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Finding The Opportunity

Finding The Opportunity

Wed, 24 May 2023 07:00

Welcome to today’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Podcast where today…

I’m going to be teaching you exactly how you can get better at seeking, finding, and exploring new opportunities in your life for growth so that you can elevate your life.

There’s one thing in particular that stands out to me when I think about all of the people that I’ve personally mentored that keeps most people from actually improving themselves and their lives.

If you can overcome and master what I’ve got for you in this episode then you are going to find it so much easier to take massive action in your life, and 10X the current quality of your life in general.

Most people just simply have the wrong perspective in life. (I’m not judging anyone for this either, because I have definitely been guilty of it in the past myself as well.)

Here’s the culprit…

The reason most people struggle to take massive action in their life is because their mindset around the actions they need to take is all wrong.

I have a question for you…

Do you think everything in the universe is happening TO you, or do you think that it’s happening FOR you?

A Lot of people think that things are happening TO them… Here’s the problem with this mentality…

It instantly puts you in a victim mindset.

If you think that things are happening FOR you, then when challenges come to you…

You will start to see the world through a different lens.

You’ll start to look at every experience in your life to see what you could learn from it to help you actually get to where you want to be in life, or become who you want to become in life.

If this sounds familiar to you…

Listen to this episode and you’ll get to learn today what you can do to help make the mindset shift easier for yourself so you can finally break free from your chains and step into your higher purpose.

If you like this episode…

Make sure to share it with someone that needs to hear it and help us get the message out there so that together we can help make people’s lives better and make the world a better place.

And I almost forgot!!

