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Twice the takeover

Twice the takeover

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 11:00

SUDS Episode – It’s not twice as entertaining, but it is a double brewery takeover with Ever Grain Brewing Company and Imprint Beer Company. You should take note to not combine beer and a discussion of geography. See if you can guess the % of body hair involved with each of these beers. A good flight with a range of beer styles.

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On the next episode of Sip Suds & Smokes, we're gonna do a double-brie takeover. The Evergreen Brewing Company and Imprint Beer Company beers that we'll be trying today, our......vorebizia Italian-style pylfner. Pravisima. Pravisima. From Evergreen. From the Divine Company. The Lulu French style stays on, also from Evergreen. And the final one from Evergreen is the......everything is better with beer. And then the ones that we're having from Imprint Beer Company are the two IPA, the three to the third power, or three cubed power. The three to the third power is a cubed triple-dry-hap. Oh, it's a triple-dry-hap triple IPA. Plus a couple of bonus beers if we have time. We'll be right back after this break. Brought to you almost live from the dude in the basement studios. Why? Because that's where the good stuff is. It's six suds and smokes with your smoke and host the good ol' boys....suds, suds, suds. It's time for more suds. Hi! Whoa! Did you like this video? I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. You like that? Yeah, I did. I want to pull you in. I want you to feel comfortable. This is another sud segment where we really take your very serious. Yeah, very serious. Very serious. Very serious. And that's why most of our shows aren't very funny. It's because we're so focused. Yes. And we're so in the zone. It's not the crappy ride. And there are no squirrels around at all. Crazy tall. That is because Dave's in like 90% of them. Yeah. Sarah's leg. Sarah's leg. I'm one of your hosts, G'dalcao Juliana. And joining me at this esteemed table today is G'dalboy Caperton. You steam this. Steam table. Steam punk. Steam punk. Steam punk. It's a fresh, it's a healthy way to prepare punk. It is. Yes. The pores are clean. Yeah, it's between a logger and an ale. Hello. Good to buy Sparky. Hi. Thanks once again for having me as part of my federal work release program. Yes. This helps to certify all of my credits. He has an ankle monitor. Don't let us forget to sign your paper for the rest of the thing you don't live near a school. We're all about helping the government here. Yes. My court appointed podcast. Can you validate my parking? That'll come later. Good boy Tim. Hi. Tell me to do not do your homework. Hi. It's a habit me. No, he did do his homework. That's why it's been court appointed that he'd be here. Didn't know the photos for you from a chrome. No, I'm not down with homework. Aren't you at school long enough? Just not your thing. Yeah. It's like a job. Like you have your time of my time and I get my time. Sure. You're above the homework. You know what's to keep working? I'm separated. Yeah. Exactly. Just keep the schoolwork at school. Work life balance. Good boy Dave. Hi. Now that he looks like I would pick you for success. Ouch. Really? Fair enough. I mean, not wrong. I include myself in it. True fair enough. Well you know what? We're here with the bar set low and we're going to rise above the expectations. We're getting on trip right over it. Yeah. And you can't judge a book by its cover. Correct. Okay. Unless it's a dirty book. Unless it's like mine comp. I think we know what's going to go on in that book. 50 Shades of Grey. Pretty sure. You can judge a leg on that one. Yeah. It's crazy figure right now. Yeah. Neckronoma cone. Can you judge a beer by its can art? It's a serious question. Oh. I mean, you do. I do. You do. I do. Yeah. Just like wine labels. Yeah. And then sometimes you're disordered. Remember the brown note. Yeah. Oh man. Against the green. Yeah. It's the worst. Okay. You have a lot of else. Super fatter. Yes. Yes. We did. What about Kentucky Fried chicken with the feathers? I mean, I never got that one. Oh, we had a bottle. And it shed. Yeah. Wow. Oh, yeah. Had actual feathers. I like that. It was tart and feather. I was like a whamper than feather. Yeah. It was a thing. Yeah. Okay. Marketing. I don't get that anymore. Yeah. Oh, you don't get that. That's, you know, like, one shintering動. I'm like, I'm like, Oh, you no点 $05,ей, I want to sleepide with my four NADs in the house. Oh, I don't get no snow. I have a feeling I'm fine with that better for up three days. No more snow. Mine! Mine? Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. that don't know, I am a proud card caring member of that state. So where did you never talk about it? Mm-hmm. Yeah. And if you've listened to this show for a while, you know, I love showcasing new breweries from my home state. So I happened to be in Lancaster and went to a really cool package shop. And while I was there, I was introduced to these two breweries that we're going to talk about. Evergreen from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, which is near Harrisburg or county seat. An imprint beer company from Hatfield, PA, not Hatfield and McCoy, for those of you Southern boys that are thinking that. It was like a no Hatfield. Right. But Hatfield, your land's day, which... So even more inbreeding. No. Oh, shot. Good old land's day. Is that mining country still? Flightly less. Is that like Centralia? How would you compare the whole of the place? It's just north of Philadelphia. It's more the