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Learn To Let It Go

Learn To Let It Go

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 10:45

Learn To Let It Go | The Mindset Mentor Podcast

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Welcome to today's episode of the Mindset Mentor Podcast. I'm your host, Rob dial. If you have not yet done so, hit that subscribe button so that you never miss another podcast episode. And also, if you love this podcast, you should definitely follow me on Instagram. I've been doing these things called coffee talks, but what I'm doing is I'm actually just waking up journaling a little bit, taking some of my thoughts in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee and putting it up as an Instagram story. Which kind of give you some extra tips and tricks to improve your life. So if you want some extra tips and tricks and for me to fill your news feed on Instagram, follow me there. It's rob dial junior, Rob DIALJR. Today we're going to be talking about learning to let go of certain things and really what it comes down to is letting go of things that do not serve you anymore. Have you ever taken time and taken a pen and paper? And thought about all of the things that you do, like everything on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, and decided all of those things. Do they serve you or do they not serve you? Like are they good for you or are they holding you back? And part of our awakening process, part of awakening to becoming the better version of ourself, is to realize that we have been asleep. Being asleep doesn't mean just like you're actually just snoring, right? I mean, being asleep means that you are unaware of most of the stuff that you're doing and unaware that most of the stuff that we are doing. Or let me say this, lots of things that we are doing is not serving us. It's actually holding us back. In many ways. And so have you been living a lot of your life as if you're just asleep, like I want, I want to take you in through a process that I went through when I was at my lowest of lows. It was October 2010 and. It literally seemed like every single thing in my life just crumbled. Everything in my life was terrible. Everything went to ****. And you know, I went from having a super successful business to be in five months behind on my car payment, living off of pasta for two months. I lived in Fort Lauderdale and one bedroom apartment and all I had was a bunch of books all over the floor and a king size bed that was on the floor as well. And I went through everything in my life and I sat there and it was it was this realization that I had when I was sitting on the floor and I still remember where I was sitting on the floor. Inside the apartment and I thought to myself, no one's coming to save me. Like if I'm either going to be here or I'm going to be somewhere else, but no one's going to come and save me and change my life. I have to change my life for myself. And what I did was I went through everything in my life and I either decided I'm going to keep it or I'm going to get rid of it. And it was sure, personal belongings, but it was also everything else as well. It was thought processes. It was the when I wake up, it was what I. Eat it was who I surround myself with and I I literally just tried to clear everything out. As if it was just full on. You know, my life was already kind of in shambles, but it was a full on demolishing. At that point in time, I'm going to just completely clear the slate, and I'm going to start to rebuild myself and rebuild my life the way that I want to. I'm going to get rid of the things that do not serve me anymore, and I'm going to keep the things that do serve me and start to bring in more things that do serve me. And so we're going to go through many things today, and my goal is to help you try to awaken to some of the actions that you take that are no longer serving you for your highest good. That are not helping you get to where you want to go. And as we go through a lot of pieces of your life, if you are, if it is available for you to grab a pen and paper, it would really help you out because you can start to actually work through these as I'm going through them. But if not, start to think of them consciously. If you're driving right now, start to think of the questions and start to make some realizations about what you need to keep, what you need to let go of all of that stuff and so. The real question is, does it serve me? Does it serve me for my highest good? 10 years from now, that dream life that you know, that you want, does this thing that we're talking about as we're going through this, does it serve me in creating the life that I know I can have in 10 years? So it could be where you live, it could be the house that you live in, the part of town that you live in, the city that you're in. It could be the state that you're in. When you look at that, when you look at people that are in your family, I don't mean like your children. Don't like leave your showing me, like, no, these kids no longer serve me. I mean like when you look at your relationship with your aunts and uncles. Other sisters, mother, father, all of that. When you look at everything that you have, do all of these things serve you? And you start to look into the future and you start to look at the life that you do want. And you start to look at everything in the future that is 100% possible. As we start to go through these things, do they serve you and do they help you in what it is that you're trying to build? O we're going to go through every single aspect of your life and see if it supports the future that you want or if it holds you back. And so one of the things that I'll give you a great example, the first thing I'm pops into my head is like alcohol, for instance. I think it's a big thing. I've I've been talking recently with a few people about it like where, how interesting. Is it like alcohol is such an interesting thing? And, you know, I drink