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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

#369 - Blood On The Corn - Logan, Ohio

#369 - Blood On The Corn - Logan, Ohio

Thu, 16 Mar 2023 00:45

This week, in Logan, Ohio, we take our 2nd trip to this town, because we found another insane murder! Two local young people, looking forward to marriage, walk off, and end up missing. When they're found, it horrifies even the most hardened detectives. Body parts, scattered around a cornfield, with horrible mutilations to both victims. A perverted stepfather is put on death row, and looks very guilty, but is it possible that someone even worse was out there that night? Twisted, right up to the end!!

Along the way, we find out that Sasquatch may prefer the midwest, that even if someone is the worst kind of pervert imaginable, you still need evidence in court, and that just when you think you've found the worst person around, there may be someone much worse, lurking in the corn stalks!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

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of the two men in her life both with abusive pasts were responsible for her death listen to cold the search for sherry on amazon music or wherever you get your podcasts this week in Logan Ohio the vicious murders of two local teens with body parts found scattered around a cornfield seems to be solved with the arrest of a perverted stepfather but could there be someone even worse out there welcome to small town murder hello everybody and welcome back to small town murder yay yay indeed Jimmy yeah indeed my name is James petrogallo I'm here with my co host I'm Jimmy Wiseman thank you folks so much for joining us today I know this is a crazy case we always try to listen to the whole thing but this is one where I have to tell you you need to hear it to the end don't say up well wrapped up turning it off now oh my god it's not wrapped up there's such a big left hook coming its wild stuff so before we get into that quickly just want to say first of all head over to shut up and give me murder 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there's many entrances to her psyche that's the thing so it'll be easy to climb in there and see what's up we'll talk all about that right in the craziness involved there that is patreon dot com slash crime in sports and you'll get a shout out at the end of the show Jimmy will mispronounce your name he'll try to get it right but he won't and then keep your eyes out in a few weeks here we have some other stuff we had business stuff and some other stuff cooking so we have a slight delay in the new show but it is coming out we cannot wait your stupid opinions keep your eyes out should be out in the next month month and a half something like can't give you an exact date as we get a little bit closer it's our new show where we talk about people's dumb reviews of everything on the play everything that can be reviewed we'll talk about it's a lot of fun because people who the reviews say way more about the reviewer than the thing they're reviewing right so we will talk about all that quick disclaimer it's a comedy show everybody we are comedians this is a comedy show also there is going to be horrible murder but that's the way we do it is we do it tastefully like like like you know 70s pornography how they would pitch it to people tastefully dammit we do it tastefully now honestly we don't make fun of the victim or the victim's family why because you know we're assholes not we're not scumbags and that's how that works so if that sounds good to you then good god get on board we're gonna have a crazy time you think true crime and comedy should never go together maybe we're not going to be friends maybe we will though you never know you know sometimes you like people you think you're gonna hate so there you are we are we are or mold either one we're like either one of those but I think it's time either way to clear the air a little bit here clear your lungs out especially where are you right now where are you I want to hear where you are let's say you're the uncomfortable you're the head chef in a busy kitchen yeah server just came up as to fire table 43 you throw that let you throw his little receipt thing out of the window you grab him by his collar and you say yeah let's do this Jimmy shall we let's go on a trip I cannot wait we're going somewhere we've been before oh is we've only done this one other time that was to aniston Alabama and that was mainly on spite because somebody in their paper there chose to wrote right a real nasty negative article so he said oh okay you want more so luckily luckily they shut up but this is not a we don't have a vendetta or anything against Logan Ohio just happens to be they have to crazy crazy murders that happen there at different times so this is not that murder it's not like oh did they make a mistake they're doing the same one again now Logan Ohio it's in southeastern Ohio about 50 minutes to Columbus so down in that area almost three hours to Cleveland about two and a half hours to Shawnee township which was our last episode that was grumpy violent old men which was a hilarious episode by the way the two old guys fighting all the time this is in Hawking County area code 740 they don't really have a motto here from what I can find so they're no they're just we're Logan we we're gonna be on small town murder twice that's their logo that's their motto twice on small town murder everybody yeah not a lot of people an awful lot of murder that's what I'm the one I'm giving them here so I'll go since we've done this town before we found a different thing to do and you know throw some reviews in there but otherwise I'm not gonna do too much on like the history of it because we already talked about the history of it so matter of fact let's go right to the reviews because we have a lot of shows so yeah we've that's like it's named after Wolverine it's yeah exactly it's from 2019 the Logan if you're really interested in the Logan Ohio history go back and listen to the 2019 episode so that fucking four years ago it was I think it was February 2019 oh my god yeah that's four years ago doesn't seem like a lot but it's an awful long time so reviews of this town yeah let's find out what people think of it and once again not our reviews we've never been the Logan so we have no goddamn idea so what other people are saying here's five stars I'm from Logan okay and I think it's a great place to live if you like to live if like exercise I think if you like is what they're trying to say yeah if like exercise and outdoors if that's if that sounds like you the Hawking Hills is right for you I hope we get more tourist also I don't also don't forget to visit frozen yogurt okay not to not to eat it just you got to go pay your respects it's like it's like you go to like a mob town back in the day I go pay your respects to the Don you go kiss the frozen yogurt's ring and you leave pop pop into the fro you and do the sign of the cross and beyond your way but but how they got the holy fro you to you got a sprinkle on your baby's forehead holy melt the fro you banana TCVY down your face here is some wild dairy surprise there we go excellent it's what they're always called shit like that I don't know so there's no punctuation by the way anywhere in that review not a single stop not a period not a comma nothing here is four stars I like the community and how helpful all the citizens are all of them apparently yeah that's great the people every one of them the people of the town respect the community and continuously offer help for those in need that's nice the town comes together to help create a great environment for all ages from helping build a new pool to donating money to be a field house open to the public I just got to build the pool grab a shovel that's kind of say usually you got to know how to do that that's not a I don't want you like random ass citizens build a pool I'm gonna go jump in that seems like you should probably know how to build the pool right you know eight year old out there doing rebar okay so there's there's electricity in there and shit yeah you're like you definitely need to know how that works when you're mixing when you're mixing electricity and water you should probably get someone who knows what they're doing is what I'm getting that while I love the community spirit of all coming together to build the pool I really want to be like to be water sealed that would be terrific yeah so I don't explode like our patron on with the theme park so Logan is a beautiful community that has nice restaurants and several outs outside I guess outside not outdoor activities I want to say outdoor because that's what it makes sense as my mouth tried to take it there but it's outside activities for visitors or people in the community to do so it's not just locals are banned from here visitors only visitors and locals are allowed to do the same things that's nice Logan is also the hometown of the Hawking Hills and the members of the community are very open to helping tourists have the best experience while visiting the amazing features of old man's cave and all the other amazing sites old man's cave that yeah old man probably old man six pack of beer some hungry man dinners maybe I don't know rock and dock sales very steak yeah overall I think Logan is a very nice town with several great characteristics okay that's four stars yeah they're getting worse here three stars as a student at the high school in Logan oh boy here we go let's see what the kids think every day life can be boring if you don't have a job or sports and if you don't do sports then eight out of 10 times you do drugs and drink illegally eight out of 10 eight out of 10 if you don't do sports is either sports or drugs is only eighty percent of the time if you don't do sports you will be doing drugs in a video game you want to do something yeah what about the nerds nerds have other shit to do don't they like when I was in school nerds that need sports or drugs there was like you know that was the point that's why they were a nerd they didn't do drugs or play sports that makes you a nerd I guess in 1993 you know I'd like to know who influenced that child to use that eight out of 10 eight out of 10 times you do drugs and drink illegally during the summer especially if you drive down back roads roads you'll see bonfire parties full of teens doing way too many things they shouldn't a lot of teens down that's why yeah eight out of the 10 the other two are driving by watching that's the other two pass each other on the road and just shake their heads going Jesus there they are a lot of teens down here enlist just to get the fuck out of here and that's my current plan so that's what he's talking about yeah GTFO I think that is I think that'd be the first time we've seen somebody swear in this well she he's a GTFO so yeah it's a kid yeah if you don't know from another country enlist means they're going going signing up for the military to get out of a town yeah which is was common back in the day now there's more mobility around but I don't know so two stars Logan Ohio is not a very good town that's the opener that's nice that's no there's more I've grown up living in this town all my life and it has never really been good wow that's interesting there's a lot of drugs that are easily accessible to junior high and high school kids everyone knows everyone and there isn't much to do here all right well I didn't think there would be but two stars no matter who you are or how high up on the food chain you are Logan will swallow you whole and spit you out wet Logan will turn you into a chunk of discarded red man that's what Logan will turn you into spit you out wet like one of Jimmy's little Copenhagen packets of you to on there so it's gonna stalled nasty when you throw him out like Jesus Jimmy you look like you pull them out out of your insides and we're like here here's some brown chunks from inside my body at least it's not how it's not in my it's in a pouch it's not loose I like that that's good yeah that's helpful it's yeah but it's it's less gross I'll give you that people in this town population 6,933 so not a huge town as we've talked about before way more females and males like 56 percent female which is crazy it's the age to is weird it's the median age is 36.4 which is about normal but all the all the demographics the older people there's more of them than anybody so works out mathematically here about an average number it's 50 50 married not married single with kids and all that stuff race of this town 96.8 percent white pretty white 1.7 percent black 0.2 percent Hispanic it's there's a couple of black people and a bunch of white people let's sit down religion in this town 25 percent are religious so and there is no dominant strain here there's it's Ohio it's mixed up there's a few Catholics some Lutherans Methodists mixed in there Baptist what there aren't though are any Jewish people 0.0 on that one but that does not happen in this county last election Hawking County 28 percent of the people voted democratic 70.3 percent Republican and 1.7 percent independent and the economy here median household income here's 35.184 dollars which is 20.000 under the national average holy shit in that frozen ass state yeah that's rough and then it's southeast though so it gets hot there too and sticky in the summer it's yeah it's it's just it's just Ohio it's just yeah the Ohio is a rough weather state it is cold in the winter it's hot in the summer sticky it's windy it's yeah it's a punishing weather state you're gonna pay for it yeah fuck yeah you're gonna pay for it with that right you get fucking nasty winter weather it's brutal yeah you get a lot what you won't pay for it though is in the housing because the housing is about half the rest of the country it's a median home cost 141,900 so it's about half so that's not bad so if we've convinced you dammit you need the weather and all the stuff that comes along with it we have for you the Logan Ohio real estate report your average two-bedroom rental here goes for about 715 dollars so whoa that's there is 500 yeah 500 less than the national average I found this house this this is two-bedroom two-bath or two-bedroom one-bath I apologize 1,037 square feet it looks absolutely abandoned it is yeah I mean this house looks like Charlie Bucket's house it's not good man this is this is where a story where the golden ticket starts it's multi multi-generations of a family sleeping on the floor together in front of a wood stove is what I see inside of this joint room improvement for sure in every single aspect including straight walls on the outside the walls look like they're not straight with this house not helpful 70,000 dollars for this little gem though so I mean there's that here's a three-bedroom two-bath 1900 square feet it's a fancy log cabin period that's it so if you want a fancy log cabin I got a fancy log cabin for you here it's doable it's doable 650,000 dollars for that though holy shit for it's got some land two couple acres but still that seems like a lot now this house wow this is wild five-bedroom seven-bath tea bowl for each and every b-hole here guys 10,583 square feet it's super weird it's part log cabin part mansion there's like a slot cabin section of the mansion I don't know what is going on there's weird shit going on in the basement like with strange colors on the walls that are going to take you months to paint over everybody it's a little spin on it that's owned it it's so strange this house it's it looks like they just broke up houses and put them in a bag and then you picked out parts and you were like oh we're gonna put a log cabin on the west side there by the okay the guest squadder's great that's what it is one million five hundred thousand dollars for this little mash-up of shit I mean ten thousand five hundred square feet a lot so yeah thanks to do here tell me more no go ahead go no it's no to for the I guess if you do it by square footage cost this much per square foot I get I understand that but yeah if it if you've got a lot of wrecking out to do that's if it's a weird yeah that's what I mean it's not terrific I agree with you there 100% so the things to do and we did this is different than the one we did last time as well here this is the Hawking Hills Bigfoot festival come on down everybody mark your calendars and bring the whole family to enjoy the weekend of August 5th and 6th and the Hawking Hills for a super fun free recreational nature savvy Bigfoot themed festival with exclamation points I had to give it a big thing but they're not they're not claiming to hunt him right well let's find out what they're doing right that's not there I think you definitely win a prize if you kill one probably I'm just gonna say from local vendors to national speakers what do you think those are people who travel around to talk about Bigfoot art exhibits and even a squash walk I mean you have to slunch like slunk over and fucking look like Sasquatch this event has it all well what else would you want besides local vendors national Bigfoot speakers art exhibits about Bigfoot and a squash walk that is it off that's all of it Jimmy that's it located in the heart of Bigfoot country Logan Ohio huh what since when is that Bigfoot country how dare you know that's not no I always hear Northwest I never hear yeah Ohio has a large number of Bigfoot BMW's got this shit cornered baby you guys got to stop what yeah this is you are pick some pick a different brand I don't know pick something grow something there make corner thing I don't know enjoy both local and national speakers as they discuss the Bigfoot phenomena proceeds from this event go toward the Logan Theater Restoration Project and the Hocking Hills Children's Museum events that day there's vendor speakers 10 to 4 p.m. is the squash and find so 10 to 4 we've been looking for squash no one can