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"Matthew Rhys"

Mon, 22 May 2023 07:01

Open a bottle of beer with a key and grab a fire poker, we’ve got Matthew Rhys on the horn this week. We sit down with the intelligent yet dashing yet wise yet charismatic Actor (and skilled traditional Welsh Chef) to hear recipes from the heart and tales of yore. Grab a slice of meat pie— it’s cooling on the windowsill. #EatSmart #SmartLess

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I'm sorry that you guys caught me off guard. I was just talking to Jason's wig maker and he It said that they don't make the hair that Jason uses for the wig anymore Because it's a synthetic thing and it has to do with because it's the user's certain petroleum component to it But well, anyway, the point is if you see Jason on the street Just please say hey, man. Your natural hair looks great It's an all-new smartless Are you guys excited? I'm excited. Do you know what I'm talking about? I think are you talking about our we're on we're on the TV? Yeah, and I'm with the the dark We're gonna be on TV. I told my whole family on the road. It's smartless on the road on on max on max that That new platform. Yes. Yeah, what should we do? What should we see should we watch it together? That's much it together That's not a bad idea. I'm really excited. I'm excited for people to See will see well, we have so many great guests. Yeah, say some say some of the guests with will Ferrell We'll start it off though, doesn't he? Yeah, so we have Conan young Kevin Hart Letterman hang on hang on them. We have Letterman then we have AOC with special appearance by can we mention that Bradley makes a special appearance? Bradley Cooper comes into Cuba right for us And then we go to Chicago. We have Andy Richter and Jeff Tweety from Wilco Mark Cuban Mark Cuban and then Maddie Maddie Damon Matt Damon the Yeah, a turtle, a turtle, a wortel, perennial third place finisher Matt Damon and then one of the biggest guests of the entire tour It's Tracy from Wisconsin Tracy from Wisconsin. Tracy Sean sister my sister. Oh Sean sister makes an incredible appearance Yeah, and and doesn't your mother's your mother's right eye Makes an appearance too It's all true and you can see it get it. Yeah, I'm on max smartless on the road Cheg it out. How do you ask because I don't think they get it? And then by the way, we come we come back to LA and then we we end here with our with with Kimmel With Kimmel and Kevin Hart. I mean, we get to have it's is what a come what a soft landing to come back and have our good buddy Jimmy Kimmel and then Jan makes an appearance and guy. I mean, and then what's the final meal of the whole thing? Oh, yeah Then we're over at Shawnee's house for sure Right, we're gonna meet balls sloppy. Jokes sloppy. Jokes. I made sloppy. Jokes and scratch Yeah, it's all in the doc. It's all in the doc. We're all get are we watching it at your house? Yeah, that's watching Let's watch it. We'll watch it on max. It's so fun. I think I I hope people like who knows but We hope it looks real good to Sam Jones did a great job directing it looks real handsome's black and white I hope people like it's it's why it's May 23rd, right? May 23rd on max Okay, I have a crazy story that happened that told will I said I was gonna save it to tell you today You have some pre-show pattern. Yeah, you know Sean and go ahead. No, this is crazy. Sean. What if you prepared? I have prepared this This is a challenge by the way don't interrupt but it's picking up prepared. There's somebody preparing some something in the kitchen behind you Yes, God is gonna make me some tea right now. Okay tea. Whoa. Whoa. Are you fasting? I'm on the Broadway Oh, do keep your pipes nice and lubricate it Well, it just want a clock there. What's what was for lunch today? I just had a Oh, I had a what's it called like a Kaiser roll with egg and cheese and a little bacon Oh What do they call it like a foot long sub Kaiser roll Yeah, where do you have to go to get that like a bread shop downstairs downstairs No, Zaybars Kaiser Zaybars is a Jewish deli. We live right in you know near it And then there's a cafe and they don't do bagels with egg you think they would do bagels because they sell bagels in the store part But not the cafe part which is really crazy. Oh, you got to go full Kaiser. Yeah, all right So this is the story this is crazy. This is gonna blow your mind. I think it blew my mind So the show takes place in 1958 backstage at the tonight show Oscar Levant is the guest on the tonight show that night the other guest which we never see we only reference a lot is Jane Mansfield sure Okay, who was you know this big star back in the 50s Marilyn Monroe Jane Mansfield very similar So Mariska Hargote you know Mariska Hargote I do sure. Yeah, she's the star That's for you. Thank oh, thanks, Scotty. Oh, hey, Scotty He just made me team So she's the star of this show for like 20 some years, right? So I'm so she's like I'm outside of your theater Come out. I'm like, oh my god. I came out gave her a hug Uh said hello. We took a photo. We're done and she go and somebody in the show whispers in my ear her mom is Jane Mansfield. Yeah, I go wait a minute. What yeah, whoa Mariska Hargote's mom I go your mom is Jane Mansfield. I go do you know that we reference your mom in this show over and over again Did your mom know Oscar Levant? She's like, I don't I don't know You know unfortunately she was very young when her mom died So then we go back and we say her buys I go back in the theater and And uh, I forgot I text her I go by the way your mom made her Broadway debut in this theater that we're working in right now Isn't that crazy crazy crazy? Yeah, and so um, did you at least offer her tickets to the show? No, she's got to pay for those. Yeah, yeah, I mean you can give her access to the house. Yeah, I can get her right Her dad her dad was uh Mickey Hargote who was like a uh, yeah bodybuilding guy from hungry. How do you know that? I know that just googled it no, I didn't I knew that before and um wait. Why do you know vague Hungarian bodybuilders? I should do you want to see my magazine collection or not? No, I don't want to see your search history I do actually do I read somebody my search history the other day Such a bonkers all over the map the weird I go here You want to know what I've been searching up the last 24 hours and it was just the weirdest stupidest stuff Um, I want to say just because I want to be and I don't want to bring it down But I got to be honest about where I'm at if that's okay. Yes. Yes today. And then we switch gears that okay Just get a horse it is it's very real um Do you want me to say you want me to describe it my my my oldest friend in the world Jeremy passed away Oh, and uh, I loved them so much. Oh, well, I'm so sorry and uh, yeah, you just found out yesterday, yeah, yeah and um Oh god, I'm so sorry and I just got to be honest about it because it's what's going on in my head and and um I just wanted I just wanted to say that I just I love the guy so much and it's so Jason and I were talking today um this morning and It's funny we we always get surprised When people that you say it's such a surprise such a shock and we know that the deal is That everybody's gonna die and some we're here for five minutes. Yeah. Yeah, it passed suddenly. Well You know the the last few weeks were kind of came out of nowhere Certainly, but then and then he finally passed and I'm happy he did he was he was you know Obviously, he was in a lot of pain and I just thinking about his family and um and All of them and I've known them forever and in You know his daughter and his wife and in his parents who my parents do in their grave and our great grandparents Then we each other our families are intertwined for generations and and um he was Jeremy was up in Toronto or he was in Toronto Yeah, and uh, and he was one of the great guys. He's a I always say he's a first-ball at Hall of Famer just a great guy you could always rely on him and And and I miss him and You know you never um and I was just thinking this morning and I was taking the kids to school and it was just thinking like oh man Hug the people you love yeah tell them as much as you can and if you're thinking about somebody call them Let them