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Here is the first edition of the Shagged Married Annoyed Acast+ bonus episode! Listen in to hear Chris take Rosie to task in a brand new feature - Extra extra, read all about it! Play along and guess which headlines are fake and which crazy news story actually took place!

Ep 218. Pity Click

Ep 218. Pity Click

Fri, 19 May 2023 01:48

The Ramsey's have so much to discuss on this week's podcast! They have been in London seeing a West End show and they presented a BAFTA... but not without some embarrassing moments of course! Rosie has had underwear malfunctions and Chris has beef about hotel breakfasts.

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Sell your card to Carvana. Visit or download the app to get a real offer in second. Hello, you're listening to Shagmode and I'm with me Rosie Ramsey and my husband Christopher Ramsey. Hello. So lovely to have you guys back. Thank you so much for tuning in. Yes, if it sounds a little bit different it's because we're in London recording it in our management office again. I don't send any different Christopher being in London in there. I don't want to say music. We did go to see musical loss. Musical and she's gone, oh god. You haven't done any normal thing of singing much, much more. You're actually, you haven't actually sung that much today, which is quite good. But as we're leaving the musical, someone did tell you that all of the songs are on Spotify and I could have punched them in the face. I mean, it was a great musical but as I've said before, I don't like musical music. I don't like it outside of the musical. I like it in the musical and I think it's amazing. You were grinning the whole way through. It was amazing. You enjoyed it. You enjoyed it. Once the operation meant to meet, big shout out. It was fantastic. Gone it was amazing. Really, really good. It was really nice to meet. Very funny. Just great. Go and say it. But Songs are great. Songs are amazing. But I like them in the place. Same as everything. Hamlet and everything. I need them in the theater outside when you're on the house like, oh my god. I'm like, oh, fuck sake. Like musical theatre singing is a certain kind of singing that I can only get away with when I'm watching it. And when I'm watching it, I am grinning. Yeah, I mean, face was hurting when I came out. I was smiling. But you can't deal with it. That's, I mean, the house. In the house, I can't be having a blast now at this place. That's fine. There enough. It's a bit like club music. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? I can get away with like, uns, uns, uns. Well, not as much anymore, but when you're there, we don't want that. That's my favourite track. And, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns. Don't ain't getting the bin. We've said this before. Music. Music. Oh god. Background bullshit. Just shit. Don't want to listen to this whole music while I'm having a drink. Is it for money? Is that why? Is it because they're not allowed to play songs with lyrics in that? I don't know. It's just that background shit where if you're sitting in trendy cocktail bar, you know, somewhere in the background. It's horrible. Put me off going to places like you'd be there in that because I just think I couldn't sit and listen to that shit. I think the one I've just made up there on the fly, I think we could make millions of this. Too much, too much. Listen, listen. Horrible. Horrible. Anyway, listen. We're in London. We're having lovely time. Have you got one of your daft fucking, sorry, I keep on your stuff swearing. You got one of your sponsors. Well, it is the introduction. Take that view of your sponsors. We'll do it slightly. Anyway, yes, we are in London. We'll hope it sounds not too different because I don't like change. We're recording on a different little bit of equipment. It's actually given us quite a lot of anxiety. I'm trying to look at it or touch anything because it's freaking. You're only worried that we'll get to the end of the record and we'll find out that it hasn't done anything. I'm not doing it twice. I'm not doing it twice. This fucking is not happening. It will just have a week off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There we go. However, you can't have time off. Right? Sponsor this time. Money doesn't sleep. Right? It is. Money does not sleep, actually. No, because at every point and every moment of everybody's life, someone spends some money. There's not one point. Nobody goes to bed at the same time. Isn't that weird? Right. That's not the point I was making. Nobody is in it. Isn't it odd that like nobody sleeps. I thought it would be quite nice. If we all like went to bed at the same time, went to sleep. Listen, I would quite enjoy living in a communist. Just tell me where to be. Do you want everyone on Australia to sleep during the day because you want to sleep? No, it would be nice if we all, if the sun rose at all the same time. New year, man. That sets me off. What do you mean? Because everyone's got new year. Because you follow people in different places in the world and it's like they're celebrating it now and it hasn't happened yet. What? What? For them. It's next year. Right, yeah. I mean, that's not what I was getting at all. I think money never sleeps is just, it's just the tag from the movie. Well, I'm just not sorry. No, my ex-boyfriend had his brother, Jack listens to Hello Jack, listens to podcast. He lives in America and I remember when his mom used to be like FaceTime in them and honestly, I could never work. I'd be like, what time is it there? You know, and he just, it never sinks in. My friend Rebecca lives in Dubai and we sometimes would do like, we'll do a FaceChat all together or text and I'm like, what time is it? Because I don't know where I am. I just really find this hard to work out. So soon. So soon. So soon. Well, Reif got up really early the other morning. Oh, yeah, he did. Love is a bit like. I was buzzing, went downstairs. I watched the last three fights of the UFC because it was, I watched them live because it was on. I thought about it. Oh, right. It was still on. Yeah, because we went down to five o'clock and finished it off. Oh, that's great. I'm going to the last three of them in the last three fights. You saw the little Foxcubs. I saw the Foxcubs in the garden going. He's not normally up. Leg it. What's he doing? Yeah. Yeah. What the hell's happening? There's people in there. Yeah, you know, there's a lot. Anyway, listen, guys, it is episode 218. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for being here. If you've just joined, we'll welcome to the fucking party, bitches. And this week's lucrative look at a sponsor. This week's sponsor is, I may have done it before, completely not true, but you know what, in the evening, I shout out, this week's sponsor is the two day hangover. Hey, how old are you? Over 30? Well, don't you go, haven't too much of a good time on Sunday at the buffers because you're going to have a two day hangover. What do you mean? So the two day hangover is an interesting thing. The two day hangover, your first day is a normal hangover. Right? I got really, really pissed on Sunday, right? Went very well. You, you, you actually were, you, at one point, you were having a conversation with someone, right? It wasn't that loud. You were shouting up them. Listen, I didn't get it. I didn't want to tell you because I sometimes hate to spoil your groove. Yeah. But you were shouting in the face and I was like, mate, you need to pack that in. It's not that loud. No, and God, I like to exert a loud annoyance and dominance on everyone. That's horrible. Tony Jorgine, I hate it. I can't help it. I fucking, sometimes I shout in the house. I can't, I'm loud. You were very loud. I'm going to get drunk, I get even worse. But anyway, listen, the next day, you get, you get pissed, I went in bed, we didn't, we did that thing, we didn't have anything to eat. I only, I need, if I have had a skin full of drink, especially if it's an all day session like that. And you're just, I need a fucking, like, I need a loaf of dry ice. Soak that shit up, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I need you, I totally agree with you. So we didn't, and I woke up at half seven and I was panic, and I was terrified. I was like, I'm going to be sick. You were still asleep. And I needed food, but there was nothing. There was some pringles in the hotel, little cupboard thing. I nearly ate dry pringles in the toilet on my own, like a loser. Anyway, what I ended up doing was just lie in the panic and thinking I'm going to be sick here. So you have your first day, two day hangover, you had your first day, your first day's your hangover, but you still sort of got half a bus, you still got alcohol in your system, you've still got half a bus, you've got almost that tired hazing is where you can just power through, power through that first day, day two of the two day hangover. I'm a fucking 80 year old man. Oh, really? I feel like I'm got, I've got, I barely keep my eyes open. I'm looking at you, there's sometimes there's two of you. Really? So tired. And I had a decent sleep last night, but I'm just, it's that neck, it's that knock on. It's that knock on. Where your body just goes, you can't do this anymore, fuckface. