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Ep. 1733 - DeSantis To Launch Tonight On Twitter!

Ep. 1733 - DeSantis To Launch Tonight On Twitter!

Wed, 24 May 2023 15:45

Ron DeSantis prepares to launch his 2024 campaign on Twitter, breaking the internet and throwing mainstream media into a tizzy; Joe Biden has played himself on the debt ceiling; and Target wades into the culture wars. Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: Ep.1733 - - - DailyWire+: Want to work at The Daily Wire? For more information, click here and select “Careers”: Get your Ben Shapiro merch here: - - - Today’s Sponsors: Good Ranchers - Use code "BEN" at checkout for 20% off site-wide: Birch Gold - Text "BEN" to 989898, or go to, to claim your free infokit today! RexMD - Get 90% off RexMD and only pay $2 per dosage with our exclusive link -> #rexmdpod ZipRecruiter - Try ZipRecruiter for FREE: - - - Socials: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Facebook: Subscribe on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Ron DeSantis prepares to launch his 2024 campaign on Twitter, breaking the internet and throwing mainstream media into a tizzy. Joe Biden has played himself on the debt ceiling and target wades into the culture wars. I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the Ben Shapiro Show. This episode is brought to you by Good Ranchers. Fire up the grill on MemorialDay with and use my code Ben to get 20% off sitewide. That's promo code Ben today. Well, finally, the 2024 Republican primaries can begin in earnest today. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, long awaited, long expected, will announce his campaign for the presidency. He has like $150 million in the bank. He has ranked second to Donald Trump in virtually all the polls. In the national polling, Trump has a very solid lead over DeSantis. In the state polling, things are a little bit more dicey. For Donald Trump, this race has not yet begun for people who are suggesting the race is preliminarily over. Let me remind everybody the back in 2008, the two nominees for the Republican and the Democratic Party respectively. At this point in the race, we're supposed to be Rudy Julianning and Hillary Clinton. And of course, none of that happened. These races are unpredictable. Obviously, Trump has the upper hand going in considering that he's the former president of the United States of the Hamor lock on 25 to 30% of the Republican base. But that does not mean that he is not a vulnerable incumbent candidate. He is a candidate who lost in 2020 and 2021 and 2022. He is a person who's going to have to run at Ron DeSantis from the left, not from the right. And he really has never faced a candidate quite as determined and I think methodical as DeSantis in a Republican primary. In the last Republican primary in 2016, of course, all the other Republicans bumper-card each other, leaving a wide open lane for Donald Trump to run straight up the middle. Rubio and Cruz, they went after each other. Chris Christie performed a political murder suicide during a New Hampshire primary debate with Marco Rubio. He had a bunch of candidates who kind of stayed in too long, splitting the vote a bunch of different ways and Trump was able to run right up the middle in that race. This race appears that it's going to break down probably into a two-man race at this point, barring some sort of cataclysmic circumstance between DeSantis and Trump. That is a very clear alternative. If you are somebody who believes in sort of conservative governance and solid ability to actually get your agenda through, then DeSantis is your guy for looking for colorful. If you're looking for provocative, then Donald Trump is probably your guy, right? Those are sort of how the factors break down here. There's a lot of personal loyalty, obviously, for a lot of Republicans for Trump because they think that he was a good president. I think that the first three years of his presidency were quite good as well. I think the last year was kind of a disaster area with his handling of COVID and the riots, but with all of that said, this is essentially a two-person race. Now, the way that Ron DeSantis is about to launch his campaign is quite fascinating. You can see everybody who's upset about it, people in the media are upset about it, Trump steam obviously upset about it because he's doing something different and frankly somewhat creative. There's an attempt to pigeonhole DeSantis as quote unquote, too online, which is a weird rip on somebody who won a swing state by 20 points in the last gubernatorial election cycle and somebody who bucked all the conventional wisdom with regard to COVID and somehow emerged stronger for all of that. The way that DeSantis is launching his campaign is now with the traditional rally in the manner of Tim Scott or Nikki Haley or something. The way that he is launching his campaign is not with a campaign video like Joe Biden from his basement. Instead, Ron DeSantis is going to announce his campaign for the presidency on Twitter. Now, there are a lot of people who are freaking out about this in the media because frankly, it is a full-scale rejection of legacy media. One thing DeSantis is doing here, then no other Republican really has done is he's just ignoring the legacy media. So Donald Trump actually had a lot of interactions if you recall back in 2016 with the legacy media. He was very friendly with Joan Mika over on MSNBC. He would appear on pretty much any show. He was going everywhere and he got a ton of earned media from that. DeSantis, who knows that he's being targeted by the legacy media. He just doesn't do interviews with them because he knows that they are going to ask him ridiculous questions or edit him out of context. And so instead, what he has done is interviews with media who are not going to ask him ridiculous questions. And then he will answer questions from legacy media members during press conferences and he tends to face plants. A lot of these reporters during the press conferences because again, it's live and they can't actually edit it. So how exactly is he launching? He's launching in a Twitter space with Elon Musk. So people are trying to play this, of course, as some sort of mind-releague launch. That is a weird take considering that Elon Musk is probably America's most famous person at this point. Elon Musk has 141 million Twitter followers does Elon Musk. And the fact that he is launching on Twitter space is, I'll listen, Tucker Carlson, when he decided that he was going to put out a statement about relaunching his show on Twitter, that statement had something like 25, 35 million views as compared to his Fox News show, which every night had like three million viewers. So you're talking about orders of magnitude, more penetration in terms of audience reach. If you do it via Twitter spaces and you get a big crowd, then you would if you did it on any sort of normal network. Plus the news is going to cover whatever he does on Twitter anyway. So that's actually quite a smart move. And again, Elon Musk has seen his free willing and interesting and creative. And this puts the sense of squarely in that space. According to Fox News, sources familiar confirmed that the popular conservative governor will declare he's a candidate for president on Wednesday at six PM Eastern during a conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter, along with his announcement, the sense is expected to file paperwork with the FEC, which officially launches his GOP presidential campaign. His first national TV interview, following the announcement will be with Trey Gowdy, Wednesday at eight PM Eastern on Fox News tonight. Now, of course, Trump's team is immediately claiming that this is a way for him to avoid people, but that's a strange thing because how is it avoiding people? And if he did a rally, it's not as long as they'll do a rally. You're actually interacting with tons of people. You're not. You're on a stage and a lot of people are sharing for you. And then you walk off the stage and security whisks you away. I know I've done many rallies. When you announce on Twitter, with interaction with other people on Twitter, that actually is more interactive, not less interactive, but a Trump advisor told Fox News quote announcing on Twitter