find it six hours to get it in this four hours six hour window six eight I mean now but you have six hours so get in there and watch it up everybody get it one p.m. is the squash walk and then three p.m. is the the howling contest oh because we know Bigfoot howl somehow for some reason I don't know how that works I don't get that at all there's an award show at the end of this oh there's an award show at the end of the whole thing which is what are you gonna get hilarious and then live music to be presented by sandy ogle so there's her yeah we got that and then uh by the way your speaker lineup want to hear who's speaking everybody can't wait B Mills will be there B.E.A like B Arthur B Mills uh Mick Roar will be there R.O.H.R yeah Roar that's funny uh Adam Davies will be speaking these are hour and a half slots by the way we're talking we're talking like a full comedy set plus but with no jokes except that they're talking about Sasquatch which is funny and they're supposed to not step on each other's material with how long can you talk about fucking squash without saying something somebody else is gonna say that's what I'm saying it's the same they should all do it together a panel um there's a couple coming on also genette and pat quack and bush so you know those who swatch together stay together as we all know Doug Waller will be there uh Jeff Carpenter Eric Altman Susan Fenerkack Fafferinkack yeah yeah that's the ones everybody so get on down there not a famous one amongst them it's hard to be a famous bigfoot person unless you capture a bigfoot and bring him somewhere and change you'll be famous that the most famous one is probably the the guy from Harry and the Henderson's the bad guy right that little bald guy I think yeah yeah he's probably the most famous squacher going probably I'm gonna say so uh crime rate in this town what we're interested in property crime is actually high in this little town read about one third over the national average so I don't know what the hell's going on here but then violent crime seems like well not dangerous because violent crime murder a robbery and of course assault the Mount Rushmore of crime is just under the national average so what are you gonna do here I don't know it's uh it's uh the robby but won't just just steal and mump so that said let's I'll put it back you have it I'll pay for it yeah let's talk about a murder shall we yeah whoa this is a lot of crazy and like I said before I understand we said it at the top but in case you skip to the whatever uh you need to listen all the way through to the end of this because you're gonna leave a lot on the table if you don't his holy ball sack is this crazy all right let's talk about some people shall we some okay some Logan people let's talk about a young lady first of all here let's talk about a net okay double n double t a net yeah um a net Cooper Johnston with a t Johnston she's 18 years old and um she is she was a a misprayed of the hills semi-finalist so she's a pretty girl yeah I guess I don't know I suppose I don't know what your qualifications would have to be to be a finalist in the parade of the hills which sounds like a fucking horror movie title it's absolute parade of the hills and there's a big oh they're coming in there like you know their ears are hanging off from lepercy like that they got down in the mines and they're coming to give it to you what year is it that she's 18 zombie lepers well we get that's 1982 here that's what we that's our setting here is 1982 now a net smart and that is uh very ambitious she's uh considered a very nice girl very good in school very perky and up be and also quite promiscuous as well all right she puts she puts together a lot of very disparate things like okay the like the overachiever like you know very nerdy type of girl it's very happy and perky is not often the promiscuous one in high school right yeah yeah it's different but we'll find out what happened with her uh but uh her her parents said they just assumed that a net was having sex with most of the young men that she hung out with and they would argue about her with her boyfriend's and she that kind of thing but she always wants like a real yeah she always wants a real boyfriend is the thing and she kind of just hangs out with people so she's known as a perfectionist in school though she's taken college level courses in her senior year she's you know done with all her high school stuff already she uh after one year at hawking uh hawking tech junior college she was going to go to Ohio state university as her plan here uh to study computer science she liked to code and write programs so wow 1982 there was not a lot of people doing that yeah that was a very that's a very specific nerdy thing in nineteen eight like think about stranger things like they were like into computers a little bit and they were the nerdiest kids in town and they were a little bit into computers in 84 they were coding in 82 they're you know smart very smart so she liked to do that she liked to try to solve problems and do that sort of thing um she grades never good enough for her parents don't never have to tell her to get better grades she freaks out if she doesn't get perfect grades so that's huh not even a thing um every her mother and her everybody remembered one time she got a 98 on a test that she felt she should have got a hundred on and burst into tears and ran out of the room oh shit for a 98 meanwhile be a new if we got you know an 88 and an 86 would be high five and I got 98 on anything ever yeah it was smart to cheat off each other awesome that's a really big thing I tried to look at that Indian girls paper but she wouldn't fucking she kept putting her arm over it man covering it up yeah that was my high school experience yeah what I had a little nerd that is very the kids very successful today uh he's a lawyer uh to I used to cheat off of and uh uh he's doing great and I'm not still um her uh her girlfriends all would say about a net that they didn't really see her wild side or anything like that she only would be a little bit wild if she was with guy like a guy that she liked that was it otherwise she was pretty she was just kind of a really studious school as student and that sort of thing a friend of hers named Sunny wasm squires Jesus Christ wasm squires wasm squires that's a friend of uh of his here of hers here of hers yeah she was the sonny's a girl by the way sunny wasm swires sunny wasm was engaged to a guy named Todd who then started to date a net after they broke up oh shit Todd's 19 by the way they're all 18 19 years old but there's engagements and breaking off of engagements and that's not great um small town US yeah this is great uh huh yeah well yeah just welcome to 1982 also where people are right yeah trying to get married early and now this young lady sunny says that and that never did drugs or anything like that that wasn't her thing she wasn't wild at all she actually remembered that um a net and sunny together had reported uh to to both school and police authorities people they suspected of bringing drugs into the school what a net snitches that would have got you so stabbed in the face in my school and fuck it like you would have been killed that's incredible kids wow that's wow yeah but no one would probably suspect these like a couple of yeah you know girls like that so that's wild so yeah she would she would tell of the the teachers I don't know what drugs are talking about but another girl friend of hers Becky who um you know was pretty close to her she said that a net really like this Todd guy we'll talk about Todd in a second she said that Todd was what she called the first real boyfriend she ever had oh and uh they said though here in in 1982 coming towards September October her friends started to notice that she kind of had some changes in the last month a little bit physically she stopped coloring her hair I guess she always like died her hair blonde she's a blonde and they said she stopped coloring her hair they said that she would she used to always be very meticulously dressed they said now she would be like dress sloppy not wearing makeup with her her roots grown out yeah fine but they're like that's not a net that's weird what's up with the net she doesn't look like a net which I mean she's 18 too people change and figure stuff out hey everybody just gonna take a quick break from the show to tell you about the best home security that exists simply safe we have been talking about simply safe for years we recommend simply safe above anything else and we're not the only ones it's not just us also us news recently named simply safe the best home security system of 2023 and uh seen that recently awarded them their editor's choice for home security there's a ton of reasons why we like simply safe and there's a ton while you're why you're gonna like simply safe one of which is you don't get any easier to 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the car only to hear dozens of gunshots whizzing past them this is just one chapter of a much larger nightmare unraveling in their small town this is actually happening presents a special limited series called point blank shedding a light on the forgotten spree killings of Rancho Tejama where alone gunman devastated a small town attacking eight different locations in the span of only 25 minutes the series follows five stories of people connected to the instant from a father that drew the gunman away from a local school to the sister of the shooter these are riveting stories that will stick with you long after you listen follow this is actually happening wherever you listen to podcasts you can listen ad free on the amazon music or wonder a app but they said this friend said that Annette seemed troubled when she saw her one day Annette had talked to her about going to pot parties quote unquote oh a pot party oh no and how she was she apparently during one of these pot parties some kids got an argument and the cops had to come and there was a bunch of stuff and she saying she didn't like the chaos of it all but she she does does like her fiance Todd Schultz who apparently loves a good pot party can't get enough of it pot what are they going to do play that jazz music over there they're going to be playing jazz music and I swear to God they'll be oh no everybody just staring at black light posters it's boring they're going to be race mixing over there I know it race mixin and dancing I don't like it I don't like it at all it's no good sounds like it's the fucking again the forties is what it sounds like yeah so her fiance here is there they quickly become engaged here Todd oh yeah so she Annette has a fiance now named Todd Schultz he is 19 years old so an age appropriate fiance anyway thankfully on our show that's something to give a hats off to because he could be 40 eight years old we don't know he could be 55 years old on this show it doesn't matter so now Todd was considered very square Todd everybody says he's very square the that's always the fucking description of him is he's just kind of a square but he also and this is disputed by his family but not by everybody that knows him that Todd like to smoke weed a little bit too which you can be square and like to smoke weed it doesn't mean yeah you don't have to like I said this is the 80s not you weren't like a jazz musician if you smoked weed in the 80s you just a normal kid want to hang out maybe it opened up his mind for coding I don't know who cares it doesn't matter so Todd the thing that really amazed Todd from what I understand here is that Todd thought it was so strange that when he went to a net's house they had a they had a oh boy there's a property there big property they have a pond in the farm there that they swim in the whole family and the whole family skinny dips together what we're talking um her mom sandy um her stepdad Dale we'll talk about her younger sister who's like 16 17 or 15 16 at the time and then at their all just Dale skinny dip there you can just that's so weird let's watch stepdad's balls flopping around does he jump in the fucking oh Jesus eat I mean it's not cool that's not the part that's I mean the whole thing's the part the whole thing is the part yeah it's all the part it's all but it's that that makes it so much creepier right that's creepier yeah if the if the I don't know what chicks do so if two teenage girls want to go skinny dip in with their mom and they tell me that's normal great I don't know I honestly have no idea right women pee together I don't know what the fuck they're doing do you know what they're doing when I go when you go day take a dump when we're off on the road you never go James come with me I'm gonna go take a dump stand with me and talk to me you never say that so I don't know lean against the wall and tell me about your marital problem it helps ease my balance to hear about your marital issues so I don't know what they're doing so yeah if you told me that's normal yes can he dip with my mom all the time when I was 18 I go great I don't know what's that's why but I do know as a grown man if my 18 and 16 year old stepdaughters were there with their tits out I certainly wouldn't be there and neither with my ball sack they both be put away in the house somewhere me and my ball sack I might not be on property fuck I don't want to be near this I don't even want to just be in my room on the off-chance as somebody says that put your covers over your head yeah covers over your head is what you guys I don't want to be on this problem I'm a go see a movie you guys see if you get done with this in the next hour and a half going to town yeah wow so that's not the only weird thing that goes on there but um apparently there's there's a lot of strife at the at a net's house about certain issues and a lot of them are weird and strange and we'll get into everything but uh Dale caught Todd and a net changing into bathing suits in the same room they were changing so they were getting nude together here and apparently a big fight blew up and from this that this is the last this is a straw kind of a thing that broke the camel's back but there's a there's a much deeper route to this it's like a tooth it's all the way down to the job bone it's way more than you think but a fight started and a net ends up leaving the household here leaving this this household the Johnston house and moving in with Todd and his family the shouts she it goes such a big fight she moved out she moved out I mean she has 18 so I mean 18 you at 18 you're kind of feeling sometimes feeling your oaths as far as like if I have somewhere else to I can go that's the first time and forever someone goes well if it's under my roof and you don't like it and you go you know what I don't like it and you fucking leave that's the first time you can do that and you have somewhere to go this is the power play you've been you've been dreaming about since you were four you know you've been really looking for it's it's like having a bad job and really looking forward to the day you can tell your boss to go fuck himself but this is worse fuck you you're cool this is worse because this is gonna make thanks giving fucked up yeah this is gonna be a mess this is gonna be a mess so now Todd by the way his ex-fiance a sunny there called him I said that he's a young man with old-fashioned morals whatever that means I don't know what that means no fucking tour married no no no no no no no no no they're fucking crazy all over the place they have like a special fuck spot they go to and everything they're very normal when it comes to that like libido wise or nothing he's just a nice kid they say though he did become more and more possessive of a net over the course of the relationship maybe because her stepdad's balls were around out of her and around her and she was a little creeped out and um but uh uh one one of her friends said he was he's a wonderful thoughtful boy he'd come around and talk with us he'd open car doors for you things like that that kind of thing got it kind of an old-fashioned e-general mini type guy here yeah yeah yeah he pulled a cigarette out he's got a lighter ready to go yeah little coffee's fucking out toyed he's right there ludons so um uh yeah they remember also his mom says he was also content to stay home there's three younger kids in the house too there's four kids that the shalts has have and he would work on his pride and joy a car that he's restored and made beautiful here uh in 1984 82 82 yeah he's got a 67 Pontiac Laman's baby oh yeah 67 yeah yeah it's kick ass he called it the chief and he called it rosemary depending on his mood so yeah um he he said everybody said that he smoked a little weed here in there and stuff like that um yeah his mom would say later that he didn't run around with the bad kids she said quote he didn't run around with them but he treated them with respect okay so that's that's what she said but I mean in a small town it's one of those deals a kind of everybody kind of hangs out with everybody and whoever smokes weed just hangs out with people who smoke weed that becomes like they were thinking common so you know it's not that and there's nothing wrong with that it's fine so after a net moved into the household here uh the family the shalts family is on welfare and they found out they guess the dad's not around or something here so they I guess they was found out that that net had moved in welfare office found out about it and they are their benefits were recalculated and their food stamp allotment was cut to $16 because they had another adult in the house $16 monthly oh my god so that's like yeah that's come on kids let's go to McDonald's for our monthly food stamp fucking uh she had yeah I guess we miss shalts they have been recently divorced and she had three younger children and then Todd is in the house now so he's considered an adult um and her mom said quote I had four of my own plus a net I wanted them to move out before they got