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E435 George Kittle

E435 George Kittle

Tue, 14 Mar 2023 07:00

George Kittle is an NFL Tight End for the San Francisco 49ers. He is a 4x-time Pro-Bowler, an All-Pro, and appeared in Super Bowl LIV in 2020. He’s also a leader of the annual Tight End University event in Nashville. George Kittle joins Theo Von on This Past Weekend to talk about growing up in Iowa, his Grim Reaper phase in school, making it to the NFL, how to hit a 300lb linebacker, locker room cigs, WWE dreams, and more. ------------------------------------------------ Tour Dates! New Merch: ------------------------------------------------- Sponsored By: Celsius: Go to the Celsius Amazon store to check out all of their flavors. #CELSIUSBrandPartner #CELSIUSLiveFit ShipStation: Visit to get your FREE 60-day trail with promo code THEO. Manscaped: Visit to get 20% off and free shipping with code THEO. Raising Cane’s: Satisfy your Cane’s fix fast by ordering through their app, online at, or stop by your local restaurant. Draftkings: Download the app now and use code THEO. Bet $5 on UFC 286 to get $200 in bonus bets instantly! 21+ in most eligible states but age varies by jurisdiction. Eligibility and deposit restrictions apply. See draftkings dot com slash sportsbook for details and state specific responsible gambling resources. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. In New York, call 877-8-HOPENY or text HOPENY (467369). Bonus issued as bonus bets. Terms at sportsbook dot draftkings dot com slash mma terms. ------------------------------------------------- Music: "Shine" by Bishop Gunn: ------------------------------------------------ Submit your funny videos, TikToks, questions and topics you'd like to hear on the podcast to: Hit the Hotline: 985-664-9503 Video Hotline for Theo Upload here: Send mail to: This Past Weekend 1906 Glen Echo Rd PO Box #159359 Nashville, TN 37215 ------------------------------------------------ Find Theo: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: YouTube: Clips Channel: Shorts Channel: ------------------------------------------------ Producer: Zach Producer: Ben Producer Alex Producer: Colin

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I'm excited to announce a new tour date Toronto on Terry O Canada on August 25th and 26th at Meridian Hall. Get tickets with pre-sale code rat king starting Wednesday March 15th at 10am Eastern standard time. General on sale starts Friday March 17th at 10am Eastern time and as always Patreon you guys will get first crack at them today. I want to let you know we're going to be coming everywhere. I'm trying to add dates as often as I can and get to as many different locations including the United Kingdom and other places Australia everywhere America everything Canada as well. We also have a few tickets left in Medford Massachusetts April 1st New York City May 14th Las Vegas July 1st Unkasville Connecticut Unkasville and Adelantic City on July 23rd get your tickets and all of them through slash T-O-U-R for the return of the rat tour and just thank you guys so much in advance for just making my dreams come true. I'm really excited about the show. Today's guest is an NFL tight end for the San Francisco 49ers. He's an all pro four-time pro-boulder. He is hype. He is hype. He's the savage masseuse. He's Captain Violence himself. Today's guest is Mr. George Kittle. I just got out of the ice bar. How long do you have to go? I go for 10 minutes. 10 minutes? How cold? Now that's kind of the negotiable part I think. I agree with you. I go for right now at 50. Oh yeah dude for sure. I think if you're if you're under like 50 degrees to like 40 I think you're doing really good job. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah because some guys it's like they want to get as cold as they can. They like want to like they just want to be so cold and they want to just like be like I'm the coldest guy you know. Congratulations. Yeah yeah congratulations right like you're not yeah if you want to be that cold then move to like the North Pole or something but don't just pretend you're like the you're fucking Santa you know because you're in your garage. Do we have it uh service Cisco we have two ice subs and ones at 39 degrees the other ones at like 45 and I'm in the fort like the 39 degree it's like what are we doing that's what Bosa does all the time. Really? Yeah he likes that one. He loves being cold but like my pool in California it's it's not heated and so by mid-October it's like it's like 52 then by the time you get through halfway through the November it's like 46 and I just jump in every morning at 6.30 a.m. Oh wow it's awesome great way to start your day. Yeah yeah it definitely changes my whole perception it kind of takes me out of my brain I notice and puts me into my body. For sure dude I love it I just jump right in you're in the fruit I mean I usually do like three three to five minutes I'm ready to roll for the whole day. Oh really? Yeah that's about all I need. Yeah I do like there's days like if I have like a recovery day because like most of the time like I have to leave my house by 7 a.m. else I don't make it the meetings and stuff like that so and I don't really want to wake up a I mean six I don't like to wake up before six because as soon as you see like five on your alarm clock it sucks. Yeah there's something about that I think that makes you be like oh what's going on here like I'm a senior citizen or something like they like that five you know. Dude it's here I I was talking to Taylor one the day he was like yeah I had my workouts heard at five a.m. I was like why? That's great yeah why especially if you're just gonna get hurt every year not even right. Well maybe it's new. Maybe this is a change maybe he's doing something different. Yeah you know. Hey Taylor he'll be healthy man he'll be fine. He's got a couple of tough breaks it's it's it's what it is. Yeah it is. Some of it I think is his attitude gets stuck in his knees too and fucking ruin something. There is something about when you get hurt you definitely over think about it both from your recovery standpoint and then once you get back onto the football field like that's all you can think about like just don't do it again just don't do it again and the second you start thinking like that that's when it happens again. Have you noticed that because you had a what you had a break right. I broke my foot in 2020 yeah. Cue Boyd it's like up here yeah then I so I was I came back in five weeks and then the next like five practices at all it's all you could think about and it sucks and then you go through a whole off season then you kind of forget about it but so you get back into football it's still what you're thinking about like just don't break it again and then like after while you just get comfortable and you just forget about it. Were there routes and stuff that you would adjust and not do because you just to take the pressure off of it. Just like planting really hard on it it kind of just freaked me out a little bit because the way I broke it too didn't really make any sense I just kind of got hit when my foot was in the ground and it just kind of gave out so I was just kind of more cautious more careful like picking up my feet when I was getting hit and stuff like that but then like it's a bonnet heels take a lot of collagen drink a lot of milk it is what it is yeah you look great today by the way. Thanks man I feel pretty good I think getting in that ice plunge it does it alters my percepts it alters my perspective you know it's like so it's talked to me about that that's what I'll it's like I noticed if I'm in like kind of a rough mood or I'm kind of like I want to feel a little bit more kind of in my body if I'm just too much in my head I'm like I want to get in my body and I want to and I don't want to do it so it's like let me do something I don't want to do. Yeah that's yeah that's how I see it my thing is I so I like to do it the first I layer I wake up go downstairs and I just jump in my pool and it's just like the first thing I do is to start my day is something that's not really fun yeah but like now I I enjoy doing it because I feel great when you get down with it but like you just you accomplish something that really sucks yeah and then the rest of your day like yeah you can be dealing with other stuff other issues but like you're doing one thing that's difficult to do the not a lot of people like to do and she's like all right I'm start my day off by accomplishing something like that's gangster yeah yeah I think that's it man I think it's like yeah how can I do something today that I don't want to do it doesn't make everything else a little bit easier then it's even like going like going with with going and working out like actually I get a little bit excited because like I work out down there with Jeremy holding those guys you know I J holds at my house today oh was he really oh dang oh he's unbelievable but he's also like he like dresses like he's trying to get molested I feel like is that a crazy thing he's a he's a handsome dude 24 seven man he's supposed like a barber shop too every time but I think that I think is in the urban community there's a lot better they they tend to be a lot more fragrant yeah you're not wrong Jeremy smells good all the time I do I always try we got to skin sometimes always tell them that he needs to brush his teeth once in a while which he does but it's just it's a fun way to talk shit to somebody because not really much you can do if your breath smells like shit oh does his breath spell that no it's just a fun joke that we play on him because there's not really much of a comeback to that oh yeah sure huh you go brush your teeth yeah you're like fuck you like hey do I really need my breath really bad that's what people always do that's the only one it is well that is the best dude the the worst thing is is when somebody does have horrible breath and especially like if they're like a nightclub or something and somebody's breath is bad brutal oh and you know what a lot a lot of times bro I won't tell him dude depends on if I like them or not I feel you you got to be honest with like if it's a buddy I'll definitely tell him but if it's somebody so if you've got a friend who has something their teeth you tell him not if it's a girl so okay get this I was at the proble two years ago and one of the reporters there I'd like I was kind of going down the line with the talk to a certain amount of people and I she probably interviewed like six people before she got to me and she just had a huge like piece of spinach in her front two teeth and I was like you were just on air with six people and no one told you you have a camera guy with four feet from your face I told her right when I started the envy I was like you have some of your teeth I was like I don't I would be so embarrassed if I just had some of my teeth the entire time and no one told me like come on I thought we were friends and women that shakes them to the core oh it's almost like telling them they don't even exist I know that sounds crazy but you tell it because it's like for some reason it seems to be the only thing that care about oh dude man they're always like to speak in a women man your sister taught me yoga yeah I know that's what she's like yeah I'm teaching Theo van yogurt and I was like really that's awesome good for you cool man was that here yeah yeah right here she taught me yoga because I think you guys didn't live very far away we literally live a block away live yeah I sold that we live out like west of national now but yeah we live there for two years yeah so it's a pretty easy commute she's the best man she was like very she's like very like like kind of like like ladylike and motherly but like very like sent like a sent say kind of she's she vibes yes she's got a great vibe to her yes like a vibe surfer or something like you know she's like the female layered Hamilton of vibes I feel like that's a savage compliment man yeah and she um dude she had me do this thing one it was like wearing these things between my toes right yeah and it's like you yoga toes or I mean it's just like this thing you wear at night it's almost like a spacers yes what color were they blue or what were I tried the freaking blue and do the blue ones dude I'm obsessed with those the blue ones I see you could probably do but can you pull up those toe spacers oh yeah dude I I got me she got me into those right so they're awesome whenever I take my Netflix pet though this Netflix special that I did um she had been teaching right so if you see me walk I'm walking out like this because she taught me how to walk like a paleo but yeah no I know that we're talking about dude we talking about that stuff all the time right here this kind of stuff oh yeah dude yeah the those are the small ones they they have a way bigger one they're massive and blue oh the big one I felt like a whore with the bigger ones in they space you out big gaps it was like god well now is this a foot only fans account so what we're looking is this yeah I don't know how people make money off that man that foot fetish will foot fetish was the thing I think I think I'll understand this because I don't understand that I would guess if you are I don't think it's a lot of American money I think it's like a lot of yin that people spend on it those guys like it because I think their Japanese feet are very little dude you could eat probably a dozen of them and I know for context that makes sense to me yeah yeah totally okay now I see it's like one of we stop getting the 10 piece bone in or bone out man oh I think if you're going to have these feet you don't keep in the bone in I want all of it I think I want the marrow on all the freaking you know the gifts of the orient I feel like but I do think that that is what it is they don't have very long it's not like a precious like a thing over there it's almost like you know it's so they don't get to see it so I think for them seeing like a long foot different with toenail polish and stuff it's very fantastical to them my Emma's fiance Cody he's a pitcher in Japan and so he's like six five and he says that the next closest person hardly goes to his chest and so he just stands out like a sore thumb and I was like that's actually crazy so then you think about feet like he's a size 14 15 that's that's a lot for that's a lot out there yeah he should we'll get the picks up there for him and I think this yeah I don't know if there's a market for it for men yeah what is going on with that foot why do people have foot fetish can you look it up please I'm gonna call into your show and ask you that question but you came here and asked it I know but I'll just call in next time hey man this is George I was there a couple weeks ago he's solved this mystery yet oh one research of proposes that the fetishes due to sensory input in the brain the neuroscientist Velyonur Ramart Shandran yeah suggests that the part of the brain that process of the sensation people get from feet is next to the area that perceives genital stimulation uh oh interesting right on so people want to see that foot they want to see it gets him going gets a blood gone yeah I think I know I have this exact same thing you do yeah it's a nice one the legacy flag I made it for you I think so yeah he hit me up like four years ago and he made it for me and I was like do thanks yeah it's hanging in my out it's in my barn oh that's awesome yeah we uh he sent us this one and another one we'll have to um we'll put his info up actually right now he's done so much he's he does beautiful flags so I'm gonna make sure that we put it on the screen there's nothing I could cool of wooden American flag it's awesome like Nick Bolsa has a pretty sure that exact same one in the back of his locker oh wow it's awesome oh really in his locker yeah it's in the back of his locker I think got shipped there and he was like this is cool and a set of backers crazy um but yeah I guess that makes sense about a foot because I think also if you think back into maybe I wonder if like an old times you could but if people were like cave people then you saw the foot all the time you know very true I'm just trying to think they're really pretty back then though were they no I'm sure kind of like hobbit feet oh yeah I'm sure they were very uh thick muscular I bet you they were spread out though yeah very flat huh flat wide toes I mean like because you see the photos like indigenous people and their feet they're lary like they look like hands yeah oh my gosh it's crazy and then I'm like everyone's like that's the healthy way like that's what your feet want to look like your shoes make you you know they close your toe box in all that stuff well it's kind of hard for me because my profession I have to wear cleats that are small and oh you gotta keep them tight huh well to an extent like I tried like I wore the toe space I tried to spread them out keep my feet as healthy as I can but like once you get to training camp and you're I mean you're taking like a couple hundred reps a day it doesn't really help too much like your feet just gotta you gotta build a callus to it basically is what you do but then now I'm out of cleats right now for a couple weeks and it's like your feet just lose that callus I have to get back into it every single year it's wild your feet kind of relax almost you you almost notice and feel it oh yeah like my feet feel significantly better a month after the season they know the entire duration yeah it's wild yeah like I don't this is a I learned this because I like pedicures it feels fantastic oh I like it in my feet massaged it's really nice get them cleaned up but like in the season I don't get a pedicure for the entire season because I don't want to lose any of the callus like on the bottom of my feet I don't want any of it scraped off because your feet bases become these these stick blocks and you just gotta especially like where I am I'm in the interior office I'm in the office align basically all the time and so I get stepped on 24 seven so like I like having tough feet but then as soon as the season's over I'm back getting pedicures and stuff it's fantastic so you want to keep whatever you can whatever a little extra you can get yeah as I hopefully I my skin is thicker about half way through the season dang wild do y'all take stuff that can make your skin thicker I don't know like I mean like we have a lot of supplements that are like our team provides us and I'm just big I do a ton I like collagen like that's my big thing collagen and orange juice and then any type of calcium I can get like those are my two big things but that's a good thing to look into why not I mean like you see like my shins right here that's just all cleats oh dang yeah like my shins are just permanently cut up for like my the rest of my life damn cleats aren't really fun to get kicked by yeah and do you get to wear shin pads or not so the only guy that ever did that I'm pretty sure is like cam Newton did that for a little bit I I contemplated doing that but I like football is a really weird sport where you just kind of get lucky like I could be blocking somebody and then the running back could miss be by like an inch or he might kick me in the calf when he's going past me and it's just like you just got to get lucky sometimes right I got really lucky this year we're like yeah my shins were getting beat up but like nothing else and so I don't know if I want to be that guy that's out there with the double elbow pads double neat like you just don't want to look like that and I just I can't bring myself to wear and shouldn't pads yet yeah there's maybe an aesthetic thing about it does it um are there but there cam Newton was the guy that did it I think so I think that's what because I brought it up and like one of my quit managers told me that and I was like if the only other person where shin guards was a quarterback I just don't know if I can do that to myself because yeah because it kind of puts you on a different level yeah no I think I just got to tough it out you know it's it's for the it's just for the sport man it's got to tough it out yeah I could I could respect that man I think sometimes you want to wear like I won't wear like a turtle neck you know I'm not a big turtle I don't know if I've ever worn a turtle neck I think there are guys that pulled off really well it's just not my thing you know who wears one might dick a wears a turtle neck a lot I see a lot and I think a lot of people that sell jewelry wear it oh like little fancy you might see one like on a cool night Miami lot of turtle necks down there yeah maybe I could see that kind of that's law they yeah I think it's kind of like also like Europeans or Middle Eastern is where it now there's cam now that definitely looks like diapers on the front of his fucking yes those are those that's basically like basketball players where that's the type of shin guards so like those are in bed like I was pictured wearing like the actual soccer shin guards that are like hard hard ones and I who knows I might give it a shot this year who knows if it doesn't affect how I run which hopefully it doesn't but you want to be as light as you can because I mean the name of the game and then I fell these days it's speed yeah so whoever's fastest is you know who makes the most plays and who gets paid and it's also I think it could be become a mental thing like some of you feel like if you have something on your body then it's way or it's like 100% and if it starts to become a little bit of a hinge and it's not even worth it I bet no that's a 100% true because like I do use I play with the shoulders lean on because was at my second year I dislocated my shoulder and so like to come back and play and not miss any time I had like I wore the shoulders slinging now I'm just like superstitious about it and like I saw like my shoulders are a little messed up but like I don't need to wear it but I literally just do it because it's it helps me like just not totally get out of the socket sometimes and but for that that that took a lot of getting used to just wearing something else in my body because at first I was like well I can't lift my hand above my head and then after I just get used to it and that's it that's the whole process of it just getting used to it because you know like the football like the girdles that come with like the built-in pads and like your thighs and your hips and stuff like that it's like spandex you'd wear yeah seeing them be like big panties yeah basically like they have these stick pads and I'm in I wore them in high school and then I didn't wear them again until I tried them on the NFL and it felt like I was wearing like baggy pants and I hated it it was just way too much going on and so I just do like the little like those high school white little pads you put into your football pants because like it is you just you don't want to wear a lot because you just trying to be as fast as possible. Now one thing that was interesting even when your sit when your sister was helping me do yoga and I just bring that back because we we would talk about you sometimes and and she was always really interested in like the next like staying on the pulse of like that it's pretty cool. That's awesome. I know dude it's always where you think like would you ever have like one of those of yourself and then like somehow you end up with one. Oh dude yeah I did a bobblehead thing like in 2018 or 2019 and I saw like 30 of them in a box just in my in my barn is in storage and then I got a Nickelodeon one this year it's hilarious to me. The head is so big. Let's bring it up. I don't know if you can find it but yeah I did it's hilarious. I gotta start getting what I should start doing for guests that we have on I should start getting some bobble heads. That's awesome. Have you seen you like the Pregs right hockey team? Um yeah I like the Pregs they're not they don't like themselves I don't think they're not that good. Oh my well so Phil Forzberg's like one of my best friends. I love that dude and I love going oh yeah there it is. Look at that big head. Oh my god that's you dude what were you going through? I went my first open that I was like that boy's faded Theo that boy right there is faded. Yeah dude. Look. