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The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure. The worst monsters are real.

Sword and Scale Episode 240

Sword and Scale Episode 240

Sun, 07 May 2023 01:32

Independence, Missouri has never seen much crime, let alone against middle-class churchgoers. When 42-year-old Randy Stone was found dead in his insurance office in 2010, the list of possibilities was endless. Ultimately, a ripped up note in the trash can would lead detectives down a promising path. SOURCES Arrested in South Carolina Randy Stone’s Mother Speaks Out Randy Stone’s Mother Speaks out After Sentencing MUSIC STRLGHT - NRG Foxear - Franz Gordon Dark Corners - OctoSound Dissolving - Hanna Lindgren Exploring Haunted Places - Frequently Asked Music Absinthe-Minded - Damon Greene Adoration - Spectacles Wallet and Watch The Dark Ages (Instrument Stem) - Flouw Cosmic Sunrise - Red Dictionary Demure - Ever So Blue Skullcrusher - Cushy

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You know the beige wallpaper cracked to look like aged stone with a few clusters of grapes here and there. The 2008 financial crisis had just toppled most people's plans for the future. But in the years following Theresa's stone and her husband Randy came up with their own plan. They worked in insurance but Randy didn't want to answer to anyone anymore. They wanted to be in charge of his own job security. So branching out and opening up their own firm was the obvious solution. Randy, the guy that he is next Marine, nice into his own business, his own drive all his own. And you're starting to struggle because of what we were struggling I guess but it's tough when you have a kid in a Christian college and you have another one in a Christian school. Right. And you're starting to be business on your own and all that. And our business with farmers we pay out everything. We pay everything. Yeah. We have our our homes that we weren't really struggling but we were just trying to be very careful. And we were basically starting over so it was going to be very tough and very tight. I understand. But that's something we were willing to do. This was a town they knew after all. Randy and Theresa had lived in Missouri their whole lives. They knew each other as children before Randy left for the Marines. When he came back they got married and settled in independence. Really establishing themselves as inseparable pillars of their small community. No, we hardly ever fight. We hardly ever fight. And if we do it's for like maybe five minutes. Yeah. And we're just nothing but little steam up. Yeah. We used to argue a lot when we were younger when we first got married. Of course it's hard when you know when you're separated for a whole year of your first marriage. Yeah. And then the son is born the day after he gets back from the military and. A lot of cash enough to do. Randy and Theresa did everything together. According to Theresa neither she nor Randy really had any friends of their own. They were perfectly happy with their little family, their insurance business and their church community. I was deeply in love with my husband and I just just don't understand why someone would take him out of my life. I was still happy to get it. Randy and Theresa weren't involved in any CD activities and they certainly didn't associate with anyone who was. This couple nearing their 40s attended church every single Sunday and Wednesday night. Randy drove the church vehicles for events. He was a Sunday schoolteacher and he was close friends with the pastor, brother love, with whom he shared administrative advice for the church. And I listened to Randy go on, Randy gave a sermon one time and I listened to that because I want him to try to get to know Randy because I just feel like I need to know you. He's not just a name on a piece of clothes. He's a wonderful man. He's sound like he was very, very nice guy and everybody loved him. He was always right there beside me, we always did everything together and if we didn't do it together, we'd find a way to do it together. Always. Theresa sang in the choir and helped with food preparation at all church events. She had been attending new hope Baptist for 30 years since she was a child. Someone who knew Randy was at a loss when Theresa discovered her husband's lifeless body in their own insurance office on March 31, 2010. I'm pretty sure I got to go off the spried about 10 till maybe. 10 till five? Yes. Maybe a little bit before. Maybe a minute or two before but it was right pretty close to 10 till. Okay. You get to the office, only choir out there is strained and you park up next to his car. Always. Always. But when I pulled up and when I pulled up and the driveway I noticed the blinds were closed and that is not normal. Normal. Okay. At all. Theresa got her keys out to unlock the door and noticed that it opened after just unlocking the deadbolt. This was also out of the ordinary. If they locked the door for any reason they locked both the deadbolt and the handle lock. You go inside. Go to the north side. What do you see? All the lights are off. Oh, God. I'm so sorry. I yell. I say honey, where are you? And I walk into his office and I turn the light on. And you know, the computer's up, everything looks fine. I walk into the back room back there and turn the light on and he's not back there. Which room is that the storage room? The storage room, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Then