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Grandpa Beers

Grandpa Beers

Fri, 19 May 2023 11:00

SUDS Episode – Yep, we discuss those beers that most of your Grandpa’s drank. These iconic brands of beer are still around and yet have you tried your modern hop forward palate against the decades of beer these breweries have produced. Just remember this is, and always is, Dave’s fault. If you’re keeping score on who guessed what, we all sucked, like 2 for 12.

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On the next episode of Sip Suds & Smokes, the Grandfather Beer's will be tasting and discussing today are the legendary Pats Blue Ribbon Beer Miller Highlife the Champaign of Beer's. Of course, banquet beer. Pittsburgh's Iron City Beer, a premium logger, or Old German brand premium logger, Genesee Beer, an American logger. From the heartland, the land of sky blue waters, hams, Americans, classic premium beer. Lionshead Deluxe Pilsner Beer, also from these coasts, the famous Narragansett logger. Natty Bow also known as National Bohemium American Logger, and the legendary Stagge Beer and American Logger. Golden quality since 1851. And one other interesting beer, the legendary Champaign Velvet out of Indiana. We'll be right back after this break. Brought to you almost live from the dude in the basement studios. Why? Because that's where the good stuff is. It's Sip Suds & Smokes with your Smoken Post The Good Old Boys. Well, hello, all you whippersnappers out there. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. This is another Suds segment where we say, you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if it is broke, don't call us. We just came to drink beer. I'm one of your hosts, Guttogal, Juliana, and joining me today at the table is Guttoboy Kendall. I am looking forward to kicking it old school. Nice. Nice little one you end up there. Guttoboy Sean, hello. Hello, the only thing that would be better about this episode is with my great uncle and grandfather we're here to partake in this tasting. They would appreciate this science. You know what? All the great men in our life are here with us today. Yes. Yes. Um, Kuroboy Sparky. Hi. I was told we were going to play a game of you, who all playing the song. Is that? No. Yes. Yes. Good. Good boy, Dave. You damn kids need to get off my lawn. Okay, Grandpa. And there we are. Today's episode is a trip back in time. Wish I had a sound effect for that. Get back in time. How many of you remember being a kid? First of all, and then being a kid and watching all the grown up strength beer. Yes. Those crazy aluminum cans and crazy belches. Well, they really enjoyed it. So it must have tasted great, right? And you know you tried to sneak a little. We all probably had a grandpa. We all probably had it. Well, there were grandpa's in our life. Well, we all absolutely had to have two grandpa's. True, true. Maybe an uncle or two that let us have our first sip. Hey, if we were really special, we had a cool dad that helped us along with that too. But I could go on. Go on. Yeah. Anyone want to talk about that special grandpa, uncle, somebody in their life that helped get my uncle Leon put beer in my bottle. So I started early. Nice. You see the result. My midwestern grandparents would sit up all night playing yuker and then you know, they would hear, go get me another beer and go and take care of the rest of this while you're on your way to get it. So you get that at the end of the nice little backwash. My great uncle loved to sit on the front porch and would chuck his empty beer cans into the grass in front. And then when I came to Moeville, grass, I got paid to Nelly clean up the aluminum, but then to Moe the grass. Oh my God. That's early recycling. Yes. And then like at the money from the recycling. So yeah, double up. I remember when I was a kid, I was out on my grandpa on the truck and it was summertime. The windows were down. I think his old truck had air conditioning. And I remember him pulling into a little convenience store and getting, I think it was a six pack of high life and just nice. He didn't share it with me, but he cracked one open and just drank it on the way home. That's what you did in the 70s. Nice. Yeah, nice. Two memorable things. So first of all, my uncle Walter owned a tire store in Taylor. This is like down the line from West Grant. And would go and visit him often. My dad would, you know, my dad left, loved hanging out in garages and he was kind of close with my uncle Walter. So there was all weight. Whenever we'd visit, he would go into the back. And he'd pour one out for my dad and whatever, but he'd always leave me a little nip, which I always thought was cool. And then, well at church, okay. That's where the real drink. Yes. Of course you have your rectory and you have the church, but a lot of the Orthodox churches would have, well, in other churches, I guess too, would have another building for Sunday school and then for like different Sunday dinners, you know, different events. That sort of thing, you know, like Christmas, like you would do