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Yeah. Oh dude that looks like you like she looks hot. Hey thank you. That's a nice yeah that from the backside man that's aggressive. I just got slime thanks Nick. Really appreciate it. That's slime. Okay. I didn't know that dude. Oh now I get it. I thought there was like between two Forzbergs was that guy. Dude that'd be awesome. That's really what I thought it was. Let's go and on here. This looks like you, I feel like in like 15 years. That's a faded old George right there. Yeah. That looks like George, like if you were in like Pink Floyd, or like if you were definitely like riding in a small van. White van? How many windows? I mean, some of the windows had curtains because you were also living in it. I think it has that kind of like, we're following the grateful dad over a follow-in wise prep panic. Yeah, how's it? Kind of compare. It's good. I actually just got my fade read done. So it's coming from a haircut. Oh, you did? I had to. Who does your hair? Same as Calvin. He cuts a lot of the Titans players. And so I met him through one of the guys and now he just cuts me on my buddy's hair. Fantastic. Is he? Yeah, North Nashville. Oh, wow. Yeah, he really gets on there, huh? Oh, yeah. Highball fade. Damn. He's good at it. Yeah, I just got my haircut today too, actually. Ooh, look at us. That's crazy. This girl Whitney cuts mine here in Nashville. Have you ever had anyone mess up your haircut? Like really bad? Oh, dude. One time I frickin' friends dad. First of all, never get your haircut in Mississippi. Okay. Thank you. Just don't do it. I mean, yeah. Sure. Don't even if it's at the mall, the casino, it doesn't matter. I do. Do I get a haircut at Casino in time, bro? Dude, I'll tell you this is crazy. So, one time Chris Pratt actually, one time, is I'm kind of name-dropping, but this is what I'm saying. That's true. He sent me a DM. He asked me to be on a movie, is right? So, I went through all these things and got the, he helped me get the part in the movie. And then I got this horrible haircut. Oh, it's tough. And it made, and we're just about to start taping. And I also didn't, I didn't like the part was very small, and it was gonna take like 12 weeks to do. Oh, ew. Like, man, this is just a lot. It's a lot. And, but what capped it off was that day, I had gotten, I had a show that weekend somewhere, and I got my haircut in a casino in Mississippi. And it was so fucking bad. It pushed me over the edge. I was like, I don't, yeah, I definitely don't wanna be on camera. I don't wanna be around anyone. Yeah. And this lady just gotten out of like, she went through like this haircutting rehabilitation program through prison or whatever, which I'm all about. That's who cut your hair. Yeah. Good for you, man. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I was like, God, once me here, this is what we're doing. It was on it. Oh, God. I wanted to fucking, bro, I should have gone to prison on that lady. It was fucking bad, dude. And if I ever see that fucking lady again somewhere. You wanna go to casino, Mississippi? It was so bad, dude. I was like, I gamble, I gamble with my most valuable asset, too. That's tough. It is. That's a good asset. This is a public service announcement. Man-scape now has beard products, as well as a brand new nose and ear hair tremor. That's the worst. You know, one time I had a buddy, he shaved his head and he left his ears just, my God, grew a dang mitten on each one of them. 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You can get 20% off in free shipping with our code Theo at man's That's 20% off with free shipping at man's and use our code Theo. Always use the right tools for the job with man's caped. You know, I love the tremors from there. In fact, I just left mine at a hotel and I'm an order one for myself. Are you ready for UFC 286? The welterweight champ will be decided in the third matchup between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. Who will come out on top? Well, place your bets on Draft King's sports book, the official sports betting partner of UFC. Right now, new customers can bet just $5 to get $200 in bonus bets instantly. Yup. Plus all users can take the MMA action to the next level with Draft King's same game parlays. Download the Draft King sports book app and use code THEO. Bet $5 on UFC 286 to get $200 in bonus bets instantly. That's code THEO only at Draft King's sports book. 21 and up in most eligible states, but age varies by jurisdiction. Eligibility and deposit restrictions apply. See slash sports book for details and state specific, responsible gambling resources. Gambling problem called 1-800-Gamber. Gambling problem called 1-800-Gamber in New York called 877-8-HOPNY, or text HOPENY, which is 467-369, bonus issued as bonus bets. Terms at slash MMA terms. Please gamble responsibly. I had one. So my hair got to a point where it was getting caught by my shoulder pads. I just went to a barber. What I've realized now is that when you have long hair, you need to go to a salon and work with someone who knows how to cut long hair. I just went to a barber. I swore to God, he gave me a bulk cut without putting a bowl on my head. He let my hair down and he just cut a circle around my head. I looked at and I was like, that's tough for me. It's really tough. I had to go to a salon literally an hour later and they had to fix it for him, but it was still a brutal. He just went scissors in a circle. It hurts, huh? It really, it was a struggle for me. My wife looked at me. She was like, what is wrong with you? I was like, a lot of things at this moment. Actually, I got to leave. Yeah, I've been neutered. Yeah, that's what it feels like. Oh, dude. People don't know once you've grown like, like, there's something about like, I could see why Native Americans would go and take the scalp of a man because it was like the most powerful fucking thing you could do. It's very disrespectful. Did you ever get a haircut like during COVID? Like, did anyone like, I had a guy, I had a traveling barber who I met through a person through a person. Like a Nashville. That's a hopeless guy, dude. He showed up and I asked him to go for a fade and he cut it. And then he was on the back of my neck and he was talking to me. And he was a football fan, so he was talking. And you know, like when you know somebody messes something up and they try to hide it. And like, it was like, and I was like, he stopped for like two seconds. I was like, you good? And he was like, yeah, nothing's wrong. I go in and I show my wife and he basically put a lightning bolt as my neckline. It was absolutely brutal. Why did he do it? He was just not paying attention. He was asking me a football question and he just got excited. It was hilarious. I looked, I was like, you know what man? Just thank you for the time. And I'm gonna call it a day. Oh my goodness. There's nothing worse than getting a bad haircut man. It's brutal. It just ruins your whole day. Maybe a week. Oh yeah, it can ruin even more. At least you're married, bro. Dude, think, yes, it helps a lot. God, you have, yeah. You know, a lady still likes you when you fucking get home. Yes. Imagine you get a shitty haircut then you go home and it's just, you go there. Just staring in the mirror like, oh my God. I can't leave the house. They're trying on different hats and shit. You're like, yeah, it's like, you're really good. You're something to become a beanie guy. No, Theo, why are you wearing a beanie? Don't worry about it. It's my thing now. Yeah, you grow beard. You can't even grow. It's just, but no one thing that I was interested in, that was interesting about, and I keep on making excuses to, but I keep distracting you, sorry. It's okay. One thing that was interesting was she's like, she helps you guys do yoga and stuff. She's always like, but she's like, yeah, we stay on the, try, just try to stay on the cutting edge. She just gone to a conference I think about. I think it was some type of new yoga or something. Yeah, I can't remember it's called, but yeah. It's just interesting. She's like, yeah, our family's big into this. Has your family always been like, because I've got to meet your father and your mother at the golf, at the, mother-in-law. Oh, that's mother-in-law. Yeah, that's my home's way. Yeah. Is your mother still alive? Yeah, she is. She didn't go, my dad, yeah, you're good. My dad, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, your wife's mother. It's my wife's mom. Yeah, my wife's mom. She was in town for, she does, she works with the NFL Hall of Fame Health, and so like, she works with, like, former NFL players who are retired, who need help with medical stuff. Which is, it's really cool stuff, but yeah, I brought my sister, my dad, and my mother-in-law, because my, my sister and my dad, they have the podcast now. And so, yeah, yeah, what's it called us? Dind Pearls. Right. Dind Pearls Bogas, but they were, they were in, Scott still for an event up there, and I, I happen to have a couple extra tickets, so they got to go with me. Yeah, it was cool, man, because yeah, I'd always heard about you, all's dad. Oh, yeah. And then, and then it gets to see your sister again, was great, but yeah, has your family always been like, like super-health conscious, or like, what was that kind of like? My mom's been a vegetarian most of my life. Oh, wow, and you grew up in the Midwest. You did grew up in the Midwest, so yeah. God, do people are throwing like, like, Moltaf Cocktail. Oh, no, she was fine. She would like, she eats fish once in a while, so like, not true vegetarian, but like, now, I would say, I'd say like the last 10 years, my family's become like super-health conscious. Well, like, my dad's 60, my parents are both, my dad's 64, my mom's 63. Wow, he looks great. He does look great, but my dad, like, his side of the family has like health issues, and so he's like, I'm not gonna let that happen to me, and so I'm gonna be as healthy as I possibly can, so my dad's basically vegan now for like the last five years. I'm gonna fight it. Bring him up, what's his name is? Bruce. Bruce Kittle. Let's bring him up in here. I wanna get a J-Pag of this fellow right here, because yeah, he, look at him, there he is. Oh, yeah, look at that guy. And this has, he's a little zinned out in this picture, but he's definitely a tough man. Yeah, he is. Oh, that's you and him. That's me and him. Right down the street? No, that was there. Oh, that's crazy. So yeah, so was he, oh, look at that hair photo of him in college. Where is it, let me see. Yeah. Oh, wow. I know, right? So he took over, he went to the worst barber. Oh, dude, he tried to keep his hair for a while. He's been, he's been bald since probably like 40, 45. Oh, he just shaved it off. So were you worried about that? Oh, I know that when I cut the hair, I don't know if it's gonna come back very well. Is what it is. So I'm just, my wife likes it, so I'm gonna keep it as long as she likes it, and then I'll cut it off when I cut it off, and it is what it is. Save it probably. We thought about cutting off, like whenever I get my hair cut, saving it and selling little 20 sacks of it at the, you can probably just walk down Broadway, people would buy it. Well, we want to sell it after comedy shows, we want to have a special thing where there's like a limited edition, 40 of them, and there's just little 20 bags and like little drug baggies, but not that I know what's like. That's like the dude selling the sand from where Tom Brady did his retirement to each from. Someone sold that for $400, I was like, are you see like who's gonna buy that? Why would you do that? So it's like his sand monkey out there. Were you guys really tough? Cause your whole family's very fit. Yes. Was that a big thing growing up? Was there like, like you have to like do chin ups to get seconds and stuff? Oh, not at all. No, my mom's a two sport hall of him, athlete in Iowa high school. Oh wow. A softball and basketball. My dad was a football player and a wrestler, and so we just kind of been athletes. M.O. is a great athlete. She was like, I don't know, like she's volleyball, right? She played volleyball in college. She did basketball and volleyball in high school. I think she was like first team all state and all of her stuff. So she's a freak athlete too. So we always just been athletic, but no, like it wasn't a, my dad was always big on, like there are dads out there who are like very strict on their kids about stuff. My dad just gave me like a template, like hey, these are things that you're gonna lead to your success. You can choose a do they're not. I'm gonna help you like make the right decision. Like I'm not gonna force you to do it. It's on you, but like what are your dreams? I want to play in the NFL. This is gonna help you get to there. Like just doing these things a little bit better, but his biggest thing was like, hey, work hard, try to get better and have fun. Cause if you have fun, it's a lot easier. That's right, though, my mind's a... Interesting. Yeah, I just kind of wonder. Hey, yeah, I just wondered like, yeah, was it like real intense or was it? Not really. It was just you guys having a good time. Yeah, it was a great time. I mean, yeah, I mean, there wasn't too much strictness with it, like my parents are just, they're always, I mean, I was a pretty good kid. I didn't really do a lot. Like I was very nice. I played football, basketball, and I came home and I played Halo 3. That's about all I did. Oh, dang. It's pretty easy. I was low key. Were you? Yes, very. My sister wasn't, but you know, you can have around the podcast to discuss that. Yeah, maybe sometime that would be interesting. So what else... Oh, I was thinking about this, dude. Oh, no, there was one more question on what it asked. Oh, but y'all's family seems really close. Very. Yeah, we just always have been. It's just, yeah, mom, dad, me and my sister. So it's like, we moved around a bunch. I went to like, I went to like 15 different schools, school districts, basically growing up. I started Wisconsin. I was born, moved back to Iowa because both my parents, their families are from there. And my mom is nine sisters. So she's one of 10 girls. Wow. Oh, I would have loved to live next door, dude. All right. Oh, dude. That's funny. Wow. Yes, they lived in like small town Iowa. What town was it? Mount Union, Iowa is where it's like Mount Pleasant. It's an hour south of Iowa city where the University of Iowa is. Okay. So it's just down southeast Iowa. So like we moved back to Iowa then we just kind of moved around a lot with my dad. He just wanted to be closer to his job. We had land. Didn't like the house. We lived in just moved around a bunch. Interesting. Yeah, my mom went to college in Iowa. I think at like Kolin college. Koe college? Yeah, Koe college. Yeah. I've had friends that go to Koe college. Yeah, that's a good one. See your happens as an interesting town. Yeah, it's interesting. Oh, I like Dubuque maybe a little bit more. So my wife's from. Really? Yeah. Yeah. On the border. I like Dubuque. I like Dubuque ever. Oh yeah. What is that called? Did you stay in the room where Al Capone was in it, right? Yeah, that's right. I was in that room too. Were you? The Juliet or something like that. The Juliet. Yeah, but the hotel is Dubuque. Dubuque, Iowa like the Julius or Juliet, something like that. Yeah, that's a cool hotel. One of my buddies got married there. Oh, wow. Yeah. It's beautiful. Yeah, Mark Twain I think would write a lot about that area and stuff. It was really. Well, Dubuque's around the corner. So like you cross the bridge into Illinois or Wisconsin. And so it's kind of a cool area. I didn't know that. There's just big bridges that go across. Hotel Julian maybe? Julian. Yeah, that's it. That's it. I was close. I got the jewel, right? And it's haunted. It says read it. Read it about Al Capone. He's booking us a damn verim. Dude, come on, man. We're just friends. Yeah, no, like there was a room that he stayed in that he put like, I don't know if it was a safe or like a closet. It was a hidden door that he would hide in if like cops ever came to the hotel. And so he just leave it permanently open now. Yeah, I was right. There we go. Here you go, hotel Julian debut book came known as one of the finest hotels in the Midwest and hosted many Grand Banquets and famous guests. But all the personages said to have stayed at the hotel. Local lore alleges that when things got hot in Chicago, Capone would travel with his honoris to debut and hide out at hotel Julian. Yeah, there's like a hidden room and there's a hidden room in that hotel room. And they leave it open like I said out, but it used to like blend in. Oh, wow. It was really cool stuff. That's cool. Yeah, I really like the buto. I just even just walking around the little the downtown. I've really enjoyed it. Um, dude, you have like this. Do you start to feel like you have like this almost like wrestling type of vibe about you, right? And people have said that you're a wrestling fan. Do you start to do you like do you feel like more of a character when you're playing football sometimes these days? Maybe I think football is a place where like I authentically get a, I mean, I think I'm authentically myself all the time. But the great thing about football is it's one of the only professions where you get to beat the shit out of someone that could arrest it for it. Yeah. There's not very many of those sports, right? And so that's really fun for me in like, except Memphis, maybe I think you could do it these days. But yeah, I don't think it's like a sanctioned. Yeah, probably not. You know, that's frowned upon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've frowned upon. But like in the NFL, so like I just get to go out there and I get to hit people. I got to have fun. I mean, I'm playing a kids game doing, getting paid a lot of money to do it. So like I'm going to work my tail off, but I'm going to enjoy it at every second that I'm out there because you only get so many reps. There's only so much tread on the tire and you got Tom Brady who can play for 20 years, maybe 21. And then like, you know, but the average, you know, lifespan is like three years. So I'm going to year seven. I'm doing pretty well for myself. So it's like, Hey, I'm going to play as long as I can. I'm going to play at a high levels as I can, but I'm going to have a great time every time I'm out there. And do you feel like it's a, it's easier for guys now? Is there more of a like the aspect of it now where? Let me think of the exact one I'm trying to say. So it seems like you want to stay in it longer now, right? Everybody's always wanted to stay in it longer, but now it's obviously, it's a bigger business now than it was 20 years ago. Oh, yeah. I mean, there's significantly more money in it. You just saw like two quarterbacks just got paid over $100 million with like $70 million. The one guy got guaranteed like $83 million. That's more than my entire contract. Wow. That's wild. I mean, it was Daniel Jones, right? Yeah. Good for him. Happy for him. Yeah. I love it when guys, the NFL get paid because it's really hard to get paid. Wow. And so once, like I love everybody getting paid, I do not care who they is. If I think they're a good player, if I think they're a bad player, awesome. You got paid. Good for your set for life. Like just don't squander it, please. What do you mean when you say it's hard for guys to get paid? Well, like you have to, the NFL is full of like every NFL player college. So you have high school, which is like you have hundreds of thousands of kid playing high school, right? And you just say about like the number, you have millions of kids playing high school, you have hundreds of thousands of people playing college football. There's 1500 NFL players, like just like the percentages is so small. And then when you get there, like every team has all Americans in college, high school fee winners and just like you have to figure out what you do better than everybody else and how to do, like how to do that for as long as you can. And that's kind of what the NFL is like surviving in the NFL is really hard. Like there's fantastic players and athletes out there that should be in the NFL and aren't right? Like that happens all the time. And it's like a lot of guys don't take advantage of that opportunity. So it's hard to get paid. You have to take advantage of that opportunity once in front of you. Or there are any players that come to mind when you're like, man, that player, it just didn't pay an out or they got air. There was an injury that happened or I mean like one of my, let's see, one of my favorite four players of all time was Bob Sanders. He's a safety for the Indianapolis Colts. He played for Iowa. He won defensive MVP one year. But like he just had an assortment of injuries and he would have been in my, he was a first bout hall of famer. And then he just had all these injuries that he couldn't stay healthy and then he played in the pros. Yeah, like NFL MVP for defense, like amazing football player has a safety, which is really hard to do these days. And he was incredible. And yeah, he had like a back injury, he had leg injury, shoulder injuries because he hit people so hard that they'd be hurt. And it's just like instead of being a first bout hall of famer, like he'll always be remembered as a really good football player. But like injury kind of took their way from him. And so he could have gotten paid a lot more money too. Probably. That's what's hard. It's like you have to say healthy. You have to be in the right situation. You have to make a lot of plays. And you have to get into those like one of the, what are the years you kind of get paid on? Those levels, it's like after the most of the time is like I got paid after year three. Okay. I was on a four year rookie deal. Most of the extensions happen after three years. Or you can after year four, your free agent is what you're seeing now like that's where the real money is because like everyone's bidding on you. That's where the good stuff is. But yeah, most guys get paid after three if you're a first round draft pick, like teams have a fifth year right to you. And so those first round draft pick Matt and I get paid to after year four. They already got a fino first round sign bonus. So like they're doing well for themselves. I see. Do you think it like as a player gets into that year where it's like, okay, the next year they're going to get paid? Is it common where guys will kind of, and maybe this is an overall question I was trying to ask earlier where you'll, do you feel like as overall as the league that the players, everybody's almost like, all right, let's don't go too crazy here today so that we can all play again next year. There is a, I would say a majority of the NFL like. Yeah, a high majority of the NFL is not trying to hurt other players. I think you have a couple crazy guys that don't care if they do. Like, I don't think their intention is I'm trying to blow your knee out. I don't think that's a thing really anymore. But I definitely like there are, there are some guys who are more cautious about it than other guys. And like there's hits that you can't avoid and it is what it is. But yeah, I think I was like, I've had a time. I was my third year is like week 15 and I've been healthy the entire year. I'm, there's a pile right behind me and a guy and like my legs are pinned. And if a guy wanted to, he could have like, literally just thrown me backwards. It's going to be a really awkward fall for me. It's like he grabbed me and pulled me out of the way