know right Just let them know you're you're thinking about him. You love them how important they are to you um I love that and I just wanted to say that because it's all my mind and I love you guys so much And we love you I know too. Yeah Yeah, it's um it is you're right It is this sort of like you were always shocked that people died, but everyone here is going to everyone listening Will and it's like it's a terrible thought and we somehow have managed this little device inside our head in our heart to kind of put it in a little box and Keep it away and deal with it at near the end of our life We just kind of pretend it's not ever gonna happen, but Oh, it does and we just hope we use our time correctly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, for sure You know, I I just did this I just did this article this interview and Jay you were so kind I just read it you said such nice things about me and I appreciate it and and I said I said You know if I can pull this thing off great if not I'm still alive Yeah, my quote you know about the play. So you're feeling bullish about the play. Yeah It could suck, but at least I'm not dead No, but the point is to your point. Well, it's like we're still we're here. We're here. Yeah, right We're here in nothing matters other than our health and our people we love and the people love and I just yeah I wanted to say that just say Jared. We love you and And that's it, you know, I'm thinking about you buddy And and I also know that he was he was always so quick with a laugh and he loved to freaking laugh this guy made me laugh and So I don't know he would he'd be like great. Well, get your guest Yeah, you know a nice opportunity to give him a nice goodbye This weekend with all of those people you're talking about. That's right. That'll be a wonderful thing for for him to watch That's right. You know, I mean yeah, yeah, that's one of that's one of the good things about after we go right we get to what like It's a narcissist delight you get to just pull up a chair and watch everybody say nice things about you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I love it. At least that's my fantasy. I know. Well, it's one of your fantasies right just a big Jason session for a whole day What are you eating right now? No in that situation where you go We're doesn't matter anymore just a super salty Puff inducing things because you know, you can be as puffies you want upstairs. Yeah. Yeah Um turns out you can be as puffy as you want downstairs Well actually you lose water weight almost instantaneously down there because you're always sweating. Yeah. Yeah, it's hot Oh, we're you're going. Yeah, you're gonna be a good sweating going on. That's a good point. It's a constant fits Um To switch gears sure, uh, you know, if we can as much as we can to somebody who's not puffy Uh, really no This gentleman keeps it very tight in the best way. I really want lucky son of it. Yeah, I know he really is he's got This is a guy you want to talk about first ball at Hall of Famer. This is the guy who's got it all I mean easy when you got when you got when you got talent and good looks I'll forget about when you got an easy way about you. Oh boy, for a freaking get it This guy's done it everything. He's been on the big screen. He's been on the little screen. He's been on the boards, you know on stage If you will This guy's from the other side of the pond. Uh-oh Yeah, well He's actually Welsh His first language is Welsh according to the internet Huh, he's a guy who's done so much and he's he's one of those guys who'd like you just every time you seem you're like I love this guy everything he does. I this the way I feel You know, he was for years. He was on you knew him from brothers and sisters And then he was on the Americans forever and one of the thing I love about him. Maybe the most is that he is partnered with one of my all-time favorite people The delightful carry Russell guys. It's the incredibly talented Matthew Reese. Oh My god. Yes. Look at him. Look at his What look at this? Look at him. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, he's not the best guest today He just he proved that the mustache was real. He pulled on it just no, no, I'm just checking. I'm checking the glistener He's got a 30 pound mustache on and it's looking strong. Are you playing a motorcycle cop? No, I'm doing the the Tom Selleck biopic You could you could welcome to Smirtless Matthew Reese. Thank you. Thank you very much. You know, that's that's the that's the real terrifying moment. They're a real Yeah, the beginning I was like is he talk about Ian McKellen who they expect What is this is gonna go tear an edge or ten everyone They're real boss when who can say sure wow, it's such a it's so cool to meet you. I know very very cool Thank you very much for having me on chance. This is a real pleasure. Matthew I wish we don't know each other well enough. We've crossed paths a few times because obviously Carrie and I are old friends and so we've met through Carrie and She's such a delightful person as you are well aware and and then she's like I just I love the idea. I'm like You're as good as the people you hang out with and the fact that you and Carrie together like Matthew's a good guy He's a great guy. I can just know I just know I took I took I took that idea and then I latched myself on to So that those around us think the same thing. By the way, that's smart. That's smart living How long does you guys do that show together was it five six? It was six six six years. Yeah, it was meant to be five and I think the the poor showrunners had kind of Arctit for five and then FX went you know, let's do one more and they went Oh, we have that's nice. Yeah, we had the opposite. I don't know that's a good sign on a show We're talking of course about the Americans. Yeah, and Margo Martin Dale's a friend and dear Margo Martin Dale. Yeah, that they were both reunited on cocaine bear recently. Yes, so Margo And you did you're in cocaine bear as well. I I Muscled my way in just what looking out of the kids in Ireland and reading the script and I and that first opening scene I said I was like who who's playing that guy the guy who bangs his head and falls out the plane She's like, what who I don't know and then I said I said ask about as Liz of banks. I said ask banks was playing that part So she text banks. Oh, we haven't casted you and I said tell I'll do it tell no actually but no Just ask it if I can do it and she very kindly said yes, you can come in and fall out of a near plane By the way, what a what a what a absolute treat so you're directing a movie and then you got a guy who's got like one scene Basically, and they're like math your recalls and he's like hey, can I just do this one scene? You're like You get it. Yeah, she smelled the desperation on me. I was like can I please get out of the house I can't do another zoo or a query Sean is it true the rumors are That's how you would scot met right didn't didn't you put in the search for cocaine bear No No, did I not hear that right? No, I think technically it was cocaine cocaine cub, wasn't it? Here's cocaine cub. Yeah, it was the prequel that they have Oh Scotty. Oh Scotty if he only knew so so you could cocaine bit let and of course I want to get I don't want to just gloss over the delightful Margo Martin deal whom we all had Oh, yeah, she's the greatest no one can sway like Margo Martin Oh, I mean she should she should have a kind of course at NYU like swearing for film and television Because no one can no one can Swear like her and no one can get their iron up quicker and then let get to swearing over like something that seems trivial We we did that show together the Miller's and she might hold for a while. They just did this re-run I got a fucking remember this fucking thing and they want to shoot this afternoon like Jesus what yeah She said if one very famous actor who's in our show she went can you fucking hear the way he breathes I know I have I can hear it now Oh Jason you will so fall in love with Margo Martin deal you won't be able to contain yourself guys am I right? Yeah, gold Absolutely gold now tell me well Welsh is a language is that what I heard you say well. Oh my god first of all Wait, so it's not getting ready for the letters