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337 - Springtime in Texas

337 - Springtime in Texas

Fri, 10 Mar 2023 23:16

Tim sits down with a pillar of the Austin community.


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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tim Dylan's show. I'm here for the opening of the comedy mother ship in Austin, Texas. And I wanted to borrow a studio and my agents at CAA were like, you have to call your friend down there and borrow his studio. I think they mentioned O'Rogan, but I have another friend down here that I absolutely love. And he's one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. And it's very exciting to be with him. And I'm sure that they're all fine. It's CAA. Absolutely. I love this. What would be wrong with this? Please welcome my friend who needs no introduction. The great Alex Jones. Tim, amazing. You did an incredible job. So the rest of the folks at the mother ship last night. Joe looks like he's in a time machine. He's getting younger while you and I get older. Amazing hanging out with you guys and Roseanne Bar last night. Yeah. Me and Roseanne look like we're going the wrong way. And Joe looks like he's going the right way. Well, the man looks pretty good actually. Yes. A pair to meet him. Well, you know, Roseanne is she's there's she's animated by a force of life. Yes. Which is good. And me mean you struggle with that. But you're a sexy guy. I appreciate it. We're getting married in Vegas next week. We're getting married in Vegas. And everyone will support that, I believe, right? Well, I mean, it's not a joke. We're getting married. It's going to be you and I and Joe at a monogist wall. It's nice. It's the royal wet. Yes. We were both very out of shape and he talked to us about that. But this is going to be the royal wedding. Fuck Megan Markle and that autistic lizard. This is going to be the one. It's amazing to be here. Thank you for letting me use your studio. Thank you. There you go. Somebody wrote that Alex three fourths of Mount Rushmore. That is pretty hilarious. Me, you and Roseanne bar the dream team, the family. And I put you guys up. I said, you're really starting to grow up when you realize your parents are just people and you and Roseanne are my parents. But I was watching. You know, so much stuff is said about you that because you're so bad, you can't respond to. And this is like the craziest thing because I'll watch something and I'll go, Alex should be on his show refuting that. And I know you are, but it's not anywhere that anybody can see. And one of the things that I watched was at January 6. I watched you tell the protesters to not enter the Capitol to be peaceful. You said, we're not Antifa. We're not going to burn things down. This is what they want. We're not going to give it to them. That has never been played on mainstream media. They have never played any video footage of you telling protesters to not breach the Capitol, which is literally what happened. And I want to play that clip in a minute. Speaking to you off air, a lot of things are now coming out about January 6. They changed the picture a little bit from what people thought. Was it? Was just a little bit? Just a little bit. And I want to know if you can illustrate some of that for us because I know that this directly impacts you. It affects you. You were there. You were there to protest what you felt was a sham election. Anomalies, yes. Right. Election anomalies. You were not there to breach the Capitol and you were telling your supporters to not breach the Capitol. But there were people in the crowd encouraging violent behavior, agitating, leading. And now it's coming out that some of those people are from an interesting origin. Absolutely. And it's a giant story. And it's bigger than January 6 for Trump or any of that with the love of writing. I've got to love that relationship with him. It's that we had a million people at the ellipse for his rally on the six. Then they said, Alex Leita marks down there. Well, the hundreds of thousands already going to the Capitol before I ever got in the middle of it. I said, how do I lead this? So I was telling the crowd, be peaceful. It's a big crowd. We all are the rallies been peaceful. And we get down there. And tear gas is already getting fired and all this stuff's happening. And I didn't know that out of a million people and hundreds of thousands of the Capitol that a few hundred attack police and broke in. And I was up there saying, stop it. Don't go in. And then the Wall Street Journal of New York Times by that afternoon said, Alex Jones was there leading the attack saying a tactic Capitol, even though we had the video, but it was only on It was only on Banda Bidio. No one else outside of our footage could see that. And know that since that it's got on Twitter and gotten 10 millions of views of us, they're getting huge amounts of people that have been the darts have been opened once they broke through waving people back and keeping people from going in. Then I got subpoenaed. I got a deposit with the January 60s committee. They were trying to indict me. They did arrest Owen Shroyer and my camera guy, Sam Montaill, that were there with me being totally peaceful. But I was too well known. I was the guy up there loud saying, don't go in. But they were with me. So the feds when they arrested them and died of them and they are still facing trial, our guys have done a plea bargain. Yes, their trials are coming up. They said, I would Shroyer broke into the Capitol and attacked people. It was with me. He was trying to stop it. So when you see them filing in court, things like saying the Loch Ness Monster, is our president or the Easter Bunny, it's real. You're like, it's next level when you're experiencing things that are totally fraudulent. But because you're banned on all the major platforms, you can't respond. They have a blank check. So censorship isn't just about silencing people. You can then steal their identity. And you can then say whatever you want in their voice, or take things out of context. And that's what's so dangerous about censorship. And now we have Matt Teiby and the Twitter files and great job. He'll on Musk and all of it coming out that agencies and governments and big tech with media, we're working in coordination to surveil people who are saying that have been censoring millions of people for years and putting during the Trump administration. So that's all coming out. I know you were telling me before I went live here before we were turning to the show that you've got some of those clips. But this is just an amazing moment to be alive. Plus they've got the proud boys trial going on in DC. And just a few days ago, it began to break. They've had federal filings. I've got copies of it. You can go an overhead shot here, maybe if you guys punch it up where the feds accidentally gave a bunch of files to the defense, which stuff like we've been ordered to delete 300 plus files. We've been ordered to cover up. They were nonviolent. We've been ordered now. They're declaring today national security in DC saying these are top secret documents. So they are in full. Remember the Whitmer kidnapping plot where it turned out the feds again accidentally handed over stuff they wanted to cover up. Yeah. And it was them ordering, you know, like these potheads to attack Whitmer. And they're like, oh, don't want to. I can't have money for a big Mac. Right. But can I have a dime bag of weed? It's in the recordings. Right. And they never attacked the lady. Yeah. The first group got off. But the second time the judge covered it up, they all got convicted. So the point is the same group that led the attack on Whitmer that never happened were intimately involved. The same unit of the FBI in January 6th. That's not coming. I mean, look at this document. These are documents that are now being there. National security. Are they classified? Are they just today the judges declaring them classified? But this is the federal filing. So I won't show the classified documents. I'll show the federal filing in here that's now been put up by a bunch of even mainstream journalists like Julie Kelly. It says right here, edit out. They were present that the feds were there leading the group. And then it describes in one line here. And I guess the crew could probably pull this up where they say here it is. Miller's communications with other agent who states the agent's FBI boss assigned to 338 items of evidence. I have to destroy. Why