and he's like, dog, you're worth too much to do that. And I was like, I really appreciate you. Thank you so much. It's very nice of you. You're amazing. And so like, I happened to me and I was like, you know, like, that's kind of high. I'm too like, I never want to hurt anybody like I cut block. You know, I have to like, how do you expect here? I'll do it at the fucking mall, dude. You just dive into do the ankles. Put your head through his kneecap. You do it like, and there's like, there, that's football, right? Like and people want to outlaw certain things. Like, I like to try not to hit them in the head. Like, I appreciate that. Like, I don't want to get in the head a lot. It sucks. Concussions aren't fun. But again, just getting ahead and head in the head, by in general, like just kind of sucks. So like guys are conscious about that. I like the protection of the house, but like, there's certain jobs. Like, there's certain jobs. Like, hey, I'm going to cut block you and I'm going to hit in the knees and, you know, I don't like try to hurt anybody through it, but like, it's just, it's a part of the game. So it's kind of weird. But like I said, violence that's appreciated by everybody. Yeah, I think that's true. So you have to, does it almost start to feel like wrestling then at some point, late in the league? Like, like, to an extent, like, there's a lot, like, there's, yeah, I would say to an extent. Like, I would say there's a handful of us out there who are treating like wrestling to it. Like, you know, having fun out there like that. But, I mean, everyone's just, everyone's out there. Everyone wants to, like, everyone's goal is the one to super, I mean, I hope everyone's goal is the one to super bowl. Like, that's what my goal is. Then whatever comes with that, but like, I'm not going to go out of my way. Like, you know, it's like too much pain on somebody, but enough. Right. Right. Yeah, because I think, yeah, I wonder if it used to be different, you know? I think back in the day, they carried less about each other. But there's a lot more going on back then. Like, a lot of, did you ever see the clip of, it was on Instagram, but it was like the 1980, maybe like 1990 highlight for like, in B or CBS, like, Sunday football or something like that. Like the whole highlight video is just like guys getting their knees taken out, guys getting thrown on their heads, like just getting smoked. And like every, every highlight in that, like, cut up is illegal in today's game, which is crazy. But guys just get messed up back in the day. But then you have to take in like, are the guys that played in the, if you played in the NFL, you're a fit like good for you. You were good athlete. Like, you played at a high level. You played it with the best. But like the game in the 80s and even the 90s is way different than it is today. Like just the athletes too. Like you got guys out there running 4, 240s, like left and right. In the 80s, you might have had one guy in the whole NFL that could do that. But now it's like every team has three guys. It's just crazy how the game's evolved. And now like, look at like, you guys like miles Garrett. That dude, six, five, 280 pounds and he's just muscle with 5% body fat. It's just like, he didn't exist. They didn't exist. Right. He didn't exist 20 years ago. That's crazy. They didn't even exist. Yeah. He just didn't, that wasn't a thing. Or like you might have had one in the entire NFL. Like now, like guys that look like that are everywhere. I have like five guys in my locker room that if they wanted to, if they punch me in the face, I could die. It's wild. I'm just like, oh my, like his fist is the size of my entire face and he could kill me with one punch. It's kind of weird to go to work with people like that. Yeah. It's weird. Oh, I would keep a little treat bag on like they do it like with the raisin, you know, somebody that's raisin like some skittles. Yeah. Just something. You want to kick that bar? I'd give him probably a decent meter. I like him and Dan Wagon at that level. You got to keep him pleased. Yeah. Hey, what do you want to bottle a tequila? A wine? What do you want? You want KMS? Yeah, sure. Hey, Ron, calm down on this next play a little bit. Hey, dude. Satiate him. Thank you. Yeah. That's funny. You were talking about having a, I read something somewhere you were, you were thinking that they should have an extra biweek, right? Oh, I'd love to talk about this, Theo. Yeah. So we, we, the NFL, it starts in, I see, I leave for training camp July 24th. Okay. What is it now? It's like March, we're in the past. But so you're important July 24th and my season technically ended on January 29th. That's a long season, right? Okay. You have five months off. Ish, but like we have Spring football. That starts April 15th and that's two months. Oh, dang it. What do you have to do there? It's not, it's not as much contact, but you're just, the first like two weeks is just working out, like getting you in the shape. You have to be there. It's, basically, you can zoom. And also, it's, it's not mandatory. One of those things, like they want you there. Some guys have workout bonuses in their contract so they can only miss so many days, but like, their coaches want you to be there. If you're a vet, like there's going to be like, Tri-Williams probably won't show up, you know, for a couple of weeks because like, he doesn't really need to get better at football. Not gonna lie, like he's probably the best football player in the NFL. Okay. As are offensive lineman or left tackle. But like, there's certain guys that don't do OTAs. It's really been official for young guys because you just learn the playbook, you go to the meeting. It's kind of like, if you haven't really been in the NFL too much, it's kind of like, just, it's a boot camp for the season. Just kind of gets you ready for it. And like, there's one week that's mandatory at the end of it that everybody has to go to or you get fined. But it's a mandatory. I always go to like, I always show up like May first. I'm like two weeks late, usually just because my, like, I didn't get, yesterday was my first day in Nashville. Wow. And it's like, yeah, the first week of March. And so like the entire month of February, I was doing stuff, whether it was Pro Bowl, I was at the Super Bowl doing some like gigs, working with some of my marketing partners. And then after that, I did like a 10 day vacation with my wife because I was like, I haven't gotten a vacation in seven months. So I'd like to go see a beach. Yeah. Sounds really nice right now. So that is Maui. I went, I started Maui last year. Hawaii is awesome. Beautiful. So great. It is beautiful. I wish it wasn't as expensive as it is, but like I get it. I don't know, like, and there's beautiful place in the world that I haven't been, but that's one of my favorite places. Like you're in the ocean and there's just massive islands that look like they could move it any second, you know, and wrecks havoc. Like that's what I see. I'm like, wow, that's some cool stuff. But I wasn't the most. You live in like damn breath of the wild. You're living like Zelda style, dude. Oh, that's what it feels like, dude. Yeah. You're thinking like that. That's why you. I'm like, is that like a giant Pokemon? Is that going to stand up and come over here, dude? Like that stuff freak. Like that's what I think about when I'm out there. I'm like, wow. I'm just chilling right now. I know, right? I'm a 13 year old kid, Theo. Yeah. It seems like that. It seems like you're just kind of like living in these crazy adult like dream worlds of a child, but that you're actually getting to navigate through them. Oh, wow. So what about that extra biweek? So you. Oh, yeah, sorry. Yeah, biweek. No, it's okay. I just feel like the season, like January, let's say July 24th, right? Okay. And then you're like fully practicing, let's just say July. Like the first couple of days are pretty easy, but like by August 1st, you're going full speed. Go from August 1st until if you're in the playoffs, you're like, yeah, super well. Like it's mid February. So like your body's just rolling and getting beat up. And so and then last, well, two years ago, they added a 17th, a 17th game. Oh, yeah. Who did that? The money people? You know what? Ah, I voted no on it, but it is what it is. It is. You guys vote count. Uh, well, so there was, well, like it was a new CBA, uh, the bargaining agreement and they put in how I understand it and how it was explained to me is like, they kind of just put the 17th game out there. And as players are bored or like the player voted reps, we're like, no, we're not going to do that. And then when they finally gave us an offer, it was kind of like, you're going to accept this or else. And it somehow passed the voting process and then went to the players and it wasn't, um, I don't know how well I was explained because it was in the middle of COVID too. So it's really hard to get a hold of people. Like it was weird. Like that was like zoom, zoom was just kind of getting along too. So like it was difficult to, you know, get a lot of people on a phone call. I'm thinking about it. It's 1500 guys in the league. They were trying to do like league wide meetings. Can you imagine 1500 people on a phone call? You can call it. Yeah. Like it, it, it was crazy. And so like it was difficult to get all the information out there. So we voted and what, however many people voted, like there's a possible like 1500 votes, only like 800 people voted out of the 1500 or something like that. And the thing it passed and so the 17th game was included now. And so they added a 17th game. And so this is all my theories. If you're going to add a game. So the week, the season's 18 weeks long because there's one by week for every team, right? If you just add another by week and you give everybody two, it'll be a 19 week season. There's more, there's more weeks of football, more money to be made and your best players are staying healthy. So like why not just do it? It makes a simple sense to me because and you can just, I don't like any player right now. If the NFL announced like we're going to give everybody a second by a week, I don't think anybody would ever complain about that. And like, okay, that makes our season one week longer. Now we're getting done the third week of February. Okay, like maybe take out a week of OTAs and just give us a week on the back end. You know, like guys, you know, go on vacation or give another guy's week to train. It's like once you're in the NFL and it's your job, like everybody wants to play football. It doesn't really take me a lot to get motivated to play football. I love what I do. I think everybody else does. So it's like, and there's like young guys, you have to keep them like in line kind of because they don't understand it yet. Like OTAs and stuff like that. But if you get like, there's, NFL guys are want to show up and they're going to play at a high level because they want to get paid. They love playing on the football field. You feel like a gladiator when you stand in the new Raider stadium and it's straight up and there's wherever 70,000 people looking down on me. Oh, dude, it's one of the coolest feelings ever. Like you look up, kill somebody at aftime. You feel like it, dude. It's really fun. So my whole thing is just like at a by week, I don't think anyone's going to get upset about it and your best player is going to stay healthy or longer. You know, I'm a big fan of raising canes. Baby, you know that God, I could eat it every day. I mean, I just, I wish the rate days in a week. So I could eat it eight times a week. That's how much I want it. And that secret sauce, I could just whispers right into my dang taste buds. You know that that buttery Texas toast, the crinkle cut for a husband. Come on. Amen. And they do it and they do it right. You know, my go to orders that caniac combo. And I don't know if you know it, but it's easy to order on their mobile app or online at That's right. Satisfy your canes fixed fast by ordering through their app or online at or stop by your local restaurant. Mmm, I want my cane raised, baby. Did you know that shipping costs are the number one cause of abandoned carts online? Did you know it? 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Get a 60 day free trial at slash THEO. Thanks to shipstation for sponsoring the show. It does make sense. How tough is it to stay? How tough is that turnaround on the body, honestly? Is it really tough? Like Sunday to Sunday? Yeah, I'm that Sunday to Sunday. Oh, it's I like, I don't get that. It's hard to understand. You know, it's literally I'm in a car accident every Sunday multiple car accidents every Sunday like multiple every Sunday. And like I said earlier, like there's a part of luck to it. Like, like, there is a game like I've had games where I hyperc said my knee and like that's going to that's going to affect your season. Like that's going to be there. Are you burst a burst of sack in your knee? That's going to be there for several weeks. And if you could like you don't have to do it that stuff. It's a little bit better, but like you're still getting these car accidents. And like Monday, you actually like Monday, I have to do like a big lower body lift. I have to move. Otherwise, you get really stiff and like you get more sore. So you do a big lift. Try to say a little bit mobile. But Mondays, I usually feel okay. Tuesdays are really, really hard days. Like it's like the second day afterwards. You kind of feel everything. We have flash kind of. Yeah, it's clear what it is. And like there and there's some Tuesdays are better than others. Like some like, and especially like if we play in the East Coast, we have a five hour flight back. I get home at 4 a.m. Those are tough. But like you get in these car accidents and like it takes like Thursday to Friday is when I start to feel like myself again. And then like the longer into the more you get into the season you get, the more like your body, it's wear and tear, wear and tear, wear and tear. So like really now, like how I see it is, if I'm not doing football, I'm doing recovery. Whether it's tubs, whether it's BFR workouts, whether it's just movement, yoga, red light therapy, sonas, like whatever it is, I can make my body hyperbarek chambers are big now. Whatever is like available, that's all I do. Like I get home from practice. I get home at like, let's just say on a Wednesday, I'll be home at like 6 6 30. I'm instantly my next two and a half hours are rehabbing. And like you can do a lot of stuff in the stadium. What I've done is because I got, I got a contract. So I like, I can afford to have a lot of that stuff in my house now. So then I get home fast. I can hang out with my wife for longer. Because like my first two years and my first three years in the league, I was at the facility for like, or thing or a meeting started. Or me started eight, I'm there from 6 15 until like 7 38 o'clock at night for like, yeah, it's just, it's a long day, especially and then like, I want to be home. I want to be with my wife. And so it's just like, I've purchased those things to have in my house. So I can just, I have a couple of extra hours. But like, Larry, that's all you do now is rehabbing rehabilitation. And there were guys that don't do that. I don't know how they survive. I don't understand it. Oh, no. Yeah, it's, it's actually crazy. Like some guys, like they don't have to do all that stuff. But that's something I like, I've dedicated in my, I mean like the football window is like I said the average life spends three years. So I mean, like the window in the grand scheme of my life, my college, my rookie, sorry, my freshman year at a coach, David Rye told me this, he was like, a draw on a board is like, if you line here and lie here, let's just say it's 100 years, right? That's your life. I'll do it so you can see it. 100 years. This is zero. And like, so here you are, you're 18 years old. You're right here. This four year window of college is this big. And then you have the rest of your life. Why not take advantage of that small ass window, right? Do everything you can to be the best you can do those four years. So now after college, now you get a chance at NFL and now you're getting to the, now it's a bigger window, but it's still like a sliver. It's like 12 to 12 years in your life. Yeah, one tenth of your life. And so like, why not put all your effort into being available and being the best player you can possibly be? Yeah. And like, like there are guys like, I don't touch, I don't ski. I don't do anything possible. Like I don't play pick up ass quo anymore. Like I'm just like, it's not working. I don't go seeke you think. I could do that. Yeah, freestyle maybe. I was a big freestyle guy back in the day. Really? Do you ever play ghosts in the graveyard? Like you have one, you play at night and like one person and you like, you have to hide. And the whole point of the game is if they tag you, you're a ghost, you have to make it back to the home base, which is where the ghost counts from. And they think you like to you like to go around the clock one time and then it strikes midnight and then the ghost comes for you. Oh, damn. No, I used to play the hell out of that game. It was so fun. Really? I never got tagged. Ghost in the, really? Yeah, ghost in the graveyard. So much fun. Damn. I was like four, five, six. Like that was that was some of my favorite playing. We didn't play. I don't think we played that. I don't know if they had so many pedophiles in our neighborhood. We didn't even try to. You should hide. Yeah, if I can found dude. Well, yeah, if you do get found, it's by some way. It's not my man who has cable or whatever. It's cable or some bullshit. He's got to get first. Yeah. It's just some fucking lie or something. You know, I got two VCRs, you know? And like we can watch movie. You can just look at the other one. You know, just some bait. We have two movies on it at the same time. Yeah. We're just shit to blow it. It's mine, you know? That's funny. What are you talking about right before that though? Oh, the longevity. longevity. Yeah, I was talking about like the window of your career. Well, it even happens with comedy. It's like, I know it's like, I know when I get back off the, like when I'm on the road, it's like, I know that I have to do yoga right before I go on stage, right? Yeah. I'll finish yoga literally probably about nine minutes before I go on. And then I'll get in the shower. I'll take like a three minute shower. Okay. And then I'll get out and it's just that's my pattern, right? It's like, if I'm up late, I'll make sure that I get eight hours of sleep. Yeah. Wait, so let me ask you this. So, so like football on our game day, right? Sundays, depending on whatever you, like you kick off at 135, 125, whatever it is, the schedule is perfectly adjusted for, they'll tell you when you should wake up. And like breakfast is here. The bus leaves at this exact time and it's, you know, in accordance, like, but it's always the exact like it's two and a half hours before kick off. And everything is regimented perfectly. And so like I have the, every Sunday, I do the exact same thing from like, like, I mean, I usually, I'm very, I like my routines. Yeah. Like to get into the mindset and to flip the switch to like go out there and play football. And so like from about, yeah, I mean, from Saturday morning until after the game Sunday, like I do the exact same thing every time. Yeah. It's wild. And but like, so like you were saying like you do yoga and you go shower that habit. Yeah. And then you're like, how yours is different than mine, but you still have something like that before you go on stage. Yeah. And when I get home, it's like I'll have to like, I make sure I go to the, I make sure I go to the workout with the trainer guys whenever I'm home, right? I make sure I go get the NAD and like, I'll get the NAD and the extra fluids probably, I probably go every other day. Do you? Yeah. And if I don't get an AD every time I'll get at least the extra fluid every time just to keep myself hydrated. Where do you go from that? I go to Arati. Yeah. Arati? Or yeah, they keep changing the name of it, but they, um, but yes, nice in there, the women in there is good with the needle in there. They're, they're, they're not. They're doing what you want. You ever have, you ever have a bad like IV experience? You do. What? My buddy, the other day, I was like, what? My buddy, the other day, he fucking, I'm back saying he's like, yeah, I'll get an IV too. I'm like, yeah, give my boy, right? Oh, this fucking like he put like fucking nine holes in it. I never got it again. Oh. And he's like six three. We can't find a fucking vein on this guy. Do that. That gives me anxiety. I don't, I'm not a big needle guy by any means. I had my first IV I ever got was because I had to get, uh, I had to get ankle surgery in college. And, uh, the first time she missed my vein six times. Oh my god. And then she got, and then she called someone else and to do it. And I did it. And I was fine. A month later, I had to go back and do the other ankle and, um, lady got on her first try. There wasn't a lid on it. So it's squirted out and I just passed out. Those are my first two experiences with IVs. And so I'm kind of shook with them, but I do it like I need the liquid. You need the hydration like the benefits that they have outweigh my mild uncomfortableness. Yeah. I think that's it. And I start to get over it. I will. I'll do it when I'm to make them do one, two, three, four, they put the needle in. And then I'll like jab my fingers into the side of my head to give an opposite pain. Yeah. So pain transfer through. Yeah. And I bite the shit on my tongue. It helps, dude. I've been doing that. It sucks. Or bite your lip. Either one. Not doing it. That's crazy. I feel like it is psychopathic. Yeah. Next, I must see you. You just have to eat your whole lip off. Oh, no, I bite the hell out of my tongue if I'm doing something uncomfortable. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah, but I'll do that. I'll like, yeah, I'm sure the women are there. What is wrong with them? They must think manner is the whip because they're like having to give birth or whatever, like pierce their breasts or whatever, but like man, man, or like, you know, we can't even take that needle from them. But I do think the NAD is interesting. I notice with the NAD, I'm able to just go from one like this exercise, this exercise, keep going. It's almost like I'm not even in my body. It's like I'm just keep doing it. You're not like I, I don't do it all the time. I do, I do like it though. Like I think I was just, I wake up with more energy. Like that's the thing. I just, that's what I'll always do it like in the afternoon. And it kind of makes me sleepy. Like I'm not gonna lie. But like the next day I feel fantastic. And that's kind of how I view it. And I don't do it all the time. I know some guys that like do 1000 milliliters, I'm like, you guys are psychopaths. Like I was doing, I got up to like 500 and I was doing about 22 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself. Damn, that's insane. That was like, that was a couple years ago. Like now dude, I can already do 100. I'm just like, oh, this is the worst experience of my life. It just burned you down. You guys were doing it five years ago? No, sorry. Like, no, I was doing five hundred milliliters like two to three years ago. Okay. That's when I kind of got in. I feel like it's just kind of become popular amongst just like, I'm just a pretty much a regular person. So I would hear about like more knowledgeable. Like people are just under like six months ago. Yeah, I think it just gets promoted a little bit better. Like the benefits of it. Like there's are things out there that well one for athletes, it's legal and it's healthy for you. So it's just like, well, why would I not do some that's gonna help my body and just feel better overall? Yeah. It is expensive though. Oh my gosh. It's a dollar milliliter. It's crazy. Easy dude. It's crazy. Yeah, why is that so expensive? It's very crazy. It is crazy. They jack it up. I guess if you want to read, you're going to fucking pay for it. But um, so if you got an arrest thing, dude, say after this because that's what I think I could you start to become some some guys they become some players are some some athletes. They are also able to become like a character in a way. I feel like you have like the enough energy and like just like this kind of psycho charisma I would call it where you can also be like a character. Yeah. And it's like I do mean it is a compliment, but it's like so I could almost see you doing wrestling one day. You know, I love it to be in the ring at some point. Really? Yeah. So I've been I was in a match. It was actually right after I got drafted by the Niners. My buddy was doing a like a local. He was like an hour away from my from my house in Iowa. He was doing a show and it's actually Seth wrongs. I've got to be a wrestler. It's his wrestling school in Davenport, Iowa and they put on shows and so he was in the Quad city. Yeah. Quad city. Yeah. Yeah. Look at this guy. I love the Midwest. I've been to field of dreams, man. Oh, I've been to where the plane crashed where Richie Valens died. Dude, the big bopper. I love that. Yeah. I can't remember the town name, but anyway, good for you. I the Midwest is awesome. It's just different. Yeah. I'm in California. It's a lot different than here. I like it, dude. I like some grimm of their fucking force and some cookies in you. You're going to eat and you're going to like it. Yes, ma'am. And the roads. The tar on the roads, we get all hot in the summer. It's a bubble. Dude, I fucking love that. Your bike tire would just get all caked up in it. Oh, that's hilarious. I love that shit. What are we talking about? We're talking about you doing wrestling. So, wrestling. You went to Seth Rollins. He had a school in Davenport. Thank you. So they put on a show and I got in the ring right after I got drafted and I did, I got to pull the stone cold stunner on somebody. That was exhilarating. They were like, I want to say, there's between 40 to 60 people in this little arena. I mean, and it was like, it was like, it was like just, it was a building that didn't have like, seating in it. So it's like just an open space, like a rec center. Sorry. Okay. Like a rec center. And there's literally like 40 people in there maybe. And the pop everybody standing up in Cheering, like that was one of the most exhilarating feelings I've ever had in my life. It's like, Larry from that moment, I was like, I get why people wrestle. It is exhilarating. When you get the crowd to go, oh my gosh. Literally, it's so much fun. And so, yeah, like I can't wait till I have the opportunity to get thrown through a table or throw someone through a table. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing. Yeah, it would be really, really interesting. Do you think who, who from the NFL would, if you had to do tag teaming, if you had to have a tag team partner from the NFL, who would you pull in? Now like from like an athlete standpoint, like just football player, I'd pick Trent Williams because he could, he's one of the, yeah, he's incredible. And bring him up and see if he can get him topless or whatever, just because we want to see what who he is. Look up Trent Williams back tattoo. His nickname is the silver back. Oh, really? He's Larry Agarilla. Oh, dang. Yeah, he's one of the guy, one of the five guys on my team that could kill me with a punch. Wow. Oh, yeah, there it is. That's, yeah, I mean, he's, he's like fully tied in the up top. Oh, that's him. He's big. That's young Trent Williams right there. But he's a stud. But I would pick him. Now, if I was going to pick someone who I think would do like, be a good WWE character, like a really good WWE wrestler, I think, I mean, Travis Kelsey, like we'd have a pretty fun, like tight and, tight and do or right there. Yeah, the tightest ends, you could be called. Ends that are tight. I don't know. Tidest sense. I think you'll get a new type of fan in the arena. You're not wrong. And that's fine. What is that fan you? I mean, no, sir. Oh, okay. I love women's. But I think that there is a, there's, I think, yeah, you could get a whole new. My current profession, I play in tights as it is. So that's a good point. Yeah, I'm used to it. But no, like, there are some great characters in the NFL who I think could make easy transitions over. I mean, you saw Grunk did it. He was a WrestleMania several years ago. But did he want it though? I think he gets, he gets put in all like everything. You know, he's selling shave, lotion, he's selling damn, parkers or whatever. I saw him on a, somebody had him on somebody was doing animals selling puppies or whatever rescue animals or something. So I think, you know, he's almost does so many things. He does do a lot. And I was like, did he want it to? Like, I could see you maybe becoming a member in it. Do you feel like you would just do it as a fun thing? Do you feel like it could be something you would actually? I think I would have really enjoyed doing it. Right. Now, like I will say, like after meetings, like I've got the awesome Arptiw, WWE is a fantastic company, like how they organize and run their stuff. Like I've gotten, I've gotten able to go, I've been able to go to like three-year-old Somanias. Oh, wow. And this literally this last one, like the way they had it's ran, picked this up, picked me and my dad and one of my buddies up in my wife. We got to go backstage. I got to hang out with the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I got to meet all these like people that I'm huge fans. And then also rest, resters were like when they're behind the scenes. Like they're just, they're normal, like I'm an NFL football player and people seem like, oh my gosh, some like kids are like, oh my gosh, it's George Kiddell. Like that's how I was a kid. Like NFL players are kind of superheroes. That's how kind of I am with resters. I'm like, it's so cool. But as soon as you get them off the stage, they're just normal people like the rest of us. So just like just have a conversation with them. They're all so cool. Like multiple guys are just hanging out with my dad talking about random stuff and like being able to have that access is so much fun. And so like that's part of the reason that makes me really want to try it. I think I would enjoy it. But I was sorry, I was going to say is like they're schedule. Like they're on the road. 324 days. They don't get enough credit for this schedule. Oh my gosh. Like if they're doing the, because you see everyone you see Monday night Raw, you see, I think AW's on Wednesdays. And then you have Friday nights smack down and then you have, if there's a pay-per-view, it's on Saturdays or Sundays. And then you don't even count the ones that aren't on TV. There's like two non-Teluvize shows a week. Yeah, there's like AW's a couple of other ones. But like no, WWE puts them on. They'll do like, they'll be like, they'll be like, they'll be like, they'll be like the Dubuque Iow and it won't be on TV, but it'll be in that air or whatever arena that it is. They'll just sell it tickets. And they're just selling tickets to put on the show. So it's for local shows. And so it's a much smaller production than like the live TV ones. But I've gone to a couple of those and they're still really fun. But it's just like this, they're in the ring like, I perform once a week. They're in the ring. And we're like, yes, there's a script to it. But like you can't fake fall enough, like getting thrown through a table. You can't fake jumping off the top rope to the ground, which is a 10 foot fall. Yeah, it's like even if you went to Phantom of the Opera, but what if people are beating the fuck out of each other during it? Yeah, like come on, like it's gonna hurt. They're going to get hurt. You can't fake. So like that's why I've just had to, I have appreciation for wrestlers because it is a grind. One of my buddies like he's been doing it since like he stopped playing football. So like let's just say six years. He has driven, like he lives in Davenport, Iowa and he's driven probably, I mean, he goes to Maryland, a wrestle, Florida, a wrestle, California, a wrestle, Arizona, a wrestle, Nashville, like he and he just drives. He doesn't fly. Well, that's another thing they make them drive. They get to a lot of these guys. They get, they go to Avis, they go to the rental. It is a, you have to, it is a grind. It is on you. Yes. It's on you to show up and be available to wrestling. Then you have like, and like the superstars and WWE, like they probably, they fly and they do stuff, but like a lot of people, they just drive. Match the match week to week, year to year. And not even the superstars. Like I'm friends with the Miz, who's a wrestler, right? Loving the Miz. Yeah, the Miz is great man, great energy. You guys a little bit remind of each other a little bit actually. I think that's a compliment. Yeah, it is a compliment man. I like the Miz. He's good people. I love a big football fan he has. I do appreciate it. He is. He's a good dude. He, but he would talk about how like you had to like pay or I mean you would, he's like you get there. There's fans that are excited about the airport, but then you just, we have to go get your rental car. You have to fucking get in. You have to drive two and a half hours. Then you have to go run through the script in the ring. It's like, I'm like, damn, it's a lot. It's a lot. And then you have to perform. Yeah. And like think about like, you have to put oil on your body. Yo dude, like you like you like us like you got to wet your hair back and like so it doesn't get all on your face. And then some of those guys are out there performing like not every match is like super long, but like there are guys who go out there and do like the 25 minute matches. Like that's a lot of cardio. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. I think it's a tough it's a really, really tough gig. I just think there's a lot of things that are a little bit behind the scenes of a lot of our performances that you just see the show. And you don't see a lot of the other stuff that has to go on. No, I always enjoy, whenever I'm backstage and you can catch someone like a tag team with the other tag team, fake going through the match, it's so cool to see that stuff. It's just, it's really interesting because I'm like, wow, there's a lot of intricacies to this and there's always a build up to the match and then for them to know it and it's not memorized, but like they're out there trusting each other that the guy's gonna do what they expect them to do. Yeah. It's crazy. And if you have to memorize something in your dumb, it's fucking hard. Oh my gosh, it has to be so difficult. Oh dude, I was, you know, I wouldn't say I'm, yeah, I'm like kind of, you know, but I've definitely been dumb and had to memorize shit and not done it. It just, it's clinic. There's like, there are some things that are just hard and it is what it is. And do you remember studying in high school and you'd be like, you close the book and he's like, I have no idea, I'm studying for 90 minutes and I have no idea. Oh my gosh, dude, that was, yeah, like I'm like, okay, where I just, there's two hours, okay. And now I gotta go do the whole thing again because I forgot what I just read. Sick, awesome. Oh my God, I was big. I had to highlight everything and then I had to go back and then read the highlights and then sometimes I'd be like, why did I highlight the whole page? I might as well not have a fucking highlighter. I should've just read the whole thing again. Oh my God, that was the worst. Oh my goodness. Yeah, dude, you're the only one refilling your highlight and I'm doing them. I mean, sitting there and like, the only thing that wouldn't be highlight is like, the, like I skipped the hour and I was like, well, though the other things are pretty important. So I guess I don't need a highlighter. I'll just read the whole thing again. You'd even highlight the picture, you'd be like, draw like a highlighter around the picture. I'm just like this. And this, flip it. Oh, that page too, okay. Oh my goodness. Oh my God. Hey, could I snag a water by chance? Yeah, for sure. Please, and thank you. You got another, you have to pee or anything? Hmm. Oh, thank you for asking. It's very kind of you. Oh, I just, well, it creeps me out being around somebody that has, somebody has a full bladder and they, and they're just staying like, to be talking to someone and they're knowing that they're full of pee at the same time. Something about that creeps me out. Dude, I am mildly like, what's it called? What's like if you're doing like tight spaces, cluster phobic? Cluster phobic. Yeah. So like airplane bathroom, airplane bathrooms, I don't do all of those. It is weird in there. Dude, it's super tight. So like, I go five hour flights without going to the bathroom. Wow. Constantly. But you could probably hold a lot more year in the record person. Sure. But like, I mean, like there are guys that go two to three times on a flight and like, I'm still hydrating. It's not like I'm not drinking water. Like I go through like two of those big, ascentiobaddles, stuff like that. And it's just like, no, I'm just uncomfortable. Hold it. I'm good. Why does it ride the bag, huh? Just ride it. And like there are times like, and like in the last like two years, we've like kind of like changed the plane that we were on. So there's a bigger bathroom. So I feel less bad about it. But like it's still like, it's, it's not my favorite thing to do. I get, it's weird. I don't like small, close spaces. Like you, I don't think you could pay me in amount of money going to submarine. Oh yeah. Can you imagine going down like a thousand feet under water? And if anything happens, you're just implode and you die. Well, first of all, it seems so dumb. Dude, why would you do it? Why would you go down there? Like what were they doing down there? Like 50 years ago too, like right? Like 40 years ago, what are we doing? Like, and like who's like, who built those like, this is gonna work? How many, how many people got into a submarine and went down five hundred feet like in the prototypes? And it just imploded on. I'm like, ah, that wasn't the right model. We're gonna fix a couple things. Like who's the test dummy for that? Also, you put like seven guys in a fucking tank, right? But I don't think pop up in another country, they're gonna get, like there's seven of them. Yeah, what's going on? Oh, that, that, like yeah. And then lying your wife the whole time, that's gotta be the hardest part of it. Where were you? Yeah. I don't know. Underwater? Yeah. Let's just say I'm underwater, man. I'm here with the boys. I don't even want to feel with the boys. But yeah, no, like so yeah, I'm mildly claustrophobic and it's just like, I don't, what about that helmet though? No, it's just, it's where my body like, I've been in a lot of MRI machines, like just been footballing, that's just my job. Like I get banged up, there's certain things you gotta look at. I had at the combine before my rookie year, I had to get like six MRIs in one night. It wasn't really fun. But one of them was I had to do both my shoulders because I've, I've both my labor rooms, I tore them in high school. I never had surgery on them. And so like, I've never really had shoulder problems. I can't throw a football very well. But like the NFL teams wanted to see MRIs of them, they wanted to get their own pictures. And so they put me in this, a smaller MRI machine and I had to sit like this. And it was an hour and 45 minute MRI because they did both shoulders at once. And that was, that was a very difficult time for me. Like I was, I took, I sleep in MRIs too for some reason the noise like knocks me out. But I woke up with about 45 minutes left and I like, you know like, have you ever been in MRI? Oh yeah. But like you know like you can squeeze the panic button basically. And it took me a lot to not squeeze that button. Like it was, that was one of the most cluster folks I've ever been. I was in a full sweat. There wasn't a fan, so it was hot, full sweat. I was like, oh my, getting out of that was one of the best moments of my life. Oh God. Like an escape room kind of. Dude, it was just like, you can win. It's like $10,000. Like, okay, here's one. Would you rather drown or get buried alive? Well, let me think about it for a second. All right, let me think about the second one. What was the second one? Barried alive or drown? Yeah, I was just, let me think about buried alive. Like you're in a wood box, 10 feet underground. Oh bro, put me a little closer. No, 12 feet. Oh, come on. You ever see kill Bill when she breaks out and climbs out of the hole? I don't know if I have or not. I don't know which one that is, but there's a scene where she's literally in there and she's like, punches the box, breaks through and she climbs out of a grave. But like, or some book. Or some book. You give me the scarier it is for some reason. But like, you're not getting out of the box. There's nothing you can do. You're not getting out. But at least just put me at two feet, so I feel like I can. You're not getting out. Oh, you're sick. You're not getting out, dude. So these are conversations I have with my friends. So bury it alive, right? Yeah. So alive, you're gonna be in there. You're gonna cough in basically. Right, but you're gonna be able to, first of all, you'll be able to convince yourself, okay, I'm like doing like a cleanse or whatever. I'm dieting. No, like a guy, Larry just looks at you goes, you're gonna go in this box. I'm gonna put you in the ground. Okay. You're not getting out. And that's it. And there's no chance you're getting out. What'd you rather do? Oh, I put me in the water, man. You think? We just go to sleep, you just pass out. You don't pass out, dude, you've ever been. No, but like think about you, and like that's what, isn't that like the Navy Seals training? Like they drown you and then they resuscitate you? No, that's, I think that's like the mob or something. No, that's a real thing, dude. Look, that's a real training thing. Do that. Look it up. Navy Seals drowning one another. That's a thing, dude, I swear to God. Really? Now probably, I mean, who knows what the fuck they're doing now? Well, so like you have to be prepared for anything and then you got like, you have to save your teammates' life, shit like that. And so, but sorry about how I was like, I was just saying. Yeah, it's like, yeah. And so like I would rather, I think, just go in or water and pass out from not being able to breathe because it's loss of oxygen. But then you could be alive, you could be in that box for 24 hours. 20, what do you know? Like days, think about it. You could be there for days. You could be in that box for days, dude. You're not gonna be in the, yeah. Wouldn't you, oh, that's not so terrible. I don't know how big is, how little is the box? Like you have like two inches on each side. Oh God. I thought you meant like one of those Aaron Rodgers drug boxes that he was in. What do you think he did in there? Oh, I'm sure. Well, I don't know if he did like I a wask. I know he was like, When would be aggressive to do like a hard socket delic in that area, like being in that dark hole? Well, I think it was, I think it was like a nice enough, I think it was the room was like about this. It was probably about 300 square feet. So I think it was like, no, like, I don't know man. In the dark, that's not for me. Like that, I under, like I don't understand it. Like I appreciate him for like, you know, good for you for wanting to try that. I don't know if I will ever do that. But what's okay? He was something. Yeah. I think it was about like a site depravate or like just like what would happen if you don't, if you know without the stimulus, you know? Yeah, for sure. And like there's no phone, there's no communication with anybody else. Like you're literally alone with your thoughts. You're alone with your thoughts, which is see what your thoughts are. Yeah, it's just like cool for him. Like I don't know how old Aaron is, but he's been a league for a long time. He's gonna be in the Hall of Fame, right? So it's just like, he has a Super Bowl. He has what, I think he has multiple MVP's. Like he's a Hall of Famer. So like, do you want to continue to play football? He doesn't like, I mean, I like, I have to. He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to. So it's like, do I still want to do this? Like do I still love the game that I, you know, that I grew up playing? And so, and I don't know if that's what his reasoning was, but like I think that's what it would be. And so like, if that's what you want to do to like to get along with your thoughts, I get that. I'm not ready for that. Like I don't need that in my life right now. But hey, maybe when I'm 35, like, maybe that's something you want to do. So like I'm not going to judge it for it. It's wild. And now I know about it. And like, well, I have that in my back pocket. If I ever want to disappear for four days. And it's brave of him kind of in a way to do it because a lot of guys are afraid to, I think, you know, I know he's friends with Aubrey Marcus and they Aubrey's big into like psychedelic medicines and like just like templates of therapy and stuff like. Sure, right. Huge into it. Like it's just different types of therapy. Oh, even all types of stuff like, like, like, like even like being under the influence of certain things and then like doing certain things to your muscles to release like memories like. Ooh, and this is like all that's cool. I'm paraphrasing, but Aubrey's like, Oh, that's cool. Deep into that world, right? I guess that. And I think a lot of guys would be, especially at Aaron's level of popularity. He's famous, famous. Right. Would be embarrassed to, not embarrassed, but would probably feel uncomfortable talking about that. The expression, he brought it up and he talked about it like on the Pat Mack, we showed to the boys, love them. But like they just to bring that up and like, and it's Aaron Rodgers, like everything that he says on to the media, like everybody. Oh, they're gonna do it. It's all they got. Everybody, it's a clip. Like if he says anything out of like, out of line or kind of controversial, like that's a headline on hundreds of newspapers and we're like online, online newspapers. So it's just like for him to go out and say that and like that was the only thing anyone talked about for the next three days. Oh, yeah. It was crazy. All over social media, like the meme pages everyone making fun of them for, but like for him to go out there and talk about it, like I didn't even know that was a thing. And I'm kind of, that's cool. Like I was again, not for me right now, but the factor who knows. Who knows, like I might want to do that someday. Yeah. Yeah, they have all types of things like that. Like there's like a camp you can go to where no one talks for like a week and then I think you can do like, are you still interact with people? Yeah, you still interact. That's true. So it's like, Sharase, I guess. I'll talk. Whoa. So like if you know sign language, is that cheating? Oh, I don't know. But you'd have to bring someone that also knows it otherwise you know. You're gonna be on that. Otherwise, people would have taken it to something fucking, you're like just like in a bunch of gangs. Oh, that's funny, dude. But that's cool. You want to go to one? Oh, dude, I would go. I think it would be something really cool to do probably with a friend or your wife or something like. That'd be interesting. Just be interesting. Like, hey, let's just go have this weird experience. It's going to be fun. We're going to be around each other, but we can't talk for a whole week. It's going to be really