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can't do this anymore. I actually, honestly, sometimes it's really, it pains us to say this. I sometimes stop drinking because I just think, I can't be asked to feel like shit tomorrow. Yeah, I should have done that. I should have done that. Do you know what it is though? Once the kids get older, I keep saying this, but once they're older and asleep and better, and you know, can like go downstairs and make themselves food and shit. Yeah. That's when we'll get back on it. I think we'll go. I do, I think it'll come back. We'll just have a bit of a break. Get back on. Sssss. We're having a bit of a break, a bit of a lull. We're just, you know, we're tired, Mum. We're a bit tired, isn't it? We don't get pissed at home anymore. I don't do it. I do not do it. Me mate. You know who you are. Me mate too, listen. You go like, oh, I want you to have a few beers. It does, Mum. No, I'm up at five tomorrow with rave. I need to be fresh as fuck. Yeah, mum phone. Just a bit of a lull, but we'll get back on it. We'll get a bit of a lull, come back. Listen, yes, get up. Let's get up, bloody jingles. Let's get the jingles. Cheer up, jingles slash music. We had a fight about the jingles. Jingles. We could set a lawn a jingles. Jingles. So this is the jingles. Jingles. We hope you like the jingles. Jingles. Babadu, Babadu, Babadu, Babadu. Back. Jingle. Hello, welcome back. That was the jingle. That was the jingles. It was the shagmire and I. We had been here, isn't it? It's weird. We're in an office. There's glass people walking past. I haven't pressed stop or export at the file. I don't have any of the normal things that I do. I genuinely, genuinely don't think this is even recording. Daisy set it all up. Daisy's amazing. Daisy will love you. I'll produce it, but. I don't know what to send up. It's working. This equipment is used for a lot of other podcasts. So it's fine. So to talk about, well, it's well taught by the BAFTAs, we went in the political class. The people we did. We did. And I'll put one of them post on it. You know me, I never do much on Instagram. Everyone who listens, you know I'm never on there. But I put one of the words, it was a very, very enjoyable night. One of the things that we don't go to many things. We live in the northeast. We'd rather just stay in. And what sounds like bullshit, but we don't go to many events, do we? You're seeing enjoyable. I found the whole thing actually rather stressful. But yeah, it was Christophe. It was really hot as well. I was sweating. Yeah. I look like a fucking greasy penguin. But it was. It was fun. It was a little populist thing. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. It's such a weird moment when I stood there and just watched you open it. I said on Instagram, I just watched you open an envelope on stage in front of all of these. All of these people who have watched on tell me your life. And you were on the BAFTA course too. And I was like, this is stupid. Yeah. This is so weird. It was. Yeah. Concentrating this is what we do. Concentrating this is what we're doing. This is what we're doing. Sitting, talking, shit on we're own. Yeah. And yeah, it was. I'm dead like a when. I'm like, I'm a good fun. And thank you for having me. I booked a list thing. But the whole day was really stressful. Yeah. Because it's just like, just a bit insane, isn't it? Yeah. This like, I just, what I'm like, I don't even know how to describe it. I just found the whole thing really, really mental. It's really fake as well. Like, what's like? So everyone, listen, right? I don't want to say it. But if you've been on Beatles Instagrams and you say everyone's standing, look and go just next to the white board with all the BAFTA logos and the Piano Cruises logos on and stuff, it looks really sort of cool and sort of glamourate. We've fucking queued up for that. It's just celebrities standing in a queue like school four. You know, when you get, you get brought out class by class and standing the whole and the photographer's over on the side. It's like, yeah, it's that. It's that. And then people who are a lot more famous than you could in before. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then Gary Oldman was streeting in front of us. Silly and Murphy, streeted in front of us. What I never knew that happened, right? And this is in, you're not going to believe this, right? I didn't know this was a thing. You stood there on the red carpet waiting to get your photo taken, right? And people, what's that game where you've got, it's like Skippenrobe. You have people jump into the Skippenrobe. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what happens on the red carpet. It's not a queue, it's not a queue where it's like, right next person, you have to jump in to get your photo taken, which I found disgusting. And I was just stood there going, I don't want to, I don't want to jump in. I was like, I'll happily not get my photo taken. But sadly, I got a TV show, I got a promotion. So I had to get a photo taken. And but I was like, this is, I want to vomit. I want to vomit. Do you not remember that? Yeah, I absolutely like it was, it was, it was, it was jumping up. Jumping, running, Chris, jump in. But first of all, do you not remember the one before that? So there's like four or five places, I got me to a fucking here, get me 14. And I've gotten taken so many times, and you get a chaperone who walks you from one to the other. And they're like, they work for the same company as the other chaperones. They were all working for BAFTA, but they're all in direct competition. And we each other, they're like, I've got Chris and Rosie and they're fucking next, fuck you. And they're like, well, I've got Gary Orman, and he trumps them, so you go, just go wipe your ass with Chris and Rosie, fucking who is so weird. And they came up on my first got there. We're killed up for one photo thing. And my first got there. And they went, okay, and they went right to his next and they walked us in, they went, Chris and Rosie, and then some lady went, no, nominees only this one. Nominees only, and we went, oh, sorry. And we walked out, and genuinely, I don't think he turned the camera on, but he took pity on me. But no, no, I want a photo of Chris and Rosie. And we went, okay, we just done that. I don't think he's the best. But that's an even worse. There's a click, click, click, click. Oh, he's look good. Go on, well done. It was pretty good. It was a pity, fuck, it was a pity click. Yeah. Oh, and then every time I saw the same photographer, about six times, and he got, as a walk past, he kept going. Not nominated. Oh, yeah. He was funny, actually. It was really funny. But you know what, it was such, it was a great event. There was actually some amazing programs, which I need to watch, because I didn't know that was a lot of them. But that was even more stressful, because we've got lists and my phones of stuff that people tell would watch. That fucking list quadrupled. I don't have enough time to watch all this stuff. It's frightening. And you know, aside from the weird sort of red carpet thing, which we just find, or which actually, I think everyone finds awful. There was not many happy people on that red carpet. It's all very odd. It's very strange. It's very self-indulgent, which I don't think a lot of people are. Well, yeah. You think they are in this industry, but they're not. I think they all find it really uncomfortable. But it was a bloody on at the bay there, and it was a great night, and there was some wonderful, wonderful people there, and there's, you know, nominees and people who won. It was beautiful thing to be part of. We just like the rip the piss. Yeah. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to sandwich these stories. I'm going to tell you two sort of... Tell them as we got drunker. The night got more interesting, didn't it? Right, yeah. Well, for us. Yeah, well, I'm going to tell two stories of, of, of, of Wahoo. This is, this is pretty cool. And then I'm going to tell two reality stories of actually how fucking shit we are, right? All right. So first of all, after it all, when I'm on stage, when you're about to do the... Yeah. When we sit in the nominees on, then videos come up. We just stand on stage at a couple of plums, right? So where everyone's watching the screens, and we're standing, it's like a nightmare. Yeah. You're standing on the stage. You know me, I have to perform. I have to be doing something. I can't just look at a crowd. Yeah. So I'm standing there looking around. Martin Freeman sitting on the front row. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Martin Freeman, the office, the hobbit. If I have to explain even more, who the fuck do you think you are? It's Martin, the fucking Freeman. He's an agent, right? And he's looking at us. And I'm looking at him and I'm thinking, is he actually looking at me? And I sort of just went, I'm going to go for it. And I just nodded, but like, I really like, how do you do? Like, I mean, like, I just cut like, matron. Like, I probably carry on. No, I went, mm-hmm. And he's locked eyes with us and straight away, he went, mm-hmm. He nodded back and I was like, oh my god. And I think I said, you all say, Martin Freeman's just nodded at us. I watched a little bit of when we just, oh, need just to say what I look like in case I look like an absolute bag of shade. I watched us giving the award out and you can see you going to me. Martin Freeman's just nodded at us. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, which is amazing. And then afterwards, I went up to the bar and he was at the bar and I thought, you know what? And all I wanted to do was I wanted to go up and I wanted to shake his hand. And I had it in my head, I wanted to go, hey mate, just wanted to upgrade that nod to a handshake, big fan, keep up the great work and walk off. Just because I'm a big fan, I just want to say hello. Because, you know, I'm impressed by these people. I've watched him my whole life, he's brilliant. And I went up to say, and he turned and he went, hey, went, you're all right, Chris, I was a goner. And straight away, he just wanted to know all about Martin Tires midnight games. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was literally like, right, so you had no, for drama pants on, what did you do? And I was like, what? And he was like, oh, yeah, we watched it. And he's the lady who was with me. He was like, man, we watched it, we loved it. And you forget that these people just want, he's just a normal bloke. Because he just watches Telly. So that was amazing. And then when we were around all the tables after the meal and we're standing tall and Taren Eggettin, a rock-and-man himself, Kingsman, he's sitting on a table. And I looked over and I sort of caught eyes with him and he smiled and I thought, no, he's someone's next to me who he knows. And I sort of looked away and I looked at him again and he was smiling again and he waived and I thought, no, no. He was like, I thought someone is ignoring Taren Eggettin and they should be ashamed of themselves. Because this guy's, again, he's a bitch. He's one of our finest actors from around T.A. He's brilliant. And I'm thinking someone's next to us and I'm turning around looking for who it is. Then I looked at him again and he looked a bit pissed off and he still sort of like looking glaring at me and I pointed to myself and I went, me. He was pissed. It was, I mean, I was pissed and it was so embarrassing to be fair because you're looking at it as well. It's so tragic. I literally went, me. Are you, are you waiving at me? And he went, look, that was, he went, yes. And I went, oh, and I went over and got me a hand shake and stuff and then I was like, oh, I was like, sorry, mate. And he was like, no, yeah. And he was really lovely. And then, and then, basically what I did, I was really pissed by this point. I went, oh, mate, I went, it's lovely, mate. I went, I honestly, rock'n'-man phenomenal. I went, he got your champagne left on your table and he went, yeah. And he got the shiny porters of champagne and I was like, my, his followers pissed. It was a massive glass. And I went, thank you very much. It was just, we had, we had experience. So there you go. So there's your two showbizy stories. Rosie. Yes. Do you want to now tell everyone what you were saying to everyone you met because we were in a room. We had a really strange pinch me moment. We were in a room watching Kate Winslet. Yes. Get her BAFTA. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kate Winslet, Titanic, Kate Winslet. I learned you when I went to school. We were at school and she was in the biggest movie in the world. Now we're in the same room and she's getting that award. It's incredible. Do you want to tell people what you were telling people after the award ceremony as your walk-around schmoozing? Do you want to tell people what you were saying about Kate Winslet getting her award? So I was just a bit overwhelmed that she was there, right? Yeah. Because it was amazing. We were at the day of me and I was like, it was insane. It was mental, right? But I was pissed. And I just kept asking. And I just kind of can explain what you're trying to say. I mean, wow. No, but you know. Because you were walking up to people. So you have a, you know, when you put to people, you have to have like a little line that you say. So you're having a good night? You're having a good night. Rosie's line was, oh, I'm having a great night. And what she was trying to say was. It was so surreal. What you were trying to say was, I can't believe we've just been in the same room as Kate Winslet accepted an award. But I wanted to say what you were actually saying, what you said to easy 10 people. Easy. Maybe not 10. Possibly tyrannical. I think I did say it on frame. And this is why I mortified. This is what you said. I said, this is such a surreal night. I can't believe that I'm in the same room as Celine Dion. And everyone's so polite, they're going, yeah. Yeah. Fuck. Is it because she sings a Titanic theme tune? It's because, yes, that is one of them. But also, on the way down on the train, I was watching what happened to what happened to live. The Andy Cohen show, all about the real housewives and stuff. Sam Heughan, outlander, and oh my God, what's her name? The actress that he's in with, I can't remember her name. She's married to Nick Jonas. Right. Fucking stunning. I can't remember her name. Anyway, they were being interviewed. And Celine Dion is in that film. Right. So she was in me brain. And then I think you said about the Titanic. And honestly, I said it. And you know, it's not until the later on, you go, oh, fucking just kept seeing Celine Dion. And nobody corrected it. Well, that's because no one's a dickhead like me. I mean, I wish I'd heard it. But you remembered that the next day in your anxiety, that was. I get terrible anxiety. So funny. And then also, not just terrible anxiety, do you want to tell everyone how much you booked it off in the whole tell room yesterday when you were getting ready? What I booked off about. You put your, you put your niggas on, and you started kicking off. And it's shouting for about five minutes, having a right go at yourself. I was like trying to comfort you. You were like, look at this. I put these on. These fit yesterday. What is, what, Chris? What is my body? What is my body? I can't, I can't even have one day of just enjoying, you know, some food and a bit of a treat and I have and I have a few drinks because I just upload Chris, I upload. And these, this song, this song fit me yesterday. And now, Chris, I can't even get it on me, even Jaina, I've gained weight on me, even Jaina, I've uploaded on me, even Jaina, what was wrong? Telephone was wrong. I had it on backwards. Had it on backwards. I had me thought. So it's a spank song. I didn't have it on the deep before, two days before. All right, okay. It'd been washed. Nice. Yeah, so it's a spank song, which, by the way, after the amazing, I hear songs, but they're like, they've got a prop, I beg sort of like, that keeps it holds