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Ep. 1690 - The Elites Who Control Our Lives Are F***ing Weird

Ep. 1690 - The Elites Who Control Our Lives Are F***ing Weird

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 15:45

It’s been three years since “15 Days To Slow The Spread” – and our elites are still failing at their jobs; we meet the head of global markets at Credit Suisse and examine why odd people are suddenly cropping up in all the wrong places; and the Democrats make their move against gas stoves. Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: - - - DailyWire+: Become a DailyWire+ member to gain access to movies, shows, documentaries, and more: Watch Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s Logos & Literacy for FREE for a limited time: Get your Ben Shapiro merch here: - - - Today’s Sponsors: ExpressVPN - Get 3 Months FREE of ExpressVPN: Jase Medical - Get the Field Guide to Wound Care for FREE at Policygenius - Get your free life insurance quote & see how much you could save: Stamps - Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Thanks to for sponsoring the show! - - - Socials: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Facebook: Subscribe on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Kamala Harris gives the worst post game speech of all time during March madness. We meet the very weird head of global markets at Credit Suisse and we examine hilarious recovered footage of flamboyantly gay man and now trans hero of the Republic Dylan Mulvaney from the prices right. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show sponsor by ExpressVPN. I talk about them every single show. I haven't you gotten a VPN yet yet. ExpressVPN right now at Slash, well, March madness began yesterday and it was, you know, a spectacular beginning. There's a 15 seed, it'd be a two seed. It's all begun, but there was one moment that really shown above all the others during March madness. So there was a 16-1 game, okay, meaning a 16-seed playing a one seed. That 16-seed was Howard University. They haven't been in the tournament for a long time. And the one seed was Kansas. So, you know, not a shock, the one seed one. And one pretty handling 96 to 68. But the real headline here is that Kamala Harris showed up. So Kamala Harris apparently showed up to the game and then proceeded to get booed, actually. She got booed when she showed up to the game when she was shown on the arena's jumbo drawn. I think, you know, deserved it. But that wasn't the real headline here. The real headline is what Kamala Harris did right after. And I saw this clip last night and I have to give credit to Javier, our security guy because he's the one who made me aware of this. And he deserves all the credit for what's about to grace your screens and your ears because this is just the most spectacular Kamala Harris performance of all time. So Howard has just gotten its butt handed to it by Kansas. And again, no shame in that. There are 16 seed playing one seed. They're supposed to lose. And the first half was relatively close. And second half, they sort of fell apart. Not a typical in a game like this. But imagine that you've spent the entire season trying to play into the NCAA tournament. You finally get there and you get whooped by almost 30 points. And then in strolls the vice president of the United States, one of the most charmless, graceless people ever to walk the political stage. And she is there to give you a pep speech, a pep speech after you've just lost by 30 points. She's going to give an inspirational uplifting talk. This is our political class in a nutshell. It's all V. It is all just a giant joke. And these are all jokers. Just imagine, honestly, imagine the feelings of the players who've played the whole year to get to the tournament. They've just lost. And like God, all I want to do is take a shower. And if I'm of age, have a beer and go home and in strolls vice president of the United States with the cameras to give an uplifting, inspiring speech. But it's Kamala Harris style. So here we go. Just clapping. They are. You played to the very last second. You made all us bison so, so proud. You hustle down here. You are smart. You are disciplined. You put everything you had to the game. And you know, that's what it's about, right? Until the last minute. Oh no. You guys did that. You didn't stop until the last second. You did not stop. And I just so excited. So you keep playing with chin up and shoulders back. Because you showed the world who bison are. Right? Sweet baby. I mean, you literally what you have done is in historic proportion. You know, I was at Howard back in the day where we were just happy that there was a game. Much less getting to this place. Right? And I see bison literally all over the world. And we've been talking about you, this team, this team, you all, this team, this year, this team. She's so terrible. You make us so proud. So I know you may not be feeling great right now. Okay? But know who you are. You are ex. You need a picker-up or from the VP. You are hard work. You are powerful. She doesn't stop. She keeps going. All right? So please just lost, baby. Please know that. And I'll see you later. And if you guys ever want to come and do a win, please, you know, risk coach. There you are. So we should, if we plan if you guys want at some point, right? When it's like, you know, when you feel like playing hook, you know, right after the end of the night, just come in with a White House tour. Okay? They're like, never. We don't want to be in a room area. So proud. I'll see you later. I hope we don't see you later. Goodbye. Wow. That was not inspiring. That was the most inspiring speech since that one time that that girl played in the in the football game. And then she kicked a squib kick and then she gave a picker-up or talk at halftime. That is just inspiring stuff from Kamala Harris. Just slow clap to the vice president of the United States. All of politics is morons. Okay. They're all stupid. I'm just going to say it right now. They're all idiots. Kamala Harris is the vice president of the United States. Just no sense of time. Just no sense of place. Just no sense of the emotional reality of losing a in an NCAA basketball game. She strolls on in and makes a political speech with no content whatsoever. And everybody is just supposed to nod. Oh my god. She's so terrible. She's so awful at this. And the reason that I begin with this is because that's all of them. They're all like this. I haven't met many politicians. The number of politicians who have this extraordinary sense of egotism that the entire world revolves around them. They walk into a room and the only thing that matters is the words that are going to spill from their mouths. Like pearls from the mouth of the Demosthenes. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's a lack of self-awareness. The utter self-centered narcissism of these people. And that is why our policies suck everywhere and for all time because that's who politics draws apparently. 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But the broad smiles on the faces of the people who are about to implement 15 days to slow the spread, which actually meant three years to slow the spread, trillions of dollars blown into the economy. An inflationary spiral, a shutdown on hundreds of thousands of small businesses, the destruction of children's lives for two years. The smiles on their faces ushering this thing in are creepy in retrospect. Let's just say that because this was the beginning, right? This did not turn out the way they said it would turn out. It wasn't in fact a concerted strategy. It was not in fact a way of gaining control over the virus because it didn't do that. It was an element of one ultra-crepidarian side of society, the expert class deciding for the rest of us what life was going to be like. Here is the clip for those who don't remember that terrible day March 15th, 2020. He was my mentor, so I'm going to have to let him speak. He's Deborah Burk. The small print here, it's really small print, in states with evidence of community transmission, bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms, and other indoor and outdoor venues, where groups of people congregate should be closed. And look how happy is, look at, look how pleased they are with themselves. They are so pleased with themselves. Of course, the big problem here is that President Trump had the right instincts, which was don't shut everything down, but he was essentially encouraged to defer to the quote unquote expert class and the expert class blew it. They blew it for three long years. They are still blowing it. Dr. Anthony Fauci just will not leave. I mean, I thought he was going to leave already, but apparently he is still here. He is out there still saying, we need more booster shots. Booster shots are the only way out, more and more and more booster shots. Again, where is the evidence that this is the case? I would love to see what evidence he's actually citing that booster shots are going to be the way out of anyone getting COVID ever again, considering that it has not stopped transmission in any serious way. And let me just ask you, I know it's radical, but let me ask a doctor, a medical question. How are we doing in the COVID battle right now? We can do better than we're doing. We've got to get that death rate, which is around 400 to so sometimes as high as 500, sometimes down to 300 per day. We've really got to do better than that. I mean, if you look at the relative percentage of people who have are updated on their boosters, less than 20% of the eligible people have received that updated BA 45 boost. So we've got to do better than that, even though we're doing much better than we were. Chats and shots and shots and shots. It's the only way out. 80% of your body mass must be made up of the vaccines. Despite the fact that again, the data tends to show that natural immunity is just as durable. If not more durable than the actual vaccines themselves, particularly when it comes to Omicron, which is not nearly as deadly as the original variant. But the key to understanding Anthony Fauci with the last three years of been is this clip. He says, you know what, when we've been giving you data, when we've been out there saying contradictory things, it's not because we're flip-flopping. It's because we're learning. I wish that were true. I wish that were true. I wish that Anthony Fauci. I wish the expert class had been transparent the whole way, but they're not. They're not. They believe in an esoteric exoteric distinction when it comes to politics. Very famously, there's a philosopher named Leo Strauss who talks about Plato and what he suggests is that there are people who read Plato and then they sort of just read it at face value, but there's a deeper meaning to it. The deeper meaning is planted there for the specific elite and everybody else that's the esoteric. And then the exoteric is what everybody else is able to read. When it comes to your job as a public servant providing information to the public, there should not be an esoteric exoteric distinction. It shouldn't be that the elites get one message and everybody else gets the other. There shouldn't be platonic lies. Anthony Fauci insists there were not platonic lies, but we know for a fact that there were platonic lies. And that is why the elites blow it and they continue to blow it. Here is Anthony Fauci yesterday. What have you learned three years and about COVID? The big surprise of all, when we expected that it would go up and then go back down and then sort of disappear and go into the background, we wound up having variant after variant and surge after surge, right up to what we're having right now, which are sub-linearages of the Amicron surge, which started well over a year ago. So this has been really a moving target. And that's the reason why we've had a many times change some of the things that we said and recommended. People saying that's flip-flopping, but it isn't. It's learning as you go along and making your recommendations according to the new data as it evolves. If they had been fully transparent, that would be true, but it is not true. There were no new data suggesting that masks suddenly became effective after Anthony Fauci said they weren't effective after saying that they were effective. There was no new data suggesting that protesting certain causes was okay, but protesting other causes was not okay. There was no new data suggesting that certain types of outdoor activity should be banned, but other types of outdoor activity should not be banned. Like the data were pretty clear in the early days exactly what COVID was and what COVID was not. The data changed when it came to, for example, or they were just lying about the data and falsifying the data with regard to transmissibility after vaccination. But this is the key. The experts keep claiming over and over and over that they aren't able to control all of the institutes of life, all of the risks of life, and then they blow it, and then they wonder why people look at them and they say, you experts don't know bleep. We do not trust you anymore. They have blown all institutional trust, which brings us to the state of the economy. Guess that in just one moment first. When we are talking about medicine, one thing is obvious. There are, in fact, certain medical things that you should have in your house because when supply chains break down, you can't get out to the CVS. You make sure that you have those things. There's a hurricane in Florida and suddenly the CVS is closed, but your kid gets cut or something. You need an antibiotic. 