would they want to do that? Destroying evidence is a felony. Why would they want to destroy the evidence? Wouldn't they want more evidence? Well, because they were leading it. Of course. Yeah. Well, and that's what they're trying to block Tucker releasing their off footage. And on Tuesday, and you see these videos of people opening doors, allowing people in the Capitol. There's a video of the QAnon Shaman guy with the fucking hat with the horns. He's being led around the Capitol by multiple police opening doors and led it into the center chamber. Yeah. And he thought he was with Q. He thought they were with him. And this was a coup. Right. I had him on two days. Every's like, no, the police were with him. They let me in. We're winning. We're taking a moment. I said, no dude, you been set up. Right. And I feel so sorry for him. Now four years in prison. Yeah. Nonviolent turns out he skits a frenic. Right. He was kicked out of the Navy for being skits a frenic. I've talked to his family, people that know him. Really nice guy. Nonviolent. Yeah. And they've now framed a schizophrenic as the leader of a mastermind operation. Can we play the clip of Alex's war where we have Alex with a bullhorn on January 6th telling people to not be violent. Because this, by the way, will be the first time a lot of people have seen this on a public platform because it is you telling the protesters at January 6th to not engage. I was about to say you're sticking your neck out here because yeah, the only place until Elon Musk to go to Twitter, this was allowed nowhere. Right. And I mean, this is, I mean, obviously, I don't want to attack the Capitol. I don't want to go to what is that makes it look like idiots. Right. And they're trying to say, I know I showed up in the middle of it. It was like, what the hell, don't go in? Well, I was watching it with friends at my house. And I was going, I turn to a friend of mine. I said, this is fucking absurd. That there's a video of you telling people not to attack the Capitol that has never been seen. To my knowledge, by anybody, really, and this again, is you telling people we're not antifa, we don't want to burn shit down, we don't want to breach the Capitol. We want to be peaceful and make our voices heard. And it throws the whole narrative about you, about the, you know, what they're calling obviously the riot into question. One of the most exciting things about the New Year is you have no idea what adventures restore for you. There's no better way to prepare for 2023 by learning a new language with Babel. Babel is the language learning app that's sold more than 10 million subscriptions. And if America falls, you'll need to learn Mandarin. Thanks to Babel's addictively fond and easy bite-sides language lessons, you could feel confident no matter where the New Year takes you. Do you speak any other languages? No, I can barely speak English. Right. I need to go to Babel right now. With Babel, I'm telling you right now, you can choose from 14 different languages. They have speech recognition technology to help you improve your pronunciation and accent. There are so many ways to learn Babel. In addition to lessons, you can access podcasts, games, video stories, and even live classes. Plus, it starts. It comes with a 20-day money back guarantee. So, clearly, they're confident that you're going to love it. Right now, get up to 55% off your subscription when you go to slash Tim Tiam. That's slash Tiam. From up to 55% off your subscription to Babel, it's language for life. I love it. I've used it. I speak now four languages. That's 55% off. It's crazy. And it's nuts. They have the way to speak with aliens yet? They're beta testing a new app where they will communicate with the aliens and the balloons. Good. Babel. And I've never seen, I've been conscious human being for, I don't know, 25 years maybe. And it's shocking to me how quickly this stuff is debunked now. Things would happen. It would take years. But JFK, it took years. People writing books and going to libraries and looking at particles and hurting their eyes, squinting at these little pieces of paper. Now, within a matter of weeks and months, all of these narratives are collapsing. And that's what scares me. I'll be honest. It does scare me that I can't get this out anywhere. Obviously, I don't want to attack the Capitol. We wanted to protest and have a 10-day Senate investigation. I showed up. Tear gas literally hit me from 200 yards away. I people were climbing, scabbling. I saw riot police. They were attacking police. I'm like, no, no, no, don't do it. Then on which of the police? And I said, I know you have a loud speaker system that uses that night. Super loud. Like the voice of God. Believe the Capitol. You're not allowed to be here. I went to the police. They got a captain. I said, don't video. Yeah. It's on my security had the cop cams. What do you call those? Body cams. Body cams. And I say, look, I know you have this loudspeaker system that's the voice of God, which is by seven o'clock at night. Leave early early. Marshall, do not be here. I mean, he's like, oil, I mean, it's super fucking 5,000 dB. Yeah. And they said, we later learned they were, their commanders would not respond for four hours. Yeah. So they were actually saying, give us the PA system. What I was saying. Yeah. And they were just ordered to stand there with their thumbs in their asses. So I don't blame the cops. And you know, no cops died that day. One guy died of a stroke the next day. I made the cops to get attacked. It was wrong. Five citizens died. Have you heard that there are suicides with the Capitol police? Yeah. That's what happened. That's one of the few that died later were suicides and one was a stroke. Okay. But my issue is the attorney general, the US two days ago came out and said, five officers were murdered that day. Tucker Curls is lying about the five officers. In fact, I know your crew is in there. Guys, find that clip. Yeah. Like 15 seconds. Everybody knows now that nobody died that day, but five citizens. Right. So it's actually bad at another. So there are stills. That's what I'm saying. They're saying five officers died that day. It's on record. They didn't like that. Why are they so confident to lie like that? Well, because I think the reality is a lot of people aren't paying attention. A lot of people in a vaccine to the information, right? A lot of people aren't going to. That's what they're counting on. They're counting on that. They count on that. I was looking at it. I've now watched a lot of that footage. I've watched it on planes when they're about to take off. I've watched it when I'm in hotel rooms on the road doing comedy and I'm going, something doesn't make sense. Something's off. You're telling people do not attack. It's gotten completely away from you. There are people that are being led into this building by. It looks like uniformed capital police. A hundreders. They sent more than half the police away from crowd control the ellipse mall and halfway by the White House for Trump is going to speech. So you get there. There's like 50 cops. Yeah. For I mean, it's like a football game, a championship or a basketball game. There's a million people there in the town, a hundred thousand, a stadium. A few hundred riot. You don't blame the whole stadium. So a few hundred did attack the police who tear gas them. The police didn't have the numbers they needed. They got attacked. They did get beat up. It was wrong. People like Ray Epps or Ramming Signs in do them saying go into the building. But he doesn't get any trouble. By the way, he told the January 6th commission under oath, I orchestrated the attack on the Capitol. Why is he not indicted? Yeah. But my co-host, Owen Troyer is. Well, there's a lot of people that behaved poorly. Clearly, there's a lot of people that got excited, agitated, angry. They did not act. Mob psychology. They didn't act like a responsible citizen. They didn't do it. You asked them to do. But then you also have documents coming out right now saying that this thing potentially, or maybe definitely was led by federal informants, federal agents. Well, I mean, I know people at the highest levels of the problem always trial. And I've, I had the federal filing right here. But it, again, this is the beauty of the universe. Yeah. They literally handed over the secret files of the FBI. They thought they deleted it. It was an attacks file. And it's all how they had informants in the problem. The informants said they're not