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E445 Brianna Chickenfry

E445 Brianna Chickenfry

Tue, 23 May 2023 07:00

Brianna Chickenfry is a podcaster, host and content creator for Barstool Sports. She hosts her own show “Plan Bri Uncut”, and also appears weekly on BFF’s with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. Brianna Chickenfry joins Theo in New York City for this episode of This Past Weekend, chatting about her wild childhood in South Boston, stealing bras from the mall, blowing up on Tik-Tok in college, quitting school for a career at Barstool, their mutual friendship with Caleb Pressley, her beef with Frank the Tank, and much more. Brianna Chickenfry: Special thanks to AdHoc collective and the Carriage House in NYC for providing the location for this episode. AdHoc Collective: ------------------------------------------------ Tour Dates! New Merch: ------------------------------------------------- Sponsored By: Celsius: Go to the Celsius Amazon store to check out all of their flavors. #CELSIUSBrandPartner #CELSIUSLiveFit Manscaped: Visit to get 20% off + Free Shipping with code THEO. Make this Fathers Day one he won’t forget. BetterHelp: Visit today to get 10% off your first month. Find more balance, with BetterHelp. RocketMoney: Visit to cancel unwanted subscriptions. Stop throwing your money away, and manage your expenses the easy way. SeatGeek: Visit and use code THEO for $20 off your first order. ------------------------------------------------- Music: "Shine" by Bishop Gunn: ------------------------------------------------ Submit your funny videos, TikToks, questions and topics you'd like to hear on the podcast to: Hit the Hotline: 985-664-9503 Video Hotline for Theo Upload here: Send mail to: This Past Weekend 1906 Glen Echo Rd PO Box #159359 Nashville, TN 37215 ------------------------------------------------ Find Theo: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: YouTube: Clips Channel: Shorts Channel: ------------------------------------------------ Producer: Zach Producer: Colin

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I would like to announce July 14th at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada We'll be in the great outdoors comedy festival July 20th at Gillford, New Hampshire August 18th at Windsor, Ontario at the Coliseum August 20th at Niagara Falls at the Falls View Casino and August 27th at Toronto, Ontario at Meridian Hall Toronto my bed Toronto get all your tickets at slash T O U R make sure to go through there And if a place is sold out don't don't buy the crazy price ones. We will come back through or hopefully we will also add some shows Thank you. We've got some new merch items to tell you about the be good to yourself crew neck and teal It's frosty. We got the new hoodie in bitter sweet plus we've got the root beer t-shirts from the root beer cartoon All that in more theovan Hey guys, I'm in the west village of New York City today and I am at my friend Keat. She is a entrepreneur she has a beautiful coffee shop and flowery or floral shop Called Rose Cranes and she let us use this vintage carriage house today To record in so very grateful to her if you want to support her or some of her businesses in The village in New York City you can check her out at ad hoc collective And we are very grateful for this beautiful space that we get to record in today Today's guest is a podcaster and a personality at barstool sports and a personality just as a human and We're gonna hopefully learn more about that today She's a member of the bf's podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy She has her own podcast as well plan bree uncut Today's guest is Brianna chicken frock Oh Welcome on the podcast. Thank you. You're a vaughn. You just let anybody on the pod now That we're doing I guess I guess we do I guess you and I never met no we haven't yeah, it's interesting kind of I know Because I know you through I know you through Caleb CP. Yeah, yeah, he's a good guy He's a very mischievous that guy. I feel like sometimes, you know, I feel like sometimes he's you know, he's kind of a He's a slippery guy kind of you know up to no good. You think well, he's just really sleek. I think he's very smart Mm-hmm some people are too smart for their own good. We call him we call him the king of the tards Because he assembles like he assembles a crazy crew Yeah, and then he's just the king and everybody worships him. Yeah, yeah, I'm part of it I'm I'm one of the tards. Oh, you're in. Yeah, I mean you're retarded. Yeah, a little bit. Yeah, that's good Do we have a I feel like a moment of those rides? What it doesn't or they put you in no not Disney universe alike at a shitty fairground, okay? Yeah, we never met each other before no never yeah, I want your show though Yeah, you went to the show the other night. Do you ever get tired? It was good. It was really funny. Oh, thanks Yeah, you're crazy. It was long you're more animated than I thought you would be oh, yeah Yeah, like you were doing all these moves and shit. I was like wait, what? Yeah, yeah I'm in yeah, well I have yeah, I have a leg of it. I have all of it. I got you know, or I'm gonna I guess yeah people maybe think you would be still or something. Yeah, I don't know you were just more animated than I thought Yeah, you're doing all these faces really like when you were laying on the on the Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's animated. Yeah, well, I think you have to keep people's attention too, you know Yeah, and you're just one thing and you have to tell a story with just your body like you only have so much like you know You have to I think People's attention spans I think seem short so you want to keep them engaged. Yeah, you're keeping me engaged. Oh good It was good. Yeah, I'm glad you guys have fun. Have you been no comedy show before? Yeah, I love Santa I love gonna I usually just go to like open mics though. So that was my first like real big Show, oh, okay. Yeah, it was good. Oh, yeah, because yeah, so I see you on TikTok. I see you on Instagram I see like yeah, I'm right here. Why am I here? Because I just want I feel like here's why okay? So whenever Dave came on the show he said He's like oh, we have a lot of youngs. We make a lot of stars over it. Oh, those weren't his exact words But I was like you guys you have a good eye for talent. Yeah, so we're talking about oh Dave you got a good eye for talent And he's like yeah, we have some great talent right now and he named a couple of people, but he named you Mm-hmm. I was like oh interesting. So I just trust his eye for talent, you know you trust Dave Yeah, I think so he thinks so well, yeah, he's found it He's found a lot of good people. Yeah, you had glenny balls on yeah, he found glenny balls. Yeah, found Caleb Yeah, I don't know what I'm really doing they always say I'm doing so well, but I don't I don't really see that Yeah, guess maybe that's what I wanted. I was like who is this gal and then like yeah, what is her? What does she do? I know she's like you know, I see you just on the internet so I know she's like an attractive girl I know that she You know likes to drink or do drugs or whatever you know or and you're from Massachusetts, right? From Boston. Yeah, yeah, so you can probably drink through your vagina I mean I don't know some girls are can really they can do it. Yeah, they'll get a beer down They'll get a beer up. Yeah, yeah, I could get it up But no everyone thinks I do a bunch of drugs. I went I did the knelt podcast the other day Okay, and they sit me down there just like how much drugs you do how much cocaine do you do? I don't do drugs Oh really I do well, I do shrooms. I guess I don't do the hard drugs. Okay. Yeah, they think I'm like a big Everyone thinks I'm a big co-cat because my thing is sleep when you're dead So that's fair. Yeah, that's a cocaine slogan. I know, but it's not I don't do cocaine I got a lot of more people in my family do drugs than don't do drugs. Okay. Yeah, I believe that Yeah, so I got a crazy family really and so now when you say that um That you don't do drugs or you onto the info you have to any drugs in your system right now you think I'll add All okay. Yeah, how much you think if you had a guess Vi-vance 60 milligrams Hmm, it's you make a lot it is kind of a lot it is I haven't taken it in a while But I have a long day so I might have a hard attack Like shit myself. Yeah, yeah, sometimes the vi-vance is hard. I can't really turn my neck when I'm on it. This shit gets me real tight So biting my cheeks and stuff. I guess it's kind of worse than cocaine I opened it up because I was like, maybe I'll just take half and it's just cocaine in there. Oh It's all white powder. It's crazy. It's kind of scary. Yeah, anytime like your Yeah, anytime you get something like a CVS, but it's a powder. It's like yes kind of a Kind of scary. Yeah, so I poured a little I poured half in it just chemicals. Yeah. Oh, yeah It's kind of good though. Yeah, it wasn't bad. Oh, dude. I remember I found the pill on the Gym mat one time and I just slurped it up. What was it? I don't know. Well, how do you feel? Could have been Could have been for like erectile dysfunction could have been a dexatrim. Okay, but it was good It was pretty good. I thought you know, I felt yeah, it was like all right Let's see what God wants to do kind of thing. You know somebody had fallen out of somebody's pocket at the gym You stay at the gym longer than you thought. I don't remember what happened man I mean, there's probably about seven years ago, but so it's been quite a ride since then I don't think it's still in my system. I know what the half-life of like something like that is, you know Yeah, no, it's probably only six So you are from then so yeah, I guess I just we just want to get to know you so okay, let's do it you Yeah, and we want to see like where you going, you know, what's going on with this lady, you know Okay, where am I up to yeah, or just like yeah, what is does this lady have a real plan is this lady Just kind of living willy nilly, you know like what's the some of the goal here? I think okay So how does it start like when are you a child? One of my child I was a child when I was a child Yeah, so I was just like a small child and the first big born big or not I my mom was pregnant for 10 months. Wow So I was born a month late. I was big. I was like 31 inches nine pounds Oh my god, yeah, yeah, that's true. I bet they had you fallen into like a fisherman's net Yeah, no, I was like really she was real tiny. They had to do an emergency C-section I couldn't fit through the canal. No, really? Yeah, it's great So almost like breaking out of a prison cell. Yeah, I was breaking out of a prison cell my parents got my parents should have never got married They got so they got married when my mom was 10 months pregnant at like a random Kazebo a gazebo in Florida Oh, yeah, they'll build those anywhere anywhere and she she had a red she had a red dress on and They got married and then we came back. I was born and My my family's kind of crazy. I have four I four siblings so my oldest sister. She's 40 so there's a big age gap Okay, so she's a she's a black fisher. Do you know what a black black fishing is? Is that the thing that? Oh, yeah, I think it's like it's not the thing for C world. It's not the they're not like the people killing the no That's worse, I think it's she wants so she she gets level four spray tans So I for reference I get level one spray tin. She'll go and she'll get level four and she gets box braids But she's white she drives a Chrysler 300 she hangs out with all black fishers obviously Yeah, and she she just got out of prison. She's doing well now, but that's the oldest sister So that was like my that was my role model growing up. Yeah, she was crazy. She was yeah, and she dated a lot of I want to see her yeah, I want to see I want to see if you think she would be black yet She no she she doesn't she only dates white guys. Huh, yeah, it's a crazy thing She hangs out with all I thought she was hanging out with all black people But then I realized they were all black fishers and what is black fishers? You mean like black they're black fishing So you could this is what you get cancers for nowadays if you get too dark like spray tans or if you wear box braids Which is my sister? Oh, I see we stand like people they do the chocolate body like the bar on weightlifting. Yeah, this her Whoa Let me see that's a real picture of her. That's a real picture. That's her Facebook that's her Facebook profile picture. She's a white girl God, she's beautiful. Yeah So that's the oldest sister. She's black fishing Wow, and so that's like fishing for black people like you're trying to catch them or something like is it like? Yeah, but she's never kept but she's only dating white guys. I don't know what she's trying to catch Yeah, that's interesting I never like we had a lot of like when I was growing up They just called them kind of wiggas, you know It's like we had like a lot of wiggas back in a day, and it was like You know, you'd see like it was a lot of first genders. We're doing it, you know Yeah, cuz I think they were so white that it almost is like a Like it's everything's a spectrum. So I think if you get so white You're almost back around to being black and then sometimes you would see the black guy that's white you ever see that guy? Oh, yeah logic Yeah, but I'm not talking like a lot like just you know I'm talking about the guy who like The guy that looks like you know when you go see the tigers and then that white tiger like oh wow Yeah, like sometimes is the black guy that has that's complete. That's but that's white, you know Yeah, yeah, it's like somebody trapped in a Yeah, it's like I don't know what you would call it He's a black guy with white skin. He looks complete. It's almost like they took a black guy and they put the paint It's a white paint in a white. I've seen a couple of this. