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Kal Penn Discusses The Pope Potentially Ending Celibacy Requirements |  Chasten Buttigieg

Kal Penn Discusses The Pope Potentially Ending Celibacy Requirements | Chasten Buttigieg

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 03:30

Kal Penn discusses the news of the day including a seaweed blob approaching the Florida coast, the Pope's potential about-face on celibacy requirements for priests, and the Nebraska lawmaker who filibustered for three weeks to squash anti-trans bills. Chasten Buttigieg discusses the reason he created a young adult version of his bestselling memoir.

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Listen to MTV's official challenge podcast on the iHeartRadio app Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to Comedy Central. From New York City, the only city in America, it's the show that is designated news. This is The Daily Show with your host, CalPan. Welcome to The Daily Show. I'm CalPan and I have had so much fun. I wish I could stay forever. Honestly, now I understand why Trump refused to leave the White House. What do you think? Should we do an interaction? Just stay forever? Oh, all right. I was joking. You guys are messed up. I love it. Okay, we got a great show for you tonight. Chast and Buttigieg is here, everyone. We have a lot to talk about, so let's get into the headlines. Let's begin with some breaking news from the Vatican. No, not about you. You're still going to hell. But there is some good news for priests. Pope Francis says the Catholic Church's thousand-year-old practice of celibacy for priests could be changed. He tells an Argentine publication the ban on priests having sex was only temporary and that there is no contradiction for a priest to marry. That's right. Yeah. Pope Francis just stepped out on his balcony and said, I'm proud to announce at the end of our non-Nathomilaniom with the day. Oh, gosh. And then a cloud of white just shot out of the Vatican chimney. Anyway, this is wild. Okay, the Pope suddenly decided that a thousand-year-old ban on sex was just temporary the whole time. Does anyone else feel like the Pope just found out Jacelle was single? She dumped Tom Brady. Look, everybody, I just found the new page in the Bible. Yes, the two pages in Leviticus. They want to stop together this whole time. Oh, my gosh. But I gotta say, I gotta say, I think priests are gonna clean up on dating apps. You ever heard a missionary? I invented that. Now, this could really be a game changer. I mean, think about it. Now the priests can knock someone up. It means that they might change their mind on abortion. Oh, look at this. Your pregnant. Oh, look at these two more pages stuck together. My goodness. Thank you. Okay, look, moving on. We've got some inspiring news out of Nebraska. Yeah, how often do we get to say that? Like in a lot of places, Republicans are pushing an anti-trans bill through the state legislature. But this time, an incredible state senator is speaking out. And speaking and speaking and speaking. The Democratic Lawmaker taking a stand against what she says is attacks on fundamental human rights. This is out of Nebraska where Republican bill is trying to ban what they call gender-affirming care to people who are under 19 years old. Now, this Democratic State Center is halting all business in the chamber. And filibustering or vowing a kind of obstruction set of tactics that work in Nebraska for the last three weeks, saying, she'll burn the session to the ground over this bill. During her filibuster, she has discussed everything from her favorite Girl Scout cookies. Is the plot of the movie Madagascar. If this legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful. Painful for everyone. Hell yeah! All right. Look, at a time when so many of us are all talk, she's actually, okay, well, she's all talk too. But in a useful way, and I'm sure it's hard for Senator Kavanaugh to come up with stuff to say for three weeks straight. But it means a lot to so many families that someone is fighting for them. And it also means a lot to DreamWorks that someone is still talking about Madagascar. So it's not their best movie, honestly. Anyway, just today, Kavanaugh finally got Republicans to agree to an actual debate on this bill, which they were trying to avoid. This is great if you're into civility. I personally would have just gone nuclear and just been like, Till this bill now, or I spoil the end of the last of us. And finally, spring break is coming up. If you were thinking of going to Florida to lie on the beach and not be surrounded by 5,000 miles of seaweed, well... Florida is bracing for a 5,000 mile wide seaweed bloom almost twice as wide as the entire United States. Enormous mounds of brown mucky macro algae are now floating towards Florida. The