wine and stuff so I don't get trashed like I used to back in the day. But I'll drink wine every once in a while. But I'm always thinking about, OK, is this something that's holding me back? I don't think it's holding me back. Is it serving me? Well? There's certain times where I've given up for quite a long time because I felt like at that moment it wasn't served me. And it's OK to give something up and then go back to it and give something up and go back to it. That's fine. But. I've been talking about how crazy it is where it's like I live in Austin, TX and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they shut down a certain part of Austin. They call it you know, it's on 6th St. they call it Dirty 6 and they shut it down. And I was thinking how weird would it be to come down as an alien into study humans and be like, hmm, so they all take this poison. They flavor the poison because that's what this is. A poison is a toxin inside of your body. They flavor the poison so it tastes better and it changes the way that they act it sometimes. Like the more outgoing, it makes them more sad sometimes. It makes them happier sometimes. And they all come together in these certain parts of town so they can drink the flavored poison and they do it on the exact same nights every single every single week. And when they get together and social environments, they take this flavored poison and sometimes they they make new flavored poisons for each other. They test these things out. I just think it's such an interesting thing to think about. But when you really look at it as the fact that it is actually a flavored, it is a toxin. You know when when you take it. It stays inside of your bloodstream for up to 80 hours. And then you start to look at it and I think it's good for everyone to look at and say, I don't there's anything wrong with enjoying a drink wine. It's your prerogative. You whatever it is that you want, but you've asked you. Guys start looking in and saying does it serve me right does it serve me? Is it am I using it for good or am I using it for numbing in some sort of way, and you know am I am I using it the way that I should be does alcohol serve me. You know same thing for like if you smoke cigarettes? Do cigarettes serve you smoking weed just smoking weed serve you. I don't care what you do, I have? Absolutely. No judgment around anybody and what they do with their own life. In their own body, completely U to them. But when you're looking at the life you're trying to create, does it serve you and does it help you or hurt you in going in the direction you're trying to go? You know, if you're trying to build a business, it might be beneficial just to give up alcohol for six months, give up weed for six months and then just see if that helps you in some sort of way, right? So look at those types of things. Another thing that's really important that I want you to think about as we go through today as well is people, right? When you're looking at people that are in your life, are they serving you and helping you and motivating? When pushing you towards your goals or they holding you back, when you look at where you want to be in 10 years and the the amount of money you want to have in 10 years and the family you want in 10 years. And the car that you wanted 10 years and the house is you wanted 10 years and everything that you want in 10 years. The people that are around you right now, are those people going to help you in getting to creating the life that you want or they holding you back in some sort of way? Are these people serving you? 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People like to message me as if I'm a therapist and they always ask me questions and one of the questions that they that I get asked. Probably top three is hey Rob, I'm I'm new in this journey of personal development, personal empowerment. Been doing it for a year or two years. Three years and I've noticed that my boyfriend or my girlfriend or my husband or my wife. My significant other. Makes fun of me for it. They don't enjoy it. How do I get them to start getting on the path of of personal development? And the answer is you can't. You can't force anybody to do anything. But when you look at your significant other, sometimes you get into a relationship with somebody before you get onto a new path. And you've got to really ask yourself, is this person on the same path as me or are they on a completely different path? I know the answer for you, but it's a really good question to ask yourself. Are you serving them and their personal development and the life path that they're on? Are they serving? You and every single way that they can and back and forth. O like is your relationship, your romantic relationship, serving you and are you serving them right. Another thing that's really important to think about the food that you eat. Is the food that you're eating serving you in helping you get to where you want to go? Is it giving you energy or is it taking energy from you in the the things that you eat, the way that you eat, the times that you eat, your fitness routine, all of those things? Are they serving you the food and the fitness routine? Are they serving you into going into the direction to create the the life that you want? I don't know. That's for you to kind of sit, figure out and decide O food is another thing to think about. And throughout all this process, you guys can pause me. I'm going to be here forever. If you pause me literally, I will be here forever. You can just pause me. And then when you're ready, you can unpause me. If you need to journal through these, you need to work through these. All of that stuff. OK, what about your mornings? What is your mornings look like? Do your morning serve you? Your morning routine, does it serve you? Are you are you waking up and being intentional about your morning? Are you journaling or are you doing what is it you need to do? Like my morning routine is pretty standard. I did today, woke