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Ep. 443: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia LXI

Ep. 443: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia LXI

Wed, 24 May 2023 09:00

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Steven Rinella, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Randall Williams, Corinne Schneider, Ryan Callaghan, Seth Morris, and Dan Ahdoot.

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I'm your host Spencer Newarth and today we're joined by Steven Rinella, Janus Poutellis, Brody Henderson, Randall Williams, Seth Morris, Corbin Schneider, Dr. Randall, Ryan Callahan and Dan Adute. Now Dan, this is your first time on the show. How do you feel about your chances at meat eater trivia? I am going to do so well. How well you're going to rename this the Dan Adute meat eater trivia hour. The confidence is real. Dan is the only one to ever suggest putting a dollar down on the game. So we now have a stack of cash sitting in the middle of the table. A stack of $3 bill. First four. I thought it was bigger than that. Okay. Dan started that though, wanting to bet on this game. Steve, you had an hour or two to suss out. Dan, how do you think he's going to fare? I bet that one. I just listen. I don't want to be mean. I don't want to answer that. I can take it. No, I can take it. I bet you one Phil does who's in and out at eight. You're out. Listen, be in and out by eight. That ain't bad. I'm sorry. I'm by eight. They're dead. Yeah, long one forever. Steve is usually quite bullish on our guest ability, Dan. I haven't heard him be that down before. So I'm looking forward to. Wow. Wait, is that true? Prove him wrong. It's true. Prove him wrong, Dan. Yo, this is for all the coastal elites. Listen in. I will represent. Maybe not well though. Okay. Are you be there a coxman? Is that what you're saying? The coxman? Oh, I'm sorry. Did I pronounce it wrong? Yeah. Wow. You know what? You're going to be out by question number five. Now, Cal pointed out, Cal wasn't even supposed to be on this episode. But he wanted to stick around because he has yet to get to witness Steve versus Brody versus Dr. Randall. And Cal said I have to sacrifice my next hour to be here to watch this unfold. But he's playing. He's playing. But he's also here for the show. Damn. I'm going to go to show. I wasn't included in that. Those are in that grouping. Cal's right now. Yeah. It's because you don't display the same characteristics that have me intrigued. Oh, I know. Yesterday, I'm a social. He explained that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is a 10 round quiz show with questions from me. Diders four verticals, which are hunting, fishing, conservation and cooking. And there is a prize. Me. Dider will donate $500 to the conservation organization of the winners choosing. And for the state of the week this week, we're looking at Phil's performance in me. He did it. Trivia. Now before this show had really found its identity. Phil was playing along as well as keeping score and running all the sound effects. But then he declared one day that it was too much to do all three things. So he kindly gave up playing so he could better run the soundboard and scoreboard. Prior to that, they'll fill competed in seven games. His best category was cooking where he got 64% of questions. Right. His worst category was hunting where he got 18% of questions. Right. Phil's best performance was an episode 294 where he got five right and finished just one point behind Steve. Was that a monumental day, Phil? It was kind of before the show became the show and before like, you know, people got egos and things, things of that nature. So yeah, it was a it was more fun than monumental. I was just having good time. Yeah. Do you miss the days of having a white board? No, no, it's too high pressure. But as soon as I take over this company and like a bloody coup and I changed the trivia to Star Wars and video games, you guys are so screwed. Now here's our 0% of question in the week, which tests how much knowledge players have retained from previous games. This question was from episode 343. The topic was conservation and nobody got it right. Which of these is not one of the five tools of wildlife management listed in the 1949 book a sand county, Almanac X cow water gun. Which of those was not one of the five tools. Nobody got this right. X cow water gun. What would be your guest, Steve? Can you have been given the hint now that's wrong water water is right. Nobody got that right though. The time we played this question was especially notable because it was the first time we ever had a multiple choice question where no one got the right answer. Now, in a previous game of trivia long, long ago, we had a question about who the 19 year