popular shores of South Beach are only speckled with this kind of seaweed, called Sargasm so far. But in several weeks, that's likely to change, with sightings already this month in Key West, Antigua, and the crowded Mexican resort of Pleiadell Carmen, preparing for up to 3 feet of build-up. The biggest issue with the seaweed, a serious rotten egg smell, not ideal for tourism. Holy shit, that's a lot of seaweed. It sounds like a plague god sends when he's mad, but like, not that mad. Like, I'm not hurricane angry, I'm just disappointed. And if I had to guess about what God's mad about, it's probably that Ron DeSantis eats pudding with three fingers. Look, I'm not a Florida parent, but I'd rather let my kid watch a drag queen read Good Night Moon than watch a grown man in a suit finger a pudding cup. And... The worst part, the worst part about all this seaweed is there's nothing Florida can do about it. But it is Florida, so they'll probably just try to... shoot it. For more on the seaweed story, we go live to Miami Beach with Roy Wood Jr. everybody, Roy. What's the situation over there, man? What's happening, Cal? What's going on? What's going on, man? How you been? I'm good, but what is the situation over there, Roy? You see the situation. It's disgusting, Cal. Seaweed everywhere, man. This beach is like it's covered in hair. Look like an Italian man's back out here. And... This just smells like a truck full of hardwood, and it's crashing to a factory that makes wet fog. It's bad. It's staking. So you have to smell the wet fog? Yeah. You think it's a dry fog? Didn't a little juice come out? You could do a juice. Yes. I know, I get it. We've all been there, but... Why are you cleaning up the beach? That's so kind of you. I'm not cleaning. I'm not cleaning. I'm taking all this home. Hey, hang on, man. The tour's over. Hey, get your ass back! Get your ass back. I'm the one that's the oldest ocean vomit is mine. Wait, Roy, why are you taking home the seaweed? Why else am I selling to white folks? What'd you think of me doing? White folks are not going to buy rotting seaweed. No, but white people will buy it once I call it naturally sourced organic oceanic sargasm. Oh, my God, you're right. White people will buy the shit out of that! No! I'm going to be printing money. All I got to do is stick on the shit in the classy tin, put a little white baby face on it and be in whole foods next week. My working days are over, but my grandkids are going to be so spoiled. I hate them all already. Okay, but what's it used for? Do you eat it or wrap yourself in it? Man, I don't care. You can eat it, smoke it, put it in your coffee, rub it on your balls. White people will figure it out. Look, I just got to get all this done before Gwyneth Poucho has the same idea. She's still it. You know what? Yes, yes, you got Poucho. I know. You got to hurry, though. She stole turmeric from us. Yeah, you know. You know the problem, no man. The problem was slowing this down. We're slowing down. The cleanup is all this trash. I got to pick all this trash out of this. I don't know. Why don't you just leave it in there? I just say it's a rich and bioactive upcycled exfoliants. Bitch, get your ass down here, cat. We going into business together. Come on up to the show. Come on down here, Matt. You smile. Oh, Gwyneth Poucho here. I got to go, Matt. Back up, Pepperpots. Hold her off. Get out of here, Pepperpots. Come in. Why would junior everybody? All right. When we come back, we'll find out what scares politicians the most. Cool. MTV's official challenge podcast is back for another season. And this time, the competition is coming from all over the world in the Challenge World Championship. We are bringing you episode recaps, interviews with competitors, and exclusive behind-the-scenes looks from the season. We'll be witnessing the competitive journeys of global MVPs from Argentina, Australia, the UK, and the USA teamed up with your favorite challenge legends. Join us in the climb to finding the first ever world champion. Listen to MTV's official challenge podcast on the iHeart Radio app Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome back to the Daddy Show. There's a lot that we don't know about the 2024 election. Like who the candidates will be, or which campaign, Beto, or work is going to lose. But as someone who headed up youth issues at the White House, I can tell you that if history is any indicator, we already know what one of the big talking points is going to be. Every election is like, oh, the young people are coming, young people are coming. And usually they don't come. They just don't show up. Are you hearing me, Nises? I was having this conversation tonight. So we don't. This convention was not there in their 20s. It was not made for us. We didn't, I said you don't vote. I said you don't vote. You