is perfect for on DeSantis. This way, he doesn't have to interact with people and the media can't ask him any questions. And now again, DeSantis answers questions from the media. He just refuses to do sit down interviews with people who are determined, bound and determined to lie about him at every, at every turn. I mean, they're doing this again today. I'm doing it for the last couple of weeks. Everything from Casey DeSantis is Lady Macbeth to the so-called Don't Say Gable in Florida to Florida being run by Ron DeSantis, the number of lies that DeSantis has had to take on from the legacy media. Listen, I'm all I'm all admiration for any Republican governor or any Republican center or any Republican president who tells legacy media to screw off their terrible at their jobs. They lie for a habit. And there's no reason why you should give them ratings and you should give them the credibility of pretending that they actually are not biased intermediaries in the middle of this campaign. A formal campaign kickoff event will likely take place sometime after this week's gathering of top donors and bundlers. No details have yet been shared by the campaign. Now again, doing it on Twitter is an active slap at the media. It's something that really is good for Elon Musk's Twitter and Musk, it's a big win for Musk. I mean, it's a big win for Twitter, it's a big win for Musk. Again, we here at Daily Wire fully realize the potential that exists in the new Twitter under Elon Musk, which is why all of our shows, all of those things are going to be available on Twitter because it's a free speech medium that is not going to shut us down the way they say YouTube shut down Matt Walsh. So Twitter is going to be a new place that threatens the media, threatens a lot of the old guard even tech media, and DeSantis jumping right in the middle of that, I think it's actually quite a smart move because if he did it in sort of traditional fashion, the Ripley B he's doing a traditional rally, what's to cover, who cares? Doing it this way, that's a lot of earned media right off the bat. We get to more on this in just one second first. Memorial Day is an amazing time to honor and remember our brave service people who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 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Use my code Ben to get 20% off site wide. That's promo code Ben at Good ranchers is indeed American meat delivered. Another good they actually made me a kosher steak. It was amazing. Go to promo code Ben get 20% off site wide for Memorial Day. Okay, so naturally the media are hot and bothered about all of this. The Atlantic has a piece by Charlie Warzel who used to write for the New York Times. So he has a resume filled with legacy media outlets. Called Twitter is a far right social network. It can no longer be denied. And again, the entire piece is about how evil and terrible Elon Musk is. How to they point out quote earlier today NBC News reported that Florida Governor Rhonda Sands is just slated to kick off his 2024 presidential campaign in his Twitter spaces event with Musk. Twitter quite literally is a launch pad for right wing political leaders. Also today the daily wire the conservative media juggernaut that is home to Ben Shapiro as well as two political commentators Matt Wallschermekemolls who are known for arguing against trans rights announced to bring its entire slate of podcast to Twitter starting next week again. Smart move by DeSantis to simply end around the mainstream media. Especially who are the mainstream media people like the people of the Atlantic who are a joke and speak to a very small audience of select coastal left wingers or vanity fair which put out a report title quote report. Rhonda Sands will formally announce his 2024 bid with Elon Musk because apparently David Duke wasn't available. That's an actual headline from them vanity fair again. The idea is that if you're in favor of free speech and you wish to let a thousand flowers bloom with regard to free speech then you are akin to David Duke famously a pro free speech person David Duke. So the media are fighting mad about this even Fox and friends is laughing about this and I understand why Fox and friends would again Fox and friends is a is a network media outlet right it's a cable news outlet and so the internet is very threatening to places like Fox News not a super shock that they would find it threatening that Musk is not that DeSantis is not launching on Fox and friends he's launching with Musk on Twitter. So he's going to make the big announcement with Elon Musk at six o'clock tonight on Twitter spaces. What the heck is Twitter spaces? I wish I knew more about this. I think he's trying to make it sound like a video function. Yeah right. Yeah we've heard that they want to be streaming and some podcasts and that kind of thing I think it's fascinating that they're using social media as a way to announce a presidency. Okay I'm honestly like like people on Fox and friends and we don't know what Twitter space is on it is is of little relevance to the fact that the number of eyeballs that DeSantis is going to I mean it's not like Fox and friends ink and a cover to Sans's announcement on Twitter spaces they will plus is appearing on Fox that night with Trey Gowdy. So again the entire stick here by members of sort of the legacy media television media. Of course they're angry they should be angry because DeSantis ending around them he is making their entire play irrelevant and that of course is an extension of stuff that Donald Trump did back in 2016. So Trump was using network media in order to get mainstream coverage. It's why he had Maggie Haberman of the New York Times on speed dial. Whenever Maggie Haberman cited a source inside the Trump campaign dirty secret is either Steve Banner or Trump himself was who the only two people talking to Maggie Haberman over at the Trump campaign so far as I'm aware. Okay but Trump was also doing something else which was very clever at the time people pointed out he was using Twitter to go around the media he was using Twitter as a laser on the wall and then and then the mainstream media would jump like cats to try and swap the laser on the wall. And so DeSantis is doing the same thing except in a much bigger fashion by announcing with Musk on Twitter spaces. So the again the mainstream media response is coming in two forms. Form one is they're just angry that they are being edged out of the process. And then form two is that they are angry that Ron DeSantis is running at all right they the Democrats would much prefer to run again. So Trump they think the Trump is more beatable because they because Joe Biden won in 2020 and so they think that Trump is likely to run directly into a mountain. And so why wouldn't they want to see that guy nominated again this is what Joe it's not like they've hidden the ball here Joe Biden openly said in interviews like six months ago who's asked are you going to run again and he was saying I'm not sure and then he's and then the question was if Trump wins the nomination will you and he said absolutely Democrats have the person right or wrong Democrats have the perception that Donald Trump is easier to run against which is why presumably they're all going after Ron DeSantis to the nail I haven't seen them going after Nikki Hayley this way they're not going after Kim Scott this way they're only going after one candidate in the Republican primaries this way and it is not Donald Trump Donald Trump they already have their rip on but you're starting to see a strange new respect emerge for Donald Trump from some of the weirdest people in the online space so for example Bill Crystal who hates Donald Trump left the Republican Party basically became a Democrat over all of this Bill Crystal he put out a statement today quote I tend perhaps foolishly to discount the alpha beta male stuff but DeSantis was always on Fox when Rupert was for him now he announces on Twitter when Elon's for him kind of beta no Trump does CNN town hall goes into the pseudo lion's den looks kind of alpha no so got Bill Crystal talking up Trump okay question why why would he do such a thing I think we all know the answer Nina Turner who is a left wing activist at race power policy and and she is on the young