married so then she could get more benefits for the kids so they lived in a trailer by the way here or I'm sorry that's uh um John he she moved out a net wasn't a trailer and then they moved in with she moved in with the shalts so left at the trailer is her stepdad Dale Johnston Dale and Johnston he's 48 years old was yeah with his fucking floppy nut sack jumping in a pond and she also has a um a sister named Michelle and they have a mom named Sarah Sarah is their mom Dale is both the girl stepdads so um Dale had lived near zinia I guess zenia ohio zinia i'm gonna say uh zinia ohio from 57 to 76 and then they moved here and he got married to Sarah and and then he got upset that his 18 year old stepdaughter got dressed into her got naked to get dressed obviously in a trailer we we all we're all together in this uh you why you so mad how about also she was looking at your old nut sack fucking just 10 minutes ago in the in the farm pond now she can't at least this kids disgusting so Sandra is uh Sandra is Todd's mom and um she apparently she says Sandra will tell later on tell everybody that a net told her that Dale Johnston her stepfather had raped her when she was 10 years old oh god and that when she a few weeks before she left the house or a couple months before she left the house that he had quote masturbated in front of her he Jesus that's a far move that's a really strange thing that I don't understand that I don't I never understand why guys want people to watch them jerk off watch me no no I don't know what is this this is gross no no thanks so so um yeah Todd Todd is having some problems too he's kind of floating he's 19 he's trying to figure it out he's gonna get married he's living in a trailer on food stamps he had a job at a print shop but he lost his job because he suffered a hernia so he couldn't do it anymore he had to lift stuff and he couldn't do it and then he lost his workers compensation claim so um yeah how do you lose that when you got a hernia I don't know I'm not sure that sucks and he he also um is having a hard time because a net is he wants to keep a net here he wants to live with a net but she she can't really stay in the trailer because the food stamp issue and they can't go back to her house because Todd can't go there and then God knows what she's gonna do or what where you know what's gonna happen to her so Todd had threatened to kill himself if a net left him recently which is this is strange this is yeah um I guess he wanted to get an apartment for him in a net and he was trying to get some cash this on in October here um he tried to do that he went and talked to his father Don he said can you help me and Don said I don't can't really help you you know sorry about that um he went to um next door neighbor was looking for jobs anybody have any work for him things like that um he was trying to he talked to a next door neighbor attorney of his and I guess a net had a car but her family's keeping it because she left so he's talking to the lawyer seeing if there's a way that they can legally get a net this car but the problem is her mother can either drives a net's car or a rusted out Pinto that she has which is clearly unsafe is yeah so that's not great here um also Dale uh started I guess they wanted to get this car because Dale had soon expected to get royalty checks from leasing some of his land to a strip mine operator so they're like Dale's gonna have money so you should be able to get your car so he was trying to he wanted to get the car so we could sell it get a thousand dollars get an apartment that was the that was the plan here we want the car not to drive it but to sell it yes we got to sell because he has a Le Mans so he's like we have my car that's fine we get your car sell it will move into a place we're think is a net had more over two thousand dollars in her savings account but never said anything about it so that's interesting she could have got it like that literally a thousand dollars can change our lives she has two of those and yeah okay so we don't know if maybe she wasn't as hot on the idea of getting a place as he was and she was just humoring him or if she just was you know saving it for a rainy day who knows so she she uh should they have to move out soon there's no doubt about that that that has to happen and and that is tired of the whole thing and that doesn't want to be go back and forge doesn't want to be unstable she's kind of tired of the town she wants to go to Ohio State get the fuck out of here go to Columbus get the you know do something with herself here so October 4th 1982 uh a net gets an a in her computer programming class at Hawking a Hawking Technical College and she's good at it she's good at it yeah um so she says she has a she's telling everybody and her teachers are telling her she's got a very good chance of getting into Ohio State next year um her grades are good um so yeah she gets home to the Schultz trailer here and things are not as great she's fighting with Todd um Todd was whining about you know well let's get married and let's do this type of shit and you know give me you should get the car he starts with the whole thing we got to move out let's get a car and everything like that so um a net ends up walking out of the house um she walks out of the house and uh the mom over here is them arguing and you know it's it's that's what they do sometimes kids argue she's walking out on the on the fight not leaving like I'm you know taking all my stuff and leaving but I'm walking out of this out of this thing here so uh Todd she found Todd had run upstairs so the mom came in and said hey Todd a net just took off out of the door in case you're interested so Todd runs out out goes after a net uh she's about two blocks away when he gets out of the house catches up to her and um there's a couple of residents here of that street Clara Anderson and a guy named George Groves and they're sitting on the front porch of Clara's house near the intersection and they watched the couple talk for about 10 minutes and uh Clara later said quote they had a little lovers quarrel I suppose okay so it looked like they were arguing um but she said that it looked like that the fight ended and they made up at some and while and during this conversation yeah it came the full circle at by the end of it there they make up with each other she said they they took each other by the hand and started walking off together holding hands together so fixed yeah you have arguments when you're 19 and eight that's why you're not supposed to be in that deep of a relationship when you're that age because there shouldn't be financial giant decision of fighting over selling a vehicle to benefit our lives you're too young for this shit it's pretty cool though that they figured out how to like you know have their problems resolved amongst each other that's nice yeah so I you know Todd puts his armor puts his armor out or they're walking away everything's looking fine here um so everything looked fine Todd waived uh to his mom who was back a couple blocks away he's like he was walking he was like I see a later she had come out now um they were next seen a few a few blocks down on Gallagher uh near the intersection with Motherwell Street they walked past a pickup by the way there's a book that had some of this detail it comes from that I'm going to give you at the end of this as well uh that's a pretty pretty decent read um so they walked past a pickup truck that was at a stop sign there's a driver named Melody Moorehouse who knows them and uh she said that she knows what time it was specifically because it was not long after the end of general hospital which is her fucking jam so yeah that wasn't about alive when you as an investigator you can piece a whole bunch of shit together based on what you were watching what were you watching oh well that's on in 3 30 that's obviously yeah you really good now it's like what were you watching season three of cheers okay well either it's 1984 or I have no idea when you were watching that never mind so uh yeah so this would have been about 430 this melody woman said she said that she was sure because she watched her favorite soap opera then her and her two friends went out on a cigarette run you get some you know you're it's like post sex it's a it's a post-quadal experience when you're down with general hospital you gotta take a puff so it works at g h will make you want some more so so melody beeped at the kids and a net turned and waved and then Melody saw them walking down another way here uh down into the direction of the home tavern and that's where the city streets ended past the tavern is you know woods and shit like that more rural stuff out there so there's also the the Hawking River which goes along a cornfield that also the cornfield is also where a lot of kind of transient people sleep and hang out that's real fuck off yeah yeah it's a kids party people sleep there you know it's that sort of thing now a guy named Charles Blossor who sleeps there I assume a almost gentleman here he saw them he saw the two of these well they fit the description a woman who had dark hair dyed blonde and a man had long spindly legs and that describes Todd and and that she he saw them having sex and a secluded spot on the banks of the river oh god that day so yeah he saw that um so they did that he saw the whole thing oh he has not let's say he didn't glance he sat there and was like well this I'm gonna I'm gonna be wack in it yep that's right so um they ended up when they were done they continued walking on the railroad tracks the C&O railroad tracks toward west Logan and a guy named Scott Caughton sees them leave the tracks and go down a driveway leading into west Logan they there they stopped at a garage sale Todd and a net stop at a garage sale they look around they put down a five dollar deposit on a coffee table to hold it their first piece of furniture so somehow in this 10 minute argument then a fuck session they have healed all wounds and are now an agreement that they're moving in together enough to whether buying coffee tables so let's go fucking furniture shopping that's right solved um then about a half hour later at 5.45 pm which is you know ballpark a guy named Charles Bartow who's a part-time security guy at armcoe steel company in the Logan industrial district he heard a noise coming from the direction of the cornfield the noise was three gunshots followed by a followed by a brief pause then four or five more gunshots holy and he said he knew it was 5.45 because he was required to shut and lock the large doors of the warehouse and he was sure that he was on time that day and also positive that the shots were fired by a 22 so if you're a hunter you know the sounds of rifles in the distance you'll go that's a 308 right there you know exactly what shit is so 22 is so fucking distinct that pop it's well it's got that mistaken yeah that firecracker sound to it that yeah it's a that crackle in the air for a long time zero boom yep no yeah it's yeah total crackle thing so if you don't for if you're not familiar with weapons a lot of people think 22s are firecrackers when they hear that's that happens all the time thought I heard firecrackers yeah but hunters will they know the difference so um now there's a drive through window of the mictonels on hunter street it was a few yards away from the river from the cornfield next to the river now this there's a Rebecca troops and Mary Cullison were stopped there at about 5.45 yelling the rhodor out into the box into the mictonels drive through box they heard shots coming from what they thought was the cornfield also they thought that they were fired they were 22 caliber shots also everybody knows this everybody knows this hall it's a rural place I think a lot of people probably hunt here too I mean it's it's a small place in the hills um yeah so there's uh another woman here surely Frazier and she talks about all this stuff here she witnessed something from the kitchen window of her mother's house on Homer street uh which ran parallel to the C&O railroad railroad tracks which were about uh 20 yards away from the back doors of the homes that she was in so you can kind of set it up how it is and now her husband had come to her actually soon to be ex-husband had come to the post office where she worked and dumped the two kids off and just took off so unless she was going to get them jobs at the post office she had to figure out something to do with them she brought them to her mom's house and yelling about her mother about what a piece of shit ex-husband was in blah blah blah when she saw a young blonde woman and a thin brown haired young man on the tracks having an animated discussion with a taller older man wearing dark green coveralls and a hat of some kind don't like that scene that doesn't sound great yeah it's the older man she said that the older man seemed to be quote glowering at the couple so I guess trying to intimidate them of some kind he went down the railroad track embankment into the cornfield followed by the younger man so I guess there's no forcing because the Todd's behind him uh according to this woman the young woman seemed to become angry is what this uh this witness said and she walked down the embankment after them after a second she was like fine I'll go to minutes later this woman was surely phrase her was outside loading her kids into the car when she heard three gunshots she believes from a 22 wow and she heard a female voice yell out quote oh my god you shot him then several more shots and then silence she said moments later the man in the coveralls came up to the tracks from the cornfield side he looked around and then looks straight at her this woman surely she got in her car and quickly drove off she said at the time she just downplayed it she said that you know what oh my god oh my god you shot him that's what I'm saying yeah she just downplayed it like it's no big deal like a guy came out of the cornfield act and creepy and I just and blowering at kids and staring at me stared me down till I drove off so I figured it was no big deal she said the shops are here that seems suspicious she grew up in that house and she said it's totally normal to hear gunshots coming from other side of the tracks because people do that over there they shoot but usually you don't hear oh my god you've shot him that's a different and more gunshots followed by silence silence so it gets weirder down the block a little bit on Homer street still Janice Moyer a woman she was up late she was in the back upstairs of bedroom here she had a her baby was crying and she just took in a foster child it's crying so she's looking out the window has a clear view of the access road that crosses the railroad tracks leads into the cornfield this is dark later on the access road allows farm equipment to get in there that's what it's there for so in the middle of the night she sees a what she calls a strange parade going across the access road three vehicles traveling close enough to stay within each other's headlights she said no one was a dark body pickup truck with a white roll bar the so Marty McFly is there that's good to know the second was another pickup with a yellow trail bike in the bed and the third was a van all right so she was like what the hell is going on so middle of the night well she said also the corn was at least eight feet high it was ready for harvest this is the beginning of October they're gonna harvest soon so she's like what what the hell here why who's driving into there she was so disturbed about it she woke up her husband and he looked she said look what's going on and he looked and he just said there must be some kind of wild party going on I don't fucking know I got to work in the morning and he went back to sleep but wake up three cars one dirt bike this is weird three cars went into a cornfield honey I don't fucking care imagine waking up you'd be like what I don't get it they only have one dirt bike I was sleep trail bike not even a dirt bike right a fucking mountain bike like a 10 speed like a mountain bike yeah no motor I think yeah I think we're talking about just a mountain bike I want a dirt bike any bike at all or very yeah it makes it so fucking weird because you're all not writing that at the same time take turns they're gonna take turns there so the next day no one can find the kids no one can find an at-and-todd they're nowhere to be found so the shults is you know the mom's Todd's mom and Todd's dad even they go looking for them where the hell are they they took off we saw them walk away they never came back they tried them at the at you know Annette's parents house there at the Johnston's and no luck there so she went to his mom Todd's mom went to a doctor's office where Sarah Johnston who is Annette's mom works as a receptionist apparently according to witnesses sandy Todd's mom yelled how could you live with such a pervert at Sarah when Sarah answered the phone when she called her she's like oh my god sandy then said the Todd and Annette are missing and you know blah blah blah what the fuck so Sarah Annette's mom said she didn't know it was wrong she said I don't know what you're talking about um there so sandy Todd's mom said I know what he did to Annette she told me everything raping her master baiting in front of her touching her all the time yeah so this and they only met once these two women so this is an aggressive there's a lot going on here yeah so as soon as she hung up Sarah called her husband Dale who would just come back from feeding his livestock and he said he'd go to the shelter's house to find out what the hell's going on okay so he knocked on the front door um uh and she said to her husband sandy said to her someone on the phone that she was talking to I believe it's Todd's father the stepfather is here get over here so he said you know what are you talking about the kids are missing and uh she said that you know kids took off I