don't vote. They will never ever vote. Why would people cater to you if you never come out? Sorry, not to be annoying, but we're with NBC News, and I'm just trying to figure out if anybody you're going to vote an election on November 6th. Anybody? Anybody? Nobody's going to vote? What can get younger voters to actually turn out to vote? You know, turn out for what? You got your own themes on that, eh? Turn out for what? Yeah. Well, young people aren't going to be voting now. The point is, the media loves to whine about young people not voting. But what gets much less attention is that the establishment feels so threatened by the power of young voters that they actually try to get them to not vote. To many of these establishments, low youth turnout is not a problem. It's a goal. And that's what I want to talk about, and the latest installment of Long Story Short. Let's say that a political party wants to suppress the youth vote. What are some things they might try to do? Their best bet is to put restrictions on college students, because for the most part, they're all young, except for that one guy who used to sit in the back here. Sociology, lecture. What was his deal? Was that like an inspiring thing or like a 21 jump street situation? Anyway, one thing that they try to do is to target student IDs. In some states, you can't use a school ID to vote, even though for a lot of students, it's the only thing showing that they live in the state. And don't tell me that they aren't legitimate residents. Okay, college students pay local taxes for four years, and the dumb ones up to six. One of those states is Texas, where you can't use your student ID to vote, but you can use your gun permit, which sure feels like a law made by Republicans to make it easier for other Republicans to vote. It's basically like a liberal state letting you vote if you still wear your COVID mask. Another thing they try to do is move voting booths off campuses. Now, this is a big deal for college students since they're less likely to have a car. If they do know someone with a car, it's usually that like, kind of hot, but sort of sketch dude with a 2007 Subaru that like reeks of weed and all the seatbelts are missing, and it's just like, is voting for a state assembly really worth getting car herpes? When it comes to trying to make polling places inaccessible, the state of Texas is also at the forefront. Texas Republicans are pushing a bill that would ban voting booths from every campus across the state. Voting rights advocates are slamming a Texas lawmakers plan to remove polling places from college campuses. A young voter is favored Democrats by nearly a 30 point margin in the midterms, but the Republican who's behind this proposal tells ABC 13's Breonna Connor, it is not about that. Republican state representative Carrie Isaac says it's a matter of school safety. I don't believe it's wise that we invite people under our campuses that would not otherwise be there. Texas Southern University freshman Jordan Jones points out that public universities like TSU already have open campuses. Our library that's literally right there is also public. Anybody can go in there and use it. So I feel like there shouldn't be much of a difference whenever it comes to voting. She has a good point. The library is already open to the public, although knowing Texas Republicans that other ladies just going to be like, this student is right, we should also ban libraries. I realize that so far I've given you Republican examples. But to be fair, that doesn't mean all voter suppression is committed by Republicans, just like 98% of it. But there are Democrats who do engage in voter suppression, and I know this from personal experience. During the Democratic primary in 2007, I lobbied a local election board in North Carolina that wanted to remove voting machines from a campus where there were a lot of Obama Democrats and send those machines to a wealthy suburb where there were a lot of non-Obama Democrats. Although that's obviously not how they put it. They were just like, okay, we're doing this because college students are just less likely to vote than people in the suburbs. And then I was like, oh, well, maybe college students don't vote because you keep taking their voting machines away. And then I lost. Sorry. Well, those are some of the more common obstacles that you might encounter as a young voter. It can get a lot more creative. Welcome to North Carolina, ANT. It's the largest historically black college in the country, and a big Democratic voting block. But when you look at a Congressional map, ANT looks like two separate colleges. It's split between District 6 and District 13. So if you move from this dorm over to that dorm, you're in a different district, with different representatives, and a different polling place. By splitting