violent. Right. That famous Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeeper and Riketario meeting on January 5th in the parking garage. They were talking about defending people, protecting and saying if the informants are like, there was no talk of this. They're, they're saying delete the evidence of the informants from the trial. So they can't find a lot of evidence of a pre-planned insurrection, like a pre-planned riot, a pre-planned insurrection. Like they don't have evidence of these people conspiring to do this. No. Okay. And so instead, they cherry pick what the informants say and edit out like 90% of it. Right. And then use, and then to the judge says, well, we can't tell you the informants are, but here's what they said. And then it's an edited thing, the informants said. Right. When you're there, are you feeling a vibe that something's off, something's getting away from you? I mean, I mean, let me recount that morning. Yeah. I mean, I'll just give you a straight up recount. I get up at 7 a.m. hungover in a suite at the willard hotel, we haven't done an interview the whole night before. We order breakfast, we drink coffee, I have sex with my wife. And I say, I gotta hangover. Let's order a model of whiskey. So we get like a small model of whiskey, we drink it with coffee. My wife goes, I just want to stay here. I don't want to go to this. I'm exhausted. I say, no, baby, let's go. So we walk outside the willard. That's probably the ellipse. And it literally takes us an hour and a half with like 15 security, like a moss pit to battle through these crowds and get the so-called VIP lane to go in. Because there's a million people outside and 40,000. There's actually a million people at this event. Yeah. The whole the ellipse, the monument, it's just, but only 40,000 you can get in the actual coordinate part with Secret Service. We're Trump speaking. So it's all surrounded. People can't get in. We have to fight through all that. Get in. I'm sitting here going down that whiskey's wearing off. And so we finally get through like a moss pit. I'm exhausted. My wife's like, I want to go home. I don't like this. Rodgers Jones calling me saying, I don't like this. I can get into the crowd. I'm going home. Blah blah blah. It's a cluster fog. And I sit down for like three hours of Republicans giving boring speeches. And my wife's like my feet are freezing off honey. Let's just go back to hotel and take a hot bath. And her instinct's like, I have a bad feeling. She literally says, let me just let's go back to hotel. So I could take let's just I'm being honest. I mean, hum, this is a side of the conversation. She was baby. Let's just go eat food. It's would have in hindsight been the better plan. I know. But she actually said this. Yeah. Yeah. And she's never women's instincts like, yeah, I don't like this. I don't like this. I want to go. I don't want to go to the Capitol. I'm like, baby, shut up. And finally Trump comes out of her watching all the Republicans peacock behind the stage. We're in the front row. All this stuff's going on. And then the Secret Service and these people, these feds want to go. Mr. Jones Trump, would you lead the March 30 minutes before he's done? We will open the gate. You will go out to Pennsylvania. I've been in the lead the March. And I've sit there and I'm already watching crowds that are tired of sitting around as hitting here and Trump's feet led by anti-futtle led by the feds, led by all this. They're already all marching down towards the Capitol. And I'm going, how do I with a bullhorn? Just by crude security's waiting outside of the bullhorn. I go, how do I leave? They go, me trouble be there. Don't worry. It's all a set up. Not by Trump by the way. So finally, they opened the gate in the front stage. Trump's still speaking. I'm like Trump's like 30 feet away, right around the side. I walk around and I'm in the back of the stage and I'm with all these Republicans and I go, I need to go to the bathroom. And the feds are like, no, Mr. Jones, you got to go right now. Meanwhile, they were they were timing me to be there right with the breach out. And I go, no, I got to go to the bathroom. My wife said, yeah, I got to go to the bathroom. But my wife's like, I'm leaving. Honey, my feet are hurting. It's so cold out here. I didn't know I wore the wrong shoes. I go, baby, you go back to the hotel. I'll find out what's going on. I don't think I can even leave this March. I'll see you. She leaves with a lady she was with. So one of the event organizers. So I go in the bathroom, take care of things, get out. I'm going to be specifically having to already like hundreds of thousands of March and I go, how am I supposed to leave this? I go, this needs to be peaceful because people are like, FU, we're going to, you know, so I get upon one of the platforms. I don't need to speak planners like 20 feet above the roads. So I get up to this big tree planner and I go, be peaceful. This is all video. Yeah. Be peaceful. Let's play that right now because that's a video I want people to say. If we don't always, I'm taking time. Yeah, yeah. This is the whole, I mean, I mean, honestly, I drink whiskey. I bang my wife. Right. I, you know, a, a, a fricking scramble. Right. I mean, this is like what happened. Yeah. And what happens when I get there? It's more insane. Yeah, go ahead, play the clip. Listen to me. Listen to me. We've got a permit on the other side. It's great. This happened. But they're going to Trump's not going to come when we've taken this over. We're not empty. We're not the other. You're amazing. I love you. Let's march around on the other side. It looks not like a police and give the system what they want. We are peaceful. We want this election. And as much as I love seeing the Trump flags, find it over as ladies and not have the confrontation with the police, they're going to make that the story. I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully. I tell everybody behind you, march to the other side. March to the other side. You guys are hot. You guys are hot. But the police, the monitors have caused a problem. And the police are throwing fun things. We don't want to have a kid stay here. So I love you. We're saving them a public. This is beautiful. But please tell everyone to go. March to the other side. March to make a pass. We're going to march. Trump is going to speak over here. Trump has done it. Trump has done it. I'm sorry. The march will last this now. Come on. We're not seeing the same. We don't like them. We don't like them. So this is you know again it's kind of irrefutable. You're there. You're telling people not to breach the Capitol. You're staying. You're staying to stay peaceful. obviously it's not working because there's people that are like complete. Well, most of them came in here and made it right. And they're like, the bullhorn goes maybe a hundred yards, but what I'm saying is a timeline. You're giving me an opportunity with your huge audience. I don't know. So I'm all in a half from the ellipse. And I'm like, how do I lead a crowd? And Trump's, because we had a, we had permitted by the Supreme courts right here to the capital here. So in between the Supreme Court and the capital, we had a big stage and Trump was thinking he was coming there. Yeah. But Trump was set up too. So I'm like, B piece will be peaceful. That's another video. 