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DeSantis Declares, and Target's

DeSantis Declares, and Target's "Tuck-Friendly" Backlash, with Victor Davis Hanson, Beth Karas, and Peter Tragos | Ep. 557

Wed, 24 May 2023 19:15

Megyn Kelly is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The Dying Citizen," to talk about Gov. Ron DeSantis declaring for president on Twitter on Twitter with Elon Musk, DeSantis' messaging and whether he has a shot to beat Trump, what "The View" and Joy Behar don't get about their inherent privilege, the prosecutors targeting Trump right around the GOP primary schedule, the Los Angeles Dodgers reversing course and welcoming and honoring trans activists who mock religious people, Target's Pride clothes for kids and "tuck-friendly" bathing suits, the backlash they are facing and the corporate response, the NYU professor fired after holding a machete to the neck of a reporter, and more. Then, Beth Karas, former prosecutor and legal analyst, and Peter Tragos, host of "The Lawyer You Know" on YouTube, to talk about chilling new details about Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, a "trans woman" suing a yoga studio in New York for discrimination, new details about the "CitiBike Karen" case, and more. Plus, Megyn gives an update on Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and Elon Musk's Twitter embrace of conservatives. VDH: Karas: Tragos:

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Welcome to the Megan Kelly show, your home for Open, Honest, and Provocative Conversations. Hey everyone, I'm Megan Kelly. Welcome to the Megan Kelly show, a major moment today in the 2024 Race for the White House. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will officially announce he is entering the presidential campaign and the way he's doing it is absolutely fascinating. He's going to have a live Twitter spaces event. This is a way of speaking on Twitter about something with Elon Musk and that conversation will be moderated by friend of the MK show, David Sachs. So it's going to be really interesting. It's today at 6 p.m. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this goes down. He's in good hands with David moderating for sure. And what this says about Elon is also part of the equation. He's one of the most popular people in America right now. And that's tough to be. I'm really like, who can get support from both sides? Oh yes, the far left, like the Twitter left doesn't like him. But he's a popular guy. Elon Musk for good reason. So this is a savvy move by Ron DeSantis. The battle between DeSantis and Donald Trump is officially on and apparently so is the battle between Elon and Fox News. That's part of what's interesting about the story. Joining me now to discuss it all Victor Davis Hansen VDH is back with us today. He's a senior fellow at the Hoover institution and author of the dying citizen. How progressive elites, tribalism and globalization are destroying the idea of America. Victor, welcome back. Great to have you. Thank you for having me, Megan. So we'll get to what Elon's doing here. Axios has a headline saying he's taken over from Rupert Murdock as the new it guy in conservative media, you know, the new power broker in conservative media. It's an interesting theory. But what do you make of DeSantis and this move to announce via and with in conversation with Elon Musk? Well, I think it's kind of a wise move. It kind of if he moves him from the whole cycle drama going on with Tucker and Fox. So he doesn't come down on one side or he gives all of his you think he would give an interview or come on Fox like the other candidates have done. That was wise. I think it really helps Elon Musk's Twitter brand, of course. And I think that's in Ronda Santa's favorite. But I think more importantly, he's trying to come across as somebody who has a completely new ideas on all of these problems and one of them is the media. How do you deal with the media? And I think that's he don't Trump had mastered the idea of getting free media billions of dollars of free media as we learned in 2016. And with that CNN fiasco where he just dominated them and got a lot of free. And I think the Santas knows that he's not that's that's Trump's brand. So he's looking for alternative but equally effective media strategy. So it's pretty smart. I mean, especially because Trump's he's over on true social. He hasn't reemerged on Twitter, even though he's been alive back on, you know, per Elon, some speculating that maybe Trump will use tonight around 6 p.m. or maybe 620 to come back on Twitter and offer some thoughts on what we've just witnessed between Elon, DeSantis and David Sacks. I don't know. That's going to be a. That's kind of a dilemma though, isn't it Megan? Because that's his company and Devonunas is doing Hercula in laborers to get it, you know, mainstream and it depends on that mass following. So anytime he goes on Twitter, he's deluding his own house brand and his own company. And yet if he doesn't go on Twitter, he seeds out an entire venue to his rivals. So I don't know what he's going to do. It's that's why I never move. So and I want to talk about the candidates reaction to him. Nikki Haley has sort of emerged as Trump's right fist, right? She's like the punch to a lot of these other candidates in particular DeSantis on behalf of Trump. So to me, that's a clear angling for a VP role for her in the Trump administration, right? She came out and said in response to the suggestion that DeSantis is Trump without the controversy. She said, no, he's he's Trump without the charm. She comes out against DeSantis. So she's already getting on him. Trump's tweeting out or truthing out when Ron DeSantis needs is quote, a personality transplant goes on to say into the best of my knowledge. They are not medically available yet. Finish just with a disloyal person. It's a theme that we are going to hear a lot about DeSantis because he's like a little socially awkward, even though his policies would probably be acceptable, pleasing to 90 plus percent of Republicans. Yeah, that you know, that's not I don't see the original critiques of DeSantis. It's just boilerplate that he's not charismatic or even in the Trump ads, there's nothing new there that is going to appeal to somebody to say, wow, I didn't know this about DeSantis. I didn't I didn't know that. I think he's got his record in Florida and he's going to defend it. But this idea that Nikki Haley, she did she played the same role. You remember with Disney and she said, if Disney is welcome to come over and that was I think that was a very stupid thing to say because Disney had 48, 40 acres of free stuff worth billions of dollars and it was abusing that concession and she just missed that. And so I don't think it's going to work to say where DeSantis is not as charismatic as Donald Trump. His message is, I'm going to get even I'm not going to get mad and we're looking forward and not back and we'll set that goes as far as the other candidates. I don't see any I think you're right. They're all running for either top cabinet post or vice presidency because I don't see any of them breaking out. The big critical thing is if you add up all the non-Trump percentages, it's pretty much equal or ahead of Trump. But that's exactly what happened in 2016 and they never coalesced. And so when it'll be interesting to see to what degree DeSantis will appeal to everybody and say, you know, let me the support or they're going to say he doesn't have a chance and I'm not going to do that because I want to be a vice president secretary of state or attorney general. So that's going to be a lot of positioning. The Disney thing is becoming an issue for him. A lot of conservatives love it. Some are learning to dislike it and that's some of the messaging we're hearing from people like Nikki Haley. Even Carrie Lake, who's firmly in the Trump camp, came out with a line that you could have predicted that that is he couldn't even win over Donald Duck. How is he going to win over Donald Trump? Because Disney has dug in now and I think it was Nikki Haley said, look, he could have had 2000 jobs in Florida. He ruined that opportunity because of this stupid fight. Some saying, look, Disney was critical of this allegedly don't say gay bill, which of course it wasn't anything of the sort, but that's what the left named it. Let Disney say what it's going to say, whatever, it's a woke corporation. Why pick a fight like this that's going on and on is cost Florida jobs now. How big an issue if any, do you think the Disney thing is going to be for him? I don't think it's it might be now, but I don't think it's going to be an issue. It also it depends also on how well he's able to stream this criticism of Disney and to criticism. The general repugnance at what the LA Dodgers did with the sisters of perpetual those people and Bud Light and this pattern that these once successful corporations once they go woke or once they enter in to controversial issues that are all anti-traditional America. They don't they lose and if he can say, you know what I'm I'm just standing out for not just traditional values in Florida, but we're not going to get exemptions for these people if they're going to be political if he can make that argument. Why do they get 40 acres where they basically will as a private medieval fiefdom exempt from all statutory regulations in Florida government control. If they're going to weigh in on things that are highly controversial and that if he can say this is exactly what Bud is doing. This is exactly what they did with the airlines on the all-star game two years ago. This is exactly what the Dodgers are doing and if they want to do it fine, but we're not going to give them any extra exemptions or any extra help. I think that's a winning message and I think I don't think that I don't think it's going to help for conservatives to start defending Disney on this matter because if you look at the polls, they're pretty evenly split and Disney's losing a lot of money on subscribers and attendance and stock value and so I think long-term it's in dissentist interest. I think I know that you know the messaging from Team Trump is the way it is for our reason, you know political reason and it's a it's a good reason to attack him, but the truth is one of the reasons people love Trump is he showed Republicans how to fight and that's what dissentist is trying to do with this Disney fight. I mean he maybe he will lose, maybe this won't wind up in a perfect solution, but he's trying as Ben Shapiro said the day after DeSantis picked the Disney fight to teach the F around and find out message to these woke corporations and that's one of the reasons why people are cheering it. It's not really about the outcome, it's about punishing them and teaching them there will be consequences to you that could be potentially painful, maybe long-term, but definitely short-term if you do this kind of thing. Yeah I think you're right, I think what's happening now is that we've read they pushed the envelope so much the left on every issue and the right has been some woman and now they're waking up and they're saying you know what, we have power, we have almost destroyed Bud Light with 24% down and with the Los Angeles Dodgers and a community of greater Los Angeles that has 12 million people, 6 million of whom are either Mexican Americans or Mexican nationals. Most the grad vast majority of the Catholic and many of them L.A Dodgers that has a lot of Latino players, if they're going to go out and deliberately offend that constituency that's insane and we're not, we're going to boycott that and we're going to tell them that we do not want that. These people who basically have pornographic street theater where they emulate sex with the Holy Trinity and Catholic ritual and all about. So in the long term it's not a winning issue and all they're doing is galvanizing conservatives to say