I walk around the choir. To your office. What do you say? So you could see him lying on the floor then and the light was off. What did you do? What's important? What did you do? Why don't you stop in there? I can't move. I'm going to wake up. Did you shake? I thought you. Okay. What did you put on my head? I apologize. I don't mean to. We just want to be a little detailed at this. Because it's important. Did you see any? I mean, he was obviously on the ground. I saw a little criminal in his ear. Okay. Blood coming out of his ear. And his eye was really passing. And his skin was really... This car. I don't know if you was breathing. But I didn't want to touch him. I was scared. So what did you do to help out? What did you do from there? I went over. I stepped over him. And... Now, one of those heaters was nighthurt by him too. Is it our stand-up or did you knock over him to the... No. It was already laid down when I got there. All right. Well, I walked in the room and it was laying down. Okay. At first I thought he had his head on it. But I... Then when I saw the blood coming out of his ear, I was... That's fine. Theresa didn't know what had happened. Thinking her husband may have fallen and hit his head on the space heater in the office. Who did you get hold of when you called him? I was in the office. Okay. What did you tell your mom? I just told her. I told her I said mom radio. It's up to his mom with radio. So he's bleeding. And he's not responding. He's not breathing. I need you guys to go to the office now. And I was saying it. So fast. I had to repeat it several times. Okay. And then I hung up and dialed 911. From the office phone. And did you stay in the office where he's at in illness or did you outside? But when I got on the phone with the operators, she told me to get out of the office. Okay. The dispatchers? Yes. So I started out my purse. Just in my room. Yes, I did. Okay. I sat over him and walked out. Randy hadn't fallen though. He had been shot. We talked before about this, but we said we asked you about weapons. Uh-huh. Okay. What guns do you know if he had a hearing of a officer or anywhere? The only one that I know of that he has was a little bitty thing. Black gun? Yes. Little bitty thing. It's little. And I don't even like touching it. Where did he keep that? He kept it in his office. Okay. I hope you know where we're at in this office that he particular kept it. I knew you were going to have it like that. And then like I said, if you don't know, that's fine. I am pretty positive. I kept it in the drawer at the back of his credenza. Police had already located that weapon. It was not the one that had killed Randy Stone. Okay. I want to ask you something again. I'll ask you before. You go in and find him like you did and everything. And here's the thing. And please don't take it strong. I told you before we had to ask questions. I understand. We understand that people think and what goes on sometimes with people. When you went into the office and you located him laying there on the floor. And you checked him and yelled at him and everything. We found a cartridge by his feet. You got a what? A cartridge. A showcase. A showcase. Did you, let's go to the rescue and you looked at it. There was a gun laying by him or anything. You moved it. I didn't see anything. I swear. I did not see anything. That's why I didn't know where the blood was coming from. I felt, I saw blood under his head and coming from his ear. And I saw his eye was swollen. And his skin was discolored. So I didn't see anything. I could not figure it out. That's why I thought maybe he had his head or something. Okay. I have no idea. That's what we're saying here. Talking Joe and talking to some other people. When I brought you up here, some of us go home and two. Instead of your husband. Your husband does have the 40 caliber henga. He does? Yes. That's what we're saying. And viewing his wife, you should have seen her known about it. The only one that I have ever seen is that little video one. Like I said, I don't go down in the safe downstairs. Right. So all the time to know what he has downstairs in the safe is his shotguns. He carried this from his briefcase. He did? Okay. So it's the same information we're getting. That's what we're getting told. And that's from somebody, somebody knows him real well. So. So this is the police surprise. Okay. Someone to my hood is lying away from me. Yeah. We're going to talk, we're trying to work on here. That's what we're talking to you first. Teresa Stone was giving the impression that she had just learned something about her husband that shifted the way she saw him. Why would he have this secret pistol? And why would he keep it hidden in his briefcase? Taking it to and from work with him. I asked him this morning to bring an aviol book for me. And I assumed he put it in his briefcase. So I opened his briefcase and it wasn't in there. But I didn't see a gun in there. Okay. I didn't see anything in there. Okay. Because I opened it up. I don't touch guns. He knows I don't like them. And I don't touch them all. What could he have gotten involved in that led to this assassination? These were the questions everyone was asking, including Randy's church family. Brother Love, Randy's best friend and pastor of New Hope Baptist, gave a touching sermon at Randy's funeral, hoping to quell the unsettled spirits of those who had just lost someone. They may never have known at all. This is what he said. Randy