your yoga and stuff like that. Well, my dad would be a bartender in the bar part because you had to have a bar part to church. You're not just a bartender, right? Right. Exactly. So there was this older gentleman that was a friend of the family and he always, he had in a beer tray, it would be at the corner of the bar and he would always like leave a little shot glass for me of whatever was happened beyond tap. It was like, it was great. You know, so I'd be the one that like taking in all the plates into the kitchen and then it'd sneak around and have a, it was awesome. Said of working for tips. She was working for Sips. I was exactly right. I'm nips. It was, it was quite the thing. Of course, never told my dad about that. Oh, I know. Secrets out now. Okay. So this sud segment, we are going to sample some of those beers that are grandpa's and maybe even our grandma's back in the day had. Obviously we don't have every beer from back in the day. Rest in peace, those breweries, pre prohibition and post prohibition that did not make it but had a big impact on like the cultural centers of these little towns and cities. But we may try to bring a few more old timers to do this again and I don't meet good old boy, Mike or Reverend Mark. Oh, you're an honor. You're an honor. I'm so glad. I'm reading the script. Folks reading the script. Sure. Blame it on the script. Yeah. Blame it on the script. I'm just reading the words. Yeah. Good old boy, Kendall. Give us this amazing lineup for today. Alright, the grandpa beers will be tasting and discussing today are the legendary Paps Blue Ribbon Beer. Next up, of course, Miller Highlife, the Champaign of Beers. And then they can't do those two without a good old course banquet beer. But let's get into some of the more fun regional ones like Pittsburgh's Iron City beer, a premium logger or old German brand premium logger. Also from out east, Genesee beer, an American logger from the heartland, the land of sky blue waters, hams, Americans, classic premium beer. Lionshead Deluxe Pilsner beer. Woohoo. Also from the East Coast, the famous Narragansett logger. Woohoo. We're going to need a bigger beer. I think from kind of the Maryland DC area, Natty Bow, also known as National Bohemian American logger and the legendary Stag beer and American logger. Golden quality since 1851. And one other interesting beer, a beer that's been kind of resurrected by a craft brewer, the legendary Champaign Velvet out of Indiana. Alright. Nice. That is an amazing lineup, isn't it? Woohoo. Thank you, Kendall. Alright, go to Boy Sparky. Once you give us a suds ratings for today. We'll be discussing and rating these beers with these suds ratings plus our signature belching sound. Here are those ratings now. That sucks. Give me anything but a bad case of the tingles. Was that a belch? Back in my day, we knew how to belch. Nasty, I wanna relieve my roared dream is finally kicking in. For, a body really should not make that sound. Let's see what sound you make when you're my age. And five, listen to that hang time, poor my finger. Oh my god, that's me. That might be the best we've had yet of the ratings. Oh, Grandpa is missing a couple teeth. That's okay. That's okay. Oh my gosh, that was amazing. That's gonna get us to eat me. Definitely. Yeah, and all the awards. Okay, so today, with it being as special as it is, we're gonna do a blind tasting. I know what's in all of the glasses. You love this. I just like you live for these episodes. I know, and she does like the eyebrow and eye game. Not on the stuff. Yes. I'm so good. We have A through, what are we L? K or L. I think it's C. A through L. Okay. It's a lot of letters. It is. It's more than I'm accustomed to. But we are just diving right in. Okay. Let's start with A. We are going to taste on the fly and play. Let's name that beer. I feel like the Jeopardy theme song should be playing in the background while we're playing. Yeah, I mean. Well, I really want to think I know a few of these by memory, but I'm not going to be able to say that. I mean, I really, this was my. This is so similar. This is like my Kendall moment today, and I really wanted like, he's going to pull the bank. He's going to know what the bank what is. Can you look at the other thing is if the the listeners could just see how pale every one of these beers is on our honor. We've never had a flight of 12 beers that all look the same. Yeah, they could all be the same. They could be. They could be. You don't know what I did. All right. I'm going to just go ahead and throw it out there. I think this is Miller High Life, and I fully prepared to be wrong. Okay. Fine. Fine. I can't. What are we saying about this though? Okay. So what do you expect out of a grandpa style beer? A light American logger. What are you looking for? Yeah, exactly drinkability. You know, you can crush a few while you're efficient. Not a lot of you six backs. A crispy boy. Okay. Not a lot of weird aftertaste. This is what you're hoping for. Right. I'm that you're drinking thinking I'm going to have a hangover. Yeah. Yeah. Not a lot of hops. Probably