you bottom good and it's really good. Don't work for spanks, but if they do want to take some of my mark on advice, I would, the tagline I'd give them would be, yeah, if you're not our songs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, basically. I put it on backwards and so it was just kind of, a bit tight on the vagina. It was like sticking up there a bit and I was like, are you kidding me? I thought you'd gain weight. I'd gain weight. But after, after, after blood. After, after, after, after, after, after, after, after. They never tell you about this and I wonder, hey, you know this morning, I wonder if Celine Dion's got a BAFTA funny blow, because she was the next excepting award. Don't. Oh, what a cup. And as well, I just sometimes, honestly, I get so pissed off with myself, but I'll never, I know I'll never change. My bra, you had to keep putting your hands down the back of my dress and pulling me bra over because, I've had that bra over 10 fucking years. Why didn't I buy a new bra for the BAFTA? Just a screw off. Because you were a screw off. Just didn't fit probably in a kept phone down. And me dress, I did love me dress to be fair, but I had lost like, not much weight, but a tiny bit of weight. It was a bit bigger now. It was just like, are you kind of win? But anyway, this is what I hate about these things though. It's just, it's like, yeah, but I think what we're trying to say is the looks perfect. It looks perfect. Everyone's getting these beautiful photos taken. Everyone was fucking sweating. Everyone was steaming by the end of the night and no one knew if anyone was actually wavering at them. Because well, people, so half the people thought everyone was wavering at them and half the people like me thought no one was wavering at them at all. Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo. Little thing that happened the other day, actually. We were watching, I don't think I mentioned this on the podcast. I was in the living room and Robin had YouTube kids on the TV and him and Rear for watching Blippy. Blippy? No, I don't. Listen, I love nothing's bad set against Blippy. I enjoy, you know, I wouldn't want to run me house. But he's good for the kids. He gets far too excited about we a kid, but that's the point. I don't like the slag things off because... You're not, he's talking with audience. I know, I'm not. I'm just trying it very... It's blue. It's blue. It's just... It's like a piss-tick. Yeah, but they don't know that. No, the don't. Kids love it. I'm sort of listening, Blippy. You're not for me, but me, kids love you. But that's the thing. You go down the smallest slide in the world and you'd be like, That's fine. It's kids crack, right? Like I say, love it at your watch. If you're not going to be dored, slam the door and he's face so hard. It's never coming to me house. I don't think much is coming house. There's two blippy's, you know. Not, I think one of them tapped out and he saw it and the other guy just doesn't know. It's just... I think he made enough money. I don't know the story. Because you call themselves something else though. I'm sure he begins with an M. Maybe. Look, I don't know. I don't know, but there's two of them. I don't want one. It's franchise. All I say is, Blippy's mental. Yeah, like the Blue Man group. All I'm saying is, he was shown the kids around a car. I think it was a car. And the car had a CD player. And he held a CD up. And he said to the screen. And I was eating breakfast. Now I wasn't in a great mood. And he really, really fucked us off for the whole day. What is he? He said to the degree he said, These are CDs. This is how people used to listen to music in the olden days. Oh! I swear to God. I nearly fucked up. The olden days. See? CDs? Are we olden days? The olden days. My first music was on tapes. It was on tapes. But he said olden days. And because he said olden days about CDs, the other day, Robin got a Switch game. He got Super Smash Bros for the Switch. I said, oh, I played this on the N64 when I was younger. And he went, the N64, was that what Super Mario 64 was on? I went, yeah, he went, that was out in the olden days. I went, Robin, I will take this back to the fucking shop. I will take this back, don't you ever. I went, it's not the olden days. It was when I was younger. It was just how I would try to get it with olden days. That's not the olden days, is it? Oh, God. Shit, the bed. Shit, the actual bed. The olden days. But let me. Honestly, I feel like soon, you know, when we fill in forms online, and I said, I've said it before, how far you have to scroll down. I feel like it's going to be lit really. You're going to scroll all the way down. And it's going to say 1990. And then after 1990, it's just going to say it olden days. And you just click that. And I say, I will take care of olden days. I don't know. But actually, you know what it is. I know you always say, I'm quite looking forward to getting to 40. Why? Don't know. Close that in my period, Endon. Wow. Who knows? Just, I don't know. I'm not worried about getting older. Doesn't mean that. I'm not worried about going older. But I don't want to blip me down as I see these olden days. How am I, I'm blip me? Oh, no, that is. I mean, he wouldn't listen to say these days. Yeah, he's more f**kty easy, 40, blip me, blip me. This is what I think I'm doing. But all of them there is. Blip me, come on, man. F**k and reign it in, will you? Maybe years ago. Maybe you could have said, when you're a mom and dad were young. Yeah, maybe. Maybe you would have had. Oh, God. I don't walk in there. On the desk, man. Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo. We did the TV show, didn't we? Yes, first time I was on. Thank you for watching. If you managed to watch it or worried if you didn't, you could catch it on catch up or just saying, f**k and brother, we're not asked. Sorry, we are asked. Please watch it on iPlayer. It's a very good episode. I was very proud. Don't bother, we're not asked. Okay, well, I'll say the same as to what I said, somebody who works in the Avalon offices who make the program. Yeah. Just start watching it so we can get you view and then turn it off. Yeah, put it on the background. Just have it on. It's a bit of background now. It's obviously Friday night, BBC 1, 1040. We realised 1040 might be, but I mean, I'm not watching anything at 1040, f**k that. But iPlayer is an absolute dream. So yeah, we had Joel Dommett and Hannah Rohn, they were fantastic. Love them. So all good, so funny. What nice couple they are. Oh, they're close. They're such a nice couple. They're such a nice couple. The lush inside and out. Yeah, I don't want to get too gushy about them, but the lush inside. They are, they are absolutely beautiful. I love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah, thank you to everyone who watched it and it's back on. If you listen to this on Friday, it's back on tonight again. And we've got a wonderful line of again, but as we're recording this on Tuesday, we don't want to see it because people cancel shits. Yeah, it's so true. It might just be me and Chris and Wumam and Dads. Absolutely fine. I'll tell you that. Hey babe, what you got there? This is a check from Carvana. I just sold my car to them. I went online and Carvana gave me an offer right away. Then they just picked up the car and gave me this. Well, that's a big check. Well, obviously you could put this towards your next car or we could finally get that jacuzzi or I could start taking tuba lessons or I could quit my job and write my memoir. Or I can put it towards my next car with Carvana. Sorry, you're a check, not mine. Sell your car to Carvana. Visit or download the app to get a real offer in second. Hey, it's Shina Shea. And as you know, life can get crazy when it's all happening. But whether you're a mom like me or have a ton of work engagements, also like me, everyone should have two minutes to spare. So everyone can enjoy a factor meal, a delicious dietitian-approved meal that's fresh, never frozen, and gets delivered right to your door. You can choose from calorie smart options, protein-plus options, and more. Visit slash Shea50 for 50% off your first order. It's time for what's your beef? Beef. Beef. Beef. Beef, beef, beef. Beef. Beef. Beef. Beef. We spent a lot of time with each other at a moment. We spent a lot of time with each other. I've got I've had to pick me beefs. Okay, well, I was gonna say something really nice though. Okay, pretend I haven't said that