you know what, we don't have the institutions, we don't have the money they do but we have the people and once we get going it becomes almost a snowball effect and I don't think anybody in Disney thought they they were going to suffer, I don't think anything and anybody in Bud thought they were going to suffer, I don't think anybody at Fox News thought they were going to suffer, I don't think anybody at the Dodgers thinks they will suffer and I think they'll suffer the moments. Let's talk about the Dodgers because we haven't run that story by our audience yet though they made it elsewhere by this point. So the L.A Dodgers on their Pride night invited this group to come and be honored and it turned into this big deal because this group it's called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Mox Nuns, that's what they do. They have men who dress as nuns and in behaving debasing kind of ways and they mock the Catholic church and they think this is just downright hilarious. Well, Catholics don't really agree and they complained a little Marco Rubio sent a letter saying this is really offensive. He wrote the sisters quote unquote are men who dress in lieu of imitations of Roman Catholic nuns the groups motto go and send some more is a perversion of Jesus's command to go and send no more the groups Easter ceremony features children's programming followed by a drag show where adult performers dress in blasphemous invitations of Jesus and Mary the group host pub crawls mocking the stations of the cross even the Eucharist the sacrament that unites more than one billion Catholics around the world. Now that's all well and good this is America you can mock religion if you want to bill marge in a whole movie doing exactly that but to be honored at pride night by a mainstream group like the LA Dodgers with the accompanying statement mission statement of the night to which is we want to be as inclusive and welcoming to everyone as we can is extremely controversial. So Marco Rubio sent a letter and the Dodgers back down it said hey we didn't mean to cause controversy we disinvited them well then the trans community stood up and they are the most vicious activists in America and they caved the Dodgers caved brought them back now they're being honored in particular they're getting some sort of awards so they've actually been elevated and this is because what because Catholics don't tend to march in the streets they wrote a letter via Marco Rubio one of our most famous Catholics but that's it we're not going to threaten them we're not going to be vicious the way these trans activists are that's not the way we tend to behave and they know it. Yeah up to now they do and like again I think they're going to have a a bud effect because that community anybody goes down to Los Angeles the last 20 years it's one of the largest Mexican communities in the world and their staunch Catholics and they've already expressed outrage when trans activists broken to and abortion activists have broken into masses in Los Angeles people for a Mexican American people in attendance forcibly removed them and I can tell you that's one issue here where I live in a community that's 95% Mexican American and I have siblings that have been married to Mexican American women and I can tell you that is an issue that does not resonate with the Mexican American community the Latino community radical transgender activism the other thing about it is they're not just asking them again perform them as you sit there we're and honoring them as if they're valuable social activists in the sense of equity inclusion but that's not what they really do they're mocked people they try to hurt people and you know what they act like they're very brave and on the barricades of social and cultural change but they would never do this and mock Muslims or Hindus they would know if they if they did this against Islam they would be terrified so they're very they're very selective in their their targets of outrage you can argue that the Islamic community is less tolerant of transgendered issue than is the Christian community and yet they won't say one word globally or in the United States so all of these people and then they're reacting to the Hollywood Malibu Los Angeles entertainment pressure it does not represent 50% of the people and I don't I think they just don't understand that if somebody from Hollywood calls them up or some big finance here from Malibu and they react to that on issues of transgenderism they don't know about the people that make LA run these are the people who are taking out your trash or wedding on tables they're they're in construction they're fixing things they don't have any idea what those people think so I think it's it's going to be a disastrous turn of events for the Dodgers and the fact that they caved and looked very weak I mean everything they said initially by revoking that invitation what does that mean now does that mean they were in sincere the first time or they put their hand on you know finger in the wind and just decide who where the perceived money and influence was yeah well so we'll we'll get back to the other controversies that you picked off because there's there are updates and all of them but light and Fox News and so on but I want to stay on to Santa's for a minute the reaction to him I mean just for the people who think he's trumped without the baggage okay he will be trumped without the tweets I think you know to some extent that may be true I don't know you know some people think he's going to be more like a Paul Ryan type Republican I don't know about that but I don't think he's going to have the the errant tweets but Victor you tell me I don't think it matters because the left will paint him as just as erratic and incendiary and racist and sexist and all the estes as trump 100 percent it's already starting I'll give you an example this is from the NAACP president Derek Johnson who have these thoughts on de Santis on CNN listen we should not use race or othering as a to to weaponize against people and unfortunately for a large percentage of the lyridians that's what he has done therefore we are advising after Americans and others that if you travel to Florida beware that your life is not valued we didn't hear overnight it was because of the election so we have to prepare for the next election so we can get rid of him once and for all it's so it's unbelievable so it's meant you know all the narrative like but trump you know he doesn't he incenses people more than de Santis well guess again it's the little r after your name that makes them really upset yeah I mean it's absurd we have ten cities who are blacks are being slaughtered in the inner city and he didn't mention any of those places why doesn't he have a travel work to Chicago or Baltimore Los Angeles that's a dangerous place if you're a young black person to walk anywhere and as people have pointed out they have the second number of black businesses they had a black gubernatorial candidate they have 3.3 million blacks living there that the chairman of the end of lcp board lives in Florida and then he was embarrassed and said well I lived here my entire adult life what do you want me to do well why don't you just say I don't want any African Americans visiting me here in my home it gets too dangerous they can't come and visit me that's what I've advocated publicly but it's not dangerous apparently for me to live here and that it you know what it's it's this jumping the shark on all of these issues that people are starting to say you know what this is surrealistic this is pushing the envelope so far that we're in a cultural malice revolution whether it's the dodgers and the transgender or bud light or the in double acp or what we saw in the subway and every the common denominator on all of these themes is it's absolutely absurd and people are saying you know what what can't go on won't go on here in California Megan we had the 800 billion dollar reparations and we're 32 billion dollars in debt on our annual deficit nobody knows where the money comes from nobody knows after eight generation who's a victim and who's a victimizer we were not a slave state and so the head of the reparations board said well you know what we're willing to take installment payments we're willing to take installment paintings what what kind of mindset in this country has led to this craziness and we all were honored and BLM and BLM and then it was just announced that it's lost millions of dollars because of rampant indiscriminate spending mansions for the former leadership and crony hiring of their own siblings and it can't leverage corporations anymore about guilt or protection money after the riots that doesn't work anymore so they don't have any and that was the big cause to live all for the last two years so I think it's all coming to a head and people are saying these people are crazy they're detachment reality and they're they're pushing these cultural social revolutionary change it's malice and they're not going to get away with it because now people see that if you were to enact what they're doing on energy in the border on race you wouldn't have a country left so I think we're in the verge of a great revival or something or a correction the the constant messaging on race as we saw there okay black people it's not safe for them to go to Florida anymore got it okay nor LGBTQ whatever people that's not okay either it's really gotten to the point of absurdity as evidenced by this view clip forgive me for playing joy bayhard but this was her reaction to Tim Scott um entering the race as well suggesting he really just doesn't understand what it's like to be a black man in America this is from joy bayhard listen and he's one of these guys who you know he's like Clarence Thomas Black Republic and who believes in pulling yourself by your bootstraps rather than to me understanding the systemic racism that African-Americans face in this country and other minorities he doesn't get it neither just uh Clarence right and that's why they're Republicans yeah they don't get it Victor they need to be like unlike joy who's actually worn black face and ABC celebrated it by putting it on the air she I guess she has a better idea of what it's like to be a black person in America than Tim Scott or Clarence Thomas yeah she wouldn't last one day in a house without indoor plumbing the way that Clarence Thomas grew up so I think that's another thing that people are really tired of that's the bicolsel wealthy white liberally that's never subject to the consequences of their own crackpot ideolids easy to spout all of that stuff but if you look at the way that joy bayhard lives her income and who she associates with it's pretty much in a part-time existence as all these people and they're totally discredited and so and they're you know what it's like jo it's just like jo Biden who lectured us on hey junkie you ain't black Barack Obama's the first black person that can speak well and clean James O. Eesland was a great guy and Robert Bird I'll give the eulogies to I don't want my kids growing up in a racial jungle call his assistants boy and then Biden gets up after all of that and lectures us about the great danger of white supremacy and racism and it's it's all we do reduce down I think Megan to the fact that they have completely lost the left has the white working class it doesn't it's overwhelmingly not for the left anymore and they need not the black vote but they need 96% of the black vote and any slight defection of that are fall off and turn out and they're dead and they know that they have a thin margin of errors so what they do is they just keep pounding that issue pounding that issue that without this white bicole still privilege elite that black Americans would be at the mercy of I don't know people in East Palestine Ohio or something and I think that's not going to work but they're gonna they're definitely gonna try