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy, right? So it's like a little yeah, it's like a it's almost like something that God God I like somebody for Christmas or something like God's like I'm gonna make something real special for some Yeah, it's like a unicorn. Yeah, he made that yeah, yeah, so anyway, so yeah, that's where we talking about your sister, right? Oh, yeah, family crazy family. That's my okay. She got a sister that's really out there. Yeah, yeah I got I got they're all out there. I have one good sister. I have another sister. They're all good or they're not good No, I have one good sister. Okay, okay, and then I got two so we have the black fissure Mm-hmm, and then we have the the next one in age She's crazy. She got gastric bypass surgery. Oh, yeah, and it fucked her up. Oh Yeah, fucked her up pretty bad. She's in she drives a vest book and she's she's a lesbian. She's crazy. Oh, yeah She wears sunglasses all day all day. She's insane, but that one that one she's she means well, but she's She's not doing well now. Okay. Yeah, and then we got my good sister and then I found out I had a brother when I was 12 No way and what they do they just like pulled a curtain back and they're like here he is he showed up It was crazy. The black fissure they met on Facebook. They met on Facebook Brother yeah, cuz my dad my dad put the brother up for adoption. He was like 15 or something Mm-hmm. So the black fissure found This brother and brought him to Thanksgiving when I was 12. Oh, yeah, and he looked just like my dad No, they were like the same age pretty much. Damn. Yeah, well, so that's interesting So a like was it was it was a chaotic or was it fun? What was it like was it pretty cool? It was pretty cool Yeah, it was pretty cool, but I kind of freaked out and I were living in Boston Yeah, living in Boston at the time and what town is he over living in South Boston? Okay, mm-hmm So South Boston is like what's it like over there? It's like It's like all the people South Boston used to be all the people that lived in the projects and then they moved like a couple streets over Okay, we're like we're doing good and is it white? Is it brothers? What is it? It was pretty white? Okay? Yeah, it was pretty white town, but then I moved out when I was 12 so I have like a split life Okay Just my dad finally got a job. Oh, he did yeah nice. Where do you work at? He's a mechanic. Oh, he is? Yeah Oh, yeah, my sister used to be a married woman mechanic really yeah, and my mom I think almost dated a mechanic one time, but I don't know if she did or not, but we would always she always go there and take the car And we'd have to sit in there sitting a car No, we wouldn't say we would sit outside of the car, but I don't know if he was really fixed in it or if they were just kind of chatting with each other They're always chatting. Yeah, yeah Was your dad like a run-around guy? Did he have a lot of girlfriends or not? Yeah, well he was he was like a raging alcoholic and then I was born and my mom was like Ultimatum oh really her or drinking and then he stopped But he did some other shit and then he became a mechanic. Oh, yeah He's still mechanic a lot of people that quit doing drugs. I end up I feel like they get into like mechanic and yeah Okay, cool. So you're in Boston. That's what you're doing right and where did you graduate from from high school? Yeah, okay. I graduated from high school and what happened before that like when did you get like Like when did you start dating or whatever like when we you when does that happen like in I'm a bad I'm a bad data. I didn't start dating until I was like a senior a senior in high school really why not? I was molested by a lot like three separate three separate lesbians when I was younger and that's why I can't My second sister just no I shouldn't say her name but my second sister. She's a lesbian. I was terrified of her My neighbor Olivia two of the girls So I would spend all my summers in the trailer park Mm-hmm because that's what my dad would just drop me off and then you go be a mechanic and my mom was working Mm-hmm, and there was a two two separate lesbians at the trailer park And what do you think about it and I'm sorry to hear that no, it's fine I think I'm better, but one night stand scare me. I can't ever one night stand cuz it's bringing me back like It's one time thing. Oh, it's a one time thing and the lesbians did that I guess their pedophiles are lesbians, but yeah, yeah Yeah, let's me don't get as much pet. They don't get it like that pet They don't get called a pedophile that much. No, no, no, they just got called lesbians So when do you get like your first brisier or whatever like do they and how do you even get that do they like mail it to your Something like how do you even get like? You got out why stole my first one really yeah, I stole my first when I was scared So I don't have a good relationship with my mom. So I'm gonna be like mom. Let's go get a bra Yeah, I was like tolly. I'm my best friend. Let's go to mom. Let's steal bras. Yeah, we stole thongs We stole bras. I didn't need one though. I still didn't I got a boob job. So I didn't ever need one. Yeah Were you just very more lean-chested kind of yeah? Yeah, yeah, it was lean. There's nothing there Damn buddy. Yeah, buddy. That's everyone called me Yeah, that's buddy Damn little brother. Yeah, oh Yeah, I always want I guess I know I want to never wonder that but I guess I was just thinking about that Yeah, like do you how do you get a bra through a girl like you know like the government like mail you like your first bra Or is it like they give you this book actually fifth grade that give all these girls a book and it like shows you all the Different size of nipples and all the different size of boobs and then shows you where you can go Yeah, it's a best book ever. Oh wow. Yeah teaches you about like Periods and stuff it does everything everything and who gives it to you a parent gives it to the child I'm sure no it was um it was always the it was a nurse. Oh at school. Yeah, it was cool. Yeah, it wasn't parenting I'm trying to think what happened in our school we came in And they had like a man and they would always get like the most trustworthy man at school and like five or six kids and Everybody knew his wife, you know, and I remember we came in and this time he had on sunglasses And he was it was like his first time teaching sex ed and I think he was so embarrassed He like didn't want to be seen doing it or something but we know with Tim right cuz he's taught us other Yeah, yeah, we seen him and he was up there just like pointing at all the stuff and everything and People are losing their fucking mind You know like like it's like jerk it off in the corner like there's people like wait Did you have a jerker? Did you have a jerker? Like did you ever see the kid jerk off in class? Let me think it oh yeah, yeah, we had this one class where people would it was like the thing to kind of jerk off in your book Oh wow I don't know It was just class class. Is any class? Yeah, it was like one of those classes you're like What is this class about like three quarters the way to the class? You're like what is this class about? All 40 yeah, yeah, it's jerk enough in the book Well, I remember people would they had a book and people would try like the goal I think was by the end of the year to have somebody like the conglomerate of youth in the group to have jerked off in every Pay like to completely like turn the book in like a xylophone Isn't it court? Yeah, yeah Like by the end you go fucking you play it. Oh you got a fat Italian guy You know make it a beautiful mother's day for your mother, so Um, but yeah, I remember that thing got passed around and it's to let's start to look like it like kind of like a two hit it Oh, yeah, dude. I definitely did a good job on that deal everybody did It was almost kind of cool at the end of the year is almost like having somebody sign your yearbook Oh, yeah, it was all men. Okay. 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Yeah And I was wonder who is that woman Like who do you mean the video and what the video the woman who's what I'm giving birth Yeah, like who said who the like we want to show this to everything Yeah, it's 12 year old How much do you think she got paid to do that? It's gotta be she was really needed that right I mean that's gotta be crazy the crazy part is if she's had a party or something and somebody's like hey You you guys remember Janet and they're like no how will we know her and then somebody's just like Right so for the accord Yeah, yeah, yeah, right here Yeah, does this ring of Ellen? They just like oh yeah throw a watermelon out from behind their leg Yeah, that's a woman that had to do that I wonder if they even put her in the credits at the end No way they even blur out that's what I was saying they showed her whole family Her whole family everyone was in it the family's all standing around their holding hands The dad's fainting. It's crazy fifth grade Janet It's nuts did every mazi of that they had this TV show called hands on a hard body or was a movie right? It was like they told these people Mississippi if you all show up at like this Walmart and like put your hand on this like um It was a vehicle. It was like um Dodge um It was like a Jeep like um It was kind of like a Ford Escore Ford Explorer like SUV Like if you show up with this if you show up with this small you put your hand on this SUV The last person with their hand on gets to keep the SUV right so that was it that was the rule right so people showed up And people are fucking washing their hand and fucking being all fired up people are doing like this and getting their hand ready You know and shaking hands and fucking half-hub and and doing this just little tricks It don't mean anything and just getting their hands ready and then so then they started off They put like everybody's got the hand of the car right like two minutes in one dude's like he takes them He's like I'm gonna win this bitch like they're interviewing him his hands are all cuz he went like that's like you're fucking out of here So like by 30 hours like people haven't slept There's like nine people left And there's this one brother on there and they keep saying to him man You gonna win? He's like yeah my friends bringing me on Nestle ball when he gets here with that bitch It's a wrap right He's like when I give my sugar brothers a fucking wrap all these bitches right and the other bitches Just like a scene like an old lady who may be dead. She's like they just leaned her against the back of it and like two other people Anyway, the guy gets there he hands in the nestle party takes his hand off to fucking get it and he's out So anyway that kind of reminds you like everybody being around the mile like with their hands on or you know Yeah, that's beautiful. That's beautiful. Yeah And so that's how you were born. Oh no that's sex head. That's sex head. Yeah, that's the same thing. Yeah That's how I was born fifth grade and did you like and then so you had a boyfriend and senior high school? You said yeah, that's when I that's when I got into the dating okay Senior high school and you'll go to a dance or anything like that. You'll go to prom No, no, I met him I met him on a cruise ship when I was 16 and he lived in Ohio Oh, so it was a long distance thing there's long distance, but then I but then I I backed up and I moved to Ohio For this man. I went to school in Ohio. No way college in Ohio Yeah, and where'd you stay at oh you had you had a dorm or whatever? I don't yeah And then I broke up with him because I was like this is weird. He was way older than me was weird What school? Well, that's probably not that crazy, but what school was the um what school were you guys at? At the he didn't go to my college, but I went to it was called Baldwin Wallace. Baldwin Wallace? Cleveland. It was a small liberal arts school. Okay. So you were artistic and you like doing artsy stuff? Why do you go there then? Because I followed him oh yeah, so I was fucked and then I was stuck there. Oh yeah And where were you working at? Where's I working at? I wasn't nanny. You were? I wasn't any. Yeah. Oh god. We're those kids now That's crazy. Yeah, they got the hand on a truck somewhere