going to look the same coming out as it does going in. That's true too. Yes. Fair. Every sip makes you want to drink another sip. Actually, if our urine did look like this, we'd be concerned about our water consumption. That's true. Fair. We should probably check into that. Yeah, they're not that pale. Yeah. Right. Okay. So we got a Miller High Life. Any other thoughts? Man. Cool. Iron City. What else? I'm just going to say something completely different since they said that I'm going to say, I mean, I really feel like you could spend a wheel and. Okay. That's fair. I'm going to say something different than somebody else. I'll say hamps. Sure. I'm going to say Genesee. Well. Oh, Julianne is having a moment. Yes, because good old boy Dave is right. Boom. Oh, it's a Genesee. I'm in a good mood. It's better than he's. Yeah. I've had so much of the cream ale. Well, yeah, I just want to say I'm sure. We'll be back to read this. Bearing just a second. Welcome back everyone. He used to do as a bath bomb. Oh, okay. Today's episode we are hanging out with our grandfather's, grandmother's great uncles, great uncles, uncles, creepy uncles, older cousins, older brothers or sisters or anyone that gave us that first sip of beer uncle daddy. Daddy uncle. Daddy uncle. What is this arrested development? No, the word is what. We're just taking a trip down memory lane and and and and and. Wow. Wow. And finding those old school beers that made everyone happy. I don't know. Still do memory and still do. Still do. So the first one we realize that it is Genesee. Yay. And we are going to rate this one a three. Okay. From Rochester, New York. Yeah. And for those just tuning in, we're doing a blind tasting of 12 different grandpa-ish beers. Okay. Let's go to B. You know, it actually tastes different. Yes, it does. A little bit more sweetness. Yeah, the more almost a little apple-y. Yeah. Mmm. Yeah, more apple than the other one. Oh, God, Julian. I wish we had like a jam of your face. I would've guessed bud, but but heavy, but we don't have that on here. No. But it's very similar. So what would be buddish? Oh, gosh. I hope not. No, this is this is very distinctive to me. Is it iron city? No. No. No. I'm not from that side of the story. Loin's head? Oh, wait, I read that wrong. Oh, hey, wait a second. Wow. You're just two letters transposed to go from lion to loins. Amazing. That's a reminds me of the last time I saw Broadway. I went to the loin king. It was not the experience I was expecting. He'll never, he'll never, he'll never see that. Where's the alley? Oh, the kids. The kids were trying to tell. You know, just seeing that butcher go to work on those loins. Oh, my God. I'm going to go ahead. I think she gave it a one. Yeah, there's there's. I said, yeah, yeah. Lens head. So do you ever get this beer? Pills in her own. Iron city. Iron city? No. No. Which one is it? Nady bow. Oh, I was thinking kind of thinking that. I don't know what I've been drinking, Nady bow. I should have figured that out. It's been a long time since I had an Nady bow. It's so distinctive. It's really not, but yeah, it is. Okay. I don't like so. It has a distinctive can of there's water and malt and there might be hop. To me, it's distinctive. Okay. We're taking a distinctive turn for C. I'm just going to tell you that now. Okay. Oh, really? What are we reading? Oh, sorry. Oh, okay. Yeah. Ouch. Yeah, it's a grandpa beer would. Okay. I'm pulling it. It's a three. Overruled. So stand. She's got a love of Nady bow that goes deep. It does. Broom deep. You guys brought some candy little then you. Yeah. We did. Probably get some music. I get a free appetizer. Get a free apple. That's it. We got the table side. So he understands quality. Yeah. Oh, yeah. This is totally different. This is a different beast right here. Yeah. This is somebody else's grandpa. This is now my grandpa. Yeah. Yeah. Any thoughts? Ooh. Well, it's not one of the biggies for sure. This is a different thing. Yeah, I'm just going to say old German because I have no idea. I was going to say Iron City. And I was going to say it could be Iron City. I was going to say Lion's Head. Yes, really? It's kind of watery too. Oh, really? We are. We are. We just lost all hipster, Chris. Yeah. Wow. That explains a lot. Doesn't it? Yes. No, this is. I've never liked PBR. I just have not been that girl. You know what I mean? And there's a place in East Nashville. Yeah, the Red Bull. Yeah, that we used to go to a lot back in the day. And that was the thing of choice. That's what you would have. PBR should never be your first place. It's not a great beer in the package. But there was a little honky-tonk over by a brand new land that headed on draft. Happy hour for a dollar. And fresh draft. PBR is a pretty solid beer. Especially for a dollar. Yeah, right? Yeah, I've stayed away from PBR because the few times I've had it over the course of an evening. I wake up the next morning having had just these crazy vivid dreams. And just like. And yeah, after the second or third time I figured out I was like, I had PBR last night. I was like, we're going to stop that because the dreams are real away. But if you ever want to trip balls. Yeah, right. You got some ass in the hands. And PBR hands. Yeah. It's going to be a night. Yeah, maybe some shrooms. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, to put this in perspective. Excuse me. Genesee is 4.5% ABV. Okay. Fine. And then. Nady Boe. Nady Boe is 4.6%. Okay. Right up there. Fine, fine, fine, right. And then PAPS is 4. That would explain the water. Yeah. A little right. No, you wouldn't think half a percent of ABV might be. But you'd be wrong, my friends. You would be wrong. There's a world of difference. Yeah. Now, Genesee was 1878. PAPS is 1893. I think they want a blue ribbon. They did. They're not shut up about it. Seriously, you've been running that to ribbon. We've all got that friend. It just usually doesn't go for 100 years plus. The thing I'll tell you is it was a participation room. It was. Yeah. And then, you know, according to Nady Boe, they're the world's first golden beer because they originated in Europe before they came here to the States. Still looking like that. I'm reading. No, no, I'm just... Pishposh. Okay. Valdor all I see. I'm reading PBR. Solid Duse. True. Yeah. It's a two. It was disappointing. We just dropped a Duse. Okay. Let's do one more. Let's do D. Ooh, this one's really light. This one's, yeah, really clear. Very light. This is very high-grading. I think there's something wrong with mine. There's something. This is very different. Yeah. A lot more flavor. Mm-hmm. Well, I mean, anything comes out there. Relatively speaking, in the grand scheme of things. I think it's banquet. Bold move cotton. Let's see. So Abby, anyone getting, like, a little slickness on this? Yeah. Yeah. Slick Rick. Little oil slick, but that could be where it's, I don't know where it's coming from. So this one is the brewery was founded in 1855. Okay. Hmm. Sean. I'm wrong. No. Sean. 1851 is when that brewery was founded. It says the Terahop Brewing Company was founded in 1855. That's first of all, it's Terahot. Terahot. Terahot. In 1902. Champagne Velvet? Oh, Champagneville. Oh, that's why I love that. I'm not interested in that. Oh, it's Sean. It's the one that brought it. Now. Yeah. And I was thinking about another one that's coming up. Sure. Of course you were. Okay. Terahot. Sorry. I'm so sorry to do it. I got people from there. So he's got a, he's got a representative. Thank you. Okay. So you're going to get some angry letters from Indiana. Sure. That's fine. I'll just add them to my list. Okay. Oh. Oh. This Brewmaster Walter Braun created a logger called Champagne Velvet that quickly became the flagship beer of that company. And then of course, prohibition happened and they had to close and the assets were sold. And that could have easily been the end of it, although it was resurrected and changed several times over the next century. The origin, the can from the forties is really interesting. And I love the elaborateness of all of these older breweries and like everyone had an eagle that was holding malt and grain and made some pop. This is a swash stick, which was a bad call, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Slightly off. It was ahead of its time. Right. Right. Right. However, recently Upland Brewing, which was founded in 1998, decided that, well, in 2012, they were looking for a special beer to make in celebration of their 15th anniversary. And they set their sights on Champagne Velvet. And so it's been brewed since then. The final formula includes cluster and Tetang hops, the Bohemian logger yeast. And it's a 5.5%. Oh, my. Free prohibition, Pilsner, with 29 IBUs. Moist. So there's that. And an interesting fact also about this beer is while Upland's sours remove teethenamel, this actually adds an apple back in. It's good for your bones. So if you do both, you kind of balance it out. True story. Nice. The little bit of hoppiness is what threw me because I feel like I get a little more hoppiness in banquet than some of the others. And that's, that's why I guess banquet. But yeah, there's one that's nice. It definitely has more hops than everything else we've had. It definitely has more booze than anything. Yeah. Yeah. It's got a, it's got a dare I say crafty feel to it almost. A school. Yeah. It was downvigated. Right. Well, cheers for bringing this and a joke, Sean. It's going to be a four. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Nice. This is like a broad grandpa back with like robotic parts. And he's like faster. They didn't spend $6 million. Now that's one pretty thing. Yeah. They didn't spend $6 million, but they spent a little bit more. They didn't necessarily use titanium. No. There were some higher quality metals. It's really good. They went to Kmart. There's some plastic maybe too. I think. Okay. Well, I think we're ready for story time. What do you think? All right. Well, let's see here. So, our story time today, bring it. Let's get this dog on a roll. So if you haven't heard, Oscar Meyer is hiring its newest class of hot doggers to travel across America in the iconic Weirmob y'all, which I've seen many, many times and been in once. We can talk about that later. But that's for after the show. And I'm casting couch in there. I'm told that. You're kind of a big guy. Kind of. Did you, were you stuffed in the Weirmob y'all? No. It was pretty roomy inside the Weirmob. I'm sorry. It's like throwing a Weirmob do peel that off all by himself. But the 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels sets up each year to spark some smiles with its iconic look. But only a slight group of 12 will be invited to hit the road according to a recent press release. So from now until January 31st, college grads with a driver's license can join the 36-class of hot doggers. I like how you have to have graduated from college. So the Weirmob y'all is an American icon. One of our brand's most prized assets, some representative from the Kraft Heinz company says. The hot dogger role is an extremely important job, they say here. So yeah, it's a lot of a lot of metal to move down the road. Less than 1% of the applicants are typically selected for the 12 positions, making it statistically easier to get accepted into an Ivy League university than to be granted acceptance into Oscar Myers-Covid Hot Dog class. You're not that guy, pal, trust me, you're not that guy. So if any young folks out there are thinking about looking for a summer, or actually it looks like a job for at least a year, a future in a sausage. Ask yourself. That's your gap year right there. Do you have what it takes to cut the mustard? It's a year of rice. Well done, Kendall. Good job, Kendall. Well done. Very well done. I love the Weirmob y'all. I've seen The Weirmob y'all at least 50 times. I don't know why, but I'm always around The Weirmob y'all. So wait, how many people could get to the... I'm sorry, what? I mean, June and I were driving down Brighly Park Bay. Maybe it was meant to be. Just messing Weirmob y'all past us. But yeah, like I said, I worked for a rental car company right out of college, and The Weirmob came to town and the lady's driving The Weirmob y'all didn't want to drive The Weirmob y'all over Nashville while they were visiting. So they rented a car. And as they rented a car, I got to go inside the actual Weirmob y'all and get to see it. But I've seen it all over the country. I just run into it and parking lots here and there. You just run it into Weirmob y'all. I'm running into the Weirmob y'all. So how many people are there going on? Do you know the handle? Weirwisels actually? Yeah, I've got a Weirmob y'all. I've got a Weirmob y'all. Same. Same girl. You know what, we're not blowing that on the show. What up? So obviously there are 12 Weirmobiles. Or there are six and it's a two-man crew. I think there's probably six because it's a two-person crew as far as I know. Yeah, you can't just have one person. Yeah, you can't. You've got a double stuff that weirmobiles. That's a lot of weirmobiles. That's a lot of weirmobiles down the road. It makes sense why I've seen them all over the country. There's more than one out there. You got your day shift driving the Weirmobiles and night shift on the Weirmobiles. That weirmobiles. That's the Weirmobiles. That weirmobiles up all night. Okay. Wow. Thank you. I only have some team more beers to get to. The knowledge we are hitting with these folks today is extraordinary. Imagine the Weirmobiles after the other eight beers. Okay. Well, let's move on. Now we're going to go to letter E. E is for everything. Oh, that's tasty. Excellent. Ooh, you should have the wing with a. Yeah. Hmm. Oh, you already know what this is. I don't get out of town. That's delicious. I know I'm not going to be right, but I'm going to, I'm just going to keep coming back to Bangkok. I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going to say, I'm going there.ologyGuys. Well, that's why they are saying this, the teamsdaets that they are very, very though, and in the area of ​​the air, they are talking lineshade till we actually head line-todd. No, no. This does not taste like a line-todd. Is it Nar refuses? If you've got the time we arehistoire. Oh, this is the champagne of beers really. It's a highway. Yeah, this is the highway. This is the highway. And what I remember about this is not the beer, but the ads in between watching Yankee games. This beer has such a special place in my heart because I remember in my first Like real apartment I got in college. We we had just enough money There's this croaker in Knoxville. They call the Fellini Croaker It's just totally insane and we were living in fourth and kill and I remember we both got fourth and kill Fourth of all good Okay, fourth and gill is the name of this neighborhood and there's this insane croaker called the Fellini Croaker because it's literally like definitely And the people watching is amazing even the stay there's a Facebook page and everything but um But we had grilled red meat and drank the champagne of beers and we felt like we were growing up for the first time in our eyes Truly amazing. That's cool Yeah, I don't know. I mean this is nice. It's