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Ep. 422: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia LI

Ep. 422: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia LI

Wed, 15 Mar 2023 09:00

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Chest Floyd, Christine Sawicki, Cory Calkins, Hayden Sammak, and Phil Taylor.

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Welcome to The only game show where conservation always wins. I'm your host Spencer Newarth and today we're joined by Janis Poutellis, Robby Henderson, Chester Floyd, Seth Morris, Christine Sawicki, Hayden Sammick and Cory Cawkins. This is a 10 round quiz show with questions from for verticals which are hunting, fishing, conservation and cooking. And there's a prize. Media will donate $500 to the conservation organization of the winners choosing. In each week here on trivia, we reveal a new stat this week. We're looking at player performance in the conservation category. The top performer is Rick Hutton who has gotten 75% of conservation questions right. But here is the asterisk. Rick has only had eight questions asked in the conservation category. So if we forget about Rick and look at our more regular competitors, then we have Steve at the top with 64% followed by Brody at 61% Janis at 56% Cal at 55% Sam James at 55% and Hayden at 53%. They are our only players who get more than 50% of conservation questions right. I think if Rick had more games under his belt, he would still be at the top. For sure. He knows a lot about that stuff. As we've discussed before, Rick has one of the most interesting stat lines in trivia where he's like the highest performer in hunting and conservation, but our lowest performer in fishing and cooking. So Rick needs to work on those areas. What do you like? Here's our zero percent or question of the week. This is from episode 365 and the topic is gear. If you know the answer, you can shout it out. Five states have a firearm on their state flag named one of those states. Oh, Yani, you were on this episode. I know. Michigan. I can't. Rick, yeah. Michigan is a correct answer. That's one of them. You got four more. Is Wyoming one? Wyoming is one. You got two of them. Three more to go. New Jersey. Oh, no. Texas. No. Montana. No. Kentucky. Arkansas. Oklahoma. No, I'm sorry. I just got to go to you here. I just started alphabetically. Incorrect answers that were given in that episode were California, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Texas and Montana. The correct answers were Delaware, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wyoming. Those are the states that have a firearm on their flag. How long you think you would have taken you to come up with a Delaware, West Virginia, and Minnesota? Long as it takes to run through all 50 states. We have some housekeeping to get to in a previous game of trivia. I asked what is the only subspecies of Turkey in the world slam that can't be haunted in America. The correct answer was oscillated. But Steve called me out for identifying oscillated turkeys as a subspecies when they are really their own species. So I looked it up and Steve was right. Oscillated turkeys are their own species and do not fall under the umbrella of wild turkey subspecies. That include easterns, mariums, osseola, Rio Grande, and guild. But the rest of the question remains accurate. Oscillated birds are the only turkeys in the world slam that can't be haunted in the United States. Yani, do you know that that oscillated are their own species? Yes. Now you haven't killed one, but you've probably come the closest to killing one by sort of planning a trip. Multiple times. Multiple times. We've planned trips and they've not come to fruition. Steve said it was a sight, a sight, these issues. That like with firearms, right? No, that's transportation. Transportation is species. No, the last one that we planned, it didn't happen. We had it all set out. And then the guy that we were going to go with was like, oh, sorry, I didn't get tags for you guys. Oh, that was the hang-up? Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah. But it sounded to me like he never really was going to get tags for us. Yeah. And it was going to be a sight, he's issue for us when he was like, yeah, come down anyway. Sheer turkey. And when we got to the, you know, to got to the border, they're going to be like, no, no, no, no, no, I mean, there was a lot of red flags with it that we didn't have when we were planning it. Yani, when you don't know that what? You're going to be going, working? Yeah. When you do eventually get one, or you're going to do a whole amount of it? No, sir. What would you do? It was a traditional tail fan. I would just do a tail fan, probably hang the spurs nearby it. I don't even know if those suckers have beards. I don't know. I don't know. They have big old giant, very razor sharp spurs. But yeah, I'll maybe get a