It's not English is much older than English. Yeah, it's one of the oldest in Europe. So let's start there So I just want to say so Matthew you are It says that your first language was Welsh is that true. It is it is a group speaking Welsh so the whole family speak Welsh But isn't Welsh just English with an accent. I don't understand. Yes, basically. We just we what we do is trying to adopt such a harsh accent No one really understands the English of speaking no no no no no that's he's he's he's putting on so I spent some time in Cardiff which is where you're from yeah Matthew it is what were you doing there? I was filming there a few years ago And I remember we had what were you driving? I had I was gonna say the driver I had when I was working on that show You know the guy Jerry Lockett. Yes Jerry Lockett. Oh the the Lockett Lockett. Yeah the famous Jerry Lockett. Yes, what do you mean driver? What are you talking about you got a Rolls Royce that's what I was trying to bait you to Oh no no I had a low on you know they loan me a Bentley when I was in when I was in London I was drove around Just in you I know it's a long story right? Wait, did you drive yourself in this? Yeah, I did I drove myself right? I drive sure it did and then I I drove to Ricky's to Germany's house in London because I was going to have The coaches have to have a just a visit who are you who's I called him and I any and I said I'm outside and he came out And he saw me in the spent like go where can I bark this thing around here and he's like Jesus fucking Christ look it it wasn't mine it was literally I don't drive a Bentley that was why I made it point anyway So you're from Cardiff we know Jerry Lockett we we've got Jerry out there and we know that he's listening We love you Jerry so we know how are you? Um, and I knew that you guys knew each other because he was always like do you know Matthew reason? I was like I do I do a little bit because I know Kerry he says yeah Matthew Matthew's from here And he's so proud of you and all the Welsh are so proud of Matthew What you've done I think this own there because there's only three million of us three and a half million That's all up wait that's all of Canada, isn't it? What first what is the population of Canada now 30 30 30 Okay, you missed it by a zero 10 to 10 yeah, so anyone who's Welsh and has done anything even if I'm done anything we're just inherently proud Yeah, for a country the size of Connecticut Two of them are named bail and one of them is named Reese. Yes, that's it So Christian Gareth well And Matthew Reese well, there's also Hopkins you also got Hopkins. Oh, yeah, too. Yeah Yeah, and then Burton obviously there are but so wait. I don't know I don't know anything about you and I I know you I'm a fan of you But I don't know if I did you so were you one of those people that grew up in the theater and stuff as a kid and you're like Oh my god, if I can go to America wow, we're gonna get to that John that's exactly right He's right in the middle of a story He's telling us what's the word about a rolls Royce and a Bentley And Welsh is his first language He's coming while landing the plane on that okay, sorry go ahead Matthew and What's the well John check your chat, please so talk about no but growing up speaking well You guys spoke Welsh at home. Yeah We did we did and and in Wales there's there's there's a great you know There's a great reverence for you know performing arts and there's a very there's kind of an ancient tradition Kind of dates. It's pre-Christian Whereby everyone congregates with the old age ever would congregate and then you would sing competitively or a psych poetry or Anything of that ilk basically and it's very modern these days but twice a year All the children of Wales will will gather and they've it's a competitive You know, it's a competition now, but you're very much encouraged to get on stage and in some form art form or another and compete for your school or your county or or whatever Oh, wow, so yeah, so from a very early age you're kind of kicked on to a stage Whether you want to really yeah, yeah And now a word from her sponsor Smartless is supported by think if you're anything like me you probably Think about doing a lot of things getting more exercise spending more time outdoors or eating better Which I have to do but wouldn't you like to turn that into action? 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That's amazing Snag the tickets without the stress with game time download the game time app create an account and use code smartless for $20 off your first purchase terms apply again create an account and redeem code smartless for $20 off Download game time today last minute tickets. Those price guaranteed All right back to the show So you you grow up you're speaking well obviously you speak English as well and they speak both there are the signage and stuff in Wales It's delightful that it's you know one in English and one in Welsh and it's a it's tough to read There's a hot better contention. Yeah, what's the distance between English and Welsh? I mean I've absolutely no idea what it sounds like what it looks like yeah You talk a little bit in Welsh just so we can hear it. I'll just get one of the oldest poems in Welsh is about 600 BC And it just says go your eyes catch a fright they speak last very hand quina go ennemi Chichantry variant and catai A guadiello chtoello chfi It's Lord of the Rings the elves. It's how the elves speak about the ring. Yes, well talking based Elfish on Welsh. Oh, I just made that up is that true. Oh, yes, it is. Yeah. Why are you kidding me? I mean I'm a 54 year old man that Is not living in a cave. Why have I never ever heard well? It's a golden cave. Let me let's be honest. Yes A beautiful cave. I heard teller. Yes One cave to bind us all why what what I don't understand how that's gone by me Why do well I think I think you listen I don't want to get into on the English bashing soapbox But the English you know if we're going to we'll do the quick history of English did their best to kind of radicate all the Celtic languages for the Scots The Irish the Welsh the Cornish you know they they they weren't Two Celtic friendly so there was a lot of stamping out of the language in the culture. Wow and and was it influenced by um Folks more northern like was there a Viking influence to all those Celtic languages? I mean, I mean, there's the great evolution is Germanic based and then you know the I think the Celtoy were a Spanish tribe Initially and they you know Then the goals got Involved and it all amalgamated and then and then they you know set up camp in Britain and then the Romans came We're all such babies here in America Well, you don't learn any even if you did pay attention you know even if you did in America go to school not on a massage bus You you learned you learned you learned history how dare you learn history But at least in Canada we did we had to take British history so we knew we we're always talking Battle of Colodon and all that shit like the em is the em is the Empire still stamped on your throat and kind of oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. I mean, I don't I haven't lived there in 30 years So I this is a guy who reads World War two books on the can go into bed He's not as bad as Justin Tarot who will watch World War two documentaries through the face hole of a massage table That's that he's he takes it to a new level this this lust for World War two He lines it just for comfort and stuff. He lines it with his discarded sleeves just to protect his face Just a pattern ring. So so Matthew. So you're you're in you're what you're sort of 17 and you go to Rada. Yeah, yeah, one to the one. Yeah, one Academy of dramatic art in London, which is the three-aminent classical Acting school in the world Yeah, that's what I tell everyone. Yeah, yeah, I told my parents they allow me to go. It's like everybody who goes to Rada You'll tell you it's the same way with everybody who's ever gone to Oxford. Make sure to let that be known We asked for drop it in you know the roll call there you walk in and they've left the on the boards Is still up in in the in the in the foyer so like you know has Peter O'Tool and anti-hopkins and it's incredible I did a some I did a summer course