not something I would gravitate towards all the time But well, I mean okay, so compared to you know champagne velvet Impress me because it's it's a little elevated then you know the regular thing, but then when you drink this It's not it's really Decent for it being a classic. Yeah for such a classy thing I know I've used it for like doing flavor testing you know off flavor testing with beers because I don't want to use Budweiser for that and this is this is at least got something I'd want to drink if I'm not trying to spike it with off flavors No, no, no right totally totally um, okay, so we are going to rate the Miller. Yeah, four why not oh crap? I'm seeing four fingers The ones we've had so far this kind of felt like most the middle of the road average Yeah, yeah, it's a really good way to put it is a yellow beer very and very comfortable, you know So this one is four point and it tastes kind of like nothing Sure 4.6% ABV so there you go. This kind of ride the middle. Yeah, okay moving on F This is sweeter than some of the others we've had Oh, yeah, yeah, I mean it's a little grainy or two yeah grainy and sweet Kind of hey, yeah, it's not not great The understated are you okay? No, I must thank you just wait Kendall's delivery was amazing I mean we've we've had better even in his flight already. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Okay rated against the papst Mmm I think it's about the same bad even yeah, it might be the same beer it could be by the same company. Yes Oh Well, we'll be back to finish this in a second Welcome back everyone. Hi great beer Yep, we're channeling our grandpa beers and we are got a pee Thank you Just letting you know we are in the midst of for those of you just tuning in We're doing a blind tasting of some regional and national beers that have been a part of everyone's life at some point in their lives Whether it's family members that introduce them or the first keger you get introduced to or whatever So what we were discussing before the break was F and We have come to realize that this is Hams congrats Sparky first call St Paul mini Shota so it's safe to say that Hams is a little sweeter than everything else we've tried today Yeah, I put my finger in it. That's why Oh That's very sweet of you sir. It's got your touch. Yeah, okay, so what are we we are going to rate Hams a two Sorry, Hams But if you have a bear and a Jeep as you're cruising through the back roads, it's actually a three or four sure That's fair Yep, that's oh jeez weird Something's going on with jeep Yeah, I got my my G in my age. Uh-oh Oh, for bed is for every time that happened. That's that's really sweet. Yeah Oh, wait a second is this um Is this lion's head Is this is this one of those in a beers to bring out one of those in a beers? No, I didn't bring one of them on a no guess in fact at this point they're starting to run together. I mean It's been since August since I've had some but I'm I'm gonna go ahead and say stag I'm I'm saying iron city. I'm going iron city. Oh No The pride of Wilkesbury P.A. Yeah, yeah, I've never ever been heard of this one. Well, that's okay because you're not from Northeastern Pennsylvania, so I'm gonna you know bring you up. Yeah, it's the corn that's in here. Um that is It's distinctive. Yeah, so this is their pilsner. It's four and a half percent ABB It's definitely sweeter than something others. Yeah, this is something that my grandfather my mom's side she He was not a big beer drinker at all He wasn't a big drinker in general. He would have this stuff called Virginia dare He would have a shot of that every day. Well, I'd love to be 102 that was his big like that was a good dare Yeah, so Virginia dare wine. It was a very sweet red wine. I think Maybe we use that for communion. I could be wrong But occasionally he knew somebody that worked at the brewery um the lion's head which was like right there by Stegmeyer You could like if you were standing in the Stegmeyer offices You would look and see the lion and even to this day like they do a lot of contract brewing right now But the lion is big and it's lit up every night and it's it's kind of cool for what it is cool, man Anyways, um, yes a little sweet from that corn What are we gonna rate it guys Two yeah you guys go on with two okay, too But hi, we'll think otherwise All right, let's move on to each each I like this one if for no other reason it cuts through the sweetness of the last one Yeah, and it finishes I think dryer, but now I'm kind of not tasting anything anymore I know my paddle has gone back to neutral. Yeah, yeah For that reason I'm gonna throw up that it's the banquet. That's what I was thinking We're just gonna keep going back We're whittling it down eventually eventually you're gonna get a real You will be in drinking No, I am a banquet 12 times you're gonna get a maybe you maybe your palettes are like you know slightly shot or whatever But no this one's got a little bit of a hot bite to it at the end, okay And this is and this is just doodip to me We lost Dave Kiddle hope you think guys. He's awesome. He's