to try they're gonna try it they're gonna try it they're even I I turned on the television today Megan and the uncle of Jordan Neely the person who was killed on the subway was lecturing us about Penny he just got arrested for fair he had not 42 arrests he had 70 arrests and he had two outstanding arrest ones and he's lecturing us about what Penny did to his nephew and he has trumped his nephew's lawlessness and the idea that the left can make this perpetual criminal into some Christ-like figure and Penny who was a marine and tried to I think perceived he was protecting people who were otherwise vulnerable in the subway into a demon it's it's beyond surreal and again I don't think all this I say it's not sustainable not that I think that it's gonna collapse and they won't they'll quit but if they were to win the country wouldn't be functioning because it's ultimately Neelist all all the topics we've talked about they're Neelist they don't they don't they they intrude into their very lives and they alter them such a degree that it's not any longer an America and it has a lot of ramifications globally the Chinese are delighted about all this yeah do you do you think though that DeSantis has a chance because you know latest poll shows Trump's average of all polls he's up I think it's 33 points over DeSantis the most recent poll has him up he's at 61 DeSantis is at 16 let me give you a flavor for where we think DeSantis's message will go because they released a campaign video yesterday called America is worth the fight it's a little preview probably of what we're gonna hear tonight and how he's gonna kick off the campaign the messaging listen and I tell you and then you tell me whether you think he can get past the 800 pounder rilla they call it faith because in the face of darkness you can see that brighter future a faith that our best days lay ahead of us but is it worth the fight do I have the courage is it worth the sacrifice America has been worth it every single time okay good ad makes you feel a little something doesn't have him speaking doesn't have him speaking probably for a reason but what do you think yeah I think the big question is if we were to go back in time to 2016 we were looking at America's governor Scott Walker he was in a purple state he turned it red he took on the unions he was divisive within a state but everybody said he's a can-do guy has this record and he got on the debate stage and don't from destroy him in the first debate I don't think that's gonna happen so but my point in raising that is that I think the centrist knows that and I don't see why we don't want an open primary I think it'd be good for the party the only thing I would advise the centrist is I think it would be wise for him to say now when he's down in the polls that he will support the nominee and he expects more importantly that every candidate will support the nominee and pledge so now because in 2016 they did that pledge and they all we nicked on it or I shouldn't say all but many of them did to Trump's at hurt Trump and I think it would be good for Trump to say and I think he would probably feel no compunction about saying it that he would support the nominee because he's assured that he thinks it's gonna be himself but it would help everybody in the party to just for dissentists to say that especially and I think that would because I think he's going we're gonna see I think we're gonna see a surge we're gonna see a surge and it's fundraising and we're gonna see a surge as his candidacy continues I'm not sure that it's wise for those these Trump nightly commercials to attack him from the left almost they're attacking him on social security on budgeting on attack and going after Disney and I don't know how you can say that he's not on one hand a lot of the operatives or say he's not too conservative but when you actually look at on abortion and on Disney and on budgeting and social security Trump commercials are attacking him from the left and they're saying he's too much of a right wing zealot and I I think it would be much smarter for Trump to run commercials that are don't attack dissentist personally just say we've got a lot of people that want in here you know the mega manual but it's like having sunshine without the sun you need the sun the sun is me and something like that but if you're gonna but otherwise the idea that in that midterm election that the one bright spot was Florida and how we change that's great and everybody agreed with him left right independent and then to go after him as some I don't think it's it's viable I know the under I understand the strategy to strangle the baby in the cradle right away hit him so quick so hard that he implodes or says something stupid or but I don't think if he survives this initial assault I think he's going to gain traction and I think in a strange way all of these timed left wing unfair vicious ads against Trump brag hands off to liatheedajang she hands off to will as will his hands off to smell thousand cuts and you're going to see Trump in court are being sued or government indictments from now until the election and at some point if he can't stop that people are going to say this is so unfair but I'm tired it's monotonous and so he's got to find a way to circumvent that and attacking on social media these particular DDAs rather than you know there's a way to defend himself and gain empathy without playing into their hands so you can see what the left is doing they're going back to 2016 and that is bill trump up give him empathy but at the same time ensure that if he when he gets a nominee he's not going to be a viable candidate and well and on that front we just found out um now we just found out that um this trial of the album brag criminal case against Trump you know his bookkeeping around the story Daniel's hush payments um has now been scheduled for March 25th 2024 which would make it the three weeks after super Tuesday the naryx times reports that Trump who appeared via video video at the hearing appeared to react angrily when the trial date was announced by the judge that was microphone was muted and it was unclear when he was saying the lawyer seated next to him there's no video of it that we've seen it's just the times reporters in the court saw it um that that's all by design i mean this is 100% a political prosecution of trump and it's as you point out you listed the names of the prosecutors sniffing around him as well uh the one in Atlanta the the special counsel they are going to come for him those other two cases if anything are stronger this new york cases a joke i don't believe in the other two cases either but if you had to stack up you'd say the other ones have a better shot um legally just on the papers and so they are going to come for him and you're right this is going to be the albatross around i mean maybe that's what de santis is thinking too that i don't need to take down the gorilla you know album regs going to do it i think that's i think that's what he said and i think i think i think you and i can see a pattern when de santis and it's sort of i get even he gets mad or more like this is horrible what they're doing to dom trump but they're doing it to you as well as to dom trump he is the avatar but they're going after you and at this late date in this republic we have no margin of error we can't afford to give them any ammunition so i can tell you that while they'll go after me i'm not going to have the same exposure as dom trump there's not going to be a stripper in my past or any woman that comes forward except to accept that and in other words he's he's he's going to have to thread that needle to show empathy for the horrendous things are doing to dom trump but at the same time suggesting that it's really a it's not all about dom trump as dom trump as he will say is making it it's about an attack on traditional america and any resistance against this progressive project and more importantly i'm not going to give him the exposure and and and also any so that's the messaging but also for disantis it's a waiting game just just wait you know while the while the little boat is bobbing next to you in the water and some third party just keeps loading it up with heavy weights all you had to do is wait long enough for the boat to go down and then you're still there that i mean that's got to be part of his strategy because trump's biggest threat is most likely these democrat prosecutors and and ronda santa's can count on them he he can condemn them you can say they're terrible but as a political matter let's face it he's probably rooting for it as you know as we find out tonight at six p.m. he wants the same job trump has all right stand by victor there's so much more to get to get to go squeeze in a quick break much much more with bdh on the opposite side of this so a couple of updates for you uh victor bud light remains as you point out down 25% in its sales that was as of the may 13th week ending which is the most recent data we have meanwhile the human rights campaign which is the group that gives these corporate equality index scores and it's an absurd thing they used to be sort of a normal gay rights group now they've gone completely over the line when it comes to trans issues and unless you believe a man can become a woman and has access to all women spaces they're gonna downgrade your score they're threatening bud light they're now threatening and hyzer bush saying we have suspended your corporate equality index score um while while you consider your behavior in not more vocally supporting the dilland mvaney campaign no response as far as we can find yet from bud light to that but they're hemorrhaging hemorrhaging hemorrhaging sales the woman who runs human rights campaign by the way is named kelly rovinson she worked as a political organizer organizer for obama's campaign in oh eight she recently tweeted trans women are women that's it that's the tweet so what do you think bud light is likely to do now while under threat on its corporate equality index from the human rights quick campaign understanding that its sales are devaporating yeah i think they're going to run an internal survey or they're going to conduct i should say an external survey and find out who is the more responsible for the drop off whether it's the trans community or middle america and then they're going to make the necessary adjustments and they should understand they should learn from history about the wages of pizmah you can't appease these people the more that you appease them the more they look at that weakness to be exploited rather than to be returned with magnuminity they don't look at that way it's up for them it's power and people who are weak deserve to be exploited and the same thing the dodgers they're in it once you give them to them and you know that magnum they come after you were me or anybody that when you start to apologize if you try to contextualize it you're just asking for more they don't care and anybody who does you you lose the so your supporters and I think why should i support him or this company when they won't support themselves and so they crossed the Rubicon and whether they like it or not their constituency is middle america and they've got to have to win it back or they're going to go but they're going to have to they're going to be in big trouble so target is dealing with a similar incident incident right now because target decided it would be a great idea to partner with a company that it as far as i can tell it's one of its main lines seems to be some sort of pro satan line of clothing um they decided to willingly partner with this clothing manufacturer to make pride month gear that includes bathing suits that are quote tuck friendly that have extra material around the crotch which no woman needs because we don't have penises down south and real we we don't need extra material and we don't need tuck friendly but the target CEO