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It's jase forward slash Ben forward slash Ben. Okay, so this brings us to the financial situation. Our experts keep keep claiming that everything is under control and the minute that our experts now say that everything is under control, I start to check my wallet because I have serious, serious doubts. According to the Wall Street Journal, the biggest banks in the United States swooped in to rescue first for public bank with a flood of cash, struggling $30 billion yesterday in an effort to stop a spreading panic following the pair of recent bank failures. The bank executives came together in recent days to formulate the plan, discussing it with Treasury Secretary Jenny Ellen and other officials and regulators in Washington DC, people familiar with the matter said. Apparently the banks have already taken out. I kid you not. Something like 168 billion dollars from the federal reserve in terms of borrowing from the federal reserve in order to shore up their balance sheets in expectation of possible future runs. The possibility of a real recession now is becoming larger and larger, which is exactly what Goldman Sachs says. The attempt to save first republic is probably how they should have done with Silicon Valley bank, but as you will recall, the federal reserve decided that the FDIC decided they were not going to allow a full bidding process to just pick up and save Silicon Valley bank by other big banks. Instead, they were going to make you the taxpayer bear the burden of filling in all of those unsecured depositors, which puts the federal reserve on the hook for trillions of dollars in unsecured deposit holding if one of these banks goes under. All of these banks, they're stock drop yesterday, JP Morgan Chase, city group bank of America, Wells Fargo, they're each making a $5 billion uninsured deposit into first republic in order to again, shore up their balance sheets Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are each kicking in $2.5 billion a piece. Five other banks are contributing $1 billion a piece. The Treasury Department Federal Reserve, FDIC and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said, quote, this show of support by a group of large banks is most welcome and demonstrates the resilience of the banking system. Now, again, this sounds a little too easy, honestly. So yesterday, Janet Yellen gave testimony on the hill where she suggested that our banking system remains sound. Now, again, this is the same lady who suggested that inflation was going to be transitory and that blowing money into the economy was not going to be a permanent problem. I can reassure the members of the committee that our banking system is sound and that Americans can feel confident that their deposits will be there when they need them. This week's actions demonstrate our resolute commitment to ensure that our financial system remains strong and that the positive savings remain safe. That was one of their big problems. 15% of first republics, $212 billion in asset investment securities mostly made up of municipal bonds. Now, munibons have the advantage, according to the Wall Street Journal, of being tax exempt and they bear a low risk waiting for the purposes of calculating capital to meet the regulatory standards. Most munibons are held by households and mutual funds that are thinly traded on the secondary market. Munibons also have a similar duration risk to other long-dated government securities that they can't be rapidly sold to redeemed deposits. That means that first republic is actually not all that liquid. Another illustration of how Dodd-Frank failed. First republics tier-1 leverage ratio is greater than that of most bit of banks, but it might not be enough to absorb all of the losses. In other words, this notion that simply shoring up their current holdings is going to be enough. If they're not liquid, it may not be enough if there were to be a run on the bank. Jenny Ellen also admitted yesterday, by the way, that the SVB bailouts of uninsured deposit holders un-s secured deposit holders, she admitted that that sort of bailout is not going to apply to rural community banks. So apparently, it only applies to the ones that are, quote unquote, too big to fail or too properly located to fail. Every bank, every community bank in Oklahoma, regardless of the size of the deposit, will they get the same treatment that SVB P just got or signature bank just got? A bank only gets that treatment if a majority of the FDIC board, a super majority, a super majority of the FED board, and I in consultation with the president determine that the failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk. So it won't create systemic risk of a small bank fails in as much of farmers, but if it's Silicon Valley bank, and they're tied into the entire system because it is elite people who are using those institutions, all those people get bailed out. By the way, this is the same Jenny Ellen. Again, her expertise is supposed to make you feel secure. This is the same Jenny Ellen who said literally yesterday in testimony that reckless spending did not contribute to the collapse. She was asked if reckless spending contributed to the collapse. She's like, now, not at all. Well, this administration acknowledged that their reckless tax is spending contributed to not only the challenges that we see in everyday households, but also to the challenges that we're facing today with SVB. Look, inflation is too high and it is the president's top priority to bring it down. And there are many contributors to why inflation is too high. Importantly, fall out from the pandemic and rushes war on Ukraine that boosted food and energy prices. Many countries around the world suffer from the same problem. So it wasn't the reckless spending. So we'll keep going with reckless spending and then she will assure you that everything is going to be just fine. Again, I have doubt. I have serious doubts because Jenny Ellen, Kamala Harris, these are all part of the same broad political class. Anthony Fauci, the notion that the expert class in politics is different from the political class general is a category error. A lot of these people are not in fact predominantly experts in their fields who are concerned with getting the answer right. Many of them are very much in favor of being in charge of the levers of public policy and that requires a certain level of self confidence that often crosses over into narcissistic arrogance that allows you to make predictions that simply are not true and play with people's money and lives in the process. In just one second, we'll see the kind of people who are now being incentivized to get into positions of responsibility at banks like Credit Suisse. First, let's talk about a sad fact. We are all going to die. I know. Bad bad time to talk about this, but there's never a good time to talk about this. So let's just put this out there. We are all going to plots at some point. And as we draw our last breath, some of us will be thinking, man, should have gotten life insurance, at least my family was taken care of. 