there years ago 1987 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I did the whole thing for a few months there. Yeah, I'm rada rada. I sure how's that I was amazing man What did you do seem so dumb it was amazing? Is there a lot of pressure when you go to a school like that to to to to make it? I mean obviously you did but I mean is there it could just sort of culturally do you feel they're like oh my god Okay, so I'm in rada now. I got a I got a I got a I got a maintain their our batting average of or is there a lot of people that go there and And then go into other fields is that was ever common? It is it is it's a very small intake. There's only 30 to each year 15 15 men 15 women every year Yeah, yeah, so it's it's very small so you you feel the pressure Immediately and that's small. Do they do it on a bus? Yes, like a massage bus Yeah, yeah, just try it just kind of goes around around to pick it to the weird 30 on the massage bus comfortably That's what I heard and then you gotta stop you guys stop for lunch and jinkies on Ventura right? It's a reading at the Bodhi tree So but it's very exclusive, but you here you are you're a kid from Cardiff with the you the only Welsh person in your year um Yes, I was I was I had a friend who was a year older and then Michael Sheen had just come through And kind of blazed a trail and was kind of you know setting the west end on fire. So so there was this you know there was a The the flag of Wales is is the dragon so there was a kind of a dragon firmly stamped uh as to you know the Welsh are resurging again um But you know like is that hopkin i'm saying hopkins was the the chairman of the board at the time So he'd be in and out and he'd he'd just done um shadow lands So you know there was this there was this great air that you know anything was anything was possible really I think I think one of the things that the Welsh and Wales suffer from enormously small person syndrome And at that time there was just this little bubble of of a few you know Welsh people doing incredibly alcathausito is bursting to the ranks. So I was there at this Renaissance when anything felt possible Um, you know what my question is going to be I can ask it now or later. Oh, did you ever forget a line on stage? What's your favorite theater story, Matthew? Yeah, I because you got to have one or two Yes, I have um Well, I have quite a few in fact no but But what possible when I was because I was doing theater for for the first well five years solidly Mm-hmm. And then at 25 Um, I thought I I got the role that was going to change my life in my career Didn't but I got to play Benjamin Braddock in a stage adaptation of the graduate with Kathleen Turner as my Mrs. Robinson Wow Yeah, and to me it was the first real introduction to Hollywood because I'd never experienced anything like it in every sense like P.A.'s and I was like what's a P.A. Who has a P.A. It was just incredible Anyway fast forward. How have we threw the run? Um, it got a little you know, there were a few bedroom antics in in the production and there's one moment where I jump in bed and With simulating sex and I have to kind of plunge my face between her legs as if I'm I'm Pleasure in her sure she has she did have the you know the obligatory kind of you know flesh toned Um, underwear on but anyway, I just streaming head cold sure and being the malicious Indictive type that I am I wouldn't let the industry go on. So I went on and I had my nose is just streaming My coat my nose is streaming like couldn't I didn't want to kind of sniff heavily During you know during so I'm And I'm doing yeah, and I go oh, I know what I know what I know what I'll do I'll just clear my nose in that quiet moment when I'm between I know and I didn't think so I jumped in and I'm between Miss Turner's legs and I just went And then hailed deeply and the covers kind of shot up and she's looking down me like And I was like oh no, I'm not I'm not I'm not I have a cold I have a cold not sitting you You're not trying to lie now No, no, it can no way. Yeah, so I always live with this deep regret of that moment that and when a someone there was a paparazzi She Took off her her robe and this paparazzi's dog stood up and photographed her and a big flash went off I know and I looked at her on stage in this moment and I was like oh, we should we should stop And she came in with the next line and I always remember thinking Regardless that she was and consume a professional went I'm gonna come in the next time. I'm gonna carry on I bitterly regret in that moment not stopping the production because the next day in a tabloid newspaper. They're all worried. Yeah A huge Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was ashamed. I was ashamed. Oh my god Yeah, it's a tabloid in the headline just just said welshman You know just fucking cowers under pressure. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Pineless welshman does nothing We're leaving to the English tabloid. Yeah, yeah, I love that. Oh my So so Matthew so you you did as you said you did did you did you played Another great welshman you played Dylan Thomas didn't you I did I did it That yes About 12 years ago now yeah, um, he had this he had this incredible moment the the poet Dylan Thomas had this incredible moment In his life where he was having a fear uh that that power was played by Keira Knightley and and say any minutes playing my wife and Killian Murphy Is the husband of Keira Knightley and this is all true that that he burst in on Dylan Thomas with the machine gun because of doing the second War he came in with the machine gun. He opened fire. He like and then Missed everyone and took out a grenade Pulled the pin and the grenade didn't go off and it was that story of we we told in um no way You love yeah, it was kind of it was an unbelievable story that he survived and then Chargedly drank himself to death. Wow talk about this about the worst assassin you could ever imagine Yes, and I was like I was like what I was saying to kill him but I was like but you're a commando You're a trained commando. What do you want to play this bird? So you are you are not you do you do not live in whales correct? I do not know. I now live in leafy brocklin leafy brocklin. Yeah, so you live in you live in brocklin But you you come over you do theater as you say for basically five years And then you move over to America to do what what was the first thing that brought you over? The first thing I did I was doing I was actually doing a two-hander the raw coat with pulled All-betany called one more wasted year and everyone called it one more wasted evening Because it wasn't good my own family said as much it was terrible And they really so they come back they come backstage. What what were they saying to you backstage? My uncle was the first person of the entire group and the kimi and is an old-sea captain very salty new in well that was shit Yeah, and I couldn't argue. I went you're absolutely right and then yeah Stephen Doolery who was the steam Doolery was the artistic director at the time and press night came in went Darling's was it the play we need to see right now probably not should we go to party? This is terrible. Oh wow that's so hardcore. So you come over with Paul Betany you do that? Yes, yeah, and an American agent came to see the play and he said do you want to come over for a pilot season? And I'd no idea what it was and I said yes, and then came came to LA and then The first audition he set me up with it was it was Julie's aim was first movie Titus with anti-opkins and Jessica Lang Mm-hmm, and I just thought oh my god lost Angelies is truly the promised land where you just turn up and get these huge movies and everything's great Yeah, you just signed and then I did that yeah, and I shot that in Rome for six months and then I went back to LA and didn't get a job for a decade Here's another another time. I'm gonna my career is gonna be made and they was just like Yeah, just amazing isn't I love that feeling of like yeah, it's gonna be like this forever. Yeah, yeah It's like the clone I arrived who's like the clone dyke where they throw you these steps and go This is being made for mgm with this is a lead. You're like oh my and you're allowing me to audition for this Madness yeah, all I have