and say what you're gonna say? No, no, no, that's fine You need that in because there has been beefs, but there's also we were in Liverpool on Friday. We did the Zoe ball show I hate it. I hate it when people sing Tastes as you know medicine No, well, it was Eurovision obviously hope you all enjoyed Eurovision. Everyone was there on the Friday But we did the Zoe ball show and then we had the day we went back to the hotel We got back into bed and we spent the day together in bed. I had a bloody god damn nap. Yeah, and Do you know what I actually? Just think it's been quite good for a relationship. Yeah, love the kids We discussed and we missed the kids at the minute. It's making we're both a little bit ill But we're having to put them at the back of our mind because we've got it's only crazy busy for a couple of weeks And then it's it's dying down. This is like full summer with the kids We have a show is heavy episode of the podcast No, I'm just going to be doing yeah, we've just been doing press Like for the show. This is just what it is and then in a minute But I just think kids really bogged down your relationship Neither do Chris the change it. We haven't thought that much. We don't when we're not with the kids We do not fight it's fucked up. So it's actually It's not good. We went away last Tuesday couple of days. You know what I choose day prepping the show Wednesday the show Thursday press Friday press sad Day home kids arguments Sunday. Yeah Like we're having all you since when we only argue at home. We do do I think you're saying but I don't have that much Be it actually because we've been getting on look at me. We've been getting on like how some bloody fire And we'll have don't don't even try to deny it We have really been we have been Shows that out here Look at me look at me. I look at me. I was a fire Chris. They will have in your face Don't you like we have been holding hands in the street and we have some we've been kissing Zebra crossing So don't you believe in day mass apologies to that traffic jam were caused yesterday at that Zebra crossing tell me kids man It is love them to death absolutely wouldn't have were life without them, but The they are the cause. I think I think kids room and relationships. Yeah, well, I mean the change it a lot No, get Chris the room and the dude So if you are currently literally with your partner thinking I fucking despise you I'm telling you go for a weekend away. Yeah, yeah go for a weekend away We're all the kids right and just see if it's still shit Then I maybe actually you're not meant for each other But if there's a glimmer of hope I stick it out man because I just think it's the stress of it man It is before man if Robin can sense in our house if our Robin can sense that we're having a slightly heated Conversation it just starts fucking shout because he knows he's like oh them to our China have a chat I'll just wind them up. He's a wind on my you like you little and it just makes it worse But anyway, listen, but I miss them and I can't wait to get back. Yeah, I love them as ever They're the best but listen. Yeah, I've got some beef. It's not massive. I'm not really angry with you It's just little annoying things that I've found the nickers thing was gonna be beef But I just thought it was a funny story, but I have got what you got. Do you want to go first a slag? Minds a bit boring actually, okay, you go first and it's pretty similar. I'll headline I had line this okay Well, I wrote here. I hate it when you go to sleep and don't take a night You did this last night when I was pretty good at having argument last night And you so I got back in a bed and you look at it and you wake up is if you are the most tired person in the world I was the most tired. No, it really fucks us off like you literally fall asleep in like you're like Oh, it's light stuff and I'm like you were awake Takes two minutes to brush me teeth. You were fully fledged awake two minutes ago I was two minutes and then I get back in it as if you've been asleep for three hours and I've woke you up Well, that's what it feels like that's what it feels like so basically You don't like me going to sleep before you're in bed. Let's be honest here You want us to go to sleep is you want me to say I'm fucking nagged I didn't want to set me phone you were at the bottom of the bed sitting on your phone for ages, right? And I like no it wasn't two minutes and I'm lying there I can't even keep my eyes open and I'm going you're coming to bed I'm just watching and I'm just watching All sorts of tick tock but you know So right if you push your teeth no in a minute I will fuck this and then I roll over to go to sleep and you're like I can't believe what what is what you think I am why am I a fucking guide dog guide you to right? Okay, fair enough all right in future just say I'm going to sleep good night You didn't say that you just fall asleep and then I get back in the bed and you go Sorry, I fell asleep I didn't speak to you when I got in the bed you Call me needy What do you be for me my beef with you is we're currently staying in hotels and stuff at the minute because we're working away Yeah, and your we love the whole I love a hotel breakfast buffet. It's the greatest. It's the greatest. Yeah Your selections at a hotel breakfast buffet the stuff you come back with your on your Barrett isn't yeah gives us anxiety why? I want to like I want to carry you know like what are called a big carath a big silver carath that you put over it You know that you put over a bit and a posh film or whatever I want you to put your stuff on and I want you to hold the carath over so no one can see what you're doing It's absolutely it's just it's like a fucking it's like you're on shuffle I've never this morning you came over right you had eggs Yeah, scrambled eggs you had beans, right, but then you had like cold ham, hmm fruit Cold salmon And the kid is all on one. Do you want to say it's I look at the plate and it's like you know when people post mortals and they're you know They've got I let my six-year-old dress himself And he's got like a massive t-shirt skirt cowboy hat ice skates. That's your breakfast. There's a toddler dressing Themself, that's what your breakfast is. I don't think their food has to match. It's horrible It's horrible and I say there and I watch you put warm beans on cold ham and I want to fucking jump out the hotel window What honestly I feel it was you guess at the tables I feel it was you guess it was small cold freezing cold smoke salmon with hot beans It's like a nightmare. It's like a bush talker trial Honestly, I mean personally I've never it would be the what you know the marks and Spencer's advert with a Westboro the Westboro Suffolk will be the worst marks and Spencer's Cold freeze and cold rule top ham with hot beans and cabers Do you want to die? Yes, or do I? Honestly, I love it It's because I just it's because I'm a greedy cow. I just want everything done You can go and be like you you'll go you could this is what this is I find this mental about you You can go to a buffet and have beans on toast. Yeah, nothing else. Oh god Taste everything It kills me, you know, I'm just like I am Anyone out there you go on your hotel breakfast right? Everyone who goes up there you get your plate and if you go and do your toast and then start filling up You make the mistake made right you need two trips two trips First trip up get your plate toast your toast your bread get your butter go back to your table But I'd bread cut it up lay it around your plate as a base then add your beans then add your scrambled egg Then add your bacon just get it all don't be going up at once and then coming back and buttering your toast at your table with all your stuff I'm no no no two trips two trips You're doing a lot of these and the one this morning the hotel this morning big shout out I had a ramacans for the beans that that was a good show. I've seen the light of it. Yeah Oh Show and do all your stuff on your plate and then a tiny little bowl put your beans in and you're all on your plate Oh my god, I will clap in it. I actually hate order and a meal With so save your order a full English breakfast and say with beans you get them in a little pot Yeah, I hate I don't know why I'm clapping actually cuz I hate that why it's brilliant They're not all over the big honey. You hardly get any and I like me being just to be on everything actually I take back that clap rewind that clap. I like the ramacans. You're