Turks as well she she tweeted Ron DeSantis couldn't be Donald Duck how the hell does he think he's going to fare against Donald Trump again the level of left wing hatred for DeSantis is actually stronger in some ways than the hatred for Trump not in the same way this the Trump the Trump hatred is visceral like it obviously they hate both Republicans but they they would like to see Donald Trump actually I think that a lot of Democrats who'd like to actually plot like Kiel over but in terms of who they like to win the nomination I don't think there's any question about this which is why Hillary Clinton yesterday was targeting Ron DeSantis so Hillary put out a ridiculous tweet yesterday as is her want saying Ron DeSantis's ultra mega Florida isn't safe for people of color LGBTQ plus people or even multi billion dollar corporations so first of all this is like the perfect Hillary Clinton tweet let me just point out that her coalition is extraordinarily rich corporations and people of color and gay people that is her so those are it's a weird coalition I will grant you that but this is Hillary Clinton going after DeSantis suggesting that Florida isn't safe for people of color I mean first of all can we just point out that Florida is largely people of color Florida is actually 52.7% white alone okay so just barely a majority white 26.8% Hispanic or Latino and 17% black Florida is a very diverse state so this notion that Florida I mean go to Miami Miami is a very very diverse city in fact South Florida is basically like Latinos blacks and Jews I know I live here okay this notion that Florida is like an overwhelmingly white rural state is absurd but Democrats and Ron DeSantis won all those places but that's what Hillary Clinton is angry about meanwhile Korean Jean Pierre world's White House press secretary she's doing the same thing attacking the Sanchez over this bizarre and stupid NAACP travel warning the NAACP put out some statements suggesting that it was unsafe for black people to travel to Florida which is weird since I'm literally every spring break Miami Beach is filled with black Americans who are traveling to Florida to party it up what do you say to what the NAACP has done I mean they're following behind other groups be it groups or race or LGBTQ plus but they're making the whole statement what do you say to this so I'm not going to to comment on travel advisory specifically but I'll say this more broadly and where we have been as administration as a White House we've been outspoken about the impact of misguided policies advanced by Florida lawmakers Republicans in Florida have attacked diversity they've attacked inclusion efforts they've limited the teaching of black history and they've launched attacks on the LGBT youth the LGBT youth it's just these are ridiculous ridiculous but you can see they're hatred for the Sanchez because again they don't want to Sanchez to get the nomination they hate Trump more but they're also less afraid of Trump both of those things can be true simultaneously again just one second we'll get to the Trump teams response to all of this first let's talk about the fact that right now the US dollar yeah it's solid compared to a lot of other places but there is a reason the price of gold has been going up lately and the reason for that is because we are watching as global inflation has kicked in over the course of the last couple of years gold is in fact you're 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response is of course entirely dismissive it's a little bit fragmentary I should point out here that there's a preview video that was put up by Casey DeSantis who is a real asset to DeSantis's campaign the media been going after Casey in a way that they really have not gone after a political wife remember the rules in the media are that if you say the doctor Jill Biden is not in fact a doctor because she can't help anyone with a heart attack she's a doctorate of education which is ridiculous I'm sorry in the same way that she is a doctor I am a doctor I have a jurist doctor from Harvard Law School that makes me significantly more of a doctor than Jill Biden who has a doctorate of like junior college education but remember you must respect the doctor in doctor Jill's name but Casey DeSantis is like lady McBeth so she tweeted out a promo video for DeSantis campaign here it was they call it faith because in the face of darkness you can see that brighter future a faith that our best days lay ahead of us but is it worth the fight do I have the courage is it worth the sacrifice America has been worth it every single time yet that's a pretty good video then it's a text launch to 512-345 right with the with the logo coming up for DeSantis campaign okay so Trump's response is pretty much exactly what you would think it is he tweeted out a piece from Wayne Allen Root calling on DeSantis to step down and said please stand down and this is what Trump tweeted out and then he put out another couple of statements via truth social now again what's kind of amazing about this is that Trump has relegated himself to truth social even though must readmitted him to Twitter so originally he was kicked off of Twitter which was unconscionable and ridiculous and we said that at the time now Trump he could have been back on Twitter but he started this truth social business and so he is putting his own business interests of truth social ahead of his political interest the man has 87 million followers on Twitter why he's not back on Twitter is absolutely beyond me the middle of a presidential campaign but he put out a couple of statements quote look Rob DeSaint-Demonius Rob DeSaint-Demonius came to me asking for help he was losing badly by 31 points to popular agricultural commissioner Adam Putnam who's getting ready to drop out of the race ran a terrible campaign Ron told me I had one last chance my support and endorsement which Putnam and everyone else wanted also I give it to Ron and the race was over in one day he went from losing badly to winning by a lot with three large Trump rallies he won the general in an upset just no I have a question are you going to vote for a Republican candidate for president based on loyalty to Trump if so you have only one candidate vote for there's only one person who is loyal to Trump to the extent the Trump wants that loyalty and that is Donald Trump Donald Trump is not loyal to anyone else around him all those people are losers and haters but Donald Trump is very loyal to Donald Trump so if you want somebody who's super loyal to Trump I recommend you vote for Trump if however you would like a candidate who is not going to be a judged based on a loyalty test to Donald Trump you might want to look elsewhere Trump also put out a statement I'm running directly at DeSantis from the left so in two separate truths he calls him Rob the sanctimonious and Ron DeSantis which I don't even know what that means he said he can't win the general election or even get the nomination because he voted to obliterate social security even wanting to raise the minimum age to seven year more voted to badly wound Medicare and fought hard and voted for 23% tax on everything sales tax as opposed to by the way like that would be a one one tax like no income tax he wasn't easy disciple of horrible lineup Paul Ryan by the way you know who endorse Paul Ryan for the speakership that would be your friend Donald Trump okay so there was that as well also he desperately needs a personality transplant best of my knowledge they're not medically available yet a disloyal person so again Trump just keeps going back to the disloyalty notion we get to more of the Trump teams response to DeSantis jumping into the race notice by the way the contrast between Tim Scott welcome to the race Tim we love you and Ron DeSantis sanctimonious Rob DeSantis sanctimonious Ron DeSantis or they got the brand is that which one do you think Trump is more threatened by pretty obvious get some more on this in a second first men do not like going to the doctor you have to make the appointments been half your day sitting around in the waiting room and often in jurors uncomfortable conversations about your body with another person you hardly know Rex MD is FDA approved it is the most trusted leader in men's telehealth it's