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Troubling Signs That The Government Is Hiding Something (Ep 2018)

Troubling Signs That The Government Is Hiding Something (Ep 2018)

Thu, 25 May 2023 14:41

In this episode, I address the troubling signs that the government is hiding something from us. I also address the glitchy launch of the DeSantis campaign. News Picks: DeSantis announcement met with major tech issues, Trump reacts with meme. Karine Jean Pierre gets wrecked by the facts, again. Did the IRS target a journalist for exposing the Twitter files? Climate alarmists have the sads because people challenge them on Twitter. Satellite phones to Senators? Is something going on? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host Dan Von Gino. Oh my gosh, yesterday was so, so bananas, man. Yesterday was my two year anniversary on the radio. A lot of you listened to it live. Any big, long thing on it. It just went by really fast, but I didn't expect much. I just, you know, I did a normal rundown. I figured Jim put something together, producer Jim over there, but I never expected what happened. We had a piece of audio video sent into the show from someone you might know, and I swear I thought it was a joke because only the audio was playing in my ear. You got to check this out. I'll play that for you in a second. I got a big show for you today. But first, most importantly, is something going on that government's not telling us? You know me? I don't get out ahead of my skis. I'm a father, some people, but it's all right. I'd rather be right than be first, but I'd also rather not be stupid. And there, and there are a lot of signs out there that something's up. They may not be telling us about. I mean, actual like signs and stuff. Stay tuned. We're open up to show with that because I think it's the most important story, even with all the big announcement and stuff last night. First sponsor relief band. This is my actual relief band. Got me through chemotherapy. Absolutely love this product. It's the number one FDA clear anti-norsure wristband. It's been clinically proven, a quickly relief and effectively prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. Anxiety migraines, hangovers, morning sickness, chemotherapy and more. I can tell you firsthand, it works. I used it. You just turn it on and turn it up. It's that simple. My two buttons on it right there. Whether you need everyday relief or just an occasional cure from nausea, their patented technology makes feeling sick a thing of the past. It's like the name says relief band is legitimately a band. 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You don't even realize it. You talk for four hours like me get the hydrant. You're like, damn, what just happened? Why am I snapping all the time? What's going on? So this happened yesterday. The beginning of the show, my producer on the radio, Jim says, listen, just don't talk when we go live. We go live like 12.05 and 30 something seconds. You know what I'm going to deal, Joe? It's like intros and a liner and all that other stuff. And then usually they just give you a new year. They say go. Jim says, don't say anything. We got something special. I'm like, what's he going to do? So you're going to start singing something happy anniversary two years. I'm like, what the hell's going on? He says, I just want you to listen to this, and he played this. Check this out. A very big congratulations to Dan on the two year anniversary of the great Dan Bungino radio show. I've done it many times and it's got some real power. I know millions join me in wishing you the best and looking forward to many years to come. Your spectacular person, Dan, congratulations. And I will be tuning in to listen. Thank you. I mean, that's like the coolest thing. I, I, I, man, I thought that was a joke. Cause I didn't see the video. I thought that was Sean Farish. Sean Farish, our buddy, he's in the chat sometimes. He has his own podcast. He's the best Trump impersonator out there. That was real. So I sent a text to his team. I said, thank you so much. He said, hey, president loves you. I said, well, I feel the same. That's a loyal guy right there, folks. Someone in the chat suggests I wear the suit from Dune. I love that movie. Dune. I'm obsessed with it. The hydration suit from Dune. Is that real? I thought that was just a movie. I didn't realize that was a documentary. I have to look that up. See if it's for sale on like public SQ or something. Thank you, president Trump. It's a loyal guy right there, man. He's always been good to me. I'll never forget that. Big announcement last night from what is going to be his primary opponent around the Sanctus. We'll get into that. But folks, giving everything going on for me to put this story first, should say to you that something's up. I've been withholding this story for a little bit because I don't want to get crazy with anything and I want to scare anyone. But listen, man, I got to be straight up and candid with you. When I saw this story pop yesterday from the New York Times, I'm like enough, there is something going on and I think it involves China and Taiwan. Folks, I need you to understand if China invades Taiwan, the potential for World War III and actual World War III, not a figurative one, where every country in the world is impacted and impacted deeply and may have to provide military assistance or direct military troops themselves in this fight, the world as you know it is going to change overnight, overnight. So I saw this pop from the New York Times yesterday and only idiots ignore warning signs. Chinese malware hits systems on Guam, is Taiwan the real target. So apparently some malware made its way through some old servers into Guam that weren't adequately protected. Listen, if I'm saying it wrong with detect people, I'm sorry, I'm not a tech guy. Let me just throw that out there in advance, I'm not pretending to be so I'm like, ah, wasn't a code, it was I get it. I'm just reporting what I'm reading. However, I know what a hack is and I know what malware is. Folks, why would the Chinese Communist Party through a sophisticated hacking infrastructure they have over there and they