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Welcome to today's episode of the Mindsetment Tor podcasts. I'm your host Rob Dyle. If you have not yet done so, hit that subscribe button so that you never miss another podcast. And if you love this podcast, please give us a rating and review however you listen to us. The more positive rating and reason we get, the more that those platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts show this to people who have never heard of this podcast before, which allows us to grow and impact more people. So if you do that, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Today, we're going to be talking about how to find the opportunities for growth in every single thing that you do. And so when you really dive into it, we're going to be talking about one of the biggest hangups that I see that stop people from taking the action that they need to to go and create the life that they want. And really what it comes down to is what you focus on and what lends you look at the world through. So if you can master this, it will be much, much easier to take action. And there's one thing that I see from people is it is so damn hard for people to take action to create the life that they want. Not because the action is hard to create the life that they want. It's because their mindset around the action seems hard to them. It's not really that difficult for people to go and do the things that they need to do to create the life that they want. It's not. It's not that it's not that hard to start doing the things that you need to start doing. You are holding yourself back. And really what it comes down to is looking the way that you look at the world. And so, you know, there's many things that you can think about. Like one of the things that I think about is the quote, I think it's not that hard to start doing the things that you need to start doing. There's many things that you can think about like one of the things that I think about is the quote, you know, do you think the universe is happening? Everything in universe is happening to you or do you think that's happening for you? A lot of people think that it's happening to them, which puts them in a place of being a victim. But if you decide that the world is happening, you know, the universe, everything that's happening is happening for you specifically. As if this is a video game and the video game was built specifically for you to grow into who you want to be. And challenges come to you, you see the world a whole lot differently. If I'm looking at the world as everything is happening to me, they want something happens to me. It's like, oh, this is happening to me again. Like this is this is the way that it is. And it puts me in a state of being a victim. When I look at it as it's happening for me, I can look at everything, whether it's good or challenging and be like, you know what, this is brought to me specifically for me to grow. And one person that definitely knew this was Einstein Einstein. There's a couple of quotes that he says that really shows that Einstein wasn't just the end of physics and wasn't just an asscience. But he understood that the world is based off of the way that you look at it. Right. One of the quotes that he has is the most important decision that we make is whether we believe that we leave an offrendal or hostile universe, which goes back to the exact thing I just said, is it happening to you or is it happening for you? Because the most important decision that we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. That's one of the things that Einstein said. Another example is he said, one of the ways that you can look out into the world is you have two options of the way that you look into the world. And those two options are basically that everything around me is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. And that's really showing that even Einstein understood it's not the world. It is our perception of the world that creates our life, creates our mindset around things and decides whether we do or do not take action to really build the life that we want to. And really what it comes down to is finding the opportunity instead of looking at the obligation. And so I love to talk about this because with everything that you do to create the life that you want, there's an obligation of action needs to be taken. Just the way that it goes. But there is also opportunity in that as well. And so let's say that you need to go to the gym, right? Going to the gym, moving your body, doing what needs to be done is not that hard. Like in the grand scheme of life, going to the gym, running on the treadmill, walking on the treadmill, lifting a couple of weights and doing this four or five times a week is really not that hard. But we look at it and we think of the obligation usually. Oh my gosh, I've got to, you know, I've got to go home and I've got to get dressed and then I've got to drive to the gym and then I've got to do this for 45 minutes. And the obligation that we have to look at or that we can look at is you have to put your body under strain. That's the obligation of it. It's easier not to do something, right? So the obligation is we do have to do something. We do have to put our body under strain. That's what it comes down to. And this is where most people don't take action because they're focusing on the obligation more than anything else. What's the opportunity? Opportunity is losing weight. Getting proud of myself for taking the action you need to, looking amazing in a bikini, gaining muscle, being healthier, living longer. That's the opportunity that we get from taking the obligation. But here's the thing, most people though, they don't focus on the opportunity. What they focus on is the obligation. They focus on, oh, I've got to go to my house and I've got to get dressed and then I've got to dry it to the gym and then I've got to make my self sweat and then I've got to come back and then I've got to take a shower and then I've got to fix my hair and then I've got to fix my makeup and they think about obligation, obligation, obligation, obligation. All of the things have to happen. But when you're focusing on the obligation, makes it a lot harder to take action. When you focus on the opportunity of being healthier, having more energy, living longer, being around for your grandchildren, that's the opportunity. Both in the action of going to the gym, both of those are there. But real question is, which one are you deciding to focus on? Most people are focused on the obligation, but if you want to really get yourself to take action, you have to focus on the opportunity. What if it's something like eating healthy? Well, the obligation is you got to stay away from certain foods that taste really freaking amazing, right? And you might have to stay away from some food that you'll really love. Like I love pizza, pizza is my favorite thing to eat in the entire world, but I can't eat pizza every day. Right? It's not done saying that I don't eat pizza. I do eat pizza. That's how I reward myself, but I can't eat pizza every single day. So the obligation is, hmm, shit, I can't eat pizza all day. That would be really nice, wouldn't it? And this is why most people don't end up getting healthy the way they want to. And they don't make the change because they don't like change. They'd rather the obligation is I have to eat something different than I normally eat. This is looking at the opportunity of if I eat healthy, I can have more energy. And that energy could be used to play with my children. I could be used to play with my grandchildren. It could be used to grow a business. It could be used to go and put more energy into grow my business. So therefore I can travel with my spouse and have the money that I need to. And if I grow my business, then I'll be able to create the life that I want and maybe retire earlier. But usually what we're looking at is just, hmm, I have to eat healthy. Damn it. I don't want to eat healthy. I'm going to eat healthy pizza. We're focusing on the obligation versus the opportunity that comes with following the healthier path. See what I'm saying? Which one are you choosing to focus on? It's always about perception. Your life is not based off of what happens to you. Your life is based off of your perception of what happens to you. Or let's put another way it happens for you. Depending on whether you're looking at it. Let's say that you're in sales. I always love to use the example of sales. I know a lot of sales people listen to me. I've trained a few thousand sales reps of my day. And we can look at it and we can say, I've got to make phone calls. And the obligation is you have to put in some work. The obligation is you might have some people hang up on you. You got to get rejected on some calls. Maybe someone's going to hang up and maybe someone's going to cuss you out. Maybe