20 minutes before I get there. Then I get there. People are climbing the scaffolding. There's tear gas. As people falling off parapets. I'm like, I'm in a medieval war. Right. I'm like, I better get up on this pile of chairs. They weren't even unfolded like a stack of chairs boxed. You have a big plastic on them for like a month from then or a few weeks from then for the inauguration. So I climb a little time and say, don't go in. We got a lot of people not to go in because the feds had in the police had opened the doors under orders, not blaming them. They were ordered to do it. So then I go, well, let's go to the other stage. So I go around and I talk to the police captains and people. I wait for like 10 minutes to talk to them. I go, you got to get on your loudspeakers. You got to say, get out of the capital. And then they wouldn't talk. They said, we can't talk to you. And I said, well, what can I do? They said, why don't you go up on the other side of their trying to break the door in? Most people just standing there and talking. But like a few people are attacking the door. They said, why don't you go up there and try to get them off the door? So I go up. I say, get out of here. Come down. It's so noisy. There's all these people blaring other bull horns. They can't hear me. I look at my crew and I can see guys with machine guns, assault rifles, pouring in feds. And I said, I need to go home to my children. Let's leave right now. And I marched to the crowd saying, leave, leave, leave. A lot of folks listened to me. And a lot of them left. But it was then learning in hindsight how they had 500 paramilitary police dressed its civilians with guns, how they had hundreds of FBI informants. And now we know FBI informants were leading the attack with the CIA. It's coming on court on the building. So we're going to find out if these documents are ever made public, that there is proof that there is FBI and CIA kind of collusion with people that are on the ground leading them into their capital. Yeah, if anything, Republicans are too pro-war and too pro-state. But when do Republicans attack police and terror buildings? Right. It doesn't happen. Right. We got to provocaturate into it. Yeah. And thank God, because I can see the timing, not all the secret service, but definitely the groups involved. Because most of the Trump's White House is run by deep state by then. Most of the people that resigned. So he only had deep state. There are people, there are people, no doubt that were caught up in the fervor and did the wrong thing. Yes, in the mob madness. For sure. But we now know. Because what you said, that's what's interesting, right? You weren't saying that. You were not directing it. So if you're not directing it, and the proud boy oath keepers, if they don't have the proof that they're directing it, who's directing it? That's the question. Well, Reyup said he orchestrated it. Who is that? He was there for days on all the dozens of videos saying attack the Capitol tomorrow. He was there with ranting the sign of the police. He was commanding everybody. Yeah. You see him give orders. He'll be in the crowd. This is now releasing his footage. Yeah. He'd be in the crowd. This was what Tucker was going to do on Tuesday, but they stopped it. And he would go and mechanized troops would come in like military in Trump outfits. And he would go red zone attack. Right. And they would just like boom, like like felinex Roman soldiers attack. Yeah. And so they get this giant Trump sign and ram it over the police. And they ram it indoors. Go is this is clearly to present the idea that anybody on that side is completely unreasonable, violent, and a terrorist. Well, that's it. And take a John Wayne movie that are based on real bar fights. I've been a lot of bar fights, but I've been in two. Somebody punches somebody. It starts. Nobody knows. Everybody starts fighting. And it was like that once you ram over the police, once they tear gas and once the crowd kind of gets in a fight, most of the crowd was trying to stop it. There's a million people or hundreds of thousands were there, million in the town. They pour in then the feds up of the doors. Right. And so that's what happened. And it's it's wild. Now the documents that have been made classified. Who is making them classified and they're saying national security. But they did this again with the Boston Marathon bombing. They put the special administrative messages on the judge and the attorneys. Nobody could really talk about it. Even after saying that those two brothers were not connected to any larger terrorist threat. So it wouldn't necessarily need a national security, you know, you know, wall for these documents to be behind. They are now saying that these documents cannot be seen because somehow it would jeopardize national security. Yeah, this is breaking news tonight or whenever you're watching this. Tonight on Wednesday, it's coming out Thursday. So this is a this is a big, big deal. I know people at the highest levels of the defense team for the proud boys in week six. Still the prosecution in DC. Right. And a couple days ago when the feds want to bring forward a new witness, they have to then bring forward the evidence. Right. It's supposed to be the start of the trial, but the judge lets them bring in everything. So they get these documents Tuesday night. Yeah. And there are people go, hey, it says right here, there's attachments that have been put in the trash. So that's the thing. You trash a photo on your phone for a month. It's in the trash. Right. So the FBI agent, I have the documents right here. We can go over that shot. Testified that she prepared these. And in those is 300 plus documents, thousands of pages and quotes of, I've been ordered to destroy this because they're covering their ass. That's illegal. But they're saying, I was ordered by my superior. Nuremberg thing doesn't work saying falling orders. Right. And now I'm talking to them about what the documents they've seen before the judge said they're classified. And then we know what else was happening. They had a CIA operative. They had a sex operative. They had informants in with the proud boys. The probos are like, we're here to stop violence and we're here to only have anti-file attacks. That's all been testified to, but they're ordered in the transcripts, the interviews. The judge lets in and tells us, jury, this is secret. It's an informant. You don't know their name, but here's what they said. But it's edited. The informants like, no, they were all against violence. They're good people. And I got to say, this isn't true. And then they only get like, but they did meet with Stuart Rhodes. Yeah. And so you read these things. These communications. I don't think I've listened you for a long time. I don't think you've ever advocated political violence. Whether it's on the left or the right, I've never seen you say, let's kill that senator. Let's hurt somebody. Let's do something violent. No, because that's that's that's when you've lost. Right. I mean, the pen's fired in the sword. Yeah. And a thousand years ago, information was more important than physical. It was like 80% of it. That's like 95. Right. And depending on I'll say that, but absolutely, but they want to make it violent. They want to make us violent because that discredits us. But I mean, you can read these documents for yourself. This is just the federal filing. Yeah. I'm just reading. That's why I was that filed Alex last night at 11 11. So this is real on the minute breaking news. This is now gone from what would be called a conspiracy theory into what will start to become for lack of a better word mainstream news. Except you have the former head of the CDC saying they made the weapon, and covered the bio weapon they care. And no one cares. It's not being reported. Yeah. Yeah. It's the same thing. Yeah. Miller's communications with other agent who states that agent FBI boss assigned 338 items of evidence. I have to destroy. That's a felony. That is damning. As anything, I've really ever seen with regard to January 6th. And I've been asked by people that are like in the Pelican briefs. They're actually scared. Yeah. I've been asked not to say what I've been told. But it is CIA sex operatives. This is not FBI. Why sex operatives? You'd think that sex operatives wouldn't be used for January 6th. You'd think you'd get more gruff type of like, oh, they're leading the guys. Do you think sex operatives are leading people? Well, what you have is a bunch of macho dudes that want to fight for Americans and then the sex operatives are like the pussies in the Capitol. Yeah. Is that kind of? Well, I mean, it's literally hot women. I don't want to get an old story. But I had them in December in Georgia trying to cover the election fraud there. And I was there with one of the leaders of the proud boys. And he goes, hey, this super hot chick wants to be with you. Hey, I'm married. Be I'm not stupid. And I'm sitting there and he goes, no, she wants to be with you right now. And I'm like, this is an infiltrated operation. Right. So I'm just at a restaurant. Nothing was open. Then everything was still shut down with lockdown. There was a hooters. It was open. So I went over to this restaurant. And I'm sitting there with my security guys. And income is one of the proud boy leaders. I'm not going to say who he's got this very attractive amuraisian chick with him. And he starts saying, hey, she wants to be with you all along. I later learned that individual has been linked to the central intelligence agency. And hey, I was married. I did, I was like, I was drinking beer. I ate a cheeseburger. I was just