actually just clapping I like the ramacans. I like that this morning because obviously I had it with smoke salmon Yeah, so it was quite nice. You keep all your capers and salmon out your piece. Yeah, yeah But in normal life and I hate that as well in a restaurant where you got mostly peas with fish and chips in the coming of time You're like That's great. No, I disagree. No, I just kind of like me meal everything to be on the plate I hate chips in a basket hate all that shit Put them on put them on I want to plate. I just want to plate food. I don't want loads of different balls Yeah, sorry We've talked about jenga chips before I haven't It was not long ago. I don't think there were thing much anymore. No, it went with the phase I think I think the public caught on pretty quick. You go to like a quite you know like a nice sort of sadd You know me like quite a nice steakhouse And you go oh jenga chips. Oh, I'm this fucking four chips. Yeah, yeah, yeah, do you know what I need to stop putting on me plate at a Buffet breakfast Called me in K. No, no, I'll never stop doing that. I love that. I love mushrooms right. Yeah, I fucking hate grilled Breakfast massive mushrooms and I always get one because I think I love mushrooms the horrible It's a big sweaty mess. It's horrible. It's great big sweaty tomorrow's But I love them get them off big breakfast. Love mushroom love them in love them in any other food Love them raw all of the Minnesota also do love them grill like I just the breakfast ones always horrible Remind me next time. Go. If you say me. No, it's not my job. No, please no No, if you see me put one on me plate. Go ahead. Listen. Don't you're gonna regret that great Get something else everyone listening. Do you see what's just happened to you? Right Chris remind me next time not to get that Mushroom if you see me put a mushroom on my plate Man, you know what's gonna happen. I'm gonna remind you and she's gonna go don't you tell me what to do? How dare you man man's planing gaslighting? How dare you tell me not have a mushroom because you fucking told us You told us on the podcast to tell you not have a mushroom right? Oh, this is the sterig all over again Okay, you're almost enemy. Oh my god. It's just like on the train you the day. So basically I think I've got IBS Right I need to send off a stool somewhere or something because I just brought shotgun All I think everyone listening now because they know you so well all but pictures you walking around the house with a handful of Your own shit going where did I put the tub? Chris have you seen the tub? You see in the tub that I've got to send it off it Just a handful of you normally only have to put a smear on it on a page. You don't have to send a full shit I hope I never do one. You don't do it Dear Mrs Ramsey we received your stool tub stool sample there we can't have a no shit wasn't a full shit And you please please send it again so we can do the tests correctly. I'm really good at urine samples after two kids Put on your CV yeah If you have a good shit if great listener love air love haven't love socializing with my friends and very good at your Ensemble's got really good at that shit But the little pots to give you the pool right into the pot on much better because first I didn't use them and I was just Spraying everywhere anyway Should we crack on oh My god the hotel was staying at has got a really post toilet that washes your bum. Yeah, I was sat there for five minutes I've literally been had hot water on my asshole for five minutes this morning and genuinely what a blush Absolutely Lush how the other home yeah, it's the seats on all the time. I mean that was cost of fortune Yeah, but I the seat hot you didn't something lovely about sitting on a hot toilet You didn't finish the story about on the train. You said you had got I think I've got IBS because I just blow Terrifically so I've cut out bread last week You blow or you just put your knickers on the wrong way, you know Jusau and so I don't know what I'm trying to work out what it might be gluten I don't know if it's like I don't know what it is right so I did say it you Don't not that you tell us what to do because I don't know but I don't want anyone ever think that we're in that kind of relationship Because he absolutely doesn't and I would never allow that but I do sometimes say it you're like I'm not no I don't think I said don't let us I said I'm not getting the bacon roll I'm not getting like anything ready don't I'm not getting a sandwich today on the train. Yeah because I know that it's bread that's blown as this was the day of the baffer We're on the train And the the woman was coming around asking people what they wanted because we're first class We treated ourselves for the baffer and then she came and You went you said you weren't gonna get the bacon roll and I was like who the fuck are you Telling me what to eat, but I had said the Train was packed and there's people next to her there's a block sitting next to me and I look like I look like the biggest I sold on the planet. Yeah, cuz I go no you're not getting the bacon roll don't get the bacon roll and you're like Don't you Oh my god, he's like you know type now when he's You didn't you didn't in your defense you didn't say like that you actually just said I you I thought you were cutting out and I was like You know There's a woman diagonal there was a woman diagonal there were and she looked up from a paper and she looked at us If to go you horrible man, and I wanted to go no, no you weren't you went you went half an hour ago She said don't let us get the bacon roll Yeah, man, I've got a problem. I'm tapping out from yeah, you know you best do you best do because this is gonna go on for years Man, I honestly want some days. Oh, so sorry. I feel like all I do is bang on about this on the progress But it's just I think it's a I don't think I'm alone because some days I'm like I love my body. I am living my best life and I am so happy and I'm full I'm surrounded by love and you know I've got a great life and you know I feel amazing another days. I'm like I am And I can't literally can't look at myself and it's such I'm it's such a head for And I think I'll always be like this and I think most people are I think it you know I Think it's the norm so I'm maybe maybe it's not but anyway. I'm getting better once again You're gorgeous stop it. Thank you Put that bacon roll down Record in a podcast for God's sake put it down man It's time for questions from the public public Somebody told you the other day that you missed out on the best opportunity Yeah, because the bathroom all that we gave out still mental see in that and it was voted for by members of the Public and you didn't say public Public Didn't think we could have voted that could have been perfect Opportunity right two two things one. Yes, we could have promoted or two We could have literally both went public public public public public and that entire room would have been fucking silence Martin Freeman wouldn't have not had to me if I'd done that I know he'd have thought you were a balance either the void I contact you know what the hell's wrong with these people and And yeah, but I was devastated. I didn't give a big up the Robin Ramesh. We did such a good job. Yeah, there were amazing There was such a good job hosting that but yeah, it was you know It was a missed opportunity. I got a tweet saying you should have said pop up up a public and I was I was genuinely quite observable 45 minutes We had a minute you got to find these opportunities when they're coming here fucking idiot But listen if you want to get in touch shag marinoid at Send it up a tune you when you've completely fucking wasted a brilliant moment. So there we go Hi, Chris and Rosie long time listener and first time messaging in beautiful I have a rosy's mystery to share that might just ruin Britain's favorite beverage for you the good old cup of tea. Oh No, no, no You love a cup of tea, don't you? I don't like a cup of tea and I make this dead sad. I said to you I'm gonna oh you did this yesterday It must be horrible being married to me like literally yesterday We were we went for some cake and some tea a little coffee And I said you were when oh you're gonna get a cup of tea and you went yeah, and I went oh I wish I liked tea and I said you I might start drinking like peppermint tea and herbal teas and stuff I was like I might you know what I might start drinking them We've got the coffee in what about