something's going to happen. Maybe nobody answers. Maybe you make phone calls for the next three hours and nobody answers and it feels like just a waste of your time. The obligation is you have to make the phone calls. You have to get rejected to get some yeses. You have to call a lot more people than are going to answer the phone. That's just the obligation. That will always be present. But the opportunity is maybe you're going to be able to make enough money to finally be financially free. Maybe you're going to make enough money to buy your first house. Maybe you're going to make enough money to pay for your children's education, to put your children into a private school instead of having them go to public school, to be able to pay for your kids to go to college when they want to go to college. Maybe the opportunity is being able to take your family on trips that you've never been able to before. Maybe the opportunity is being able to buy your mom a car or be able to buy your mom a house. There's always the obligation. That's what most people focus on. But the opportunity is always there as well. If you focus on the opportunity, it makes it so much easier to take the action. There's always the obligation. There's always also the opportunity. But most people aren't focused on the opportunity. What about waking up early? So many people struggle with waking up early. I get so many messages on Instagram and they're like, Rob, how do I get myself to wake up early in the morning? The obligation is you have to get your ass out of your warm, comfortable, amazing bed, no matter what. That's the obligation. You do have to do it. Is it easier to sleep in? Yes. It's more comfortable to sleep in? Yes. Is it feel really nice to hit that snooze? We have those 45 seconds of getting back into your bed and it's the most comfortable you've ever been in your entire life. Yeah, those are pretty nice. So the obligation is you've got to get out of your warm, comfortable bed. The obligation is you're not going to be able to feel that feeling of going back to sleep in what it feels like. It's much easier just to stay in bed, isn't it? Yes, it is. The obligation is you do have to forego the feeling of sleeping in heaven on a cloud when you decide to hit that snooze button and go back to bed. It's like the most comfortable thing ever, right? It's one of my favorite things in the world. Feels amazing. So the obligation is we have to get up early. We have to feel a little bit more tired maybe. Oh, yeah, we got to be groggy. But what's the opportunity of waking up earlier? Well, how much better you're going to feel after your morning routine? How much better? I know I will treat people when I get my morning meditation in, when I get my workout in, when I take time for myself, when I do my journey, when I do my reading, whatever it is your morning routine is. So the obligation is yes, you do have to get out of your warm, comfortable, amazing, heaven bed that you're in. But the opportunity is how much better you're going to feel after your morning routine? How much better you'll treat people after your morning routine? What it would be like to have an extra hour every single day and extra two hours every single day to be able to wake up before your kids wake up so that you can have time to yourself so you can actually not just be a parent, but also be a singular individual as well. You know, it's just the way it goes. There's always the obligation, but there's always the opportunity, which one are you focusing on? You know, like for me, if you go out there and you're like, okay, I used to do a lot of calls and being sales and trained a lot of salespeople as well. And it's like, there's always an obligation. In with sales, it's the thing I love about sales that you can really get to see as you really get to see the human condition. You really get to see psychology at work and you really get to see people who give up because it gets too hard or the people who have the mental fortitude to push through, to push through, to push through to push through. And when you have those sales calls, you really start to see which one people are focusing on because I've been both. I've been the person who wakes up. I go to my job, work for a company and the whole time I'm just thinking about the sales calls and the sucks, the sucks, the sucks. And I've given up before and I've given up many times. But then I've also looked at the opportunity and said, okay, if I just persevere, if I just keep forcing myself to go, if I just keep focusing on the opportunity, eventually, I'm going to create the life that I want, eventually I'm going to be able to create the business that I want or the amount of customers that I want or the money that I want to be able to get XYZ in life. Eventually I'm going to get there. That's something to focus on. I can even do with creating this podcast. When I put in and create podcast episodes and I actually plan out, like I just do it, people I was asked, do I script out the entire thing? The answer is no. I usually bullet point it and then I do research and all that. It takes hours of research to create podcast episodes. The easy part is recording the podcast. The hard part is all of the preparation work that has to go into it before. So I can look at it and I can think to myself, oh God, and I've done this many times before, right? I've created over 1400 podcast episodes. I've done this many times where I'm sitting down and I'm like, shit, I've got to plan. I've got to research and I've got to think about this and I've got to do this and it's going to take some time and I need to get a coffee and I got to chuck this coffee so I have enough energy to go through because I need to be focused. And I can think about the obligation of what it takes to plan a podcast that was soon to do the research to make sure there's a flow from the start to the end. And I try to take you guys on a journey through this podcast, right? I could think about the obligation. And I've done that many times and I had to push myself to create podcast episodes or I could focus in the opportunity of holy shit. Do you remember there was one time when you were creating podcast episodes and zero people were listening? Like you didn't know if anybody would ever listen to it. Like on the first day of the podcast, 44 people, 44 plays it had on three episodes. You have three episodes. That means probably 12 people listened on the first day. And now you've got this opportunity to create a podcast and have your voice be heard around the world by hundreds of thousands of people. And this podcast episode could change somebody's mindset just a little bit and end up changing their life. I can focus on the obligation. I'm still having to do the obligation. I'm still having to plan out. I'm still having to do all the research, but it makes it so much easier when what I'm actually focusing on and looking at is the opportunity behind all of it. There's always the obligation, but there's always the opportunity. Which one are you focusing on because your world, your mind, your life is built around what it is that you're using a focus on. There's always going to be the things that you have to do in order to get what you want, but they must be done. And you have to grow up at some point and just put the work in. No one's going to come and save you. Like that's one of the things. If I could broadcast the message to the world, no one's going to come and save you. You've got to just decide that you're going to be the person that's going to save yourself. You're going to create the life that you want. Just on the outcome of what it is that you want, not what you have to do to get there. You still have to do the things that get there. But if you're focusing on the outcome, the opportunity, this amazing life that you're going to build, it makes it so much easier to take the action that you need to. So that is a difference between focus on the obligation versus focusing on the opportunity. Find the opportunities in everything that you're looking to do. They're always there. They're always present. You just have to switch your focus a little bit. So I got for you for today's episode. If you love this episode, please share it on Instagram stories and tag me in it. Rob Dyle, Jr. R.O.B.D.I.A.L.J.R. And if you love this episode, you probably love some of the other stuff that we put out there as well. I have a free mindset lesson, journaling mindset lesson, which you can go and download. It is at It's getting There's a free video and 30 journaling prompts to help you get better at journaling so that you can become your own coach and actually start to work through your stuff. So I got for you for today's video. Please like this episode and I'm going to leave the same way if you're ever single episode. Make it your mission, make someone else's day better. I appreciate you. I hope that you have an amazing, amazing day.