gold. Yes. He's comedy gold I'm just agreeing with the recess one of the hops. I have no idea what your words said you agreed, but your tone says I think she's right. I was more convincing. Yeah, that was yeah, but it's left eyes twitching This is from the other side Yeah, this is our state. This is iron city. Okay, really all right See I haven't had a lot of iron city when I go to pirate games Generally drink iron city light. That's fair. It's just it's easier to put down on a hot summer day sure I was looking at their website. They actually have an iron city light mango I have never fallen terribly been to a sports ball game Through that out there That's a great excuse to drink beer and eat peanuts. I'm I'm for that But this yeah iron city is always it's weird because you know, I've had Gingling like I grew up around yingling natty bow lions head rolling rock and iron city because they were all Easily available and that's what was cheap when you were in high school in college, you know, not that I know anything about that But iron city always had this like hot bite to it that was oh, interesting a little a little sharp to me for what it was But again, you know, there are Legions of people that love and adore this we are gonna rate the iron city of three Wow the Western P.A. Beer gets a three while the Eastern P.A. Beer get it to you know, it's okay Is I of course banquet because I swear to God We have to be I just want that short stubby bottle of life Please God make it happen. I'm gonna throw out Gansett. Yeah, oh Gansett so cuz it's to me it seems a little sweet. I never thought back No, it's true Bank what is sweet and this is banquet oh Right baby Nice. Yeah, I like so so Abby ran the New York marathon in 2017 and she was kind of like broken afterwards But we like popped into a slice shop and we both split a 32 hunts Bankway can and it was like it gave her the energy To love yeah to get back to the hotel and not die. I mean she did die afterwards. It's got her as pouring out for Abby But yeah, yeah, some of these aren't coming across as I remember him and one of the things to think about these beers is you Generally crack one and crush it while it's cold Yeah, yeah, they've had a 20 30 minutes to warm up and these beers taste different when they're warmer Very much you don't want to let these beers open up and breathe no no That's fair the clock is ticking. Yeah, the colder the better on this if the mountains aren't blue these mountains were probably brown Okay, what are we gonna write the banquet already? I mean I Will go here. Yeah, definitely Okay, a four for what it is maybe not necessarily at the moment Crystal clear waters yes, honestly you have to drink banquet out of the stubby bottle or else it's just You know what on Yellowstone they do it right because they've got a ton of Banquet in bottles. It's all about that formalty. Yeah, about smoking the banter. I think they're what they're the only like Mass production brewery that does their own do their own multi. Yeah, I don't know if they do or not. No, they do it's yeah, that's it all right. Let's go to Jay I just like a Dave had this huge big sigh like when you sit chase like Three more letters folks Narrow games This is really good why I I just wanted to say There's almost three guesses left. Yeah, I could I was playing the odds Robert Shaw is what I get when I drink this It's a little clammy This is a Yeah, this has a distinctiveness to it as well This one is not as sweet No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's not like a Hoppiness it's it's something else maybe it's something in the malt, but I've always yeah and Whenever I would visit family. I would call this attinuation Okay, that could be but anyways. Yeah, this is Gantzant and what are we going to rate the Gantz? Three four whatever. Yeah, just to stop three. I mean it's at this point. All right, whatever I survived a non-alcoholic this is what happens when we do a flight of 12 and I want you all to know to remember this You know is worse the time that we had like 50 gins and one day that's yeah You should have been there for the when we did like 25 IPAs in a day. No IPA in a lot that day. Okay, I cried So next it's okay, okay, okay This one's a little darker. Yes, this is the darkest we have on our flight for sure Oh, there's some weird Some point he's saying something going on in there. There's a little stank in this one. Yeah, yeah I Have a guess but I'm not gonna say it So why not old German I'm thinking old German. Oh, it is stag Go on quality since 18. What it is you know, definitely best consumed very cold sure If you're you know rolling Southern Illinois style at a festival you're gonna get a pay all of it Which is about two and a half pints and your goal is to drink it as quickly as possible to keep it cold They used to serve it in buckets that were galvanized there are still galvanized buckets, but they so you get the galvanized flavor Yes, yeah, so then so then to begin with question of does that help the flavor or inhibit the flavor? They now have started lining the buckets with some