picture, you know, me and Steve and the guy, whoever else is there with my burden. Maybe, maybe, maybe, Sess wife can draw that for you then someday to commemorate it. There you go. Possibly. Also in the premier game, we had a multiple choice question about which world record fish is biggest. The choices were blue catfish, common carp, Lake Sturgeon and alligator gar. The correct answer was alligator gar. But in the follow back to it, I said the world record weight for a Lake Sturgeon was 168 pounds. That was the number I got from the IGFA record book, but they don't take into account weights of fish that have been speared, which is how many of the continents biggest lakers have been harvested. So that puts the world record for all methods at 212 pounds, which was speared in Lake Winnebago in 2010, but that's still second to the world record alligator gar, which is 279 pounds. Now the shall be index for this round is a four, so our winners should get about eight correct answers. And with that, we're on to the game of trivia. Play the drop, Phil. Look, I need to know what I stand to win to everything. How's that? Is tend to win everything. Game on suckers. Now Brody, you were saying I looked cold. Seth is dressed up to the same amount of warmth. I know, but you got like a like a full on outer layer on and then like another one behind you. Let's just say so is Hayden Brody. Well, me and you have stocking hats on. Cory. Oh yeah, sure. Maybe it's your beard that makes you look like a cold. I look cold. Seth would just the most ashes out. Seth looks hardy. Christina's an actual code on. Yeah. I was cold when I got in here and known. Yeah, that's what question. One, the topic is fishing. This will be multiple choice. This first great question comes to us via Seth daughters. If you have a question, you think it's right for me, Deeter trivia. You can send it to trivia at the According to a 2016 US Fish and Wildlife Survey, which of these things do anglers spend the most money on? Is it licenses, food and lodging, books and magazines, or transportation? Again, according to a 2016 survey, which of these things do anglers spend the most money on? Licenses. Food and lodging, books and magazines, or transportation. And these things are all specific to fishing. It's not just like they went to Mexico and stayed at an all-inclusive horse. I just think about that. I'm going to step out of the office and turn on the fan in the podcast studio. Okay. I feel like that's kind of a trick question. You think so? Well, it is never a trick question. No, I know that. But unless it is. It's like, I would say define this. That's what I would say. I know what you're getting at, Chester, I agree. About the specificity of... I could maybe help you out if you have some specific questions. I could maybe provide some specific details. I look at the study. Defined travel. Transportation? Yes. This wouldn't be like the gas you put in your boat, but it's like the gas you put in your pickup or a plane ticket you buy. Things specific to getting to the destination where you're going to start fishing. Corey, what do you got? Defined food and lodging. Food and lodging is what you spend on a trip. You got to go out to the restaurant each night. You need to pay for a hotel room or a camping spot. That is food and lodging. Okay. So, bushlight. I suppose if that is specific to the fishing trip, then yes. Or three. I don't think you categorize it under transportation, books and magazines. Maybe a license. It's that demanding of an item. Is everybody having an answer? Again, your choices are licenses. Food and lodging. Books and magazines. Transportation. I can tell you which one I spend the most money on. Okay. See if you agree with the rest of America. Does everybody have an answer? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying transportation. Christine saying transportation. Brody saying transportation. Corey saying food and lodging. Chester saying books and magazines. Now, Chester, we've had this issue before. You shouldn't write ABCD. You should write a whole thing. You wrote C, which will be the third choice. I wanted food and lodging. Okay. Chester says B. Food and lodging. It's very suspicious. Books and magazines. That's the worst answer you have. I'll give you that, Chester. Books and magazines is not the correct answer. We have Seth and Yannis saying food and lodging. Now, before you answer this, I wasn't paying attention. So maybe you said it. Is this like during the course of a year or this would be like specific to a fishing trip? Like you're going to Canyon Fairy to catch some perch. How do you spend your money? Maybe you do a five day trip to go to Colorado to go fly fishing for a specific hatch. It's the money you spend on that. I think it's very big, man. The correct answer is food and lodging. Dude, American anglers spent about 46.1 billion dollars on fishing in 2016. Food and lodging was