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Again, if you have dependent, you need to make sure that they are taking care of in case God forbade you plots. Head over to slash appear or get that taken care of right now. slash Shapiro. Okay, so credit tweets was one of the other banks that was sort of on the chopping block here. They've had an infusion of cash from the Swiss national bank. It is unclear other than Chris credit tweets is kind of general amiss management over the course of the last three years. What makes them more systemically risky than other banks? But amiss management has been presided over by the head of global markets at credit suites. A person named pipsbunce. Pipsbunce. Well, pipsbunce is an interesting human. Pipsbunce, his name is philipbunce. He is a dude, but he is known according to the evening standard in the UK to sometimes go to work in a wig and women's clothing. He was also named on the financial times and heroes. Champions of women in business list and annual ranking 100 company leaders who support women in business. This gender fluid senior director at credit suites. This is back in 2018. So this man is one of the 100 best women in business according to the financial times. Known as pipsbunce, the director who is credit suites head of global markets core engineering integration components came in 30 seconds on the financial times list of 100 female business champions. Despite the fact that he is in fact a male who is married to a woman and has a couple of kids. After receiving that award, he said in his statement, I am truly honored and humbled by this award and I'm proud of the progress we are making for all forms of gender diversity and equality. These are the people who are running our institutions increasingly. If this seems strange to you, it shouldn't be because we are a society that is completely devoted to the idea that forms of forms of oddity and weirdness are not indicators of any of any failures of risk assessment whatsoever. This is the normal. It's the new normal guys. It's just normal. Here is McKenzie celebrating pipsbunce. I think as an elder particular I lead, I think some of the things that's really helped me on my own journey is a being really part of who I am. Pipsbunce. Really owning my authenticity because I think people relate and encourage to use so much better when they know you're being totally genuine since it and honest. I think also having had certain amounts of adversity on your own journey, I think that imbils into your fair amount of extra resilience which then really helps empower your own leadership skills. This is what you're looking for in a banker isn't it? These are the folks who you want handling your banking. By the way, here is pipsbunce at that McKenzie Alliance LGBTQ conference talking about what intersectionality means to him. Intersectionality to me, you know, we don't fit into a nice single one box. I'm non-binary, I'm gender, I'm trans, I'm many different things. We all, you know, you're not. You're only an amazing introduced to me. We're all the same, unique. Remember, power should never be concentrated in two few hands because very often people are strange and weird and the people who often seek that power in today's modern world are people who are not doing so out of a sense of duty to their fellow human beings. They are seeking that power not because they believe that they are going to quote unquote better the world for anyone except for their own particular type. It's a strange and terrifying move on on behalf of Western civilization when the great experts of our time are mostly concerned about whether they get on magazine covers rather than what they are actually accomplishing in the world. Which brings us to the strangest clip of the day. We played a few already, but this is definitely the strangest clip of the day. So Dylan Mulvaney is a man who believes that he is a woman and has been richly rewarded for that solution. Dylan Mulvaney has spent one year being a girl by which I mean he is a man who pretends that he is a girl for a year. And this means that he gets make up contracts and it means that he performs at the rainbow room sponsored by major corporations and has major Hollywood stars come out in support of him pretending to be a woman. Now, we are supposed to believe that in in some internal way, Dylan Mulvaney is one actually a woman, not just a gay man, actually a woman. And two, not attention seeking a perfectly humble person who's going about the problems in his daily life, but suffers from gender dysphoria and is trying to find his happy place. That's what we're supposed to believe. The culture has told us that we must believe this. We must repeat this. Well, it's unfortunate then that there is tape of Dylan Mulvaney being a gay man, like a few years ago. And it turns out that Dylan Mulvaney imitating a woman is precisely the same thing as Dylan Mulvaney being a flamboyant gay man. Here is a clip of Dylan Mulvaney on the prices right, circa 2020. See if you can tell the difference between Dylan Mulvaney's behavior in this clip and Dylan Mulvaney's behavior now. The only difference being that now Dylan Mulvaney wears more makeup and address. You get to spend the wheel. But guess what? You get a second chance in this game first. No, I'm still in it. So you know, two prices already, which is a great thing. 399 and 599. Which one do you want to keep? I'm going to keep the 599. Keep 599. Something else up here is $5.99. Tell me what it is. You get a good lord. I'm going to say it too. You're ready guys. You're ready. 