old was from the movie into the wild that died in the Alaskan wilderness. I got that right. Now the correct answer was Christopher McCandless, but I also awarded credit to Steve for his answer. Steve, remind folks of how that went and why you felt you got it right. This was all his other name was I put down Alexander super tramp because that's what he called himself and of 2022 taught you anything. Is it what you call yourself is what you are. Okay, for instance, Dr. Randall Williams. Yes, never called myself as identified as Dr. Nandall Williams. And we have a name to Alexander super tramp. Well, Jeff Swayze wrote in to say that he believes Steve shouldn't have gotten this right. And here's why a little late to the game. Although McCandless did temporarily refer to himself as Alexander super tramp in his final communication with the outside world, he dropped the moniker. Here is his last letter which he taped to his bus door. Take it away Phil attention possible visitors. SOS I need your help. I am injured near death and two week to hike out of here. I am all alone. This is no joke. In the name of God, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. Thank you. Sign Chris McCandless. He was no longer Alexander super tramp, Steve. He was also in a distress state. Okay, see you wasn't himself. He blurred judgment. That's the win that game of trivia. I just win all time. Oh, you don't have this information of that if it affected the outcome. We can revisit it later. You know, and I still feel fine about giving you credit for Alexander super tramp. That was even a deeper cut than I think knowing Chris McCandless. So we'll still give you that point. I still feel fine about favoring my employer. I mean, they can tell I am yeah. Now these shall be in great guy today's game is a three and a half. So our winner should get seven correct answers. And with that, we're on to the game of trivia. Play the drop Phil. Look, I need to know what I stand to win everything. How's that? Just tend to win everything. Game on suckers. Question one, the topic is conservation and this will be multiple choice. Which of these states has the highest population of wolves? Is it Oregon, Michigan, Montana or Minnesota? Very confident answers in the room. I'm surprised at how quick everyone was to come up with an answer. Steve, you're going to get this one right? Oregon, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota. I heard you just visited Yellowstone recently. Did you get to see any wolves there? I saw so many wolves. Really? No. But I saw that everyone here answered quick enough and we're in Montana that I'm assuming this is local. I had a reveal your answers before we give away too many hands. Steve saying Minnesota, Dan sang Montana, Brody sang Minnesota, Karen sang Minnesota, Cal sang Michigan, Seth and Randall sang Minnesota, Yannis sang Michigan. The correct answer is Minnesota. The room did pretty well. After Alaska, Minnesota has the highest wolf population in the nation with a population of 2,700 wolves. Minnesota is home to about half of all wolves that live in the lower 48. Montana has about 1,200 wolves. Michigan has about 600 and Oregon has about 200. Question 2. The topic is fishing. This next great question comes to us via my nephew Archie Matthiasin. You have a question you think is right for trivia. You can send it to Did he texted to you or email it to the official email? His mother texted it. I think it's about 10. You're pretty good uncle. I feel like I've picked up little snippets here in there to suggest you're good at being an uncle. You know, I think being an uncle is easy. I'm the funcle. I'm the fun uncle. But when they're like 10 and 12 years old and they have all the same interest like hunting fishing sports. It's pretty shine through. It's easy to be a house full of rocks. That's right. They like rocks as well. Here's the question from Archie. The fishing lure pattern that has red, blue and yellow dots on a white background is named after this grocery store staple. The fishing lure pattern that has red, blue and yellow dots on a white background is named after this grocery store staple. You're getting it to Steve and Yannis head here. Try to. Very confident on the other side of the table. You're doing a lot of writing and erasing. My markers, I wouldn't call it a dry erase. I'm not sure if I can do it. I'm writing and erasing. My markers, I wouldn't call it a dry erase marker. That's the issue. We have other choices. I got a lot of energy going into racing. Can focus on the question. I know very little about fishing. You know this one about supermarket staple. Don't talk too much. You're getting real trouble. You think you have this one right there? Slice cheddar. Do you think you have this one right there? Yes, I do. Yannis and Steve might slip up. Corannis seemed like it came to you over there. Do you have the right answer? Is everybody ready? Yannis, I think we're waiting on you. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying bubblegum. Dan sang wonder Brody sang wonder bread. Corinne sang wonder bread. Kousey. Why do you write? You stole it from somebody. Seth sang wonder bread. Wendell sang wonder bread. Yannis sang popcorn. The correct answer is wonder bread. Dan, I think we'll give it to you. I mean, I choose the season. Why? The word wonder, but didn't know how to finish it. How much you get that far and not get to the end? Because I thought it was the company is wonder. The company is not wonder bread. It's a bread made by the wonder company. So I thought they are wonder bread. I'm going to give it to you Dan. Thank you. The guest always needs some help. Now, can't think I know. That was pay tracing. I did not need help on that. Usually our guest. It's like the rear four. When I looked that you had wonder and didn't finish it, I thought you caught a glimpse of something. Like maybe over on my board. What was your guess? It's awful. I didn't get it right, but I'm not afraid to say it. I 100% swear I did not cheat. I did not look at your board. I'm telling you the truth. We know things about you in four aspires. Okay. Another episode. We don't need to bring that up. Now wonder bread and its iconic packaging have been around since the 1920s, but the use of it on fishing lures didn't catch on until about 20 years ago. The pattern is now mass produced by companies like Rapala and Little Cleo, making it a popular choice for anglers targeting Sam and while I bass and pan fish as one fishing guide eloquently put it in a 2020 article, the wonder bread pattern is the best thing since sliced bread. Question three. You like it? I like it. It's not my most confident color, but I use it mostly through the ice. It's fun to have around. It doesn't match anything else in the lake, but if you're worried about getting something's attention, that'll do it. Question three. The topic is cooking. This meal is often referred to as Jewish penicillin because of its medicinal value. This meal is often referred to as Jewish penicillin because of its medicinal. Dan with a confident confident answer. Jewish penicillin. Dan, I often throw our guests a bone. One question that I feel like is squarely in their wheelhouse. When I go to your website, I think the first stand up bit I watched was about being Jewish. Your bio said something about growing up in a Jewish household. Your Wikipedia entry. I think the first line says Dan Adute is a Jewish actor, writer, comedian. So, if I go for five, I'll go for five. Dan, I was getting Jordan here really quick. So, I am throwing a bone to you on question three here and you look confident that you're going to get this one right. I am, however, it has nothing to do with my Jewish-Jewishness because this is an Ashkenazi Jewish thing. I'm an Iranian Jew, which is Sephardic Jews. This is not part of my culture, but as a coastal elite, I'm surrounded by Jews. I know that Jewish people are struggling, Dan. This could put you in the lead here. Good, good, good, good. This meal is often referred to as Jewish penicillin because of its medicinal value. Is everybody ready? See where you're going to get this one right? I don't think so. Steve has oft excelled in questions in this category because you once had a Jewish girlfriend you proclaimed. I learned a little, yeah. I want to know more about Judaism than she did. But you're not going to get this whole statement. Is everybody ready? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying, Matsubal soup, Dan saying chicken soup, Brody saying, chicken noodle soup, Karin saying, what's that say, Karin? You felt a fish. You felt a fish. Kale saying, Matsubal soup, Seth saying, blue cheese, Randall saying, Matsubal soup, Yanis saying, Matsubal soup. The correct answer is chicken soup or Matsubal soup, either one of them. Are you ready to read that? We'll give it to Brody. I feel like it's their noodles. Sometimes they're our noodles. Sometimes they're our noodles. These are our noodles. Karin, aren't you half Jewish? Yeah, and you put gfilter fill. I just couldn't think it was chicken noodle soup. A Jewish physician was one of the first to recommend chicken soup for curing illnesses in the 12th century. By the way, a Jewish physician is redundant. That's good. This claim was backed up by research at the University of Nebraska, which proved that chicken soup slows inflammation associated with colds and flu. The Jewish penicillin moniker gained popularity in America after World War II. Question four, the topic is Woodsmanship. This next great question comes to his via Daniel McCarthy. If you have a question