is out there defending this um saying look the extra crotch wear and the tuck friendly bathing suits are important that this whole line in the pride department is a good business decision it's the right thing for society that's why they decided to do it but if you look at the individual targets across america they're feeling the wrath of the consumer so much so the fox news reported yesterday that states like south carolina george of the more southern more conservative states are now having to move the entire display into the back corners because they've had so many irate customers i'm sure it includes a lot of parents going in there saying get this out of here i don't want to look at it i don't want my kid to look at it and i don't want to shop here if you're promoting it yeah so making the question is then why do they do these things and i think part of it is the the vast transformation in corporate culture it used to be that if you made it to an ad executive or a corporate you were a guy it started delivering coca cola maybe and then you worked up you were salesman you were in delivery you were an ads but now what they're doing is they're bringing right out of the schools of business on the two coast and we saw that as you remember with the person who dreamed of the mvoni veney commercial she had no experience in the actual working or the the clientele of the corporation but if you look at the schools of business and i can tell you have been on the stanford campus it's a good example they are bringing very young people that are take that are woke and they're letting in people who are woke and their curriculum is woke and then these corporations are hiring them at very high levels and these people have never worked their way up they have no affinity or contact with middle america or working class america and they've made they've almost ensured that these corporations are out of touch with anybody other than their own class and income and so then they what sounds really brilliant and you know i'm gonna outwoke you in a board meeting and we're gonna have a brainstorming and i'm more left wing than he is and i might get a from that that's a prescription for suicide because they have no idea how they sound to normal people outside their small the small little group. and even the you know the the partnering with this group that makes satanic clothing i mean it's reminding me of what's happening with the dodgers like who cares if it offends christians would not us this group that these were not sold at target but this group ab prolin that they partnered with has made products like um a pin with the following statements hetero normativity is a plague times up for transphobes join my gay cult all right so target turned to them to make their new line of clothing including baby onesies with rainbow patterns and at one point selling their pride related merch that red things like we belong everywhere across the trans flag too queer for here um cure transphobia not trans people and so on uh and now they are having to have emergency meetings according to this fox report because the custom rebase is so upset and here's Gavin Newsom's response all right lest your governor lest he missed the opportunity to weigh in on something like this he writes CEO of target brine cornell selling out selling out the lgbtq community uh to extremists is a real profile encourage this isn't just a couple stores in the south there's a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country wake up america this doesn't stop here the gay community so conflating the gay community with the trans community where he knows very well those two happen to diverge dramatically just read the andro Sullivan piece that was posted this week um so yeah him trying to take issue with the fact that these stores are having to have emergency meetings because it's getting so so so so dicey and so so hostile thanks to this bone headed decision in stores in the south in particular yeah you know he Gavin Newsom is the political counterpart to what we were just talking about with this corporate culture related by marriage and nancy Pelosi the getty family subsidized him they gave him all of these uh companies corporation starts he's been a corporate left wing artifact his entire life he's never been outside of that small Pelosi finestein barbed-of-a-boxer circle it's very closely allied with silicon valley money now stanford university and uh it's a very arrogant insular group of people and so when he weighs in on this he has no idea about the trans as you said the tensions between working class gay people and this this trans movement nor does he understand how it affect the trans people affect women sports and how they've destroyed the aspirations of thousands of young girls that are competing from high school on the way up to college nor does he have any idea how average people feel about it and so uh they're getting very i guess i i'm trying to get back to that theme they're getting very uh risky because they're they're pushing a lot of these constituencies african-american adult males uh latino groups working class whites that had voted for abiden and they're pushing them and pushing them and pushing them as if their loyalty is is guaranteed no matter what they do and i think there as many revolutionary groups is that their attitude is yesterday's uh today's revolutionary is the tomorrow's sellout they just keep getting more and more radical each each iteration okay so that we got to talk about the subject of radical uh and you pointed at you mentioned stanford obviously not the only university to embrace the woke left and that brings me to hunter college in new york and this lunatic um who just just got fired thank goodness this for holding a machete up to the neck of a new york post reporter now what was the new york post reporter doing at this person's house he went there because she was in the news yesterday for having it happened earlier this month of the video just went public thanks to the student group a pro-life group had an had a table added on a display at hunter college she went over to them she flipped the table um we have that sound but i think we're that original confrontation where she was very angry at the pro-life students just for saying hey consider pro-life consider our arguments here's how that went slot six look at this angry angry disrespectful person her name is shaline radegez professor again at hunter college adjunct professor in the school of visual arts who decides the students for life may not have a display she she says it's triggering and that it's violent the the very display is violent if the guy's still respectful i'm sorry ma'am sorry that but we're talking about abortion so the new york post goes to say hey you know how about this controversy that was you know i suppose not so cool what you did to the kids and that she pulls a machete on the reporter here is the video that we have via the new york post slot seven yeah so then she chased them to their car reports the post kicked the reporter in the shins um after having pulled in a sh- a machete to his neck that's what it took for hunter college to say we're parting ways with this professor victor it literally has to be this bad for them to acknowledge who they're employing you know you know this is sort of the bookend to all of these corporate exactly why does she do these things why does she think that she can go into a student union and overturn and destroy people's property or why does she think that she can commit a felony and that's what it is an assault and then that's a needle-eat-a-weap weapon in the state of New York why what what's in her mind that thinks it's okay and the answer is she looks at prosecutors throughout the United States and they feel that if you're of a protected marginalized group status you're going to be exempt there and there's no deterrence left so she's now criminally she thinks she can do whatever she wants and then you know i've been in academia for 50 years and they're they always prided themselves on something they call retention promotion tenure this was a very exhaustive process what they went through your teaching your scholarship your behavior to to audit you continually and the same thing was true of admissions to go in test scores GPA the ranking of your high school you know the whole drill and we have destroyed all of that on the the guys of diversity equity and inclusion and the result is that all these people are coming out of the woodwork and saying you know what it worked all we have to do is call people racist and in passive aggressive fashion we can say oh i'm triggered i'm a victim and then i can victimize other people and that's what they're doing and when you destroy all sense of standards criteria of meritocracy and the criminal justice system follows suit then you have we're gonna we see this almost daily and they made a mockery of the university at Stanford University it's the same thing and it was again that thing was triggered triggered the use her term by transgender students so that's these are the wages of what happens when you destroy destroy institutions and then you need them in extremists i mean now we need them are gone and these people have taken over i mean her radicalism was on full display but i doubt that incident with the table would have gotten her fired i think that's no there's no way she would have been honored on campus for that no it's true yeah absolutely five years ago she would have she not only would have been fired for doing what she did the table but she would have been unhierable now if she had not done the machete incident she not only would have been lauded but she probably would have got job offers or or a promotion for what she did yeah this this just in um apparently she's she's gonna be honored by the LA Dodgers at their net oh but that's how it's going Victor Davis Hanson it's always a pleasure my friend thanks for coming on thank you all right now up next we have an in-depth edition of kelly's court for you but first i'm going to bring you an update on the Tucker situation when we come back after this break and don't forget folks you can find the Megan Kelly show live on Sirius XM Triumph channel 111 every week day at noon east and if you listen to the show live often we take collars and we can chat about the news together so please consider doing that if you prefer to watch the video show and see the actual visual presentation go to slash Megan Kelly can watch it and see our clips there and if you like an audio podcast you can get that too follow download an apple spotify pendora's teacher wherever get your podcast and there you can find our full archives with more than 555 shows now my goodness bye bye bye for one to start with an update on Tucker Carlson the Daily Mail reporting based on these pictures that he is rebuilding the studio in his main home that fox dismantled after booting him off the air good for him because fox would have taken its camera and its lighting and its other equipment and they've got pictures of Tucker and his family trying to change it up that's good news for those of us who would like to see him back on the air and using his voice and he seems to be getting his act in order meantime i had some thoughts on the Elon Musk run to santa's thing and how it relates to fox news axios had a very interesting article today and i agreed with a lot of what was in there the headline is musk moves in on mordock elan musk has displaced rooper mordock and fox news as the king of conservative media in recent weeks why it matters they write fox news used to be the place where conservatives went to break news but the right wing ecosystem has turned on the network leaving twitter as the center of media gravity for the republican party just as the 2024 election heats up their examples of this are the fact that tucker's ratings have cratered in the apm since he left that tucker's bringing