599. It's pretty fancy. It is. Yes, you got it. Dylan's a winner. Dylan's a winner. Dylan, nice job, man. Dylan is not in attention seeking for it. Dylan is a humble person seeking. The camera stays on Dylan Mulvaney. Wait, no, no. Is it over? It's not over. Nope. You think we're going to fade it? Nope. There's more. I'm going to go to commercial. Nope. Nope. Nope. It's still. Nope. All right. Well, now he's running around. He's waving his hands. Now he's kissing the counter. Jumping up and down and doing spins. You think it's over? Now he's doing a weird dance. More weird dancing. You think it's over? Guys, it's over, right? No. It's continuing. Wow. Now I'm picking up a pool queue. Wow, like doing stepkicks. Is it over? Is it rolling the boat? Rolling the boat. Rolling the boat. Dylan Mulvaney, guys, a humble individual simply seeking personal happiness and in no way attention seeking. Again, I will note that Dylan Mulvaney's behavior as a flamboyant gay man in this clip is precisely the same as Dylan Mulvaney's behavior as a woman. So the new definition of woman now actually just matches up with Jack Nicholson's description of a woman as good as it gets. A man, but without reason or accountability. Literally, that is Dylan Mulvaney's definition of a woman. My friend Matt Walsh, he constantly asks what is a woman. We know the answer. The answer is a woman is Dylan Mulvaney, which means exactly the same as Dylan Mulvaney, gay man, but wearing a dress and some high heels and some makeup and having some surgeries. So a man without reason or accountability is apparently now that that was a joke when Jack Nicholson said it and as good as it gets. And now it's the actual definition of woman, according to members of the far left. So things are going great in our side. All the experts, I mean, this person said the president of the United States talking about policy with regard to hormone treatments and surgeries for minors. This is where we are in our side. All the experts, the expert class, they are amazing at this. I'm so glad that they proved their metal during the pandemic and then prove their metal again in 40 or highs in inflation and prove their metal socially by by pushing this sort of nonsense. They're also proving their metal when it comes to the environment. So I'm excited to announce to you that the left which told you about six weeks ago that there was no attempt to come after the gas stoves. Remember this? The Biden administration who talked about they were going to investigate whether to get rid of gas stoves or not. Well, and they're like, no, no, no, we're not getting rid of gas stoves. No, guys, we never do something like that. We know you love gas stoves. We know it's a lot easier to cook on flame than it is to cook on an electric stove, which by the way is true. It is much better to cook on an open flame than it is on an electric stove. But they said, no, no, you're not supposed to pay any attend, we're not we're not going to do any of that. They were lying. They were lying. We'll get to that in a moment. First, if you run a small business, you need to plan ahead. It's very difficult to plan ahead under these circumstances, but there's one thing that you can do that you can guarantee is actually going to lower your costs and save you time and money. And that of course is lets you print your own postage and shipping labels directly from your home or office. It's ready to go in minutes so you can get back to running your business sooner. offers rates you can't find anywhere else. Like up to 84% off USPS and UPS plus they automatically tell you your cheapest and fastest shipping options. 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We had a terrific conversation. I'm excited to share it with you now as the premiere episode for season two of my show The Search. Here's a stinkpeak of the episode. I don't think this is how I was going to fall off the wagon. I'll be with Bill Ma. That was you and Rogan. I'll be with Rogan. March Shapiro that takes me down. But God's sake. It's a great episode. Russell is a phenomenal person. He's just hilarious and really it's a great episode. We go through a lot of really deep topics ranging from religion to how to raise kids. You're going to love it. We also have a lot of other great and interesting guests in store for you this season including my upcoming sit down with Megan Kelly. If you're not already at Zalewire plus members sign up today here by chat with Russell. That's available right now. Plus access to our entire library of shows, movies, documentaries, upcoming kids content, and more go to Also this Sunday James O'Keefe is going to be on the Sunday special. So James O'Keefe, if you remember, he just got ousted from his own organization, Project Fairtile Talk about what comes next for James. He has announced a new organization want to find out about what new investigations he's going to be undertaking. So you're going to have to check out the Sunday special to find out the answers to those questions. Okay, meanwhile, here's the thing that our weird class, our weird class, they want like epic levels of control over your individual life. So here's the thing about traditional rules and traditional rules. These are pieces of time tested wisdom that have lasted over the course of thousands of years across civilizations as it turns out. And we are discarding all of that in favor of a few weirdoes who have decided that they get to control everything about your life all the way down to the level of should you have a gas stove in your house? I don't trust them because why would I trust them? Why would I give these people control over my life? So the Biden administration lied. You remember that they said they weren't coming after your gas stove. Well now, according to the Washington Examiner, the simmering controversy over a Biden administration gas stove ban has reignited. Not one, but two separate federal agencies are proposing or studying regulations that would severely curtail the use of gas stoves from new construction. That has renewed the cultural war battle over the appliances. Instead of working to lower food prices for families and lessening inflation, the Biden administration's priority is working to target as many as 40% of Americans and arbitrarily ban their gas stoves, according to the Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson. The Department of Energy has now proposed a new efficiency standards, which the vast majority of today's gas stoves would not meet. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is seeking information on quote, chronic hazards associated with gas ranges and proposed solutions to these hazards potentially in advance of its own rule. DOE says that its proposal would not be a ban per se, but 96% of gas stoves, the DOE physically tested did not meet the new regulations. So it's not a ban, but it's kind of a ban. Meanwhile, Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Ted Cruz teamed up for a bipartisan bill to block a gas stove ban. And one of the things that is driving all of this is this notion that if we get the, if we de-hook houses to natural gas, this is somehow going to lower carbon emissions necessary to the extent necessary to lower climate change, that's absurd. It's not even going to come close to doing any of that, but that doesn't matter. It's all about feeling good about yourselves and really not you feeling good about yourself. I'm going to cook on a crappy electric range. No, it's really about the people who are in power feeling good about themselves. That's what really matters. What matters is their sense of self-satisfaction, because they're not here to reenstill any sense of duty or traditional morality. They're here to make themselves feel really good about all the things, which means that they have to feel as though they are changing the world, they are changing. So, New York lawmakers, according to Politico, are now on track to enact a statewide ban on gas, heating, and appliances in new buildings, a major marker in a partisan fight over fossil fuels and consumer choice. The state assembly and Senate both control by Democrats included different versions of a natural gas ban in their budget proposals. Those are expected to be reconciled in Governor Kathy Hocal will apparently sign that thing. The Energy Department, of course, has been proposing efficiency regulations for cooktops and ovens and gas stoves. New York is looking to ban all this for real. It would be the first state to enact a full natural gas ban for new building developments effectively requiring them to use electric heating and stoves. Now, again, there's a serious problem here, which is that all of the electrical grids are still run off of fossil fuels. I mean, that is natural gas, coal, right, these are the way that most of the electrical grids are still fueled because all other forms of energy are either seasonal or time-dependent rate solar only works when this is shining. Wind only works when the wind is blowing. Natural gas, oil, these are physical forms of energy that can then be utilized in order to generate electricity around the clock. But they're attempting to, I guess, make it unclear where exactly you're getting your power by making it so that your building can't hook up to natural gas anymore. Now it's going to hook to the electrical grid, which is just going to use natural gas in order to power the electrical grid. So all of that is very exciting. Again, all of this is designed to make people feel good about themselves. It doesn't actually change the trajectory in any major way with regard to carbon emissions. Meanwhile, California regulators are doing the same thing. According to the Washington-Freebeacon, California regulators voted on Wednesday to ban gas furnaces and water heaters. In one of the state's most populated regions, a move that will likely require locals to undergo costly home renovations. The Bay Area Air Quality District Board, a panel of appointees, tasked with curbing pollutants for nine California counties, voted on Wednesday to block the installation of all gas-powered appliances beginning in 2027. The Board acknowledged homeowners will have to spend thousands of dollars to install electric appliances, and the pivot away from natural gas will increase energy costs. California, man, they are wrecking that place one regulation at a time. The Bay Area Band is not applied to gas stoves, but that offers little relief to residents. The panel already raised the cost of living in the overpriced Bay Area where the good news is. You won't be able to use any sort of gas oven or gas heating or gas water heater, but you will be able to subsidize every black resident of San Francisco to the tune of $5 million. Excellent governance taking place from again. Our nation's strangest people is spectacular stuff, which brings us full circle all the way back to Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is in the dictionary under politician. There's just a picture of Kamala Harris, the people who are in our country are all Kamala Harris. They don't know what their job is. They don't know what their permit is. They don't know exactly what their purview is. They don't know any of these things. All they know is that they've been thrust into business and the power, and they have to do stuff that makes them feel good about themselves. Kamala Harris the other night had a very awkward moment. Another awkward moment. It was a deep thought with Kamala Harris. And now deep thoughts with Kamala Harris. Now we have a lot of Kamala today, which always makes you want to buy some life insurance. But just quick note, life insurance does not protect you against the fallout from suicide. Anyway, deep thoughts with Kamala Harris. Kamala was on with Stephen Colbert. And she was asked what the job of the vice president is. She is, unless you forget the actual vice president of the United States. She did not have an answer. It's a high constitutional office, but it's not prescribed so much about what you're supposed to be doing. Is that ring true? Like what is the actual role on a daily basis as you have found it? Well, I have the great privilege of serving with Joe Biden who was president in the United States. He really is a true partner and he understands the job. And remember, we came in during the high of the pandemic. And so so much of the work was about, okay, we've got to cover a lot of bases and let's figure out how between us we can do it. But he is an extraordinary leader. And I wish that people could see what I see. The question was, what is the job of the vice president? And your answer is part of the job I'm guessing. No, thank you, Stephen. We're trying to rescue Kamala Harris from her own failure there. But no, she did not actually have an answer. So remember, weirdos, one power. Now here's the thing. A lot of human beings are strange. Human beings have weird quirks. That's what human beings are. But that is why the ones that you actually want to power are the ones who don't actually want to exercise that power in order to overthrow all of the traditional structures of society. Now, what's amazing is also what the media considered to be weird versus what is actually weird. So according to the media, the head of global markets at Credit Suisse being a gender fluid false woman who is married to a woman and has a couple of kids, that's not weird. Don't involve any claiming to be a woman and then sitting with the president of the United States, that's not weird. Kamala Harris not speaking English and wandering aimlessly into into NCAA locker rooms to give crappy speed. That's not weird. What's weird is that one time, Ron DeSantis was on a plane and he ate pudding with his fingers. This is the weirdest thing. This is how we define weird. The way we define weird is whatever the left thinks is weird is weird. Men being women, not weird. So this is the big story that am left. The only story that matters according to the left today is not the prospective financial meltdown. It is not the fact that the the Democrats are now really indeed looking in major states to ban gas stoves. None of that matters. The only thing that