to do is get the part and I'm set for life. You never know anything. You really don't I mean look Look at us three more runs like well We've we've each of us have had great success as I knock on wood. We're super grateful for in our careers But then you know this thing comes along. It's more successful than anything. We've ever done And it was just us three it's chatting during The world the world basically was saying we don't want you guys to do the thing that you think that you're gonna just Yeah, the things you're pre-professional. Yeah, you can keep doing that a little bit if you want But we just want you to be that you're we want to hear your idiotic thoughts and stupid shit Yeah, just like well, you know wonder at the moment where Sean learns that whales was you know why you know where whales got its name Sean You know, that's where they made the first harpoon, you know that's not true It's not true. That's not true. Correct. But you bought it for a second. I That's what they do here because he'll fuck with me and he'll say something that's completed not true And then I'll say something that's completely true I never know what to believe But wait a minute. They did shoot moby dick in whales with Gregory Pank. I'm a grandfather worked on it. That's true They're not true. Yeah, yeah, they built three large rubber whales. Uh, one of them one. I know they were like this The great joke is like they came to whales Um, and one of them sailed off into the Irish sea which I think is fantastic that there was just I have a whale that needs a rubber but go ahead My grandfather caught moby dick for there's a cure for it now What did your grandfather do on the on that his his fan dad goes up Carpenter And I think he kind of they kind of helped out and I think in the in the framing of the whales. Oh, I love that Yeah, that's cool. Wait. I want to ask um about Carrie and I want to know like did you meet each other because I'm an idiot I don't know. Did you meet four Americans are on the set and how did that go and what when did you know the sparks flow One question at a time we Because I get easily confused because I love Carrie. I love so do I um It we met quite a few years before the Americans um um In in ruster canyon at a kickball party the Jennifer Gray hosted and I had no idea what kickball was Boy all of that ads up by the way Yes, yes, as how I just ambled through life bumping into the furniture and ending up going how did I get here How did this happen? Um, and we were we were the last two to leave we're in the parking lot I was trying to open a bottle of beer for her with a key and failing and I asked for her number then And then and that was and that was all I can remember she was moving she was moving to New York the Two days after that on the Tuesday was the Sunday and that's all I still remember and then The road to the Americans was a long crazy one and then on the first day of fight training I said to Carrie I said oh, we've met we've met before actually She's like no, no, we definitely have I said it been years he's been years at this point and I said yeah Yeah, we met before we met at a kickball party in ruster canyon she went ah I know who you are and you left me a message on my answering machine a very drunken message and I went oh Did I I'm so sorry? I had no memory I'll leave leaving a long rambling incoherent drunken message, which is probably why did you wait? Did you really wait can I can I be a super moron are you guys together? Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh? Yeah, wait did you so you got together you started? Why don't you bring him that they're just good friends? Well big no because they were together on the Americans for six years That's what I was that's correct But then but during that you guys fell in love got married had a kid we did Yeah, but I want to know what happened so she goes oh, okay now remember you and then what? And then it was it was just a very it was a very slow burn the first season you know, you know, I I think we both don't be sworn off to that thing we're gonna go I'm not gonna do what everyone tells us never to do I'm not gonna do that and then But the beginning of the second season it was it was it was it was a yeah, oh, it's okay So now were the producer did the producers take each of you aside individually and say hey This is what you're dealing with an asset here, okay? Everyone has jobs We have to shut the show down. Who was it were there conversations? No, no, they were very gracious about it Because I have had friends I know I've had friends who you know who've had that conversation to sit down from the producers going look We've all been down here before You guys are in you mid 30s now, you know, you know, you're not 22 And they were very yeah, they were very kind of gracious about you know, did you know the TV director Tommy Schlame? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Schlame that was directing the beginning of the second season Um, and he has that kind of beautiful voice, but Kerry and I were having a Uh, we're doing a sex scene and Schlame just goes these two have been naked together before Uh-huh Just like cold out Oh really so at that point no one knew, but he could tell He could he could tell them and then there's a longer story is how we got found out which was Just we've got time. Well Kerry got broken into I was in the I was in the house at the time And the and the robbers kind of grabbed my backpack It's shoved it full of stuff you're in the house alone during a home invasion. Yeah. Yeah Oh, yeah, well So here's the other thing is it's early date and this is this is just a testament to my Object stupidity, but with the early days of our of our relationship And she wakes me up she says there's someone in the house and I go no there's not and then I just heard this voice Oh, and I remember and I remember thinking in any logical Moment you'd go let's lock ourselves in the bathroom call 911 and for some stupid reason because it will very early days I thought what I do next Right, she will judge me on for the rest of our lives. Have you said what's that um film Force mature force mature. Yeah, well the avalanche comes and he just runs. Yeah, right Right, right. I was really I was like if I suggest to go into the bathroom call 911 Will she think me a coward right your relationship's over? Yes I had all these weird things going to my hand. So what did I do? She had a she had a working fireplace in the in the in the bedroom So I picked up the poker sure and with not a stitch on me. I walked out to meet my fate No, and we'll be right back after these messages Okay, now we're back. So now we're back. So now you're now now you're after eight months of treatment. Yes, I was fine No, I'm kidding. So did you face to face with this fella? No, because what I did was the I think What most people do is you turn the light off light on and they run straight away So I heard them kind of run and and they ran they ran out the front door I know I know So you do this and now carry things that you're her hero Hi, I wouldn't go that far or did she think you were stupid for going for just yeah, yeah, basically Yeah, she was locked in the bathroom. Yeah, calling Waiting for you. Yeah, then seven cops turn up and they start they clock her and they like looking They love no idea why but they're looking at her and then and then all of a sudden the DA were like the catch them and the DA said Oh, I tell you what we would love to return your belongings on set with a photographer to carry if that's okay And she's like She wasn't wild about the idea try to put on no no because the DA was retiring that year wanted kind of a you know hero ending So the N.Y. PD come on set with a photographer and then they're holding up my bag and you need one of the young PAs when Wait, that's not carries bag. That's Matthew's bag and as I'm running triangle And that's how the that's how the crew kind of found out no Yeah, so arbitrary. Yeah, that's crazy. There's a lot to go through just for the big reveal Oh wow, so then this guy managed to grab a few things before he went running he did He did he did and when I saw the pig when I saw the the picture of him when he was arrested I said oh, I said look there's a picture of the guy they caught him. I