a new version of his old fox news show to twitter it's really it's going to be a subscription model but he's going to post it via twitter and ben Shapiro just announced that all of the daily wire podcasts are also going to be posted on twitter beginning at the end of this month and then on top of it all you have rondis andis now he is going to sit for an interview with tray gaudy over on fox news but he's making the announcement on twitter he's not making the announcement on fox news that is a sea change for these republican candidates trust me i was the one in the anchor chair when a lot of these people came on to announce their candidacy back when i was still at fox in the twenty twenty sixteen race i mean i could go down the list for you of the candidates who announced on our show and who we did in depth profiles on sort of bringing their backstory to the viewers no more this is the way it's going to be done now they're bypassing what was once unbi-passable fox news to make the actual announcement and get the news out as you know all that matters in tv news is who has it first it doesn't matter that he's going to tray gaudy second what matters is he's breaking the news with elan on twitter it's a significant shake up when it comes to media and how republican conservative politicians see fox news they no longer have to kiss the ring they understand that it's not just rupords show anymore we brought this to you yesterday after after that harvard heres pole that showed more independence now are turning to alternative alternative media sites for their news than any other news site then abc mbc cbs any of these fox news all of them more conservatives now than ever before are turning to alternative news sites like us like digital media not just us but places like the daily wire and glenn back and so on and this is a very good development carlson actually spoke with axio since i said the old system is collapsing and i agree he said you can't claim you've got a democracy of all the information voters receive before a presidential election has been curated by the people already in charge and the axios piece goes on to point out look on monday i mentioned this report to you the daily signal had a really good really good report about how fox it has gone super woke on all the trans ideology i mean not just their employee handbook which they say well we have to comply with the laws in new york and california where we do business i get that that's true but you don't have to crack down on tucker's producers who want to refer to dilland mvanie as a he which the reporting in the daily signal says you did you don't have to demand certain of the things that are in that report of all employees you don't have to use words like gender affirming care which plays into the left's narrative you don't have to air reports talking about how if you don't let your daughter transition to a boy you're going to wind up with a dead daughter instead of a live son those are left wing lies about the trans situation and look in 2022 when that report aired we knew that we knew that by that point the fox is leaning in and that's why the daily signal which is owned by the conservative heritage foundation took a shot a major shot at fox news with that good reporting that i just mentioned then you've got daily wires matwalsh reacting to that report saying fox news is fully woke on trans ideology and saying now that tucker's gone there's no stopping foxes march left word they also point out the carlsson is preparing to unleash attacks on fox news we saw that report um in an earlier piece by the daily beast where fox uh thought tucker was threatening that he's got a very large op-o research file on fox news and is not afraid to use it if this thing gets even uglier so that's where we stand now now i think it was a clever move by de santis yes he'll go on fox but it's different and it had he just done this on you know the old apm timeslot without fronting it first with elan it would be sending a message i don't think he wants to send right to the tucker core of your ship which once again has not watched fox just to latest update on the ratings because i always bring them to you uh last night we're the monday night is the most recent data we have terrible night up and down the the channel Laura ingram at 10 in the tank i mean just dreadful numbers she lost the entire night she was down at 149 in the key demo uh tucker's number still horrible uh down in the key demo 157 9 p.m goes up just a tick to 162 then Laura down at 149 absolutely horrible a maddo beat Hannity in the overall numbers and in the key demo as she always is doing now every monday i think since tucker left and miss mbc beat Laura at 10 and in in the total um cnn did a little better than news max but it was a horse race and that's just never been the case news max has been beating cnn in that apm timeslot we are seeing a seismic shift in the media landscape right now and it's great it's good for america it's good for you it's good for our eco sphere in our reporting and i told you this long ago that the future of media is going to be the the relationship between the audience and individual personalities you cannot trust these large corporations that have and agenda they have too much control over what you see and what you do not see you need to figure out who you trust and who you don't trust who will be honest with you even when the facts are not pleasant for your side but who will understand what's important to you the consumer in actually choosing stories uh and reporting on them that's that's what we do that's what this whole eco sphere has allowed and that's why it's gaining steam and the days of rooper mardock having a monopoly on the conservative right are over okay we move on now to kelly's court with an excellent legal panel today there is tons of legal news to get to including the latest in the brian colbergor murder case an unbelievable lawsuit by a trans woman a challenge out of new york more details on the city bike care in case we brought to you yesterday and also e gene carol trying to take another shot at trump based on that cnn town hall lots to get to joining me now to discuss peter tregos managing partner at the law offices of tregos sartes and tregos and post of the lawyer you know on youtube and bath carous former prosecutor and legal analyst you guys welcome back to the show great to see you good to be back traveling i mean bath is like i didn't spend enough time on best many accomplishments but she's been a prosecutor she's i know you're a bc i listened to you on 2020 all the time now they've scooped you up and that was a good decision by them but in any event great to have you both here so um let's let's start with my god so so much so much that we can get to let me see where do we want to begin i guess colbergor because the chilling details that were reported on this friday night's date line were shocking this guy's accused of murdering four Idaho college students most americans have seen the story by this point three young women and and one young man the boyfriend of one of the young women while sleeping in their beds um last november november 2022 here's the suspect colbergor um the the defendant was seduous nicked into their house in the middle of the night with a knife a k bar knife and have he sliced them to death he stabbed them to death all four of them there were two other roommates inside the house one of whom we believe slept through the whole thing one of whom uh has told the police she woke up at some point and saw him leave the house she had heard some sort of oral exchange we believe between the defendant and one of the victims where he said something to the effect of it's okay you know i'll keep you safe or i'll protect you or something to that effect someone said that and now he faces uh the court to figure out what's what they were gonna have a preliminary hearing where the prosecution was gonna have to show all of its cards they decided not to do that they just got a grand jury indictment which prevents the prosecution from having to put witness have to witness on the stand and allowing the defense to cross examine them i think that was a wise move but what's come out what's come out now is shocking including you guys the biggest revelation from the date line to me was that this guy apparently bought a k bar knife and sheath remember they found the sheath of the knife knife that was used by the murderer at the scene they found him buying one of these knives and it's accompanying sheath seven months before the murders an amazon beth on amazon what well i mean it is seven months before so i suppose the defense will say that's too attenuated but it is good evidence that they can now place a knife in his possession something that if he bought presumably he was possessing not getting away and consistent with what they believe to be the murder weapon although the actual knife has never been recovered the sheath has been though and another detail that came out if i can if i if i may please please please is that he apparently burglarized another home in the past and sort of switched switched things around to just kind of play a psychological games with the owners not really stealing anything and when i was reading about that and hearing about it immediately made me think about the pettit family that was killed in 2007 and chesha canettica one of the two murderers that the house that they were killed in the house was burned down the father the doctor survived um one of the two Joshua Komasa Jebsky was a cat burglar who used to do just that he would burglarize people's homes switch their paintings sometimes steal things not always but just mess with people's heads and he perfected the skill of burglarizing and then he committed the ultimate act of raving and killing these two young members and the two young girls and and their mother but you you got to wonder yeah coberger also was sort of perfecting his burglary skills so he could stealthily get in homes without detection hmm that i got to tip my hat to the date line team that they were my favorite people at NBC for what it's worth i love the date line team they were just total pros and kind people um Keith Morrison i got like the greatest he was born to do the job he's doing is he not in any event um they report that there's a couple things here he broke into this is the case you're referencing i assume a female colleagues home yeah he broke into a female colleagues home months before the murders um according to a source with date line he's considered a strong suspect in this case they don't have the proof positive yet but this is all brand new allegedly broke into the apartment of a female colleague this is while he was at Washington state university he'd only gotten there months before he he'd only started his graduate studies program there i think he got there in august the murders were committed in november so he didn't have a lot of time to start you know this alleged crime spree um allegedly broken at the apartment of a female colleague there at Washington state university moved items around as part of an elaborate ploy to manipulate her according to date line he befriended her months before the murders then broken to our apartment jostle things around did not take anything they write it worked this is via the new york post the unnamed woman then asked him to install a video surveillance system this is so sick and creepy you guys which authorities believe he could have it accessed remotely since he knew her wifi password this is crazy Peter so can you imagine how this young woman is feeling now the the reaction she must have had when she realized when we all heard that shocking news that they just they arrested a suspect in this case of the four murders and she found out it was this guy who had installed the cameras this is crazy and it was it would be totally consistent with what eventually happened