like, yes, sweetheart. I'll see you later. And I've had to have before like Trump hotel, like two women show with the bar and they go, we want to be with you right now. I'm like, yeah, I'm not Julian Assange sweetheart. Yeah. My decade doing the thing in here. Right. Okay. So, so and I'm like, I'm like starving for pussy either. So, you know, but the point is, is that is that I'm only telling these stories. I'm not going to impress people. This is of everyday occurrence. Right. So then I get these files. And I'm like, this woman's name is that. That's the woman in a fricking hooters trying to get my hotel room. Right. So I don't need to know. Oh, the lawyers think it's a CIA sex stop. I had him try to put her on me. Okay. So, so, so yeah, Dylan, that's the magnitude of this. It's the magnitude is coming out. Tucker was going to do something on it and he was stopped. I haven't talked to Tucker since then, but I'm going to reverse engineer this. I'm not going to get into what I talk to Tucker about. Yeah. I talked to other sources. And they confirmed that we're remember not killed Tuesday. The federal agent connection. The the the the the ramp footage of the feds breaking the building. His talkers been doing a lot of work on this, where he is bringing out a lot of stuff that is not seen anywhere else. You know, absolutely. He's a trailblazer. He's a hero. He's amazing. And again, my the lawyers I know are literally dealing with thousands of pages just like my lawyer, love of the death, kind of a ding dong. And Dean O'Reilly now here in Texas. Smart guy. You can be also the like when you see these big antiferriots, when you see the level of coordination with a group like that, the fact that do you believe that like January 6th, you have agent provocation. Oh, I mean the feds, right. The Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation runs Antifa. Right. But getting back to my Texas. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The the the the San E hook trail where the judge already said I was guilty and all that. I gave my lawyers all my phones. There was nothing to hide. I'm like here, download it, look for stuff. Right. It's so then my lawyer accidentally sends like a phone. I have like a new phone every year. They send like eight, nine months of a phone to them. Then they put that out publicly. The Democrat judge does fine. Whatever. There's nothing. It's not a problem. Nothing, nothing there's an issue. But the thing is it's a two-way door interdimensionally. That's how God works. Whatever they do first, Black Magic comes back on them 10 times worse. And you call Black Magic. It's how the universe works. When you do something nasty. So now, in the Whitmer case, and now in this case, the feds have given the defense thousands of documents with the CIA and running January since. I mean, I'm not even supposed to talk about this yet. Because I'm talking to people are scared, man. So it's what I'm saying. Like, oh, you put Alex Jones asking his employees to get him vodka. Oh, he's so embarrassed. Now look what God just did. Right. Your FBI agent just gave the whole January six operation in that thing. And they're trying to suppress it. They are in like chickens with their heads cut off. So you see how Black Magic works. Yeah, it's they can go Alex. You feel that? You like that? And I'm like, but then they themselves get a sword through them. That's right. Stop me. Oh, you slapped me. Now Tyrannosaurus Rex stops on your ass. Right. And I've learned, metaphysically, there's laws, the universe. 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You know, because it's like I'm for real. And the thing is anybody to live long enough knows this is there's real loss man. Yeah. Like a video game has laws. This thing has laws. I'm not threatening anybody. I'm saying you mess with me or anybody who's righteous. You're you're you're grabbing a high powered line man. Yeah. You're sticking your dick in a light slugging. Yeah, for sure. Well, I hope that I hope by having you on here, I get some of that protection from you. I hope it I hope it bounces off. I'm very humble about it, but I've learned it's real. Yeah. Well, here's what is in but it's not even protection. It's that if they're going to hit you, they got any willing to get 10 pounds back. Right. But they're like it's a black study black magic. I mean, in the magic, but it's like a metaphysical example. Right. In black magic, a black magic petitioner can do something bad. Right. But they're going to get 10 times back. That's right. So are you willing to frickin do that? Yes. So how do this information? We have a identify. This is a vitamin stick. Yeah. Not as a cancerous thing. This is not a man. I can do making up a base. It's made by Pfizer. What I think before it. Yeah. What I think the people effective. Yeah. People don't these are things people don't know about you is that you're fun. You're fun because you're a guy that deeply believes things. And if you're wrong, you'll admit you're wrong. I've been wrong, and you'll move on. But I was never wrong for place of lying. That's right. You believe things. You go, hey, you know, but so much stuff has come out. I've watched clips. If you talk about George W. Bush before he's going to be president and what they were going to do, I've, I've seen you talk about 9-11. I saw you talk about the WTO, the World Trade Commission, like you are, you walk a beat that very few people do in America, almost nobody does. And it's got to take a toll on you a little bit. Well, I told you I meet you and you're a fun guy. You love comedians. Comedians love to hang out with you. So you're one of these people you can enjoy yourself, even though you're really putting yourself out there all the time in a bunch of different ways. Well, I was completely honest when I was like in one of like eight depositions and the whole lawsuits against me. And I was completely honest with them. Just like I was honest with Joe. Yeah. On his show, like one of the podcasts before last like four years ago, I'm like, I got to a point like five, six years ago where I wouldn't even call the psychosis. I said, it's almost like a psychosis where if I've been lied to so much, I just got lazy and I said, it's all bullshit. Right. And so then I would just say, I don't believe any of it. You can't do that. You got to still analyze each piece. They went, oh, oh, he's tried to do an insanity play. That doesn't happen in civil cases. Right. I was being honest like like I knew Joe Rogan 25 years ago. I knew Joe was into all this stuff before I was. I know he's probably the most cunning smart person. I know a great guy, huge heart. I got really mad at him five years ago because he was suddenly toe in the line and kind of buying the system with his own delusion. So I got really pissed at him. He later admitted I was right and apologized, but I was more wrong than he was. So like he was kind of a little bit wrong. And I went after him and went too far. And then he admitted that for now look at him. He's total anti-new old order. He's going to get their whole system. So it was the same process. But I did get to a point where it didn't matter what it was. I thought it was staged. And so when I said those things about other events and things, I really meant that. So they go, oh, you admit you're crazy. Yeah, I am crazy. As the whole world's insane. And then that makes some of it. It's not insane. Crazy. Fine. I'm crazy. Right. Right. Listen, at the end of the day, it's like, you know, there are people that will never forgive you or they'll never look at your whole history of work. But then there are people that will go, this motherfucker has been out to 30 fucking years. He's been talking about real shit for a very long time. And there's so much of it that he's been right about. You should get, you know, the benefit of the doubt. That's what they do is they cherry pick. Yeah. Why do they take things out of context? But that's fine. I'm trying to stop a World War 3. Yeah. I'm trying to stop it. Which they want now with the Ukraine. They want it with Russia. They want it like they want their, they seem to be ratcheting up tensions with China. It does seem to be very weird to see or basically get war with China. Give a language that's being used. I mean, I remember all these articles. And then, you know, New York Times coming out like, can we survive a nuclear war? Maybe it would be good. And New York Times is New York, they're running TV ads about, hey, there's nuclear war. It's nobody