fast and pull in cheap you can access your US license Rex MD physician anytime you need afterward Rex MD makes it easy and affordable to 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Hey, so again, Trump's response is basically that DeSantis is disloyal and to right wing, which is not a great Republican primary campaign. Listen, the reason that people love Trump is because they love Trump, but is that a great campaign against DeSantis? I think not. They're also trying to claim of course that he's launching on Twitter because he has no personality again. If this is about personality and what is toxic in a general election, it is hard to think of a candidate who has been more toxic in a general election than Donald Trump who drove a dead man Joe Biden to 81 million votes. Whenever people ask me, you know, you say that that Trump lost the 2020 election. How? How did Joe Biden win 81 million votes? He didn't Donald Trump lost 81 million votes. That is the answer to that question. The answer is that Donald Trump gets out to vote for his side and he really, really, really gets out to vote for the other side. The other side, again, they don't fear him as much in this election because they think a lose as they do to Sanctus, but they certainly hate him the most of any human being on earth. As I said before, like many of them would be very happy for him to just keel over tomorrow. Hey, but it is interesting to watch some of the responses from team Trump. So they tried to out carry Lake desperately, desperately wants to be Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate. Should he win the nomination? So after losing a race to a wet dish rag in Katie Hobbs, I mean, honestly, Katie Hobbs is not, I would call her AI, but she's not even AI. She's a cardboard cutout of an AI. She's a piece of paper that is cut into a paper shape of a human. That is Katie Hobbs and somehow carry Lake pulled out a loss to Katie Hobbs. And yet she still maintains that she is in fact the governor of Arizona. Despite the fact she's lost every court challenge. And again, she should have won that race walking away presumably. She was supposed to. She lost to Katie Hobbs. And here she is ripping on Ron DeSantis saying Ron DeSantis can't win. Maybe he can't, but it's hard to make that case when you're the person who lost to Katie Hobbs. When you pick a fight with Disney, you need to play to win. And so far, Governor DeSantis has been outworked and outmaneuvered by Disney. As far as I know, Redee Creek is still exists. They're still hosting trans events at their park. This indoctrination is continuing and they're actually rubbing it in the faces of American families. You know, if you can't beat Donald Duck, how are you going to beat Donald Trump? I think that's the question we have to ask when it comes to Governor DeSantis. I have to point out here that Kerry Lake has issued no plan for actually stopping Disney from doing these things. And Donald Trump has taken the side of Disney in the battle with Ron DeSantis. So there is that as well. Now again, none of this suggests that DeSantis is the front runner. It is to suggest that when all the guns from all sides seem to be trained on one of the candidates, perhaps you should ask yourself why? Why is it that all the Republican candidates in the race so far have attacked DeSantis and very few of them have attacked Trump in any serious way? Why is it that Trump is not attacking any of the other Republican candidates? But he's training all of his fire on Ron DeSantis. Why is it that the legacy media who have expressed their hatred for Trump to the extent that they say that he is a fascist threat to the United States? The only difference between Trump and Hitler is the mustache, the little mustache. Orange Hitler, he is, they say, these same exact people spend all day culminating about Ron DeSantis's online. Why? Could it be because they actually fear him getting the nomination? Again, that's not a guarantee he'd win the general. But certainly the media think he has a better shot of winning the general. Donald Trump thinks that DeSantis is the greatest threat, not Mike Pence, not Nikki Haley, not Vivek, not Tim Scott, none of them. When everybody is lining up against one guy and it's not Trump, and you have to start asking yourself why that could be. By the way, the media have an ulterior motive here as well, which is Donald Trump means ratings. In the same way that the NBA was really rooting hard for a Celtics Lakers final, and they're going to be very disappointed that it's Miami, heat, Denver, nuggets. In the same way, the media are rooting super hard for Donald Trump to win the nomination because that dude means ratings. Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, is a disciplined politician who won't give them the time of day, who literally will not to interviews with them. So of course they're rooting for Donald Trump in this particular race. Okay, meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to just be clown himself on a regular basis. So I noticed last night about two o'clock in the morning. So for those of you who have very small babies, I have a very small baby, he's three days old. And when you change a male baby's diaper, very often they tend to pee on themselves. And at that point, while this was happening, I have to admit, I thought of Joe Biden because that is an eight year old man who peees himself on the regular. And he has done so spectacularly in this debt ceiling fight. He has been outworked, he's been outplayed with regard to the debt ceiling fight every which way. As Andrew Dwerren writes over at the Wall Street Journal, Biden has no good options in debt ceiling fight. The US could be unable to pay all of its bills as soon as June 1st if Biden and Congressional Republicans can't reach a deal. And every path forward carries political risk for Biden. A government default could tip the economy into recession and potentially unleash global financial chaos in the middle of a real act. Untried methods to pay the nation's bill without Congress could also carry economic costs and could require Biden to make painful political choices about who gets paid first. Holding spending talks with Republicans over the issue is courting backlash from progressive lawmakers. So you know whose fault this is. This would be Joe Biden's fault purely and simply because Joe Biden is a fool. And so he started off this entire process about negotiation over the debt ceiling by saying that he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling. So here was Joe Biden. This is April 19th saying that he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling. Happy to meet with the cars, but not on weather or not. The debt limit gets extended. That's not negotiable. Not negotiable, right? He started off with the position I'm not even going to negotiate on the debt ceiling, which meant when McCarthy passed a bill it said, sure, we just raised the debt ceiling. All you have to do is go back to 2022 spending levels. He looks like a moderate and Biden looks like a nutcase because guess what? That's a nutty position for you to say you're not going to negotiate with a co-equal branch of government over budgetary issues is totally crazy. And that is what Biden led off with because he got out over his skis. This happens a lot with presidents. They tend to feel the wind in their sales and then they get a little bit too confident about their agenda items. And then reality slaps them in the face. That's exactly what's happening with Biden here. Remember, that was the exact same time that Karin Jean-Pierre world's most untalented press secretary was saying that the GOP had to raise the debt ceiling without preconditions. There would be no negotiations, no preconditions. We should not have real house Republicans manufacturing a crisis on something that has been done 78 times since 1960. This is their constitutional duty. Congress must act. That's what the president is going to make very clear with the leaders tomorrow. Congress must avoid default without conditions, without conditions as they did three times before in the last administration. Democrats joined Republicans put their politics aside Democrats did and made sure that that occurred. That happened. Well, it turns out they were long because now they've been negotiating with McCarthy because it turns out the McCarthy actually did pass a bill already to raise the debt ceiling. And they don't know how to deal with it. So Karin Jean-Pierre again, world's most untalented press secretary. She says, oh yeah, actually we were always clear that we were negotiating. We were all, well, that's weird because I noticed that you weren't. I noticed that it was one month ago when you were saying you would not negotiate over the debt ceiling. And now you are saying that you've been absolutely clear of the year negotiating. Oh, is that the gaslighting is so strong? I'm sorry, your old Jedi mind trick is of no effect here, Karin. Can you say that one more time? What's changed? You were saying what's changed? We're very strategic in saying they're not negotiations. They're conversations. Well, I've always said, I've always said that budget, we are negotiating on the budget. I've always been very clear about that. I said that default is not negotiable. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. They're linked. They're linked. That's ridiculous. The whole conversation is we will raise the debt ceiling if we lower the spending. And she's like, well, we'll talk about the spending, but we will not negotiate over the debt ceiling. But then you are negotiating over both. That's silly. That's like you saying to your wife that I'm going to negotiate. We have two things that are linked right here. One is I'll take out a second credit card for you. If you promise to spend less, and she says, well, you're taking out a second credit card for me, and I'm not going to promise to spend less. And then later she comes back to the table. She's like, okay, we're going to take out a second credit card and we'll talk about me spending less. But I'm not negotiating. You are. I mean, that's literally the precondition that you said you would not fulfill. And now you're doing it. So they lied and now they're stuck. Karin Jumpier also admitted that she didn't know how often Biden was speaking to McCarthy. So again, this is just wild incompetence. What they should be saying, if they were smart is they're speaking every single day, then negotiations are ongoing. We're not going to hit the debt ceiling because we know that we have to make sure that the economy is stable here in the United States. We may not get a deal we like, may not get a deal the other side likes, but that's how negotiations go. They're not doing that. Instead, they're playing this game where they pretend like, oh, we don't even care if we hit the debt ceiling, man, it's fine. You know, like we didn't even know who often were. She is so bad at this. Did the president and Speaker McCarthy have an agreement to talk on the phone and for in person on a daily basis? I think Speaker McCarthy implied that that would happen. And so do they have an agreement? I can say this. Don't have any meetings or calls to announce, but obviously the staff is going to continue to have this conversation. They just wrapped up a conversation moments ago and the president will speak to the speaker when it's necessary. I just don't have anything to share at this time. Okay, now the reason that they've had a flip is because it turns out that the polling shows that people hate their position on this. See, the art of politics is to make it very, very hard to vote for your opponent, very easy to vote for you, which means taking 80, 20 positions, taking 80, 20 positions is really, really helpful, taking 60, 40 positions, really, really helpful. Democrats have fringed themselves out on a wide variety of issues, which is why you see the media attempting to spin away from their own positions on the issues. We'll get to the polling on the debt ceiling debate in just one second first. When you're looking for a job, it can be tough to stand out from all the other candidates. On the flip side, when you're hiring, you can be tough to find an applicant that really stands out, which is why you need to check out Zipper Cruder. I remember the discomfort of not being able to find a job that I wanted. Very early in my career, I worked at a major law firm. I decided I hated it and I quit. And then I had to look for a job who's really difficult. 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Okay, speaking of that polling, so the CNN polling shows that 60% of Americans say Congress should only raise the debt ceiling if it cuts spending at the same time. 60%. So again, the vast majority of Americans want that debt ceiling increased. But again, the vast majority of Americans believe that it's imperative that we start cutting our spending. And so Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place because Joe Biden made it clear he was not going to negotiate over cutting and spending. Now he will. He will. So first they're going to lie. So Joe Biden continues to lie that he reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion. Again, he did not. Everyone knows he did not. He is spending record amounts of money. If by reducing the deficit, he means that he spent less money than he did last year while still running up the deficit. That's true, but that's only because 2021 and 2022 and 2020 were the biggest spending years in American history. So that means that in 2022, he spent slightly less than in 2021 and still made it one of the biggest spending years in American history. That's not lowering the deficit. Here is Joe Biden lying. Well, I'm glad to speak this year today. We are optimistic. We may be able to make some progress because we both agreed that we defaults not really the ticket. That is something done here. And the country's really a pair of bills would be the American people that have a real kick and they're kind of well-being. As a matter of fact, the rest of the world would too. And so we also agree we need to reduce the deficit. And I might add that my first two years as a president I've reduced by $1.7 trillion. Okay, so again, he is febbing and he is lying. Meanwhile, Kareem Jean-Pierre is pretending we don't have a spending problem. Again, they've boxed themselves in here. Here's Kareem Jean-Pierre. Do you agree to speak your McCarthy? The Democrats have a spending problem. No. No, they've no spending. It's all good. No, to it. Look, I'll say this, the president's budget reduces the deficit as you know by nearly $3 trillion over 10 years. Oh, hey, again, lying and lying some more. Meanwhile, the left is very unhappy with the prospect of Biden caving on that. He's been outplayed. Joe Biden's been outplayed by McCarthy. I know there's an unthinkable outcome for the media. And for some people on the right who are suggesting that we should just let the ceiling be hit and let's let the whole thing melt down. Good luck with that. The reality is that Biden got out classed here and he got played by himself. He played himself in the words of DJ Khaled. That's what he did. He played himself. Pramila Jaya Paul of the left, she's like, there's going to be backlash in the streets against Joe Biden if he actually cuts the spending. I think there would be a huge backlash from our entire house democratic caucus, certainly the progressives, but also in the streets. I mean, I think that this is it's important that we don't take steps back from the very strong agenda that the president himself shepherded and led over the last two years. Hmm. So feeling blowback from left, Mima, who's the moderate here? Again, take 64 positions. Folks, this is how you win elections. Kevin McCarthy says, hey, we can find common ground on that ed ceiling. We passed a bill that's reasonable. When Kevin McCarthy sounds like the rational and reasonable one that Democrats are losing. Challenges on certain points that we have differences in, but I believe we can we can find the common ground okay. So again, he sounds like the moderate meanwhile, Democrats are going off their rockers by declaring that maybe Joe Biden will just invoke the 14th Amendment unilaterally increased the ed ceiling James Clyburn, who was Biden's early backer in South Carolina, who boosted him to the nomination. He says that that's what they should do. They should just use the 14th Amendment, which was clearly not meant to increase the ed ceiling to increase the ed ceiling. Do you think