do? Why would they target Guam? Well, they would target Guam because that's one of our main front lines of defense if there is going to be a World War III in that theater over there. I've been to Guam. I've been to Guam. Yes, I've been to Guam. We, um, it's a long story, but in my prior line of work, I've been to Guam and let's just say without me giving up any secrets because if I tell you why I was there, it would be giving up secrets, but let's just say we've got a lot of stuff on Guam. You get what I'm saying? You don't think the Chinese Communist Party knows that? Are they prepping a hit on Taiwan as in soon? Are they afraid of this next election? I think they are. I think as President Trump starts to gain momentum in this race against Biden, they don't want anything to do with President Trump. It's my crazy man theory of politics. Don't mess with the crazy man. They see, as it's not meant to be an insult, so please don't take it the wrong way. They see President Trump, the Chinese Communist Party like we see Kim Jong Un. They do. They think he's crazy. And ladies and gentlemen, the crazy man theory always works out for the crazy man because nobody with the crazy man. You get what I'm saying? It's why an impoverished country where no one's even eating in North Korea that has zero economy has managed to dictate their own role in world geopolitics for five decades now because everybody thinks they're freaking crazy. China thinks that about Trump. Are they prepping an invasion? Now, that story in and of itself, you may say, all right, malware, they hit Guam. Nobody deal. Maybe it was an accident. Who knows? Maybe a hacker accidentally pulled the white rabbit, Neo trick him was like, what, look what happened? But then I thought of this story that I've been watching for a little bit too. You start to kind of weave these threads together here, Washington Times. US Senate issues at least 50 satellite phones as a security measure. You can read this story and I suggest you do it with the newsletter today, but slash newsletter. Hmm, that's interesting. Now again, in my prior line of work, I was part of a program that the details are classified to, I don't say that to impress you. A lot of people were part of classified programs, but this was a very classified program. And that's a, that's a, that's a little interesting. That some 50 US senators, which would conveniently be just enough to vote on something in an emergency Joe, right? Because 50 plus device president would be 50. That's really strange. They got satellite phones. China's hitting Guam. Our main source of ability to fight back in that theater over there. Huh. And then I saw this story back in October, been holding on to for a while. The hell US purchases $290 million of a drug for use in radiological and nuclear emergencies. Oh man, whoa. Huh. That is so sure. Yeah. Huh. 290 million. That's a lot of drugs. That's a lot of joy. 290 million dollars. You know what I mean? I mean, how kind of drug is that? 290 million dollars. That's a lot of stuff. Listen, I don't want to get anyone hysterical here. Someone noted in the chat room that the satellite phones were in case of a disruptive event. Yeah. What kind of disruptive event? You're right. What are you talking about there? You love how they use the language and they are a disruptive event. You're right in the chat. Folks, don't ignore any of this. Listen to me. There is nothing wrong hysterical, irrational or unreasonable about you being prepared. I'm not trying to scare you at some of my interest in doing that. But I come from a line of work where we got paid to be scared, really scared and really anxious. Because if you're really anxious and scared, you do things to make yourself not anxious and scared, like preparing. Make sure you have some food. Make sure you have some water. Make sure you have disinfection products. Alcohol. No, not done Julio 1942, but you may need that too. Some peroxide, some hibocland, some soap. Make sure you have water filtration. Make sure you have your firearms. Make sure you have a couple of tarps. Make sure you have clothing, duct tape, simple stuff. Folks, this stuff is for real. The peace dividend is over. Chinese Communist Party is not digging around, okay? And the fact that all this is happening at the same time is not being done by accident. There's no way a bunch of lazy risk analysts in the government, which sadly I've dealt with. A lot of them. There's no way all this is happening by coincidence. Sorry, a lot more to talk about, including what happened last night. Big launch for Governor Ron DeSantis jumped in formally into the presidential race yesterday, six o'clock last night. I'm going to handle this the way I'm going to handle every single presidential announcement going forward. From Perry Johnson to Nikki Haley to Tim Scott to Ron DeSantis, because everybody, a supporter of all these candidates, deserves to hear an unbiased perspective, okay? And I'm going to give you that. Well, let's handle it from pros and cons. I'm going to do the cons first so I can leave you with a bit of good news. I don't want to leave anybody pissed off me. I mean, they are Republicans and in the end, we're going to have to coalesce. But last night, Governor DeSantis, his team decided to do the announcement via Twitter space. It didn't go well. I think on the left and the right, a lot of people are acknowledging this. For those of you who don't know what a Twitter space is, and I got to tell you, this was a little bit of bias on my part. I assumed the most people knew what a Twitter space was. That's on me, huge mistake. Twitter space very simply is you can go into your Twitter account and set up like one big conference call. It's like a Twitter space. That's really what it is. And people will see at the top on a bar that you've started a space and can join in. There's a ton of people who do it. This Mario, he does big ones. They have these Twitter and you'll see them at the top of your account. All you got to do is click on and you can listen and everybody knows you're listening. So it's a pretty cool mechanism they have, but the tech wasn't ready. Now my humble opinion here, folks, I'm going to