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Illuminati Rumors, New Releases, and Potential Beef. #51

Illuminati Rumors, New Releases, and Potential Beef. #51

Wed, 24 May 2023 09:53

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In this episode of Tunebusters Podcast, hosts Fresh Festard and Classic take over as xb4 is under the weather. Join them as they delve into the intriguing rumors surrounding Rema and the illuminati. They discuss the latest projects by notable artists, including Wande Coal's "Legend or Nothing," Joeboy's "Body and Soul," and Asake's new single - Amapiano featuring Olamide. Get exclusive insights into Asake's upcoming album and stay tuned as they uncover a potential beef between Asake and Seyi Vibez. Don't miss this captivating episode!

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Ilirineonkaraabwa color toki. Ehig blue iru mi ki roe padeear eluo str Sal And twКА Eri r LARwen Y'all be like me, you're the best man, you're the best man, you're the only one. You guys, welcome back to episode of Tomb of Star. Unfortunately, you're CEO of Ba. He's not feeling fine, so I'm yours for today. So, and today, I have my guy introduce yourself now. Hi everyone, my name is Abbas. I know you've been like, you've aged this voice, maybe like three or four times on this podcast before. I'm classic, as you know, you know. I'm Abba Akalo. So today, we are talking about like many artists, this last week, many artists, they released like many songs, but you released a new track, WUGA released like two tracks, legends of knowledge and one of the cool, and body and soul, you know, like many songs like NGYOTESTS today, Ashaki Anola Midi, I'm a piano right now, the song batch, the song makes sense. But me, me, I still like, you boy, I feel that you were a woman. That you were a woman. That you were a woman. That's the two points you want. That was the two points you want. I said, I like that track. I look like you track really good. Physically, I look at the scene with the chicken book. I said, I see that in true. I said, track really good. And this, I don't know which is the two that in song, that I want to be. Maybe they know you stream from this time. They know you stream from this song, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, be the kind quality of music WUGA, the least before the bass. I want to try to change sound, summer. See that second, boom, boom, boom, shaking up. He won't try to change sound. I know. He won't try to think like, REMA. He won't say REMA, the Jau, the Cialo, REMA, REMA, REMA, Rena, Maotski, the Meebo, the DST, the CIS 9, the CIS 9, the CIS 555, the DST, the NUMNATI, the CIS, the new video of CHAMP. If you see the video, like say, I never say, you know, never say, I say, FI, I don't like God, you can't, like, you can't stand on fire like this. You go see, like, you know, the thing, you go, you go to see at this, you know, the guy don't join this thing for it, for it, it will be like, of course, you wait, if you see that CHAMP, today I'm going to post one video, maybe not want to invest in a really something, then something I'm from, I say, well, I'm with him, I think I want to try to change style somehow, that's in perfect terms. I see. And that would be for itself. That would be for yourself. No, be the usual, no, be the usual, would you be that? No, be the usual. No, be the usual, I think this is the usual, would you be that? Everybody wants to change style to me, do boys back, do boys back. He don't improve past, he's not, past normal, do boys, I'm, I don't know, I'm not legend, they're me. They're me. They're me. But I'm going to kill you like a bond up, I'm going to get some tracks, one of the cool, you get some tracks, we did that, we be see, you know, to bomb, you know, so I'm going to add them to the album, a bond up, I want to say this, come, I will do remix, one, the one, they do as if they did remix, they dance, I'm, they're blessing. They're going to scabba. I'm going to start. If they dance, drag, they, they're remix, they, oh, no, that's not going to end up going for a purpose, no doubt. I don't know why I know put them, maybe they're going to be a while, I'm saying, you know, sometimes we would go just to listen to songs, you know, so this, this thing is a, for example, come out, Budwan and whiskey song, we've seen that song, come out everywhere, Guskata, at the espada song, I say, this song, this song go really dope, like, maybe like, say record label, they do you like, maybe they did a little bit of this song sometimes, like, why, like, why did they say a call label, they were like, I mean, if you sign with some record labels, then we did, did you cut us like the amount of songs you think is easy, like the percentage of, what you think here, with anybody, where you feature, so if you don't know, you know, they don't allow you to release the music, that's what you did, you know, if you want to jump on your, you know, but I guess you get album with the comp next month, I think 12th of June, I know, I know, I know, I'll be out of the one drum, but sing with, sing with the release link, you know, I told you I'll release the music, I'll get the song, I'll get the song, I'll get the song to, I'll get the song to my big, I'm a piano, I'm a piano, piano, piano, piano, I think I've thought of the album before, this guy, David O'Seph, I know, what's the quality of the song now? Then the album goes to do, because people don't understand, anticipate it, I guess some of the songs that I'm going to do, I see that, I see that snippet, the song, we will be like, I will still do another album, I saw it being out, nobody go on loose, my foot is in the middle, I see it before this industry, I see it here, this guy, what is that song for me? Whatever fact is that, I see a little bit of error, even withApplause,...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................