responsible for 17 percent of that, which is equal to 7.8 billion dollars. Transportation accounted for 5 billion dollars. Licenses accounted for 600 million. Books and magazines accounted for 100 million. It makes sense because now I'm thinking about all the places in upstate New York who have only money because of the tourism around fishing. I should have thought of that. Question 2. The topic is gear. Bass Pro agreed to purchase this competitor with 134 stores in 2020, but called off the deal less than a year later. What year? Bass Pro agreed to purchase this competitor with 134 stores in 2020, but called off the deal less than a year later. Topic is gear. We had a lot of people writing answers before I finished the question and then the erasers came out. Again, Bass Pro agreed to purchase this competitor with 134 stores in 2020, but called off the deal less than a year later. It's 50-50 shy. Yani seems as though it's not down to two for him quite yet. One more time here. Bass Pro agreed to purchase this competitor with 134 stores in 2020, but called off the deal less than a year later. Yani, how are we doing? We'll tell you this though. I'll tell you too. Tell me one of my answers, right? Not going to help you at all, Yani. I think he has four answers written down. I'm just going to start doing some scribbling. How many got on there? I got four. I think I can't see that. You can just wait a minute. Yani, we're waiting on you. We're waiting on you. Everybody else has an answer? They all look confident, too, Yani. No pressure. Bass Pro agreed to purchase this competitor with 134 stores, but called off the deal less than a year later. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying, Gander Mound crossed out shields. Christine saying shields. Brody saying sportsman's warehouse. Corey saying Gander Mound, Chester saying sportsman's warehouse. Said saying sportsman's warehouse. Yani's saying sportsman's warehouse. The correct answer is sportsman's warehouse. Oh, baby Hayden, I thought you were going to be a man. I was so cool. Gander Mound. Here's why I too. Kind of knew I was wrong as soon as I wrote it. I think they just plum went out of business in like 2016. Gander Mound was actually purchased by camping world, who has been part of a trivia question in the past. Gander Mound still sort of exists. I think feel like they're on life support, but they're now part of the camping world brand. It's a much different experience going in a cabela these days than it was before. It's not as magical. Not as magical. Chester, what thoughts did you have on this question that you were reluctant to share? Well, I was like what Hayden said. I thought they, well, I know there's a couple of them still open, but I thought they pretty much went out of business. And that was prior to 2020. So that helped me write down sportsman's warehouse. In December of 2020, sportsman's warehouse agreed to a merger with the great American Outdoors Group, which is the parent company of Bass Pro. But just under a year later, the acquisition was called off when feedback from the FTC made both companies believe that the deal wouldn't be approved. The FTC competition director said the $785 million transaction would have hurt consumers through increased prices and reduced offerings. Look at the FTC looking out for you. Go government. But only if only they had done that deal, probably like five years sooner because I'm sure if Bass Pro hadn't already purchased Cabela's, it would have worked out for sportsman's warehouse. Yeah, they were a couple years too late. But look at it how it is now. Who in this room would rather go into a Bass Pro Cabela's versus a sportsman's to get gear or get advice or info? Are we assuming that sportsman's actually has stuff in stock? Yes. I'll just say currently for efficient stuff, Bass Pro Cabela's. Yeah, shields. Yeah, but who's the real impotent stuff? Yeah, but who's the real impotent stuff? Look at some like rotting bass women around and then bring it out. No one needs to do that. Oh, it's totally part of the experience. I like the roasted nuts that have been served. Question three, the topic is woodsmanship. What type of man-made structure is often referred to as a drowning machine? What type of man-made structure is often referred to as a drowning machine? Quick answer from Hayden and Brody, rest of the room has yet to come up with anything. Can I draw a picture of it? No, again, the question, be specific. If you thought the answer was white-tailed deer, you'd need to put white-tailed deer. Deer would not be good enough. Again, the question is what type of man-made structure is often referred to as a drowning machine? Be specific. Okay, you should put down white-tailed deer for your answer. See if that works. With a hyphen? Won't get into it. What's the topic again? Woodsmanship. What type of man-made structure is often referred to as a drowning machine? Brody, do you