else is tuning to your local app. Right. We're not going to have an app once. I'm glad you went there. Just download. Yeah. We were about to go on your show today. And I said, Dylan, can we not really talk about me? And you said, you said no, it's due January 6th, first, but I really think Alex Jones doesn't matter. Let's move to World War 3. Yeah. Let's because I'm not trying to direct to you interview. Let's know. I'm with you. I agree with you. Seeing what's happening right now is crazy. Seeing that I got kids. Yes. And in all the main actuaries and all the real war planners say nuclear wars becoming a probability. I don't like that. Yeah. That'll really mess up my own telling people to kind of like relax and enjoy it. Like, hey, not a big deal. A couple of nukes, they call them tactical nukes. They're small. You won't even notice it. Don't worry about it. Hey, it might be a good thing. And this is terrifying if you pay attention to this. Because tax always lead to fall on. Oh, for sure. For sure. And what they're doing is that when you arm the Ukraine with all NATO weapons, Russia is essentially fighting NATO. You might put not until he's a good guy. Other US soldiers there too. Yeah. Of course. I don't support his invasion. I understand what you did it. I understand what you did it when I looked at what someone like him would do. Yeah. If the US, yeah. If the US on the next year and border of the Russians, yes, had all these troops and weapons, we'd attack them. Yes. So with the real politics of the situation, you have to step back and go. There is very complicated that a CIA coup they installed Zelensky. This is it's very strange. Our president's crack its son has a sweetheart job with an energy company in the Ukraine. We're now funding the Ukraine like a lot of coincidences. But from the beginning, I was like, we should push for an agreement and we should push for peace and we should push for less death. And they have said to Zelensky, don't negotiate. Ratchet up tensions. We're going to give you missiles. We're going to give you all the weaponry you want. We're going to give you a crazy amount of money, even when we have tremendous problems here at home. And I don't know. And they're trying to bleed Russia dry with this war. It's the Cold War again. They want to bleed Russia dry. And Russia's a nuclear superpower, not an economic superpower or even really maybe a military superpower, but they have more nuke than anybody else. And that's really my message to the left and the right man else. I don't want to be a partisan person. I don't want to fight with you. I just want to live. I've got children. We are in a hot war with Russia and it's escalating in a nuclear war. And absolutely, it just needs to stop. It's okay to stop the nuclear war. That's all we're asking for the children. Absolutely. Because we can talk about January 6th and then the people up. And that's all important. Why do they want this out? Why do they walk right up to nuclear war? Is it money? Is it the fact that our economy is based on the military industrial complex just constantly printing money, paying themselves? Why will they risk what seems to people like such a huge disaster? Well, you just said it. The financial system and the Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. It's coming to an end so we can't like Uber and all this gig economy shit is not doing it. And they're probably starting to realize that. They're like, yeah, we told people like you used to have jobs, now you work for Postmates, isn't it great? Isn't it the same? It's not. People are angry. And now you're kind of seeing they're like, oh, we need to go back to our original business war. Exactly. War is health estate. And so it's a distraction for the vertical integration, the consolidation, the crime, all of it. That's what tyrants always do when they're in trouble is they expand a war. Except you can't do that in opposite nuclear weapons. Right. And so just what six months ago, there's that famous clip, maybe your crew can queue it up. Let's see if your crew can find it. Let's queue up the clip of Biden saying six months ago, you can't put Abrams tanks in in Ukraine. That'll lead to nuclear war up the threat escalation ladder. But then he did it. Right. And now they're training F-16 pilots. And now they're going to do with him. He seems to be in a state of cognitive decline. I mean, I think that's emblematic. I mean, Federman, they love that. Federman can't even show up. He hasn't been seen in five weeks. Yes. And so now somebody else votes for it. Right. So I think that's the model. I think it's like a brain of jar. I think he'll probably run again. They'll still the election he'll win again. And maybe in a hundred years, no one's even seen Biden. He's like, well, the president's Biden, they'll have some, you know, Chuck E. Cheese, animatronic tank. No, I mean, ancient times they called it a dog king. Or Caligula, or was it, was it Caligula, or was it one of the Roman emperors married his horse? Okay. And people said that was just insane. No, it was insulting the Senate. And he made the horse, the region or the consulate or the president of the Senate. Right. So, so kind of it's not Caligula. I'm about to think of it. Nero. It was Caligula. Okay. It wasn't Nero. Yeah. So look up what Roman emperor made his horse to head of the Senate. He also married the horse. And the point is is that this has happened over and over again. It's an insult saying, you're so pathetic. You're so ridiculous. I'm going to make the horse fat. So when you've got a featherman that can't talk, it hasn't been seen in five weeks. Yeah. When you got a Biden who falls down the stairs every time he walks, it's all a joke on us to tomorrow. I said, we had to realize that's not our leader. That's a puppet. That's done to get us to accept new standards. If I told your crew here on the Tim Dillon show, found the club. Here's Biden six, seven months ago saying we cannot send an Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews. Just understand. Don't kid yourself. No matter what you all say, that's called World War Three. So in the Calculus Tim Dillon, what changed in the last six, seven months now it's wonderful. Yeah. I mean, I guess people sat him down or he was ready sitting down and they said, listen, we're changing our posture. You know, we're going to ratchet up these tensions. We're going to arm the Ukraine. They can maybe win this thing and we can bleed Russia out. I'm going to change your camera shot. It's driving crazy. Yeah. It's your crew's fault. Keep going. Keep going. I agree with you. But I think that's what happened and propaganda works really well. We're very good at it as a country. So if people believe that it's morally right and correct to divert billions of dollars from the needs of US citizens to Ukrainians, even though they are going through something horrible and tragic, if people believe that's a moral correct, the morally correct position and they have certitude and the people in power are telling them this is the right thing to do. We all know how powerful that is because a lot of people want to do the right thing. They want to feel like they are supporting causes that are just. I'm sure the Ukraine cause is just in the sense that they don't want Russia. There's old beefs with the Russia. There's so many beefs. There's so much shit going on. But the fun is just being used as a proxy. We don't really have a national security interest in that war. We have a financial interest in it. See, that's the camera shot that's a little crooked. I'm assessing over the Seattle things to be right too. I agree with you. Is that camera shot? Is this January 6th? Who are these people? Oh, I got it. Okay. I'm fine. Gotcha. It's all live. See how the wrecking is. It's live. I'm being mean to your crib. We're looking into people here. Who are they do we trust them? Are they agent provocateurs? Are they sex operators from the CIA? We don't know. But like seriously, you have a lot of courage having on because they don't want this hurt. They don't want this discussed. I'm just here like everybody else trying to figure this out. Yeah. And the issue is every analyst, every rank corporation pentagon says the path we're on, it's like a car driving towards a cliff. We were a model way from the cliff. Now we're a quarter mile from the cliff. And if we keep driving, we're going to drive off the Grand Canyon. And then the people in the media are writing articles going, the cliff is good. Don't fear