that it took too long for the White House to reach out to the speaker and start at least that negotiation sooner? And I'm just thinking, what is it going to take for Democrats and Republicans in the house to try and get something? Well, I don't know how long it's going to take, but I think that we all recognize the Janet Yellen that made it very clear to us that something needs to be done about June 1st, and I think it will get done. The president has made it very clear that he would like to have a bipartisan resolution of this. He says that, knowing full well as I do, that the 14th Amendment is still there and as president of the United States, he has some authority to use it, but if it were rather not, he would rather have a bipartisan resolution as it has always been. Mm. Okay, so the 14th Amendment is what's going to happen here. Again, Biden's played himself. He's going to end up making a deal and then the Democrats are going to rip him up for it and he well, deserves to mean well, speaking of 60, 40 issues. It is amazing to watch as the media and Democrats rush to defend woke corporations pushing some of the most egregious garbage on children I have ever seen. So target is the corporation of the day. Now, as we approach the Holy month of pride, June, as this happens, we see more and more corporations coming out of the woodwork to demonstrate their field to the great religion of our republic. Of course, that is not Christianity. It's not the Judeo-Christian Valley system. It's not anything traditional. The great religion of our nation is the pride progress flag. That is the thing that we must all pay obeisance to. In fact, we have an entire Holy month complete with margarology, complete with religious ceremony, complete with the children's crusade. Every corporation must bow before it. The latest corporation to bow before it is over at target. It's actually fairly easy to boycott Bud Light. Bud Light is pretty easy to boycott because, again, when you target one beer, you can just go buy another beer. That beer may be just as woke, but you're making the point that when you go higher, a man dressed as a woman to sell your beer or to lower income men, it's not going to work very well. Target because it is a store that has everything in it and many people use it. It's like the place where they go for grocery shopping, plus where they go for clothes, plus where they go for games and toys. Because it's sort of everything to everybody, it's hard to boycott. But that doesn't mean it's not worth the boycott. Because now they've been pushing, as we mentioned on the show, trans propaganda to children. They actually pushed a swimming suit that has tuck abilities. For boys who want to pretend they're girls, they can shove their penis and balls back underneath them so they appear more like girls. And these are available for people of all ages and all. Not specifically children, say the fact checkers, but available for all genders and for people of various sizes and ages. And of course, Target had plastered their stores with a bunch of LGBTQ propaganda all the way down to like LGBTQ onesies for small babies because there's nothing that says tolerance and diversity quite like shoving an LGBTQ agenda down on a small baby. So now the backlash has begun. According to Fox News, some Southern Target stores were forced by the corporation to move LGBTQ pride merchandise away from the front of their locations after customer outrage to avoid a bud light situation. Many Target locations across the country feature massive June Pride Month displays on an annual basis with items that you're ranging from tuck friendly bathing suits for transgender people to mugs that say gender fluid. But the retail drug or not has been criticized by some conservatives for the displays with children's items, particularly urking many customers. Well, it shouldn't just be children's items. I'm not aware of any other ideological campaign that takes place on a yearly basis at these major corporations other than Black History Month. They catch this kind of attention. Right? And that they're literally it doesn't happen. It's like the all the left-wing agenda items. You have women's history month, black history month and pride month. Those are the big those are the holy Trinity of actual holiday seasons in Judaism. The big three are Shivuos Sukhas Pesah. Right? Those are the three big holidays. Those are the the Shalosh regalum. Those are the ones where you take you make the in the ancient times you go on foot to the temple to offer your sacrifices on those holidays. Okay? In in the pagan mythology of the United States, the three big months are Black History Month, Women's History Month, Pride Month. Those are the three big ones. And so all the corporations have started mirroring this sort of garbage. And now finally consumers are like, you know what? No, we're not interested in helping you with our money, propaganda is these particular efforts. A target insider said there were emergency calls on Friday. So managers and district senior directors were told to tamp down the Pride sections immediately. We were given 36 hours, told to take down all the pride stuff the entire section and move it into a section. It's a third the size from the front of the store to the back of the store. You can't have anything on mannequins in no large signage. We call our customers guests. There's outrage on their part this year. It's just exponentially more than any other year. I think with the current situation, the Bud Light, the company is terrified of a Bud Light situation. Good. They should be terrified of a Bud Light situation because they have made their bed. And now they ought to lie in it. And again, this is not just target that is promoting this garbage to kids. The Dodgers, as we pointed out, the Los Angeles Dodgers have now re-invited, quote unquote, queer nuns that the ridiculous idiocies of the sisters of perpetual indulgence, they call them life-saving, life-saving groups, like the sisters of perpetual indulgence, who every year hold events at which they have queer people dress up as Jesus and Mary and mock the Christian story and mock Catholicism. Genius moved by the LA Dodgers. By the way, if you're a Catholic, don't go to a Dodgers game. It is that simple. If you're a Christian, if you're a person who believes in Judeo-Christian values, you should not go to a Dodgers game based on their decisions to do this sort of stuff. We went very quickly from live and let live to you will celebrate this flag or you will be deemed a traitor to the state religion. It's pretty amazing. And again, it's not just the Dodgers. It's also North Face. Right? So every corporation is going to do it. Every corporation. You will be forced to participate. By corporate America combined with the government, you will be forced to participate in the celebration of alternative sexual lifestyles that completely undermine the fundamental bases of Judeo-Christian morality and traditional society. Here is North Face promoting this kind of nonsense. Hi, it's me, Pabigonia, a real-life homosexual. And today I'm here with the North Face. We are here to invite you to come out and nature with us. Wow, this is nice. We like to call this little tour the summer of pride. Yeah, this seems supernatural. It's like, look at the nature. So much nature happening. A dude with mustache and long hair in ladies clothing with TV in the middle of the hill. So much pride, guys. This year we're back, back, back again with two new stops. Oh my gosh. Okay, so this will be every corporation from on. Prepare yourselves. This is the way it's going to go. Okay, fine. So if this is the fight the left wants, this is the fight the left is going to have. And they know it's unpopular. They know that most Americans are not in favor of this stuff being shoved in the faces of children that most Americans, you know, who still do go to church on a fairly regular basis, a huge number of Americans still go to church. They're not real fond of like these sisters or perpetual consultants, but they're going to push this crap anyway. Okay, well, you know, player, play stupid games, wins, stupid prizes. If you're a corporation, have for round and find out. I see how it goes for you. All right, so it turns out that most Americans are