you think is right for meat eater trivia, you can send it to trivia at the meat The presence of this compound, which is often associated with red wine, is what makes some acorns more bitter than others. The presence of this compound, which is often associated with red wine, is what makes some acorns more bitter than others. Yanni, you're going to get this one right? I believe so. Do you have a lot of acorns on your property in Wisconsin? Some years. Is that something you talk about in fall, which acorns are they hitting? Yeah, I'm just starting to pay attention to that. So I will be talking more and more about it. Get the current. The presence of this compound, which is often associated with red wine, is what makes some acorns more bitter than others. You know what I learned the other day listening to the wider hunt podcast? The whole episode, number one 61, was that some oaks never will produce acorns. They're simply not producers. And the guy was saying, cut them down so that your producers... That's bold....your super producers. And it'll never produce. It's not just that it's having a bad couple of years. Yeah, you said watch your stand for three years and you say, you'll know which trees are going to keep producing and which trees are never going to produce. I'd like to take that one to bubbly-doodle. Pat Durkin has a great article on our website about the reality of trying to fertilize oak trees. It's a thing that a lot of Habitat managers try to do, but we don't quite know everything about how it works. A lot of misconceptions. Does everybody have an answer? Go ahead and reveal your answer. We have Steve saying, Tannic acid. Oh, it's not all I said. What is? In parentheses he says, Tannins. Tannins, Brody saying, Tannins. I think I'm the only one who get it right. Tannins. Cal saying, Tannin, Tannin. Everybody says Tannin. Everybody got it right. Tannic acid. The correct answer is Tannins. No, there are many Tannins. That's not a compound. Tannins isn't a compound. We're going to give it folks who said Tannins. According to biologists, acorns from white oak trees are preferred by wildlife because of their low Tannin levels. This gives them more of a sweet flavor than acidic flavor, which is common with red oaks, black oaks and pin oaks. The Tannins in wine often come from the skin and seeds of fruit. What did Dr. Williams have? He got it right. All the way right or just a little right? I think by the rules of the room, I got it all the way right. I think by your rules I did not get it right. Question five, the topic is hunting. Who is the author of the hunting novel Death in the Longgrass? You already did this. Never done this before. Who is the author of the hunting novel Death in the Longgrass? Karan has not picked up her board yet. Have no guests. Rest the room looks fairly confident. Great book. Great. Red it. Yes. You should add that to the Meteor book club. Good idea, Yanni. Does everybody have an answer? I got two, is that a problem? I think it is. We are thinking we have done this question before. You should be more confident. Call you have an answer? I know, I am going to space them. Oh, it is Brody thinking too? No answer. Brody, are you thinking? Oh my goodness. I can't believe it with all these book writers in the room. Oh, don't worry. I put my answer in right away. I am trying to decide. Randall, how are we doing over there? Are you going to get this one right? I feel pretty good about it. Have you read this book? Yes. I am coming. I can picture it on my shelf. Did that help you, Cal? Can you read my hand? The one I got and the one I crossed out. We can do that. Cal is the only one I have ever seen. I know the one that you got. Can I guess if I know both of the ones that he wrote? You can write down what you think Steve's other answer is. I'll give you my dollar bill out of that bet. I'll take my dollar back out of that bet and give it to you if you know what I got written down. Is that okay, Dan? Yeah, that's okay. Kind of like messes up the whole bet. It doesn't matter. Is everybody ready? Go ahead and reveal your answer. We have Steve saying Zane Gray, he crossed out Cap stick. Dan saying... No, no, no, I meant to cross out Zane Gray. Dan saying Johnny Maconcelot. Brody saying Pete Capo. What's below that? Halfway. Halfway. Corinne without an answer. Cal without an answer. Yes, Cap. That's right. Randall saying Peter, Halfway, Cap stick. Yannis saying Peter, Cap stick. The correct answer is Peter, Cap stick. Can I get it? Because... Do we count Brody's? Do we count Brody's? Well, count Brody's. What are you writing? Well, he went first name, last name, middle name. So, what do you got Brody's? We'll give it to him. I'll decide. So, they do it in the Do-E-Dowler. This is what it's... The correct answer, Dan is Peter, Cap