inside that other house a couple of months later if true yeah i mean i i hate to be the one to throw cold water on some of it but i think that's what you're here for when yeah i think this happens and this is kind of another aspect of this case that i think's a really big deal and that's the gag order the non dissemination order where these leaks are not supposed to happen and sometimes when the leaks are not supposed to happen sometimes there are reaches and there are stretches and we hear if he's a suspect somewhere else now it fits into his serial killer profile perfectly and it proves that not only did he commit these crimes but he committed that crime there is another way to look at it that he was at least a trustworthy enough for this female student to ask him of all the people she could have asked to put the system in her home it also begs the question that if he already had that access to her home and he had practiced it before and he had set up a security camera and had this information on her why not choose her as the potential victim i'm not saying he didn't do that and i'm definitely not saying he didn't do the Idaho murders because it seems like there is a lot of evidence i just caution everybody to jump not jump to conclusions wait till we see what actual evidence comes out because there is a gag order and wait to see if those other similar bad acts like breaking into other young females apartments comes into this trial because i think it would be relevant if they can prove by clear and convincing evidence on the other bad acts that he did in fact commit those crimes and then you start piling up evidence that proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt i'm just not there yet piling on with all of these additional things we're hearing hmm Beth the other piece of new information um this is also interesting is that you know he was this ta at Washington state university where he was getting his graduate degree at the time he allegedly committed these murders now we learn again via mbc that he had been fired he'd been fired from that job in December so it would have been right after the murders uh they're reporting that he he was counseled over a verbal altercation he had with a professor and his conduct had been investigated with women they were investigating his conduct with women around the time of the killings he was ultimately fired from his job as a teaching assistant in December before his arrest at his parents home in one of those instances he was accused of following a female student to her car in the case of the female students the university's investigation did not find him guilty of any wrongdoing clearly they had an investigation open on him they cited the potential unsatisfactory performance as a ta including his failure to meet the norms of professional behavior in his interactions with the faculty Beth what we're seeing here in my view is a pattern of behavior leading up to these horrendous acts right his things seem to be spiraling in his life if he's losing the ta position was he planning something like this i don't know but he did have odd social interactions with women it has not been established that he actually knew the victims in this case for and for him to commit the ultimate act and for murders is that his first i mean is that his first crime because it's pretty severe generally we see escalation and crime certainly things are not going well perhaps on some parts of his life but i i don't really have an explanation for why he would kill four people and certainly don't know a motive either but we've we've heard other problems with women that he he didn't do well with women there's been speculation that he might have been a so-called in-sell involuntarily celibate man who has never been with a woman but not because he doesn't want to be now we see here negative interactions with women at Washington state there was an earlier report that he had negative interactions with women at a bar to the point where the bartender the guy who runs the bar said i don't want you coming here anymore it something's off off with you then there was another report out that he had yet another pullover in his car this is in addition to the ones that we already knew about after the murders this one was before where he was sort of pushed by this cop and in any event that happened right by the house in which the murders took place prior to the murders it's just like a lot of circumstantial evidence it doesn't alone none of these proves anything together to me it paints the picture of a man who had issues serious issues with women and who were his main targets these women inside this house go ahead Beth I do want to add that because you do mention this is circumstantial that most murders don't really happen in front of a lot of witnesses so there there's not often direct evidence aren't confessions or eyewitnesses to murders murder cases are built routinely on circumstantial evidence and this is no different so and it's great evidence circumstantial evidence is every bit as good as direct evidence sometimes even better because it can be incontrovertible unlike eyewitnesses because they can get things wrong Peter the prosecution is going to say seven months before these murders where we've got his car circulating right around the house we've got him which he never did turning off his phone right before the murders and turning it back on right after the murders and we've got his touch DNA on the knife sheath that was left behind seven months before all of that he bought a knife sheath that matches exactly the knife sheath found at the murder scene the weapon itself that was used to kill these four young promising college students has not been found but it would match they'll have forensic testimony the knife he bought via an amazon they're going to have that and by the way if he didn't use that knife where's his knife we searched his house we searched his parents house we searched his car we didn't find it where is it that is so damning that's the type of evidence I think I would focus on if I was prosecuting this case you have the amazon purchase you can get the exact same knife from amazon or from the manufacturer tested law enforcement can test it to the autopsy wounds that was on the victims bodies they'd be able to match that knife up and again just like you said just like in the murder case if it wasn't you where are the clothes and that seems to work if if something is missing then you know where is it and we think you ditched the knife and again it fits right into the story the prosecutors are going to try to use to convict them and that I think is a huge piece of evidence in the direct evidence that comes in some cases that I think is very damning is when they do ever murder weapon and they can attach it to the defendant with DNA or whatever it may be in this case this might be the second best type of circumstantial evidence with the purchase yeah they've got I realized touch DNA is not as ideal as you know a bodily fluid being conclusively matched but they've got his touch DNA on that knife sheath that's how they found him they found the the touch DNA they ran a genetic search for who might this belong to his dad came up in the database they before they ever knew the name Brian Colberger and they they recognize that the person that was they were getting a hit on was the son of mr Colberger and that was Brian Colberger then they found his car and so on they had all unfolded so the jury is going to hear all of this is going to be extraordinarily compelling I want to get to one of the piece of evidence before we talk about what happened at the when when he was a rain the other day bath post the indictment and that is the family my god so chilling so he has I think two sisters his family is in the polka nose Pennsylvania more rural part of Pennsylvania and the one sister was a counselor I don't know whether this is that sister but she was apparently laid off from her counselor job in the wake of all this I mean can you imagine like let's be honest nobody wants to get their counseling services from somebody who might be the sister to a mass murderer so this is again via date line after returning to his family's home because that's where he went in December after the murders with his daddy at that cross country trip we got pulled over a couple times by the cops Colberger started wearing latex gloves even in the home hello I mean very creepy I mean who wouldn't be looking at him like holy shit one of Brian's sisters who was home for Christmas noted yes his new his use of the latex gloves that he and noted that he lived just miles away from the murder scene only 10 miles away and that he drove a white Hyundai Alantra which is what the police were searching for at the time she thought Colberger if the Colberger family should consider maybe it was Brian she knew Beth she knew yes that was really chilling to learn that now the fact that he was wearing gloves in the home is a huge red flag but that his sister who's a little bit of a trained observer put it together the car the maker the car and where he was living together with the gloves that alone made that's great stuff but there's got to be something more about him obviously she knows her brother she may have other things she knows other things about his behavior his interactions or lack of interactions with women perhaps he's done something inappropriate in the past I'm not saying illegal just perhaps inappropriate that made her think wow maybe he really is because those three things together are pretty compelling but I think that it's against you know to sort of all the knowledge she has about her brother and his psychology you're 100% right Peter because you know I like you know the people in your life and think about the people in your life right now if they came home after a murder had happened nearby where they normally live and behaved a little odd most of us wouldn't be like he did it clearly there was something about this guy that led the sister you know his past that led her to say oh my god I think he might have done it yeah I mean I think it indicates that we just don't know so much in this case and what is like Bet said the entire context of her statement you know she's going to be sworn under oath and either giving a deposition or at a trial or wherever it may be and giving an official statement as to what she saw what she heard post murders but also maybe throughout his life as we've heard so many people talking about how there may have been signs or patterns throughout his life and his sister may be able to shed light on that but I also just want to mention real quick at the end the fact that she lost her job and you're right Megan that who wants to go to co-berger as their therapist or somebody that helps them with a problem to me that is the importance of innocent until proven guilty and why the nation as a whole should wait until we hear things specifically that are going to come in as legitimate and reliable evidence before we come out and ask her family I want to ask you whether this is admissible but yes I mean it's like can you imagine you're going to you know Beth Dahmer as your counselor okay it's over between me and Beth I mean yes I'm sorry Beth you've been helpful but no I'm moving on okay let me ask you whether this is admissible Peter is this admissible because here's what they say happen next this is so creepy the family knew they knew of course they knew and this guy had a long history of mental health problems he was addicted to heroin say the reports Brian Colberg or he had the visual snow problem where he would see like the I call him the ant races on TV for no reason in his eyes his talking about feeling like a dead bag of me he feels nothing when he hugs his family members he's you know this is not a well man then started to turn his life around or so we thought getting the chronology degree going out to get his