don't know where the fuck they are I was looking for them you know you were probably a pervert I don't know blah blah blah so that's how that's how it went um everybody by the way they claim the shulks has claimed everybody in town thinks Dale's an asshole nobody likes Dale's what she they say so five days go by no kids what don't know where they are now at the same time they've both she's they've been told they can't live at the trailer they're not there so the parents are kind of half thinking maybe they maybe they took off and they're like yeah they went to a lope and who knows what the fuck they're doing you know what I mean we don't know they're 18 and 19 so this might be their you know thing but uh stay Dale uh Dale doesn't seem to think so Dale and Sarah being the uh uh denette's parents they go over to the shulks' house and they ask for hey can we have a net's possessions that must be here since she lived here you know and they were like why and shouldn't she gonna want them when she gets back and they said well her clothes and other things are the last things we might have to remember her by that's dark they're like whoa that's pretty fucking morbid bro like you're jumping into a really sick place already sir fucking grim Dale over here what's going on this is not cool what do you mean a real grim Dale buddy so yeah it's it's very strange goings on here so saying it's the last thing to remember her by that's that's very fucking on she also said um shults also said that the day after they um they disappeared that uh that Sarah Johnston and that's mother uh they said they had asked Sarah had asked Sandra did you check by the Hawking River when you searched for them and Todd's mom said I didn't know exactly how to take that I didn't know how she meant it yeah why would she look there very specific yeah that's extremely specific so this goes on another five days October 14 1982 there is a group of said the cops haven't looked by the way for them at all there's been no searches no no dogs no helicopters no let's find them nothing they go well the adults adults yeah yeah there's adults at that point they have no signs of foul play or anything like that they're just two adults that took off who knows right so they a group of citizens here this is the react group the radio emergency associated citizens team a bunch of CB radio people a CB club yep a CB club organizes a search of the area with dumb nicknames yeah they've always wanted to be called always just always wanted to be wolfman I don't know why they're all self-given nicknames you're not supposed to nickname yourself it's very weird no no exactly it's very the hubris is so obvious it's pretty fucking clear yeah people usually unless you're Muhammad Ali people usually give you nicknames that are you know slightly off for a little you know little tongue and cheekish yeah they're not like you know stud god 45 or something I think your friend's nicknames you that breaker breaker god king here breaker breaker Johnny Big Dick on the line who's here who's coming at me Johnny Long Shlong coming on down with some smokies and Mapoqi Baker one night long dawn break break going on down the highway the worst city any bears in the air up there so about a dozen of these people gathered in the afternoon in a parking lot of an abandoned supermarket where all great surges start and um wasn't far from the railroad tracks obviously so that's why they did it the police have not made a systematic search like we said the volunteers said they're just using common sense which told them that the two people two young lovers out for a walk don't just run off with all of their shit left behind if they're gonna run off they would have packed at least a duffle bag or something so that's the thing it could it couldn't it couldn't matter any less what the age or any description of the person is their lifestyle at all left all their shit behind start looking that's the thing yeah and it's not if they like when I said they were going out of town and took a bunch of shit with them and left and never came back he go well maybe they stayed there but this is they walk they're on foot for fuck sake right would he he's gonna leave his prized classic car behind right that amount is everything yeah yeah so they split up into small groups um they started walking the tracks as they crossed the bridge a woman volunteer pointed out something floating in the water trapped in some debris and um they all decided you know um let's not get any closer yeah you know and they didn't think it was a any part of a human because it didn't look like it's legs or head or anything sticking up so they were like fingers or anything so they were like okay they call off the search there um that day the next day they go back and uh this river by the way is uh they find Jesus they find something there's a guy with with uh a little boat here trying to look for that shit deputy bill groves is here with another deputy in there is now the cops come in after they say they want to see once they see a group of citizens searching it they're like we should probably look around right really real good if they find anything at all right yeah let's let's do that so they had if there was a bunch of debris and trash that was kind of caught up in fallen trees and limbs and shit like that they're poking it all with their ores trying to see uh they kept yeah then it did a bunch of times in a bottle float away and shit instead they see something it looks like a dead animal probably a pig carcass yeah so they poke it with the ore as it floated away though they said that looks like human skin yeah um couldn't tell what part of it was what part of a human body it was though or anything like that that was sticking above the water so it floated away and got caught on a sand bar where the police could get close to it and they realized that it is a torso oh that's all no arms no legs no head just a torso god he said presumably male although it's difficult because there's no genitalia because it's a torso just a slap yeah that's the only reason yeah I guess yeah yeah that she'd maybe whatever so they um same little ones yeah I mean there's little tits out there she uh uh so they they go to the johnston wonderful that's what I mean well that's not what you said like a month ago you're taking I know we we had an argue now you're fucking no you can't do that I'm just saying I love them back that that that that that intention don't switch sides now mister there you go be yourself Jimmy I'm just saying just just trying to be kind to this body it's I got you I feel yeah I'm just breaking balls trying to hurt this body not trying to hurt this torso's feelings you don't want to oh it's this is terrifying but they don't know who it is though also because they figured out that there's another couple who had been reported missing in Columbus recently oh my god and these these bodies seem pretty decomposed to the like this might be this other couple from Columbus is what they're thinking uh more than likely um they asked if a net had any and a identifying body marks on her body and Dale said yeah she broke her leg so you know we have old x-rays maybe that'll help and the cops said well we don't have any legs to work with here so oh god Jesus she break her sternum or anything like that so the mother the mother said the mother said well she wore partial braces she was supposed to get them finished off she was coming in sections and they said well we don't have a head either how about how about does she have her appendix yeah sir an appendix scar there anything we could open heart surgery at the age of 12 anything that we can get into so they asked couldn't you supply any pictures that might help make an identification of the torso possibly so the Johnston's went home they come back Dale comes back an hour or two later with three pictures of a net at age 12 okay okay this is these pictures should not exist by the way um these are three she's nude in these pictures oh my god this is a 12 year old nude photo shoot okay oh my god um no I get that there's some nudist shit going on in the house like sure there's nudist they walk but you don't take there should not be any more near yeah sure you should you shouldn't be naked around your fucking kids if you're an adult there's well of anyway but that's I don't care I'm gonna make a goddamn we're judging that as weird I'm sorry I know I'll stand on that hill and I'll fucking die I don't care put you dick away put some boxers on chief I don't care you walk around shirtless all you want slap some boxers on so and regardless whether or not you're naked put some fucking clothes on that child that's weird child yes at 12 that's two old two old for them and they're naked around you yeah and they're like like a photo shoot too like these are staged she in two of them she's holding a shotgun with bands of ammunition crossed in front of her chest while she is nude yeah you know like fucking people do on Instagram and shit all the time but not when they're 12 this is crazy so she's she this is like those weird camera or calender's they had back in the day like naked chicks with machine guns so the third she's the third she's lying on a rug like on her stomach with her you know with her feet up yeah exposed yeah you know the pose now they're Dale always said that they were saying oh there's a cute story behind these pictures no there is not Dale no there's a very disturbing illegal story behind all these there's a very large crime behind these pictures actually Dale yeah this is this is not good if this is acceptable to him that he can explain it away with a story I'm starting to lean on the truth of the other accusations man how how do you show this to people with with a straight face how do you do this he was he was like well here's a picture of her bear torso no and they were like and at the time the cops were like okay this is super weird but they weren't gonna be like put coughs on that man because they're trying to see piece together who's you know where are the kids first so they were like okay that's weird as fuck so the torsos by the they ended up finding both torsos here in the river okay that's it gets really strange here there was a cross shaped like a T or an X or cross whatever however you want to put it didn't whatever shape it's in cross shaped incision on Todd's abdomen and several smaller puncture wounds near it there was also a large incision made roughly a long the bottom of his rib cage across most of his chest as well so mutilated this torso has been that was caused with a knife that wasn't like an animal or something like that that was a knife wound the cross shaped wound is eight by eight inches so it's big okay that's a good size yeah it's a good thing about dollar bill of six inches and yeah it's a good size so the um dail directed um they talked to dail and obviously about this what they get the pictures and all that kind of thing he said listen I think this is wild uh yeah he said I think you guys should check out that cornfield as the sight of maybe something bad that happened yeah he said that he told the cops he heard quote a rumor about what he called kids doing crazy things in the corn field near the area where the torso is profound so he's like you know um no about this I think we can I think we're I think you're going to find him in there so the cops we're going to search there anyway because it's kind of a connective area a connected not connected but near there so they search in the late afternoon they received word that they someone had reported seeing a sock near the railroad railroad tracks not far from the access road to the cornfield the sock was where the cops went it was where the caller said it was somebody called in when they inspected it they they found that it contained quote some fleshy material yeah kept it as evidence terrible description yeah it gets worse about 75 yards away from the sock another discovery is made it's a plastic coded burlap feedback okay the kind that holds a hundred pounds of animal feed oh deputy yeah big bag a sheriff's deputy found the bag near the bottom of the railroad embankment he showed it to another cop they tossed it aside at first but then when they another officer came a few minutes later this Jones detective he came up and said yeah we got to take the bag and they looked at it and they saw what might be blood stains on the bag so they kept it so they they continue to search they break apart the guys here break up and look around they start walking around the whole edge of the cornfield they walk near the river bank just inside the edge of the rows of corn and they notice a spot where some of the corn stalks were broken and that's one of the advantages of having this eight feet of corn as you can see when there's areas of disturbance right if you get you can just get above it so he saw more broken stocks forming what look like a path that led into the cornfield deeper he follows the path until he comes upon a like a depressed spot in the field where no corn is growing just a bare spot that's a little depressed in the ground they're like uh-oh there's a small discolored spot on some weeds growing around there when he pulls back the weeds he sees a reddish stain in the soil so he says let's go let's look at this here so wow um they end up finding an area where more corn stalks have stalks have been broken about 15 feet into the corn when they stepped in there they saw five or six holes in the earth okay going into each of the holes was a just tons of maggots coming in and out oh god shit so they were like well I think we found something yeah um they scrape off a little bit of the dirt from one of the holes and the first scrape they found human flesh um after a little more digging they see that what they found is an arm here oh no so they yep they say all right everybody get shovels get the corner you know this is now a fucking scene and nobody'd step here block it off and they're in the middle of a cornfield so this is I'd like to be this farmer he's about to go harvest he's getting all the shit ready and he's like a fucking crime scene now yeah that money you bastards yeah they said look for footprints around this area even though they've been trouncing all over it for a while now tons of people yeah tons of people um so they they got everything out uh where the maggots were they found the body parts they found four arms four legs and two heads so that's good I guess I suppose um but no it's not quite all that uh both of the bodies had been mutilated pretty bad um we are told you about Todd's torso mutilation um from what what this says here is the court documents here they're what they call their sex organs have been removed they removed genitalia for both both of them um and that's torso wasn't as mutilated as Todd's but six of her fingernails were missing huh six of her fingernails were missing think about that um an autopsy shows hip or just like just the whole nail torn not in the bed anymore manales missing oh Jesus like you know they were in a Vietnamese prison court or something so yeah right yes um the autopsy shows they died of gunshot wounds so interesting um by the way um while the cops are doing all this there's some guy hanging around the cornfield looks super curious about everything that they find here he's a random guy 21 year old named Kenny Lynn Scott ally and Scott um yeah he's they they find him a deputy finds him quote lurking amongst the stocks they said lurking that's great yeah now they talked to him and he's the same guy who had called police a few days earlier to ask if there had been any progress on those two missing kids so he called police but he called yeah a while backs any progress on those kids also this guy suffered a deep wound to his right arm on october 4th the big knife wound to his right arm that night and his wife was suspicious that he was involved in wherever these kids disappeared because he came home with a with a big wound she was like you didn't do anything to those kids did you um something about which is strange yeah so um let's just say this this town goes mother fucking bonkers over this right police of course they do yeah yeah especially in 82 and it's hot they they Halloween is different this year oh there's no arrests made it's just teenagers found completely dismembered mutilated and torn apart and in a cornfield so nobody wants to let their kids outside no Jesus no it's terrifying I mean this town is like you know they're they're they're really scared and I'm rightfully so too I mean they're freaking out here that's this is it's not like they just found a body laying down by the river and they're going oh god this is two teenagers completely taken apart this looks like a different deal um gun sales and yeah a gun sales increase it looks like Harry and the Henderson's when Bigfoot was spotted you know they're all people are running door locks alarms I mean you name and anything that makes you safer there's sales are through the roof here which is interesting may months go by what did you just say months may I'm fucking may may 1983 comes up oh my god horror film this is crazy they the cops suspect Dale that's their big that's everybody suspects Dale the stepfather who was allegedly molested her and all that sort of thing so but they don't have me proof child porn yeah and in possession of that yes so they don't have any proof so they go to the FBI actually for a profile they want a profile on this yeah they actually go to you know the behavioral science unit mine hunter and they get a big at profiles here so the profile the report says that the they believe that the murders were quote unplanned and spontaneous and that the decapitation and dismemberment of the victims suggests that suggests that the killer tried to conceal these as some kind of bizarre ax murder rather than what they were which was a spontaneous murder that they said oh shit what do I do now um they also the