the cliff. The cliff is actually good. So that's what I noticed about. Yeah. In a six month. Tell me Louise. Right. Right. Six months ago, there was a big change where people started saying like, no, no, no, no, no, we cannot abandon this cause. We need to do everything in our power to defeat Russia. The goal was originally peace. Now it's to defeat Russia. That's a different goal. Technically, it's a different goal. Exactly. And the Russians are like, oh, you killed 200,000 Russians. Yeah. They're doubling down. That's what Russians do. So it's on their doorstep. It needs to stop. Even Henry Kissinger three months ago. It's like, this will cause nuclear war. We got to have a peace deal. Now he's like, remove Putin. You have the new Ukrainian defense minister. I think I was saying we're going to invade Russia and take over and put tanks in Moscow. Right. I mean, so, so I'm not pro Russia. I've never been to Russia. Yeah. It's insane. And I don't even know how to deal with this because you have all these leftists that used to be anti-war. And so it was high. Now they love it. They love the prospect. Well, yeah, ever since the Russia gate thing with Trump, which turned out to be not true, there was this idea that Russia, we needed some type of conflict with Russia. And it was crazy. CDC boss head boss testified at a congressional inquiry. Yes. And they said, this is what we call the Tim Dylan show final episode on YouTube. So we hope you will enjoy. This is the final episode here on YouTube before it goes in America. You're not allowed to show a C-Span club. Yeah, it's wild to be these clips earlier before we went on air. Yeah. You've got you've got that former head of the CDC director Redfield saying it was going to function and they were blind and they covered it up. And he's not part of it. He's literally turning state evidence. And I don't think you should show this to him. Blutschill. Dick's got to work. It's the summer or the spring. I take it not even for sex. I just like to wake up the middle of the night and look at it and then go back to bed. Blutschill. I mean, you know, it's great. We have a special deal for our listeners. We know what Blutschill does. I don't have to explain this every week for five years. We know what the fuck Blutschill does. And we're happy they spawn to the show. And if you have that issue and you enjoy the show, get blue. I don't need to tell you what Blutschill is. We know it's you chew it. You dick gets hard. That's what Blutschill is. Everyone knows what Blutschill is. We've got a special deal for our listeners. Try Blutschill free. 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We've got the damning one. The one that gets us killed. Clipschips. That's our first guest as viewer. This is the head of the CDC testifying. And then we've got a Matt Taiyibi being attacked for Joe Rogan. That's what we're visiting. Let's do it. How to CDC first? I'll see that. Here's there's that of the CDC. One other path of questioning for you, Dr. Ritfield. Proponents of this research claimant may result in vaccines or maybe even stop a pandemic. Dr. Ritfield has gained a function, created any life saving vaccines or therapeutics to your knowledge. Not to my knowledge. Has gain a function stopped a pandemic in your opinion? No, in the contrary, I think it probably caused the greatest pandemic our world to see. Do you find any tangible benefits to gain a function research at this time? I personally don't, but I do want to stress. I think the men and women that supported are people of good faith because they truly believe it's going to lead to a potential benefit. I disagree with that assessment. Gain of function research is let's make scary viruses even scarier. Let's get the government to give us more money and increase the endowments and the budget. He just said, yeah, gain a function caused a COVID pandemic. He just said that and he goes on. And this, by the way, this is not a crank. This is not something we found on Sixth Street in Austin, which is lovely this time of year. This is the X head of the Center for Disease Control. Yeah, but I think fact checkers say we shouldn't air this. Well, and by the way, we got more clips because I know you showed them to me. Yes, we have more a bunch of other clips where he went through how he knew it was gain a function. He knew it was a weapon, but they wouldn't let him say it. Excluded him from the meetings. So let's put those on too, because like if we're going to go out, let's go out and style. Okay. Well, let me look up which clips those were. Run your list. I've gained a function stuff is now coming out. I remember in the old days when you'd be kicked off social media for saying that stuff, but now it's starting to come out. And people are basically, I think becoming more aware of the fact that this is not a naturally occurring virus. It was manipulated genetically in a lab. It was manipulated for a reason. And then it might have leaked. Someone might have leaked it. I don't know that anyone's gone that far yet, but I think it's becoming a widely established belief that this idea that it was a bat that somebody ate a bat in the soup. No, it was a bat. Fauci's God. Let's play the evil C-SPAN clip of a man that needs to be arrested. The former head of the C-C. Who does he think he is? He's a shut up. Let's play clip two. Dr. Robert Redfield testifies on three unusual events in the Wuhan lab in September, 2019 before they released it. Listen to this bad person. Here it is. I will say if you go back and look, it's declassified now. I'm sure you all have your classified briefings. But the declassified information now in September of 2019, three things happened in that lab. One is they deleted the sequences. It was highly irregular. Researchers don't usually like to do that. Second thing they did was they changed the command and control of the lab from the civilian control to the military control. Highly unusual. I've been involved in do-yo slabs when I was in the military. The third thing they did, which I think is really telling, is they let a contract redo the ventilation system in that laboratory. I think clearly there was strong evidence that there was a significant event that happened in that laboratory in September. It's now been declassified. You can read it. I'm sure there's more classified information around. So a significant event. No, this is just information. I agree with you. No, seriously. Egg and town. Yeah, this is evil. Yeah. Okay, but there's a worst clip. I mean, listen to this horrible person. Here is he's just doing it for cloud. Yeah. The X head of the CDC is just trying. He just wants cloud. Yeah, he's not turning against the whole system. I have the quotes here. That's right. Where he says they were. What's it be? I'm going to discuss. Listen to these quotes. Listen to this horrible person. Redfield explains his reaction. All not even several suspicious events occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Aralgyne and the months proceeding. So we just played that clip. But let's play a clip here. Let's play the clip here of clip six. MTG talks to former CDC director Robert Redfield reveals COVID-19 virus was like created by gain of function research, which he admits was going on, which fouls he says it wasn't. Even though in the files, he calls it gain of function, which is illegal, by the way, to death penalty. Yeah. Here it is. Dr. Redfield, did you agree in your opinion with Dr. Anderson's assessment at the time that this virus did look engineered? I was concerned because of the presence of the fearing cleavage site that we've talked about. And I think it's important to understand what that cleavage site does. That cleavage site totally changes the orientation of the binding domain of COVID. So now, which could not see the ACE2 receptor, which is the human receptor, it totally changes the orientation now. So it has high affinity for human receptor. So that fearing cleavage site bothered me. It didn't seem that it belonged there. And then when you look at the sequences that it used, it's beyond the committee. But I know many of you've looked into it. The sequences that they used in those 12 nucleotides for arginine were the arginine sequences nucleotide triplet that coated for the human arginine. So why did this virus have the arginine sequences for human there, not bad? It was very disconcerting to me. It looked like this virus was engineered. Was this, uh, what you're observing and speaking of, is this something that would