sort of liner Yeah, yeah, well, I mean galvanized That's why I call it carbon down. Yeah, okay now as we talk about these so the gants it was 5% ABV This one the stag is 5.2% ABV 2% better. Yeah Suts rating though. I don't know no, I think it's a trending in the negative and the banquet is a five So these few these last few that we have well, I mean maybe maybe not But I mean, but we've been trending up in the team of things five the sweet spot. So is well is five a sweet spot like I don't know I don't think there is a sweet spot because I've had A beer that was about 3% it was amazing and then I've had beers that were 7 8% that had nothing going so yeah I think in this style though foreign half the fives about yeah, that's where you want to be We're below 4 and a half just felt It was just like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And you can tell they probably diluted them is how they got to that. Oh, yeah, most of these big batch beers They broom a little higher strength and then they do cut them down. Yes, well, you know, it also helps product your production Quad quality. Yeah, you're able to produce more beer in one brew But I would I mean I would love to have like a PBR unfiltered, you know, undiluted just to see like what the real PBR Keller beer. Yeah You know some of us have enjoyed the unfiltered Budweiser Budweiser From the tanks it was good. It's like yeah, it's over 7% yeah, it was a little cloudy and it had a lot of flavor a lot of body It was really impressive. Yeah, you know, and we all were sitting at the table saying Why don't you buy a list? Yeah, exactly. Oh, no, no, we want to water it and filter it, you know, cuz well they got to get rid of that horse But some way yeah Clubs deals don't clean up. I think that's right. Okay, so For a we're stag for stag You know That was gonna go to but you want to go three Three on these I'm gonna trust that it is a lot better when it's ice cold. Yeah, yeah, that's sad I'm a pale these have held up surprisingly better for as warm as they've gotten compared like because like I think a Budweiser Doesn't is not gonna hold up Yeah, yeah, yeah, so this is by default old German. No, this tastes like an old German to me. Oh wait Appley this is made in Latrobe The glass line tanks of Latrobe same the same people that brew iron city. Yeah, yeah, yeah I think this was their original Formula or something yeah, and it's they've got new German and it's just not the same Do you see that I'm still work with that Latrobe brewery at one point? I think I think Pittsburgh brewing I think bought it out Okay, when AB moved What was it? Roll a trovelocked up with blue Yeah, I'm baddie blue. I can't remember what was the brewery that was in Latrobe originally? I was rolling rock rolling rock yeah, yeah moved rolling rock out to the other plants and then Pittsburgh brewing about it Yeah Rolling work used to be good. He used to be good just That was a classic Pennsylvania beer right there really well as the biggest yeah Well, and then the corn flavor in the rolling rock was also A signature trademark Yeah, that was like yeah classic that was everyone know what that flavor. It's that was America's first Real contribution to the world of beer corn you're welcome. Yes, and we're stunned. Yeah Oh my god, I can't tell you how many rolling rocks I've had in my life But the big you know remember when the ice was popular. Oh, yeah And rock in the rolling rock ice That was a thing Okay, this one is is pleasant. Yeah, it's a three especially the last one a little more Yeah survived Not bad for an old German. That's right not bad for a bunch of big bloggers. Yeah, old school ladders right, I mean There were some surprises there's there's a classic craft in this space. I mean there there's something I mean you can try to like craft it up with a champagne velvet But I mean these OG original things they are now granted I mean unfortunately we were unable to get to the west coast and like do some of the west coast regionals But I think for what we have today. It's a good cross-section of like Some class this classic style has been around forever. It's very easy drinking and It's still available today and you know, it's like apple pie from your grandma. It's just comforting too bad We didn't have some old style. Oh, maybe next time maybe next time. Well, that's gonna do it for today Go to Boy Kendall. Thanks so much for being here. It was a pleasure Please tell us about your blog follow June and I at beer makes and also on Instagram as we visit Most of the breweries in Tennessee and this upcoming year. That's gonna be exciting. Good ol boys. Sean. Thanks for being here great to be here and Happy to contribute the stag Yeah, and the champagne Shipping velvet. That was a that was a pleasant surprise walking into the beer store and seeing that oh my gosh Totally good ol boys sparky things for being here. I'm so glad to be your grandpa today And what a great job you know, right? All right Sean get off his lap Hey, I gotta be This is good ol goudjoliana. 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