stick. I can't get all three names on there. That was Cap stick's first book. Can we read this for a minute? What do you got? My board. It's the crossed out, Cap stick. Or did he underline it? That's an under-excessive. That was Cap stick's first book. Before he became a professional hunter in Africa, he worked as a stock broker on Wall Street. Cap stick was also the hunting and fishing director at Winchester, which took him on his first trip to Africa. The famous author died in 1996 at the age of 56 after complications from heart surgery. Fail, we are halfway through the game of trivia. Give us a scoreboard update. I didn't know that about that. In last place, with two points, is Ryan Callahan. Coming up next, our Steve Seth, Yannis, and Dan, all tied up with three points. Still in the game. Oh, Corinne also has three points, excuse me. And then in the first place. Correct. Yes, same first place are Brody and Randall with five points of peace. Oh my God. I'm married. Look at two point lead. Five questions left. I'm keeping up with Dr. Randall. Dr. Randall isn't even allowed a Venmo or a paper. No. No. The show was sponsored by BetterHelp. Now, ask yourself this. How much time do you spend on yourself in any given week versus how much time do you spend on other people? Right? How do you balance it to? Now, I'll tell you my view on it. Your number one obligation in life is to the people that are close to you, your family, people that rely on you. But you can't perform for the people that rely on you if you don't take care of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, the whole thing falls apart. Okay? 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Grab your liquid IV in Bolt Nationwide at Costco, or get 20% off when you go to and use code meat eater at checkout. That's 20% off anything you order when you shop better hydration today, using promo code meat eater at Question 6. The topic is public lands. The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail passes through nine states, name three of them. I know you don't like this kind of question, but are you the word through? Does that mean that there is no question about it passing through a state from this list? This is how it has to completely cross through the list. This is how it has to cross through the list. This is how it has to cross through the list. This is how it has to completely cross through. It doesn't have to go from like a northern border to a southern border. How about a eastern border to a western border? If it goes one mile into that state, it passes through that state. This is according to the National Park Service. Again, the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail passes through nine states, name three of them. How are we doing over there, Randall? Pretty good. Dan, are you going to get this one right? I think I will. You're the only one who looks confident right now. Brody? Hmm. Okay. I almost asked you to name four of the states. Good thing I kept it at three. The room looks stumped. Steve, how are we doing? You have three states? I do. It's everybody ready. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, Dan saying Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado. Brody saying Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Karin saying Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming. Cal saying Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Seth saying Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma. Randall saying Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma. Yannis saying Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas. The nine states are Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. How did the room do there, Phil? I think only two people, Randall got it and Steve got it. Wow. Yeah, buddy. It's a tough question. Randall, Dr. Randall, I think in the end it is Florida. I don't know. Ended in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was a popular answer there and then almost everybody provided that is one of them. What was Shelby index? Three and a half. Winners should get seven. The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, which is managed by the Park Service, commemorates the forced removal of Cherokee's from their homeland. The path follows the route that 17 Cherokee detentments use from the southeast to Oklahoma. It's estimated that about 100,000 Native Americans travel the Trail of Tears between 1830 and 1850. Question seven, the topic is woodsmanship. This is our listener question of the week, which was won by Leeland Hart for sending this great question. Leeland is going to get a book signed by Steve. The Missouri Department of Conservation declared this bird, Hollywood's voice of choice because of how often its scream is used in