weird. Yeah, we've really, really weird, you know? I don't know if my wife would like that too much. But I think like, I would bring like one of my buddies on that. Like just, I think I would try to make him talk and try to make him laugh. Yeah, that would be you. Yeah, but you can't be that weird who's fucking tickling some dude in the distance all the time. I mean, you can if you want, man. That's your call. It's on you, man. People are just staying away from you the whole time. You're just the guy that kind of got it. Trying to get people to squeal. Oh, my God. Like who's this fucking silence fucking? An artist over here. But Aaron Rodgers also interesting. He's not married. No. So it's kind of how old is Aaron Rodgers? I'm gonna guess 36. Okay. So he's getting to be at a point in his life. It kind of seemed like he's just, he seemed like he's definitely kind of a searcher kind of dude, you know? Yeah, I think, I think like 39. Yeah, he's 39 years old. Well, like, I think at his point in his, I mean, again, like I have no idea. But like at some point, football is not the only thing in my life, right? I'm not just a full of play. Like there's more sides to me than that. And I think he's been playing football since he was probably five, seven years old for the last 30 years. I bet she wants to find out like, who else, like what are parts of me? Like what else do I love as much as football? It's a good point, man. I think that that's, I think that probably happens for a lot of guys who get stuck into one or who start so young and something. Because then you're like, at some point, like as of, did I get put into this? Did I really, obviously I've loved this at certain points and it's been a great, big part of my life. But are there other things? Yeah, that I want to do that. I don't even, I'm so been so stuck in this vein that I don't even know what they are. Yeah, like you just, you missed that window. And like granny, like I don't know if you would, like I wouldn't trade my opportunity, like I love playing football. Like who knows? Like there could be something else that like, I might have loved to do it if I just would have given it a shot. Like maybe I loved the cross. Maybe if I like, yeah, I mean, like what if I did that or what I wanted to do? So like the Brittany Griner of fucking lacrosse, I think dude. You'd have been a fucking gangster. That's a fucking compliment. You'd have been, oh dude, you would have been insane and lacrosse to it. Yeah, but it wasn't offered where I lived. And so like, who knows? Like I could have enjoyed that. Like I don't know. So like maybe he's like, at some point you want to figure out what else you love. You know, I think that a lot about like, some of my friends that are athletes that are black guys actually sometimes I think, because a lot of young black men, they didn't have any other opportunities except for athletics. That was it. So I start to wonder sometimes like, if that's even a bigger thing in there, sometimes community or that you'll start to see like, because they didn't have any other choice. No. There weren't as many options to get. I mean, not as many outlets. Right, not as many outlets. Like I mean, unless opportunities too. Yeah. So it's like, damn, I wonder how many of those guys start to feel like, man, is this something that I even wanted to, not wanted to do? Was it more like, do I love the gamers? Is it like more of my, am I the only choice I had? That was my, like that's what I had to do. It's kind of interesting. It is interesting. And I think, I think, well, one, like football is really hard if you don't love it. Like it's really, because like what you put your body through, what you put like the stress levels through, like we put our, like I know every, like our professions, like when you're out there, you know, for like to perform and like that's how like people watch you and stuff like that. It's like, there's a stress that comes out because you can make one bad play and like that's the only thing everybody on Twitter is yelling at you for and telling you that you're a piece of shit. And so like there's a, there's a mental stress to it. There's a physical stress to it. Time away from your family. Like I just said, like I, I have my nationals, my home. I have them. This is my second day back since July 24th. That's so, wow. Yeah, so it's, it's crazy. And I love it here. Like I love Nashville. I love being a part of this city. And I live in San Jose, California for seven months out of the year. So it's, it's wild because it's just, yeah, it just, it blows me away. Yeah, you know, even, yeah, I mean, I can relate to a lot of that. I love being here and I feel like I kind of get to know it and increments because I'm always going to be gone. It's very hard for me to start a relationship with someone. Yeah. That I know I'm going to be able to upkeep. You know, it's like, I've already kind of written off that I might even be able to, you know, I would like to have a spouse, you know? And so it's like, I think maybe there's a possibility in the next year and a half on me, but I know for the next year and a half, I'm probably going to be touring a lot. And so it's like, I haven't written it off, but it's like I know it's going to limit my chances. For sure. It's the same place being able to like have a commitment that I'm there with all the time, you know? Yeah, no, I do get that. And it's also, but like you have to be kind of selfish because this is your window of opportunity, right? Like if it's out there for you, Nick, you could say no, but like, will that opportunity ever come again? Yeah. Right? So like, my eyes will take advantage of it. And like, you know, it's that you don't, like not everybody has to do that. And like it's a life choice. If you want to do that, you're making sacrifices. But it's like, I mean, dude, like if you like, if you enjoy doing it, go do it. Like you can pause for a year and a half, like you're, like you're still going to be here. It's scary though to do it. So if I said George Kittle, won't you take a year and a half off, right? A football or off of like a football? Oh, no, that, no, that's what I was talking about dating, taking a year and a half off of dating. Like, oh, right, right. I see what you're saying. I thought you meant to get your and half off of doing. No, don't do that. Don't do that. Like I'm saying, see that's the end. Yeah, it's like your opportunity, dog. It's right there. Go do it. You're doing a great job. So just keep doing it. Well, thanks, man. Yeah. Yeah, but it's interesting. Yeah, you have to look at that and kind of figure that out. I have to pee real fast. Go for it. All right. What, do you? I'm so thirsty. I'm gonna drink it. What is it? It's just, it's like I was a little bit of caffeine in it. So it's just called Celsius. I like it. My friend Dustin Porje drinks it. Oh, really? That's how I learned about it. Do you watch any UFC? A little bit. I'm involved with PFL, the professional fighters league. Oh, really? Yeah. Got into that a little bit. And they do what? Fighting. It's the same thing. Yeah, it's the same thing. It's a kind of a tournament style though. So like, it's like they have, so if you win the first round, you just move on the second round. And I tell you, that's how you decide who wins the belt. Oh, wow. It's kind of cool. It's on ESPN plus, I think. Yeah, PSPN plus. That seems a lot more almost realistic in the, what the value of the belt is. Yeah, that's what it's cool. Like I, and I'm not like, I'm not huge in the UFC. I'll watch the big fights, I enjoy watching that. I don't follow it religiously, a lot of people do, but I have the utmost respect for those people because it's insane. Oh, it's crazy. Q, when they go into the ring, when they flip the switch, there's no buffer. I'm trying to kill this person. In football, you have that mindset to an extent, but they're actually in there until someone pulls them off of them. It's crazy to me. Yeah. That's wild. Yeah, there's a different level of violence that you're willing to do. We have a friend Drake. You know Drake. You look. I just did his podcast. You did? Yeah, watch the walk-on. Oh, it's so cool. For the episode, man. It's pretty impressive. Oh, congratulations, dude. I love Drake. He's such great energy, dude. Dude, he is, bro. There's something of, yeah, he's like, he reminds me of, like, he reminds me of a mankind a little bit. For sure, dude. He's a psycho. Yeah. So here's a fun Drake story. My senior day in college, he put full back with me and I. Well, that's how I know him. Oh, that's how you guys know we do it. Yeah. And so also then, like, I was number 46. He was number 45. And so our lockers are next to each other for like three or four years. That's how they do it by numbers? And I, when they, we got a new locker room. Our old locker room, it was like, you would go, it was like one through 50. And then like every other number was 51 through 99. Okay. And so like it'd be one and then it'd be 51, 252. Oh, so like, people, somebody would quit because of that. That's confusing. It was weird. Your lockers put like the new one is like one started here and it just kind of went around. And so, yeah. So 45 and 46 were next to each other. So we became friends and then this past, oh, sorry, my senior day. So my fifth year, see we're playing Nebraska and we beat the shadow of them because. Oh, because of Wilcompton. Oh, no. So he beat Iowa once. He always talks about that or something like that. I don't know. He's always talking about something, dude. He's, he talks about something. It is what it is. But he looks like a premature baby on fucking pre-workout. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, that's funny. Well, he always looks a little premature. Like his eyes don't open all the way or something. You know what I was saying, dude? That's really funny, dude. Wow. Well, that's tough for you, dog. You went to Nebraska and you looked like that. That's super tough. Well, sorry, but Drake would say, look, I mean, I didn't say any of that. No, you didn't say, no, what are you talking about? No idea. Who said that? Yeah. But sorry, but Drake, yeah. We're running an inside zone, he's at fullback and I'm blocking somebody and I see a snap and I turn around and Drake's leg is twisted. He broke himself. No, he like, he hits, he hits somebody and then someone landed on it and just snapped in half first play. He's nuts. Oh, he's a psycho and he's awesome. But there's a cool, we have a cool photo where it's like he's getting carted off and he's basically like telling us all to beat the shit out of him. It was pretty awesome. Hold it up. See if you can just fill up Drake, cool. Yeah, cool lick. Yeah, I know. Drake, cool lick. I'm going to turn it together. It's a fun photo. But I'll say like, he's been this entire last off. He moved a national to train with me. So every day, because he's inviting me out a couple of times to get your barn out there. Oh, yeah. So he came out. Yeah, that's when he broke his leg. Whoa. Yeah, super aggressive. I've never seen him without a hair. There's us through right down there in the middle. Left. Left. Down. Yeah, it's me. 46. Oh, wow. I don't know. There's one older there somehow. Yeah. And 52, dude, I could have been 52. I'm just saying he doesn't know saying thick boy at all. That's off the line right there. Oh, yeah. That's all fucking. Yeah, well, that's that was us. I get it first. Yeah, look at that boy. But he, uh, yeah. So he came down. He trained with me. We did four days a week. Um, he was fantastic. And it was always true that he's such a, he's a great dude to have around to because he's very aware of his surroundings and also being around someone that knows like Jujitsu and how to fight. And he's really, I enjoy that having someone that he could just flip a switch at any moment. Like someone tried to fuck with me. He would 100% have my back at any moment. Yeah. I appreciate people like that. And it could be a big dude too. Like that value of knowing that skill and your friends with you. It's, well, but also it changes the game of like if it's a big dude versus a little dude, that game's changed. Dude, yeah, you're not wrong. I was like, it was fun. We went to, uh, in Scottsville for the sewer wall because that's where he lives now. Uh, I had tickets to the Drake concert up there. And so I, we go to it and, uh, on our way out because it's, it's crazy. Those concerts, they have, they tried it, they packed like 20,000 people into a place that fits 5,000. Uh, yeah. And like there's, it's just, it's, it's, it's crazy. Um, but like there's like TMZ and all this paparazzi outside waiting for people and like two guys kind of put my camera in my face and he just kind of goes up and throws an elbow into a rib cage and the dude just kind of drops, clears a path for him. And I get into a car and he's out there right behind me. I was like, you good? He was like, what are you talking about? Not three under the bus straight, but that was awesome. It was so sick. So don't get sued, please. Um, no, he would help me out when I would go to the National MMA. He would help me all the time and just like always like just a good teacher. But yeah, he has a great energy, man. And he's still fighting. He's, yeah, he's training like still time. Yeah, he sends me clips all the time. I love it. And all like what's awesome? Like he, his, so like, yeah, I keep talking about like the switch that you have to flip. This switch like his football switch is still flipped on and it just kind of always is. So he just kind of has this like this anger and like this violence of energy. And I like, I really, because not everybody's, there's not a lot of people like that. And so being around someone that has that kind of that energy to them, that's just violence. I really appreciate that. And he's a great dude. He's super kind and he's wonderful. But like, like, there's not a lot of people that are triggered like that or like wired like that. And I like those people. Yeah, do you? I do. You like the violence? I like people that are just, I like people that are wired differently. Just high energy. Not even high energy, but he's just like controlled anger. And he's just kind of like ready to go at any moment. And I appreciate people like that because it's hard to be like that all the time. It wears on you. Oh, I could imagine it's hard to just fucking have all the fire inside of you, but. And it's just like burning it all the time. Right. But people don't want any fire outside. So you got to fucking just walk around like a furnace. I know. So like you either have to put it out or keep it super low, but like his is like at a medium anger all the time. And I really, I like that. That's interesting. I'm going to describe him. Yeah, he's a special dude, man. What else I was going to ask you about? Oh, what was it like when you were a kid? Did you like have it? Did you have like crazy Halloween costumes and stuff? Like did you dress up like a fucking? Yeah. What'd you do? Um, so it was fun. In fact, my, so I said my mom had nine sisters. She's one of 10 girls. Her dad was Halloween with his birthday. And so and was like a dad that had nine kids 10, 10 daughters, 10 daughters. Yeah. His birthday was Halloween. That's more haunted. Oh, I'm sad. That's really funny. That's really funny. That's a good one. I'm going to tell my mom that one. I don't know if that's a good one. I don't know if that's a good one. I don't know if that's a good one. No, that's really funny. That's awesome. That's awesome. No, but so and we had like, I would say like, let's just say like six of the, six of the daughters all lived like within an hour or so. So and they all had kids and so like we'd have Halloween parties and like we'd have like 30 to 40 people show up for Halloween and like 25 of us are kids. And so we would just basically go through these small Iowa towns with like all these like just 25 deep. It was really fun, but Batman was a good, that was one of my top characters to be. I really liked the Grim Reaper. Like I had the like the nylon mask you'd pull on your face and I just walk out the siphon wouldn't say anything. I was kind of creepy. I really enjoyed that one. Grim Reaper. Yeah, he didn't get, people don't dress up like the Grim Reaper very often. No, not, not anymore. No. I wouldn't know. I don't think I ever seen anybody be the Grim Reaper. That was like my number one costume from like five to nine probably. Wow. Love the Grim Reaper. Until I grew out of it, maybe like like four to seven, but like, but that's just interesting. I don't know any, I've never heard anybody say they were the Grim Reaper. Dude, you said you had a skull for a face, you were a cool robe and you just got to carry a big siphon. Now I'd hit my cousins with it all. Yeah, far apart you do. We have that in the fucking cousin. You can, if you lose a few, you lose a few. You know, someone falls behind. They fall behind the pack still deep, man. That's great. It's a wolf back, man. You got to survive. That's a wild, bro. That's awesome. What's your costume? My costume, let me think. Oh, we got a book. My dad was like a senior citizen, so give it always pick us up. Shit at the last minute. So we had me and my brother were both raggedy and one year. That's awesome. Oh, it's horrible, dude. And we're so pissed. We're in the fucking yard. Just two raggedy ends beating the shit out of each other. That's awesome. Two young male children dressed in fucking drag dressed in Halloween, drag beatin' a shit out of each other. Just funny. It was always a nightmare, dude. Yeah, we, it's awesome. Yeah, it's my mom. My mom would have to work. So my day was, he was in charge of getting us ready for Halloween and stuff like that. And it was just fucking horrible. One time we wanted face paint, we wanted like white face paint and to do, uh, to do like skeletons or whatever, you know, be skeletons. And my dad forgot it or whatever. So I remember he poured us like a little bowl of like, I want to say, you know, it was like, he poured us like a little bowl of, um, of like half and half cream or whatever. So I remember me and my brother like trying to get this shit and he's like, no, you're not using enough. And I remember fucking just like, then I remember we go outside and like all the neighborhood cats or fucking coming over. Like just, just everything was just so retard. It was just so ridiculous. So it was like, it was always like this weird Halloween. And then Halloween is a crazy concept by anyways. It is kind of crazy. It's good though. I love it. Yeah, like be weird. Oh, Halloween was a, yeah, Halloween was good. Um, what else? Oh, what about, uh, what about like, so with that big of a family, did you guys do like big family events and stuff? Would they get pretty crazy? Every year, it was literally up until, um, was that summer, like summer 2019, I think it was. We did, uh, we had the Craig or family unit. My mom's maiden name is Craig or KRI EGR. And so they, uh, we have a family unit. We used to have it like in Iowa at like this kind of not or it was like, I can't remember what it was called, but it was like this small town and it's like out in the woods was like this, um, just like big building that it was like a little hotel, I guess, but they, they had like 80 rooms. And so like each family would get a room and we'd lay, we'd like, I think we had almost the entire family. Like we had like 112 people there one time and like we do whiffable tournaments and then like kind of, and I usually did when I was a kid, like, but you'd have, I mean, I'd say like 80 of the people, 80 out of 120, 80 out of 110 would play and you'd have these huge whiffable tournaments. We do kickball, a lot of card games, but like that was the most fun because I went to those when I was like between the ages of like 7 and 14. Oh, yeah. Oh, dude. So I was just out there having the time of my life, playing in the woods, getting food and then you just get hang out with all your best friends all the time. And like I was close to my cousins too because I said we all lived in Iowa. So we were all like, I've lived with some of my cousins before, like throughout my life. So it's like, we're all really good friends. And so like those family units were really fun. Dude, that's such a, well, that's so amazing. Who gets to have an experience like that? Not very many people. And like that many family members. That close to it. People like we had family lived in Indiana, family lived in Colorado and everybody would always come back from it. But like, Luria, I'd say like from age like nine to probably 16, like we had like a seven year window there where like over a hundred people would show up every time. Wow. It was pretty cool. Dude, that's awesome. It was really fun. Yeah, that's just so cool. That's one thing it's neat. I think about a lot of, a lot of the Midwest, they were some big families, you know? Especially a lot of church families. You'd see a lot of church families and they'd roll up. They'd always have that church van, you know, and they got there. One of my cousins has one of those because he is like, I think they have, what do they have? I would say like 12, 13 kids now. Yeah. They roll up with the, with the white van as windows, those things. No, yeah, thank you. Yeah, I do. Bro, if you're family rolls up and when the windows door open, 20 kids get out. Yeah, that's a kid nafer. That's not so thankfully they got windows on their car. Yeah, that's great. No women get out, bro. That's, yeah, that is definitely. It was just like, oh my gosh, they have so many kids and it's, hey, I love that. They're, they're fantastic families. Oh, yes, it's fun. It's fun. But it's just like, that's a lot of, that's a lot of people. It's a lot. Do you guys, do you think you guys have a big family? Do you have thoughts about that or no? Yeah, I mean, I'd say like, my wife has one brother, I have one sister, but like we both want to have, I would like three to four kids. That's good. Yeah, that's why, that's, that'd be a dream. Yeah. Be really fun. Yeah, I think it'd be nice, especially if you can, I think these days, especially two if you can afford to have them. That's probably a big part of it. I'm, I was like my wife, she's six foot tall and she, like, I seen her. She played basketball at Iowa, so she's an athlete. So like, I think my kids will be good for college. I actually, I know they will be their ball, they're going to be ballers. Yeah, you're tricky. Go to, yeah. So like, you're two, but for sure, like NIL deal, year two. Yeah. I mean, two years old. Two years old. They got a Charmin deal. Age two. That'd be awesome. Yeah, but yeah, no, I, I would prefer a bigger family. Because this was a, I was thinking about this too, because like I said, so she's in a family four. I'm in a family four. If me and her have four kids and we're a family of six, neither one of us has ever in her, like, we've had friends that have families like that, but like, I've never been responsible in a family of four kids. And so like, it'll be a whole new interaction for me. Like, I've never, like, I've never, I've never had a brother. So like, I know like I had cousins that are brothers, I have friends that are like brothers to me, but like, I never had a natural brother. So like, if I have two sons or, you imagine three sons, like what that was interaction to be like, I've never experienced that before. Like, I would be a completely new experience for me too, which is, I think that's really cool. Yeah, dude, that'd be, oh, I think it'd be cool. The family dynamics totally different than what I was used to. Oh, yeah, to see what that's like. Yeah, like, I think that's just going to be really interesting. Yeah. Yeah, having a brother is pretty cool, man. I know, right? Yeah. I'm so thankful I had a sister, like, she, like, she's taught me a bunch. Um, I definitely, like, I didn't fight my sister. She beat the show out of me sometimes. That was about it, but like, I didn't really have