dinosaurs' world. And the land's day exit for me on the turnpike, coming from Wilkesbury to Philadelphia. It was always the last one before I got to Valley Forge and I always got excited because then I knew I was in Philly. Yeah. OK. So quick shot out to the beer and beverage shop in Lancaster because they were very, very helpful. Helps folks. Is it down here? We say Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. Lancaster. All right. Good old boy Dave. Why don't you tell us a bit about these two breweries? Here comes the reader. Here we go. All right. For imprint, it was established in 2018. We craft unique and creative beers from Hazey IPAs to lusciously thick stouts to mind melting-fruited sourds. My brain is melting. Our Hatfield tasting room now open to everyone except McCoy's for onsite pours is directly adjacent to our 15 barrel quality tank solutions brewhouse. Like a nice name drop. We offer beers, heart-seltzers, and coffee to go. It feels so chill. Yeah. It's from our Hatfield brewery and our potstown. I bet I know what they sell in potstown. Potstown. Potstown. There's an older brewery in potstown, right? Good day. I think so. Good. It's been around for a second. Where's that pot spill? I don't know about here. Anyway, we recently co-developed a dedicated and exclusive food program. Uh, Cantina Robo serves Rambo. I think gastropub form with flair. What? What? Fair with flair. Fair with flair. Fusion street tacos, eclectic flatbreads, gastronomic sandwiches. That sounds like my stomach. I was sad that it wasn't an appetizer. Check us out at appetizers. You can't even Okay. Nothing ever grain. Looking to embark on a new adventure. Lifelong friends, Norman Larry. Norman Larry. It's a great lifelong friend. They say like two guys who would be friends forever because no one is like that. I like these guys already. They're in the doors, uh, to Evergreen Brewing Company in Camp Helpe A in 2016. Why a brewery? Well, why the hell not? Their friends would ask, well, the new adventure had to connect the things that inspired them most. Community, uncapped creativity, and of course beer. The Norman Larry dream, they dream big. That's an all caps for big. Big, big. Now you can enjoy their vision in their 10,000 square foot tap room and sip on beers straight from the 20 hectaliter brew house. 20 barrels. 20 barrels. Thank you. With an open floor plan, guests can view the brew house and all its shining glory while sipping on a pint of the 75 foot at the 75 foot bar. Complete. The string lights, Germans, well, they went all out with the string lights. All right. Good job. You guys are so realistic. You guys are so realistic. German style picnic tables have they exposed any wood and two garage doors to bring in fresh air and sunshine. Refine rustic. The tap rooms atmosphere is warm and inviting. The farm at our privately owned farm. This is another people's farm and we'll be featuring 100% oak from in now. Okay. Now they're really getting into some here. 100% oak fermented culture and lambic style beers along with storing and creating hundreds of barrels and beers. We will also be growing and producing an assortment of local ingredients such as vegetables, fruit and marijuana. Oh, I'm sorry. That says honey. To utilize in our daily operations and brewing process, there is no marijuana growing at their farm. That we are aware of. In case there are any federal officials. Not to much. No, I'm just kidding. What kind of fun. Good job Larry and Norm. Yeah. Yeah. That's cool. Thank you, dream or reality. That was evergreen, right? I got right. The other one is imprint. imprint. And they have some really cool can artists. We will get to that. Oh, I'm sorry. We will spoil the room. Yes, yes, speaking can art. Okay, good boy Tim. Why don't you give us today's lineup. Yeah, Tim. Oh, yeah, sure. The Evergreen Brewing Company and imprint beer company beers that we'll be trying today. Our, the vorbezier Italian style pylpner. Pravissima. Pravissima. From Evergreen Company. From Fanta. The, I don't speak French or Italian. The next one is French. The, the, the Lou Lou French style says on. Also from Evergreen. And the final one from Evergreen is the, everything is better with beer. Nice pun there. See what they did there? Yeah, that's pretty solid. Yeah. Get a little click, click. I give you that one. I give you that one. There it is. And then the ones that we're having from imprint beer company are the two IPA. Two is in the number two. Oh, that's not a number two. Three to the third power or three cubed power. Oh, yeah, sorry. I messed up on that. The three to the third power or the cubed triple dry. Oh, it's a triple dry, how triple IPA? It's a big three and a little three. How did you screw that up? Well, a tree tree. Math. It's been a second since I class. Yeah, and I guess that's actually the old all that work out. How big is a heck to leader? Yeah. Yeah. Plus a couple of bonus beers if we have time. Oh, okay. So we'll see if we have time for the bonus beers. The cube, the three cubed might take us too far. That's 27. Hard to think it's 27. That's outside the realm. Hard to find good help these days, folks. Wow, it is. It is. Okay, of note, the Evergreen website is kind of nice and their food selection looks really, really yummy. I could see how them being like really farmed a table. Yeah. Yeah, if you check out their website, it's really beautiful. And flip side to that. In print, it just, it's like Rob Zombie. We'll be back with more in just a minute. Welcome back, everyone. So we're going to do a dueling double brood of new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new. To doling double. Yeah. Say that 10 times faster. Yeah. But first up, we're going to go to Evergreen in Camp Hill. And the first beer that we're going to talk about is the Ferbizia Italian. Excuse me. Robert Bope, kick cause. Of course. Of course. Yeah, this is a 4.95% ABV. Dry hop to tie in Pilsner to pair with all your result. Loki, Apezza. From Enticol, dry hop to nature is an extended period. This one is herbaceous, semi-dry and endlessly crushable in the dog days of summer, which we are in right now, by the way. Hey, you know what we haven't done? You know what would be good right now? Oh my gosh. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. So fired up. Oh my gosh. We blew right past important portion. And I'll just go ahead and tell you that we will be discussing and rating these beers with the highly technical suds ratings plus our patented signature belching sounds. Here are those ratings as follows. Anyway, a rating of one, that sucks. Give me anything but a bud. A rating of two, was that a belch? A rating of three, ah, what a relief. A rating of four, a body should not make that sound. On the highest rating, the hallowed five, listen to that hang time brother, give me another. There we go. See. Now that that's it, I'm going to fill that. Thank you for making things right. Look, the team that came up with those ratings, we have to put those in. That's right. Yeah, we're actually obligating. Yeah, there's a format we've got. I don't think that a snare would have understood what you mean by it. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. The ratings team, the best. One could have been the best and five could have been the worst. That's true. Okay. Okay, now let's drink some beer because I'm excited. Okay. Urbacious Italian Pilsner. Yes. Fabizia. Smells pretty clean. Italian Pilsner. Hmm. A little flare. When I first read this, I thought it was a crunky dry hopped Italian Pils, but it's super crispy. Do you feel like you got crunk? Oh, man. I think that's the new trend, the crunky boy. That is. Have a little crunky boy. Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. Crunky with it. They call it 10% urge. To go along with your glizzy Captain Crunky. Can't take glizzy on the radio. He just did. Oh, we said twice. I'm like in this beer. I'm like yeah. Yeah, that's nice. This is something. Yeah. This is summer. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's a little floor. It's so great. Does that have a nice little floor on this? A little herbaceous for sure. Yeah, dry hop going on. No, but it finishes. Yeah, and it's done. And it's no fuss. It's no muss. It's a flinchy. It's a flinchy. It's a flinchy. I mean, it's what I'm drinking these days. I don't know about you all, but for sure. This is right. 4.95%. This is right in my ring ring ring. Yeah. You mentioned Yokey. I've been making that a lot this year. It's really not hard to make. I don't make any other pasta, but Yokey is super. Yeah, I know. I want to just get Yokey. Potatoes. It's just potatoes and ricotta and then a little bit of parmesan. Good not to. Good not key and some flour and an egg. But it's like super easy to just like do that together. But I would love right now. I have this amazing penny al vaca sauce that I eat. Well, it's all of vaca sauce. It's a spicy. I usually do it with penny, but sometimes I do it with Yokey. And I would love to just. There you go. And this and that together, the spiciness. Cutting with this. Why are we not doing that right now? I failed you all. I'm sorry. Get your butt in the kitchen right now. It's hard for me to not think of anything else now. I know, right? I wish we had a lot more of this. This was not the very tasty. Good job, Julie. Bring this back. Yeah. This is Mrs. Pleasant. I mean, and I think is it safe to say that this year kind of was the year, the Pilsner, and the every year. You're like, I hear that every year, some little tired hearing it. But I was going to drink my Pilsners and enjoy them and not care what you're doing. Right. Right. I'm with Tim. Yeah. I'm just like, this is the 2022's, man. Nothing matters. It's all good. Do whatever it makes you happy. Yeah. It's all good. I'll be over here having some crispy boys. But there have been, I've noticed that this style has not been neglected. Yeah. The Italian Pilsner. When I was a bartender, we had Peroni. Yeah. Peroni. Yeah. Oh, God. What's the M? There's another one that begins to name them. Oh, yeah. They have a red tea. No, it's not Peroni. No. I like the Italian style. I think. I do. Does anyone's... I think the Italian just means it's dry hop with some European. It's European, right? Right. Right. That's it. I think we discussed that previously on the show. Did we? I think so. We've had at least one other Italian. Like I said, one made it Italian. I think that was... One thing we did was a Pilsner show or something. I don't know. That's a problem with the beer show. It's very good from the... Very tasty. Evergreen brewery. Evergreen. And they didn't overdo the dry hops, you know? Yeah. No, it's... Yeah, it's dialed in. Very balanced. Macoi, Pennsylvania. Which is one Italian beer. No, this is Camp Hill. Is this in the county? It's Louise's. Yeah, it's near the county. Oh, it's near the county. Yeah, near the county. I can tell it's in my county seat once. Okay. Wow, we're not going to go there. But... We are going to rate this beautiful Pilsner a five, though. Okay. Sparky just dirty at the whole show. Sorry guys. All right. Now let's talk about Lulu. Lulu. Yes. Lulu. Like the singer? French style stays on. Well, that's from Paris. Not my goal. Hey, Tommy, how to say... Quot-scient. You're going to hear a lot of that when you go overseas. Yeah, I'm