throw something out there. You ready? I'm not so sure that the people working for Twitter right now aren't actively sabotaging Elon Musk. I'm not. Listen, we did a number of launches at Rumble. We've had President Trump over there forever. We've had no problems. No problems. I throw a guy under the bus. We've had no problems. Remember, we're doing video too. A Twitter space is audio. Video is an exponentially more consuming of server space than audio. Obviously, right? I'm not so sure people are sabotaging this guy from within the company. It really was a mess. I tried to log in. You couldn't hear anything. There were people in the background talking. And then about 20 minutes later, they had to cut the feed and then finally it came back up and seemed to run smoothly through there. So obviously the cons, the tech glitches don't look good. Now, on the tech glitches, here's why it's an even bigger issue. The tech glitches undercut the narrative. Remember this. Remember, you guys remember one of my golden rules of politics. We haven't mentioned this one in a long time. My P1s out there, you remember this one. Joe, I've said it a lot. What are the most damaging narratives, stories, media stories, narratives you're going to see in politics? They're ones that disrupt your pre-existing notion of who someone is. Don't ever forget that. Why did the whole like grab them and all this other stuff not really deeply impact Donald Trump? What are the realities because Donald Trump spoke openly in the past about him being out there and doing this thing and partying and stuff? No, it didn't, it better or worse, it didn't disrupt your previous notion of who he was. He had already spoken about all this stuff on Howard Stern. I've used this example over and over again. Now if that story came up about Ted Cruz, it'd be different. It'd be much different. So the story about Donald Trump, you change a pre-existing narrative. And the Santas runs on the narrative of being the guy like the no drama guy. Remember Obama ran on no drama, Obama? We're just going to be like bean counters and get things done. Remember that? The Santas is trying to emulate that model. The problem that the Santas team is going to have now is once the launch goes well, the orchestra pit theory of politics takes over. I wrote about this in my second book, The Fight. You know what the orchestra you guys heard of this? The orchestra pit theory of politics? It's Roger Ailes theory. He's out with us anymore. He used to run Fox News Roger Ailes. So when you're trying to run on a competency narrative and the tech collapses on you, it changes your pre-existing notion of being the square to way buttoned up, tie up, button your button, tighten your tie guy. You get it? What makes it even worse is the orchestra pit theory. The orchestra pit theory, Roger Ailes used to say this. You got two guys on a stage, right? One is super competent, smart. He's talking about the most bold solution for Middle East peace show we've ever seen. The other guy's an idiot. Doesn't know anything about it. Doesn't even know where the Middle East is. The guy who knows everything on the stage falls into the orchestra pit. What's the story the next day? It's about the orchestra pit. This guy fell into, oh my gosh. Nobody mentions again that he had the solution for Middle East peace. Nobody. Don't ever forget the orchestra pit theory of politics. He was 100% correct. I wrote about this in my book. This is the problem. You can't do that man. When you got to keep that in mind, here's another issue. Cons wise about what happened last time we did the Santa's lunch. There's no video. There's no video. Think of the most popular platforms out there. YouTube, Rumble, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, Twitter. Heavy, heavy video. People want to see video. They want to see your face. They don't want to hear your voice only. They don't. It's not a radio launch. A radio show is different. It's an intimate medium, but it's long form. It seems like an audio book, right? That's not what this was meant to be. And there was no video. My humble opinion with the greatest of respect for the DeSantis team. You know, I love my governor down here. He's a great guy, amazing governor. It was a bad call man. It was a bad call. Now one more downside before we get to some of the cons. I get to his announcement too. Folks his opponents are all vested in bouncing. They were going to glit. They were going to jump on any glitch and the potential for a glitch was super high. They said, never been done at this scale before. We done it before over at Rumble. We've actually done it. It's worth. Again, it's not that I'm not suggesting it, you know, it's done. Someone may have done something on purpose sabotage this guy. I don't know. But Fox News jumped on it right away. Oh, the glitch even Gaudi took a shot at DeSantis in his first interview, which I was kind of like, he's like, Fox News won't crash, which was kind of a weird thing to say. Fox News doesn't want Twitter as a competitor. Obviously they were going to pounce Biden's going to pounce because he hates DeSantis. They jumped on it. You fell in New York, a strip pit. Of course, I'm going to cover it. Nikki Haley jumped on it. And of course, Donald Trump jumped on it too. But the biggest con of the whole thing I thought last night, the biggest downside to it, Con, like it was like, it's conning us. I mean, Con like downside. I'll get to the pros in a minute. I think they recovered pretty nicely. But, uh, Shamie's, uh, Koglin, forgive me if you're saying it in my own. Was on Tim Poole's show. I was on the other day. He was on last night. And he brought up a great point that Ron DeSantis is going to have to fix. The governor is an amazing guy when he's going and sparring back and forth with the media. His value added is kicking the media in the nuts. That's just his, he does it and he does it great because he's whipped smart. But he's got to pick it up with the speeches, man. They come off very robotic. You can't be right. Notice this when I campaign with him. He's, he's, he's, you know, he'd speak after his wife sometimes. His wife is an amazing speaker. And he came off