the campus into two separate congressional districts, it diluted the power of ANT's collective voice. So what was once one congressional district with an African-American representative? It is now two congressional districts with two white Republican legislators. Have you seen people discourage from voting because of this? Not only do you get discouragement, there's also not wanting to register at all. It validates in affirms what young folks are saying when they say that their votes don't count. Yeah, that's a bummer. And honestly, I haven't seen college students that disappointed since they saw me in Van Wilder 2. In my defense, that movie paid very well. But look, this is the point of it. All of this is meant to freeze you out of the process and discourage you from participating. And I get it. It's easy as a young person to get demoralized and super high. I'm not sure why I mentioned that. Sorry, to be more clear, things are not hopeless. You know that Jerry Mandering at ANT? Well, it sparked a student revolt. And after a court order re-unified the school, students there are now voting in record numbers. Yeah. Pretty great. And it's not just them. It's not just them. Despite all of those barriers, young voters have shown up big in recent elections. In fact, last year, they may have made all the difference. Gen Zers, millennials, they're now voting in record numbers. Gen Z voters, people born in 1997 and later, are laughing their older millennial counterparts. I know a lot of people talk about young people talking about being engaged, but not being engaged. We are seeing engagement. The energy from these young folks is real. They all but cancel out the votes of their grandparents, of senior citizens, who are some of the most reliable voters out there, and also some of the most Republican voters out there. If not for young people, we have a starkly different result. We saw not a red wave. We didn't see a blue wave, but we certainly saw a young voter, Gen Z wave. A Gen Z wave! Come on! Not a red wave, not a blue wave, not a millennial pink wave. So remember, when I said the establishment feels threatened by you? Well, that's because when you vote, you often get a lot of the things to happen. Marriage equality, climate action, and yes, we decriminalization. It's young people who overwhelmingly pushed to get this stuff done. So keep it up. Don't let them make you feel complacent. Because long story short, you're powerful, and that's why they're scared of you. So go make them scared! Right? Let me come back. Chast and Buttigiegs will be joining me. Stay tuned. Thank you. Welcome back to the Daily Show. So my guest tonight is an author, teacher, and advocate. His latest book is based on his New York Times bestselling memoir. It's called, I Have Something To Tell You For Young Adults. Please welcome Chast and Buttigiegs. Thank you. I'm really excited to talk about your book, but this is sort of just Newsy because of the week that this has been. At the Gridiron dinner in Washington, D.C., that's a dinner where politicians are known to make humorous speeches. They try, yes. Vice President Mike Pence made a joke about your husband taking paternity leave, and he referred to it as maternity leave. And when I saw that, my biggest reaction was really, you're just going to recycle at 1998 joke. That's like been around forever. But what was your reaction? I mean, I think joke is being generous. Especially at the Daily Show. It's a sad trend of people on the other side using homophobia, misogyny to try to make a point. I mean, he's trying to launch a presidential campaign. And from my experience in presidential politics, it's about who you bring into the fold, right? What you inspire people to believe in a better version of America, especially in those early days. So I guess that's how he wants to start his campaign, which I don't think is surprising to any of us. Okay, so in that case, he's using us to be relevant. We're going to move on. Exactly. I'm not giving him that time. Yeah. This is the young adult version of your New York Times bestseller, which I assume is just going to get banned as soon as it comes out. Congratulations. Congratulations to Mike Pencey, my harness. Yeah, exactly. But why did you write a young adult version? You know, I'm very proud of this one. It's the book that I wish I would have had when I was in eighth grade. You know, I grew up in conservative rural Northern Michigan, where I did not know any out people. I thought that I had a sort of disease. I thought something was wrong with me. And this book is an opportunity to tell young people that there is nothing wrong with you. There are millions of people out here who love you, who will support you. You know, and that's the best part about projects like this is you get an opportunity to go out there and do good with