what I think. You see that? You feel that like this? It's not bad. That was when they would put that one. And make it Tokyo. You feel that as you did like this? That's not possible. You see it? It's possible. You can't post it back up. Anything visual. Anything good, anything. I'm sure it gives you a little story. What do you think? What do you think? I'm sure. Okay, so we have to put it in the running. So you're going to say the title for Fiddle. Oh, yeah. You guys first four down. We'll start off again. Finish this show. You did that. Good. And we'll get out of here now. Now, fill down the game. It's my man, you have to fill your... Yeah. Don't do the city symptoms. You don't need body. You may so share it, sympathy. I feel very bad. I'll say, I feel very bad for the guy. Because I want to fuck. I say, you said this thing. It came here, it came here. And I like it. I like it. I like it. Well, let's just... I can only do this. Let's just have one minute silence. Anyways, guys, this will be the end of today's episode. Yeah. We hope to see you again next week. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Just say prayer for post-art teacher. And this family will hope it's so present in peace. And take care too. I mean, so we'll consider it the rest in peace. Also know what. So my guys, I want to say they are put by... I'm saying that too. Yeah. It's your boyfriend, that's... Oh, wow. Fresh... Fresh, fresh, fresh... Fresh money... Yeah, you did it. Oh, wow. Yeah. Oh, my, my... Oh, my, my, my, my, my... Yeah. Yeah, me. Yeah, me too. Yeah. It's time to add the daddy. Ah. Yeah. I'm signing out too. I'm going to see you guys again next week. Peace out. People wish me to do some post-art broadcast. You can see it. You can see it. You can see it. As I tell you. I can see it. Fifth comment. The post-art broadcast. Thank you you. We've had your award contest held on April 6. Thanks, breezy faces. Cuthe interviewing withHYUN explainer. And then the pilot. The pilot for the award contest held on April 7. And then how we'll do that for the contest? On April 7 et a bless you para telecast all this to me. And then how we'll arrange the assignment today. Please Take this. See you guys next week. Take care everyone. Happy birthday.