very robotic. He's got to fix this. He's got to fix this. Why? Because remember, contrasts and politics or everything, everything. And when you contrast a relatively monotone kind of almost boring speaking style with Trump Joe, who's like the hands are going and he's like using hyperbolic language and he's chest puffing and he's shadow boxing. It just doesn't work, man. It just doesn't work. It's what crushed Ben Carson in the presidential debates. He just got lost on the stage. You're going to have Tim Scott on the stage, Donald Trump, these dynamic speakers, Vivek, who does a great job. You're just going to get buried, man. You got to like boom, boom, boom, yeah, and Fedamine rush. Here's James Coglandless and I'd say and exactly that. Check this out. I like the Santos a lot. I think everything he was saying there was spot on every single word. But I'll be honest, I was, I was literally bored at tears. I mean, it's remarkable to me that someone who said so many things that were so true that would have gotten a standing ovation from any group of conservatives who are outside of the establishment where they just delivered with a little bit more energy. You could be so boring when addressed in such a plain monotone way. I think that you're right. He needs media training. Again, I'm not trying to be harsh on the guy. There's a lot about the Santos, which is really, really great. He has to fix this. Lot of people in the chat agree with me about Twitter insiders. I think they sabotaged this guy, which is a real shame. Elon and Desandes. I don't know that to be true, but my gosh, what a mess. He's, it's, it's shame is caught and it's 100% correct. You have got, you got to pick it up, man. He is going to get buried on the stage. Now, let me tell you a dark horse in this. Don't laugh either. A dark horse in this, I don't think he's going to take out President Trump. I think he's going to coast to the nominations to be clear. A dark horse in this right now because everybody's fighting for number two is Vivek. I remember I thought that this morning, well, I was saying dude, he's picking up some steam and new hamster. The guy came from nowhere. He's in like fourth place, fourth place. That's folks. He's pulling ahead of the former vice president. How about that? Yeah. Total dark horse. Remember, Joe, they're all competing for number two. Trump's going to take the thing. I'm reasonably, they're competing for number two. Vivek is, and he's a dynamic speaker. I know him. I know him personally. Folks, listen, just remember I said that. All right, let me get to my next sponsor. I'll give you the pros. There was, he picked it up and the Santhus gave a pretty good, his roll out head was pretty good. I think it's going to work out, you know, people forget about you. You fall in New York, a strip hip, but you know what? Someone else falls later. So that's the thing about the new cycle. Boom, boom, boom. It's over fast. American You feeling trapped? Trap by what? You're mounting credit card debt, making minimum payments month after month only to see the, the balance barely budge. You understand that stressful that can be, but guess what? You own a home. There's a smarter way to tackle the debts. Time to unlock the power of being a homeowner. With American financing, you can use the equity in your home to pay off your high interest credit card debt. Simple math. 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I'll play it for you. It's a pretty good ad. I think he's going to do well with it. Kind of highlights some of his strong points and the speech part of it's pretty good. About a little over a minute. Check this out. Our border is a disaster. Crime and fests are cities. Federal government makes it harder for families to make ends meet and the president flounders. But decline is a choice. Success is attainable and freedom is worth fighting for. Writing the ship requires restoring sanity to our society. Normalcy to our communities and integrity to our institutions. Truth must be our foundation and common sense can no longer be an uncommon virtue. In Florida, we prove that it can be done. We chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder. We held the line when freedom hung in the balance. We showed that we can and must revitalize America. We need the courage to lead and the strength to win. I'm Ron G. Santos and I'm running for president to lead our great American comeback. You guys are hilarious in the chat. People ask me of G. sabotage in the show. Yes, 100% you're fired. Justin get him out of here right now. He's here. He has a hand comes back there. Escoorda Mountain. And then someone else in the chatroom asked me if I'm being paid by Ron the Santos to endorse Trump. I already told him, did you miss that show? What? I don't. I get it. But you know, folks, listen, it's going to be a long primary season. Let me just be crystal clear where we are right now. Because if this show isn't for you, it's not for you. I'm not here to kiss anybody's ass and I'm never doing it. I need you to understand something. I am a conservative first. I'm not a member of anybody's cult or anything like that. I'm here to give everybody a fair shake. I'm not here to crap on other conservatives. I think Donald Trump's the best candidate. I've said as much repeatedly multiple times. But everyone's going to get a fair shake here. You know why? The country's in danger. And one of these guys is going to win. I think it's going to be President Trump. I hope it's going to be President Trump. And I hope we have another great four years. However, if it's not, I'm going to be supporting the conservative. I need you to understand that and everyone's going to get a fair shake. But if that's not for you, I understand. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to have this conversation. But I want to be absolutely clear with people. Everyone deserves a fair shot. If you were running for president, I'd do the same thing for you. Maybe because I was a political candidate who felt like I was screwed over by a bunch of party insider goons. And Joe lived through that with me. People shut me out of stuff. I'm not doing that to anyone else. I let you know where I stand. President Trump's my guy. But everyone's going to get a fair shake here. The San this was on with Tray Gowdy last night on Fox. Pretty decent follow up appearance. This is why again, the orchestra pit theory, you know, people forget about it. Eventually someone else falls in. So here's a clip last night when he had a saved Tray Gowdy. Check this out. We need to win again as Republicans. We got to dispense with this culture of losing. And if you nominate me, I pledge to you that on January 20th, 2025 at high noon, that I'll be the guy on the west side of the Capitol with the left hand on the Bible and the right hand in the air, taking the oath of office as the 47th president of the United States. No more excuses. We've got to get this one done and anybody that's so inclined to help us. I would love to have your support. Yeah. I like I like a candidate who exudes confidence. I think that's why obviously I've been always attracted to the Trump campaign. Confidence certainly is at his problem. But that's good. That's the way to come out there. Take some balls to say that. On this day, I'm going to be swearing in his presidency United States. All right. All right. I like this part about Christopher Ray. There's been a lot of changes. A heart about Christopher Ray, whether it's the Santa's or Trump, he had both of them bad issues with this guy. Easy FBI director. And Gowdy asked him a question last night. Gowdy ironically, he's had a big change of heart on the FBI too. Number Gowdy was like, yeah, the FBI did everything by the numbers. So whatever that was. But here he is on the FBI director. And let's hope he sticks to his word if he winds up winning because this guy needs to go. Take a listen. Governor, you were on the judiciary committee. You were on the oversight committee. You had a very close up view of the Department of Justice and the FBI. If you become president, what would you do to change or fix both of those entities? What are you looking for in Attorney General? And would you keep Chris Ray as the director of the FBI? No, I would not keep Chris Ray as director of the FBI. There would be a new one on day one. Yes. Yes. It's not just him. Let's not make this mistake we made the last time. All right, fellas and ladies, it's not just him. It's the A.Ds who are the A.Ds. The ads. No, the assistant directors. It's the deputy assistant directors. It's the sacks of field offices, special agents in charge of field offices who been of it. It's a special agent in charge of their intel division. Whoever's in charge of these people all have to go. We need new management at the FBI. One big sign though yesterday. Before I move on to my next one, because that's just the FBI. It's a story that on this aired on CBS, by the way, a mega story about the IRS. Something's definitely going on behind the scenes. They must know something about the Biden's. I'll show you what I mean. It's someone knows something. But just to close this out, a big sign from the Santhus yesterday. I told you there were two things to watch. The media framing of his launch, right? The framing's obvious. All you had to do was read playbook this morning. Did you guys see it? It's obvious. The playbook framing of the whole thing was, oh, I missed that in the beginning. Do you have that key? The playbook thing? I didn't go to that element. Yeah, throwing up. The playbook's already framing this thing. Oh, the bots roll out. They're there, you know, with the Twitter stuff. So unfortunately, the framing, they're never going to fix it this point. You could see playbook. Why does the Santhus' disastrous launch batters? So playbook already hit that part. I did work out. Wasn't the greatest launch. I think we can all, you can see that point. But second, I said, is the Santhus going to hit Trump? Because what happens to everyone who hits Trump, ladies and gentlemen, head on? The answer is they get run over like a damn freight train. That'll like a, you know, like a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. You know what I remember the cartoon show? They timed it on a Popeye cartoon. Oh, that'll be, Popeye, I don't think I'm right. Everybody gets run over. So yesterday, the Santhus didn't do that. The Santhus is sticking with this other kind of Glenn Youngkin approach, the governor of Virginia, where you like acknowledge Trump's success stories. And when it comes to confronting him, you don't confront him directly. You confront like you talk about it in generic, you get what I'm saying in generic terms? Like, well, people shouldn't post stuff onto it. Well, what people? Trump, right? No people people. They, he didn't do that. I think he realizes you go head on with Trump, the S.J. Bush and Marco Rubio, man, it ain't going to happen. So I'm not sure where he's going to go with that. We'll see. It's not just the FBI and trouble folks. This IRS story aired on CBS. 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In January 2020, he was assigned to what he calls a high profile investigation. Who's the subject of the investigation? I can't confirm or deny the subject of this investigation. Why not? Because, you know, part of the tax see-laws don't allow it. Shapley can't say it, but CBS News has learned the investigation was the probe of Hunter Biden by the Trump appointed US Attorney in Delaware. Senior Biden administration officials have vowed to let it run its course without interference. It's not restricted in his investigation in any way. But CBS News has obtained this letter, Shapley's lawyers sent to Congress Monday alleging irregularities in DOJ's handling of the investigation. Shapley is seeking legal protections from Congress so he can share specifics of his allegations. There was multiple steps that were or slow walked at the direction of his department, Justice. Had you ever encountered that before? I have not known. These deviations were normal process and each and every time it seemed to always benefit the subject. Why is CBS putting this on the air? There's no way journalism, no, no, no Clarice. He covers Buffalo. He is not, this is not journalism, okay? CBS may be doing journalism, but it's not journalistic what they're doing. Does that make