profile also suggests the possibility that the killer knew the female victim okay and was familiar to not didn't have to be close but was familiar to her not a stranger at least so they have they have the FBI's profile but you know what that's the FBI you know what I mean so the behavioral science unit John Douglas and then we've seen mine hunter we know how that goes but we also have a construction work in livestock man named Dale the stepdad who believes he's a psychic okay he's gonna help out with his psychic powers yes he's a psychic the possible kid toucher is also a clairvoyant I mean you know what God gives you gifts he gives you burdens at the same time what are you gonna do Jimmy you can't tell they can both be curses that's what I mean so Dale said quote I remembered that a net believed in my psychic visions and I just figured if she was in trouble she would try to send a mental message to me so I'm over here I got it was her that's missing because she's aware of how talented I am and she will try from the arms to get to get me information yeah we'll connect in this somewhere in the psychic ether we'll get it don't worry we'll get there he said then later that same day as soon as he thought of that and connected it and kind of put put out the mental bat signal to a net later that same day quote I had two visions she got a vision in one I saw a net and Todd standing beside some water you know like a river okay for in the other I saw a net and Todd in the front seat of a car Todd was driving and she was sitting behind him how's that possible saw net and Todd in the front seat of a car Todd was driving she was in beside him not behind sorry okay that's not my thing okay behind beside him so that's what he saw these two things so this fucking wild she's very strange so after the visions this is by the way before the bodies were found he said he had visions that's why the cops are now going well this guy said he had visions and before he he said he and his wife Sarah had driven to nearby lake Logan and then to Buckeye Lake which is 60 miles away to look for them after he had visions of water he said he found no evidence that they were at either place because obviously he's a forensic detective now but he said after after he had these visions and told the cops about him trying to pay helpful he said ever since then the police have been leaning on him you know kind of trying to muscle him into saying that he had something to do with all of this because in the past a lot of guys that have done bad things have done this sir they've said that's it's to help to give closure he he said no I'm just I'm just want to help with my psychic ability he said sometimes when I close my eyes I see things that's what he said okay it's interesting it's better than hearing things I suppose yeah most times I what I'm seeing doesn't have any significance so I ignore it he said Sarah and I went to the scene on the river to help identify the bodies when I looked across the river I saw the trees the same trees that had appeared in my vision almost two weeks before I mean the trees the tree yeah yeah so oh my god this is weird so now Todd's dad here Donald Schultz he during this time with everybody suspects Dale you know psychic vision he's rusting the pictures all this sort of thing Todd's dad gets arrested and charged with by the sheriff's department with improper handling of a firearm they stopped his dad's pickup truck at 8 p.m. not far from the Johnston home with a loaded 32 caliber revolver in the truck well he is pissed so they were like hmm that's weird you don't the gelatin man yeah he doesn't live around there anymore so they're like you whoa I don't like this at all so the investigation is focusing on Dale obviously August of 83 comes around get fuck no this is crazy no hurry no hurry yeah no hurry a whole town's livelihood isn't sitting on the fucking brink of the ass everybody's scared shitless and everybody's just calling Dale that murderer that's it's just like well there it is the rest of some time keep your kids away from the murder so they found a boot a boot print near the river there it was found in the river's engineer where you know where everything happened here but they said that the this area also had been searched by a volunteer civilian team for four to six days before they found it so this boot print could have been made by a searcher they're like this is you can't do that but the police are trying to say it was Dale's boot print they also introduced that they have they searched the Johnston house and he let them you know gave them full permission they found a pair of cowboy boots some feedbacks similar to the blood stain one they found over there and items of clothing that were recovered from a strip mine pit behind Johnston's home there's blood stain clothing they found here okay they think the blood stained feedback by the way was used to haul body parts from the river there where they had that's because torsos are heavy so yeah you kill them cut them up by the river the torsos you put there but then you can carry arms and legs and heads up there wow which is pretty crazy so they found several blood stained household items during the search of the strip mine behind the Johnston home here the a but a woman named Sylvia Clark who is a microanalysis official with the Ohio Bureau of investigation and identification she said that she could not determine whether the blood was human or animal could have deteriorated too much this is pre-DNA too they had a curtain a tablecloth a blanket a quilt a pair of socks and a piece of paneling all board traces of blood which is not normal I'm gonna throw all these different weird seemingly not connected items that all seem to have blood on them I'm gonna throw them out in the same hole good all right you got any blood spilled shit I'm going out in the blood pit if y'all want to throw your stuff out there this is where we keep our it's a biohazard pit I call it um just like the hospitals have now he um Johnston he said he had authorized strip mining mining on part of his property and he said that sometimes he drops dumps garbage in the mining pits you know because it's a fucking giant pit so they they searched his farm for three days and like I said got all of that and all the men's boots to like we said the cowboy boots and everything they also took a pair of women's suede shoes from the master bedroom as well they found a cancelled check from Dale written to a Logan gas station for a purchase made on October 4th 1982 the day of the murders now there was some confusion whether he was in town that day or not but they know that he was because they have a check putting him at least at this gas station or at least the date of the check is for that who knows so who knows if you didn't know the date we don't know so um you could have posted it don't cash this yet it's not good that's yeah hey give me five days on that one yeah now another search of the property they confiscate a piece of carpeting that was under the heater in the living room with the trailer here um so they several police officers take the feedback that have been found at the burial site and they shake it out into onto some paper placed on the floor of the sheriff's office they hadn't shaken the bag out yet and over a year by the way what they discover some hair samples in the bag yeah that he they shook out some hairs come out okay a year um a year old hair yeah that they found there so more evidence here a human blood found on the grain bag found near the graves the blood types could have been those of the slain people they said but they couldn't be positive it was indeterminate um now the prosecutors say that the bag was carried they're going to say the bags carried to you know for body parts here there should be a lot of blood in there they found also um pubic hairs found in a pair of brown suede shoes taken from Dale's closet by the way who has pubes in their shoes number one that's a very weird how you get pubes in your shoes man I don't know I guess I guess you stand naked just wearing shoes to trim your nuts you get pubes but then it wouldn't even go they'd have to your shoes and have me off your feet for there to be used to yeah I'm laced open some brown suede shoes rock them like fucking you know what I like to do is I I put my shoes from the fucking 80s I yanked the tongue all the way out oh yeah set them on the floor beneath me then I stand in the ocean and they're like a they're like a hair catcher you see it's like a lint trap in your dryer to me I just feel better like they're cheering me on you know what I mean this moral support that they're there for me it really feels like it's two girls standing underneath me with the tongues out either way let's say you get pubes in your shoes and they're hungry for my pubes wow they said that a net Johnston had a similar pair of these shoes so they weren't his shoes but the mother testified later on that the shoes are her shoes that they found in her closet they also said similar polyester fibers were found on the bloodstained feed bags and a vest owned by Dale no blood was found on the vest though right so yeah um these are mom shoes too and then there's a vest that's his vest but it's in the closet so a ballistics expert yeah giant bush just shoes or she was wearing loose shoes and shaved his balls is a nice favorite that's let's say it's probably trimmed now so they this ballistics guy says that the 22 bullets recover from the bodies were not fired by the 22 caliber rifle confiscated from the property that doesn't mean they didn't have a different 22 rifle I feel like in a lot of these stories on a farm a 22 rifles or the 22 rifles are pretty probably if you know yeah they shoot vermin and varmins and things like that you know they said also the 22 round could have been fired from a handgun or a rifle either one right the long rifle yeah around goes and everything yeah um now they so they're talking to other people they find a guy named Michael Stevens who's a former school acquaintance of a net who he'll say fill out an affidavit and everything that she told him that he that she had been molested by her father and she feared that she might be pregnant this was during her like the 80 81 school year that happened he has molested and pregnant requires rape that's not more I hate that's more than molesting yeah that's a lot more eight absolutely so another former boyfriend of a net said that when she was 16 she told him that her stepfather was having forceful sexual contact with her as he as this guy put it and another guy that's John Jones another guy who was dating a net said she told him of a problem with her stepfather and asked to talk to his mother because she wanted to just somebody to talk to so she he said this John Jones not the fighter within two weeks of this John Jones situation here dating her he said that he started receiving phone calls from an unidentified man who told him that he only had so many days to live and an addition threatened to castrate him so that's oh that's true that's that's very oh that's very indicative of what happened to that is something yeah um so the they asked Jones if the caller's voice had any distinctive traits and he said that he had a hissing associated with his asses so he had like a list like a list is what that would be yes so he said that he had also that he had heard that Dale Johnston talked in a similar way before any phone calls are ever made so they said I know that Dale Johnston guy is septid kind of talks like that um so the cops are trying to put together they think maybe Dale killed the couple because he was jealous that she was leaving and going off with this guy and he feels like he had like some kind of possession over her possibly you know they don't know they're trying to put it together they need they need something they do say that his relationship with his stepdaughter quote far exceeded the bounds of intimacy that would be expected in a normal parental stepfather relationship I'd say those pictures right there are the anything that's right that right there um and that was when she was 12 it took a while to get there he's been doing this for far too long I would say yeah somebody else said that Dale would do anything to break up the relationship between Todd and Annette so they they they saw there's some witnesses that saw Dale with them the day they disappeared as well so there's a lot going on here they found though that the the the he says that he didn't see a stepdaughter that day and they said the boot print the mud on the bank didn't match the mud found on his boot either so they just said it was this could have been the same boot but the mud was different so I'm Jesus Christ an investigator told Johnston that after the bodies were discovered and after all this one of the the investigators told everybody that as far as he was concerned Dale Johnston did it that's it so now Dale is sitting there and he said at a time like this a man needs more than his own strength he needs a little help from God too yeah yeah he said that that's right he said that it's been quote hell in torture for me and my family since the bodies were found just hell in torture he said his home's been searched um you know people have they made comments about him here um they said also they they claimed that Johnston and his wife had quote in their possession instruments and implements that could cause or contribute to the condition of the victims personal items of the victims and evidence of trauma and writing yeah the personal items of the victims they lived she lived there um and he came over all the time and everybody has knives in their house so right and guns in Logan Ohio or a light and probably both very good she lives they live on a farm for Christ sake yeah literally as a farm with a strip mine out back so very very very uh odd here so um he said even though nobody has mentioned names it's obvious that the police consider me a suspect yeah it's just no shit dummy shouldn't then such a fucking creep yep they said um they said that uh he said the disclosure of the details of the search warrants they said are you upset about that that they exposed what they found and he said quote don't matter to me one way or the other okay he said there's a bunch of stuff in there that won't make me look very good but there wasn't a single item taken for me on my or my property that had anything to do with the debts of those kids what bothers me the most is and he didn't say that they haven't found the murder he said that well police are wasting their time and energy trying to pin this thing on me the real murderers still out there running free he gave us an oj yeah that's pretty good um September 29th 1983 they finally arrest Dale okay finally it's almost a whole year they were like it's going to be a year in five fucking days this is right very embarrassing yeah that's every newspaper is going to say one year anniversary no arrest still so if we have anything let's do it now so they arrest him two counts of aggravated murder which is terrible here obviously so in court in the initial hearings they wow they get Sarah Johnston the mom here that's mom and they talk to her and they her testimony is that her husband may have been having sex with a net which is crazy all of this is stricken from the record by the way this will all be stricken the prosecutor asks Sarah quote do you recall telling Dale quote that you didn't care if he raped her every day of the week I just want my baby back oh my god why would you say those words she said yes I do oh my god Sarah she said that um I don't know if he means rape Sarah every day of the week or her daughter I'm not sure but you shouldn't rape anyone any days of the week so everything just seems I guess that's crazy that says how desperate she is to have her baby back but holy fuck man what kind of words of the yeah Mrs. Schultz here that is the one who said that Todd's mom who said that she that Annette told her about the molestation now Annette though Annette's mom Sarah says no Annette would say anything to get her own way she was playing on sandy sympathy but yet she doesn't but yet she doesn't deny that there was you know beautiful yeah sexual abuse it's it's crazy so she also said that Annette was not terrified of her stepfather and that she wanted to return to home more than she wanted to stay with the Schultz's she said that Annette had actually apologized to her stepfather for moving out so abruptly and had been back at least twice a week to visit so she wasn't running away and doing all that she said that uh the last time she saw Annette was when she and Dale returned from a vacation Annette was staying at uh the trailer with Michelle and uh they arrived unexpectedly the Johnston's Dale and Sarah late at night but Annette got out of bed and stayed up most of the night talking with them that's what she said um she said that um the Johnston's bought her a puppy as a piece offering that's they wanted to make up with her and that and that Sarah or that Annette had said me and the puppy might be moving back shortly so that's what Sarah said okay all of this is stricken from the record by the way all of this including the incriminating things because uh it was uh the reason was that no one else had heard it only Sarah and Dale and this conversation fell under the protection of privileged spousal communication oh which is that they've changed the rules a little on that so um he's in jail Johnston Dale doesn't interview from jail and he says the the town the town feels safe now so I guess they're safe now is what he said um but he didn't think he said you know this is ridiculous I'm not this is crazy this isn't me yeah I'm a chomo less I'm not a murderer that's what I'm it listen I'm a fucking chomo not a murderer let me get this I'm a rapist yeah I'm a typically don't isolate that I'm a rapist I'm a terrible terrible person but god damn it do I draw the line at murder