Dude, I had to freaking I didn't nanny or whatever, but like some guy from the gym hire me to watch his kids like two weeks row It was fucking so unreal. Who are they like it was horrible. I remember like I feel so bad about this, but I like found like a bunch of porn at the parent's house for whatever and like So I would just I was torn between like what you know making sure these kids got off to school and stuff and then like like Just looking at different pornography that they had at the house, but what was a guy like the dad that that was a nice guy I'd seen him since later on down the line Everything seemed pretty pretty cool nice kids kids are cool, you know, but they're good now Yeah, they were good then. Yeah, there was no I didn't affect him anyway. How do you talk to kids like do you know how to talk to kids? I think I talked to him like adults really. Okay. You're just like what's up? Yeah, I think as I feel like if you if you if you get a kid and you know if you look at if you really they seem like I Some of them are fucking idiots, you know, but some of them seem like they know what's up. You know, yeah Um Okay, so what else happened then all right, so you're in school. Where are you working at? I'm working now. I'm at someone's house. I was nanny. Okay, you're nanny. I was in school. I was pre-med though So what yeah, I see you're smart then. Yeah, I was biochem major. Why why I was I was doing all right. I was doing all right, but I wasn't like I wasn't that good. I was like Bottom of the class, but I still like a three two. Okay, three two is good though Three two and I was I wanted to be a I wanted to be a PA. So I wanted to go to a PA school And what is it PA a physician's assistant? Okay, so it's like the least time in medical school But you make the most money. Mm-hmm. So I wanted to do that because I only had to go to two years of med school after Okay, but then I started making tiktoks. Oh, okay Yeah, so I started making tiktoks. You went from pre-med to tiktok. Mm-hmm Fast. Okay, and was your first tiktok like at the pre was it involving like medical stuff or notice whatever? No, I was just I was hungover. That was my thing. I was the hungover girl. Oh now I get it. Yeah Yeah, that is your thing. You're always like hungover Yeah, yeah, you're always hungover and having like Travel you're always hungover and having like go back into the world and deal with you whatever's going on in your life You're like this is how you like yeah, this is how you like a prop. Yeah This is how you put your neck brace back on And too many white claws out of prosthetic comforts, you know Like there's all yeah now I realized I didn't realize it before. Yeah, that's what it was now I see yes like okay. This is how it goes Interesting. Yeah, so it's a hungover girl. Okay, so you the hungover girl you're doing tiktoks But then do you feel like you have to get fucked up though? Yeah Yeah, for sure because that was my that's why people followed me So I was like I'm always gonna be drunk whenever one people meet me because I'm socially awkward and on on social media I'm not socially awkward. So when people meet me and I'm sober They're like whoa you're weird really? Yeah, yeah, why you don't seem weird right now I don't know. I feel like when I meet people out they want me to be so like crazy and over the top But I'm not crazy and over the top in real life. So that's what so I was just drunk all the time right yeah Yeah, you seem like an alcoholic that like fucking like um Commented like an urban outpitter is a lot of times to me. Yeah Yeah, but I mean and I mean that in like the sweetest way possible Okay, yeah, is it because you feel like you make the best stuff when you're hungover like you make like your brain is the most creative Than or something or what do you think? I was just I was just in college So I was always hungover. So I just started making videos. Oh, okay. I was just was hungover all the time And I didn't think anyone was gonna follow me. That's why I just I made my shit check and fry Uh-huh, and I'm stuck with it. Oh, yeah, yeah Yeah, cuz I was thinking I was I remember asking David Fatt. I thought it was like a Native American thing You know, I know you did yeah, cuz I was trying to think cuz I grew up around. They had a lot of Native Americans boss Um There's a river in my town. It's called the Chaffunk to river Mm-hmm And it's named after the Chaffunk to Indians right, but They got their name because a long time ago one of them threw like a big rock into the water Okay, and that's a sound that it may when it went in Yeah, and that's what they called themselves and that crazy. Yeah kind of interesting Oh, then I should say that I should make up a cool story about chicken fry That's right. It's not a cool story. What do you think I should say because everyone asks me and it's not a cool story Yeah, I think It sounds like it could have some um Chicken fry something you could have some like Maybe some African history to it or some native history. You know, it's something you could have a Chef, you know, maybe emerald Maybe you relate it to like um Wolfgang Puck or that whatever that guy's name is but I'm trying to think of what else you could do with it Yeah, why don't you do something cool. Yeah, I'm trying. I know. I need you Okay, you're not doing it. You're telling me to do it. I need you What about what would other Native American names be for like the other people at bar stool? Oh Like Do you think they all start with oh? Do you think they all start with like a church sound is the true tribe we got Uh, oh cha-ching That's Dave yeah cha-ching because he gambles and he and he sold the business for a lot of money Chachinga, but maybe yeah Chachinga Chachinga Chachinga, I like that. That's a great one. What about Glynnie? Uh Cheese Yeah, to cheese cheese to cheese. Yeah. Yeah, yeah definitely cheese because he went when he was on here He was telling me he went to a cheese shop. He knows a lot of um He knows a man who's a cheese monger. Okay, who is somebody who like Is like Is like basically the batman of cheese right and so he went and hung out with that like like Glynnie went to like a fucking Glynnie's like I'm walking on the street. So I've got pops out of a cheese shop like the head of cheese like mr Cheese fucking like Larry K. So's fucking white boss, you know like he fucking pops out You know fucking Ronnie mozzarella pops out of the back and he's like this way son And he like took him in the back of like a cheese world And then he said he sat in like a beautiful She was a real story the first story told me he goes We sat at a beautiful table and the guy he's bringing out different cheese in this and that and grew year and grew here And grew everywhere like he's just like every type of cheese came out, you know Oh, that's like three hours later. They just like threw him back at it in the fucking street And he's done never saw me never saw me again like it all didn't even happen. Oh, that was a been a good day for Glynnie Oh, it was he was so excited, you know, yeah, so he's cheese. Yeah, he's to cheese. You have to change to cheese Where do you think Caleb would be? Maybe to cheerful. Oh, he's to cheerful. He is pretty cheerful And he wasn't really a quarterback in college. He was a basically the first male cheerleader The original Carolina But he doesn't like to say that though. We were out we were out a couple weekends ago And um the owner of a bar that he brought out Caleb's jersey and he made him He brought it out to him. He's like, I'm just like I really respect you like you got to sign it Caleb like brings out the sharpie and couldn't think of what to write on he was so embarrassed He was so embarrassed, but he signed it It was clean. It was probably as original jersey and it was still clean I'm sure there's like there's only two ever Uh, that's funny. So yeah, maybe to cheer for I don't know if to cheer for is exactly it. I'm not saying it's not But I feel like he's like a cha cha cha guy. He's a dancer. I don't know. I saw him in $20,000 at a casino and then tried to buy the late the uh Card tender whatever name is uh Kia sorento Kia sorento? Yeah, really? Was she offended? Well, he saw I want when he's like I'm buying this bitch a Kia sorento And that's when people are like he got a lead like Yeah, and literally you can see how bummed out she was because she knew she was about to get a Kia sorento But just because he called her a bitch the pit boss is like we don't use that language around here Oh, fuck. She's waiting in the car Yeah, dude. It's like dude you can call me a bitch if you're gonna get me a fucking Kia sorento You call me whatever. Yeah, she needed that. Yeah, oh fuck Kia sorento was also we had a that Kia company and they named their cars I feel like after a lot of like black girls that went to my high school. Oh Kia sofia Kia sorento. What's the other ones that? They're a Kia fortae. Oh, yeah, Kia Optima Hmm dog you telling me Kia Optima didn't fucking play basketball for the women's passing of all team at my high school You out of your mind, cuz well, that's my sister that's key Optima Yeah, it is She's like, ah Kia Optima But she's having a Chrysler 300 So does she do have gang signs and stuff or what does she like I stay away from her She's crazy man. She's so crazy. There was a whole time. She was on she's been doing she's she was going through it all She was on there was a period of shit That no, but there's a period of time when she was doing math or something and she thought she shaved her head She shaved because oh wow. Yeah, she thought there was people talking to it was sad But then she like she dropped off her um her TV at my house all of her phones. She's like they're listening You gotta take it. She was deep huh? Yeah, she was deep But she's good now, but it was great. It was crazy to watch. Wow. Yeah, but she's black fishing sober And so black fishing is when you try to go to the black side you try to be black I think yeah, or you want you want to be perceived as black But then if anyone were to be racist you'd be like what take a makeup. I can be like I'm white. Oh, I see you're saying yeah Yeah, I saw think sometimes man when I was young. I related to a lot of the black kids so much. I would But then when it came down to one time me in this my friend Devon we were fishing and uh And he was black and some white kid guy was throwing rocks up from this railroad track down bus We're fishing on this bank and he started calling us the inward right and I was like not me You know, I'm saying just Devon, you know, I'm saying like You know like I was like I was down with Devon until that part of that. I was like I mean, fuck the guy throwing rocks You know the guys that he's a shit, but at the same time like that I mean yeah, I don't include you know Like that's when I realized I'm only there, you know He was my friend and I was gonna rock with him, but so you wouldn't black fish. I wouldn't black fish. Yeah, I would fish the black Yeah, sorry, I stepped on your joke. Yeah, I didn't realize it. That's a funny joke. Yeah, that's a good one Yeah, you say you wouldn't black fish. No, but I would Fish with the blacks Yeah Wait, what's it like hanging out with comics are comics cool You like him you like yourself. Oh I don't know about that. Let's start with other people. That's safe Let me think do I like Hannah like comics. Yeah, I think comics are intrinsically kind of long But like like like to or do they do a lot of stuff by themselves? So I think well, yeah, I feel like comics always want this big like Oh, we're so we're so dark and sad and lonely, but like are they every single one of them? I Don't know I I think a lot of them have or a lot of them probably have a lot of like strange stuff or weird things that they That they ended up needing to go get people to look at them, you know You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I think so. So I think someone probably have some dark stuff like that You know, I bet someone probably have some pretty dark things So I think there's probably some truth to that, but I think also now there's there's a lot more like People that are funny from like TikTok from like short clips from like different things like that So I think you're getting like a lot more um like I don't even know if Like I don't know if there's as many If I'm starting out now as a comedian. I wonder do I try and get on stage? Uh-huh, which is where you learn to be a comedian, right? Or do I just try and get in front of my phone? That's true Well Also as because you do stand up and everything do you do like respects the people that start on TikTok? Because I know a lot of stand-up comics that are like they hate people that start on TikTok and then bring a crowd to a show That's a good question. I remember I got jealous when there was a lot of youtubers. There was like um Roman at wood uh Dennis Roman and Dennis were part of Dennis Rody um Foozy tube Some of those guys were touring and going to comedy clubs, right? And they would do their shows during the day even a lot of times And I was envious really. I mean, I was jealous