sense? They're not doing journalism. There is something out there that is catastrophic to the Biden team. Okay, Dan, what is it? You want an answer? Okay, I'll give you one. There is a document out there in possession of the FBI that the FBI under the hapless corrupt Christopher Ray is desperately fighting tooth and nail with blood on their fangs, like vampires, fighting off an army of werewolves to try to keep you from seeing. What is that document? It's a document indicating that an informant to the FBI has information about Joe Biden and the Biden Inc family taking money in exchange for policy decisions. Ladies and gentlemen, it would be the biggest black male scandal, bribery scandal in the history of the United States government. The FBI does not want to give the document up. Why? Because it's going to blow this thing open. Blow it open legally. Biden going to be in handcuffs? No. No. No. I don't trust the Justice Department of the Squat. I see in these chatrooms, these people are saying, all right, he keeps telling us something's going to happen. I do. Do you even listen to my show? I'm telling you, these people are a protected class. Nothing is going to happen to these Democrats. However, however, they don't care about the legality because they know they've got their ace in the hole, which is what? Merrick Garland's going to make everything. So what are they worried about? Well, the FBI is essentially functioning like a political action committee for Biden. And what's the first part of that political, oh, the word about the pot? Yeah. Yes. The Biden team wants nothing more. What is every first term president want? Did I have to ask this again? Joe, what is every first term president want? You know the answer? Every first term president wants a second term. That's all they want. That's all they want. The power I've been in the White House, ladies and gentlemen, you have no idea what it's like to be president. It is intoxicating. Every second I've been there. I lived it. You're right there with these guys all the time. He wants a second term. If a major black male scandal blows up and they can't hide it in the public anymore, they know it's going to destroy this guy. So why is CBS putting us out there? I think the media knows he's in real trouble and they're trying to get this guy out of there now before this gets worse. There's no other explanation. Folks, none. None. By the way, another story you may want to read in the newsletter. New York Post. Interesting one. The IRS I just mentioned that this whistleblower alleges is making a hundred Biden case go away. If you know what I mean, opened up a tax probe on journalist Matt Taibi on Christmas Eve following the Twitter files document. Oh gosh, that's real. Yeah. I had a coincidence. That's so strange. How did that happen? It's not real. It's conspiracy theory, right? No, conspiracy theory. You watch when that document services James Comer, the congressman who's leading oversight on this is fighting tooth and nail right now, tooth and nail to get that document from the FBI. If that document pops, he's going to be in real trouble politically. Legally, Garland, make it all go away. But it's going to be genuine trouble for this guy. Ladies and gentlemen, Biden is at like 30% approval right now on a lot of issues. This guy cannot afford to lose any more points. Let me move on. I've got a couple more stories. Folks, the culture war, which has been a huge issue. Each downside for us forever, okay? We've been losing the culture war for 40 years. I'm sorry, it's just a fact. And it's not your fault. Everyone my buddies here in the chat, love you all. You're the best. It's not your fault. You didn't do anything. We have been led astray by focus groups, lobbyists, insiders, politicians and rhinos who've told us for 30 and 40 years. Don't worry. Don't talk about immigration, abortion, guns, or just talk about school choice and talk about tax cuts and we'll win. Well what happened? The left steam rolled us and now we've got a target putting clothing in the front of the store, teaching people how to talk and bind their reproductive organs. Male and woman, I mean, it's just insane. It's insane what's going on right now. But I'm sensing a turn, man. I'm sensing a turn. You can see in this clip by NBC where they start melting down. They don't know what to say. So it turns out that one of the people, according to this story, involved with this target, the store target, the line of products. I didn't know what folks, I'm sorry, I don't know, but teaching transgender kids how to talk there, the stuff, the thingy, the stuff. Like there. And then like the thingies up, you got to bind them like, I don't know, but I don't know about this. I didn't know it about it. I never heard of this before. Like, junk, targets like what apparently all behind this Joe's like, really? We can do that because that painful like that sounds like, you know, kind of sounds like kind of hurts. Yeah. So now that this is breaking wide open and target stock is dropping, Bud Light's getting smoked NBC's coming into the rescue. But they found out one of the people involved with this clothing line is like a satanist or something like that. I want you to listen to how NBC just like casually threw that in this story. Like it's nobody. And by the way, they are a satanist. It sounds crazy. A controversy over pride month products is causing headaches for retail giant target. It says safety is behind its decision to halt some sales. Miguel Elmiger explains. Tonight target one of the nation's largest retailers is pulling some products that celebrate pride month off store shelves. Sighting threats to employees, the company says, given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior. The retailer removing LGBTQ brand app prowl and from their stores and website whose products featured stank tannic themes. Target also reportedly reviewing its adult collection of tuck friendly swimsuits that allows trans people who have not had gender affirming operations to conceal their private parts. Those items have been at the center of misinformation. This is like Joe. This is a solid bowl of leftist euphemisms. Gender affirming