that is my moral compass does not go that far to the fucking southside holy shit for the trial he waves his right to a jury trial and instead opts for a three a three judge panel to decide the case I think his lawyers said look there's people that's gonna come on that stand and say that you fucked your stepdaughter and raped your stepdaughter you have pictures of your stepdaughter in very creepy weird calendar gun calendar fucking poses this is very creepy um a jury's gonna see that and not care about any of the evidence as a judge would separate that from the evidence so that's why they that's why they do that here we need on guys that have seen these cases and our seasoned vets that are not shocked by this let's just get there they're not going to be horrified their legal opinion rather than somebody doing this with their heart totally exactly that's what they're saying regular people are going to be very much swayed by yeah that sort of thing because who wouldn't you go Jesus Jesus come back so the prosecutors contend that that this was a jealousy thing that dail did this out of jealousy big fights over the footprints okay they made a plaster cast of the footprint the defense challenge of validity of the footprint first there'd been heavy rain during the period between when they disappeared in the discovery of the bodies also civilian search parties had walked all over the river bank for three days or four days and but the state said that the print was belong to dail but the plaster cast was sent to the FBI laboratory in Washington along with Johnston's boot okay okay the FBI evidence expert William Bodzack Bodziak he's testifies a trial that in his opinion the boot did not match the plaster cast so yes he also said that the casting was probably that of a barefoot print also like a barefoot footprint that's not a bare actual toes right there not a not a wringo right exactly so very interesting he also he sent the cast to Dr. Louise Robbins a North Carolina anthropologist who's done study on the analysis of barefoot footprints and they she said that the casting was indeed that of a boot print though she disagrees she said that the wear pattern show in the casting were similar to the wear pattern she is observed on the tracking taken from the inside soul of Johnston's boot so she says it's it's similar it's a boot and it's something like his yeah yeah it's she says it's his booth the FBI says it's not even a boots a fucking foot if you're deciding this to me that's a wash yeah you know what I mean I go well I don't I don't I'm not considering that evidence at all because I need to conclude that I don't yeah I don't need it muddy and gray this is not good because it wasn't even a defense expert that they you know the FBI guys that the prosecutors sent it to he said it wasn't that so you know it's tough um the they also said that the wear patterns from the inside of the brown suede shoes confiscated at the johnston home were similar to those found in a pair of a net's writing boots so they're saying those are a net shoes is what they said the state will claim that a net was wearing the brown shoes when she was murdered and the defense contains that the shoes had only been worn by Sarah not a net so there's a big deal with Michelle the the younger sister okay she is his main alibi Dale and um but she testifies that she heard Dale declare a net is dead 10 days before her body was found okay but when asked it when asked about it minutes later during the same testimony she couldn't recall whether her stepfather made that statement or not she knows she heard it yeah she's well also she's undergone psychiatric evaluation she's in therapy she's in all these things she's not doing well and she's not remembering things on the stand she's a 17 year old whose sister got slaughtered and is being put under tremendous pressure on a fucking witness stand to either put her stepfather in jail who her mother obviously doesn't want that to happen or have people think that she let the killer of her sister go free there's too much pressure on the skin for that that's a 17 year old and probably her best friend yeah um so yeah they they they that's they have that from her she also at one point says that Dale was with her that day then at the next time she says she's not sure then she's sure again then she's not sure again what do you do with that so then there's a hypnotized witness the police not on the stand but they got his information from hypnosis they used hypnosis to aid his memory here this is Steve Ryan here um he said that uh Ryan's employee of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency he said he saw the couple who he had met the week before walking along the Logan street that he was driving on on October 4th he said he saw a car stop abruptly at the curb next to the couple he said a man got out of the car ran around to a net and Todd cursed loudly said you know getting this fucking car and uh the man grabbed a net Johnson shoulder and shoved her toward the car and grabbed shults and threatened him with his fist now that's what they got out of hypnosis he said he initially withheld the description from the investigators and told them more than once a week that he had seen a man with or told them more than once that he had seen a man with shoulder length brown hair and a mustache get out of the car but the description of that was not mentioned during his trial testimony because that doesn't fit Johnston Johnson has short gray hair and his balding so his initial description doesn't match them so they the hypnosis though they made it match there so yeah that's a problem uh there they ask for a mistrial after the hypnosis witness with the judge allows it yeah so there's also an investigator here um during cross examination this guy said he left um he left the scene because he had become so badly disturbed by Logan investigators that in his view all the evidence collection value had been lost this guy is an investigator with this guy is an investigator with the Ohio bureau for criminal identification and investigation he's that's a very important title better than Logan whatever the fuck yeah and he's not impressed with the collection of this he's mad actually no he came to the burial scene and said he could only stay a few minutes because he was so disgusted with how badly they fought it off he said that he tried several times to pass leads about other possible suspects too that he found to the Logan police department uh detective James Thompson specifically the lead investigator but he said Thompson ignored all the information he gave him Thompson wants nothing to do with it we've got a good suspect we've got our guy yeah he also said he walked out of Thompson's interrogation of Johnston because he disagreed with Thompson's methods he said Thompson tried to get Johnston to explain blood stains on his boots when there wasn't any blood stains that this guy could see and that Thompson charged that Johnston's hands were cut but but this guy said there was no cuts on his fucking hands so his whole thing was I have things that didn't actually happen explain how they happened and Dale went that's not true and that you're never going to get the guy to crack on that shit you got to find pieces of truth that you can nail him with you're lying to him and that which is legal and fine yeah if you if you can't prove those lies just by looking at his own fucking hands yeah yeah Johnston uh they also said that John that that Thompson told Johnston to confess to quell the fear that the murders have raised like confess they'll make everyone feel better the defense to this whole thing isn't they have no evidence other than I'm a bad guy the defense is it was devil warshipers did it oh god don't do that yep they have an expert who they subpoena but don't call a witness by the way this is going to take the biggest left turn you've ever fucking seen in a minute here so hang in there everybody um not that this isn't crazy and interesting but holy shit is there a big turn coming so this guy says he was going to testify that the body parts were in seven graves a traditionally symbolic satanist number he said the graves and two blood patches former rough circle he said also the slangs occurred during the midnight of a new moon which is an important cultist requirement he said quote it was obvious to me this was a satanic killing and he said they don't know where the blood is I'm sure it's not just that they did it at the riverbank and it washed away in the river he said that they must have drank the blood as part of the ritual you son of a bitch yeah he said that he didn't think Johnston killed his stepdaughter and the enter fiance but that five or more of what he called dedicated totally perverse satanist did it probably said yeah probably seven it's a better number for them yeah yeah um so yeah he said it's that's that's it that's all there is to it man I mean I don't know what the hell these people are doing but they end up not calling him because Dale testifies himself and they thought Dale did well enough on the witness stand that they didn't have to call in the satan guy but a little more from the satan guy here by the way this guy's a history teacher at Columbus South High School at the time and he believes that a satan worshipper shot them left their bodies in the cornfield went to gather other cult members so they can have a midnight ceremony obviously that's what you got to what's got to yeah they said they found only a small bit of blood and he said that meant that obviously they've been dismembered elsewhere and they drank their blood clearly he said that also the crisp the cross-shaped wound eight by eight inches on Todd's chest he said quote satanist make the cross symbol over the victims gut or genital area um so he also said that smaller cuts were intended by the slayers as rays emanating from the cross they were drawn a picture on him yeah he said that the rays correspond to the stations of the satanic cross dedicated to the satanic trinity of Lucifer be alza bobb and ball so they have to do the stations of the cross man it's it's it's fucking and devil worship it's the same I mean honestly duh you know like now so he tells the newspaper this then they start talking to satanist groups who are going hey hey hey we're misunderstood fucking blame us for this shit yeah he said um they said no this is crazy they said it's not us that have to have animal participation sacrifices and all this type of shit they blame criminals and motorcycle club members um yeah he said who that's who's really doing a blame in and on us and he says also you're he said you're blaming us that's all it is he said yeah it's twisted caricatures and this is ridiculous silly you gotta look at the you gotta look at the Mongols and the and the Vietnam vets come on they do this not us sunny barges the biggest satanist ever so Johnston on the stand admitted some type of sexual contact with the net on one occasion when she was about 11 that's what he's a willing to admit in open court but he would not elaborate and the prosecutors didn't make him go into detail on it somehow they they just let that float in the air what is happening they didn't go exactly what happened asshole let's talk about that so this goes to the jury and they thought this is a because there's no real evidence obviously no physical evidence nobody's really seen them together none of it matches other than the hypnotized guy so they think that this is going to be like a long time of deliberations to come up with something but instead they come back in two and a half hours the three judges uh oh yeah three and a half or two and a half hours they say guilty of two counts of aggravated murder okay um sentencing same three panel judge panel is does the sentencing couple weeks later you sir may fuck off death in the electric chair death in the electric chair with that evidence with that evidence yeah death in the electric chair he sucks but holy shit you guys yeah yeah this is a tough one for us because oh boy you want to you don't want to defend the admitted child molester that's not who you want to defend but at the same time I mean you know something something but it's not something you know what I mean it's we are asking for death for child molesters so I understand that that's not what he's charged with no and now there's a new witness that comes out by the way after he's sentenced to death here she said she heard what sounded like shots and a girl's scream coming from the cornfield she said she didn't connect the screams to the death of the kids until after searchers found their torso uh she said she saw a boy and a girl late afternoon on October 4th 82 standing on the railroad tracks adjacent to the cornfield she described the couple as a girl with blonde shoulder length hair and a lanky youth with dark brown hair that's the two that's you know fits their description they said they were closely followed this is what she said that the boy and girl were closely followed by a taller adult male perhaps in his 40s the man had dark hair heavy brows a prominent chin in large ears he was wearing dark colored overalls and no eyeglasses now this does not describe Dale at all Dale wears glasses he can't see shit without glasses his hair is totally gray it's not brown he doesn't have heavy bread none of that it fits him he has a very angular face it doesn't work like that very detrimental to their yeah uh bodys are ready convicted she said I have seen the pictures in the paper of persons who testified at Dale Johnson's trial and have not recognized any of those pictures as being similar to the adult male on the railroad tracks she said that the man appeared to be smirking and the girl seemed angry and stomped her foot so this is we've heard that from a couple different people um yeah so um now he gets to death row Dale and uh here's a quote when you arrive they promise you a week or so of orientation I was stripped searched and shoved in with cell then they slammed the door that was my orientation to death row that's the doctor Dre out caclan welcome to death row and then the fucking tray day starts up that's how that goes that's that's the that's the chronic album so um he said that his cell had a bed bolted to the floor thin mattress pillow a toilet and a hand-based in a mirror he said we spent an average of 23 hours and 37 minutes a day in ourselves he said he found comfort in his bible and he kept up on world events by reading five daily newspapers so that's what he's doing there uh didn't say i'm sure the Columbus whatever the fucking local as well yeah give me a USA today i need some color in here he said that um he said he's critical of media reports to characterize him as a cold callous man he says the people who report stuff like that are full of uh full of prune juice you know what he means wow prune juice makes yeah it turns turns things into liquid poop and that's you he says this is a funny he says quote this experience has changed me forever well no shit you're on death row so that's the most obvious is that right sir is that right he said for one thing i have more compassion for others my faith in the Lord is much stronger because of this too so um how about the president you son of a bitch no no no no not if not if i think they're hot he doesn't interview with Columbus's WBNSTV as well yeah um which doesn't seem like a good idea but he does it um does this whole interview now Sarah Johnston she does a lot of interviews too by the way she divorces him when he gets sentenced to death yeah divorce is him you don't have to yeah yeah but i don't know if that's for property transfer to keep it away from being so he can't be sued and i don't know what it is but um she's still on his side though she said quote he wants people to know that he didn't do it he wants to be vindicated he'll never be satisfied until he finds out who killed his little girl yeah um he said he told me if they take me out tomorrow and shoot me i'm ready to die she said dales in prison but i'm in prison too they tried to push me to the edge i don't think of it i don't think about it if i did i'd go out of my gourd so out of her gourd she said that she got a job she had a school um or no she was going to a vocational school and uh she was in the restroom and her to young woman walk in saw her and turned around and left yelling to someone else don't go in there that murderer is in there that murderer is in there she said i've got either gotten used to it or maybe uh i lied to myself a lot but i try not to let things like that bother me now donald shultz tod's father said i'd like to be there when they fry him i'd get a great amount of satisfaction knowing that the last thing he saw was my smiling face yeah but um yeah there's there's there's some problems here um obviously 1986 the appeal comes around and they bring up the it's not the lack of evidence it's the fact that it's the fact that um they ignored some of his they they wrongfully wow illegally confiscated some of his clothes and the fact that they led a hypnotized witness testify that was one of their main witnesses to tie him there so the court orders a new trial the super state supreme court orders the conviction overturned and a new trial here so he remains on death row waiting to hear what the prosecutors are gonna do they don't then put them in a regular prison they keep him in death row so he says i mean if they let me out he goes i'll be without anything i got no family i have nothing i don't have any possessions he said all i'm left with his questions the only thing i do know is they weren't as that they weren't with me that night and i didn't kill him so he's and he's sticking to it he said i believed in law and order all my life but my beliefs been shattered by what has been done to me in Hawking County it was just a shabby cover up one falsehood after another everything i had whether it was a value or not is gone they can't give me