said look at looking He's been cuffed by two little tiny cops She said they're not tiny and I saw the oh my I saw the size of him He could have he could have turned me into a kebab without poker and done what he wanted I would have had now did you have any sort of war cry as you turned on the light? Was there any sort of You know, you're going hey bear You know Was there any of that no no as much as that as much as I have a poker Yeah, yeah as much as I love that moment and gladiator and all the keels kind of attack the Romans And I always think you know if it if it came to it that's how I'd react. I was not I couldn't move my legs Oh my god don't make me come down there Yeah, yes, I'm I'm classically trained you know I don't fencing Totally naked Yes, let's just let's get this going yeah And we will be right back This episode is brought to you in part by element Uh, we all kind of know how important electrolytes are right they replenish us they give us energy It's important so you don't get dehydrated Uh, this can be after having a few cocktails of working out keeping an active lifestyle It's that a element is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing you don't that means lots of salt With no sugar it contains a science-backed electrolyte ratio a thousand milligrams of sodium 200 milligrams of potassium and 60 milligrams of magnesium So when you sweat the primary electrolyte lost is sodium athletes can lose up to seven grams per day when sodium isn't replaced It's common to experience muscle cramps and fatigue So with element you can help prevent and eliminate headaches muscle cramps fatigue sleeplessness and other common symptoms of electrolyte deficiency So for me I sweat every single day on stage a month stage you're about in almost two hours I don't stop talking you don't stop moving. 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You love it. I do love it. Hey, it's the madness that I love It's when it's and it's most kind of the smallest of urx you But when it's catastrophic it's brilliant When those mornings when the wheels so royally come off that's when I can sit back and go all this is this is just Who's the pay who's the more patient one with all of the with with with with the chaos is it you or her? Uh, her Yeah, chaos I'm fine with but if it but man is like rudeness. I don't tolerate that's when I'm mean either Yeah, that's that's what I can hold yours now Jason. I got 16 and 11 two girls. Oh wow um, and I'm totally permissive and the guy that plays around and I don't have to really be the disciplinary But then but if it's if it's the rudeness if it's stuff like that and I just like the switch gets thrown Yes, yeah, so you can choose my moments. Yeah, the chaos is great Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've got we've got we've got Forch we've got 14 12 and then my partner she's a five-year-old and then we have an almost three-year-old Oh, oh no way yeah, you've almost got the hockey team almost got the team and it's a fuck and it is sometimes it is absolute just Abject chaos like just how do you how do you like it? I love it. Okay. It's great. Yeah. I love it It's I don't know. I just wouldn't have it any other way. I I embrace it. It's fun Same same thing all they're all nice. They're all nice kids and everybody you know is Has good manners and stuff that's one of the thing but But I love it man. I love it when it just gets absolute you know sometimes When you get into the witching hour sort of near bedtime it gets Fucking bookers. Yeah, how about the complications Matthew of the of travel and stuff since you guys are both very active in your careers And your kids are now deeply entrenched in in school and having that sort of Social and academic continuity like you can't really pick them up and take them places with you as much as you want I'll bet right. How do you guys manage that is it easy or tough? It is tough. Wait, I mean we try and live by this ridiculous rule where one of us works one of us doesn't and that you know Kids stay at school right, but it's it's just that never works out Because like what if somebody gets a great great call and it's you just can't say no But this is your turn and yeah Yeah, this is what this is what happened last year and grandma came in and you know the kids ate sugar for six They They love they love to I think that my my sort of view on it always is is that is that you have this idea of how you want it to go So you say like one of us gonna work one of us not whatever that thing is And you try to set those parameters and you try to get as close to it as you can yeah And you have to be flexible and allow yourself to you know That they're gonna be moments when it's just pure chaos. Yes And the truth is kids are so incredibly resilient like they don't know any different You know I grew up in a house where my mom was a stewardess for pan Am or flight attendants She was gone two weeks of every month. That was just normal to me You know just had my mom half the time. Yeah, that was just normal. Yeah, I had my dad. Oh, no, I'm so Oh, Matthew's gonna love this story No, yeah, go so it starts with a with a Chevy Pontiac bid the engine turning on yeah, and it ends with a peel out Yeah, just a peel out And a real and a sort of a distant kind of fuck you Oh Yeah, it's true my dad left him has five I put any left and he was left his mom to to keep an eye on all of them and I stress and What I and I and I about you. It's it's brilliantly Trad you have to laugh. Oh Yeah, we have to do we have to laugh at her misfortunes because yeah But wait, I'm gonna ask you a weird question only because you're wearing a black t-shirt Yeah, and I've seen a lot of photos of you and stuff like where you're you seem very you seem very kind of fat Like you you're in the fashion when you have to be like I know nothing like I'm terrible But like you're probably like will you're probably like will where you're like I like to look good when I even go to the store I like to look good when I go out in public like is that it seems like a lot of effort Oh, no, no if if you truly knew me it's I can't say the other day because I have I have I have these beaten up car hearts and I wear All usually just the same black t-shirt every day. I even can't say you've you've got you've got to change For the school run you've won the same thing For it's now it's now months right and my cards are really beaten up and there's there was this there was this what cards Car hearts. Sorry. It's a brand clothing brand. Oh It's like we're like the carpenters car heart. Yeah, all the carpenters wear them and the and the real okay Real worker guys and and I wear them into the ground so they look so terrible that there was I was standing in School pickup in line and this mug and looked at my travels and shit. What what is it you do and I went oh I went I'm actually an actor and she went oh Oh I was like why you ain't come why you masquerading as someone who works for a living well You have your uniform. Well it's like Jason. I was guess the question when they see him the OSA what what times your tea time right? Isn't that the question? Where this the outfit it's it's clear. You know I do get a lot. We know I do get a lot is Do you do you color your hair and now recently because of this this film where I play in a guy in 1985 They think it's a wig just a full blown wig on and wearing yeah, I'm looking forward to that. I miss it No one thinks that my hair is the right is the real color because you're Because in your 70s like you are it's nobody that's not true. It's un it's not believable that a 70 year old would not I have to admit that there have been I've had a few people in the last year who have asked me Jason if I color my hair Yeah, same. I tell everyone that you color your hair Yes It was it was yeah, it was during that it was during that moment. Do you remember what I don't know if you remember this in the Golden Globes As this is done Poverstly pretentious. Yeah, but it still makes me laugh that kind of green the virtual green room if you remember is you me Bob Odin Kirk Josh O'Connor and then we were all waiting for Al Pacino to kind of pop up Do you remember into the virtual green room? We're all waiting and then he pops up Because we're all at home during the pandemic