care. No, no, no, your gender is what you're born with. You're not affirming anything. That's like leftist nonsense. Gender affirming, you mean cutting off your nuts or something? But what are you talking about? You're like tuck friendly gear. You talk for it. Is that what we're calling this now? And then I love the line. And it was a Satan friendly line or whatever. Wait, why? I love how NBC covers on and they like gloss over it like it's no big deal. Oh, Satan, like the Prince of Darkness, Satan, like that, that Satan and NBC covers it like no one's going to catch it. Yeah, it's just a Satan clothing in the target. No big deal. Folks, the culture war is shifting, man. Right beneath your feet. Stay hot. Stay ready financially. Your financial weapons are your weapons in this fight. Bud light out, target out, miller light out. For this Ford Raptor, I was going to get another Ford Raptor. I'm stuck. I got a Ford now. What am I going to do? I can't burn it. But how that's it for me? That's the end of that. I am a Raptor night night. See you till they clean up that mess. Your financial weapons matter. Use them. Spend your money wisely. All right, this debt ceiling fight is hilarious. Did you know I'm Steve Munchkin. Steve Munchkin, apparently Steve Munchkin made a verbal appearance at the White House. If you're wondering who the hell Steve Munchkin is, you're like, wait, Steve Mnuchin, the own press secretary. No, no, Steve Munchkin. Stay tuned. This gets better, I promise. I don't know about you, but it takes a lot to shock me these days to see our judicial system look like a third world Republican and woke companies jumping into support. All this destructive crap. It's insane. We got to fight back, but we couldn't in the past because there were no options. Big mobile companies have been dumping millions into leftist causes. And we had to take it. Because as I said, no other option existed. Well, now it does. PatreonMobile. PatreonMobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. They offer dependable nationwide coverage and all three major network. So you get the best possible service in your area without the woke prop again that pushed by leftist working hard to destroy this country. When you switch to PatreonMobile, you support a company believes in free speech and religious freedom, the sanctity of life, second amendment and our military veterans and first responder heroes. They're 100% US-based customer service team just makes switching, makes it easy. Just go to slash dan or give them a call at 878 Patreon. Get free activation today with the offer code Dan. Get slash dan or call 878 Patreon. Thanks Patreon mobile. I should have said the wider the culture wars shifting and I can see it because markets are moving right now in a direction where people have money at stake. Follow me here folks. They got skin in the game. They're asses in the grass, right? Them right there. If they thought target if this was a good move and they thought what Bud Light was doing was a good move and that the culture was moving in a pro trans war against America direction, right, then people wouldn't be selling off the stock and mass. Know what it takes to move the stock for a major corporation, a button target. You have any idea how many people have to sell rather than buy? When you're money's in the game, all of a sudden you start seeing in live time the culture wars shift right beneath your feet. I want to get to this debt ceiling fight because it's getting ugly right now for Biden. Biden screwed it up man. There's no other way. He scores no other way to describe it. This guy totally, completely asked up this whole thing. He could not have screwed the debt ceiling debate up anymore. Folks, listen man, game theory this out, swat analysis, right? When you're playing poker, you don't like, you don't go to bat there with the paratuse when the guys got a full house. You can talk all the smack you want. Look at me, man. I can fake better. Ultimately, you're going to have to show your cards. Biden doesn't have any cards that Republicans run the House of Representatives. Period. That's not open for dispute. You guys will do what I say or I'll do what? Say it again. When he hasn't, he had no dog in the fight. Even Dumber with this idiot. Biden, well I'm not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling. In other words, raising the amount of debt because we're still spending money we don't have. Very simple. I'm not going to negotiate. Okay. Well, that's your problem. Now he's retconning history. You know what retcons are? Your movie fans, when they put out like Michael Myers and up version seven and they pretend the other six movies didn't exist. You never see that retconning. They do it all the time. They rewrite the history of the movie or they pretend it never happened. That's what he's doing now. Biden's retconning history. Here is Karin Jumpier. I'm going to play a supercut for you in a minute. Biden has repeatedly said, I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. Even though we had no choice, the Democrats are not in charge of the House. Here's Karin Jumpier. He's absolute imbicill. Anybody changing a vote? Nobody certainly. He's certain that the worst press secretary by far in the history of the United States, even including people who talked about Steve Munchkin. This is the worst press secretary ever. Here's Karin Jumpier claiming that Biden, he's wanted to negotiate the whole time as if digital copies of everything they said aren't readily available, which I'll play next. Check this out. Say that negotiations are hard and they take time. Did the president wait too long to engage with the Republicans on the negotiations that he's in the middle of right now? The president has been engaging or trying to engage with Republicans for months now, for months. My gosh, this woman is an idiot. She is an idiot of the high, you know why she's dumb? Not because of what she just said. She knows she's lying. That's because she's such a garbage can liar. Unlike Jen Saki who was good at this, she's so untounded at it. She doesn't even try to make the lie believable. Here is a supercut of Karin Jumpier and the Biden team saying