You know because they were having more success like you had comics you've been on the road for like nine years going to these clubs And then these guys were showing up and having their audience come see them at a comedy club So I think that's what made it a little strange first. So it's the comedy club Well, it was like oh, you're doing it at our space Yeah, okay, but those clubs just happen to be kind of the size for the audiences they were bringing So that's I never really thought about why there was a there was like In the beginning there was like some angst towards from me anyway I think a lot of people felt that way a lot of comedies felt that way It was angst towards some of the vloggers. Yeah, for sure. It was like fuck their son on my club Yeah for like a five o'clock show because some of their audience would be children So they do a daytime show. Yeah, and then they did they they do a daytime show Or they were just getting up there and they would get up on stage and like shoot a t-shirt can and or something You know or fucking you know or do like a cheer. I don't know what they were doing. Yeah, like body rolls. Yeah Which is way weird to do for a fucking bunch of children so weird And they still do that. It's crazy. It's crazy I guess there's people still body rolling on oh, there's still body. Oh, why it's cry. I don't know because it sells It works. I mean look look at them. They were selling out the comedies the comedy story You're up there all mad That's true. Yeah, and I was outside. I was waiting for my show, which was at seven o'clock that nobody was coming to Oh my these motherfuckers up there to leave it and it on the street kind of body rolls. So yeah Like it doesn't look natural. Little met Nelly So I think uh I think there maybe I think there could be Some angst about it. I think at that time there was probably some angst about it But now I think that it's it's almost like you go there first. Yeah a lot of comedians aren't thinking that you go to the stage first I think there's some If you're a comedian right now who does who's working really hard on the clothes, but you're having trouble social media must be extremely Fresh straight. I'd be mad. I'd be mad because there's well I mean a lot of the Standard comics that do like tiktok first they just have their few clips that go viral and then people will come see them and they won't be funny Right. Yeah, that's another problem. I think it's scary if you get more popular than where you can support it with your own comedy Yeah, I see that a lot you do yeah Yeah, I went to I see a bunch of people because I follow I mean I'm friends with a bunch of influencers and tiktokers So I'll follow them on tiktok and like I'll see their standup on tiktok and then you go see them And it's like those same jokes that went viral. That's like they're two big hits in the show and the rest is just like a law But I think some people I don't even know if like a real young audience if they even know like That there is this whole standard comedy thing or do they just think I'ma go see these two hits I'ma have a blast while I'm there. I'm gonna capture it on my phone I'm on socials and then that's gonna be that Well, yeah, they must not because they keep going like the lines are around the block and stuff So I guess like a lot podcast is what they think it is yeah But there's something really special about seeing um If there's some of you watch on tiktok and social media and you enjoy them right for something on a podcast or something I've sat in the audience. I've like sat in the audience before and been like oh man This is so cool. I watch this guy. I'm involved in their life for this girl And then I get to be in the same room as them It um some of those part of it it doesn't really matter what they're saying like It'd be great if the material is also great But just being in the same room is them. It's almost like you get like a moment like in like in like in reality like It's cool. It's cool. They're always on a screen right and then they're right there. It's like oh this is cool It's kind of like you for me. It's to be in them. Oh, it's true, right? Yeah, because we never even seen you I felt like I was like this morning. I was like yeah, I can't remember the last time that I saw this lady And then I was like oh, I never saw this lady I never saw this guy I kind of felt the same way. I was like I feel like I I saw this guy before but I never saw this guy Yeah, I never saw this guy. No, no Um, but I know some of your even just watching you like I see some just like some of your mannerisms are the same but um, which makes sense because that's you Um, okay, so what happened then you were in high school Oh, he was in high school and and you got a boyfriend and your senior year did you fall in love you think? Oh, and then you moved to Ohio for the man. Yeah, wow, so you're in love then I was in love I think so and did y'all get engaged at all? No, crazy. No, no way But yeah, I moved there. I think I was pregnancy scares or not. Oh, I think I'm infertile Okay, there you go. Yeah, I know a little no Easter over here, huh Yeah, it's uh, but uh, he got that no Easter owner I ain't no, no, no, no pregnancy scares um, but I was dating him for two years and I realized I don't know why I went to school for this man. I don't know why I went to Ohio out of everywhere So I broke up with him, but I stayed in Ohio. Okay, and then I got another boyfriend in Ohio Okay, and are you that kind of person you jump from boyfriend to boyfriend? Yeah, really? Boy, I'm a relationship girl. You are? Yeah, but do you leave anytime like is there? There's an overlap usually no Oh, he's in all that Every time so you are okay, that's not on an overlap. That's called Cheat I think is I don't know what that term for it is now. What do they call it that overlap? Maybe cheating overlapped. Yeah, they used to call it cheating. Okay, no, no overlap. Okay Yeah, that's interesting. There's been a few there's was really been a few overlapped Do you let them in meet each other like in passing like is there like a moment where you get out of one car and into a like You know is there that at least give them in that moment the first there was a the first one Yeah, there was an overlap meeting really yeah, no way what happened Well, cuz I usually just I just date my friends So like we'll be in the same friend group and then they'll all know each other There will always be that overlap and the gotten the guy dating currently usually can tell That I'm gonna want to date the friend no way really yeah, but I'm saying like always it's been like three times Yeah It's been like three overlaps, but that seemed like a pretty decent amount. I think like I'm not a detective or anything right I don't even know any detail. I mean, I know one guy's not a detective, but he'll fucking he'll find out but um When he hears this he will you know, but uh But definitely um, where were you talking about oh, yeah Yeah, you gotta fucking let him eat each time sometimes yeah Yeah, just like um and it seemed like you might have a problem then Yeah, yeah, do you think you do yeah, well, I just have commitment issues. Oh, yeah You know come on Yeah, yeah, I just have commitment issues. So I feel like I'll be in these relationships And I'm so worried aren't you so worried do you want to get married? Not today if that's what you're asking I have oh yeah, I thought you were asking me no I have um I would like to get married Yes, but I think if I want to get I'm so scared you get married and then like three weeks into the marriage You find that person that's like oh, that's I should have married that guy Well, you can't do that though That's why I don't I know yeah see that's well, but there's always gonna be more that guys, you know, I know But do you Let me think about it so you get into a mirror Yeah, all right you walk down the aisle everything right Everybody's singing follow all all everybody's having a blast right you party in the shut the Car pulls up the mafia car you get in Takes you guys only two blocks away then you get back and walk back out of system pictures But still right you're off right you did the wedding thing. There's a fucking guy with a Tommy gun somebody step that is out there Fucking shoot that just shoot at the moon, right? How's he's been doing coke at the fucking nuptials? But whatever everybody's fucking having a good time right and then um Two weeks later. Yeah, yeah, you're out of uh, we could a bap or something which has been a Fuckin' see There's a waiter and you're like oh, I should have married that guy. Yeah. I don't know the waiter. Maybe the chef Something okay. I'm just worried. Yeah. I just get worried you married the wrong person. That's scary Right it is. Yeah, it's real scary Um Yeah, I don't know. Did you ever go to therapy about it? Do you really think that or not? Yeah, no, I really think that but Fuck dude because then your husband How's he always gonna be able to make sure that he's the right guy then I know Well, I think it was because so when I was talking about earlier my parents I've never they were married for 18 years my first 18 years my life Huh, but I never even saw them kiss. Oh, yeah, one time 18 years. I don't even think they hugged not even a smile So I had this whole thing that marriage is terrible. So I'm trying to turn the leaf. I'm trying to I'm trying to think maybe Maybe it's okay. You trying to evolve there. Yeah, I'm trying to evolve in that. Yeah, I'd ask but you need like a new like a springtime in your heart Yeah, yeah, or primavera. That's what they call it Okay, in Spain primavera. I need that Today's episode is brought to you by better help You know, I got therapy today actually just remember got therapy today at 6 p.m. I'm gonna do that therapy be a therapy baby be a therapy boy You know, I need help out of them. I quit pretending. I don't I quit pretending I can do everything myself. I never have my whole life I always thought I'm doing this alone. I'm not There's other people helping me whether I realize it or not and that's why I need to just make sure that I stick with that idea That I'm getting help from myself. I'm not doing life alone It's no fun and it's impossible Better help can set you up with a licensed therapist. That's right If you're thinking of starting therapy give better help a try It's entirely online Designed to be convenient flexible and suited to your schedule Just fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with a licensed therapist and switch Therapist at any time for no additional charge find more balance with better help visit better slash THO to get 10% off your first month. That's better H E L P slash the oh Yeah, I think I yeah, I only saw my mom and dad kiss one time my dad kiss my mom on the top of her head It was one of our birthdays or something And my mom let him that was a crazy thing like the whole time my dad's lips are getting closer ahead We're all like somebody's gonna get the fuck And I remember reaching over and my mom had like this fancy cake cutting tool and it like it was an old-fashioned It had these prongs that went straight down there was almost like a pick like a hair pick And it were sharp metal ones and it was like a she probably got it somebody had died and she got it right and so I knew I fucking remember reaching for that thing and just moving it out of her way like as I saw my dad's lips Head towards her head. I'm like somebody's gonna fucking get her But she took it. Yeah, I was like my dad's about to fucking lose that brain cake that he's got Bro, she's gonna look at slice that thing up But she had had half a cup of champagne and she fucking took it Okay, so that's only time you saw them kiss. Yep, and that was love man That was my definition of love right there. There was like weaponry. Yeah, there was a lot of uncomfortable Yeah, there was a lot of uncertainty if it's okay There was a lot of like Tons of fear around I mean Yeah, I think that's the oh that's the closest I ever saw my parents get and then my dad He had his sleep on the couch. Yeah, I thought he lived on the couch right? I did really my dad lived on the couch. Yeah, and then he moved to the basement Because it was darker down there Yeah, and I remember I was like the one time I was like my oh they're doing well is when my mom Would let me sit in the back seat, but like when we would travel together usually I would sit in the front seat My mom was sitting the back and my dad would drive, but when my mom sat in the front I was like Yeah, it was good. Oh, that's cool Yeah, moving to the basement's almost like because it's darker down there is almost like I want to kill myself, but I'm gonna stay alive I was one of those yeah, yeah Wow, that's crazy Yeah, I remember at Christmas we would have to go out to the Christmas tree. There was out there by my dad, right? So like fucking dad is guarding the tree, but my dad was You know my dad was very old when I was born he was 70 when I was born so at this time he was like 76 or 75 right? My mom was 32 so they had 38 years difference, which is a lot of time. Um and Anyway, we