cinema. God, I want to have such a dramatic comeback, dude. It could happen. I want it so bad. It's like I could taste it. What's going on behind you there? Corrin Bump, thoseuciary and squid bi. I want to take Randall's face. it come back to. It could happen. I want it so bad. It's like I can taste it. What's going on behind you there? Karin bumped those carrying a squid bite. I want to take Randall's face. You know what? You know what? You know the oak. You can go a lot of directions. What's that plant that we used to think would be a great thing to beat people with and then someone sent me some in the Ocateo. Ocateo. Like someone sent me these Ocateos all dried out and sent antler handles for whooping. I want to whoop his face with that thing. Why is it my name? Because I used to win all time and then he started coming all the time. And now just a mess of me. I never get invited if he's not here. I like that you're focusing your rage on him and not me. He's winning right now. He doesn't like doctors. Again the question is the mystery. Never get to come down here without you sitting the same street place in him down there too. Ever. The Missouri Department of Conservation declared this bird Hollywood's voice of choice because of how often its scream is used in cinema. Does everybody have to answer? I don't do the schedule. Give it a shot after we reveal their answers. Cal, you turn your board the other way. I mean you can see. Are we ready? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying red tailed hawk. Oh no. Dan sang hawk. Brody sang red tailed hawk. Karim sang maca. Cal sang red tailed hawk from Missouri. Seth sang red tailed hawk. Randall sang sharp tail. No. Yannis sang red tail hawk. The correct answer is red tailed hawk. Can I do the little tidbit? They often put it over a bald eagle for some reason. The raspy scream of red tailed hawks are often dubbed over clips that show other birds in flight like eagles and vultures. The purpose of these screeches to defend their territory and let other hawks know to stay away. Although I'm sure your imagination is strong enough to hear their call. Here it is anyway. Okay, even our little tidbit. He got. And Jeremiah Johnson. You hear red tail hawk. He says red tail hawk. He'll be to the muscle shell in hell. He's there already. Explain that to me. He's watching a red tail hawk. Okay. Birds can travel faster than people. Spencer. Do you guys remember the the masters controversy? Remember that? The piped in bird. And for the wrong bird. And the only time I've been very proud of people who watch golf. As a person who used to sound designed for outdoor TV shows, I'm very sympathetic to that. And also that red tailed hawk. I mean, I would it's just invaluable resources. Yeah. Cut till it's like an open desert area. Yeah. Dan, if you ever doing a satirical show, you should really test the boundary of that and like show a blue J and do a red tailed hawk scream. Or a macaw. No, because a blue J can do a red tailed hawk scream. So that they do have kind of a fierce call. Dan, if you ever, but no, they're ever acted in a Western. No, I've never acted in a Western. I did play Fulafel Phil on the Disney Channel, though. The next Western here and I bet it will have a red tailed hawk. I get credit for hawk, right? I don't think we're going to get to get to the heart. No, wait. No, wait. Hold on a second. Guys, this is not right. The fact that I. Oh, you're going to lose the argument, man. I just didn't know the name three hawks. Red tailed hawk. That hawk that he. But that's what I'm saying for some reason. No hawks. I knew that it was a hawk. Spencer will often say when it's a name of question, clarification. Yeah. If you think it's a deer, you need to say white tailed deer. Can I tell you something? You can. If I had to guess, I swear to God, I would have guessed red tailed hawk because I live in LA where there's a ton of red tail hawks on my house to guess. No, how many points is he had? I didn't know I needed the genius in the species. How many points does he has three? We'll give it to him. You get it right. Thank you. Well done. Thank you. Give it to him. We accepted three different answers for Motsubal suit. Yeah. And I was the only one who got it actually right. I wasn't yelling at you. No, there's no noodles in chicken soup. No, I allowed it. Okay, he gets hot. It's a good one. The topic is hunting. What? I'm going to mess up my deal because I needed him to be out at eight. We'll find out. I'm guessing he's going to be a question. It's going to be tight. What Turkey subspecies has the second most entries in the National Wild Turkey Federation's record book? What Turkey subspecies has the second most entries in the National Wild Turkey Federation's record book? Confident answer from Brody. This