we're not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. Give me now they want to negotiate the whole time. It Happy to meet with Speaker McCarthy. But not on weather or not the debt limit gets extended. That is not negotiable and we have been very clear about this. The president said he's happy to meet with McCarthy but not on weather or not the debt limit gets extended. That's not negotiable. He is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling. It's been very clear. That is not going to change. I think we've been very clear. Look, there shouldn't be negotiations. This is not negotiable. We are not going to negotiate. There's no negotiating around the debt limit. Again, the single dumbest person to ever occupy the office of press secretary for the white. There has never been anyone dumber. Any with the worst liar you've ever seen. Maybe that's a compliment. Hat tip R&C research for that clip by the way. Now reporters I think right now are starting to realize again, they're not doing journalism here. Here's a reporter in the press room hitting Karin Jompier. And I think they're starting to realize Biden screwed this thing up badly. He's in gentlemen. Remember what I've told you, Joe, what do we say about the Kenny Rogers song to gambler? All the life advice you ever need is in the Kenny Rogers song to gambler. You got to know when to hold him. You got to know when to fall though. You got to know when to walk away and you got to know when to run. Biden is too freaking stupid. He didn't understand any of this and he tried to pull an a sat of the hole. He didn't have. Here's a reporter going, hey, you guys keep saying, uh, you guys want to negotiate with him, but then you just did a whole presentation blasting the GOP. Like which is it? You check this out. I just said repeatedly that you thought that talks had been productive, but you also opened the briefings by putting some house Republicans on blasts that you put up on the screen. So how have talks been productive? So look, um, we just laid out, I just laid out the facts. That's all. It can't even worse. AOC had a giant. I know, I know in the chat, I get it. Don't get mad at me. I can't stand putting aOC. You only want dumber than Karin John Pierre as a OC. I understand that. Here's a OC who doesn't understand simple mess. He repeats the big lie again about negotiations that somehow the GOP didn't want to negotiate, which is just made up. I don't know what to tell you. And then she says something so stupid. The house has already passed the debt ceiling height. Does everybody listening, understanding that in the chat, I know you do. They have already passed the house a debt ceiling height. Here's a OC. They don't have the votes. Did you idiot? They already passed it. Do you know how the house works? I'm not sure they have the votes. They passed the freaking bill already. You dip stick. Here, listen to this idiot. The reason why anyone is asking anyone on this stage about what we would vote for is because Kevin McCarthy needs our votes. Because Kevin McCarthy doesn't have the votes. Because Kevin McCarthy is going to the White House without a majority of his caucus. He does not have what is necessary to negotiate. And for any question about what anybody would settle for, he has responsibility to concede. So if he wants any democratic support, he has to come to the table. And we have seen him over and over again, say that he will not negotiate, that they are engaged in hostage taking, not negotiation, extortion, not conversation. And that is not something we can establish. It is not something we can reinforce in this country. The proposal that we see on this table right now, that Kevin McCarthy and Republican caucus have put down has been an absolute rejection of the same reckless tax cuts that were passed in 2017. Did you catch it? Did you catch it? She says they don't have the support, they don't have the votes. And then she says at the end, but the proposal, they put a, what proposal they put on the table? You just said they don't have the votes. What, what do you mean? What do you mean? You mean the bill they passed? What an idiot. He is so stupid. She is so dumb. I love the part two. Oh, he said he wanted to negotiate. I just played for you, the supercut. This is what happens when you elect a moron like this to Congress. Here, this is great. This is just a little comic relief for you towards the end of the show. Steve Munchkin appeared in the briefing room yesterday. If you don't know Steve Munchkin, I don't either, but maybe Green Jumpy Air does. Check this out. Stephen Munchkin said, and I quote, that doesn't make sense. The government should honor all of its obligations and the debt limit should be raised. We represent the lot of you. The lot of you. Steve Munchkins. Who the, is Steve Munchkin? You mean Steve Munchkin? The old press secretary? You freaking idiot. Holy Moses, someone get this woman flashcards in the back. Do you like a partner, you know, like you, you write it out? Ma, new, chin, not Munchkin. It's not Steve Munchkin. There is no Steve Munchkin. I know of who's been treasury secretary. There's an Arthur Mellon, but there's no Steve Munchkin. And he's not a member of the Lollipop Guild. What the? Oh my gosh. All right, I had a lot more to get to. I'll get to it tomorrow. Oh, questions, right? Questions. I forgot about that. Let me take a note for the radio show. You want to submit a question for tomorrow's show? We do and ask me anything. Go to my local's account. Go to my true social account. I'll put the post up right now. Questions for tomorrow's show. Submit them. We'll read them. I'm at the Bon Gino on both and really appreciate it. Please check out my apple and Spotify accounts. If you would click followers, subscribe there. I would deeply appreciate it. And join us every day for the live chat. I love having you here. We're doing about 40,000 people a day, which is amazing. Considering we just started slash Bon Gino every day, 11 a.m. Eastern time. Just click that follow button to try and get three million followers. We're almost there. Thanks so much, folks. I'll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard Dan Bon Gino.