would have to sneak out like pass my dad right and sometimes He would fucking wake up and ask us like what was going on They were like it's fucking Yeah, we tried to make Chris's dumb shit like he didn't know what the fuck was going on Was he like Was he so was he like seen? He was getting kind of seen now. Yeah I remember one time we went trick-or-treating and uh We got all dressed up and we let and my dad sometimes my mom like she would make my dad do things But she knew he couldn't do him right? So it was like she would kind of set him up for failure in a weird way She'd like I need you to get the kids Halloween costumes um And bring him up tonight's Halloween right? Yeah, so my dad He liked to drink some not as in park his car in the ditch, right? There's like two of his favorite things to do And so he would come on with the Halloween costumes and it would be shit like like me and my brother were both raggedy and right So like just whatever he fucking found like No, it was always the worst Halloween costume like one candle like spray paint one time Was it even like the stuff you're supposed to put on the kids or whatever? I was a wall oh dude One of my sisters had a fucking pig tail that that our mom had to cut off and we kept it for like 15 years Um, I had the same witch costume for like 12 years and it started not fitting anymore It was so itchy. I was like please can I be something else please? And then I was a milk carton out of paper mishay it was so bad Dude you're not even a witch at that point you're just a itch scratching it. I was itch and so bad um But then I remember we went we were finally got out and we get out and go trick or treat and we came back They were like we're gonna come back to our own house. We're gonna surprise dad, right? So we go up to the door we knock he opens the door And he just gives us candy doesn't even fucking realize it. It's us Fucking gave us candy out of the bowl and just wish it. We just left like 22 minutes ago In the costumes He fucking bought us dude. Yeah with my sister's fucking rock hard pig tail like this You're covered in spray paint I was like god he doesn't even know um That's crazy. It was interesting um So what happened then so you're making tic-tocs People are like she's attractive. She's creative There is something charming about her. We don't know what it is. She doesn't know what it is But we love it, right? Yeah, I guess so okay. There's more the girls the girls love me So my whole demographic is like I think it's 92% female really yeah, and the the newest 8% was only since I got a boob job Are you serious? Yeah guys hate me. Barcel hates me really the whole demographic hates me. Yeah I don't know why we shouldn't have had you on this I know I know I know I That's why I'm like why am I here? Well Dave I respect Dave's I for town. He said this girl. No, he loves me. I mean okay, so Dave loves you I brought a new demographic to Barcel with a demographic was it all the girls all the girls People that had been molested basic less being petapiles in a black fishing sister with a crisis 300 That's who I brought to buy bar soul, but no, well, I was the top I'd lose the top creator at bar soul last month So I mean really has to be doing good nice that we're right on trend. Yeah, no, we're good. We're good Um, so I was like maybe you're trying to get a TikTok audience. I don't know what you were doing with me here Yeah, no, I don't know. I mean, I know what I'm doing. We wanted to Meet you because we don't know you and um Yeah, we wanted to learn about you. I think we're doing that. Okay. Yeah, we just learned about glenny balls Not long ago, and it was so much fun. It was honestly one of the funnest interviews that ever had really Yeah, I mean, yeah, there's just something about the guy and he came out to us. He came out to the show the other night out in Westbury He had like four of his friends with remind me Zach the center picture too, so we can put it in um And that was great. They were all going they were yeah driving. I think Canada or something like for some rare meat festival Or something or something, you know, they were doing something somebody was opening up like a Like a special olive shop or something somewhere Windsor Ontario something. Yeah, they're fucking driving along when you meet somebody's driving cross country for a New condiment I get an interesting, but there's something so charming about there's just something yeah, there's something awesome about that guy You know, he he like he pulls girls hard like really hot girls to really yeah, it's great. It's pork too Huh, that's just an old pole pork joke and I'm just joking glenny. I believe it was well He's handsome for one and his mother loves him. There's something unique about a kid. He's a lovable guy Yeah, very lovable Very fucking lovable. In fact, I don't even think Yeah, I could see somebody being married. I mean, they didn't realize that it had there's like oh damn I just loved him so much now. We're married. Yeah, yeah, that's like the guy in passing. That's them. That's plenty Yeah, glenny. Yeah, there's just something real special about him Um So anyway, what else were we saying we're talking about something and then we kind of went on to that Uh, we're talking about bar stool Let's do this and how about if you had to people do fuck Mary Kowloz Temple. What about if you had glenny? Okay, right? Um Frank oh, we don't get along Wait till the game. We tell you now it's all three glenny frank and then Dave Yeah What the hell I think they're I love it All right. Oh my god I'm gonna kill I'm gonna kill Frank God, I'm gonna kill him He ain't gonna live that long He's gonna kill he's gonna die. So we're gonna kill him. Okay, we're not this you. Yeah, okay Sorry, sorry. I'll probably marry Dave. Yeah, okay smart You've got a lot of something to say him smart. Yeah, and then uh Oh, I guess that leaves me with glenny Persec's that leaves me with glenny protects. Yeah Something bad though. No, something bad. What would you do? It's a summer sausage thing, you know, yeah Um, well, I do those three Uh Mary, I don't know I don't think Dave and I would get along that well if we're married. No, no What would you butt heads about you think and uh I just think I mean, I admired it. I look at Dave honestly. It's like kind of like a Paul revier type of figure He really you know, it's crazy. He's crazy, but he says what he wants to say and he stands up for he stands But what he wants to say if he makes mistakes he makes mistakes But he's brave in that sense. I really admire that about him. I'm team Dave. I love Dave. So um Yeah, but I don't think we could be man. I mean, I don't want to be married to a man either So this game fucking sucks, bro I mean you have for me too. Yeah, but at least you got a man on the other end of it. Yeah I guess that's true um Maybe Frank. I don't know if Frank what is like kind of habits are at the house I think he's tidy You think he did a live stream from his apartment, but it's when he first got it Oh, yeah, you got a dishwasher Yeah, but that's Yeah, it is nice. Yeah, I like having a good dishwasher. Let me think I would probably kill I don't want to have sex with Dave because I've seen some of his sex videos and some of it seems like I'm yeah too much. It just seems a lot especially if I'm a man and he's a man You know, like if you do the body math, it's gonna be a fucking one. It's gonna be it's gonna be a weird equation So I don't want that. I don't think I want to be a part of that. Okay, so kill him. I'd have to I guess I would have to kill him Maybe okay, and then I'll probably marry Glenny. Yeah, and then I smash big Frank. Yeah You're right. Okay I would just fuck you smash him. I think I'd have to yeah, you know Yeah, that's not bad. I don't think so and I don't know him either so it could be like you know you blindfold everybody I have everybody Me and him. Yeah, but it seems like there's a lot of him Yeah, I think that's why I said that but yeah, I think you blindfold everybody and then you just kind of hope for the best Yeah, no, he's yeah, he screams a lot. He's crazy. He's kind of crazy So yeah, I think I would just be in and out of there Yeah, it's good. Hit it and quit it. Yeah, and quit having on the quid it He's blindfolded get out of there So okay, so you quit working at the um So then you quit college completely and then how did you get over to New York? Yeah, I was still in school when bars the bar stool gave me an internship So I had an internship for like a week in Ohio. Yeah, so you were like the bar stool growing in Ohio Oh, Pete you must have been like that it must have been insane. You're in college at the time. Yeah Wow, yeah, I was cool people must have fucking win apes shit. Yeah, I hated it. It was so bad. I saw it going out No way that is when you go out. No, I hated it. I told you I'm like so I'm awkward I hated it and everyone just wanted to like take pictures and stuff and I was so awkward really I hated it Yeah, so I stayed home and but that's when I started my podcast I was like well, I have to do this if I want to do it So I was just making but I was making like five videos a day and then um no My podcast okay, and then I move I moved to New York and your podcast was what plan bry plan bry yeah, you still have it? Yeah, okay. I didn't know that yeah um And then so then you got your own podcast going. It's on bar stool. It's on bar stool. Yeah, okay and I uh and you move to New York City Yeah, I tried to do both. I tried to do school and bar stool But I realized I was never gonna get into PA school with my content So I dropped out of school and then I moved to New York by myself Yeah, and what did your mom say? She still doesn't get it. She doesn't know. She's older She's um she's like 65 So she doesn't she doesn't understand what's going on But once I started like paying all my own bills. She was just like this is good. You can do okay all good And um, yeah, she still has no idea. She doesn't know what bar switch doesn't have she doesn't even know what a podcast is really Yeah, she'll never hear any of this uh what does she do then where does she she in a Facility or she She got a no she's laid up she got a double knee replacement Oh You got a fucking who talked her in her that She's crazy. You got a double knee replacement, but she took a look around Everyone else and she won't she's brave. She only took Tylenol after it. So she's been all laid up. She goes to the um She goes to the why every day and swims. Oh, I love the ones here. She's retired. She's in there every day Swimming at the wild really every day. Oh, that's cool. Mm-hmm. That's what she does though But she doesn't know what I do and she's in Suffolk County Yeah, she's in Plymouth County Plymouth, mm-hmm. They got a good wipe there. Yeah, I never wash it. I love YMCA's man. You do you go Oh, we used to go all the time. It was like the place we would fucking go boy. It's where I learned everything. Yeah, I used to get a day pass Yeah, oh the poor moms would drop their kids off at the fucking YMCA Yeah, you would walk between there and they would kick out of there and then you have to go to the library You know, I'm gonna be in the library and be like where can we swim and they're like this is a fucking I'm sneaking to the back with like the the daycare But it's like it's just like 11-year-old kids watching smaller kids They all have smocks on for some reason So I just walk in and put a smock on I was just there and then I would sneak to the pool And they never let you go off the diving board though. Yeah, yeah, and they shouldn't Yeah, I was thinking you're gonna fucking drive. Yeah, that's true um Yeah, especially if you if the person on the diving board looks like the same person is about to jump off a building It's really the same look if you ever see somebody about to jump off a building like I don't know Yeah, it's the same look as a kid that shouldn't be going off that board. He's terrified Yeah, do the YMCA man. I fell in love with a girl there one time because she um She had tits right nobody'd ever seen them ever. I mean none of our friends. I'm a week came Well like damn what's wrong with her, you know I think she has cancer like on her chest like beautiful cancer Yeah, you know because she just had these you know she had them growth on her we'd never seen it and uh She ended up getting killed years later. I know wasn't cancer. I don't know what god of that be crazy if it was but She got murdered or she what if it was breast cancer that she died of hate to say that because it's very sad and it takes a lot of people but I wouldn't be shocked that she had so much breast how young was she with the breast? I mean I don't know oh We didn't know what they were like I remember Were they like someone thought she was having twins or something because you saw like two heads coming out of her body Where there's veins We didn't see him that good I mean we drew so many pictures of him And we fucking guessed what they were like boy Yeah, like I remember we'd shake each other and be like describe our fucking tits to me Like we were like we really really were