should be multiple choice. The rest of the room not as confident. I don't agree with Turkey record books, but pretty calm. I'm going to read it one more time. I'm sorry. What Turkey subspecies has the second most entries in the National Wild Turkey Federation's record book? Brody, why don't you like Turkey record books? It's when you're looking at a Turkey strutting in a field, 40 yards away. There is no Turkey hunter on the face of the plant. I think his spurs are two. His beard's maybe 11. I'm going to pass on him. There are a few countries. He's jealous. I'll just come out and say I killed him exceptional in Turkey this spring. When he came in, all I could see was spurs. I was blinded. Nothing was spurs. I'm jealous of your slam, but I'm not jealous of that. Brody. Brody, are you familiar with the bow mars at all? The people who got in big trouble? Yes. A lot of reasons not to like them, but one of them that they got a lot of help for a few years ago was they were on a video sitting in a blind and some mature times roll. They're like, we think those are two and a half year old birds and they don't shoot them for that reason. Brody, there are a couple folks in the world who go to that level of Turkey hunting. Yeah, but it's those folks. Everybody have an answer. What do you got? I don't want to. Well, enough. Everybody have an answer. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying rios, dan sang butterball, brody sang rio, krainas sang oscillated, cal sang rio, Seth sang rio, Randall sang mariums, Janice sang mariums. The correct answer is rio grand. Oh, yeah, Texas got it. Right. There are 13,000 entries in the NWTF record book for Eastern turkeys that's followed by rios at 6,000 mariums at 5,500 Florida at 5,000, that was a narrow cut at 1500 and oscillated at 1000. Their record record book program started in 1980. Do they have different? You boys got lucky. They have different standards for the different. Well, you he just said something stupid. You know, like, because mariums all have dinky spurs. Right? Is it one standard or is it like, well, I don't think they even have an oscillated as in the subspecies. So you should have said like, and stepping outside of that species, stepping outside of that of the subspecies, the oscillated species has 1,000 entries, not in the top four. Keep it in mind. Where's the butter ball? Phil, we have two questions left. Is Dan out of the game? Yes, Dan. I mean, listen, for a guest, he's got four points. That's a pretty solid score. Corinne, Yannis, Dan and Cal have all been eliminated from the running. I'm in very good company. I feel like maybe one of my scorers didn't get written down. Yeah, I'll double check. Has five points. Stephen Randall have six in and first place is Brody Henderson with seven points. Seven points, two questions left. Question nine, the topic is fishing. You're coming at the wrong guy here. This next great question comes to is via Caitlin Trout. If you have a question, you think he's right from media, you can send it to trivia at the meaty Pyramid Lake, which is located in this state, is famous for its trout fishing style where anglers stand on top of ladders. Pyramid Lake, which is located in this state, is famous for its trout fishing style where anglers stand on top of ladders. Brody, do you know this one? Uh, um, 50, 50 quick answer from Brody Cal. You look like you maybe know it. Oh, I know. Okay. I actually think I know this one. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let's keep playing too. Keep down the chat. I mean, for the record, you don't have to be in this state to stand on a ladder and fish. It's quite common though at Pyramid Lake. How we doing? Does everybody have an answer? Steve, you ever shot at this one? Uh, can you read both mine? We can do that. Everybody ready? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying Idaho. He crossed out California. Dan sang Nevada. Brody sang Nevada. Karin sang Idaho. Cal sang Nevada. Seth sang Nevada. Randall sang Nevada. Yana sang Nevada. They got it. The correct answer is Nevada. Anglers on Pyramid Lake using ladders are often after the famous Lahontan cutthroat trout, a fish that was once thought to be extinct. People used to sink milk crates there to stand on, which they'd mark with a floating duck decoy. Now most used ladders, some of which are specifically designed for fishermen. Call of you ever been there? Yeah. Yeah. Caught a couple of nice fish too. And saw some like monsters also that got helped to do the land one. I think that that that strain of cutthroat used to hit like 60 pounds or something like that. Commercially trucked over on like wagon trains to the California side, Tahoe, those cities for food for food. Yeah. Really cool conservation story that the tribe is doing over there. But