back the years of my life they've taken away from me my daughter my wife our home our horses our style of life none of it can be replaced um October 1989 the court has to decide what will we let in on a new trial it's the pre-trial stuff they're not letting in the hypnotized stuff they're not letting in any of the actual evidence that you could make a murder case that out of they have nothing so may 11th 1990 they have to let him out of jail they have nothing they can't charge him they let him out they don't dismiss the charges though they're still hanging they just let him out so he's like holy shit he gets out and um he says the way i see it i have an obligation on obligation to my friends my family and the people of Hawking County to use every legal means possible to find out who killed a net and Todd that's right he said i can't go home to Logan because that part of my life is over i'm sort of drifting here and there not putting down any roots oh that's good to know there's a an admitted child molester drifting and not putting down any roots just wandering around from elementary school to elementary school the police who believed in me before still believe in me and that keeps going the people not the police my life has changed totally before all this happened i was a semi-retired carpenter who worked when he felt like it i had a family riding horses and a 53 acre farm in the most beautiful restful spot on earth but i've lost everything i don't even have the tools of my trade without his tools and a truck a carpenter can't do much carpentry he says his friends are giving him financial aid but he said it's hard he goes my entire life i've been a shy private person i mind in my own business and expect others to do the same god damn it so uh uh yep he said it's difficult and the whole thing's hard and he's going to try to find the real killers he said he was i was railroaded pure and simple the police and others needed escape goats so they could protect whoever it was who killed those kids i was an outsider not one of those good old boys who hung around the bars in town so i was a licking oh my god yeah he said they all got together like and got the picture you know you belong in that prison just not all the size just in a different tier that's all different tier so yeah he said that once the trial began he realized that he'd be convicted he said that's the way they are the the Hawking County officials are they made a big mistake they thought my conviction would end it they thought when the trial is over my attorney would shake my hand tell me sorry Dale but we did the best we could and that would be that but my attorneys didn't quit we kept at it and he said that my great great great he said my great great grandfather homesteaded in Hawking County dammit and i'm right god damn it i'm not gonna know god damn con sharn it and something gonna make me leave know how he did the blazing saddles yeah then he said he doesn't hold it against the people of Logan he said a majority of them are good decent godfaring people they've been as much a victim of this whole thing as me and my family you asshole he's a bit of an asshole um so yeah he says i'm it's still a semi-open murder case because a murder weapon has never been found only 15 to 20 weapons out of the thousands fit the category that was used in that murder and the cops said it isn't like we work this case every day or anything like that but if a lead develops we'll check it out um yeah so Dale says someday he knew he'd get out though which is crazy to think that um he said though i won't quit until the real killers are brought to trial okay yeah um now Todd's parents said this doesn't shame shit for them they think he did it um Todd's father said yeah the one who wants to watch him die while smiling said i can't tell you how angry i am i'm real mad at the system it'd be very fitting if a garbage truck ran him over but then i feel sorry for the truck driver yeah so i've been applying it all garbage details around here yeah his Todd's mom said quote i'm still in shock i'm afraid to leave the house not because of him but because i'm afraid i'll run into somebody who thinks he's innocent i just don't think i could take that so she said i saw him on tv last night and he kept saying he wants to get out so he can find the real murder i guess they don't allow mirrors in prison sheriff said he's not innocent either the sheriff said this is bullshit he goes now sheriff Jones here he said yeah we had the right man but dude will flaw in the law he was released from jail not due to your shoddy police work right you yeah nothing yeah nothing um so yeah 1994 finally uh twelve years after this um Sandra Schultz to this is right after that twelve years after the murder she said i have a feeling god is ruling here we know uh we know dail oh no this is Sandra Schultz we know dail killed them and even though justice may not come in this life it will come it will come and dail says the same thing he says i just want justice i want to clear my family name now they introduce another killer into this scene a guy named William Wickline two months before the bodies of our people here and that and Todd were discovered a wickline murdered a young columbus couple chris and peggy lurch chris lurch had ripped off uh it was ripped off had ripped off wickline in a drug deal and peggy lurch was killed to eliminate a witness wickline is on death row at this point and they're trying to connect him to these killings as well but they don't have any evidence obviously all they know is that he robbed a a drug store about 20 miles from Logan once so maybe that's why so that's 1994 14 years go by 2008 member Kenny Lin Scott the guy by the cornfield calling yeah going yeah the lurker who called and said any progress anybody yeah well he's talking to his probation officer and his probation officer starts prodding him about a couple of things and he says we killed the kids he admits to the whole thing what yep he is arrested who's we and he said it was me who by the way Lin Scott's 47 at the time he was 21 at the time of the murder he said it was me and Chester W. Mcnight known to friends and police alike as quote Chester the molester stop it oh yeah Chester the molester is around and they don't talk to him he was 24 and 82 uh-huh let me give you a quote from Chester here quote oh boy I was born March 2nd 1958 this is about his dad and he left in April something of 1958 so he didn't stick around too long after I was born so you know I never knew my dad I seen him once in my whole life and I was at the Lebanon correctional institution and I was 33 years old and he expected me to call him dad and I told him look I don't need a daddy I was doing six to 15 years in prison and I don't need a dad boy now his neighbors remember him as more when he was a kid like a goofy kid it's just a goofy kid you fall down all the time one of his neighbors called him quote Chester was a short fat jolly boy maybe he was a little stupid but he laughed a lot a short fat stupid boy a short fat dumb dumb and yep but he started drinking when he was a kid I got arrested for underage drinking and he said I was just going along with the teens to be their designated driver I wasn't drinking he was lazy all the time um according to his ex-wife usually he just lay on the couch and watch TV I couldn't ever even get him to mow the damn lawn she's a fuck he started doing a lot of drugs and shit like that um she said that uh has his usage increased his mood swings would be terrible they said practically anything could trigger his outbursts which included cursing shrieking throwing objects around the house she did say she never did hit me though um which I don't know that's interesting unstable fella yeah she says when he was on drugs he was happy but when he was off he was a holy tire now he's got convictions over the last 30 years well let's see here abduction philonia s assault uh in portuning whatever the fuck that is attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor pandering obscenities involving minors pandering sexual materials involving minors all of that hand making rsx faster no shit in portune um thank you november third 1983 chester commits this is why why this is very similar um he pulled a knife on a college girl who was walking the railroad tracks in Nelsonville pulled her down the railroad embankment intending to rape her however she was quick and escaped and ran away and identified she couldn't he's a short fat jolly guy couldn't catch up to her he had to pick someone on the track team yeah he had to pick someone on the track team because he's a dumb dumb so he pleaded guilty to a charge of abduction and an 84 was sentenced to three to 15 years in in prison however he qualified for shock probation and was released after serving six months of a sentence um he was his five year term of parole was terminated to what the fuck yep his probation officer said he no longer needed supervision he was good now so six months yep then September 12th 86 a 19 year old female student at Hawking College in Nelsonville was um taking a shortcut by walking the tracks to campus on her way to a final exam and um she passed a shortman standing near the trestle bridge where the tracks go through a city park you know a troll um right the exchange degrading and even though they didn't know each other she said hi he said hi after she passed him she started to walk faster and heard his footsteps um then she heard the words say good night baby and Chester swung a tire iron and struck her in the head oh my god but she had turned around and the blow didn't completely knock her out because it kind of caught her on the top of the head Chester grabbed her arm but she was able to pull away and escape she went to the hospital reported it and uh a week later he ends up uh he ends up uh you know being arrested with the charge of felonious assault um he said well your honor I'm sorry this had to happen I just lost it which you know I'm drug dependent anyway seems like I can't go a day without you know anything I have blackouts you know when I get so high things you know I just lose track oh boy now um they get him in there and they go hey Chester do you kill these kids and he went I did yeah I did it oh my god yeah he said a heavy weight has been lifted from his shoulders by this is that right yep uh the cops said they were skeptical because you know they can't be wrong obviously but then the Hawking County Sheriff's Office said quote he came in and talked to me for a little while and he kind of had doubt and everything and I told him to call the sheriff's office and see if there was a double murder and they found two victims in the corn field and in the Hawking River so he did and came back and said they'll be up to see you Monday and when I did that it was just a million pound weight lifted off my shoulders and everything it was just a whole different feeling wow he's just wanted to tell yeah they said well why didn't he come forward till 26 years later he said a lot of soul searching mostly tried tired of running and hiding and you know an innocent man was still being blamed for the whole thing and I felt that you know it was time to come forward I mean innocent of that yeah um so they fuck uh they said that what ended up happening was Cooper uh or just uh um that's her whatever um uh Johnston uh Annette and Todd visited the home of Kenneth Lynn Scott to buy some weed is his story and the his family was just very angry that anyone says that he was going to buy weed but that's what everybody says and he's a 19 year old kid who cares 40 years ago so who cares yeah it doesn't matter it wasn't doing anything that wrong it's stupid so they said that McKnight was also inside the home and another guy named Kevin Tex Myers who has been died since then um they were all there I guess they um uh Tex Myers had been making sexual advances toward Annette god damn it now the couple seem to have been at um I guess they left the house under the pretext of partying with Lynn Scott and Chester McKnight McKnight though the whole time had planned to rape Cooper and kill and kill Todd if Todd objected to it a rape Annette he's already in yeah he's like I'm a rape I'm a rape her and if he has a problem with it I'll just kill him so um he said that um it was a party is what he said that day he said every day it was a party day this is Chester he said how I knew he got high I knew he drank who didn't talking about uh Todd he said it was like me going over there to see what was going on to go to the party house and there were a few people there drinking smoke and you know so I just joined in I went in and started to party with him and everything just started working out real well he said though Tex there was spoiling the atmosphere so he kept trying to come on to Annette so Chester the molester said in an attempt at gallantry and an attempt of impressing Annette he said that he told this guy to stop but I guess Tex wouldn't stop so Chester pulled out a 22 and put it to Tex's head at that point Tex took off he left okay is that a gun put to his head so the four of them Mcnight Lynn Scott and Nat and Todd go down to the river to party and smoke weed um Mcnight will say Chester the molester will say then one thing led to another and yeah so they wanted to go party by the river bank and one thing led to the other he said that he made sexual advances toward Annette which made Todd angry quote and then things got out of hand here's his quotes of the whole thing I just finished my beer this is about Tex too is how he confronts Tex I just finished my beer and so I thought that I would go into the kitchen and fix me a double shot of Jack and a beer I mean when you're done with your when you're done with your beer you got to have a reload here a double and a beer yeah he said he saw Tex and Annette and they seemed to be arguing he said he thought he had ties to Annette but on the day it happened he was over at Kenny's and that after a while I was watching him slither around like the bug that he was talking about Tex I say describes it he said when Tex looked at Annette the lust was obvious he said quote I seen his eyes get that gleam in him and like he wanted a herder so he said he asked if there was a problem um Chester said that Annette maybe should leave and she did Tex got mad threatened Chester um Chester said that you're going to pay for what you did and Chester pulls out his gun puts it to his head and he says you want to see how this works get lost and um he that he also says quote I was ready to put him down because I was trying to impress her for taking by taking up for now um as they started to leave Todd and Annette Chester said you want a party a little more Todd said sure and that was like not really but she said okay so they walked down the embankment she's behind them looking a little pissed off so they left um Kenny called back um uh this uh Lin Scott called back to whoever else lives there and said we're taking off to get more beer and um that's his wife and he said I couldn't I couldn't figure out why they were walking to get beer there wasn't any place to buy beer within walking distance but there was a car in the parking space why did they just take the car so they walked down the alley they do all that type of shit they stopped in the tracks to light up a joint um but I guess something made Chester stop he says we was just going to party some more I mean you know there were some people out there in the back yards and stuff and you know we just didn't want to be seen so they went to the cornfield uh they'd have more privacy as what they said Chester tried to keep a going he said quote I was sitting around kind of teasing Annette how cute she was and you know after all we smoked a couple of joints I asked Annette if maybe she was looking for some fun when she said no that's when I tried to make her feel guilty about me saving her from text like you owe me I deserve a blow job in front of your boyfriend because I just stopped a man from flirting with you fucking he said wow he said we was just talking joking around and then the joke and start to get serious and that's when start to get more hectic now um he said that his idea was to pull a train he wanted everybody should fucking that is what he said so Todd got angry um said no and I guess Todd tried to physically stick up for for for Annette and think of the fuck away from me and tried to kind of start a far a party and a party and a party and um Chester said quote I just said to hell with it I pulled the gun out and shot him and she started screaming so I shot her oh my god he said I guess I can say the drugs and alcohol kind of did the thing inform me I just kind of flew off the handle I always carried a gun a 22 caliber he said that um Todd was shot six times and then Annette was shot as well Chester um they decided they couldn't leave the two dead bodies there so they went back to the house to get some tools then they drag the corpses through the cornfield holy shit um they then strip them so they could dismember them though not before Chester masturbated over Annette's dead body what of course yeah why not um he called it a rush from seeing her body he said quote this is disgusting quote it was a really it was really a waste of a good piece of meat is what he said what the fuck man um yeah um he said the action to dismember he goes that wasn't because I wanted to dismember me just I just wanted to be harder to find the bodies he said also though quote I didn't just kill them but I took it to the steps of a mad man I butchered them that's what he said you jerked off over a child man now she's an adult at that point but a dead adult I don't care if she's 80 she's a fucking adult that's or she's a dead it doesn't matter if what it's gross yeah she's still a child of my mind too so she's he said Kenny held the limbs the limbs while Chester cut them off they tossed a torso's in the river there were