excited, you know we couldn't help but we were just human males Yes, um How old when you're a human male how old do you start getting excited about tits? Like when are you like wow Well, I think there's two things or one there's like a physiological part of it Physiological is that a word that physiological physiological physiological Your body you can't help it like you'll be like um You're all your blood will run to the like all your blood will run to the front of your body if a woman's around Like literally you'll feel the back of your body just kind of like sag a little like you're just yeah go cold like you're so There's just you can't help that right and so and that's what happens with your winner your winner is just the it's like the Oh, it's a four runner for it. Yeah, it's like a it but you know on a turkey whenever it gets warm enough in that thing pot It's just like that is like this is that's like some of the blood's like hey we found a way It's like hey, this is far as we can go, you know, yeah, just yeah, just an arrow. That's it. It's like it's basically like over there Yeah Okay, yeah, so uh so that happens, but then there's another there's like a visual thing that kind of happens. I think um When somebody has Brad and you start to see them, you know and then you're real kind of so there's that thing going on I think there's two things, but I don't know what age it's at Just whenever you hit whenever you hit puberty But it can be before that if somebody like get you real visually intrigued You're almost intrigued from like a curious standpoint because you know one day you you're gonna care writer you just wonder what's going on here something's changing. I want to know. I'm curious what's happening um And then I was at summer camp and they had a guy And he was dating one of the counselors and like you said it was through why I'm seeing so it was just like Yeah, they're just like the oldest kids gets a fucking watch off And he would let us look down his girlfriend shirt for a little while. No, yeah His girlfriend. Yeah, yeah, he like kind of got off on her some at the park Sorry, remember especially if it rained out and there wasn't anything for us to do. He'd let us get in line and look You fuck yeah, look dude. I think it was so awesome. I can't even see that's how awesome it was I would look and I was fucking I was blinded about my own excitement for it Like fuck talk. I'll be like dude. I didn't see any like you just fucking look All right, but I fucking didn't see dude Damn, you're so excited. Oh, yeah, we work on we were so excited Um, okay, so what happened then so you get so now you're in New York you're living there And who'd you choose to live with and how'd you find a place? Uh, well, I moved here during COVID, so no one lived here. Okay. It was the easiest time to move here It was scary though because no one was here, but apartments were Half the price so I moved in to the shittiest apartment. It was discussing. There was like cockroaches There was holes in the wall It was so bad and I I called my best friend and I asked her to drop out of school and move to New York with me and she did Now is that a best friend or somebody who is A product of the system like what do we what are we looking at? Um, she yeah, well she works at barcel now. I got her job. You did. Yeah. Oh wait. What's her name? Grace. Oh, I think I see her maybe she's my um, she's my co-host. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She's the red head She's a yeah, she's Irish. She's Irish. She's Irish. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful young lady She seems like a you guys have a lot of good time together. Yeah, so she's a she's a she's a down girl But it couldn't went really bad. She was door-dashing when she she moved here really so she couldn't Would you mean knocking and running off or whatever? Yeah No, no, she was uh, she was on foot delivering food. Oh really on foot on foot. Oh my You got to do what? She would have to go her remember It was like Super Bowl Sunday and she had to go from like the top and add To like a fucking to fucking try back on foot and her surreal snow boots She did like she was on foot for like three hours, but she only made one delivery. She had to go so far So far psycho Yeah, and she still couldn't pay rent Yeah, no Shit, dude. Well, she could have if she'd have been sponsored by North Face dude. How fucking far is that track? That's gotta be it was like how do we have a three hour track on foot And she would come home And she'd come home. She'd be like purple It was so bad It was so bad and I'd come home like, oh, I'll get you a job one day What about you get there and say like you forgot the sauce and then you just literally take a sword out Just take your own life right there. It was close to that it was close to that Yeah, that was crazy But she's not door to asking anymore. She I got her job She deserves a job, but I got her for yeah, I mean there should be like I think in the future So many people do door to action stuff now, you know I think there will be a competition if they're smart attorney and we'll competition where it's like How do you get this Chalupa right through these different obstacles and get it to yes? Or like some type of way to do it if they started to make like a cool of like a series of events out of it Yeah, like American Ninja warrior. Yeah, but something yeah like a like a course. Yeah, through the park American Ninja Door here. Yeah, door Okay, sorry. No, it's okay. Let's say a little bit gay. It's okay. No, a doorier. Door here because the door dash, you know Yeah, yes, it wasn't that good. It wasn't yeah Okay Well, here's the thing about door dash and is do you ever do it dash? No, I'll tell you what I did though. I uh I used to do pizza. I was in pizza sales right okay and um The manager or the assistant manager on Sunday he was a um A BAC right born again Christian. Oh, okay, and so we would do fake orders That came in and we like oh, we got a call in from like Ricky Jervase or something right in our town is like a small town right like out on like Million dollar road right like that a place box called million dollar road um But it would be like middle to nowhere and these were real people real names celebrities, right? Okay But he didn't know any celebrities because he was only through the church everything he saw was So if you'd have been like Paul the Apostle You know down on main main street he'd have been like oh insane right But if you were like Ricky Jervase, he had no idea if you were like um Sam Elliott, he had no idea, you know So he would drive off and go deliver the stuff and we would um We would deep fry everything in the place Uh like any type of meat or even pudding if you put it in a deep fried or fry So it a fried pudding chunks and be drinking just draft beer. Oh nice and he come back. We'd be so fucked up right? We'd be just like Oh, he'd roll him back in and be like Ricky Jervase or Gervais Oz doesn't want his pie and we were just ripped at that point So it would be yelling like obscenities and shit Adam and he get all pissed off at us So I worked there I had to work at I was court ordered to work at um The water treatment facility in our town. That was like a big thing. Okay What do you have to do? Just watch a water. Okay. Make sure it was clean um Get you know, you would net it and stuff like that get stuff out of it. Okay uh Which is pretty crazy because we would miss a lot of stuff too um But What about yourself? I was uh I worked at a fast food restaurant. I was uh um I was like the the girl that yelled the numbers But I was too like someone's number. He'd be like number 45 But I was too nervous to yell them. What? Yeah, I was too nervous I was so weird as a kid. I was like so insecure and scared so I wouldn't yell it. I'd be like number 45 You know, just like I'd like fine at like look for people that were like looking waiting for their order And I just give it to them like oh, they need it. Yeah, and then I was a nanny. I was a bottle girl That was really was it after you got your breasts or not That's before really flat bottle girl flat bottle girl And I refused I was the only bottle girl. You don't have to have to wear those like leotards Yeah, I refused I just wore a dress I was wearing a dress Yeah, well I had like a I like a big bombshell bra So it looked like I had something going on right But you were in a yeah, you were kind of like the um Who's uh, I'm trying to think of That woman who sings that song uh The dog days are over you know, I'm talking about no idea Yeah, you're like the Florence machine of the bottle girl Staff does that make any sense that reference that okay, thanks Um, she was like kind of like almost I hear a little bit more of a hippie vibe Yeah, yeah, one hippie bottle girl. Yeah, and I would always get the good tables too really Yeah, I have a little John like I would get all the I would get all the Celtics players and all the like it was fun But I hated it the girls were mean. Yeah, they were so mean. I hated it So I quit and then um that I went to school. I was a bartender Um, yeah, that bottle girl. It's a to it's an interesting industry being caught up in that I think Yeah, it's like It's like real estate agents because everyone was like everyone's area was there like real estate and they were real They were like real protective over it. Yeah, so if you like stepped over to the wrong side of like the dance floor A girl would come over and she'd like I got into a lot of tussles really yeah Yeah, it was scary. It was and the the management doesn't care They're just like give me all your money and then you got to stay till six in the morning. Oh, you got to count all the money It's a whole thing and are people doing a lot of drugs and stuff you think I was pretty innocent at the time, so I didn't think so but probably yeah Had to have been that's a craziest. Yeah, you get all drugged up and you got to count all your money and stuff and welcome Yeah, well because I remember all the tables. They want you to take shots with them Yeah, but I couldn't so I was throwing more of my shoulder and I got caught one day And then the guy was super mad at me. He took all the tip money back and I quit really? Wow Yeah, and so now you have your podcast. Yes, you work on BFFs. Yes Which I got to come on you did it was cool. I like it on there. You did Yeah, I would come back on Dave as an inviting me back on. I know. I actually heard you wanted to come back on I didn't think you liked it really yeah, I was gonna vibe you it wasn't your vibe No, I thought it was pretty fine. I thought I thought it was fine. You know, I'll go to meet that kid Josh. I never met him um I feel like you were kind of cold. I remember telling you that I think yeah, you know, I didn't mean to be I seem to make you did but that's just you know Maybe you're just awkward, you know, maybe you're just really cold I know I watched that clip and oh my god. That was tough. Yeah, people are cold sometimes You know um, okay, so then and you have a new show too you guys are promoting. I just saw right yeah I just filmed a reality show and what is that is that legit or is it just whatever? It's like oh, let's be realistic too It's like uh It's through barstals for bars. Okay, barstals does a bunch of reality shows I've been on a few of them. I did like the most dangerous game show that they throw you in the woods they lock you in like Tubs of water oh wow, I get that crazy shit But I didn't want to be on them anymore. So I just I pitched. I'll do one mm-hmm And I just um we put 10 influencers in a house and we just made them We made them go crazy and we made them turn on themselves turn on each other and the prizes 25,000. Oh well Yeah, so it's like it's not one of those real ones but so they're in it for a little bit of bread Yeah, and how long did they stay there for the weekend or something? They say that for seven days Okay, but we were filming from like five a.m. to like midnight and they're all finished now Yeah, the the finale comes out 18th. I don't know when this will be out, but got it um, that was a crazy experience. I did it with Josh Which Josh Richards yeah, do you like um being um? Do you think um Like what so what kind of stuff do you like doing? I mean obviously you like Where you are everything's going good and maybe nothing needs to change Yeah, sometimes there's always this pressure like what are you gonna do? I know Maybe I was even thinking about asking you that, but what do you like to do? I just got into um I got into my first writers room the other day actually And it was so embarrassing because they they had me in and Josh Richards he's doing like a sketch comedy show So I'm trying to get into more writing behind the scenes type of stuff because I don't really like being on camera and We're doing all this writing room the two first two hours were good and then they started asking me about like dating and like first dates and uh like random hookups and I I never done any of that stuff So I just started lying. I just started lying. It was so awkward really? Yeah, it was so awkward