Stone's name was on the sign over his office at the insurance agency. And how many here really know that Teresa was an agent of that place? She was the cement and the glue, wasn't she? We come to the word of God to try to reconcile the difference between man's point of view and that death seems so permanent and God's point of view, that death is precious. The Bible says in Psalm 116, 15, precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. We sit here today and we weep not just because of the separation from our loved one, but because of all the questions that death brings. Questions like, why? Why Him? Why now? Without answers, death seems so cold. Death seems so distant. It seems so long. Death seems so permanent. How can this death be completely turned to victory? Nothing here looks like victory to me. The church knew one side of Randy, a God fearing X-Marine and family man. But maybe the entire congregation, Randy's family and those who worked with him were simply kept in the dark about another side of Randy's life. Only time and a murder investigation would tell. The church was a place for the people of the Church of God. The church was a place for the people of the Church of God. Whether it be upcoming life changes or ongoing events that may be causing you unhappiness, California Psychics is here to help you along the way and provide the joy of certainty through the insights of their psychic advisors. Since 1995, California Psychics has been the place where millions of satisfied customers have connected with some of the most experienced psychics. Worldwide advisors who possess outstanding psychic abilities. 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Teresa and her coworker Peggy were first asked about any odd occurrences at the office. At anyone's strange command, were there any resentful former customers wanting revenge? I asked just before, there's been no problem with anybody. Well, not to hurt anybody, but there was one guy that came in probably and Peggy can vouch for this too. And back, he came in once, when all three of us were there, and then my husband said he came back once when he was there by himself. You know this guy, yes? No, we have never seen him. How old were his? In February. Okay. This is in February. And I'm sorry, who's Peggy? She is another lady that works in our office one day a week. She was in her writing. So she's like a customer service person also? Yes, she writes business. Well, she's licensed to, she writes business for us too. Here's what's really weird in this eye and this is just coming to me. Because I had laid a $20 bill, which is probably stupid of me. I probably shouldn't know this, but I laid a $20 bill on her computer screen. Because we were just, we were giving her some money for right and policy force. So I laid $20 on her thing. Well, it came up missing the day after that guy walked in our office. They described the man as average height, white, and probably not homeless, but appearing very unkempt. I just remember, I think he asked, hey you for money, you wanted to buy a bus ticket or something? I like it said I wasn't in there, so I really didn't hear the conversation. Take him into the morpher talk to her. Yeah, she would probably not know more about that. And your husband said he showed him once before? Yeah, because he told me, and he called me on the phone and told me that this thing guy walked in. Then there was the former family friend that tried to kiss Teresa at an event. They all agreed to put the incident behind them, but it was awkward and the friendship ended. His name was Matt Burruna? Yeah, he was a client of ours, and he kind of forced himself on me. And so it kind of came out in a conversation. And Randy was not happy when he found out about it. Okay, he forced himself on you. Okay, that's the office? No, this is at his house. We were all at his house for a birthday party. So he's like a friend of the family? He's a client. And he is a good friend. And he called and apologized for what he did. And everything's been fine. This was probably about two years ago. That's what you said. Yeah, so everything's been fine since then. I just wondered why Randy kept the apology letters. That's all. He keeps every card, every letter I write. Yeah, there's a card too. He keeps everything. I keep everything. Was there anything between you and Matt? No, absolutely not. He tried to include those on you. Great. But did he do anything specific? What anger? I mean, you said he tried to force himself on you. And he was trying to physically touch you and a man or kiss you or... Yeah, he was trying to kiss me. We were at their house looking at the stuff they had done in the basement. And I just went into the bathroom to look what all the stuff they did. And he came in and kind of pushed me up against the wall. And I said, get away from me. And that was about all that happened. Okay. That was about it. Is it some bad guy who's married again? Yes, he's married. And that's two children. Well, that's a little odd. Randy held on to the apology letters this guy sent Teresa. At first, Teresa made it seem like things were fine between the couples. Even to that very day. But she then went on to give a very different impression. You live here in town, does he? He lives far enough away. Okay. Then he could say there, I don't start trouble for anybody. So that's... Okay. Oh my goodness. Police searched every part of that crime scene. There was money on the desk that the