and he looks like a bond villain because he has like a small dog in his lap Are we telling you and he's talking it? Yeah, yes, and we all sort of say we're all hi. Hello. Hello Hi, hi, hi, and then then this silence and then we cut it to do a second round while I go and hello Ha no nothing and then I think you said I don't think you can hear us and then Petino just goes oh I can hear you Yeah, we always Oh, just doesn't want to do the group high and then he said I think he colors his head Oh, there's guy Hey, so Yeah, quick question for Jason. Why is it the emblem? Why is the person holding an umbrella? What is that? Oh, this is some silly golf sweater What is that it actually is a Mary pop this is a I believe this is an ATT thing Willie yeah The ATT yeah, this is one of the from that swag room. We went into free swathe Smartless golf stuff coming out soon. I love it. Let's let's take the opportunity to emerge tie in shot Smart thing Matthew would Matthew. Can you commit right now to wearing smartless golf merch to the on this school run? But I my entire closet is mainly made up of clothes. I've stolen from jobs. I don't buy the same We're gonna send you some some smartless golf swag I love like some some Plus fours right for the You know you can wear that yeah, you know, we were we were listening. Oh, I do want to say your show gives us so much joy And we were listening. Yes, it does we were listening to it recently and And well, I think you went to dinner with Sean at jar and you and Sean you I was not invited. Yeah, well, we we brought that up in the car. We're like Yeah, I never am these guys have been all over the world together. Oh my never asked I mean they've been to Turkey. They've been to where else guys. Yeah, we have We have We're past sports been standing Benicidly right? We were Benicidly yeah, you guys played golf every day. Okay. Oh Yeah, it's different. Yeah, so so you did say that you're wearing uggs What are those kind of slipper hugs for dinner? Is that right? Absolutely. Yeah, and I said to Kato and see Yeah, it's fine. And she went. They live in LA right? Yeah As she's right Sean. That was you wearing the comfy shoes. Yeah, why not? For years he's doing it. Who looks at your shoes? Nobody looks at your shoes. I would And then I would choose to never come to dinner with you around the world Listen So Matthew soon now recently in the last couple of years you've partnered with our with our our good friend Mr. Downey Jr Yeah, oh yeah Perry Mason now that's a handsome looking show. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Talk to us a little bit of it That first of all how that came about and what a an absolute terror he is as an executive producer. Oh this damn I mean He's strict jacked yells and Oh, what a scream strike strikes people. Yes. Yes with a glove Has a never glove a small conflict that he sometimes put a metal thimble in it just for the little Yeah, yeah, Christy's here. He's here. Yeah, he speaks so highly. How did that come? How did he? He loves you Yeah, he does really does rubber it loves you and and talk to us a little bit about and ensues and as well She does not like she does well. Yeah, the great Susan the brains of that duo Um, if they went beneath the wings and the brain in the head. Yeah How did that come into into your sort of into your world? The Perry Mason project. I mean Well, I'm trying to think what you what year it was now because it was it was a it was a while back We had probably three four years ago, man. Yes. Yes. Yes. Um and I always and this is what this is how I make brain works when when my manager calls and he goes You know team down. He want to talk to you about um a reboot of Perry Mason My first question was like who who's turned it down? Who's turned it down? Right. Why does a robber want to do it? Yes, and I think he did I think that was the whole point that Robert was Was supposed to do it and and it took them almost 10 years of development and it went through went many very many guises of a TV film Series and I just think it never Robert never quite got there um So yeah, they reached out for for a meeting which I was Terrified and the brilliant mr. Van Patten um directed that. Oh my god. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There was just the yeah It was a genius and by the way, I love that their their companies called team downy, which is always fun to me I think that's a great company name. It's if I was been jealous of that um, but I don't want Robert. I would have called it touch downy Yeah, oh, that's good. That's nice. That's fun. Yeah, it's just like I'm looking to call rename mind master Bateman Um, but it will not has not cleared So Robert so so team down it so team downy Reaches out and you go and you meet with these guys and you're like You're like uh Did you know that it was going to become this great like what was your first thought of it when you were you like excited? Were you sort of skeptical? Were you I mean I was I was I was slightly skeptical because I have Like did you develop it with them or was it a script? Well, you're also carrying a bunch of pedigree out of the Americans won the And brothers and sisters that you did for five years with our with our old buddy Robbie Bates My old friend you did not want it to suck. No, no, but but that was never in doubt because you know I think when you saw team downy, you know The writers on it Tim Van Patten HBO. It was it kind of it was straight to I wasn't concerned that it wouldn't wouldn't be ever certain Yeah Caliber if any if anything might you know, it's all usually stems from my own insecurities Well, you know what how how I can turn it into a catastrophe more than anything else But I was very excited. I loved it. It was pictures of one off And they were like look we just want to do the orange and story and that will be it And then you know halfway through they were like you know this it works pretty good. It looks good. We should we should think about Doing this a little you know we should think about doing more of this. I do I did have that small reservation when I've done what I kind of You know pay me some sort of weird where it was in the UK was huge And and here often there is a certain generation of an age group up That kind of go no no you can't you can't touch Mason, but you know the enough to you have to leave that alone And then a ton of people have no recollection of the show whatsoever And that's what Susan said she said look is there's there's an entire there are Swades of generations ready for a new pay me. Yeah, we can do we can make it whatever we want and where did you where did you guys shoot that? In LA they went back to the origin story in the books which was 1930s LA Which to me was you know with Chinatown everything else was such was so alluring and and as a kid growing up watching old movies I was like oh my god, I get to wear a fedora and you do an American accent yeah You get to wear a fedora in LA like everybody else in Venice right Yeah Yeah, all Los Felos yeah Is the American accent a tough thing to do and do you have like a phrase that clicks you right into the typical American sound That's sort of like a shortcut for you. No, there's no real short. It's still it's still a huge It's like a I say block like hamburger. Well, yeah, well, yeah, I tell you what killer I went up to one of the writers early on in In in Perry Mason. I said he's any chance we can change like murderer to killer And he's like you do realize you've signed on for Perry Mason Like you're gonna be saying murder a lot. Yeah, I was like yeah, I hadn't quite thought that one too But even Achilles heel for me that way I always sound like that's a tough word to say yeah like your batteries run out halfway through He's called murder Murder I was like, is it killer what about suspect suspect would be great right because the British accent would put an A.A. China murder rye Yeah, murder murder murder. Yeah, murder. By the way, if you're gonna live in America, you gotta learn how to say murderer. I mean Sorry Yeah, you're gonna say the most Jesus Christ. Well, I mean now so now you've got the second season of Perry Mason coming out, which is fantastic. Would you never thought you'd do? No, and and that was that was delayed a bit. Yeah with Yes, COVID