I just started making show it wasn't awkward for them because they thought I was telling the truth But for me, I was just lying through my teeth and making up all these stories and now I'm like I got to follow the lies Hmm. Yeah, it was bad Yeah, I guess if you if you don't If you just yeah, but can't you just tell them it was a lie. What is it for it was uh It was just for like his sketch comedy show that were like right. Oh, they need it Need like research from women because it's only men on the show all the all the So it's like field research all the people are working on the show or men. Yeah, okay. Yeah, so they brought me in to help But I didn't have the answers type of thing. Yeah, wow Yeah, but I don't know what I want to do in the future I like you said I feel like it's got I'm kind of just chilling. Yeah, it's fun. Having a nice time Having a nice time. Yeah, and what about do you ever think about nursing again sometime down the future? PA and Um, I mean, it's a good backup plan. Yeah, yeah, I mean like Yeah, I mean you could do a million other things, you know But like I have some friends at our comedians or entertainers and then once they get a break Like Joe Rogan says one day he would like to go paint, you know, he always wanted to paint He never got I mean everybody wants to damn paint, you know Everybody wants to do arts and crafts. It's like it was the funest class at school But we all everybody got caught up doing the other classes, you know, no, I want to do I want to have like a sanctuary and animal Sanctuary. Oh god, what the fucking hashtag are you following? Huh? Are you following gold diggers with animal sanctuaries? Are you on that? Yeah, every goal out like there's so many chicks out there. It's like what do you want to do in the like I want to have some Free-rained dolphins in our yard like there's some bitches out there that are like I want to help People say raccoons are so violent They don't they've never treated them the way I have bitch if two raccoons fucking get near you and you're fucking Joe's juice they will beat the living shit That's true. I want to have my own sanctuary. I don't want to have anyone else's sanctuary. Okay, and what kind of animals are we talking over there? Beyond like cow cows horses Come on cows don't need a sanctuary dude. Yes, they do whatever ever passed the cow and they're fucking having a tough time All you know you saved the cows are gonna be butchered No, no, they come to my sanctuary No, no, you want me to have you want me to have like You want me to have like exotics? I want you to have an animal that needs some fucking help So you know saying like a sloth maybe get him fucking hook him up with a motor skill person or something Or like a A rubble a little bit of gasoline and it or first. Somebody's gonna help him speed up a little But I think it accounts all they do they eat all day they stand there They pass gas throughout a great time. They're like step that they're like a fucking fat step that you know I don't think yeah, you can't have a rescue with cows in it dude Yes, you can you could totally have a rescue with cows in it come on. They're getting slaughtered every day They fucking we need them dog. Yeah, I mean yeah, I know. I'm not even a vegetarian or anything Oh, I can't be somebody imagine to just you breaking to somebody's property and you steal a cow in the middle of the night You know like what the hell yeah to save it You know, there's not that movie where that cow gets like That's not so I think I like your idea and I love your attitude But I think part of it is just with the animal. I don't know and I shouldn't be telling you some bad ideas a sweet idea Yeah, no So so what ain't so a sloth I guess or maybe like um, the animal needs it Well, I tell you what knee animal needs to be free or whatever is zebra's I mean they put the bars on them bitches. I gotta fucking get those animals free dog Free zebras dude imagine walking around where everybody thinks you're in jail no matter where you are That's box. Yeah, okay, so I would do zebras. Okay, I would do zebras See that kind of fit with you too. I think like here you go There's a zebra she's rescuing it. Mm-hmm. That's kind of cool. I think that's cool. Yeah, but I would have to do I'd do like 10 it can't just do one That's fine. Yeah, I have to have a bunch of zebras really you won't see you one And is that the only animal you want to you think more animals? Well, I wanted cows, but So I guess uh, yeah, no, I'm a loss for that one. I said horses maybe I don't know, but they all seem like they don't need help Well horses a lot of rich people are doing horses. I think there's a lot of It's the bad they do. Yeah. Oh, yeah, they'd be all rich around them. Yeah Whip in them and shit riding on You're thinking of slaves you think of the wrong thing you're reading the wrong books, man But yeah, maybe uh, I've seen some rich people's horses There's a guy and there's a guy in Kentucky and I want to have him on the podcast He owns like the horse with like the best semen in it or whatever and so he In the three months out of the year where they book it like five times a day And there's just a line of cars almost like to field of dreams or whatever Where they all come in park yet and go and pump to get pumped by this horse And there's like a club apparently there's a closed circuit TV where like if you're like It's like 50,000 dollars to for something to have sex with this horse. So oh, they I thought they were just pumping it off and bring So they have sex with the horse. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's not like easy server whatever whatever That's like what's going on. I thought they were pumping it off and then bringing the semen to wherever they needed to no It's not like a like an ice cream machine that I drive through That's how that's how it's painted in my head Okay, so it's 50,000 dollars a pop 50,000 bucks and they go in there and they pump and they and then they do it They the animals they do it or whatever. What's so good about this this guy? He's won all the races. He's won enough races. Okay. It was like semen biscuit or something. What's with the guy's name? Maybe secretariat So that's a movie. Oh This guy fucked all his secretariat. I know that this guy is like the champion horse, right? He's just full of unlimited seem like if you even pet him you get see just leak and see and it's valuable So there'll literally be just a three a day and he's just all days is in there. I feel for him too So what's this guy? So what's the owner of the horse he's living lavish Yeah, I think last year on the horse they made like 40 million dollars or something What oh you gotta get him on the pod Yeah, the horse needs your horse. That's crazy 40 million Yeah, and he's just a lucky guy. He just had this horse. Yeah, he got lucky He got now he's been in the system for a while, but he was able to I think get some horses that were other grand parents and stuff and get like a lineage You think he's sneaky look that up Zach. I think that that whole business is really sneaky from when I hear like people are like sneaking around Their horses are fucking in the middle of it. They're like oh, let's meet these two horses up like at a You know, Bahana. I don't know a Ben and Jerry. I don't not like a Ben and you but like someplace like a Something like that. Oh, that's a sneaky business. Yeah, it's a sneaky business. Does the guy does the guy that owns a horse he's always wearing a suit Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he just lets the horse out like you just letting out the leak and then it runs behind the rest area And the other horses back there um What are we talking about? Oh My cows Yeah, yeah, your animal sanctuary. Yeah, that's just that's just that's a backup Well, where could you do that in southe could you do animals sanctuary in southea like what would that? I mean, I mean some ruins fan is fucking walking by Just smoking a door out just looking in the fence like oh look at these motherfucking sloths Yeah, you could I feel like it do well honestly. I don't know those kid those people never see that type of shit They don't leave southe. I don't know they'd be like oh this sloth This sloth uh Yeah, they would just like keep comparing the sloth to like bag quarterbacks that they've had Yeah, are bad pictures in uh that they've had in Boston Yeah, it'd be something like that it'd be good. I feel like it'd be good for the community For the community yeah Yeah, I think it would they don't get to see much. I don't believe you come back outside of your sloth as well Fuck is smoking Yeah, real slow um Yeah, I think that could be nice and now I think a unique boss in zoo would be really great Yes, I'm saying right in the city. Well, we got the Franklin Zoo They don't have much there They don't have much really yeah, it's like uh, it's like the bottom of the barrel Got like two two gorillas and then like hyenas they have hyenas But they're in like the same they're in the same thing. Oh, they're like coexisting. It's it's sad They don't even sell like they don't even have a concession saying really yeah, no giraffes nothing Like llamas so it's like a petting zoo, but they market it as it's like big zoo But it's really just my zoo in southy like that's what it is. It's nothing good There's a there's a soundtrack this play in the sounds of like of like big animals Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's more like and then they just have like a but a big reptile section. Oh yeah Yeah, but it's just like he just snakes the garden snakes and it's always closed because Donna got bit by some yeah That's cool two employees There's something I love do I boss and I got to go to the Wilbur there and perform there and it's like the best place ever Oh, it's the best Boston people are the best. Yeah, you like them. Well, I realize that your show Everyone at your shows they look like you you think so there was a lot of people I was like That looks like even the women Even the women well I sat in front of it. It sucked I sat in front of the only person in the whole entire place with a mohawk The biggest fucking mohawk it was so big and I couldn't see I had to keep like turning to try to see you guys I'm a sage, but that was a crazy the mohawk was crazy I've never really seen one of those in real life. That was a woman. Oh, yeah, and then the rest of the guys that kind of looked like you That's hard to witness Brackel is the guy Horse guy Horse guy he's owner Brad Keller was the horse guy how much is it how much do they make off that horse does it say how much on seed Where does he live like since you can tuck you Franklin wow, that's we need to get You get out there with a you start if you start riding it if you meet a good horse man. You're in oh Wow, that's a lot of money. Oh, can you imagine all that money? Can I what would you do with that? With that kind of money. Yeah, let me think You If I had as much money as I don't know I wouldn't tell anybody. I don't think you can't I haven't money's kind of embarrassing. I feel like you think so. Yeah, since you start like doing well You're like embarrassed. Oh, I've always I was always embarrassed I was embarrassed when I had nothing as a kid and then I remember when I got a house like I got a house in Nashville If years ago and I was embarrassed it's not even like an amazing. It's a nice house, right? But it's nothing like Very extravagant or You know, it's a place you'd walk in like oh, this is a nice house, right? But it's not a place you're walking like oh, this is like, you know, that's horse money. Yes, that ain't horse money. This is fucking This is like that pony money that that's at the fair, but like the world's smallest pony like Tom Thumb or something I saw him once I don't know Riverside he is small but Yeah, I remember being embarrassed to even show my own home Really? Yeah, because it was something about there's just something about About it. You feel it. But off it's the same it yeah felt when I was a kid That was embarrassed to show the apartment that we lived yeah like we had a toilet upstairs I was like falling like right off to the edge of the dinner table like this it was like this perfect brown circle in the ceiling like right near where the Dinner table was it and so if we had people over we would always like try to like Lean like this way while we talk to them so their eyes wouldn't like look over at this Huge like fucking piss brown circle that was coming into the ceiling my bedroom my first bedroom growing up It was it was a closet, but there was no window so like we couldn't consider it a bedroom. So my mom She stapled curtains up on the walls like make it you put a flashlight on there to make it like what stuck the flashlight was stuck behind like My bed on the floor with them these white curtains like you could see through you could see it was just a wall You know, it's I could never I would never have friends over had no friends because I was like you can't come here. Yeah Yeah, if you come us yeah, and the guys are like hey, I'm gonna sneak you out tonight like all right