order and you went why don't you get peppermint? Yeah, I went off No, yeah, so I'd call Literally ten minutes not you in terms of fine. We're in the queue for the coffee. I might start hard work Oh really hard work. Yeah, it's a fucking nightmare I might try peppermint tea. What would you like about them? Die cold, please die cold and slice a carrot cake because I'm a fucking animal Who gets diet coke and a slice of carrot cake? Excuse me. Oh, there we go. What's talking about? It's just weird. It was weird thing to get. Why is it weird thing to get? Just was die cold and a slice of carrot I wanted to die cold I needed some caffeine. Yeah, no, I'm a sugar and die coke die coke just weird though on it. It's just weird It's just you got you got a brick of cheesecake and then you ate half of my carrot cake I'm too busy. Are you a food shame in me right now? Wait, this wasn't in yet. Oh, you're eating the cake. Oh, it's Matt the mask is slid here. God. You see look great This is it. This is the real him. Look at him. Just say what I live with you I'm saying the gold water. I'm saying the dome gourd together. Why do you want a fizzy drink and a cake? It's really weird Have you ever been a birthday party? What's it? Yeah, when I was fucking six. Yeah, all right. I'm living my best life. Jesus you day Can't believe that. Can't believe this. I'm glad that they've seen you for what you're Yeah, actually you should never have said that to me on the train about big and the big and You know you should have said anything you fucking told us to not I'm not gonna ever again You should you want to see you for just have now you sit there dying you're gonna carry me full of sugar I just meant that they don't go with it kind of this. You know what it is You're listening into something here because he started eating just protein bars And he goes to gym all the time and he's eating better and honestly You'll lose me because I hate that shit. That promise. Can I get rid of? Can I get rid of you to honestly if you turn in or you'd Fitness guy and you don't eat nor if you stop eating right? I'll never stop drinking mate. That's all done. Listen. I'm never gonna say again, right? I'm never gonna say I'm never gonna Put you off eating anything ever again because it's just not good even when you tell us to so guys next time you come on the train You walk past mine and Rosie's table and she's eating a fucking tub of lyrpaque with a spoon and I'm avoiding eye contact. That's why Dip my fucking Yorkshire puttin in a big tub of margarine I'll just be looking at me phone and everyone else to be born without lady. See this is funny Right because relationships are mad aren't there because we have been married for nearly 10 years, right? spend nearly every day together Yeah, and you like you should like if the kids eat Lord the sweet and chocolate I'm like no you're teeth are gonna fall out and you can't eat that but it's like you can't say it to each other But each other each other you would first want to say that to me you can this You fucking you be knocking fucking there twixes out me hand like bloody Michael Jordan, but when a shot What is it isn't it mad? This is it's hypocrisy is what it is. It's a potry sea and pig head in this and And arrogance on your part don't you tell me what you don't you dear Chris you have another twix That's to this week You lose me you lose me you will Yeah, you're Chris you know what it is Chris you lose me if he put loads of weight on it And you'll also lose me if you get really fit and you lose me if you tell us not to eat and you lose me if you don't tell us not to eat The fucking tight rope that I live on Sweater God I love you lose me I'm gonna lose me. Oh Jesus got a new catchphrase you lose me you will Love to bloody love to lose you You would you wouldn't last a day. Yeah, I'm probably be here and stick her in it. Oh God, oh, yeah, okay, yeah, sorry, right? Well, sorry. We really went off of piece there now This happened eight or nine years ago when I was about 14 like most people I love a good broom But this one was different and has become a memory brackets not a good one. Wow that still makes me wretch every time I think about it Craigy okay, so my family and I were all settled down in the living room in the evening in front of the TV I had my cup of tea next to me on the side unit now I love biscuits to dunk in my tea, but this evening I didn't have any biscuits Oh, it's a shame As I sat cosy on the sofa I took a sip of tea all fine a normal brew until the next sip Oh God as I took a sip of tea I could sense something small and grainy had also ended my mouth I felt it with my tongue and thought it was a biscuit crumb Wow, just got biscuits then took about half a second for me to remember that I hadn't had any biscuit in my tea Oh God, what could it be? Oh God I Spat the small grain out onto my hand to see not a biscuit crumb, but Chris will never get this, Chris will never get this Hello, hello, at mysteries mysteries, mysteries, mysteries What is she spat out of her mouth from my cup of tea onto my hand? What do you think it is? I don't know why, but I'm going straight to this I believe and this is just a total random guess and I feel like I'm going to get it I feel like I'm going to get it seriously I believe that someone has been using that cup to keep Tony as a fingernail, it was a Tony on a fingernail Right, okay, a little bit of Tony on a fingernail, am I wrong? You're wrong, you're wrong Can I have another guess? No, I mean, okay Go on, but you might get it, I don't want to get it I don't have another one, I don't want to show them all I thought I was going to, I was going to, I was going to meet for the slam dunk I'm going to tell you now I don't think you would have ever got it I spat the small grain out onto my hand to see not a biscuit crumb, but a small hamster shit Oh, I'd never got that I then looked into my tea to see that my hamsters, whose cage was next to me on the unit, had been doing his daily mile in his wheel and the little shit he had done inside it had been flying out of the air holes and landing in my tea Wow, which I then almost swallowed Wow I perceive the leap off the sofa to the kitchen sink and wretch Well, my mum, dad, and brother, I sat crying with laughter and my misfortune Oh, that's horrendous You're probably trying to picture the hamster cage, that's wheel and how this happens So, as you attach the photo, which because this is not a photo on the unit, you're my contrary But it was a bit, so imagine a hamster cage Got it And then it's a little bit of a posh I want And there's like, you know, have the run around in wheel It's on the top of the hamster cage Yes So the most kind of climb up and then so when the run around, the shits are just flying out Who on them's going to see The world is storing their tea cups next to a hamster cage I don't know So it's not a bit of a posh one, I'm not having that What kind of house, what's that up you got? What kind of set up you got? Always in knives and forks, oh yeah, the cut loose just on top of the rabbit hutch I'm sorry, like, but I'm not one, right, it's a wrong fault, right? Who's keeping your cups next to your hamster cage? I've got a hamster one as younger, they're always flicking stuff out their cage That was digging and hiding stuff out In the defence, so I don't think you think that the shits are going to go in your tea Oh, yeah, but looking at your stuff Looking at your cup, yeah fine, the hamster's dead, can he? Cute, but again, they're in there, they're in there I put them in the category of pet, that's always trying to escape It doesn't like you If it could speak, you put a microphone to it, you go to the front Oh, my cap does, no, I don't But where would hamsters wild? I don't know, any... Where is it? This is you've done it again, you've come up with a question that initially sounds stupid And I wanted the burst out laugh on, but it's actually not a stupid question Think about it, right? Bird. Oh, a hamster's wild. Bird, sky, rabbit. I guess I keep going. No, okay. Bird, sky, yeah. Well, okay, bird, wild, sky, right? Right, rabbit, burrowed, field. Yeah. Mice, field. Man, it's a leaves in there. Fish in the water, frogs and shit, right? Hamsters. What's a hamster's origin story? Oh, wow. Where do hamsters come from? This is, um... I think hamsters have been my mid. Are they my mid for people to keep? Where the fuck do hamsters come from, Chris? That's a really cool point. Where do they live? I don't