truly matters according to the left is this story. So the Daily Beast now reports that according to two sources, the Florida governor once ate, not repeatedly once ate chocolate pudding with his fingers. Quote, the chatter over DeSantis's public engagement has also surfaced past unflattering stories about his social skills, particularly his propensity to devour food during meetings. He would sit in meetings and eat in front of people. A former DeSantis staffer told the Daily Beast, always like a starving animal who has never eaten before, getting bleep everywhere. In Shrine and DeSantis, Laura is an episode from four years ago. During a private plane trip from Tallahassee to Washington, D.C. in March of 2019, DeSantis enjoyed a chocolate pudding dessert by eating it with three of his fingers, according to two sources, familiar with the incident. But that's all that matters, right? That's a huge story. Now, you have never eaten food with your fingers. Of course, because you were brought up in the court of Queen Victoria. So you've never eaten food with your fingers. And if we're going to go on like the scale of weirdness, obviously eating pudding with your fingers on a plane in the middle of a campaign way weirder and actually believing that a man who cuts off his dick is a woman. I mean, I mean, the scale of weirdness, the president of the United States sitting there and calling it sinful, not to trans the children, way less weird. Then now, here's the thing, the current president of the United States actually has pudding for brains. So that is significantly less important to me how people eat pudding than the fact that the current president of the United States actually has pudding between his ears. Like that is actually a real problem. But this is going to be the ongoing campaign. So the ongoing campaign against DeSantis, they've been struggling for this, right? Normally, they say a couple of things about Republican candidates. They say stupid, corrupt or evil. Right? Those are the big three. Stupid, corrupt and evil. They can't say that DeSantis is stupid because he clearly is not. He went to Yale and then he went to Yale Law School. You can't, right? And then he went to Harvard Law School. You can't say that he is corrupt because there's no evidence of corruption with Rhonda Santas. They've tried evil, but it doesn't really play because most of the policies that he's pursuing are widely popular. So now they're going with this fourth off the board option, which is weird, which is I don't think that is going to play not at all because here's the thing. If you watch DeSantis on the campaign trail, he's not weird. He's like a normal person. So if the best that they can do is he ate pudding with his fingers, good luck with that. Meanwhile, they have another angle that they are taking with regard to the Republicans are the media because they have to defend the Democrats at all cost. They're going back to the well on Republicans are really pessimistic and say mean and dark things. Here's a headline by Ashley Parker at The Washington Post, quote, much of the 2024 GOP field focuses on dark apocalyptic themes. Now, I remember this exact headline after Donald Trump's convention speech in 2016. It was dark and apocalyptic and then he won. Here's the rule of thumb. When you're out of power, you say bad things about what's happening in the country. When you're in power, you say good things about what's happening with the country. Specifically because when you're out of power, you're running to be in power. What are you going to say? Like everything is bright and hunky-dory out there? Of course not. I seem to recall the entire media declaring that the apocalypse was upon us in the middle of an economic boom while Trump was president while peace was breaking out in the Middle East. But apparently if you mentioned that things are going poorly in the country or that we have some real serious societal fractures, this means dark and apocalyptic things. And the problem is that the American people kind of agree that things are not looking amazing in the United States right now. So the legacy media have this whole stack, right? It's that if you say that things are going poorly in the country, this means the of a dark vision of the country. Remember, the entire Washington Post that prints this entire piece talking about how the 2024 GOP field is focusing on dark apocalyptic things, the themes, they literally put a a subheader on their paper called democracy dies in darkness after Trump was elected. The darkness was upon us and they were the guiding light. And it's just it's absurdity at the highest level. This is also why they are focusing in on a little video that Donald Trump cut yesterday. It's driving them up a wall. It's also why Trump is popular. I mean, I hate to break it to folks, but Trump remains popular with a lot of people specifically because his interest seemed to be in favor of what's going on in the country first. Now, there's a lot of talk in both sort of interventionist Republican circles and on the democratic side about the split inside the Republican Party over Ukraine. The truth is there is not a massive split. There are some people who are full isolationist on Ukraine, but like we shouldn't be involved at all. And then there's kind of the vast middle of the Republican Party that thinks it is important to stand Russia off from fully invading Ukraine, but it's asking what the end goal here is. Like what is the actual endpoint here? But everybody on the, everybody in the legacy media is yelling at Trump about this video that he did yesterday. They're calling him unpatriotic for a video that he did yesterday because what he suggested is the great threat to world empires historically speaking is interior collapse, internal failure. This is nothing new. I'm sorry, this is not dark. It is not apocalyptic. It happens to be quite true. Here is Donald Trump. But the greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia. It's probably more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible USA hating people that represent us. It's the abolition of our national borders. It's the failure to police our own cities. It's the destruction of the rule of law from within. It's the collapse of the nuclear family and fertility rates. Like nobody can believe is happening. It's the Marxists who would have us become a godless nation worshipping at the altar of race and gender and environment. And it's the globalist class that has made us totally dependent on China and other far in countries that basically hate us. So what they're saying is that if he says that Russia is not our greatest threat, that the greatest threat is internal to the United States. That this means that he hates the United