supposed to. A real quote. I did ask the person leading the group, the international group. Like, is it okay to refer to them? Freed says, freedom prize. I'm not sure what the things are. Oh, I was told very quickly that I would be... Yeah. Shut up. That your band. Yeah. A lot. Sure. Well, this is a 6% ABV rustic sazon bread with a base of Pilsner and Wheat malt. And then added select top varieties and fermented with an expressive sazon strain. With notes of lemon peel, springtime buds. Take that as you will. Black pepper and crackly mineral water. I can believe pretty much all those things. Crackly mineral water. Yeah. Yeah, this is interesting because I was really kind of getting like sazon, he kind of stuff out of this. But... Yeah. As... It's cold, fermented cold, which is kind of a catch there for sazon lover. Like this. You should ferment it a little bit more. You should let it warm up. Yeah. Yeah. Do you detect the minerality though in this? I don't know that I detect a lot of minerality, but I do taste the yeast. It's a little, yeah. And I think... I wonder why probers do the cold fermenting of sazon sometimes. I think it's... I really do. I've not discussed this with any of these guys, but I think they're just so used to do an ails that they can't... Warm ferment. They can't make... They don't want to adjust their gear. They can't make their brain... Wrap around. Wrap around a 80 degree ferment or something like that. I think you do hold back a lot of's where they use the words expressive, because I think you hold the yeast back when you ferment it cold. Unless they have a really strong sazon yeast counteract the fact that they are cold. I think they're trying to avoid some of the things that just come along with sazon yeast, like bubblegummi flavors and stuff like that. Are you just saying it was cold fermented? It says it here, Tim. Doesn't it? No, that was the...the pilsnare was. I read the wrong one and I thought this was supposed to be an anointing. It's just fermented with an expressive sazon. This is just expressive, so it's not cold fermented. I mean, I didn't realize this was a sazon when I drank it, so this tastes like a sazon, because it's sazon. We were in for the next part of that time. It's actually really good. Sparkling though, they were like a really jacked up... I feel better knowing that it wasn't cold fermented because I don't know what they... Yeah. I think a lot of people...probe those. Yeah, I think maybe they're just concerned and take the safer route. I don't know. But I do get a lot of pepper. It's plenty of pepper out of this one. Definitely the minerality of it for a certain...stranger-staining IPA I've ever had. No. I mean, if he said there was a little rye in here, I would say... Yeah, I taste it, but I guess that must just be the expressive sazon. It's a good drinking beer though. It's good. It really is. Does it pass the sazon, Mr. sazon? Oh, for sure. Yeah, a lot. Do you find it acceptable? Yeah. Good. I drink this. And I'm thinking that Lulu might be a dog. Lulu might be a dog. A Frenchie. That is a Frenchie. God does poor, inbred, disastrous animals. God loved them. They're still so cute. They're adorable. Yeah, can't be that. One of our friends, since it's French, it's probably a diastatic yeast. It's one of our friends we were discussing earlier. And this gets hung up on diastatic yeast. Yeah. Keep it away. It's really nice though. And 325 a can for the pilsner. 375. There you go. It's kind of getting paid to drink. Yeah. God bless them for passing the savings back to America. I mean, that French sazon, bell sazon yeast is definitely diastatic. Yeah, diastatic. So maybe it's out really nice. The Frenchie with the French yeast makes a French sazon. How crazy is it like if you had said 10 years ago that you could get a decent, America made sazon in a can. Yeah. Like, what? How? At the near the county seat. Near the county seat. I don't know. It might have come right out of the county seat. There's a possibility. That's a definite possibility. Yeah. Well, and I should, it's the Capitol. I keep wanting to refer to it as county seat because like you're in Nashville. I keep hearing that phrase, you know, for Nashville. And the Capitol. And the Capitol. Oh. Yes. Okay. So let me clarify that. But another really, and so these are two just very beautiful and simplistic and well-executed beers. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And they're normal. Pretty different. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Not less than good beer is a gimmick, you know, but nothing. No, where's the Nipo fruit? Yeah. No strata. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. Yeah. I mean, they got to keep the lights on too. Let's be honest. That's true. Well, my other question though, the people of this area of Pennsylvania, you know, do you think they would grab it like that Pillsoners a very classic style? Yeah. They would crush that. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. I think so. Because there's a lot of Quakers in that area too. And there's a lot of, well, Pennsylvania still has a lot of like immigrant towns where you, you know, you still have things segregated. I mean, like, I can go back home to Scranton and I still know where the Irish section is. I still know where the Italian section is. I mean, Piston is still very Italian. Like, that's interesting. Yeah. I mean, there's a little, yeah, there's German communities. Oh, gosh, yes. Yes. Yeah, Pennsylvania hasn't, I mean, yes, things have evolved and changed, but there's still the essence of that there. Anyways, so what are we going to rate this beautiful beer? We are going to rate it a four. Yeah. Nice. And that's for Lulu. I wonder if they played. Obviously, they probably, they probably monkeyed around with the water chemistry, you think? Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Especially if that minerality and, yeah, there's no question. Yeah, you can't make regularly water crackle. Right. Well, I think I know my, what's like one name, but if I know my geography well, I think the Susquehanna is going through. Oh, we didn't everyone sort of complain when they moved rolling rock production out of that red robe and then didn't bother the water chemistry at all. Yeah, it is the mighty Susquehanna that is running through. And that just flows right out of the county seat, right? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Right through the city. There was a little muddy and all wet. Yeah, just a little north. Yeah. Yeah, water gets a little muddy when it flows. Turn left to the cow. It's like a seron. Like a seron. Never been like a seron. Oh, gosh. Yeah. Okay. Well, anyway, this is what it is. I'm trying to. I'm trying to. It's kind of like maps. Hey, look, we have called it. I'm going to spend so many years because that thing will it will. It will get you because it comes from New York around the Binghamtons. And the Binghamton area. And when you have an early thought, like you, you honestly do worry about flood stage. And especially in, yeah, in Wilkesbury, we've had a few. What do you call those mud boots? What do you call them? Mud boots. Rubbers. Black, black boots. Do they have a little funny name for? Muck, muck boots or something? Oh, yeah, muck. Muckles or brands? Muckluck. Yeah, muckluck is a brand. I bet they got those bad boys. Yeah. Wow, this is a really good one. I just always had my chip it was. That's just me. Muck up. How about we have a bearer? All right. So, throw, drying up. I think it's story time. Do we have time for a story? Story time. It's very time. I think it's time for a story. I like stories. Okay. Take it away, Timmy. Timmy, tell us a story. Tim off. Yeah. Well, why don't we hear about the Ohio tree trimmer who is expected to survive after suffering 20,000 bee stings? Whoa! What? 20,000. He's going to survive. That's an estimate. Okay, it's an estimate. What is that? And doubt the counter. Wow. I mean, the man's mother said he felt like a porcupine following the frightening attack. Gosh. I guess she was feeling the welts. It probably only felt like 17,000 though. I heard you can only feel the first 17,000. Yeah, it's sort of like IBU's and I really. Yeah, after the first 100 you're done. Yeah. So this Ohio man, he now, thankfully, he's awake from a coma. A coma. He went into a coma. He went into a coma. After he suffered, quote unquote, at least 20,000 bee stings last week. That's a lot. This poor man, Austin Bellamy, 20 years old. Wow. Wow. That's a undo the way to start here. Hey, you know what? He's coming out of it though. Yeah. Well, by you beer when you turn of age. He was a tree trimmer. He's in a tree trimming branches with his... This is how they get you. Yeah, this wasn't even his job. Yeah, he was just helping grandma. Actually, it wasn't even his job. You're right. He was with his grandma and uncle helping him out because didn't want to make grandma climb that tree and he quote unquote, unknowingly cut a bee's nest. Oh. So yeah. So it's like you wanted him quote. See, like you would have seen some bees to bake a white man's nest. I think grandma would be very upset if he knowingly cut a bee's nest. But yeah, he started to cut them. The bees just started coming out. And as grandma said, he was hollering, help, help me. And nobody would help him. No. No. Who's going to run into a big cloud of bees? I mean, she was one of the two people available to help him. She said nobody. She said son, live for your time. Going on. Yeah. Well, quote from her, she says, I was going to try and climb the ladder to get Austin. I seen how high it was, but I couldn't get to him because I was surrounded in bees. Oh, yeah. I mean. So, yeah, they do. They swarm. They swarm. That's what I asked for. You know, the tiktok. Yeah. That's a bee guy in Arizona or somewhere. Oh, I mean, it's pretty fascinating. Don't think the grandma just got out of it clean. Now, her and the uncle were also attacked. Oh, no. But less than 20,000. 10,000. Not in a column. Not as bad as Austin. And Austin got stuck with some 1-inch stingers. Shoo. Kind of go. How can a bee's a thousand. Sounds like I heard by you. Yeah. I don't know. That doesn't seem right. One inch. Is that known for millions of high OBS? Are they there for connoisse bees? Yeah. They're actually the murderers. They're actually the murderers. They're the meaners. They get the big stingers. The murderers. Well, I mean, it was so bad that they had to airlift them. They couldn't drive him there. And so, grandma said, when I rubbed his head on Friday before they airlifted him here, he felt like he was becoming a porcupine. That's how poke they were. Oh. That's the worst. So, I read that story too, and they actually had to get bees out of his airway. Oh, yeah. He swall over here. He swall over here. And he had inhaled a few. Can he? Can he? But they said he would fully recover. So, I'm never doing yard work again. I think that's God's reason. No, raise up. Good reason. Especially the pros. Especially not no high OBS. Twenty thousand bees. What the pros take over? How big would a bee have to be to have that right? Well, yeah. Just a brief minute. Welcome back everyone. Thanks for staying with us after that. Interesting story time. I will never look at honey the same. We're thinking about you, Austin. Yeah, man. Get