that platform. So we're going to take this book on tour and we're going to go to some of these red places like Texas, Florida, Utah, Missouri. And you know, we're going to have those conversations with kids about how there's nothing wrong with who you are. And there are a lot of people out here backing you up. That's awesome. Very nice. Okay. You are not jaded from what I gather. If you're saying things like that and you're actually going to those places. How long have you guys lived in DC? No. Two years, I guess. Okay. So what was the expectation of DC versus the reality of DC? Well, I mean, it is a tremendous opportunity for our family to have, you know, that chance to be part of something big. I certainly thought that people were elected into office to go and make change in this country. And then I got there and realized that there are incredible people who are focused on improving people's lives. And there are also people who use Washington just to audition to be on Tucker Carlson, you know, or DC has kind of become this content form for some people. Where they go into hearings and they say something lambastic or offensive because they know it'll get people outraged. And then they can cut that and put it on their podcast. And so that experience of Washington, you know, the district is beautiful. People are great. And then there's Washington. And I try to keep as much of a distance as I can from it. Focus on my family, focus on the good and, you know, allow the other stuff to fall off the shoulder. Okay. You mentioned Tucker Carlson. He's like kind of obsessed with it. With it up you. But try not to. Well, my question is like, how do you deal with, I remember there was something he did like, is Pete Buttigieg gay? And I'm like, how do you even, like, why are they so obsessed with you? I think they just, and him. You know, it's easier to focus on really weird shit, you know? And that gets people fired up and it gets people talking about you online. And people make a lot of money. Yeah. People make a lot of money about you being mad. And so I wish this guy would like send us some diaper money or something. The amount of money that he's raising off our family. Yeah, exactly. He's making money off of you. But then you, you know, you see people like the state senator Nebraska, who uses her platform to do good things. You see the Elliott Larson Civil Rights Act, pass in Michigan today. Extending Civil Rights protection. Yeah. The people of Michigan. So that's the stuff we stay focused on, you know? And let people on late night television talk about the things they want. Or so as we wrap up, how do you stay that hopeful? How do you, like, how do you go from people idiots like me asking you about Tucker Carlson? And then you're like, here's the things that I actually find hopeful. How do you do that? Well, my draft folder is long. Oh, I'm trying to. I've got a good stuff out there. But it's my kids, you know, they've changed everything. Yeah. You know, at the end of the day, you've got a, you've got two screaming twins who just want their dinner and they want their bath time. And that grounds you because that's the good work. You know, you're, you're raising the next generation. You're focused on the good. You're focused on the opportunity to make this a better country. And you let the weird people on television talk about whatever they want to do. Because I know that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. Well, Jason Bruner, just everyone. Thank you so much for being here. You are incredible. I have something to tell you for adults. It's available for pre-order. Thanks, man. All right. We're going to take a quick break. But we'll be right back after this. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. MTV's official challenge podcast is back for another season and this time the competition is coming from all over the world in the Challenge World Championship. We'll be witnessing the competitive journeys of global MVPs from Argentina, Australia, the UK and the USA teamed up with your favorite challenge legends. Join us in the climb to finding the first ever world champion. Listen to MTV's official challenge podcast on the iHeartRadio app Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Well, that's our show for tonight and that's my time as guest host. But stay tuned for next week when your host will be Al Franken. And if you want more of me, you can pick up a copy of my book or audiobook. It's called You Can't Be Serious, Wherever Books and Audio Books are Sold. Explore more shows from the Daily Show Podcast universe by searching the Daily Show, wherever you get your podcasts. Watch the Daily Show weekdays at 11, 10 Central on Comedy Central and stream full episodes anytime on Fairmouth Plus. This has been a Comedy Central Podcast. Now! The Boads Back to Work.