assailant had completely looked over. And Randy still had his wallet and keys on him. There was the 40 caliber shell casing on the floor next to Randy's body. And there was a trash can holding some helpful garbage. Back to the letters that he had. That one... In your trash can, they had letters that just made written, had a birthday and all that. It's about this big. It was all tore up. And it's just about, you know, some luckier, the most beautiful person nursing kind of thing like that. It's always big ramblings of good stuff about, you know, it's about that bomb. That big, it says white letter. And it's black writing and it's all tore up now. Teresa gave the officer a confused look for owing her brow and apparently trying to remember what this ripped up note was all about. There was a body of trash can at your office. Oh. It's a happy birthday. At the top of it. And then at the bottom it's happy. Then how is initials on the bottom? Like there are initials meeting something. What I think about it. I'm going to go save lab, I'm going to pitch her and I'll say it's like a show tour. And see it, I'm going to be a refresher. I'm going to just suck it when we wrap it up. Okay. I heard that. Now listen carefully to Teresa in the interrogation room by herself. Did you hear it? We had to amp up the volume to the max to hear what she had to say. But Teresa whispered very quietly. Great. I forgot about that. I'm not going to take a picture of it and collected it. So we can see it because it's on property. But it says it's a note. Yeah, I remember. And I've had it for a very long time because I kind of had a sacred admirer. It was left on my cardboard. I had a... Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, no, no, no. Happy birthday, love. You were very precious to my heart. You possessed the most tender spot in my heart. I care for you more than anyone on earth and I desire to be with you every moment of every day. Your birthday is my favorite day. I remember nine years ago telling you I had something for you in my office. That was me. I wanted to give you me. That kiss you took. And then you gave me one bag. I felt like it was my birthday. Now your birthday has become a sort of anniversary for me. I love this day so much. And it is all about you. The most amazing woman in all the world. I love you so much. I woke up way before my alarm. And all I could think about was you having a super birthday. I'm not in control of things yet. But when we are fully together, your birthday will always be exciting. Where's your car at the office? It's not even the car that I have now. Oh, okay. I believe it was. It has been several years ago. And I just found that the other day I was looking for... What do you call it? Dental card. And I found it in there. And... What was that? Droid? No, no. It was in my purse. I had a little thingy that I keep on my credit cards in. And it was in there. It was a secret mark. I don't know who he is. I've never gotten another note from him ever. No calls. No calls. Yes, let me think. Was it today or yesterday? But the calls show a private. So I have no idea. Because my husband answered the phone a couple of times. And we'll know. It's probably more than that. And he said, why don't I really know who they are? They keep hanging up. There were no numbers so we're two. I never answered it. They're told me. So I don't know if there's any breathing. I don't know if he didn't say. Teresa's got a lot of admirers. Doesn't she? What kind of stranger leaves a note this specific? If it was really a stranger, this is the kind of letter you go to the police about. This is some... I'm going to skin you and dance around wearing a skin suit. What's there being any problem? If we look at your phone, look at some of the text messages on it. Just going for a long, long, long, long time. Call lots and stuff like that. Help yourself. Oh, agency too. These are always fun. Oh, gonna. Unlock it. These detectives were getting suspicious. I'm not wanting to... I'm not looking for a cooperate. And I was sitting here thinking on your wife and I was thinking... Is this something that I would have to have my lawyer present with? Or I would? I would. Yeah. I want you to be rolling. I think you've been there. On the secret admirer, you know who this person is. I'm sorry. I have no idea. I'm going to a detective steward and say he said something about something about happy birthday. I mean, so did this person know... Evidently they know who they are. Evidently they know me. I don't know who they are. I can tell you left from right who the heck he is. I assume he is a guy. Sorry. I didn't mean to that. But I don't seriously, I have no idea who he is. It's been several years. Like I said, I just found it. I wasn't looking for it. I just ran across it and couldn't believe I still had it. So I thought I'd better get rid of it. I surely didn't want my husband to find it. And if he did, I mean, I would just explain to him that it was just up to my car. The window just like I'm telling you guys, I'm being honest with you. And I have no idea who he is. I don't know. It's been several years ago. So I honestly don't know. I have never gotten any more letters. Nothing I've never gotten. Phone calls, no mysterious phone calls, no nothing. So... I don't know. I don't know. No affairs on the side or anything like that. No. He hasn't had an affair with someone. And just be honest with him. There were only years ago he did. But that was right after