not in favor of transiting the kids or pushing pride progress flags in kindergarten classrooms or any of the rest of this sort of nonsense. And despite the best efforts of the media to pretend otherwise, that is just the simple fact. Every time they tried to claim that the quon unquote, don't say gay law in Florida, which by the way, people say gay all the time here in Florida. I live here that a lot of gay people who live in Florida as it turns out. Now that this notion that you can't say gay or you're going to be arrested, uh, that's a lie. It's not true. But you know, it's really popular while saying they're not allowed to teach sexual orientation and gender identity to school kids, but that is not the job of teachers. That actually is a really popular proposition across the country. Parents don't want that garbage being taught to their kids. If they want to teach their kids, that stuff themselves, that is their problem. But this notion that you are obligated to turn your kid over to a state employee to be taught the state religion of LGBTQ plus minus divided by sign is absurd. Most Americans are not in set. So the left has to come up with what they think are 60 40 propositions the other way in order of one against the conservatives, right? If conservatives are now winning when it comes to the economy, which they are, they're winning on social issues, which they largely are. Well, then Democrats have to come up with some response. So they have some 60 40 issues. They think they're going to win. They think abortion is a 60 40 issue. It's why they've been featuring, for example, so much talk about these abortion bans in states like Florida that start at six weeks. And they think that that's a 60 40 issue. Most Americans are not into those sorts of abortion bans. And nationally speaking, that may well be correct. Nationally speaking, most Americans are somewhere between 10 and 12 weeks. And where do they think abortion should be banned? But that's very, that that that may be true nationally. It's not state specific. Right. So they can exploit the gap between how people feel in Florida and how people feel nationally in order to go after people like Rhonda Santis or Brian Kemp in Georgia, for example, or Mike DeLine in Ohio. However, the when it comes to the LGBTQ plus minus divided by sign agenda, they run into some real issues. Because as it turns out, people are not real fond of an agenda that suggests that all sexual behavior is morally equivalent or that we have built ourselves a freer and better society when 21% of all young people are now identifying as members of the LGBTQ plus minus divided by sign progress, flat minority, the victim group, the sexual victim group. People are not super hot on this. So they have to come up with some lies. And so they've caught with some lies. Their big lie is they're coming to ban the books. They're bet this is the just the latest version of Don't Say Gay. They're coming to ban the books. The latest lie that's being promoted by the mainstream media, the legacy media is this lie that in Florida, Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb is now restricted to is down being banned in schools. It is not being banned in schools. First of all, Amanda Gorman is literally the most overridden poet I think ever ever by any metric she's not a very good poet. Her words do not sing. She generally does not use meter in any sort of methodical way, but she's been treated as though she is some sort of magical William Butler Gates type. She read a poem at the Joe Biden inauguration in which she essentially suggested that Joe Biden's victory was vindication of democracy. All of his opponents were not in favor of democracy and all the rest of it. Okay, well, her poetry, it may be bad, but at the very least it's not for like kids in third grade. The notions that she pushes in the in her poetry about systemic racism and white privilege and all this kind of stuff, not appropriate for third graders, maybe appropriate for middle schoolers, right? If you read her poetry, it's not even reading level for third graders. I know I have a third grader. Hey, but if you say that, if you say we're not banning the book, we're just saying it's only appropriate for kids who are in like fifth, sixth, seventh grade. Apparently that is now book banning. That is how the media are treating this Amanda Gorman story and it's not true. It is a lie. They're treating it as though Amanda Gorman has now been banned across the state of Florida. So Rolling Stone has piece head of Florida school, Bands, Amanda Gorman's inaugural, the Hillley climb poem. No, it didn't. They just said that it's not available. It's not to be taught in classes for elementary school students like fourth graders and third graders. L.A. Times has Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem is the latest in book bans. The Guardians has Amanda Gorman gutted after Florida school bans, Biden inauguration, so one school someplace in Florida moved the Hillley climb, not even out of classes, out of an elementary library at Miami-Dade school. And this is an international news story. It's come about the BBC, USA Today, NBC News, Axios. She's gutted. She's gutted because third graders can't check out her garbage book over at the school library, in elementary school. That is not a book banning. According to one of the parents, she claimed that the the Hillley climb in a few other books contained references to critical race theory, gender ideology, indirect tape messages, and indoctrination, especially of socialism. And the school agreed to restrict the title to middle school students. Which again, that is not a book ban. A book ban is where you say the book cannot be available anywhere in the state of Florida. Not about school libraries. School libraries routinely restrict what kids can and cannot see based on age. But they're pushing that lie anyway. Or maybe they're going to focus in on the notion that Texas is going to reinstate its evil practice of displaying the 10 commandments publicly. Oh, can't do that. We can't do that. It is one thing to the fundamental civilizational code of conduct on classroom walls and the 10 commandments. Can't do that. What we must have, however, is Black Lives Matter flags and Pride Progress flags. Because again, the state religion of the United States is America's systemically racist and screling whoever you please is a fundamental human value that is of equal moral, equal moral merit. That's where America stands for after all. The 10 commandments. No, that stuff cannot be in classrooms. That's establishment of religion. But it's not establishment of religion to put forward this pagan religion and force it down the throats of every school kid in America. So according to the Washington Post, quote, Texas lawmakers had been scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to require that the 10 commandments be posted in every classroom in the state, part of a newly energized national effort to insert religion into public life. Again, this is one of the great lies that the left pervays. The lie is number one that you are forcing religion when you display any text that has the word God in it in a classroom. But you are not promoting any religious or civilizational point of view when you promote wild left secularism that argues that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and those pagan of fashions. It's one value system is going to have to triumph and one value system is going to have to lose. There is no neutrality in this particular battle. As we have seen, we tried to do neutral. And you know what happened? The left just took neutral and hijacked it. And now neutral is your kid will be tall out that a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy. That's the new neutral. By claiming that neutrality, the left is basically suggested that your religious bigot if you object. Well, again, they're trying to play this as a 60 40 game that if you want to put 10 commandments in the classroom, 60% of Americans don't support it. But here is that that may be all be true. But you know what is also true? 80% of Americans are not going to support pride progress flags in the classroom for third graders. They're not interested or any school kids, by the way. So what you have here is a pair