graduate degree and so on this date line report goes on a source said Brian's father said or so the sister said to the family we should consider whether Brian committed these this quadruple homicide the father said no I don't believe it the same source told date line that several members of the family went outside to look for evidence in Brian's white Ilantra and that they did not find any but police by that point had already observed Brian cleaning his car with bleach we know that the FBI was was watching him at the time that he was at his home in the polka nose they found him when they burst in there to make the arrest at one in the morning wearing latex gloves putting his belongings in little ziplock baggies in a trash bag that he was going to dump as he had the nights before in the neighbors trash so they had let him get away with a fair amount of stuff because they didn't they weren't quite ready to make the arrest including cleaning his car with bleach but is that admissible Peter would they is there a way of getting in that the family suspected him to the point where they went out and searched his car yeah I would say it's probably going to be admissible especially when pieces of evidence can be used by both sides it's more likely that they're going to come in a trial and I think the defense would use this to say his family went and looked and there was nothing in the car and the prosecution will use to say even his family thought it was him for all of these reasons and then because there is missing evidence like a missing murder weapon and depending on exactly what they can find or gather from the car as far as DNA evidence I definitely think that's going to be a topic of conversation throughout the trial the evidence that's missing and why it may be missing in his actions post crime. Beth do you agree? Yeah it's a former prosecutor do you agree that this comes in? I do agree and everything that the police did and observing the family and what the family did yeah there's there's it's totally admissible. That's not good either I mean like as a juror I would find it very compelling that the sister believed he did it and that the family so not so more than the sister felt so compelled they went out and searched that car I mean in the midst of all this other evidence so it's just like it builds okay so now when he was a reigned he did your grand jury and died at him and he had to go and stand and say whether he was guilty or not guilty Beth and he did something I have not seen before but I heard our pal Nancy Grace talking about this on her podcast talking about how BTK the serial killer with whom Brian Cole burger may or may not have a relationship or may see him as a mentor with speculation um he also did the same thing where he refused to say the words not guilty and then the judge said those words. The judge is named judge so it's a little weird he's judge judge judge judge judge and judge John judge was the one who said not guilty not guilty so what's that about so I've had that happen in my experience when I was prosecuting where a judge enters a plea on behalf of the defendant because the defendant can't enter it for whatever reason maybe an incapacitated or just refusing to speak so the judge enters it because there has to be something you know in the record guilty not guilty almost always it's a not guilty plea now I've heard an Idaho attorney give some analysis about this that if you're going to challenge a grand jury presentation it's better if you don't speak to that indictment at all even by uttering the words not guilty not a good argument but maybe that's part of the strategy maybe not uh he may just not want to cooperate at all failing to cooperate with the attorney could maybe stall the case a little bit but he did speak they did they asked him other questions like do you understand this charge yes do you understand this one yes he said and forcefully he was like yes he to understand the charge and count to murder in the first degree yes do you understand the maximum yes do you understand the charge account three murder in the first the exact yes do you understand the maximum談 Conference but when it came do not guilty Nothing. Correct. But you know, there's two parts of competency, right? Understanding the proceedings and then assisting in your defense and you know, I'm actually looking at a case right now where a woman was found incompetent for five years because she refused to talk to her lawyer about the case even though she understood the proceedings. So I don't think that's where a co-worker is going, but it made me think about the story that I'm looking into right now. In any event, standing mute is not unheard of. And so the judge just enters it on his behalf and then move to the next step. It's very weird. I don't know if this is laying the groundwork for a plea. He thinks like I never lied about it. I never said, like I don't I don't know what this is about. Nancy had some experts on her show speculating maybe it was an attempt not to give too much voice evidence because that one roommate heard the voice. And he's already spoken in court and he did speak in this court proceeding as well, just not on that question. Maybe there was a question about whether it would sound better if the judge is up there saying not guilty. Maybe it's his attempt to control because it's a very controlling guy. We just don't know, but it was an oddity that jumped out of me. The case is looking very strong against him in my opinion. This guy's not getting off. He is getting convicted in my view. He will see he remains committed to proving his innocence. He is the latest statement from his lawyers was he will be, quote, exonerated. We'll just see about that. So many more great cases to get to with Peter and Beth right after this quick break. Hot yoga in Chelsea is in trouble in a civil suit brought by someone who says they are a trans woman biological male was Dylan miles now goes by Ali miles. And this is the third gender identity discrimination lawsuit that Ali has filed in 13 months. This is Ali three lawsuits in one year. And the latest is based on an incident in hot yoga Chelsea would anyone care to relay the facts that happened in Chelsea hot yoga Chelsea happy to do it. But happy to let you guys have the air time. Peter take a shot. I think that's taking this one. So I mean, as I understand it, this happened just across town from where I live, but I really am not familiar with the case that well, that Ali miles wanted to use the locker room and showers were all the other women were and miles is identifying as a woman says she is transitioning. But that's how she identifies born male and still has male genitals and a lot of the women other women in the locker room were really offended by miles is conduct because she was just letting it all hang out. And the other women were like she's a man like she's just 150% male so they were really offended and they're in the club was like, yeah, you can't use this facility when you read the law, though, and I was reading the law because it's not my area. I really know crime and this is civil, but you know gender identity is how one perceived themselves regardless of their birth sex in New York City. She's defined as transitioning and so of course in my mind, my practical mind, I'm thinking, well, if you're transitioning, you're not there yet, you're in the process. And years ago, I covered a case, I was telling Peter off air in clear water, where he is, I covered a case involving a transgender person transition from female to male and then married a woman and you know, I won't go through that whole story, but the judge had to determine if this couple was in a legal marriage. And he went through a transition and then had his birth certificate changed and it seems like if you go and have your birth certificate sex changed, then that has to be honored because you are legally now a woman not the man not the woman you were born. So, but that's not the case anymore in reading the law, you don't have to have gone through the birth certificate change, you just proclaim yourself because as a woman and everybody has to honor that. So like this heavy person at the yoga studio, these women who were offended in the locker room, they have to honor it too. I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure either because I think you can make a case for harassment or there's definitely a peeping Tom law in New York City, where you're not allowed to creep around and look at naked women and that's apparently what this miles was doing Peter, they say that the person who claims to be transitioning is, I think this is a, this is a quote from Chelsea hot yoga to the Washington or to the near post. This person who claims to be a transitioning woman came into the female locker room number one in male shorts that were down to his knees, although there could be some hormonal addition because his bust is bigger than mine said one witness, he did not wear any feminine top to cover his bust. He also derrobed and he has a full male, there's 150% man as best said, there were things hanging out, then they go on, it wasn't even like he was just standing there, he was crouched down on the floor in front of the shower stalls. That is creepy, that is what you do if you're trying to see in the shower stalls, it was very uncomfortable for one of the women that was in there and she was completely naked as one does when one showers after hot yoga, then this person started in immediately by reciting the law to the people who objected and they could see this miles person could see that there were other women, this is a quote again amongst myself that were notably upset and that was a lot of people. And the female witness said this person came there, it looks with the intention of starting a problem, this cannot be protected by the law. So a couple thoughts on this case, just generally big picture, these are things that are going to have to be decided in court and I think that's part of when we go down the line that he's filing or she's filing all of these lawsuits, it reminds me of back in the day in Florida when the ADA policies changed and there will be people that were wheelchair bound that would hook up with a lawyer and go to every establishment and see if they had the proper ramps and elevators and if they had made the updates and if they didn't they would file a law. So it's a lot of lawsuits and again we'd have to decide and the courts would have to decide did it apply retroactively where they end violation right now I think that's probably part of what is going on, but I think the hot yoga studio also is going to have to look into the actions of the plaintiff in this case and if her being barred from the showers has nothing to do with her gender identity, but instead her actions while in the locker room and if they ban her from the locker room because of her actions. In the locker room that's different than that is to her because she's transgender, but let's face it that the law should not protect this person and allow this person to enter the female locker room, even if there wasn't weird behavior inside the locker room, no woman wants to look at a penis in the women's locker room that's a fact that's the truth and Beth you know as well as I do that there are real reasons why they created female only spaces to begin with whether it's a bathroom or a locker room and that is because women have traditionally been the victims of sexual assault repeatedly in these types of locations and so now I feel for hot yoga Chelsea because they say look we've allowed a lot of trans people into the locker rooms, but this one's really upsetting people so we drew the line there, but they have to let even the ones who aren't upsetting people, well that probably are, but I'm just saying not doing this weird stuff, they have to because of the New York City law and what they said in this article is we've been informed