be in line with gain of function research? This is the best I've ever seen her like look, and really like, physiology usually she goes to the wild, but this she actually seems like on dark, you know, she can get a little nuts, but this seems like she got the glasses. She's like, okay, she's in the zone. Yeah, it's a problem. We cooked it up. Us in China. Was it was it a joint effort? Was it a please let me know? It's a little bit of us. It wasn't just China, right? As much as I hate the communist Chinese who are the most evil thing on earth. Right. It's a total setup. About he talks about that in another club. Yeah. There's articles in nature and science in 2015 when good scientists went, why is the federal government weaponizing coronavirus with a gain of function using HIV spike protein? Right. This is the cleavage point. It's like, the horn or the the rhino horn. It's what plugs into the cells. And so he goes through all of that in the club that this obviously had to be done here because it was done here in 2015. It was a huge scandal. So then Westerd money Bill Gates, Peter Dazick, they talk about it the hearing. This is not my opinion for you to, I mean, play the clubs. They move it to Wuhan. So there's plausible deduability. So obviously the Chinese military and our government they're involved, but they allowed them to be taken there to do illegal stuff in a third party country. Just under doing in Ukraine and in the UK and other places. Now all of this may be true, but the vaccine's still good, right? Absolutely. I mean, let's just come out and say at least that's good. It's safe in effect. It is and you should get as much of it as it can. Well, actually people should research that. They said it was 99% effective. The 96% effect of 95% effective than 60% effective than 45% effective. And now the new studies are that within six months, you have a lower immunity and a higher rate of infection sickness and death. But none of me, listen, I still think you should take it. I'm a big Pfizer. Nice to go and get it. You know what I mean? Well, but then let's be honest. There's too many people. There's a lot of people. I think you should give it to your children. Yeah. Double boost them. Right. And you know, those little guys, they're eating too much. Yeah. How many seriously? Well, who's gonna lie? We're all sick of these loud ass kids. Yeah. Look, it's a legal way to get rid of them. Now you think because listen, it seems like it's somewhat of an ineffective way to legal way to get rid of their sickness, right? Which is being alive. Right. I feel like it's in it. It's a, I feel like it's an ineffective way to depopulate the earth. But what I do think is that this was an opportunity for a company to make a trillion dollars. Maybe every year at Infinam. No, but I agree. But then why did they bring something out that was so wonderful. I mean, you did so much good. I mean, the point is you check this shop, you get 10 years on your life. Right. By the way, that's the joke folks. The point is we're still at a point where you're not supposed to talk about this. But remember, we're vindicated that it came out of the lab. We're vindicated that it's not working. We're vindicated all all this stuff. So, you know, imagine the sensor's watching us feeling all powerful. You're being attacked by it too, dumbasses. Athletic Greens. No, but I agree. Well, they do say the divide of them are key. It's good. You got to take the shit. I take athletic Greens. You have to fight them in your hand right now. You gave me an athletic green in them this morning. Yes, we have to. It's more effective. Now, all of this stuff coming out. You put it in a turkey bister. Yes, of course. Well, you have to. We had to put you in startups and treat you like a pregnant woman, which you are because everyone's everything. Actually, I identify as a woman. Yes. And this. Are you doing anything at South by Southwest? No, I'm just here. I mean, that would be a great place to get married, you know? Let's see if Google would let us use their like tent. I think we should do a mock marriage. Yeah, at the Google tent. But it should be a polyamory. You and I should Roseanne. What's a four thing? A quad-amory? I don't know. We should all marry a Pfizer shot. I don't know what the fourth thing is. Find a fifth. I remember that Stephen Colbert really cringed thing with a dancing. Dancing syringes. We should marry a dancing syringe. I'm serious. Yeah. What do you think does this ever collapse? Maybe not. I used to think of a collapse under its own weight. Now will it collapse under its own absurdity? You just talked about dancing syringes lying in your face. The most insane things we've ever seen. The most cringe examples of social media. And then you know, social media, if you want to agree with a lie, right? You're going to be censored. Yeah, I think like the Soviet Union, it's just going to die with so absurdity because the operatives in the system, they've had over the last two years, it's been reported over 10,000 FBI whistleblowers of Congress. It all gets hidden. They all get attacked. But that tells you like, I don't want to like worship the FBI. I'm just saying they're not the enemy. It's an agency that's captured. If I'm on an airplane and a radical Islamic or whoever hijacks it, I don't blame the airline. That's a real pilot. We're on a hijack country. The agencies have been hijacked. And I'm just saying, can we please get off this thing? And so I want to reach out to the agencies and reach out to the corporations and reach out to people and say, listen, this is kind of dangerous. Yeah. Can we just stop now? Can we just stop it? Calm it down. Yeah. I'm telling you, I'm shocked at the amount of people that for whatever reason are still buying a lot of vitamins. Well, identify this as a vitamin stick, vapor stick. Yeah. But I identify this as eternal life. Do you think, are you going to my pronouns as nicotine? Yes. Are you saying this is good for me? No, it's, I think it's phenomenal for you. It's it's it's it's it's it's you're validating me. I'm validating. You're not being nicophobic. I'm not being nicophobic. Well, we got to be careful with that word. But here's what I will say. We just quite a term. Yes. They're nicophobic. I'm sure Susan Wichnick is loving this. I um, she just lost her job. Did she? I don't pay attention. Who's doing it now? Megan Markle? Probably. Yeah. It's despot. But did you love the South Park on them? Well, it's great. You know, I have a bit about it on stage now. Um, it's absurd. It's insane. And we're made to we need a dose of victimhood all the time. No matter. Oh, you pour royals. A hundred dollars. Oh, my God. So horrible. Because what it does, it makes it demoralizes people. And that's where they seem to kind of want. They want people demoralized so that those people don't really have to, you know, proceed in a way that would ever result in these people losing any power at all. I totally agree. I could not have said it better myself. And the final sponsor, greedy greedy possum. What's greedy pot? Tell it's greedy possum is a weapons system for the Martians where they sell you, uh, my control devices. Well, I like this a lot. greedy, band.videos. Oh, I've not looked at greedy Is it even a website? No, no, if we should be careful before we please, we could edit it out of an instant problem. Alex Jones, the king of Austin, taxi is a Joe Rogan, it might be a, I think it's Joe. Well, I'm going to say it's you for history. So it's like a planet and a bigger thing in clips. That's fine. I know. All right. Joe's, Joe's bigger than Alex Jones. Well, you know, Joe's telling the truth. So it's kind of good to just sit back. You kind of, let's do you expect like you causing influence. Yeah. And people wake up. Then it becomes happening. You got to kind of learn to go away. Well, it's going to be fun. The comedy clubs open. Thank you so much for letting me do this. I appreciate it. The second part of the episode is out on Patreon. You are really an amazing, eloquent person who has looked into this shit for many, many years. And people that think they know you should probably look into your stuff. And I don't know where married. I have no idea where married, but they will because Bill Gates at South By Southwest is going to give us, we're renewing our vows. We should get married on TV. If we can get married at South By Southwest, I'll absolutely come. We're getting married. Joe will be the priest. You hear that CAA? We're getting married. Good night.