an opportunity to fight her because she was, she was like five, 10 at the age of 10 and just whooped up. Wow, what's she? Dude, she was a, like, she was a stallion back in the day. Like, like, when she played high school basketball, like, she could fight me and beat me up pretty easily. Damn. So, like, I was like, yeah, what do you need, Emma? I need some of that footage, I think. If she did it in only fans, it was just that. You want to see my, my 17 year old sister's highlights? I'd watch a 17 year old girl beat up George Kittle. Yeah, for $9 a month. Yeah. Young George Kittle. Yeah, sure. You know what? Honestly, it's not that weird, you say it like that. Hey, young George Kittle, I'm not saying like in debris. I don't need re-elevator. I'm not saying I just need to re-elevator any longer. I'm just saying, I just need to be. I'll send you a video of my sister's beating the shit out of me in a couple weeks, next year. Yeah. So, you get my seer. When you look at, uh, when you, how long does it take you to forget about the season and start to think about the next one? How long does that kind of pain take? I can only imagine, especially if you're a very competitive person. Yeah. And you have such a great, uh, team, what is the, um, how long does that take? How long does that take? Um, honestly, it's like, kind of like waves, dude, in the old age. Like, ocean, like, when right afterwards, it like hits you a lot. And then like the farther away you get from it, the waves don't hit as often. And so you just kind of like, it kind of goes away. But like, it's still like, I lost a suitable. It's still socks. Like, I don't like, it sucks. Like, I wish I would have won it. It would have been really fun. Like, that's a dream, like I said. And when you get close, like, we've lost two NFC championships, games back to back. Like, it sucks. But like, the great thing is is I made it up. Like I just try to take as positive as I can. I made it out healthy. Um, I can train right away again. We still have a very talented team. And so like, yes, it sucked. But hey, I'm still very confident that we have it. Like we have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl. So yeah, it really, it sucks. But like, you get on with it. And like, there are other parts of your life that, you know, like kind of picking up. Right. And like, I have a great support system, whether it's my family or my wife. Like, I have a great support system. I have great friends. I have a lot of friends who like deal with the same stuff. And so just like, I have a lot of football friends who like, so like, it sucks. I have a support group. But it's just like, you have people that go through similar stuff. So like, you're not alone in it. That's the one benefit of football. Like, at the end of the year, there's only one team that wins. So 31 other teams are all dealing with some of the same shit. Yes, you can call them with anybody. Literally. Yeah, it's really hard to win a Super Bowl. So like, yeah, if you want to talk about it or stuff like that. Now, I don't think you really need to talk about it. It's just kind of like you just got to get, you get, it just takes a couple of weeks, really. Like the first two, the three weeks afterwards really suck. But like now, then back in Nashville, like I said, I'm healthy and I can train. He goes way, pretty quick after that, but like the perspective probably starts to switch to the future a little bit. And also, like, so my first two years, our team wasn't very good. And so like, I didn't go to the playoffs. So like when your season ends in like December, it's you're kind of like, all right. Well, yeah, it kind of sucks. We suck this whole year. But like, you're also like, when you know you're not in the playoffs, it's, you're, you're playing for yourself and you've got to put yourself out there and like, you want us, like, you got to put good stuff on tape. Like, you can't just give up. Like there are, like, there's a, the energy changes, the energy changes and it's harder to get like eaten during the middle of the game. And so like, no, I'm just like this week to week. Like, so like if you're like an Oh and 19, like my rookie, we started Oh and nine. Oh, yeah. Not very fun. But like, and I was just, and I was learning, right? Even a team. What do you even do? It was brutal, man. It was really fun though, but it was brutal. We had like 25 rookies on the active roster. It was, it was wild, but it was really fun. Well, like, once the season ends, because like, you kind of like, all right, we're not going to make the playoffs. So like three weeks before, like your wife or like your, like your planning of vacation. So like, then you have something else to look forward. It's just, it's different then, then went, then going in the playoffs and like, hey, we have like, hey, I have an opportunity. Like, we went the whole season. We're one of the, what, seven teams that make the playoffs on my side of the conference. Like, we have a shot to win. And then it gets taken out from me. And then you're like, damn. But like, if you know you're not going to make it, like, it's, it's just, it's two different things. It's both. And I think it's eat like, I'd rather win a bunch of games and then lose a heartbreaker. Honestly, like winning 12 to 13 games is a lot more fun than losing 10 straight. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So like, I'd rather do that. Like, and yes, but does it suck to lose at the end? For sure. It sucks a lot. But hey, it's life. It is what it is. I'm just going to continue to grind and continue to be a good football player. Did you think when, when Brock Pertie came in, what it would be like, and there's a B in here or something, not B. It's just a safe animal. Do you think it was just swirling? Oh, yeah, it's probably. If I hit it, will Peter get mad at me? Uh, I don't think so. I don't even know who that is. You know what? That honestly doesn't surprise me. Yeah. It's just, I'm so distracted by this. Oh, you got it, huh? I'm going to put that outside. Okay. That was a lot. It's not bad. Somebody said Travis Kelsey can do that with a Falcon. Just saying this is what I've heard. You can hold that in a lot if I watch that. Did you see the clip on Instagram of the dude that hunts with a Falcon? Bro, I've been Falcon hunting before. Like you, and you see something, you just go, wow, and it's like a superpower dude. Oh, I don't know if I've seen that. I do. These guys are driving with like a hawker or a Falcon and they're in a car. They stop it or like I think it might have been an ATV and like they get off and they see something. They, the guy starts running through the snow and they think there's a fox like a hundred yards away. And he literally throws a Falcon and it's like perched on his arm ready to jump out. Like it's like a swimmer diving out and he just whoosh and you just see him like coast along this like snowbank and just claws pick it up and it brings it right back. Wow. Nuts. I saw I've seen that clip a ton of times. That thing's crazy. I've never seen that. I don't think I'll send it to you. Yeah, please do man. That would be nice to have. Yeah, those clips are have you fall like nature is metal. Oh, yeah. Oh my god. So fucking crazy. It's so crazy. You're having like a nice evening, you know, you're all fucking a nice dinner. You pick at the phone and it's a rat food just eating it's young and you're like. Oh, I'm going to say, Hey, George, what's wrong? I just saw it. I never mind. Fall down. Oh, we got to change it. Oh my goodness. Do you know, like that, that page, like one of the one of the craziest things I ever saw on that page was, have you ever seen like the moose run through snow? I've never. Dude, so I'm going it up. Yeah. Look at a moose. Jesus, these guys. Look in moose or massive animals. Oh, yeah, they're very large. And like there's a clip of this thing running like 30 miles an hour just through six feet of snow. Oh my god. It's a lot relapsible watch this too much. Oh, dude. These things are crazy. I don't know. This isn't the one I've seen. And look, there's a white guy eating a sandwich. Here comes. Look at this. Leave it here. Oh, he's, oh, wait. Oh, he's about to go. Yeah. I think he just runs right past him here in a sec. Try that. Oh, we picked the worst video where it's just a guy. It's just two guys eating a sandwich watching a moose. I know. Here he comes. No, see, this isn't the clip I think I saw. That's a horse also. Oh, there it goes. Oh my god. Like what is that? That's a dodge ramp. Can you imagine if he just like chest it like if you just cut chest it. You think he could take it on? No, really? I cut him. I go right for his knees. Cool. I know that he's going to knock my window. Give me a concussion. But I ain't going out like that, man. Oh, my god. I'm taking it from the side. Like if I was a safety and that's the tight end problem across the middle of the field, I'm going to take a creative angle and try to hit its back two legs right at the ankles and take it out, spin it out. That's what I would do. You can't take that thing on full. That's like tackling Derek Henry. Remember, they do see people like stiff-heart and like, you know, they're just highlights of him slapping them to the ground. That's what that would be like. That's you trying to tackle Derek Henry. I would do some other way to get him, you know. Now what if you put lice in your field in the grass that got in his hair at halftime, he's itching too much. You can't hold on to the ball. When that happened to you too though? True, but you'd risk it. I know, but even maybe as a defensive player, I get that. Whoa, I'd be so... You just got to think of a new strategy. Who wants to go tackle Derek Henry? Oh, no one. That sounds off. You got to hit him before he gets the ball. I know. He has three steps going. He's three steps in. He's full speed and then it's a 200. He's bigger than I am and he plays running back. Oh, really? That's another thing that blows me away. You've seen that. Okay. So Derek Henry plays running back. He's six foot, he's like six four, six five, 245 pounds. Krishamakafri plays running back and he's five, ten, like 210 pounds. They play the same position or how about Robbie Gold's a kicker. He's 40 years old and then you have guys like Trent Williams and they play the same sport. Those comparison photos always, like freeing out. You have like, you have the six foot six guys who could kill somebody easily and then you have the dad of four who's just kicking football. Yeah. Who just haunting. Yeah, I'm more told. Just like how different everybody is in the NFL. It's like the, it's the biggest melting pot. It's crazy. That is probably pretty wild. And then you also have a lot of Samoan players, people who realize, huh? Do you guys have a lot of Hawaiian or Samoan players? We, I've had them on my team in the past like we have a Tongan. Oh, wow. Yeah, Talno, Huffanga. We's called Huff. He was first team all pro this year. He had a great season in his second year. But like, yeah, he throws it, whenever he makes a big play, he throws the T.O. It's awesome, dude. It's so sick. It's so cool. He has, he just, it's just a different energy and people are wired differently. And I, that's why I love about the NFL. You learn so much about it. Really? Yeah. Well, like, think about like, you have people who come from great family backgrounds, people come from terrible family backgrounds. You have people who were all Americans in college and people who were on drafted for ages got cut by their first couple teams. You have guys who are first on draft pick that's that success. You have Mr. relevant Brock Birdie. That's true. Like, like, everybody has like such a different story. It's the last pick. Yeah, last pick, Mr. relevant. So like, this is the crazy, like, if you just, if you just take the time to listen to somebody talk and like, you understand that, like, and you're just open about it, dude, it's the amount of stuff you can learn from people is amazing. Like, it's, it's really fun to sit and talk to guys. What's the culture like over there at, with the 49ers? It's a culture. Yeah, it's, it's incredible. You hear that? This is a regular fan. You hear that they have a really great culture over there that John Lynch, right? Yeah. And, like, I mentioned Coach Shannon, they've brought in a lot of really good guys, but like, what it was was like, I had a really good rookie class. And like, we were like, we had a great, rookie class and a lot of our rookies around the team. But like, about, and we had some really good, like Joe Staley, Garrett, Celac, like, those are two vets that we had that were amazing people. And they knew how to play the game the right way, but they're both like father figures to a lot of the guys like young, because like I said, we had like 25 rookies. Yeah, that's it. So they made a lot of young guys. And so they're all learning from like, these guys. So we had good vets. So guys learn like what matters and how to treat people with respect. And so like, because you'd be surprised, that's not a thing that's taught everywhere. Treating people with respect, it's kind of crazy. Yeah. But like in a locker room, you kind of have to, because you're working with them every single day. But like, so we have a, we have a solver, but guys and it's kind of elevated like, so our best players are captains are all very high character guys. And so like, you either with us or you're not. And so you better be a good person. Do yourself that you're supposed to do and then play. And so like, that's kind of our culture. And it's gone and we work really hard. We hit people really hard and we're a very violent football team, but we still have a good time. Is it a pretty selfless environment over there? Does it feel like because, because like, you don't even get a ton of balls, right? Like, you don't get a ton of balls. But you have, but you have a lot of great assets on your team. And there's a lot of people that need to get the ball. Yeah. So it's a point of like everybody, you want individual success. Like, I would love to be in the Hall of Fame, right? And so, but like to do that, you do need a certain amount of statistics to get there. So there's a, there's a certain time of selfishness like you, because there is like you want it, you want to be good. You want to make huge plays. You want to play. You want to do stuff, right? So what's awesome about our team is like, we all, like, whether it's Dibo, um, Krishmikafri, Kyle Yuschek, uh, Yukes, Fantai, I love Iyuk. He's, he's just a different energy. Like you have these guys like, they are, they're, they're selfless. It's like, if we're winning the game and, and like, they're playing to, like, they're playing at a high level, like, they're running great routes. They're, you know, blocking at a high level too, like, they're doing everything, we're doing everything we can. So like, whether it's Krishmikafri or other, like, Elijah Mitchell, like, to get them into the end zone, that's all I care about. Like us winning games is all I care about. And so like, yes, I love the personal accolades. Like, you, you want to build that resume. But I mean, I would, I, I would trade about, yeah, I mean, I would, I'd rather win a Super Bowl than I think this is an argument I've had been locked in before. Like, would you rather win a Super Bowl or be in the Hall of Fame? I think it would have to be this Super Bowl as a fan. I don't know. Not always in the Hall of Fame. That's why I mean, I'd rather win a Super Bowl than be in the Hall of Fame. Now, being in both, like, both would be amazing. But like, if I had to pick one, I'd say, George, you would rather win this or do that. I'd pick an Super Bowl 10 out of 10 times. Don't you think there are players that would rather get the ball more than win the game? There are, not on your team even. No, I'm trying to think like, I think there are certain players that, like, you have to have the mindset that when you get the ball, like, the more, like, you have to have a mindset like, I wouldn't want the ball to. I want the ball to, it looks fucking scary. Oh, dude, it's not for everybody. And it is what it is. Who made the ball do that throw it back? Nope. Honestly. Yeah. Hey, yeah. Not me, not me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dude, I do a timeout. Yeah, I feel like you just toss a lot of bounce. Like, nah, I just, uh, I slipped, coached my bed, just dropped it. I'm good. No, but, um, I think, wow, that's a good question. There might be some guys that are like, more like, stat hungry, maybe, but they're not an art team. I've never really been with a guy that was like that, which has been awesome. Um, but like, and there's, there's guys who have contracts where like, hey, if I get 40 catches this season, I get a bonus. Right. Like, we had a guy who, um, we had a guy who he, he was a backup, right? But he's resigned because his rookie deal was over and he had an incentive in there that was if he got over, he had to break his receiving yards from last year and he only had like a hundred and fifty receiving yards, but he doesn't play a lot in offense. He's a special teams guy. And by like week five, he broke it. And it was amazing because he got, he got like a multiple hundred thousand dollar bonus because of it. And so like, yeah, like, there is a selfishness to it because who doesn't want to get paid an extra to earn 50,000 dollars or something like that, whatever it was, I'm not entirely sure, but like, that's awesome. Like, good for you. And like, I'm encouraging like, hey, Jimmy throw on the ball. Brock toss that tray, throw that guy the ball. So it's just like, that's pretty fun. Like so like, it is like, so there's, there's selflessness, but there's also a selfishness to it to an extent. But I'm luckily beyond a part of a team that, hey, like, Debo is a superstar. He's fantastic. And he had a gamer, he had like 20, he had 20 receiving yards and 20 Russian yards. We won by two touchdowns. He's like, I don't care. He's like, we're winning. I have another opportunity, like we have another opportunity to play next week. Like it is what it is. And then he goes, and I'll be right when I get my opportunity, I'll be ready for it. Yeah. I'm going to play off game. He had a 74 yard touchdown. He had like 120 yards receiving a touchdown player. The game is just like, we have those guys capable on our team, but we have six of those guys or seven of those guys are capable. And then it's just, it's fun to be a part of a team like that. Yeah. Because it's not everywhere. Was McAfry pretty excited when he got to go to your team? Yeah. I think he was. Yeah. I mean, just have a change of pace. I'm sure he's exciting for anyone. Yeah. And also you're getting good to a team that has a chance to move forward in it. For sure. And like, he looked, I talk to Christian like he loved Carolina. He loved his experience. He was like, I'm going to play at the house. You're like, that's where he thought he was going to be for his whole career. And they traded him and getting him to San Francisco where, especially, it was fun too, because I met Christian like 2018, 2019. And so we've kind of been talking about like, hey, it'd be really fun to play together because we run the hell out of the football. He's really talented running back, right? And so we were always kind of joked about that. He actually sent me a photo. It was pretty funny. We traded jerseys in 2019. And at the bottom of my jersey, I said, see you soon. Oh, that's crazy. And now he's a 9er, which is pretty sick. You got to speak things that do existence, Theo. It's really true, man. We'll talk about that next. We've got to come back to that because I like that stuff. Really? I'm big into that. But you got to, so sorry, but like he came into this office that we run outside zone. Like a lot of guys, like a lot of offices, you kind of see big guys waddle. We're running as fast as we possibly can to try to make the like, we're trying to move the line of scrimmage that way. We're also moving it that way or that way. So it's like, it's a lot more movement. If you're good running back and you can see those lanes, it's a lot easier to do. It's like, it's more difficult to run that way. You have to have an office line and like tightens that are built for that. But when you have an O-line tightened fullback like combo that is talented and like and Shanahan's very good at creating plays, we're one of the like the best run offences in football. And so like for him to be a running back in that offense, it's a really good off-exciting. It's exciting. Yeah, I felt excited when he got because even after your quarterback went out in the in the championship game, he had a great run right after that, right? Oh, yeah, that touchdown. That was insane. Yeah. I was 18. I was 18. I was 18. I was 18. I down block on the defensive tackle, which happened to be Fletcher Cox. Big. He's a big deal. He's a big dude. He's a big dude. He's a large god. And sometimes when you push in a large man, do you feel their stomach or where do you put your hands on him? Oh, God. Like the only way to move big people, you have to hit them and you have to hit people in the hip. That's how you make a move. Oh. Yeah. So like when I'm blocking, so like, you know what, you have an idea what gap scheme is? Hmm. You ever run power. The power, the tight end, everyone blocks down and you pull a guard from the opposite side to kick somebody out. So it's called gap scheme. It's called power, right? But on that, the entire coach point is if there's, right real quick, if I'm the right tight end, and this is the offensive tackle, like this is the off attack right here, and we're going that way. And there's a guy standing right here. I'm aiming my, my, my left shoulder pad is aimed on his hip because if I can hit that hip, his feet will move and then the right tackle will pick him up and he'll move him for me while I go up to the linebacker to pin it. So you're creating a wall and they're running back, it's going to right behind us. And so like my target is that hip and I'm trying to hit his violently and it's like hard as I possibly can because it doesn't matter if you're 200 pounds or if you're 300 pounds. Right. If I get you in that hip, it moves your base. And then if you're off your base and get hit by another big guy, you're screwed. Right. And if it's that fast and it's that fast and like they don't know that place coming too. So that's where my advantage is. And so I have to like, I'm like a coiled spring. As soon as they say, hi, cool. And I'm diving through that guy's hip to go up to the second level. So yeah. I love my run game to I love the run game. Yeah. Cause we were talking about like, I don't get the ball every play and I don't want the ball every play. I like I like it in the ball. It's fun to catch the ball. It's fun to run or like you like running with a football in open space and not getting hit is one of the coolest things you can possibly do is you know, what did you feel like just driving real fast? Dude, I have a smile on my face. I'm just like, this is like it because it doesn't happen very often. It's hard to get that open and I felt because everyone's such good athletes. But when you're just running through the space, man, it is like it's illegal. Yes, like I feel like I'm kid who just like I just stole something. I'm just running as fast as I can. And it's such a it's such a thrilling feeling. But so when they're I don't get to do that all the time. So like running routes is fun, but when you don't get the ball running routes isn't really fun because I just get tired. And so when you're in the run game and the whole thing is like, it depends on me. Like the running backs to help me has to set me up. But like I have to hit this guy as hard as I can. And then there's all these fundamentals, whether it's your first step, your second step, your inside hand, where your outside hand goes. Like there's just art to it and people that are really