know this or are you just taking an educated guess? I'll argue with you if I don't get it right. Me too. Really, really argue with you? I have some bonafides. Folks have asked me before who sits in Steve's seat when he's not here because they feel as though someone takes his argument. No, I would never sit in Steve's seat. I would feel uncomfortable. Someone has to take up that niche though in the arguing space. Does everybody have an answer? I do. Chester. Corey knows this one. You need to tell me what a drowning machine is. You might going to be kicking myself? I don't know. Yep. You think I am? I know, I can't think of anything. Everybody else have an answer. Hayden, are you drawing? Yes. Okay, so everyone's ready. Go ahead and reveal your answers. Hayden saying top water damn. We're steamed without an answer. You could say I could be a dutch. Corey saying, what's that say? Clack of craft. Chester without an answer. Saying raft. Yannis saying low head damn. The correct answer is low head damn or diversion damn. I've never heard it called a toppler. I like knew how to describe what it was. I didn't know the technical term for that. I drew a very good diagram. You did. You drew exactly what happens, but they're not called topplers. I'm still going to argue that bridge should be included in there too. But nobody calls them drowning machines. Again, it's this is the fact. I've heard people call them drowning machines. Okay, not according to other folks. But I think we would call that a sown. What other folks? You see this like engineers refer to them is this engineers. The DNR in Iowa refers to this. Okay. Okay. I could see like an argument for being out west here with the bridges because that's oh yeah. Amy and back east, man. Canoes get wrapped around bridges all the time. But I think a bridge is more of a strainer when it gets to be dangerous to humans. Low head damn. Drown about 50 people each year in the United States. This happens when someone goes over a low head dam and gets caught in the recirculating currents below the surface. A task force consisting of government officials and nonprofits is looking to use AI technology to cross satellite images and identify every low head dam in America. This would theoretically lead to better signage at those sites and prevent more deaths. Question four. The topic is haunting. This next great question comes to us via Wayne Ratton. If you have a question you think is right from me to trivia you can send it to trivia at the According to the Wild Sheep Foundation there are two subspecies of thin horned sheep named both of them. According to the Wild Sheep Foundation there are two subspecies of thin horned sheep. I need you to name them both. Quick answer from Hayden. Janis Brody. Christine. The other side of the room though. Seth Chester Cory. Still thinking. Nope. Not thinking. Seth's got it. Christine you got this one? I hang on. Let's go. Let me think again. Again looking for both subspecies of thin horned sheep. Janis you had a quick answer but that grunt made it seem like you're not real competent. I'm pretty confident. I read you wrong then. I can't help you. What's the dilemma Christine do you have like five answers written now? I know some sheeps but why keep showing Hayden just so completely off which it is. Again looking for the two subspecies of thin horned. According to the Wild Sheep Foundation. You might want to help her now because later in her current position it means she might help you. I'm just gonna give me one second here. I think we're waiting on you. You're gonna need me one day. White ones and black ones. The real wooly ones. Brody you had gotten in big trouble for saying what you just did if old Mr. Rinella was sitting here. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. HR's ears perked up over here. Jesser just got it too. In reveal your answers we have Hayden saying Muflon and doll. Christine saying Muflon. Brody saying Dolan Stone. Corey saying Dolan Stone. Chester saying Muflon and doll. Seth saying Stone and doll. Janice saying doll and Fanon. The correct answer is doll sheep and stone sheep. The room did pretty well. Well Fanon's a mix between the two. So here we go. The doll sheep is named after naturalist William Healy doll who documented the animal in 1884. The stone sheep is named after AJ Stone who documented the animal in 1897 and some groups recognize a third subspecies the Fanon sheep which is named after John Fanon but most biologists consider the Fanon sheep just a darker color variant of the doll sheep. And Janice the Wild Sheep Foundation does not list them as a thin horn subspecies so we're not gonna give it to you but that was a deep cut putting down Fanon. So there's no thin horn species like on the other side of the world. Not on Wild Sheep Foundation's website unless they don't maybe they just don't care about Asia I don't know. Muflon is not not a thin horn. I wonder if