I'll sneak out to the window It's a brick wall you can sledgehammer. Oh, that's so crazy, dude. That's wild Yeah, and I remember we had a bathroom there was a bathroom upstairs in a bathroom downstairs And bathroom downstairs was right next to the dinner table. So it was just like it was This the whole place was just kind of a nightmare, you know, it was funny though We were always making fun of each other and What else was it like over there? They had a lot of stray animals in our areas. You've always if you went outside you're always dealing with animals You know in a bad way Yeah, it wasn't like a petting's it was like a threading zoo like you just felt like threatened to constantly when you walk outside There was like yeah, like a couple of fucking cats that hadn't been fed but look at you like it was your fault Like bitch, I just got out here, you know And you wouldn't want to like eat dinner and then walk out there because you think the animals could smell it on you know So um, but there would be like dobermans There'd be like just a couple of loose brothers are freaking like tripped out white dudes rolling around It just didn't really know what was going on. There was always somebody cutting their hair in the fucking street There was always like people burning like I lived in a neighborhood where everybody would just burn stuff in the ditch Right we lived right outside of like the town limit Where you couldn't burn stuff in your ditch, right? So it was a big thing like people were like at least we can burn shit in the ditch, you know We could okay, but like four sheets over they couldn't you know and like look at these city slickers, you know I'm driving there trash into the over to the fucking We were just lighting it up So I remember that that was kind of interesting We know a lot of people that couldn't read that would just break shit because they couldn't express themselves Trying to think of what else we had oh they had like writ like Some veterinarian would always drive through our neighborhood and like They would since we're outside of the town limits as well They would throw a lot of like the animal carcasses and shit like Adam and I yard like the So we'd always be out there like doing like paleontologists like playing games and shit like that Like making like dinosaurs out of like the old animal parts and like Variant them and then telling somebody else like I think it was a dinosaur and they would start digging and it would be like The shape of some weird animal It was like a tail and then like one foot and then into another tail and you're like the same Like you make any sense the sandal just has one foot no eyes Yeah, two tails. Yeah, so I think things like like that's fun. I was fun Yeah, so like you were like you were poor with stuff to do like I was just poor on like a city road really Yeah, like we would smoke I'm not we would drive scooters and we would find cigarette butts off the ground or just like smoke them because it was cool But they were dirty and then we'd be sick for like three weeks. Yeah, and it was like it was just not fun I got to have a park to go to or anything really yet. No, so what do y'all do? You'll get an Nintendo at home or something Yeah, yeah, I had a game cube. Oh, that's good. Can you play that a lot? Yeah monkey balls Yeah, it was fun, but I was I didn't have anyone to play with really I was just playing it But what was so then what do you so but you what age was it so but you didn't have any what about your sisters though? You guys played together. They were like so much older than me. Oh, yeah, I got drugs Yeah, so no they didn't we didn't play I was like basically an only child I guess With the older with the older craze ones they would pop in and out and then we had my aunt my uncle living in the basement No, are they cool unfinished? No Really my one of my aunts kidnapped me when I was two Oh, and I was gone that aunt that lived in the basement and then she left and she went to Florida And she never came back and my mom had to adopt her two daughters Yeah, it was crazy. That is crazy. It was really crazy So then they were around even though their mom had kidnapped you yeah, they stayed around They my mom adopted the two daughters and then the the mom had kidnapped me But they found me the same day the family same night. Yeah, I don't what still. Yeah, she said she was just going to take me for a walk Yeah, it's crazy. What about for Halloween and stuff? What would you guys do? For Halloween we would drive down to the suburbs and go visit my aunt. Yeah, they had some money down there Boy, and that's why I was my witch my big witch and every year they'd be like Oh, I can't And then I started doing the hand me down to start taking hand me down to my older cousin Molly But then when my dog my dad got his big mechanic job we moved down to the suburbs. So I like a split life Oh, so I just like pretended I was fit and in stuff What company did he work with what who did you get a job with he worked for like the It's called the MBTA. It's like the transit union of Boston. So it's like the train. Okay, the buses And so he repaired all the buses and trains. Yeah, so he had like a salary So it was like oh, we can move now because he wasn't truck driver anymore like on and off. Yeah, yeah, it was cool Did he do long haul trucking or no? Yeah, he would go he would he would be gone for I went on a couple of them with him Which was crazy, but he'd be gone for months out of time really yeah, it was cool That's a long time really Yeah, no, and I never knew the truck they have like full beds in there I was sleeping on a full bed and we would stop at the we'd stop at the fairgrounds in New Jersey all the time on the way home Dude that had to be fun. Oh, it was so fun. Those are my best memories. Yeah, yeah, those were cool What did you remember you had a ride at the fairgrounds? Was it like that? Like just the different rides the hand like the zipper and the grab a tron all of that the zipper Yeah, and the the one where you stick to the wall. Yeah, that shit was cool grab a tron. Yeah, I was just talking about that last week Yeah, that was the one and the guy in the center was like playing rock and roll and there'd be that one crazy guy that would like Start shimmy and do a flip a stuck to the wall the whole time that insane guy I was I always wanted to be that guy. Yeah, that was fun Yeah, that was fun What is your Deal like is your deal at bar so like Caleb's is just kind of like a flat amount sort of thing is that okay to ask you I'm not that's fine. Um, yeah, it's like it's like Caleb's like a salary. Yeah Probably getting fucked, but it's fun. Yeah, but I think they do a good job of like But you enjoy it though, right? Yeah, I enjoy it. So I don't even like This is stupid in me, but I have fun. I like bar stool and I with all these influencers They they make their money off like brand deals so they don't know when they're getting their next checks and stuff Whereas I have a salary, so it's I don't it's nice. It's really nice. Also, what's not sometimes what's Like dealing with brands that there's so many little things you have to it's like so many extra responsibilities That if you don't have to think about that, it's really nice. It's nice. Yeah, you can just stick to being yourself I know that uh, yeah, I don't have to censor anything which is cool. Yeah And it seems like they treat you guys good. They do. Yeah. Yeah, I love bar stool I mean, it shits on it, but I like it Yeah, I don't know why I mean, I don't know a ton about it I mean, I learned some about it from Dave how he like went through the business and put it together I'm like some of the choices that they made but it seems like a Oh, good time. It is. Yeah, people think it's very like misogynistic But it's like run by women now. So is it the panor women? Yeah, well, no, but like the the top performers at barstool are all women. They are yeah Who is it you? Oh, you just won this month? You said, huh? Yeah, and you have the month? I don't know. I didn't even know about it until um, I went to like I went to the ACM's Last week and I was like, why am I here? Why did you guys invite me and they were like because you're the top creator at barstool And I was like damn it. I didn't even tell me that but but it's not just me the chicks in the office like it's full of women So people think it's all run by men, but it's not Um, and they have Megan making money she works there. Yeah, love her. She's cool. She's awesome. She's really funny Um, and her husband I know her and her husband Yeah, they're the craziest couple. They're awesome though. Yeah, my step that is friends with his dad really? Yeah Okay, they were friends grow up. They're still friends, but it's like uh So it's kind of that yeah, that was all kind of crazy um What else was I gonna ask you about Do you have a favorite sports team that you like Celtics oh wow, so you're stoked about this then yeah This is a big time. Are you gonna go to do you think we get to go to any of the games? No way no Why no way? No way I'm not going to the games. I would love to but no way What what what do you mean no way like if you ask Dave he might take you to one no way Yeah, he worked there Dave me and Dave go into the game together the fuck are we gonna talk about who cares No, he wouldn't take me to the game. You don't think we should ask I could ask him I'd be a fifth after this. I'm gonna ask him. Yeah, I think you should ask him because you're from there I am I can understand it But that's their problem. That's true. They're not you. They're not in play of the month Yeah, okay. They're not employees. Okay. I'll ask them um You got anything else that I just feel like we've had a nice chat You think we had a nice chat do you think this went well this yeah, yeah I think so I think it's been interesting. I feel like I have a little bit more understanding of who you are And where you're from um And a little bit more semblance of your personality So it's not just like when I see you. It's like I see you, but I'll still kind of have a maybe a slight somewhat not understanding but a little bit more clues. Okay Um, and what else? Uh watch project verified project verified. That's my reality show project verified is your reality show Check it out check it out and um Yeah, what else can we think about anything else? We had a dude boss growing up this kid. I'm not gonna say his name because he's still alive But he um he would say something and then he would say it again under his breath Yeah, and we thought he was twins that had never separated right so people are like you fucking Get your fucking brother out of you. Oh shit. You would fucking threaten to beat his brother or sister out of him Always under his breath did he get over it? Huh? Did he get over it? Yeah, you get over but it was crazy Because then when people are like we're gonna beat the fuck you have a he'd be like help me and then you would hear it again Oh So people like he is in there And then sounds like you're that that they're fucking with him like he's like being an asshole Yes, it's just a problem. He has yeah, dude. It was a fuck Feel so bad for that guy still But his mother was awesome. She was a nurse She was beautiful bigger lady But damn she was fucking warm as could be I love a big warm lady. Don't you? I do would your what was your mother shaped like? Oh She got a little bigger after the knees. Oh, yeah, that'll sell you down, huh? Yeah, she's a she's petite. She's like real small That's too small for somebody Really that you put her in that cage at the fair then Yeah, come see the smallest knee knee replacement Victor or whatever. Sorry not victim come see the most beautiful little knee replacement woman in the world Um is she a pretty happy lady your mom? Yeah, she's happy. She's a happy lady. She's uh Yeah, she's happy lady. What are some characteristics you guys that have that are similar? I don't know if we have many I didn't really so she I was with my dad growing up and she was like Her her like she shows me affection through getting me things or like making sure I'm good, but we're not Like I couldn't just call her and talk to her type of mom right but I know she loves me type of thing But I can't just be like I don't call her and tell her what's going on right type of thing But she's she's a good lady. Yeah, yeah, interesting. Yeah Um, all right. Well I don't know what else to say right now You think we said enough that? You think we've said enough? I think we said enough. Okay, how is that good for you? Yeah, it's good for me Thanks so much and appreciate your time and congrats on um your success and um Yeah, and try new things trying to make a new show and um And being in like a place. It's kind of like a man's place. I guess but it's more women's of it too Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, and uh, yeah, thanks for sharing your entertainment with us. Yeah Now i'm just going on the breeze and i feel i'm falling like these leaves i must be oh Oh, but when i reach that ground i'll share this piece of my life out i can't feed it in my bones but it's gonna take