up, went to the bathroom, came outside, drink a ton of water, did a 20 minute meditation. Then I made some coffee, went outside and while drinking my coffee, journaled for a little while, right. That's just what I found. I like that's the the mode that I'm in right now. Can I say it's going to be exactly the same in two months or two years? No. Could change. Does your morning routine? Your view and creating a life that you want, which is something to think about. What about your evening routine? What about what you do throughout the day? What about how you make money? Does how you make money serve you? Is it, you know, are you doing it just to make money and to pay the bills? But it's hurting your mental health? Does it serve you in that way? Maybe, maybe not. That's for you to decide how you make money. Is it serving you? Is it helping you? Is it are? Is is it line up? Is it alignment with the person you want to be in 10 years? That's something for you to figure out. What about the environment that you live in? You know, your actual inside of your domicile, inside of your house, the environment that you've created? Is it supportive of the life that you're trying to create? You know, like, one of the things I always tell people is people always go rob, I just watch too much TV. I watch too much Netflix, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, just take your TV off the wall and put it inside the closet for 30 days and see what happens. And they're like, Oh my God, I never thought of that before. Or no, I can't do that. Like, that's just an easy way to change your environment where it's like I'm spending too much time watching TV. All right, well, make it impossible to watch TV. Now what can you do, right. So your environment that you've built you've built the environment inside of your house. How can you build the environment to support you? So maybe you're saying I watch too much Netflix and I'm tired of watching so much damn Netflix. I want to read more in get better at business and start to to grow my business in in. So you think to yourself, OK, I could get rid of the the the TV so I don't have anymore Netflix. And then on the counter the coffee table where my TV used to be. Right in front of it, I can just put a business book that I want to read. And then so every night instead of watching 2 hours of Netflix, I'm reading 2 hours of business books and acquiring knowledge of becoming better. How can you design your environment to start to serve you in the path you're trying to go down? What about the, let's say the the mindset that you have. Does the mindset that you have help you or hurt you in the? The life that you're trying to build, maybe you've realized, man, I'm just way too negative. I talk too much trash to myself. I'm my self. Talk is through the it's in the ******* right now, right? So are you positive enough for you, too negative, or are you too positive? Are you not negative enough? Whatever it might be, when you're looking at your mindset in the way that you think and the way that you act and the way that you perceive the world, does it serve you? I don't know. That's for you to decide. So start to go through your mindset. What is your mindset look like? What about the music you listen to? Like, even the music that you listen to can help you or hurt you, right? There's a lot of music. When you actually start to listen to the lyrics, you're like, oh, I'm just basically saying this out loud to myself and saying something out loud to yourself is a affirmation. Are you affirming the things that you want to be affirming? So you start to actually think about it. You're like, man, I can go through every single aspect of my life and start to remove the things that do not serve me anymore and start to strengthen or bring in new things that will serve me and to create the life that I want. If it doesn't serve you, it doesn't deserve to be in your life. And people underestimate how much how much weight they carry in their mind, how they're being held back by all of these little, teeny, tiny things, and how these little teeny, tiny things don't serve them in any sort of way but it. Requires your awareness first. You've got to become aware and wake up to the fact. That's why I said in the very beginning. Sometimes part of the awakening process is waking U awakening to the point of like, yeah, that. That doesn't serve me anymore. Netflix doesn't serve me anymore. That relationship doesn't serve me anymore. And that process, that the thought process in my mindset doesn't serve me anymore. But it requires your awareness first and after requires your awareness, then you can start to design your life. And you design your life either consciously or unconsciously. Either you can make it happen or you can just let it happen to you. And So what is important is grabbing a pen and paper, working through every single aspect of your life that you can think of, and then just ask yourself this very simple question with the life that I'm trying to build, does this serve me? With the life that I'm trying to build, does this serve me? Is it getting me closer to or further from my goals? And if you do that, every single aspect of your life, you will rebuild a brand new life. And if you go on that path and Fast forward a year, two years, five years? You're in a completely different place than when you would have been if you not sit down and actually start to line it. UO, that's what I got for you for today's episode. If you love this episode, please share it on Instagram stories and tag me in it. Rob Dial Junior RB DIA LJR. I love when I see you know every episode we put out we get hundreds of people that share these podcast episodes. So I greatly, greatly appreciate you guys spreading the word and helping us try to change the world as much as we possibly can. And with that, I'm leave the same way. Leave you every single episode. Make it your mission to make someone else's day better. I appreciate you and I hope that you have. An amazing day.