we got married. That was a long time ago. But nothing recently, you guys haven't been separated or anything. No, no. He had... And I need to say this. But I feel like you... You need to say that. You know, I mean anything. I know. He had trouble with pornography, so... Yeah, trouble with pornography. Yeah. But we got through all that. Okay, when you say trouble with pornography, was he watching it on TV or hearing it on a computer? No, he would pull it up on the computer. Okay. But that was... He's been several months, probably a year or so. Okay, so... But within the past year, we say that's having trouble with pornography. What do you mean by that? Well, he would just go on websites and just look at them. Okay. Oh, so he liked porn. Like every other normal adult in the world. And I approached him about it. So... Okay. We let that out the way. And we say you got it out the way what do you mean by that? He switched his computer so I could see everything. Cocked. Because it used to be like this, so I couldn't see anything. So he turned it like this. So whenever I did walk into his office or watch his office, I could see everything he was working on. Because he wanted to be honest with me. He didn't go to any counts like from the bottom. No, it wasn't that deep. And it caused any friction that you guys were wanting to get separated. No, no. I never had to leave the residence ring. No one left the residence ring. No, never. Absolutely not. Never, never, never, never, never. It never got that bad. Anything else you could think of that would be... That would be helpful to us. I can't think of anything. I hope this is Megan's sense guys. I'm sorry. You're fine. Where's Triphidia? I told you. Your knowledge of what we don't know. Okay. The small gun Teresa told police Randy kept in the office with him was located. But the gun that killed him, presumably the Glock he kept in his briefcase, was nowhere to be found. Police searched the house to no avail. That gun was gone. Someone wanted Randy dead, not for his money or his assets. And now it was looking less like Randy was the party involved in suspicious activity. To police it seemed like Teresa might know more than she was letting on. She continued to maintain her stance. She had been on her way to the office after running errands, which she detailed to police with timestamps. And she arrived at the office to find her husband dead. She claimed she had no idea who on earth would want Randy stone dead. We're trying to get on with our lives. It is so hard. I don't even know what to say. When I'm setting down somebody in this situation. I never dreamed I would ever be in this situation ever. We were supposed to grow all together and retire together. And you had a beautiful life. And we didn't you. You were very close to 20 years. You got two great kids. You had a good business. I'm sure you probably have a beautiful home. All I can say is that the God has just blessed us tremendously through all of our lives. Through, can you married and our children and our church family and our business? I mean, it's all because of what God has done for us. It's not because of what we've done. It's because of what God has done. We've just tried to pay for it. And I guess that's why I feel like that. I've just tried to leave everything in his hands because I know he's in control of everything. Even though I tell my pastor or my youth pastor, I know I'm not supposed to question him, but it's so hard not to. Well, you just have to have everyone when you wake up. You just have to remember that you have family and friends that love you. Right now. I support you. The Lord's gonna work after you. I know. I go on a run every morning. I try to. Yeah. And I just... I talk to God and I talk to my baby. He would have a sense of corny. It's not corny at all. We're gonna keep doing what we're doing. We're gonna find out who did this. I guarantee you. We look to this casket and the body here. And all the flowers and all the things gathered around. And we say, but we anticipated that he would grow old. We anticipated that we would do more things together. What would the word anticipation and death being swallowed up in victory? How could this be good at all? But Isaiah 25 anticipates something about God. But anything that defies God, anything built up that defies God, is saying here in Isaiah 25 in these first three verses that you can anticipate if something is built up to defy God. God will judge that. You can anticipate that God will judge this. A couple of weeks passed. Randy and Teresa's life insurance agent noted that not 24 hours after Randy's death, Teresa was calling him, asking about the life insurance payout. And when it would hit. She believed she'd be getting $725,000 richer. Police continued to gather evidence trying to match up the handwriting on the mysterious note with someone on their radar. They pulled Teresa's stone in for questioning again on April 20th, three weeks after Randy's murder. This time, she had a little bit of explaining to do. Come on in, John. He's been working with me on a lot of this. I guess they've got... Here's the deal. Detective Rose Warren has done 90% of all this with you. David's in custody and he's talking. Right now is your chance and you probably have about 10 minutes to tell us everything that's going on with this. Because a lot of the things you're saying doesn't make sense. Okay. It's like Detective Rose Warren said to you, is the first person that comes in