States. Well, Democrats believe the same thing about Republicans. This is what Joe Biden literally said every day in 2022. He said that Republicans were segregationists who wanted to reimpose Jim Crow 2.0. He said that Republicans were in league with people who wanted to overthrow the democracy. We are on the verge of a fascist overthrow, a fascist coup d'etat in the United States. He's in front of a blood red independence hall in one of the most authoritarian speeches I've ever seen in the United States. To pretend that this is like a unipolar argument that if the other side gets controlled, it's going to be bad for the country is absolutely absurd. But here's the thing. No matter how much you try to yell at Trump for being negative or yell at the sans-subab being for being quote unquote negative about the current administration or about the state of the country, of course they're negative. They're in the opposition. And also most Americans happen to agree with them. Most Americans do happen to agree with them already time for some things I like and then some things that I hate. So things that I like today. So Netflix has now canceled an animated preschool or show that was promoting trans-genderism and non-binaryness. I kid you not. This is this is why DW kids is going to exist in very short order. We need kids content where you can put your kids in front of the TV and know that they are not going to be turned into gender non-binary widgets. It's insane. So that this was an actual is an actual clip from a show called Ridley Jones about a bison who comes out as nine binary to its grandma played by Cindy Lauper. The creator of the show, naturally as a lesbian, as I say, the people who have cultural power are people who use that cultural power basically in order to legitimize their own feelings of importance. So Ridley Jones was canceled for good reason. Here is a clip from Ridley Jones. That's because I'm not binary and Fred is the name that fits me best. And I also use they and them because calling me a she or a he doesn't feel right to me. I'm sorry I used the wrong name and the human names. So they're lecturing. I mean this is a show you can see by the animation. This is a show for like preschoolers. This is for like three four five-year-old kids. And if you couldn't hear that properly that is a gender non-binary bison and explaining that the bison wants to use they them pronouns. The director, the creator is a lesbian mom quote doesn't surprise me Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out. I realize in the stay-in-age dumped means many things just zero promotion of the episode. Oh and yes this is the end of the series they canceled us after what they just put out. They threw out all the specials, the Christmas special, the feature-length episode, the Cindy Lauper episode just quietly slipped it in onto the service. So this is it. Amazing stuff. Taking trying to program the small children of course Netflix had to cancel it because who wants to watch that who wants to put their kids in front of it. And again this is why you should go subscribe right now at because we're not going to provide this kind of crap to your kids at any point. We're not put it up and then take it down or just not going to give it to your kids because it turns out that those values are bad for your children and that you should not have values that run directly counter to your own and the tradition and wisdom of history injected into programs meant for kids. If you think they're not coming for your kids they're coming for your kids that is the reason you put that in a preschool show. That is the only reason to put it in a preschool show. So at least Netflix has been forced to back off and not for long not for long of course. Okay time for a quick thing that I hate. One of my favorite things about our elite class is again they are so damned weird but we're supposed to pretend that they are not in fact weird that they are in fact totally normal and they are legit. So everybody sort of acknowledges the Gwyneth Palsrow is a weirdo right. She has her group magazine at which she has sold genitalia smelling candles and such but she is still a famous and well respected person in left wing circles. You know like I guess she's a little cookie. She's a little cookie. Well I mean it's not just that she like these are the same people who think that Gwyneth Palsrow is worth listening to are the people who are like I have I never took off my mask. I'm still wearing my mask. They love to seeons. To science is great which is why they are apparently putting ozone therapy in their behind so she was on an episode of the art of being well and she says that this is her the weirdest thing that she is is doing right now. What's the weirdest wellness thing that you've done? I have used ozone therapy rectally. I didn't know that's about you. It's pretty weird. It's pretty weird. Well yeah she's filled that ozone hole. That's yeah oh no. Yeah that way you know the group brand is actually worth like hundreds of millions of dollars and they I'll just point out once again everybody's weird. Everybody has their own weirdnesses. This is why we tend to in life navigate by using heuristics meaning shortcuts right we have to we have to find people to leak in trust and those people typically have to have like a broad record of success in a particular field in order for us to trust them. They have to actually have a bunch of data backing them. So I traditional wisdom matters but we've basically dispensed with that because of celebrity and because of mass media culture and so that means anybody who appears on your TV is now an expert that you should listen to. So when if Paltrow is a celebrity should listen to on matters of health because she's shooting ozone upper anus or whatever it is and these are the same exact people who want more and more can if they want to be as weird listen when if Paltrow can do whatever she wants with the ozone it's her problem but what I will no pun intended but what I will say is that the more power you give any individual the worst things are going to be and this is precisely what the left and says on centralized power in a bunch of institutions and then trust the people who run the institutions to fix everything for you not again based on any sort of time tested data but based on the fact that they are the experts the answer should be no. Already coming up we're going to be jumping into the mailbag so make sure that you subscribe over to daily wire plus because you're just not going to get into the mailbag and I can have your questions answered in the mailbag unless you do if you're not a member become a member use coach Shapiro check out for two months free annual plans click the link in the description and join us