more cutting wounds on Todd's body than Annette's part of that was due to the difficulty in carving him up he said quote I was just I was getting tired that's what he said he said though he was especially angry at Todd because if Todd had just been more accommodating maybe they could have all had some sex and nobody would have had to die as he said yeah they shocked him he cut off Todd's penis and stuffed it in Annette's mouth as well just because he thought that was fine oh my god yeah he said when it was over it was over he left the area left all of that he told Kenny to take care of the rest he claims not to know how the bodies became buried in the cornfield he said Kenny just fucking did it all himself yeah I oh my I would hate him so much if he left me with that kind of job to do then he said quote this is Chester the molester I've been thinking about that ever since it happened really it was on a whim really it was on a whim they said is this because you were you was like a humiliation thing with women they're trying to find the psychological thing and he said it's possible you know we can all speculate who knows I'm crazy I'm just kind of wacky so he was serving a prison sentence for unrelated convictions anyway so he's indicted on four counts of aggravated murder two for each victim two of the counts alleged the murders were committed with prior calculation and design while two committing while two were committing or attempting to commit rape as well so he's got a fucking this is a disaster at this point time so the court comes up he pleads guilty Chester does says what he does you sir may fuck off two life sentences hey stick around while when Scott pleads guilty to because he testifies against Chester he was the catalyst for all is he pleads guilty to abuse of a corpse what he is released from jail in less than 10 months less than 10 months are you fucking kidding me oh my god he's he's just I mean they don't solve this without him so I get it but Jesus fuck at least maybe five years 10 years what he oh damn 10 months like 10 years 12 12 to 15 some nope Chester and prison said that yeah he regrets it he said quote I would have never come forth if I didn't I would have just left it the way it was because my out date was two thousand seventeen he's like I was almost out of prison he said yeah he said hearing about the pain and suffering he caused really wears on him he said matter of fact the whole city of Logan was really up in arms they didn't know what was going on matter of fact they changed Halloween you know it's nothing to laugh about and I'm 54 years old and I caused a lot of shit yes I did and it's time to put it all the rest you know I can't bring back the two victims only thing I can do is buy my time being incarcerated I apologize to the Schultz family and I apologize to Dale Johnson and his wife and everything but I'm just glad they didn't request a death penalty like the citizens of Logan's did Dale because I was expecting to go to the trial and for them to not even try to make a plea bargain my attorneys talked to the prosecutors and the prosecutors talked to the Todd family and everything and I just thank God they didn't treat me like the people of Logan treated Dale for this that's because they don't have any evidence except him talking and if he stops talking they have no other corroborating evidence so you take a plea and they're happy to get the plea out of them so holy shit he said wow this is wild quote I was just like a cloud floating in the sky but now I want to be a cloud floating in the sky now I want to be known as a person that shows respect you know and I get also get respect from the corrections officers and other inmates they've got other things to worry about than me causing trouble or anything because a dorm holds 226 people and you know I look at it this way if I could just stay out of the way that's one less person that they've got to worry about he said he's trying to be a positive influence on younger inmates he said it's like this I tell him I've done ruined my life that's what he says they don't need to go out and do the same stuff hang out with the people they hung around it's time to change friends it's time to change locations and they have to and they have to do and everything because this place ain't it this ain't the place to be no shit it's prison not the place to be holy hell what is wrong with this guy he said my life was a disaster I've been drinking since nine he said like my grandma like my grandfather always said I always just pissed in the wind pissing in the wind it's a that's a that's a different pop seeker song piss in the wind piss in every hill billy colloquialism he's got them all absolutely he does he said I had an uncle when I was growing up well he's told me I was never going about to nothing I guess he's right he is up for parole in 2037 when he's 79 years old when he 79 but he says he's he's knows he's not getting out for this he said quote don't worry I'm not getting out I probably won't even make it but I mean you know I've been in and out of prison most my life and it's just like my attorney told the Columbus dispatch I'll end up dying in here yeah um you carved up two children you son of a bitch you what the fuck man dude I mean the good news as he did expose a child molester to entire community that's true but the problem is he's made us he's made us root for a child molester yeah what your words don't care for that I just don't care for that sir I'll be real fucking honest with you here so what you it's never mind me too yeah I don't care what you've done to the rest of the world I don't like what you've what you've turned us into not cool you made me feel bad for a man who hurts children you son of a bitch oh god damn it because it's like well I mean he didn't cut their arms off I guess like what a right Jesus this the parsing you have to do when dealing with cases like this you know he left children alive to go deal with the cause cause damage that he's doing but yeah still a piece of shit no shit so 2013 Kenneth Lynn Scott dies so good he died at the uh hockey free man oh free man Hawking County Valley Community Hospital then the word prison isn't in there anywhere so yeah um uh the author of the book by the way the book that I was reading some parts of especially the description of the murder talking to Chester that's a lot of out of the book that is called guilty by popular demand and it's by Bill Ossinski so Bill Ossinski there um he Bill Ossinski the author said it's a shame that Lynn Scott took his lies to the graves with him because he said that uh he seemed to pride himself on beating the system with and with some good reason he got away with murder for more than 25 years sure did yeah and then did six months and got out right so now Johnston wants to sue the state for being in fucking done death row for years at this point and uh yeah this is the assistant attorney general saying quote Johnston already unsuccessfully brought a wrongful imprisonment action arising out of his criminal convictions this case seeks to do over um and uh the Johnson's attorney Johnston's attorney calls it a monstrous inequity that happened that we need to correct uh Johnston was wrongfully imprisoned and that he it's necessary to preserve the reputation for justice that the Ohio courts have elsewhere earned that's what they said so he's working around as a construction worker and later as a handyman and by this point he's in his 80s um yeah in 2010s he was living quietly with his new wife Roberta on a two acre plot uh he's a big garden he said if i'm able to get everything that the state says i'm allowed to have that's still an insult when you figure what i was lost what i lost yeah yeah it's also you also diddle the kids so right more than that so you probably should have been in prison for a while anyhow that's the thing they should have they should have gone well i mean yeah not you should get a few bucks for serving it on death row and not in prison but they should have said yeah like that amount of time in prison is about right for fucking a kid no you what do you think Dale well what do you say we make a deal and call it even on on that when you molested a child you bastard so 2020 and by the way the governor in 2017 kept trying to fight wrongfully in prison people getting money they was not up for that at all it's like no if you if you put someone away for years you owe them something i'm sorry that's just that's crazy scumbag or not that's yeah yeah you got to get that shit right yeah you got to get that right and you know what with the motivation forgetting it right is getting sued for millions of dollars is the way you go let's get this shit right yeah that's that's a check out a balance that's both of those check to balance your shit now in 2020 the this Ohio there's a fun that gives out money to exonerated people in 2020 they gave out more than 4.8 million to eight exonerated Ohioans who collectively served 87 years in prison wow Dale Johnston who served obviously six years on death row and then more time in prison he got $775,000 in 2020 for to eight he got the lion's share he got a bulk of the money yeah I think because he was on death row probably that's yeah that's it was only eight of them so eight times it's close yeah that's the half a million per death row get you a couple extra bucks probably yeah so Chester the molester from what I can understand is still in jail and still alive Kenny's dead text Myers is dead the guy tried to rape and that initially uh Dale I couldn't find an obituary farm but he was 48 1982 so that would make him a solid 90 right now or an 89 90 years old 89 now he was 42 that was 40 years ago 42 80 yeah that would yes that would make 80 years old 82 years old so he's from what I understand he's still alive I haven't been able to find an obituary for him so 800,000 dollars for an 80 year old man is pretty good money he's probably gonna last a while it's not yeah that's not too shabby he can put that into it um I don't know whatever happened to Michelle I do know that the younger sister I do know that Sarah and that's mother was eventually uh I don't know for how long which she ended up in a psychiatric institution for a while kids killed husband put in jail is that everybody she can't go to the bathroom without people going don't go in there the murderers are there meanwhile she lost her kid which is terrible but she also acknowledged over time that she said the cops told her that hey you're still on the line for a bunch of shit so don't fuck with us because you're on the on the hook for a bunch of you covered up his molesting and you're a part of this and that so you know hey don't make us come for you so either way that is why we had to go back to Logan Ohio we rarely do it um but that's why we had to go back to it because have you heard a crazier story recently that is bonkers no so that was 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going to talk about something is just very fun um think your team sucks Jimmy's a Bronco span it was a bad year for them last year while they weren't nearly for a man yeah not nearly as bad as the 76 and 77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers who started out their franchise going oh and 26 and uh it's a mess we'll find out why did you pick cream sickle looking uniforms why did you pick some some dude winkin at me and like what's going on here what what were you thinking how did this disaster happen on the side of your helmet Jesus the lost village persons on there we have all of that and more for that episode then for small town murder we're going to talk about something that's been requested so much jody arias and we we both lived in phoenix when that happens so we got an ass full of it I've read several books on it and have tons of details of exactly how big of a fucking liar she is it's amazing she's an annoying liar too she is I don't know what you're talking about and it's like you do you just said it so yeah so we'll talk about jody arias and the murder that she committed and everything like that that is slash crime and sports and uh you will also get a shout out at the end of the show just in one second though because first we also want to say yes your stupid opinions is coming out thank you people have been asking us we appreciate you asking us because we want you to be into it yeah it is coming out we had some business stuff to take care of and we have a couple other things we're working on that we had to we had to get everything under control before we could start a new entity here so it's coming in the next few weeks at some point we'll definitely let you know a couple weeks out when it's coming out exactly and uh you know all that kind of thing so your stupid opinions keep an eye out there that said jennie hit me with the names of the people who are so goddamn fantastic that even if even if they got away with it they would admit to a murder 26 years later just uh just to clear the air jennie hit me with the list right now this week's executive producers are Vanessa Gill happy birthday Vanessa we'll see you in sandy a go that'll be great i can't wait uh vinaera bun vanaera bun uh uh bond cool name nevertheless names boon who knows kelly false some pan shuts up and uh shuts up for murder nolden nick pipher and jason lumbly thank you guys so much for everything you're you're truly wonderful honestly thank you other producers this week are principal woodman lary birds dumb mustache wwe all-time great the shock master and hos fun uh also that's dory func dory func junior right there he's fantastic that's what he is boss buddy hotly paton meadows dov david david burnhard barnhardt uh quinn lawson's girlfriend isabel happy birthday christy green tray volcan art tray holy shit it's been a minute since we've seen you uh eros whiskey and tequila centennial kennels in uh ontario i believe jannis hill alan hunkan brit oh matt brit and the the kramansports and small summer fantasy phase fantasy facebook no football what grew fantasy football facebook league how did fb turn into facebook in my head forever now it's over it's never gonna be football yeah shit that's football yeah uh terabates low i wrote down uh ffb to like remind myself what that is and so it's fantasy facebook group now uh lola godiva happy birthday lola ricky store Joshua estenosa loren atoms uh larry pulsed in juneard Voldemort's nipple map Bennett jolissa parasa parasa uh yeah trisha diamond lora kehil john wernkey will katheryn Palmer holly vera very alley that i don't know if that's right nicole johnson sarah kawt corsel uh shana goodwin hailey johnson andy with no last name jesica with no last name jesica burtalusky yep uh Cody Murray clay paisley the blind mombo Rachel Davis sarah jane goodyry gweedry uh it's probably goody uh jit it's spelled like guido with dry at the end uh day i get like ron getry oh getry sarah that's what it is deanna nicole nicole day on day on day on a day on a nicoleva tuesday Coleman yeah that's not right that's probably it maybe it is but more a giri morgan unreal i question myself morgan a giri or a guyer i'm not sure uh luke piercin ellie with no last name wendy wood yep x lori simmons uh Amanda Hodges airin phillinworth phillinworth jordan kennedy uh Mary bone bomi maybe i don't know uh sherry would no last name jesse smitt julie hawkins chase and page collins Amanda Shaw Kimberly smith willame willame kazavik kazana ve kelly h brian murg uh shon kalehan daniel daniel daniel pures just in roth heather caccus caccus cacces i don't know uh jennifer port of brandy muffery huffrey humpfrey muffery what smithy smithy no last name janathan nope that's just john colamer colamer ba paul teresfield catherin patraciasa patria patarica sharyl ulson yeah that mat borland july richi shella aerns arns david dugan brianna with no last name kate hinds dwayne grain kreg well uh tasha with no last name selena mamell jones paton tanker sleigh uh lacy laceter timothy oman uh shon peckum stacey costello david allover amanda heredity heredia uh spencer 24 45 27 45 i can't even read numbers james what's the point of this uh kacy calm a was on toe bill luis megan pashin melanie humpfrey uh kiko aiko aib amber with no last name kailo kail kailu po nal dillin with no last name weston morris crystal with no last name leesa cia strand uh tto jam is my jam jennifer kikoloni kikol kikol cica cica cilini yeah you got that cicolini chicol jor jane with no last name dan joron becker andria oh strander uh Stephanie Adams brandy dar christy watson monaco no last name kendra davis wade 31 britney with no last name ryan slikting shlick a shlick a shlickting uh king flippy nips what lee with no last name marie sangester sangester superclat cal fragilistic that one you know the word supercal fragilistic xd alidosis i think i can say that now i can't per any colossal mu cow eight uh christine lake k lani bowers uh carl dead man care uh kendra lynch carol and halfner james de de raimes ryan wallstein uh ryan mat rozel kretchen w fill gibson toney twiti bret denardi ashley skinner k armstrong nat southwick brian sbeerin uh yacresti yacrest modifier ok linden uh linda pinnick uh chris with no last name devin mclofflin molissa heli mariah hill ryan best best folk christen and tom prybot hairy hairy where tie bolt with no last name what is that tie bolt and also prybot is that right david carol i don't know one dumb ho all right beth joy daniel dorkin chena well house victimeo gigi with no last name jenifer samler bridgett and and learned and learned adlin air and elise bartson west with no last name michael cronger uh shannon stores regular sized mom silver roses 66 oscar hernandez hello magpie jesse cooms shall be with no last name molly ma graph mike drisco nick young amanda f ashley johnson hidey amandola rosalie willard jr ryan stacey jean peat oh john maybe jean it's jean peaterson randie morgan poly butterfield 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