there is a perch in that lake that I am dying to go back there and try to catch. Phil, we have one question left. By the way, but leaderboards. Can I just clarify what you got? I am cheating off of Brody now. So I have no idea what Nevada got. I am cheating and I want to thank Brody for. You're quite welcome for the ladder. Phil, where do we stand? It's down to Brody and Randall. Brody has eight points and Randall has seven. Okay. Well, this is exciting. Yeah. Question 10. The topic is cooking according to a 2014 survey. Most Americans want their steak cooked to this done this. Oh, man. Oh, can everybody look at Randall's face? He's very serious. According to a 2014 survey, most Americans want their steak cooked to this done this. Again, we need Brody to get this wrong and Randall to get this right to go to overtime. The only two left in the game already wrote mine down, Brody. Give me a look what you got. I don't know if I'm waffling on what to do. Don't give many hints here, but I'm not saying that. See if you want to see Randall's board now too. So you can take it all. Again, according to a 2014 survey, most Americans want their steak cooked to this done this. Dude, if I was still in, man, I'd be stressing out right now. Again, Brody has to get this wrong. Can smell the perspiration. This right. Brody, are we ready? Yeah. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Steve saying medium rare Dan saying well done. Brody saying medium rare. Corinne saying medium rare. Cal saying medium. Seth saying medium. Randall going very bold. Well, medium well. I don't know. I'm honest saying medium rare. Just like below a doctor like adjunct or what? Why do you do that? One of you two has the correct answer between Brody and Randall. Brody. It's Brody. The correct answer is medium rare. Brody is our winner. Brody just nine. The best. The dominant sports man. That's right. That's right. If I were in a nonprofit, I would be sending Brody flowers and shit because the amount of money he'd be able to channel my way. He'd be in cahoots with him. If I'm playing this game, I'm a native force man. I'm very surprised by that answer for me. In that survey, 38% of Americans said they want their steak cooked to medium rare. That's followed by medium at 31%. Medium well at 17%. Well at 8% and rare at 5%. A similar study also found that steak orders can tell you a lot about a person's politics. About 30% of Republicans order their steak medium rare compared to just 19% of Democrats. The other biggest gap was with well done steaks, which is how 27% of Democrats order steak compared to 21%. I love that. Because how much Democrats have gluten problems? Relative to Republicans. Medium rare more likely they're Republican, well done, more likely they're a Democrat. I would have a whole book of stuff like that. That's hilarious. Brody, where is the $500 donation from me, Deeter, going to go? You want to see in that book and I don't even know the truth? Which is more likely to think they have a ghost in their house? I don't think there's any questions. Yeah, it's gotta be. I don't know. That's a tough one. I guarantee a Democrat is more likely to think they got a ghost in their house. I would feel like it's more like which party is more religious, which would seem to lean Republican. Sure. There's a mutual exclusivity between ghosts and monotheism. And we're not necessarily talking about the Holy Ghost here. We're talking about like that old lady that died in jail. Yeah. Then you seem to have some thoughts on this. Where are you going to lean? I think Democrats are probably more likely to believe in ghosts. But I think Republicans are more likely to think there's a ghost in their house. That's the only issue right now. Brody, the $500 donation, where is it going to go? Mediter land access initiative. Hmm. Couple episodes in a row there going to the L.A.I. That pot needs some money. We have a big project coming up this year, right? Dominating forces. It's like, I don't understand it. Dominating. Smart guy. Man, you did well. It's not that. It looks like the pile of money is already gone though. Did Brody pocket that? I gained it Brody. Oh man, that was quick. We didn't even get to end the show. God, I was walking with a little bit of coffee money. Join us next time for more Mediter trivia. The only game show where conservation always wins. Man, I've traveled all across the country. When I'm out hanging around checking stuff out with the guys I work with, raw sand to each other. Man, it'd be sweet. To someday get a piece of ground out here for ourselves. We'll check this out. is the largest online rural real estate marketplace designed to help you discover hundreds of thousands of rural listings from all across America. 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