me a new girl. Yeah, we'll soon stay out of trees making my daughter go there. I mean, you talk about like war heroes and stuff. He's a war hero. For sure. Yeah. Austin, Bellamy. Let's be real though, he was the invader. Okay. I'm saying. No, he was just a soldier told to go up there just like the bee. Yeah. The queen bee grandma had awesome grandma. Really? This is grandma's fault. If we're going to blame anybody, this is grandma. She had no idea. Well, or did she? She had. She didn't say she quote unquote. I'm going to go up there and tell him to cut into a bee hive. She didn't tell him not to. Austin, don't you cut that bee hive. I'm breaking out wheel. That wouldn't end the story. I'm just saying too far up there. Oh boy. We should probably drink a beer. Yeah, I think we need to. I think we need to drink a beer and raise it in honor of him. Yeah. Everything is better with. With beer. Exactly. Everything is better with beer. This is a 6.3%. 100% naturally carbonated for smooth mouth feel. Brewed with a malted weed in Belgian yeast and orange peel, coriander and lemon grass for an added twist. That's the first thing that smacked me in the face was the lemon grass. Everything else is a balanced whip beer. Just standard classic back kind of thing. The man that lemon grass really stands out. It does. It does. But I'm not mad about it. No, no, no, no. Not at all. No. No, but that is an interesting twist and it absolutely is the number one defining note. Yeah. But it definitely tastes the base beer underneath it. Absolutely. And the coriander and the orange peel and all that stuff. I don't usually like whip beer, but this one's pretty good. I'm going to do that one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So the thing that I'm enjoying about Evergreen is these are classic styles that maybe some of them a little bit underrated more so than others. And the thing is that they're all simple to make but can go so wrong so quickly. And they're really, I mean, all of them are enjoyable and you can get each one of these for under 350. Yeah, you know? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, this one's really like, like we're talking about the other, the pilsner was like a crusher for summer day. I mean, sitting out in the sun, this one would be delicious too. For sure. Yeah. Yeah, I take this over any other whip beer for sure. I mean, it's just that nice little hook with the, I mean, except blue moon. Yeah, I mean, obviously. I was going to say like, there was an orange slice to throw on the top of it. Wow. They didn't go crazy with the coriander though. No, no, no, no, no, no. Which is something that a lot of people go over the bourbon. Yeah, I mean, yeah. This is another well-balanced. Solid beer, man. And for those of us from Kentucky that really like our weeder bourbons, you're really going to like this beer. Yeah. There you go. Nice little mouth feel. Yeah. Okay. So we are going to rate this beer. Oh, everyone's raising up the floor. So we're going to rate this one a four. All right. Not many whip beers I would give a four to. Yeah. That's pretty good. Now we go to number two. I do think that let me guess. It's nice. It's nice. Yeah. It fit in there nicely. It jumped right out, but it was nice. Yeah. It jumped right out. Yeah. Yeah. I guess it was. Like it was bees. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like 22,000. So Tim, you said you're kind of like me. That usually throws you off home with beers. That's a good question. I put American hephabiesons in that category too that I generally don't go crazy over. I do think part of it is like the heavy wheat contribution. That could be. Yeah. This beer. What about like your garden? I mean, I remember Hogan was one of like my craft intros, you know, a friend liked it before I really knew it was that maybe they're not even craft to be honest, but like beer that wasn't bad American light logger. And I did enjoy it then. I don't know the last time I've had a hogar to be honest, but I don't know because I do like the orange peel, the coriander thing. I think it's the yeast expressions. They get a little samey too. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. What about you, everybody kind of stays close to it. Yeah. I think it's like a tend to get. I think it's the wheat, but I think also people tend to overdo some of the coriander and some of the yeast components that just come out and then over there. And it's all supposed to be in balance with each other. Right. And a lot of times it's not. Yeah. Yeah. Right. They want the orange peel to stand out of the coriander. Right. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. And then they fight with each other and then you're just, yeah. But yeah, this is like that one was balanced and incredible. Yeah. Okay. Let's go to input now. We've definitely changed. I can smell this beer. Yeah. I know. For sure. I'm not a problem there. Okay. So the first beer that we are going to talk about from imprint is the two IPA, which is their second anniversary hazy IPA with CitroMase, Estrada and Simco. 8.5% ABB. So we're climbing up. What's up big? So this is, I mean, is it two IPA because it's a double IPA or is it still listed as an IPA? Because man, this is the second anniversary. This is a double dry hop, double IPA. Okay. There we go. But it is their two year anniversary. And of note, if anyone ever, I mean, this is Rob Zombie like all the way. Like he would be so proud. Sort of horror. Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie combined with mad comics. Yeah. And like maybe a little guar through maybe for good. So your sister's a gigantic beer though. It really is. It's beastly. There's a lot going on here. A lot. It's pretty sweet too. Very sweet. Very sweet. Oh, this aroma is gorgeous though. It is, but I feel like if you had more than one of these, you would have the most painful like hangover headache of all times. There's an apple. This is a one shot deal. Yeah. We're going to pine of this, but I think we're getting the right amount like maybe a little bit more of a pint in your good. Yeah. I mean, it's delicious. It's a delight. So I just imagine that pounding one of these all by myself would be whoof. Yeah. So sweet. It's really sweet. Really. They're not afraid of using the hops and they're not afraid. Like, I mean, this is a metal band punk band type of, you know, it's early like in the whole day. It's going to be some sword play after a few days. Totally. To exploit action. No, this is completely non-apologetic. But you know what? There's something to be said for that. They're metal, but the cans are not all black, you know, I feel like the list tops are. Yeah, they are actually, which is huge. Huge hops though. Big, big, gigantic in your face. Does it feel balanced to you? Nope. No. Yeah. I think it is a sweetness. I'm not sure it's supposed to be, but I don't think it is either. I think they were going for something very specific here, which is brash and this is our team. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, especially on your like two year anniversary beer, it's not in a flagship. Go crazy. Right. Right. Right. Yeah, totally. So, what are we going to rate this big bad daddy? A three? Yep. We're going to rate it three. It's good beer. I just, I don't think you could drink a lot of it. Nope. Nope. No, and it's like, it's interesting. Like, it's not like, like, I really enjoy like going on the flavor journey with it, but I feel like if I drink a bit of it, I would be crawling. Yeah. Just to try it out a little more. It could be a little more. Yeah. Yeah. Just not because we're about to drink the triple, right? Well, yeah. So now the next one. Okay. So imprint is known for their IPAs. Yeah. Okay. So this is three to the third. You know, okay. See, this is, this is better. How? Now, this one is nine point four percent. A-B-V triple dry hop triple hazy with three moths, three hops and three yeasts. Wow. Yeasts. Yes. And that third yeast is the one that dried it out a little bit and made it not too sweet. Bam. Nice. When I was reading the name, I thought it was like, I thought it was going to be three to the third power dry hop. Sure. And I was really intrigued and I want to know what a power dry hop would be. It's not that. It's when you shove the hops in there. It makes me want to, like, you just maybe build up some pressure and just, this is super dank. Mm-hmm. Oh my God. It smells like one of the stores that's just in California. There's a lot of, yeah. But this is, it's, it's as a medical for the medical. It's for, it's got a lot of glaucoma. It's a creamy force. Yeah. A creamy force. It really smells just like that's, that's not a really good picture. Was this from Potstown? Potstown, yes. Okay. It smells like a little pot town. No, wait, that feels, that feels, that feels, that feels. Which is near Potsville. Oh, no. It's near Philadelphia. No, it's near Philadelphia. Just north of the field. This pot came out of the county seat. Yeah. Turn left at the cow. It flew right out the sesquahine. I'm pretty sure they're a part of my day. Philodine. I'm a little shy on it. I'm a mighty. Because it may flood you. If you know anything about Philadelphia, like this, she sticks. Okay, be size. She sticks. Be size. The cheese sticks. Boom. Like, I know that Philadelphia's a sister, the, the city of brotherly love. But they're still like, you know, they'll be nougies. They're the kind of ruffle your head. So you're saying, right, right, right. I feel like I'm telling my oxidation at the end of it. I don't know. Yeah, you're funny. It's a little, it's a little, it's a little over the top for me. Well, but again, this is my story. It is supposed to be over the top. But I guess this, this volume, you know, we're drinking four ounces of sugar each. Yeah. This volume's appropriate. It's 16 ounces of this would be better than the store. I do feel like they should have a three. Three standing contract with Uber at this bridge. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. If you order more than two drink a few buildings. You're going to look like this guy. Yeah. Yeah. If you drink more than two, they automatically. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I think these beers are beers like you would really like at a beer fest because you're going to get a small pour. Yeah. And so you're like, monster can. Then you go over to evergreens, you know, tent and you try to try the wit beer. You just get a little bit of pills. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Have the Italian bills or just palate cleanser. Yeah. I mean, these beers are good and balanced. I don't personally drink a lot like doubles and triple hazes, especially. It does get you from point A to point B really fast. Yeah. Yeah. If point B is asleep. Yes. Might have soared myself in my pants on the couch. Yes. That is. That's the point. That is E to the Z. Oh, tweedle. Three. I know that's really impressive. Strange. Yeah. Well, I mean, I know well, this is only nine points, something. But when dogfish head and it will do their crazy 18 whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's sort of things. Yeah. Beer's some more yeast strains in the middle of fermentation and keep it chugging. Okay. But for what it is. Okay. With three yeast, three hops. Yeah. Like this whole, you know, threes. I think it is well executed. Yeah. I know. Is it for the faint of heart? No. No. No. No. No. This is not where you introduce grandma to craft beer. No. Unless you wanted to get hair on the chest. Poppads, though. Sure. Sure. Hits. Like folks that like this, like the show. And they're really going to enjoy this for what is. Hits. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what are we going to rate this? Three. Okay. Three to three. Three. Three to three. I rate it 27. Yeah. It's a good solid three. Okay. So let's, we got a bonus beer that we can get. Right. And we're going to do the tawny frog mouth, Neepa. Oh, good. From Evergreen. Seven point five percent ABV down under hops paired with a sprinkle of mosaic. Sprinkled. Explode from the glass or plastic glass. With aromas and flavors, which we have not experienced before, intense notes of passion fruit. Yeah. Give it what's in here. Which I don't know what that is, but I'll look it up. So then it's sweet. It's a sweet German white wine. Okay. It's a very sweet German honey suckle and sweet Valencia orange. I think they're, that's, those aren't descriptors you hear about. I mean, sweet Valencia orange, but you don't hear those about hazy's very on. For a honey suckle. Well, okay. But to be fair, this is not a bad one. This is hazy. This is hazy. Yeah. It does look like Hawaiian bites. But like a white wine and honey suckle. It's kind of weird. It's like this is almost the sort of the same style as the last two beers, but it almost feels like a palette cleanser a little bit. Oh my god. It is. Oh my god. It is. No, and I love the contrast between these two breweries. Every green is about restraint and techniques and you know, this is just ball sound. Yeah. We're just going to do whatever, you know. Both are great. Yeah, no, absolutely. This is just amazing though, because when you look through the same style, but it's so much more restrained and balanced. Yeah. Strained a balance. I'm not getting any of the Giverts trombon air, but I don't know if they're wine, but no. It tastes like kind of a, not typical, but you know, it's a hazy, but it has, it hits those nice. It's, yeah, it's hazy with a little jorge to it to make it off the beaten path. Yeah. So to speak. Yeah. It's a nice, but again, not like, yeah, but not going against the imprint. I mean, for those hotheads that are true, and we know that they're still out there. Yeah. Yeah. They're a great brewery for them because. Oh my god. So sure, a hotfiend. Like that's, I just, these are, I mean, these are awesome. Yeah. If you're just all bored, that hazy train all the time, still, totally. Right. Right. No. I mean, it's like a thrill that they're doing something like it's over the top, but it's really good for what it is. It's, it's hop tourism. Like if you just want to get on there and just experience, I guess that's the direction Hayes will expand it, right? It's just, I think beer, bigger beers, more, more extreme. It's like the university just keeps you on a train and train for, for sure. Fast. Looks good. But that this is, this is, this is nice. Oh yeah. It's, it's, it's, it's, but at the same time, you can have a brewery like Evergreen that kind of dials it down a little, you know, and yeah, goes outside the box, but still it's within, of course. And yeah, an imprint is like their brand, like the labels, everything about it just fits with their brand. You know what it is? It's not, they're not pretending to be subtle and then, no, no. They're in your face. Whereas Evergreen is, you know, a little bit more honest on the social. Yeah, we're saying like Sparky said. Okay, so for this bonus beer, what are we going to rate the Tony Frog mouth? Yeah. Yeah, this is a good solid four. Yeah. Oh, that's got a nice little bitterness that sort of falls off really quickly. Yeah, let's just do what you want. Yeah, really does. That's a great, that's a great, it gets you where you needs to be and then just let's go. I think this was a really cool episode. I mean, yes, it was two breweries, but yeah, this was interesting. It was interesting. It was like the perfect combination of the cats pajamas. Yeah. The dogs wild, wild men and dogs, bollocks, dogs, bollocks. That dog's box. That's like what two breweries can do and do things correctly in their own way. Yeah. And they're different, but there's something wrong with it. And the execution's perfect. Yeah, exactly. And I would go to both of these places. For sure. Yeah, for sure. Okay, well, that's going to wrap it up. So good boy, Cape Ratton. Yeah, this has been great. Yeah. Good boy, Sparky. Thanks for letting me be here. Yay. Good boy, Tim. Yeah, thanks until I can get to the county seat. Thanks for bringing it to me. Shlip to the cow. Good boy, Dave. Hey, thank you for stuff. And thanks. This is Good ol' Goudjuliana. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Keep on shuggling and we'll catch you next time. We hope you enjoyed this episode. If you're listening to us online, do yourself a favor and tap. Just tap it. The subscribe button. Give it a little tapy, tap, tap, tap, a rule. The easiest way to listen to our show is to ask Siri, Alexa, Google, Uncle Larry, or whoever it is that talks to you on your phone, play podcast, SIP SUDs, and Smokes. We love your feedback. And you can reach us at info at SIPSUDs and Our tasting notes flow out on Twitter and Instagram with our handle at SIPSUDs and Smokes. And our Facebook page is always buzzing with lots of news. You'll also be able to interact with the thousands. Millions and millions. Of other fans on those social media platforms. 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