perhaps hugely delayed because it's two's into it, you know, Dechromo. No, we're gonna wait We're not gonna we're not gonna shrink the show and make a smaller show of Of the first one we'll wait until we can make the same big show with hundreds of supporting artists and do it right Right because there's a lot of background players in in in a lot of crowd scenes. Yeah, it's a massive production Oh my it's a beast. It's there are those days I turn up on set and I go I don't even know how this how this works Right, my brother my brother law was a tank commander the British army. Whoa for most of his life And he said it's all is like if you think about the logistics they have to it's insane, but he came on set one day and he went How does this work right? Yeah, he was just so shocked He goes what amazes me he's a what amazes me is that so many components Have to come together in one tiny moment and be quiet He said he was yeah, yeah, it's sort of staggered him. He's like he was like Amazes the cold sheets and everything it is true when you watch when you go to a when you go to a big film Television set and you watch all these people who are at the top of their game And they seeing it like you said come together in that moment Where it is going to be silent and everything's got to be great and you see it pulled off Sometimes it has the timing of something that has to happen in the shot. Yeah, whatever it is It is pretty amazing to watch How good these people are at what they do yeah? And filming filming in New York which we obviously did the Americans. Oh, yeah, it's staggering that they get away with what they do in the kind of Like location department should be given flak jackets these days for the amount of the amount of abuse They just get from people who wanted to park drive down the street or you know enter a shot But how many times if you had there when you're shooting in New York on the street And then some it's like pretty good and then like somewhere in the take you just hear somebody out leaning out of window going I want to be in the fucking movie And if it says exterior night in the Americans you know you're looping you know you're a dr Because you know there's someone shouting along the line. There was this one time in Harlem. I was doing a scene and it was like Eight guys because I just shout the scene a guy was shouting the exact same words along with me So many times yeah Um Matthew we have taken up so much you time. Yeah, just what have we got? She's been a treat ever Yeah, real true. You're one of us. You're one of us I want to bus. This has been a real treat. So I can't wait to see the show. We're all coming to see it We're very excited about it. Oh, that's so nice. Thank you. How are previews going really well really exhausting But thank you for asking you walk down the street one day What today walk down the street to go get the my little sandwich my ex-sale Anakaisa roll and a kaisa roll and this woman this woman stopped me. She was really sweet But this is how much energy was in her voice. She grabbed my eyes. She goes I saw your show last night. I go yeah. Thank you for coming. She goes Is really good and she's just fucking I love New York And that's it. That was like yeah She was great last time I last time I did a play. I was I was I was walking from the theater and this woman just shouting you're an asshole and I just like I hope you saw the show So that's not personal. Uh-huh Matthew Well, when when we come to New York, I hope that we can grab a meal you mean here and maybe one of these Ding Dongs as well be great. Let's go. Yes, please get Sean and Scotty and JB will do it up That'll be great to see you man. Thank you for having me. This has been such a treat. Thank you. And send all of our love to carry Well, we adore her as well. And we adore you. You are as Sean said. You're one of us. It's been such a pleasure, buddy And I'm in you success Perry Mason comes out. What was the release? It's out now. It's not now. It's not now Monday night and at nine. Yeah Monday night tonight. There we go. HBO Max. Yeah. Yeah, congratulations. Yeah, congratulations. All the success buddy. Thank you guys. Thanks for being here, buddy Right. Have a good day. See you soon. Bye. Bye. Bye You slam a shot Now there's a nice guy. Well, what's nice guy like that being what how's he friends with you? Like because that's the kind of that's the ilk of people that I attract. You know what I mean? It's just like finding people birds of a feather cool. This charming. He knows that a carry on a conversation. Yeah, I know I'm always impressed with guys like that who are just so like relaxed like yeah, like he's confident. You know He's comfortable. You know, he's got his uniforms. He has black t-shirt and his shirt. You know, like you guys He doesn't have an axe to grind. You know, I mean, I mean, I'm gonna prove all the time. Anything with his fun tops that he wears. Sean. I'm a fun top. Now listen. I don't know. Speaking of which, where's the cocaine bear? What's he fixing now? Huh? He's fixing something. Scotty, what are you making? What kind of sandwich? Oh, yeah, it's herx. You had a turk sandwich. Oh, turk sandwich. What what what what what percentage of the day? What percentage of the day? Hang on. What percentage of the day when you yell out? Hey, Scotty, what are you doing? Is the answer I'm making a sandwich? Well, usually it's for me. No, it's making sammies. That's what I mean. What do we got on the turkeys? How do you like your turkey sandwich, Sean? I ordered one. Yes. I had one yesterday for lunch. It was a turkey avocado lettuce and extra extra extra mayo. Oh, and are we toasting the bread? No. Really? How about a light toast? A little snack on that. It's like a real soft thing there. Extra Do you literally say extra extra extra mayo? Yes, I always do because they never put enough on it. You know what I like? I like it when you get one of those like a sort of like an Italian, you know what I mean with like different cuts of meat, some cold cuts. Yeah. Let us tomato get into the Brooklyn oil and vinegar. Get a little salt pats. You know, but by the way, remind me of something about the wearing the hats all around. I remember remember Thoreau went through a long phase. He was always wearing like hats and little pork pie hats and fedoras and stuff. And I remember polar polar said to one day you look fedora bowl and that's good. That's good. Really good. I know. Yeah. Hey, what kind of hat do I have on today? You got one of the smart list merch hats. That's right. Yeah. Wait, where do we get one of those? Sorry to interrupt guys. It looks like Kerry Russell's entering the weight of him. She might just want to say how he wanted to put her on put her on put her on carry on. They were going to air it. There she is. If you can hear us. Hello. We'll have to have her on. They I will tell the boys they can't hear you right now because they're on the other system. But you were you were fantastic. Thank you. Bye. Okay. Thanks for everything. Really appreciate it. Well done. I love that we just had a we just had a quick visual visit from Kerry Russell and Anne. We couldn't hear her but we got to see her and she was there. She's probably with the kids right, Sean? Yes, she was probably what it's about time for pickup. Yeah, it's probably for nap time for her kids, which she would then sing. What would she sing to them if she really could? Gonna put her kids to bed. She would probably sing like rock, come on. Bye, baby. Jason hates when we go up. He just he just pinches that voice off. Smart. Smart. Smartless is 100% organic and artisanally handcrafted by Michael Grant Terry, Rob Armjav, and Bennett Barbergo. Smart. Our next episode will be out in a week wherever you listen to podcasts or you can listen to it right now early on Amazon music or early and add free by subscribing to Wondry Plus in Apple podcasts or the Wondry app. Hi, I'm Lindsey Graham, the host of Wondry's podcast American scandal. We bring to life some of the biggest controversies in US history, presidential lies, environmental disasters, corporate fraud. In our newest series, we look at the kids for cash scandal, a story about corruption inside America's system of juvenile justice. 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