that's good. Are Muflon's like kind of like domesticish like is that like kind of like a feral hog versus a bore. Yeah that's kind of what I was saying. They do live in the wild in some places in this world but Asia I think I'm saying. In Texas. Question five the topic is cooking. This burger was invented in Kentucky 60 years ago when a diner started placing bean cans on patties while they cooked. A confident room as we learned before 7% of our questions are answered by everyone in the room correctly this may be one of those seven percenters. Everybody have an answer. Go ahead and reveal your answers. No no no. Oh no no. I'm not a fan of you. Don't be scared. No. No. No. You're Go ahead and reveal your it. No, no, no. I didn't look at it. OK, OK. We have Hayden saying smash. Christine saying smash, Brody saying smash, Corey saying smash. Chester saying smash, Chester, what did you cross out? I just completely didn't even listen to your question very well. And I just wrote like hobo burger because of beans. But you said place it on it while they're cooked. I'm like, I make these all the time, smash. That and Yannis saying smash burger. Everybody got it. The correct answer is smash burger. The restaurant that started this craze was called Dairy Cheer, which markets itself the home of the smash burger. If you want to learn how to cook one for yourself, then go to and check out Danielle Pruitt's recipe called Venison Smash Burgers. Phil, we are halfway through the game of trivia. Give us a scoreboard update. In last place, tied up, our Hayden and Christine was one point of piece. Thanks for nothing. Coming up next, we have Corey, Chester and Brody. I'll tie it with three points of piece and tied. For first place, our Yannis Poutellis and Seth Morris with four points. Good work, Seth. Nice job. Good work, Seth. Nice job. Good work, Seth. The air guns of today aren't the BB guns you remember from childhood. 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If you have a question you think is right for me to be your trivia, you can send it to What mammals silhouette is shown on the current National Wildlife Federation logo? What mammals silhouette is shown on the current National Wildlife Federation's logo? Nobody has come up with an answer yet. Yanni thinks he has it. Rest of the room, not very confident. How specific. It's got to be white tailed. If you think the answer is white tailed, I need you to say white tailed. Not just deer. Yanni is the only one who has come up with an answer. Can you other folks picture it? Do you have any idea what it looks like? Christine says yes. Brody, how well do you know this logo? I'm drawing a total blank. Looking for the mammals silhouette that's showing on the current National Wildlife Federation logo. NWF. NWF. A mammals silhouette. I can picture the individual state ones. Don't know if that'll be helpful. No, I don't think it will. Most of the room has yet to come up with an answer. Seems like you're going to know it or not know it. Looking for the mammals silhouette. Yanni, how confident are you? Well, I don't think it's something. Give anybody a tip. But there's another one that's WF. I believe also has a mammals silhouette. Yes. That's a panda. I'll tell you when I went through this round of trivia with my wife, she answered panda realizing afterwards that that's the WWF. Oh, I'm changing my answer. WWF. Oh, I'm sorry. Did you have panda down? I did. Listen, that's the one. That's the one. It's a panda. Change. Change. So you say a National Wildlife Federation. But is it red? It's a panda subspecies. Sorry, everybody, but Yanni. Does everybody have an answer? Nope. I hate this. I put down panda. I don't have one. You just put down panda. Just to be a team player. Yeah. I'm here to kick ass. I can't believe I just got an answer out of you. Damn. That was way too much info. I thought it was all put out there once Corey said that they had a panda. Could you corroborate it? It felt safe to, uh, yeah, let him know. Now, what just happened to me? It shall be guy around. What just happened over here with Corey and Seth. Oh, damn. What? When I gathered with Seth, put down a non-mammal to which Corey said, Hey, he needs to be a mammal. Brody, are you ready? Yes. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have eight in saying grizzly. Oh, Christine saying black bear. Brody saying grizzly. Corey saying elk. Chester saying bison. Seth saying bison. Janice saying dolphin. I was thinking whale might have been in it. Nobody got it. The correct answer is raccoon. Oh, good question. The National Wildlife Federation has had six logos since 1936. The first feature day bald eagle in the 1990s, the organization switched to a different logo that featured a deer and an eagle and in 2016, the group updated their logo to the current iteration, which shows their mascot Ranger Rick, the raccoon. Spencer, I did write down bald eagle. I thought I was, I think quite pay attention to the mammal thing. Question seven. The topic is biology. Brian shrimp are more commonly known by this marketing nickname. Really? Brian shrimp are more commonly known by this marketing nickname. Brody and Janice think they know it. No. Brian shrimp. Brian shrimp are more commonly known by this marketing nickname. Janice, on the last question, you were closer with your first answer panda. Then you were with dolphin. Didn't work out though. Brian shrimp, more commonly known by this marketing nickname. Janice, we're commonly known to who? Everybody. Janice, do you have this one right? I think so. I think so. Christine, do you have an answer? Yes. Okay. I think everyone. There's not a certain group of people that might be more familiar with the name you're looking for. Not going to help you out anymore. Like, maybe Westerners. You got plenty of help. This game. Hey, do you ready? Christine, are you ready? Humans under 10. Yeah, no. Yeah, Oscar prinosis. Just do it. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying sweet shrimp. Christine without an answer. Brody saying water flees. Cory saying prawns. Chester saying cocktail shrimp. Seth saying prawns. Janice saying popcorn. Nobody got it. Go. The correct answer is sea monkeys. The sea monkeys marketing name was developed in 1957, which is one year after ant farms became a novelty pet. Sea monkeys were initially sold as a product called instant life and were available for just 49 cents. They were intensely marketed to kids with the creator claiming that he purchased 3.2 million pages of comic book ads each year in the 1960s. I wanted a little sea monkey for a while. I forgot. I never got one. Okay. Did anybody here have sea monkeys? No, there's a great South Park episode revolving around sea monkeys. Oh, it reminds me of the scene before. Question eight, the topic is fishing. This is our listener question in the week, which was won by Brett Seffel, for sending this great question. Brett is going to get a book signed by Steve. According to the USGS, there are nine states where less than 1% of the state is covered in water, named three of those states. Spencer, would you say the Shelby index on this round was a four. So we're winners. You get eight, but I think we've had a couple back to back, maybe back to back questions. We're nobody got it, right? It's going to hurt the room score. Bill, how do you think you'd be doing in this round? I'm always like a two. Okay. I think almost every episode you get to. I think it's a two. I think it's a two. I think it's a two. I think it's a two. I think it's a two. I'm always like a two. How's the room doing? Do folks have three states written down? Seth, you said there is nine of them. Nine of them that are less than one person. I need three of those nine. Christine, you ready? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico. Christine saying Kansas, Oklahoma, Nevada. Brody saying Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada. Cory saying Hawaii, Kansas, Texas. Chester saying Arizona, California, Nevada. Seth saying New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona. Yannis saying Nevada, New Mexico, and Kansas. The nine states are New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, and West Virginia. I think the room did pretty well. According to the USGS, the driest state is New Mexico. We're just 0.2% of the state is covered in water that's followed by Arizona at 0.3%. Colorado at 0.4%. Kansas at 0.6%. Nevada, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wyoming at 0.7%. And West Virginia at 0.8%. Most surprised it with Arizona, with Big River and reservoir that it holds. Not enough to make up for all that desert. Phil, we have two questions left. Give us a scoreboard update. Looks like eliminated from the game are Christine and Hayden. Christine having one point Hayden having two points. Still in the game though are Chett and Cory with three points of peace. Brody with four and Yannis and Seth. Tight up with five points. Who do we have at the top with five points? Yannis and Seth. Question nine, the topic is hunting. Let's limit the wall-efficient question. Question nine, the topic is hunting. What nonprofit stops taking critically ill children hunting in 1996 due to criticisms from animal rights groups? Quick answer from Seth. He's got a little confidence being in first place here. Seth asked that. No, just the stare, the mean look going on today. It's just the first thing to pop to my head and I know if I sit here and stew over it. I'm going to be racing and writing. Yannis currently stewing hasn't come up with an answer. Rest of the room looking confident. Here it is, Ganyani, what nonprofit stops taking critically ill children hunting in 1996 due to criticisms from animal rights groups? Brody changing his answer. No, I'm just... Okay. Making sure you don't get me on something. Does everybody have an answer? Cory? Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying, make a wish. Christine is saying make a wish. Brody is saying make a wish. Cory is saying big brother big sister. Chester is saying big brother big sisters. Seth is saying make a wish. Yannis is saying Schreiner's hospital. The correct answer is make a wish. The make a wish foundation stopped granting wishes that involved hunting, firearms, archery or anything that could cause an animal injury in the 1990s. In response to this, three new organizations were formed that did just that. The Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation, Catch a Dream Foundation and LifeHunt Foundation. Other wish restrictions include no vehicles, no homes and no cash. Phil, we have one question left. Give us a scoreboard update. Yeah, so now it's Seth Morris in first place with six. But hot on his trail are Yannis and Brody with five points of peace. Okay, we need Seth to get it wrong. Yannis and Brody to get it right to go to overtime. Question 10, the topic is Woodsmanship. This is an audio question. Phil is going to play you 20 seconds of an animal's vocalization. You need to tell me what animal is making that sound. Take it away, Phil. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I think I've heard that before. You have? Cory? It's a hint for it. Cory. I think he's lived in Montana his whole life. I grew up in Florida. Oh, that hand. Phil, can you play it one more time? Todd, don't cry. Can you put it on the headset? I just feel like I need to make sure. Yeah, I can. Ow! Seth, if you get this right, you take the outright victory. How do you feel about your answer? I feel... I don't feel great about it honestly. Brody-Annie, you guys need to get this right. Just once. I'm pulling for you, Seth. If I can go back and make this a while, I can do it. I'm right downpinned. I would do it. Brody, how do you feel about your answer? I feel like if I'm right, then I'm right. I've heard that noise. In our last house we lived in in Colorado, there was an animal that made that noise very frequently near our house. And I know what that animal was, but I could be wrong. Big hint, Johnny. He eats those animals by your answer. Pretty good. I think that I've also heard it from everybody in the house that I lived in. What's it? At one time. Not gonna say. Yeah. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Hayden saying Bobcat. Christine saying Fox. Brody saying Red Fox. Cory saying Mountain Lion. Chester saying Grey Fox. Seth saying Bobcat. Janice saying Red Fox. Oh man, Seth. I know. I have a correct answer in the room. Correct answer is Mountain Lion making Seth our winner because Brody. Janice, Johnny, Bobcordy did get it right though. Man. It did sound like a fox. Now there's no disputing this. It was on a trail camera. The mountain lion was standing right there screaming. That was a female mountain lion who was looking for a mate. It was captured on a trail camera in the Angeles National Forest. 12 days prior, a male mountain lion visited the area and sprayed urine at the site. Three days after the female showed up screaming, the same male and female were spotted on camera. Now we're spotted on camera together. Oh. Seth with his second ever meat eater trivia victory. Way to go, Seth. Well done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happens next is you get to choose where the 500 dollar donation from meat eater goes. So what's he going to be? It's a no brainer because I've been thinking about it. Hmm. Basically nonstop since the last time you won. No, since no, like the time it's like the time of year that's coming. I think now I think last time you won, you had a similar mindset and you said that you were going to donate to NWTF. Yeah, I'm doing that again. That's how you're going. Yeah. NWTF. Seth is at his, he's so sharp coming up on turkey season. That's why he wins trivia. I must have won like a year ago. Hey, don't forget about those walleye Seth. Oh, I know. Spring walleye. But gobbles have been haunting my dreams. Well, I got Seth. Now we're going to throw it to Hayden here quick before we get out of here. He has some news to share that's relevant to the meat eater universe. Yeah, man. Recently a friend of, well, I guess he's a, you know, he's a friend of mine and he's also a big hunter, angler, Lewis Johnson. He was injured in the line of duty. Lewis is a state or is a highway patrol trooper. And yeah, he was working and really suffered a kind of terrible accident. I've been talking to him a little bit and he's, you know, getting back and, you know, getting well. But his family could use some support right now. And, you know, I think everybody here in this room will join me in wishing Lewis well in his road to recovery. And he listens to meat eater trivia. He does. So Lewis, we hope you get better soon. That's it for this episode. 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