good at it, you see their technique and like what it looks like. And it's just it's really fun for me. I watch a lot of I like I live watching off the line like run the football and like hit people. So like there's just artwork to it. So like I put I like I'm the best run blocking foot run blocking tight in the NFL. I do it differently than anybody else does. And I've been doing it differently for like my entire career and I like my first year, maybe not so much, but like second year on I kind of like figured out what works for me. So I put as much effort as I can to that. So then what's great about the time position I can affect every single play. I can I can have a huge impact on every single play in the football game like a wide receiver who's on the backside of an outside zone going away from him. If he doesn't block the corner, it might not be a big deal. Every play that I'm in on I have I have the opportunity to have a huge impact, whether it's run play or a pass play. So like I love playing tight in because I have the opportunity and because I get to do all those things, I'm going to do everything I can to be great at all those things, whether it's pass blocking, run blocking or running routes and catching. So like I'm the only position. It's you really get to do everything like we had a tight and throw touch on a cerebral a couple years ago. The Eagles guy. But like you got to do a little bit of everything and I really appreciate that. So like I don't want to be an average run blocking tied in like I'm 240 pounds like I'm not like there's tight ends out like Marseilles Lewis is six foot six six sevenies like two 65 that man he man handles people and it's different like we do two different like we hit people differently, but like I'm John I want to be and he is a very good tight and he's played for he's going into year 18 he's fantastic. I'm just like I want to be great at everything that I'm asked to do. So then I don't have to get taken out for anything. I want to play every single day. I don't play every snap. I do play every snap. Yeah, I mean I I played the most snaps of my career this year. You really? Yeah of my career and I missed the first two games which is crazy. Wow. It's a lot of snaps. Yeah, I played like yeah, I mean I play like 98% of the snaps every single game. That's incredible man. Oh, dude, it's well like I said your windows only so. Big so I might as well make the most of your window. Yeah, like and also I only get to hit people for 17 weeks. So yeah, I don't get I don't get hit anybody. I have a huge blocking set at my house. I'm going to hit. I can't wait to hit that tomorrow. It's going to be real fun. And when you dress it up like certain players or anything. No, that's a good question though. That's fun. I have thought about that but no, I don't know who I would I don't know how to set up it. Like there's not I don't really not like very many people in the phone. There's a couple guys that you know, I don't care about or I'm not care for. There's not too many games that I complete circle of calendar. There's a couple just like based on a player that I get to go against but I don't have that issue very much. Which I like everybody. Yeah, like what's one of those teams where you're like I'm going against this team this week? You can say the Rams. That's a big one for us like because they play us. They play us the exact same way every time and then at the end of the day they've Aaron Donald who's I mean, yeah, besides Trent wearing twin sorry Trent Williams and Aaron Donald are the two best football players in NFL. I'm close like I mean sorry, Patrick Holmes is really good like Aaron Rogers Tom Brady like they're other good players but like for dominance of their position every single snap. Trouble am Aaron Donald and Nick Bolson's getting there too. He's going to be really good but like Aaron Donald like eight time all pro like that's insane his whole career. He's all pro but so when you play the Rams you have to game plan for Aaron Donald because if you only put one guy on him, the likelihood of him blowing up the play and hitting the running back of the quarterback in the backfield and making them fumble significantly increases. So you have to completely game plan for him. You got a plan for him hugely. Yeah hugely and so we had the plan for him like huge and then sorry so like and then like the way they play their defense is they just try to bottle neck us as much as they can so they make our outside zone a little bit more difficult and then they kind of play in this like kind of a quarter thing where like they keep everything in front of like it's kind of been but don't break like you can give up some small stuff but you're not going to anything passes and then they're going to be very violent and they're going to come up in the run game. And so it's just like playing a team like that were there so like I'm in my three point stance and feel and line of scrimmages like right here. Oh yeah. They have an outside linebacker who's wider than you are and like a tilted stance and a sprinter stance and the second we say hi he's trying to run through my face as fast he can that way to not let me reach him. And they're like not every team does that but it's very difficult to go against because at that point it's just kind of me saying all right who's going to hit who harder every time. Every time. Like we've like inductors different ways like we we sometimes put a guy in motion and we'll like we'll double team that guy because like having to hit somebody in anchor I think is easier than having to hit somebody and then move because if I anchor the window doesn't everyone he runs into my back feel like so if like if I go to block you and the office of lines coming this way and I stop my feet I'm going to get ran up on it. So I'm going to go through my legs so like I have to hit you and then keep my feet running. So I'm running like the people behind me are also moving people towards me. Like if you're at the point of attack you have to run and his job is to not let me run. Damn. It's wild. So but the Rams are a really good job of that. If you do you think say if you coach you coached me you trained me right. Yeah. Ultimate training, ultimate coaching. Sure. You think I could play you don't know. In the NFL or like pickle ball pickle ball I think you'd be really good at you pickle ball. Do we have a lot of guys that play it I love that game. What about it and maybe the USFL? Like what position you want dog? I'm saying anything on the field and you were my trainer man and I'm getting I would never give up. You could long snap. I have a good long snap. But yeah I mean you'd have to how much do you weigh right now? Probably 186. What do you need for? You'd have to get like 220. Fuck dude. Well you have to you have to you have to hold some weight because like in the NFL when there's a small long snapper they'll just put like a defensive lineman on them. It blows them up. It just crushes them. Oh. Yeah so like there's a you have to have a little size to you at least. So you can do that. I just want to wake up and eat at night like in the middle of the night like a baby. Dude so in college I had a really difficult time like I couldn't get past 225. I couldn't do it for like three years and so in my third year I drank eight gatorade protein shakes a day and like literally I had so like I let's just say I wake up at 6 a.m. for my lift. I drink a protein shake then I get to my lift and before I get before I start the lift before I start the warm up I drink another protein shake I go to the warm up come in drink a protein shake before I get on the scale. This is just trying to keep my weight on. After the lift I drink a protein shake. I take three or I think I'm at four I think I'm at four there. I leave and then for lunch I have a protein shake. I'm in class I have a protein shake and then is your truck just full of dirty protein shake in taste. Do you ever see the old gatorade cans? Yeah. Like those big thick ones. They didn't tell me. No I'm lying to you hold on bring it up. Look at a gatorade protein shake can. Aluminum like metal can. I would drink those add so many of them in my house and then I would have them with dent like before I go to bed and then I would set an alarm if I was really struggling if I would set alarm for 3 a.m. Or no 2 a.m. And then for you to have them again. Yeah just drink them. That's because that was the easiest thing for me. I didn't eat like. I don't know. Yeah that's a drug addict. Do you could kill someone with that like it was it was a brick. I don't even seen that. Yeah I think that's available to the just to the public. It's not available anymore. But so like I literally would. I was insane. I know. In a bad or how something off about a product has to be this not available. I think you got to go out of your way. Well yeah that's actually where I didn't know gatorade did protein until I got to I when I was like oh whoa. No one knew it until just now. That was a lot of place. Probably every college football athlete knew. That was a lot of place. But yeah so that was so yeah. So you got to have that weight on. So that's another one thing you need to be able to play. You really have to have some weight on you. Yeah to an extent like I mean like I was like I said I was waiting if I weighed 225 for pounds right now I wouldn't be in NFL. Wow. Yeah I mean I wouldn't be able to block like I have to be at least 240 for me to like be able to move people still. Tevis show up. Who's the big guy? Oh Kaleis Campbell huh? Oh my gosh. I'm not here for the first time. He's a nicest guy. Oh my gosh. He's like a John. Yeah. How are you doing down there? Oh hey. Hi. Hi sir. How are you? Nice to meet you. His brother is a he's brother is a comedian. But so I got to meet him a couple of times or but yeah he's like a journalist. John. Did he's super super nice. Yeah. He's a cool guy. I haven't met a ton of him and NFL players but I got to see Brandon Marshall at the Super Bowl real nice guy. Yeah he's cool too. And I got these huge. Yeah he was very tall. I thought he was thick too. I powered it first. Dude yeah. That's funny. But yeah I did it. No but like he's bigger than I am too and he played wide receiver. Think about that for a sec. It's like Brandon why do you just play tight end dude? Well less money. But I was like I mean you could apply we played in a couple years. Why do y'all get less money? I don't know. Let's figure that out. I'll call in and you're going to figure it out. You're doing more. Thank you. I never realized that. Get this. So Travis Kelsey. This guy 1300 yards 10 touchdowns a year for like the last seven years basically. But it gets more ball thrown over than you. Sure. But my point is is that if he was a wide receiver his contract he'd be the 26 highest paid wide receiver than a felt. Does that make sense? No. No he should probably be top five. So that's like I don't know. He should probably be making if like there's wide receivers out there making over $25 million. Wow. That don't get his stats like why would he not get paid more? Yeah. Right. I mean like I was I think I was 30 NFL and touchdowns this year. And yeah I mean there's 20 receivers that make more money than me. That's what I know. And yeah I'm happy for them. I'm happy with them. Right. They're making them money. No it's nothing gets them. It's just like that's the tide of market like our franchise tag is like $10 million which is like if a team does it like Evan Ingram tied in for the Jackson. He was franchise tag which means like they don't want to do a new deal yet but they're going to give you a one year deal and it's based on the average of like the top couple contracts of your position. So his was $10 million and then the quarterback franchise tag is $30 million for that one season. And I get the quarterback is the most person right that's the most important position. But like why are you receiver franchise tag is I want to say like 20 something. What's like are they really double the value? No I don't think so. Especially yeah I don't think. No I don't think so. Especially now when you get into all these however you have like taste and hill you have a hybrid player that could possibly do it all. Yeah sure. And like no now the thing when you get and you you have to be great at all those things for it to be a value of you and a contract negotiation too. Right. That's a good point. Yeah so you have to be great like if you and if you can just if you can just do several things but you do them average Lee. I'd rather have like a guy that does this great and a guy that does this great than having a guy that doesn't both average right. That's a good point. Yeah so like that's a part of it too but it's just like is there is there a position that we don't know that you could possibly play on the field that people wouldn't really realize maybe I would love to play like outside lineback or in a 3-4 defense kind of like I know I'm not going to say like I'm not going to say off I'm going to be amazing at it but I think I would have a real shot at it if I could get up to like 260 to 65 maybe 270 and set an edge I think I'd do that I'm a really good athlete and like you don't have to run as much. Yeah. I get tired sometimes dude. Oh I get tired watching. Thank you. How about the balls and get water? Oh dude. If you ever watch like I put the auction mask on almost after every drive. Really? I don't know if it does anything but I do feel better like I'm just like well even if it's a placebo effect I'm digging the placebo effects if you believe that it works do it. Yeah is it flavored the oxygen is it like grape is or anything? I'm going to ask yeah you know next year get some gas. Rip tide rush gave it had to be something make sure freeze. Yeah salted caramel I don't know I'm also name your sweet guy. Well I'm naming vape flavors also. I don't think I vapes in college I did that for hot sex. Don't do it dude. I know I was listening to a couple of your podcasts. People are fucking suffering from it. Listen to your Jay Cutler podcast that was fun. Did you? Yeah. I had to prepare a little bit dog. Oh that's a good point man. Yeah Jay kind of doesn't I can't believe Jay played quarterback that long in the NFL. I don't think Jay can believe it. That's a good point you know it's funny too so I'm a bear's fan. I grew up in Iowa there's no NFL team so I grew up in Chicago bears fan. Yeah so I grew up Chicago bears Cubs fan and I still like the bears like I'm still a fan of the bears. But like was it tough during the Cutler years? He brought a lot of excitement to it like he really did like he would have games where he'd throw for like 350 yards and four touchdowns it was really fun to watch if I'm going to be a bear's fan like plenty of heartbreakers but like yeah I enjoy Jay color. The memes of him like having a cigarette in his mouth at the podium like those are one of my those are some of my favorite football memes because because he was like there he was the first person that they made those memes about with him with the like just cigarettes like just smoke and cigarette jacolour on regular dude. He just a regular dude. Jay Cutler's a regular dude man like I'll see him in a bar see him in like a party or something and he's like he's just like you would all my yeah you wouldn't even get I don't know if you wouldn't guess it you'd be I don't know but yeah he's just the most regular dude he's just like. That's a crazy thing about NFL players most of us are just regular dudes do do there be are there still players that smoke cigarettes you think like you've been out doing like Jesus somebody's been fucking smoke in a half time. I had a teammate my rookie season who after practice and after games with smoke cigarettes and yeah I you know what I'm not going to tell say who it is but there was we lost my rookie year we lost in Lambo Aaron Rodgers did like a 30 second drive to kick a feel about a win the game and like this one we were 0 and 9 to so like we almost went in the Lambo and won as like my rookie class and they were a much better team this but we somehow kept it close and like losing now and I had a good game too but like it was a heartbreaker and like I said I grew up a bears fans like playing in Lambo for the first time in a night game like it was really cool. Yeah. It was a cool experience like you want to win those games so it losing and I go to the shower and he's in there smoking a cigarette and I was like I mean I'll take one of those if you don't mind man. Hope I don't get in trouble for that like I don't know like that's probably illegal but I'm sorry NFL don't get mad at me but I did do that one time and it was that was a really fun one and like one of the coaches walked in like looked at us and he's walked out of the shower so I was like yeah dude give us a second man just chill look it's too probably nude man smoking cigarettes you're not wrong there was yeah bro it's Russia. I don't have the moment they just lost again. Yeah I do just we give me a sack please. Oh there should be eight minutes for you to be allowed to smoke a cigarette after the game I think if your team loses. Are there quarterbacks that you wouldn't be excited to play for do you feel like. Oh excited to play for. Well let's just do this how about nonverbal communication you don't have to say anything okay I'll rattle off a couple names right. Okay. Um and what do you want me to do? You don't have to say anything. Okay. Just look just look. Okay I'm looking forward. All right. Andy Dalton. Do the red rocket. Dishonel and Watson. Jamarcus Russell. Jamarcus the tape guy remember that they gave him fake tapes. Yeah. Crazy. See the only way it would be as a teammate for him to do that that would piss me off. Oh bum me out. That would bum me out like I'll give anybody an opportunity like I don't care who the like I don't like if you if you put your effort in and you show up and you play and like you did everything you could be prepared and you have a bad game I'm not going to hate you for that right if you tried but it like if you go out of your like if you don't like try and get prepared yeah if you're not professional it's your job like that's the crazy thing like in college you have to do classes and like you're a very your testosterone field 20 year old like you have other things in your life that might at that time matter more than football with you're in the NFL like yes your family matters and like there's certain things but like it's your job it's your profession and you're you have all you have six the other guys in that locker room or count on you to do your job and for you to do that I real yeah like I wouldn't appreciate that so that's that's something I would that piss me off yes something like that would really upset me I think yeah do you what you're supposed to do well like my goals are when a suitable I like proven in the NFC championship game I can't help much if I can't get the ball thrown to me yeah we didn't have a quarterback so could you should somebody do who who is the last quarterback to go in the he has lost a couple quarterbacks so you lost your whole quarterbacks all year yeah so fun fact I've played six years in a fell and four out of this I've had one quarterback for one season one time 2019 I had Jimmy G for one season we went to the cerebral my rookie we had three quarterbacks my second year we had three quarterbacks you had Nick Mullin one time to do you love Nick Mullins yeah see you better see yeah he is oh yeah better than my fan man he lives in Franklin Tennessee oh he does yeah he's a part of the reason I live here he's one of my boy so I we played five years together in Iowa and then four years together at San Francisco so he's one of my best friends oh that's cool man yeah it seems like a really neat guy oh he's wonderful but he so like my second year I had three quarterbacks mm-hmm 2020 I had three quarterbacks 2021 I had two quarterbacks in this past season I had four quarterbacks lucky bad luck nah yeah not me I'm not bad all dude never knocked wood on an American flag that's gotta be good luck that's gotta be good luck it's gotta be great yeah but so that's how hard was it when like did um or fourth quarterback was Josh by the way great Josh Johnson that was the last guy who got hurt that was the last guy they got hurt and then so after that who was there was there any talk of that somebody else could go in there so like you like you you tentatively game plan for like an emergency quarterback and Kyle you check our fullback was our emergency quarterback but like there's only like he doesn't know all the footwork suffer plays like the playbook was like four play like four to eight plays because it's crazy because Shannon coach shanahan Kyle Shannon he's been in a felt like I want to say like 15 to 20 years like being a part of coaching in it and he's never had it happen to him his dad Mike shanahan never never seen it in his career but I think it even texts his dad at half time yeah what do I do like that he never experienced it either and then we have our running backs coaches like he's in you're like 60 and he's never seen it either and I could any level and so it's just like it doesn't happen often so like your mildly and everyone's like well why aren't you more prepared because it doesn't happen like you don't appreciate you're not prepared but were you guys like looking around the side on like who's even lean enough here to even throw you know what I'm saying like because at that point it's also like a stat you can't have like the only thing that I wanted to see this for like even at the point because like after yeah after after Josh got hurt like and we were down and like it's like at that when he Josh got hurt where I think we're only down set like me out of it down seven or no we were down 21 to 70 excuse me when he got hurt and so at that point you're like okay we can't throw we like the next couple of me like you're like okay we might have a shot here but I think they went down and scored it's 28 to seven and you're just like we can't physically throw the football and they're just gonna put 11 people in the box all right like sure like how creative can you get I know uh John Jennings one of our wider sievers he played at Tennessee he was like a top five quarterback or crew in high school which was kind of so like maybe I wanted to see that but like at the end of the day like you're not going it's not high school where you just put your best athlete at quarterback or college where you can just put a really fast guy quarterback he's run around the edge and do cool stuff like that doesn't exist the NFL like it just doesn't happen right there's too many good athletes so it's like should be like hey if you would have gotten in and like we were to throw in the ball I throw the interception it is what it is like right we're like you trying every you can to not like oh we're gonna lose this game but it's like we the most important position we don't have yeah okay it was it's like playing chess you don't have a king oh you lost yeah like they mean the only other team I seen do is the Denver Bronkers during covid they had all their quarterbacks had covid and so you put a wider siever in but they had a week to prepare at least or a couple days at least but it's just like what are you supposed to do yeah damn it was such a bummer man I'm so sorry it wasn't you fun to watch no thank you and I a if you're an Eagles football player an Eagles fan probably loved it and good like you should like I don't even think you love it like you enjoy of something like that then you're sick too sure I'll be with hate that dude well like they brought they loved winning but like winning in that way is like it's not exciting right if there's nothing like there's not really any exciting about that no it's cheering then or fuck yeah it's like sure like hey you guys are scored like they're winning the game and they're beating like like yeah there's not much you're