of completely battling premises. And maybe only one can win. And if only one can win, I certainly know which one I think should win. And which one stands for some level of morality, decency, and civilizational durability. Okay, time for some things I like and then some things that I hate. So things that I like, there's a series that is available on HBO Max. It's called the Murrers at White House Farm. It is quite good. Again, another sort of British crime series. This is about a horrific murder of five people at a farm in in Britain. Really well acted, really well written. Here's a little bit of the preview. I love you too, sweetheart. Be good. Okay. I'm back in a few days. It's based on a real life case. It was suspected that a mother had shot her kids and then her parents and then herself. And then it turns out that the person convicted for it was actually not the mom. So it's a very good series. It is definitely worth the watch. You can go check it out. Okay, time for a very extensive thing that I hate today. So let us talk about the evils of social media. Even the Surgeon General of the United States is now warning that social media can harm children and adolescents. That of course is exactly true. Now, I'm not sure exactly why they think that it's harming children and adolescents. Considering that the chief messages being conveyed on social media are left-wing messages about sexual fluidity, about promiscuity, about doing that, which is taboo, about the centrality of progressive identity. That's kind of the stuff that gets pushed on social media that's really damaging to kids and then kids studying the Bible on social media that's damaging to kids. In other words, what social media really does is it weaponizes the worst in human beings and then makes it go viral. And the worst in human beings tends to have very, very heavy overlap with social progressivism, but the transgressive nature of the social morality that the left likes to push. So it's interesting to watch the left come around to the message that social media is bad for kids. It is, but not because of the social media. It's because of the actual material contained in the social media. There's no question that social media has now incentivized some of the worst behavior in America. So, for example, Kellyanne Conway's teenage daughter, Claudia, has now launched a new career as a Playboy bunny creating racy content for the defunct magazine's website, according to the Daily Mail. The pretty blonde has been operating a subscription page on since the end of April, six months after she turned 18 and has so far uploaded 11 posts most of which show her in a revealing selection of bikinis. For those who want to splash out, launch your pictures like cleavage close-ups are available from as little as five bucks. The most expensive photo and offer costs $99. Now, Claudia, obviously her home life has been kind of a mess considering the fairly open battle between her parents who are now getting divorced. But the fact is that this particular young woman has been in the social media limelights since she was like 16 years old, featured by the media as somebody who was siding with dad against mom, who thinks the Donald Trump is really, really bad. And that leads you down some pretty perverse pathways. This does not seem like the pathway toward fulfilling life is probably not posing provocatively for This is not actually an aspect of women's empowerment. I always find it highly amusing and ironic when women who claim that they should be valued for more than their body believe that it is also feminism to show as much of their body as humanly possible in order that men will pay them for it. Prostitution is the highest form of feminism is a very weird thing, which is why feminists tend to cross like real feminists tend to cross streams with evangelical Christians and religious Jews on the idea that women are more than their body parts. But this is what social media tends to do. Social media also tends to incentivize some of the worst behavior imaginable. So there is a live streamer who has gone viral in Great Britain for doing some of the worst things humanly possible. And this person was basically just sort of walking around and performing crimes until people noticed. And then claimed that he was being targeted because everybody was racist to him. This person's name is apparently MISI is what he called himself. He is a teenager named Bakari Bronze Ogaro 18 known on Tik Tok as MISI. And he has now been charged with failing to comply with the community protection notice. But that's after months of performing criminal activity randomly on the internet. So for example, here he was walking into a library and just ripping up books. Excuse me, what kind of book care? Oh, I'm just walking into the library and just ripping the pages out of books like a complete piece of trash. And the library employees don't know what to do. They call security, but apparently security did nothing because five minutes later this dude is back on the street there he's walking into the back of the library. He calls himself a prankster, of course. Now what does security do apparently nothing because he's back on the street about five seconds later and he's walking to random people's houses. So here's a video of him walking literally just walking into a random person's house for the social media clicks and giggles of it. He is a black person along with a couple of his colleagues and they walk in. I only point that out because I do believe that there is a relevance to the fact that this person continues to be on the street. This is a white teenager filming himself walking into random people's houses. I highly doubt that the police would have let him get away with posting this on social media for months at a time. It's just where the study group is. A father then walks up the stairs. If you can't see it, he has children in the house and he's telling them to leave. They don't. They just walk and they sit right down on somebody else's couch and start taking over. Oh, this is systemic racism. Oh, look at the systemic racism that's happening right here. If I was saying I've, by the way, just a note, this is one of the reasons I was living in Florida. You know what happens if you walk into somebody's house randomly and sit on their couch in Florida, you get shot. Now I don't care what race you are. You got shot. You bust into somebody's house while my kid, while somebody's kids are home, you're getting shot. That is the way that is going. By the way, it's not just kind of soft criminal activity like trespass or or ripping up books at the library. It is also actively assaulting people. So here he was filming himself assaulting a random Jewish guy. He's walking up behind a acidic Jewish kid and jumping on him. And the kid runs away. And then he, every time that everybody was looking at me, bro, he was just looking at me. I didn't even do nothing. He was just looking at you wrong. I don't know where they assaulting you. Those orthodox acidic Jews, were they? Now again, the reason I point this out is because this sort of stuff is replete on social media. Social media is just a viral system for making the sins of mankind more and more popular. And the sins of mankind all tend to fit a particular pattern. That is the part that I find rather puzzling about Vivek Murthy's statements about the dangers of social media. I totally agree with him. That's because I think that the value system being promoted by social media is garbage. I want an explanation for why the progressive left thinks the value system being promoted by social media is garbage. I need that explanation because again, it ain't TikTok teaching math in China that is a problem for kids. It ain't TikTok teaching kids Bible. That is a problem for kids. It is a particular type of activity that is a problem for kids. Laming social media for the underlying activity. Hmm, a fastened way of misdirecting from the fact that perhaps your own moral system is wildly skewed. All right, guys, the rest of the show continues right now. You're not going to want to miss it. We'll be getting into the mail bag if you're not a member. Become a member. Use Code Shapiro. Check out for two months free on all annual plans. Click the link in the description and join us.