by our lawyers, this is somebody who oversees six commercial buildings in Manhattan just giving color comments, we've been informed by our lawyers to change everything, everything has to be a neutral bathroom now in order to avoid this problem and that's not a solution either because I was just in a I just had to go to a neutral bathroom last week in New York City you were like there's just a bunch of stalls and you come out and you have to wash your hands next to a man that doesn't protect women and you better I don't want that it's a confined space it's a it's in the back it's behind closed doors and I don't want honestly to be pulling up my skirt or down my pants in a stall next to a man and I don't know who's in there or how he plans on using this space this this law cannot stand Beth. So I think and I agree with Peter there need to be challenges to the law and every case is sort of fact specific but I think that we will find more definition as as time goes on because the terms are pretty vague I understand what you're saying about your own use of bathrooms when I'm given a choice I I don't like to go into a bathroom that has a urinal in it I just don't and I totally get what you're saying because we're of that generation that's living through this transition younger people are very accustomed to it but it's just not my life experience so it is taking some getting used to although I plenty of I know plenty of people who are transgender that's fine but I think the law does need to kind of be a little more specific. They look you can create a third bathroom you can create a third locker room okay that's fine you want to do that but women can't lose it every turn what they're doing right now is every time the woman loses track me swim race bathroom issue locker issue women lose your afraid of sexual assault too bad check all your instincts they're not dangerous bullshit I'm not saying every trans person is but there's enough of a faction there that we have legitimate cause to be concerned and there's enough of a faction of actual biological men who identify as men who will use this as an invitation to get into our spaces whether it's a prison or elsewhere that we have every right to object this law must change and we need a case like this good he wants to test the law by by going into all these places and becoming a serial litigant let's do that let's find strong lawyers who will actually stand up for women and their rights because it's just a matter of time before somebody gets hurt this is absolutely outrageous all right let's move on to Trump Trump got sued by E. Jean Carroll who claimed that he raped her some 30 years ago in a bird dwarf gurdman in New York the civil jury she didn't sue him for rape she sued him really saying you defamed me by saying it didn't happen in that I was a con a con artist in making this up the civil jury said we don't we don't think that he raped you we do think he sexually abused you so something short of rape and we also think he defamed you by saying by denying your claims and calling you a con artist that's she they ordered her $5 million Trump said all along didn't happen didn't know her this is a lie then he goes on post verdict to CNN to do this town hall and here's what he said this woman I don't know her I never met her I have no idea who she is I have no idea who the hell she's a work job she's a whack job so Peter she's now refiling trying to get an additional I think it's another $5 million from Trump for what she sees as an additional defamatory statement is she right. So theoretically she could have an additional count for another defamatory statement and additional potentially she could ask for even more money and punitive damages because she can say that punitive damages are in place to punish and to create a scenario where the wrong doer stops doing that we think about it in my world in corporations it's got to be enough to hurt the corporation for them to make a change so that they do what is right and she can argue that whatever they awarded against Donald Trump the first time was not enough because he doubled down right afterwards so it needs to be more money and punitive damages and theoretically she could have an additional count of defamation because he doubled down on his prior statements. I don't get this I don't get this either Beth you're allowed to say didn't happen so like a man accused or a woman accused of something she didn't do just has to in the wake of a civil verdict which is 51% more likely than not just exceed yeah okay like why can't he say this is a lie she's making it up she's a she's a whack job she's a whack job is not that that's not a defamatory suable statement so let me let me just back up a second and tell you that um New York State passed a statute called the adult survivors act for one year regardless of when the sexual assault happened you can bring a lawsuit and so E. Jean Carol brought her lawsuit for rape and sexual abuse under the adult survivor act it expires this end in November this year it's just one year so she did sue for rape and sexual right I mean well it was a civil claim not criminal correct the correct all right not criminal right there's just civil claim um but the jury did find the statements he made were defamatory he went and he made the same statements again right so that's a problem and he just needed to back off of the statement because of jury because a civil jury said we believe that he can he just has to not deny it ever again I don't think that's the case I think he can absolutely deny it I think people can deny things all the time and that can't be held against some for defamation I think that um cases get overturned all the time that's why we have a pellet courts um people lose trials that shouldn't people get convicted those convictions get overturned and thrown out but I think when you make factual statements like I've never met her and uh she's a whack job and and kind of put those together I've never met her and she's a whack job again some context based on the claims she's making because I've never met her is arguable I'm not telling you he's going to lose at all I'm not telling you he's going to lose I'm just saying when we attach factual statements with opinions sometimes those opinions can be related back to the factual statements and there's an argument before Johnny Depp very rarely did these defamation can be a real bad and okay I think we'll have a good conclusion Before Johnny Depp, very rarely did these defamation cases go forward and have these multi-million dollar verdicts left and right. And people seeing this as an opportunity to go after somebody that said something you didn't like. But today's day and age, I feel like I've seen more defamation cases and big numbers from jury's undefamation cases than I've ever seen before. I know. This is not America, Beth. If he's not allowed to say it's not true. I don't know her. And I think she's a whack job. Like that's, that's America. She is allowed to have his negative opinion of this person who he says is making this whole thing up. And by the way, not for nothing, but he has an appeal pending. He's going to file an appeal. We're still within 30 days, I think, on this entire verdict. Listen, I mean, her law, she's got a great lawyer. Robbie Kaplan is great. And she said that she and her team were researching this issue on whether or not they could even ask for additional damages just going forward on damages only since liability has been established. And clearly, in their opinion, they came up with a big yes. And that's why they filed. Maybe courts will disagree, but they believe that they are in, you know, have a base, have a good case to ask for additional money because he keeps repeating it. I'm betting her against her 100% on this one. She's not going to win. And no matter how good she is, she can't turn this one into an actionable civil action. It's just not, it's just not, or this is not America. Okay, let's end with the city bike. Karen, sorry, that's how she's been known. This poor woman, a nurse 36 years old, six months pregnant, leaves her job at Bellevue where she's a physician's assistant, gets caught on tape in a confrontation. She's white and she got in a confrontation with some black, they say teenagers, they must be on the older side of the teens because they look like men to me over whose city bike it is. It's like a rental, rental bike. You can get in New York. As it turns out, it's hers. Her lawyer has produced receipts to show the exact identification mark on the bike matches up with her receipt. And it was hers and these guys surrounded her and she felt threatened and started yelling for help and was probably called a racist by all these people online. I mean, it was, it was, I mean, deeply offensive. Do we have a sound bite on this? Or is this a full screen? Oh, yeah, here's just, here's a sampling. This is from Dr. Rashad Richie of the Young Turks, okay, just like a sampling of what they sounded like. He's of the left and many people on the left just condemned her as a racist right off the bat. I think it's 19. Check it out. The caronicity is unbelievable. Put up the picture. We got her name where she works, a boss. I want to remind you of a couple of things that happened in this video. Obviously it is telling, right? You know, she said, and I quote, you are hurting my fetus, my unborn child. Did you all hear that part? She said that. Why did she say that? Because that bolsters her argument to do what she's attempting to do. Which is theft under any other circumstance. We will call this attempted theft if the black male went up to the white female who paid for her opportunity to utilize the device and he decided to grab it and try to take it. We will call that clearly attempted theft. So let's call it as it is. Okay. That's one sample Yahoo headline white woman caught on video trying to steal black youth's bike in New York. Not true. The independent New York City health worker placed on leave after she falsely accused a black man of bike theft. The Bellevue authorities confirmed the Bellevue hospital employee was caught on camera attempting to hide Jack as city bike that a black man had already paid for according to reports. Okay. So Peter, her lawyer now is saying he's going to sue them all. He's going to Nick Sandman them all and for defamation for saying she was a thief when she was nothing of the sort. And this is why it's important regardless of who the accused is, what they look like, what they say, what they're accused of doing, why we don't jump to conclusions. We don't convict on the first thing we see or hear. We wait to see what's actually produced to prove the truth because I think if everybody would have done this in the situation and they may have even said it looks really bad or it sounds really bad on the video, but we need to see what actually comes out to prove the truth. This is just a highlight picture of what we should do to wait until we see what actually comes out to prove the truth. I mean, I didn't even think the video looked bad. I thought the video, I mean, the, my guest yesterday were pointing out that what six month pregnant woman picks a fight with a bunch of strange men. It's really not something we do. That's right. And I agree with Peter. We just have to not jump to conclusions and learn the facts before having an opinion like this. I mean, it's very, very unfortunate that this happened. And one good way of making sure that you don't get sued for defamation is to be careful, be careful in rushing to judgment in a case like this, but they don't learn. The mainstream media sees a narrative. They pack it into their priors and they're off to the races. That's Peter. Thank you both so much for being here. Before we go, don't forget to tune in tomorrow. We're talking about Gillian Michaels live from Syria's Sex Town. Thanks for listening to The Megan Kelly Show, No BS, No Agenda, and No Fear.