and is being 100% truthful. It's the one that's the winner. Yes. When did David get the gun? That's the most important thing right now. I don't know. All he told me is that he had a way to get it. The detective keeps mentioning the name David. They had just arrested someone for the murder of Randy Stone. And his name was David Blvd. This pogo stick doesn't care that you only wanted to give it a try. It can't care. But we can. At Med Express, we offer convenient, affordable treatment for break sprains and more. All on your schedule. Open 8-8 every day. A few weeks after Randy Stone, a father of two, was shot dead in his insurance office on March 31, 2010, police and independence Missouri had finally made an arrest. We begin with breaking news from South Carolina tonight. That's where police arrested former independence pastor David Love. He's charged with fugitive justice, Lisa Benson's in the newsroom with all the details now Lisa. We have new information on the murder of a Metro man. Love is the person of Antwerp's and the murder of Randy Stone, who is killed back in March. It is Farmer's insurance office. According to relatives, Stone's wife admitted to having an affair with David Love. Stone was also an active member of the new Hope Baptist Church, where Love was the pastor. At one point in the investigation officers raided the church, but never revealed what they found. Love resigned as pastor after the church was raided. That's right everyone. The loving, doting and devoted wife Teresa Stone was having an affair with her own church pastor, her husband's best friend. Tell me again, this time be truthful. Tell me what was in nature of your relationship with David. Truly. If you can't do that much, I can't help you, Teresa. You can't even be honest about that. I cannot help you. Well obviously he was in love. And I guess I was at one point. How long ago? Just recently. Probably a couple weeks ago. No, well. Probably about a month ago. About a month ago you saw like you were in love? No, no, no, no. A month ago I wanted it to end. I wanted to start my life rush with Randy. Let's back up. Nine years ago. Well I need to know what kind of things you've been going on between you and him before you decided that you wanted to put it into this thing. David Love by the way was also married with a family. Though police made it seem to Teresa like David was in custody telling them everything, this was far from the truth. Brother Love seemed to know how to deal with police. I'm fine, I'm sorry I have to hear this time of night. Let's go and see. Oh. This is a long night for everybody. Okay. It's been a long night for Teresa. She's not here for a while. I guess you know why you're up here. Probably no secret why we need to talk to you. Yes, she's gone, but she wanted to tell us. Well she's been up here for about eight hours now. We've known quite a bit. I'm going to tell you right now that this is not easy because I know that you are. That spends your life working for the Lord and that you are the leader of a church. But what I know now is not going to be easy. You just need to probably find it in your heart. If you have a courage, you know, to be truthful. You know, I've said put it in the Lord's hands, but you need to be truthful with me in the show. Because if you're not, you know, if you're not, then this is probably not going to go real well for you. Having been in the family, you're right Steve, which has talked to me. Well, I'd rather definitely rather have a longer present. That's what you think that would be. You hear our middle of the night. And still I'd rather have a longer present. I don't have one. I'll probably get one for you. You have to do that. What would you call? My love may have kept his lips tightly sealed in the interrogation room, but similar to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Theresa thought David had already perished. So she committed metaphorical suicide by confessing. Only later would she learn that she alone exposed the two of them for what they were. Selfish teenagers masquerading around as valuable members of society. I'm telling you, this is the motive. This is the reason that your husband is dead. It's up to you to tell us exactly what happened, exactly what was going on. Now, I've got about 20 detectives out here. I'm going to be honest with you. I've got about 20 detectives out here that want to take this to a ranger today. Tomorrow. They think we have a, they think there's enough evidence against you to have you charged because they think you're involved in this. It's either in a cut, not that you're killed, but that you have something to do with this. You know why? Because of this, because your statement that you gave the other night to detect a steward is full of inconsistencies and some truths. What? They have, I'm telling you, they have, they have torn out the statement apart. We have a page and a half of things that's not jive them. Oh my God, I have told you everything that happened on that day. Well, I'm telling you that they have been... I have to see it. It's the show you. My time was with me. What are you saying? That's what I'm telling you. What are you saying? There's trouble here, Teresa. There's trouble here. You have got to tell us what happened that day. And if you don't tell us, then I'm telling you, I've been doing this for 24 years. I'm telling you, I can see the direction that this is going. And if you're not truthful with me and telling me everything