beating somebody who is like hands are tied behind their back and like hey they won and they yeah it is you're not saying no but I feel you like at least it would have been an entertaining game if like even if like well they should take their quarter back out both of them that'd be wild if they go well how about this that's insane I shouldn't even say that do you think it's fair that the that the overtime team just goes to kick that field goal it seems kind of lame each time like for the win yeah well that real change like five years ago oh it did yeah so that good so they didn't want to like you got to if you score a touchdown you automatically win and then this past season in the playoffs in overtime both teams get a chance whether it's a touch or not because you remember the bills chiefs game from last year yeah and went back and forth and everyone's like well the bill like the offenses were so high part of the if the bills would have gotten a shot they would have gotten on score so they changed the rule for the playoffs if that happened that both teams get an opportunity to add it which is interesting to see yeah I think it's work exciting it can make the game a little bit longer definitely makes it more exciting as a fan I think I mean I think college has overtime perfect like just so much fun it's so much like I haven't over time yeah do like that's two way in and then it also like for the people watching like those touchdowns count and like there's multiple of those such like a guy could go like what was like there's like an LSU Ole Miss game that it was like tie like 17 to 17 and it ended 53 to 48 or something like that or 53 to 47 something shit like that was like a guy in that game a wide receiver like at the end of the game he had like five catches for 60 yards and a touchdown at the end of the game he had uh eight catches for four touchdowns and a hundred yards it's just like what where this come from it's a four of a time so I think the NFL should just start at the 35 yard line because then if you go three and out still 52 yard kick like that's not easy right 52 yard like from the 35 and just have him do it that way it'd be so much fun I mean just like you're just taking shots for touchdowns at that point man like it's sweet it'd be sick dude yeah be it that be a boy like dude the stats too like fancy football players fantasy football guys would love that because hey now Devonta at the end of overtime where he has 10 catches for 122 touchdowns now he has 14 catches for six touchdowns they never yeah fantasy football guys so crazy they never even talked to their wives anymore do you think uh and we'll get you out of here in a second um what was you were talking about like um um uh oh do you think that um who do you think we'll be else quarterback next year um brock will get a fair shot at it do you think oh yeah I mean he didn't he hasn't lost a game yet like he got hurt it's his for like oh yeah totally play the game and so like he hasn't really lost a game yet he should get it yeah I mean so it's also a very competitive room over there it's a super competitive room rule right now we don't trade lands I think he he just got cleared so like he's out throwing and stuff again so that's awesome I'm very happy for him like because he's a very he's a very special talent who has the ability to be a very good football player he has to eat reps and like I he just he's young he has a plan a lot of football games he's reps so yeah so it'll be a good battle between them um you all you still have him no he's free agent oh he's gonna leave yeah he's out oh dang yeah so but like what I like I think it's a um if Brady came back would he be able to go to y'all or not yeah he's a free agent that'd be wild that'd be wild huh yeah means from the bay he is he is from the bay that's crazy interesting anyways but um pretty I like I said like pretty one eight games you can't like bench you can't you can't bench him so I think it's it's a it's a it's a quarterback competition I think when you go to like and again but I can't win eight games doing just even bet money line every week it's crazy but like and I and again like he's hurt right now right so I think he does I think he got surgery today maybe on his UCL which is like the ACL of your elbow I guess oh they got a third one now it's crazy dude wild stuff um but so like he has recovered from that so like it's gonna be it's gonna be an interesting training camp to see how the reps are split and stuff like that it's gonna be exciting it will be exciting and that's my entire my entire career I've had QP controversy so let's ride dude another year a little baby I love it that's exciting bring it you you one last thing for you live I want to get you were talking about like speaking things in a existence yeah you wanted to bring it back that up yeah because you kind of talked about it interesting how little we like speak out into the world what we want yeah like how like how often do like I was sitting complain on my head or think about things or worry about all but for years yeah but rarely will I say this is what I fucking want yeah yeah and say you're gonna do it yeah so you're gonna get it yeah yeah like I'm big like I know if you journal very much but I got big into that this literally like the last 12 months met a former player who kind of talk about how he did it to and like just writing down like what you expect the season to be like what you're what your goals are or writing about them in the past tense to that was kind of a cool thing to like take me give an example of that so like you could talk about winning the Super Bowl or you could talk about like I won the Super Bowl yeah and then you talk about confetti fall and you talk about like then you speak into existence like there's a creativeness to it and so like it's kind of locked because then once you see it and you've read it's kind of like the same as football like I do visualization a lot so like I rep the plays in my head and so then by the time I get to them and practice the weather it's the game I've already done them my head like 10 times so when you call the play I'd have nothing to worry about because I've already done it and so it's like speaking into existence too it's like you visualize it happening and then so like I don't know if you speak it into existence or you're like once the moment comes you're ready for it well it's really interesting man it makes me think of EMDR you know if you heard of this maybe I don't know explain it to me can you bring it up I think my wife is Colmar so EMDR I movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is a mental health treatment technique the method involves moving your eyes goal is to help you heal from trauma or other distress so anyway what's interesting about EMDR is they take you back to times in your life right they were traumatic for you and they you you you talked through with the therapist to to put a new experience into that time of your life yeah so then when you come out of the the like modality or the the experience of doing EMDR the therapy yeah then the past part of your life that was hurting you it's now filled with a different part of your life that's positive yeah for sure so where you are at now currently we'll eventually start to feel different because the past the poppals have been filled in that's crazy so it's almost like a reverse of doing that what you're saying yeah sure like you're creating those right in the future and so then by the time you get to them it's like well you're looking back on your past you're writing into your own past that hasn't even happened yet yeah you're writing your own past and saying these things happen it's wild and like I yeah like and I I did it every single day for the entire season wow and whether you're writing like whether your goals are personally for the season whether it's goals like whatever it is like kind of talking about in the past since it was it's really weird like it's like to get used to writing like that it's because I've never done anything like that before it's like that was a different experience for me but you're talking about like that type of therapy have you seen the type of therapy that's like let's just say you have like you go to therapy right now and like everyone has certain traumas in their life and the theory I can't remember exactly what's called but it's like like so 10-year-old you something happened right and like that version of you like that version of you like the state that you went into like to recover from that is still a part of your personality and right so like whether it's like and like how you manage with it so like okay let me let's just say your 10 years is bad like so like you're 25 year old and some bad happens and you turn a drink in or something like that right and whenever something bad happens you kind of go back to that right you go back to that and because like that's your therapy for it so like this goes into you kind of revisit you have a conversation with that 25-year-old you okay and you're like and then you try to get them to accept it because like you have these different parts of you inside of you like for these different experiences whether it's like yeah like that type of experience or like I'm trying to explain it the best way I can but it's like you have to have these conversations with this old passive you to kind of let go and like you kind of hold on to stuff oh interesting so you're going back to like a injured part of you or an injured and you're trying to help them get through it because like you can't talk to it like it's to say you had a bad call it that you had a really bad experiencing college like with a coach or something like that and they like verbally abused you right and like that part of you is like still there like it's it is so they're like you go to therapy you talk about it like if you just kind of hold on to it that part of you is always still kind of like at this dark anger and so you have to kind of go back there and talk to them and like talk to that 18-year-old self right like almost making amends yeah with your old with or like guiding them to the light maybe so to be but like just kind of let go of that anger because if you never talked about you just kind of hold it on like you can push stuff down for so long but like at some point you got to address it yeah it says trauma can freeze your emotional response at the age you experienced it when you feel or act emotionally younger than your actual age is as known as age regression well it's even the same as almost as EMDR it's like going back into a specific time that's where you're not in me of it now like because I know my dad talked to me about that it's just like a type of therapy you can do like to overcome like traumatizing events that happened to us it was a very like I thought about it I was like that actually makes sense to me well your dad is really interesting man I've seen some of the episodes where he's like doing hidden pearls you said it's good we're healed like he's like doing his mindful Mondays right yeah mindful are just like kind of like taking you through an experience you can just see how it's part of his you guys this whole world all that stuff he's big into that like breathing visualizing um it just it helps dude like when you just can take a second to yourself and like just kind of breathe and like just be one with whether it's your breath or just like your own thoughts or something like that because most of the time we're like we're all man so scattered we're like this you're on your phone you're watching tv you're looking at opinions of other people but like not too often you just kind of sitting there like like just having that conversation with yourself because you kind of need to man like if you if you if you don't like then you're not really progressing as a human you're just kind of absorbing everyone else's information and then like is that who you are these days or do you want to be your own person and it's what's really interesting George is that they've created it's so it's so addictive they've mastered the the our attention social media is amazing they've mastered the art of taking our attention it's incredible like tick-tock videos man you can go to rabbit hole for two hours and not even blink oh you don't even know who you are you come out you're fucking child in the middle school yeah like what just happened like where is going on where it's funny I was watching Chris rocks new special last night and I haven't seen he has a good it is cool man I didn't watch all of it but he's he talks about your attention that's the number one thing that that people are after these days yeah that sounds about raise your attention well whatever you put your attention into is how your life changes I know so it's funny when I think of mom when I think of my head that I'm always a I'm constantly overwhelmed by different thoughts and I feel sporadic and I can't keep my attention span on anything but then when I look at what a a a tick-tock is it's literally what oh this is just a thing of what I am it's just like bunch of thoughts everything seems kind of disorganized it's all in one place but it's fucking feels I mean if you saw tick-tock you would give it a antidepressant yeah dude it's not tick-tock like this this how social media like in captures you like I mean why pose does me like all go sit on the toilet and oh you won't come back dude you're 30 minutes later like what just happened we come back oh my oh where was it why are my legs asleep like what just what is happening like well goodness gracious but you like you can just get lost in those things so like I refuse get an apple watch because why don't you have a phone on my wrist if I have one in my pocket oh it's crazy crazy how much somebody have a fight the other day with their son on an apple watch through texting or something it took him like an hour and a half to even have the fight and it was a guy I've seen guys on my team that were apple watches out to like walk through practices and like you're not in how many are not like it's late it's just learning like plays and stuff but they'll have it on like I'll be in the huddle and guy next he'll be like you know I'll heal vibration he'll look I'm like what are you like are you on your phone at a walk through like what are you doing he goes I just it tracks my heart rate why do you need to track your heart rate right now dude you're jogging like real laks like take your apple watch off disconnect for a little bit it's okay like see I have a calculator on my watch oh you got that old school pass you Amazon I love it have it on there yeah it's dude so get this this was $30 I bought an Amazon and I I've worn the entire season I love it I like kind of I talked about like on a podcast one time I went back to Amazon to buy another one because I forgot I thought I lost this one $80 so I don't know if I'm just hyping them up for some reason or something like that but yeah 80 so it's 80 bucks but still like that's a pretty good price for a gold watch yet is but still I feel like it it almost seems sometimes I feel like it knows what you've been shopping for or for something expensive recently it will make tickets more expensive for you for things I mean like I'll talk you'll talk about hey I need deodorant and I I scroll through I scroll through Instagram and the third there's an ad in for old spice I'm like yeah what the heck I talked about this 10 minutes ago why is there it's just listening dog or if you even think about killing your cousin or something in the fucking next thing you know it's just all hammers dude wild dude it's crazy even having an apple watches so it's like it'll tell you now like you just cough near so the dude's like oh it is cough you know it's like you need a do you need day cool launch belch in 30 seconds yeah it's dude's nuts man it's too much man yeah cuz I like were I were one I didn't get an apple watch I were the Garmin watch that like tracks a lot of your stuff and like like a lot of triathlon runners run it cuz they have to know all their stuff all the time and I was like after a while like you know what the only I really care about is like I like seeing my sleep so like I have that the ordering stuff and I like seeing my sleep because I either there's like it tells you how long you slept it tells you how well you slept and right so this is my mindset so like whether if I get like green in one of those areas hey I'm gonna have a good day because whether if let's say I got seven hours of sleep and that's red but I hate 90% of those super good deep sleep and that was healthy you're like okay I'm gonna have a great day today or if they're both in the red my mindset is now all right I didn't give myself a good advantage today so I got to try a little bit harder today because it's gonna be a harder day cuz I didn't sleep well and I didn't get a lot of hours and so like that's like people are like why don't like to see them like why it's just another challenge that you get accomplished today well that's a I mean I think that almost sums up just your entire approach man you're lucky that you are not lucky I mean obviously a lot of it comes from your own family experience and so maybe some of your parents influence and stuff but cuz a lot of people I get that number I'd see that 60 out of 100 or whatever fuck I'd start texting fuck you to everybody right out of the gate you know and I'd even text myself fuck you I feel you know I don't know because yeah but then I would let it ruin me as opposed to me saying okay today's gonna be a little bit more of a challenge uphill challenge guys it's uphill boy it's up well like so I mean when you're in like like right now I'm in the offseason right so like one my competitive my competitive switch is much lower than when I'm in season but like when you're in season and it's a Tuesday night and I have to wake up and I have like I have six hours of meetings before I go to a walkthrough and then I have to go do a practice of plays that I learned at 8 a.m. that morning and I have to study those plays before practice like those six hours like I can't be off right like that's I can't be like I can't let my guy I can't let the guy next to me down and I'm I'm my expectation for him that he's whenever he can to be as prepared as he can so like you don't have enough you don't have an option to be off and so like that's all right that so you have to find different ways to encourage yourself and so hey I had it hey I slept eight hours and it's good I'm gonna have a great day today or if it's one's bad one's good hey one of them's great I'm gonna be great and then the last one's like all right well I'm just gonna kick my own ass today like bring it and like it's so like that's that's what my mind has to be now offseason yeah I might bitch him on a little bit more but like it is what it is like I only have so many off days as like I only have so many days anyways so like I'm gonna I'm just gonna keep going yeah I think you gotta give yourself some breaks here and there I mean even if you don't even if you have a job that doesn't really even allow that many you know and you know you know you can get them it's a high it's a high competition level you're in it's a high competition not profession yeah you got to take them when you can get them man well I'm gonna say thank you for coming and I appreciate it dude and it's it's it's it's been exciting just to hear about just some of your thoughts and get to know you a little bit better and yeah I'm so happy for you and your success thank you and oh tell us about tightening you I wanted to hear about it oh yeah last year I heard tightening you was going on right and I fucking wanted to meet everybody you want to go through Jeremy Holt didn't text me back so I literally parked in the parking lot where you guys were practicing oh Drake could text me right Drake was the ball boy at lips come although it's us two years ago yeah lips come oh two years ago it lips come so yeah I'm like you can show it up man I would have gotten you in oh well fuck honestly dude I may have been outside of some other conference I was there I was there let's come this year dude no joke from I'm gonna be a Vanderbilt yeah we're really yeah oh god yeah then it was something else going on but but I was texting though I was texting Jeremy I was texting Drake they said we were in a place where they couldn't get good reception right yeah for sure but I was outside of a group of men who were like just stretching and I was like just kind of being sad in my truck outside of let's come but um because I wanted to come up and just like just be around and just see what was going on yeah you want to come through this year yeah man June 20th is our welcome party it's on a Tuesday night okay so it's our welcome party it's at the top of the Thompson Hotel nice it's really fun um yeah all the Titans are up there uh it's just literally it's just getting no guys at around it's really it's a fun event and then Wednesday Thursdays on the field stuff at Vanderbilt and then Wednesday night we have like a function uh somewhere on Broadway and then maybe 12 30 club or something like that we're working on the details and then Thursdays a work day and then but it's like it's really it's really fun but yeah if you want to swing through for you know when's it the Tuesday night thing or more than welcome to yeah that'd be cool man why don't we invite now I feel bad like I invited myself you didn't man Drake invited you okay great yeah Jimmy John does uh he was on this podcast Jimmy John Lieto he's I met her of 12 30 club yeah yeah no I met so there was uh I told my mother and Lashy works with NFL honor of NFL Hall of Fame Health and they have an event and it's at the 12 30 club it's it's there again this year but this is funny so they were auctioned off footballs and there's like I think there's like six to ten NFL guys that were there but uh one of the footballs I got auctioned off he bought it and it was signed by Eddie George and George Kittle oh cool it's probably the only football ever signed by us too but the fact that his last name is my first name I just you don't see that very often but I thought that was pretty funny but yeah I met him at that event it was pretty funny yeah that's it's I guess that's kind of interesting I guess but this is an exciting yeah I think it's exciting it doesn't exactly much but it's not as long I mean I just George isn't a very common name so when I see other people with it it excites me I guess that's true and that's very fair actually and I shouldn't have said that thank you I feel bad about myself yeah I don't want to do this anymore will you guys cut through the entire thing but is George still a pop George isn't that popular of a lot of a name anymore is it no it's old everyone is like when I was George and I was eight years old I was like you're an old man no I'm not I'm a real boy people like fuck old people yeah I'm like leave me alone I'm not 50 yeah you're like I'm in hospice George is most popper in the western industry is ranked in the top 200 was popper named since it's origin origin I believe that both of my great-grandpas were named George and that's why I'm George tough my parents told me that if I was a girl they would name me Georgia I don't think it's a very good name nothing against those people their name Georgia does not for me yeah I feel you're Eddie Georgia that's it's saying oh dude yeah dude's got two first names George Kittleman best of luck in your next season man enjoy your time welcome back home and uh and enjoy your time I'll see you lips come and you're off season praise baby oh thank you so much it's been a pleasure this is really fun yeah it's been fun man thank you now I'm just floating on the breeze and I feel I'm falling like these leaves I must be corner stone oh but when I reach that ground I'll share this piece of mind I found I can't see it in my balls but it's gonna take