that's going on, then what you know, you're going to be, you're going to be a soul out on a plank, all right? All by yourself. My investigators believe that you are involved in this, either in the cover of. They don't, I'm telling you. I would not, I would never do anything to hurt my husband. After quite a bit of prying, Teresa finally spilled the beans. She knew about the whole plan, and this affair wasn't just a one-time thing, either. Teresa and Pastor David Love had been having an ongoing intimate relationship for... Get this. 10 years. Teresa, he doesn't. Our bosses are out there, and they're about very nice, okay? I understand. And when you sit here and you're saying I have to think about this, I have to think, you know what the conversation is, and I understand you're scared, okay? All he told me was, all he said was, I have a way to get the gun. I have a way to get the gun. I can make it happen. Okay, and did you say, how do you ever wait? I said, no, I kept telling him to leave it in God's hands. If he wants us to be together, God will put us together. Just leave it alone. I just kept telling him that I kept telling him that all the time. Just leave it alone. Let God take care of it. If he wants us to be together, we will be together. He told me, he just kept telling me that love will make you do crazy things. He said, I will kill for you. And when he told me, and I said, no, you won't leave it alone. Did you know you were talking about Randy when he was saying this? I was hoping not. Come on now. Who else would he even be talking about? This whole thing went much deeper than anyone realized. Police soon uncovered a history that included a miscarriage between Teresa and David, burner phones, secret meetings, wedding plans, and plans to murder David's wife also. This was something they often talked about, how they'd like their wedding to be. They discussed flowers and colors, all from their burner phones that they purchased to communicate only with each other. That certainly explains why Teresa was so willing to hand her personal cell phone right over to police early on in the investigation. By February of 2010, just a month before Randy's murder, David Love had purchased an engagement ring for Teresa. On March 16th, Randy sent David Love an email letting him know that he was resigning from his duties at New Hope Baptist Church. Unbeknownst to Teresa, who thought that after Randy's death she would receive all the life insurance payouts, Randy had changed the beneficiaries of his policies to his children back in 2005. It's almost as if Randy knew what was coming. We know that Randy was killed with his own lock. When I talk to your wife or your parents asking, I got showcases from what he used to target shoot. We already told you that night that they found a showcasing. The blistics that was all that was checked out, they were same weapon fighter showcases. I want to know how anybody could get into that office, get that lock and shoot your husband. Because we're talking about the former war guy, the Marine, the guy who knows Crowley, the guy who was on his game, the guy who was always looking around and looking around for you. How would anybody get that guy away from you? I don't know. I have no idea. I keep asking myself that all the time. We don't understand it. We know that we were one in there. One, knew the gun was in there and how to find it. And I didn't know he had anything like this. Or two, somebody gave the gun to them and they walked in there with his gun. And that makes more sense. Because nobody ran, he's not going to let just anybody go into his office and go through dresser drawers. I'll be honest with you right now. We've talked to all kinds of people. You've been married to this man for 20 years and he's laying there the way he's laying. With all that trauma. And to see that, that would send most people flying out the door. Flying out the door, screaming for help. If nothing else, people, they want to get away from that. They want to get away from that. What did Theresa do? You actually walked over the top of it. So I was trying not to panic. But you had a cell phone. But why did you think that? You were like, my actions were just so abnormal. Listen to me. I'm telling you all these old things that people see. People see these things. And they say, that doesn't sound like somebody that just walked in, the found her first spouse dead. That looks like somebody who maybe expected to see that when they came in. No, it did not. It affected me that. For hours, Theresa tearfully exclaimed that she had nothing to do with the planning of Randy's murder. But the evidence suggested otherwise. The evidence was telling detectives that Theresa was involved and that she was lying. And it could be that it forced a David has over you. You just, you yourself might not even be able to identify. Theresa, you're saying that? You may not know the power he has over you. I'm telling you everything I know. I am being honest with you. I am. Theresa, God knows your heart. I know he does, and I am telling you. He knows what you did. Does he know what we did? He knows what I did. I did not do anything. He knows that I had a relationship with David. He knows what we had talked about. And he knows my heart, and he knows what I tried to do. And what did you try to do? I tried to tell you to leave it alone. And he wouldn't. What do you think should happen to David? What do you think should happen to David love? I don't know. What do you want to happen to? How about you put him into a life? He took my husband's life. What do you want to happen to you? I just want to come back to my family. The only person that can do that is you. What else, Theresa? I am telling you the truth. You're not telling all the truth. I am too. Theresa. I don't understand what you want from me. What else? I don't. I know I'm not missing anything. Please help me if I am. I want to know if I'm forgetting something. But I know I'm not. I never told him to do anything like this. I never told him to go into my house and get a gun. I never said anything like that. I told him no. After Theresa allowed David love to murder her husband, she then allowed him to preside over Randy's funeral. Doesn't get much more evil than this. I came to this city 11 years ago and in March of 1999, I met Randy Stone. Randy Stone was still in the reserves in the army. And he was active in the military. And he would tell me things about his military service. Why 2K? Anybody can relate to why 2K? Raise your hand. Why 2K? Now, Randy was capital, why 2K? I met Randy. He said, hey, I'm putting MREs in my basement. I've got water, he said. Now one thing about Randy Stone, I loved it when I was around him. But I usually wanted my wife to be between Randy and me. Because if he would ever sit by him, he would bruise your arm. Now, wouldn't he? He said every airplane is going to fall out of the sky at the moment of why 2K. All the money in the bank. You better get your money out of the bank. He was just big on that. You know what? He was anticipating a storm. And he was making his refuge. That's what he knew to do. That was Randy. Preparation. The final word is preparation. You see, there is nothing more that we can do for Randy Stone. There is nothing more that we can do for him. He'll never have another thought in this body or another emotion, another hunger pain. He'll never be able to sign another policy or kiss his wife on this side of glory. The preparation now is all about what he did before last Wednesday. To be precious in the sight of the Lord. At death, you got to make a preparation. He prepared himself to meet Jesus. And only Jesus can take his soul to heaven. Clara, I'm glad you didn't have any more Randy's, but boy did you have one. Randy's death is not in vain. The truth is really the exact opposite of the sacrilegious eulogy given by David Love. Randy's death was in vain, and he had not prepared to meet Jesus. David knew all this, and yet he still stood behind the pulpit, the one that had served him well over ten years, and told lies over the dead body of his best friend. Randy's mother Clara sat and listened to the speech at her son's funeral having no idea that both the pastor and her own daughter-in-law were responsible for the entire thing. We always had to have a spargerist because he loved a spargerist, and we only buy green giant, you know, just selling things like that. But I met a couple of Christmases I eat, spargerist, and I'll take a bite. And now I'm taking a lot of time. This is for you. I was proud of my son. I thought he was a good father and has been, but maybe wasn't a good husband. I don't know. I would have rather she'd fall for divorce, even though I don't believe in divorce. But I'd rather do that if you're that unhappy, divorce him. Don't kill him. When David Love was arrested in November of 2010, he had already moved to South Carolina and had begun a new job as a truck driver. I wonder if it's because he started to feel a little uncomfortable in the church, maybe a little hot under the collar, if you know what I mean. He pled guilty to second degree murder a year later and was ultimately sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. He will be eligible in 2036. As for Teresa Stone, she pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and received an eight-year prison sentence. Eight years for murdering your husband. I got nothing. She has since been released and is living a happy life with a new man. Her new name is Teresa Greenewalt, and she lives in Kansas City, by the way. Just a side note. I think Teresa needs help. That's what hurts bad is I love Teresa. But I just wanted her at least get enough time to sit there and think, was it worth it? You know, why not just give a divorce? At least I'd have my son and the kids would have their father. Teresa Stone and David Love, together in many instances of selfishness and stupidity, ruined so many lives in pursuit of their immature romance. How could these people, holier than thou, raised to know God? How could they have come to the conclusion that murder was the best solution here? How are human beings so literally God damn hypocritical? If they really believed the things that they preached, how could Teresa and David have been stupid enough to think that the God they believed in? Would just let them get away with it. Alright, that's going to do it for another one. Thank you for joining us once again. We'll see you next time. Stay safe. Hi, I just listened to the most recent episode about Amelia Bussium. It's my first time calling and I have to say, the story you select and the production value is just impeccable. It's so good. But I just wish you would stop fucking talking. Your commentary makes me stupider every time I listen to it. You are the most misogynistic, ridiculous human being and this show would be better if you would just leave your opinion out of it. Just stop fucking. Just keep it Christ.