know. If they're not any cage in someone's house, where do hamsters? What the... I'm going to say Google it. Guinea pigs. Where do they come from? Fucking else. Do you ever see, like, foxes and that in the garden? But, when... Do you ever see a guinea pig in the wild? Are they wild? Shit, the bird. Oh, right. No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, wild hamsters are found throughout much of Europe and Asia. All hamsters are nocturnal or active at night. They have terrible eyesight, but they're sensitive smell and touch, as their whiskers help them navigate. Nice. Do hamsters live in the wild in the UK? They live on flat steps, steppes, STEPPS, covered in short grass, which are mainly agricultural at all. Steeps. Is that steeps? STEPPS. STEPPS. Oh, no. Steppers? Steppers. Steppers? Careful, careful, carrying your cases down them, steppers. They're steep. All right, apparently, yeah. So they're wild, oh, well, do you go? They're about to start, apparently. What about guinea pigs? I love it at the sleep. I suppose dogs are the same, though. Well, back in the day. Although they were domesticated around 500 years ago, guinea pigs haven't lost their original instincts. They'll have to. Oh, they're natural habitat is the mountains of South America. Woo. With the climate is tough making them highly adaptable. Nice. Do guinea pigs still exist in the wild? No. No, domesticated guinea pigs are no longer found in the wild. Nice. Oh, gosh. I knew where the f**king bread was but I didn't know. We're extincted. What? What's the word? What's the word? What's the word? What's the word? What's the word? What's the word? What's the word? What's the, what's the, the, the, the, the, the, the, tens, that's tens, of that, that's it. That's it. White out. White out. Well, I haven't wiped out because it still exists, but we've just. White out. Wild guinea pigs. Blue out. Kathleen Rogan-hauss. Let me love it. Weird, eh? Hee, buta! Barbodoo-ba-bo-ba-bo-du- que! Hi, Chrism Frosy. I would just like to share one of my irrational thoughts I had while cleaning the day. Nice. Brrrn ooh, 세 Idea 봐! Love GRABA Lavng and Errassona. Love and Errassona Uhuta. 有亲心 árbitan love and Errassona Four. Larissa love oranges. Larissa love and L obviously other people's instead of just mine. Same. Same Chrism Yours. Rosa You might be on my side here. My fiancée and I got our first puppy together in September and she has just had her first season in Brugget's period. which means that her period blood has been all over the house, living room floor, kitchen floor, and most disgustingly on my bejama leg. I made a cup of tea. And... Oh, don't. The milk... When they have a period, they can... Yeah, because I just put a little napkins on them. They can't wait a little part, can they? I think there's something to put a little napkins on female dogs. But I got annoyed at my fiance at the day, because he is not bothered by the dog's period blood on the floor and is in fact very sympathetic. Even bought us some doggy chocolate. LAUGHTER But... When I'm on my period, I do not get anywhere near that treatment. In fact, if there is some... Some of my period blood around the rim of the toilet, there is a kerfuffle in this house. Quite right. Quite right. Am I being an irrational psychotic person, or do I have a leg to stand on? Erm... She's got a point. Well, I've got... I've got... As a man, I've got to be careful. I've got almost back out of this oven, because I can't have a go to a woman if I have an period board. The dog's not capable of wiping it up. You are capable of wiping your toilet. But that's the same thing. It's not. The dog isn't capable of wiping it up. That dog cannot wipe it up, and that dog doesn't even know what's happening. Could lick it up. The problem you do. Erm, you could as well. You could, but you never... You know, you're wasting toilet paper. LAUGHTER Think of the planet and just lick the ability period blood up, please. Oh, come on. Not seriously. That's my only point that I'll stand on there. She can wipe her toilet seat. Well, I know, but it would sometimes accidentally... You can't be helped. Do you know what I mean? Well... I, listen, do you want to hear something? Is it horrible? To you, maybe, but to women who have periods, no. Because you know what? I looked to bang the drum of the periods. Yeah. I... Got blood on our new carpet, the other day. Excuse me? Well, because I was having a heavy floor. I'd been in the shower. No, I'd been in the shower, right? Come out the shower, went to put a tampon in. Right. And just blood dropped out on the carpet. You cleaned it up? Yeah, I have. But you know what I mean? But literally, I was like... Did you use toilet paper or did you lick it up? I used the... What's the call? The doctor has to jump in the carpet clean. I started to come up. But you know what I mean? What the... This is fucking ridiculous. It's unfair, I said it before. It's just ridiculous. Yeah. Come out... I literally come out the shower. It must be... What is it? Like, ten foot to mechester drawers where the tampons are? Pulled home in the drawer, got one out, opened my legs. Ffff. It's not fair. It's not fair. It's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. Listen, Johnny here, one of my... We had... What did you say? We had intrusive thought. Errational thought. Errational thought. Johnny here, my rational thought. So we all know like a taster-fise. Yeah. So we got ready in the hotel. Sorry to mention the bathers again, but we got ready in the hotel. Honestly. And I put me... I got a suit from the place that I think I mentioned. I got me wedding suit from. I got a nice suit. Jules Bane. Tuck a suit. Very nice. I was dead happy with that. I never really dress up. I was well, well, true for them. You did, listen. You looked lovely. Thank you very much. I told you throughout the day. You did, you were lovely, thank you. But my panic, until we got inside, because you have to pull up and go the red carpet and everything, there's crowds of people watching. I was convinced that the just stop oil people were going to throw orange pears. Oh my god. You were panicking about this. I don't know what I got at me. I think it's because I was watching the snooker and the running... The went and put the put like powder all over the snooker tables, orange powder. But why did you think that would specifically target us? I don't know. I don't know. I've got no idea why. But it was it was it wasn't it wasn't it couldn't get the thought out my head. I couldn't and I said to people with I was like, oh, do you think they just stop oil people to be there? They were like, well, probably not. No one I was I put the throw orange pears. I saw a video of them throw orange pears on like a Rolex shop. And I was like, oh god. And I don't know why, but I was I had me I had a plan. I don't think you've done anything to find it. Well, and I drive a Tesla. It's a leprig. So I was going to show them. I was planning to look on a rose going on Tesla. I got a Tesla don't. It's new. It's a new to us. Please. I couldn't stop. I thought it lost. I got it in my head. I got it lost. I got it in my head. I couldn't get it out of my head. I know. I mean, I was in the taxi with you. It was. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But then again, my brain just went to how fucking funny would it be if that were like to present the award. Chris and I was around the in water and I was just fucking covered in our own paint. And I was like, all right. Apparently we've got a stop oil. Would you have stayed? Yeah. Covered in our own paint. We've been fucking hilarious. No. It would have been hilarious. Yeah. At a baby wipe me eyes and I just walked around with orange paint on us all day. It would have been funny as fuck. We'll have him talk about how the universe hears us a little bit though. Why? Because what me spanks broke? Oh, yeah. And you had a big metal rod sticking up your ass off. Yeah. Look, absolutely love spanks. I had, but the dress I was wearing, the two tights. So you can't, I just pull them at the side when I have a way. Just kind of. And literally get me lips out of the way. I haven't the side. Pay your way. I don't think you do for number two, but who's I'm in number two with the bath dyes? Come on. Pull it in, vials. Right. I'm just going to fill a bit of time because we're next horse just not going to shit out. Imagine you couldn't be having a shit about that. Anyway, the god who can eyes on the crotch pulled it. It snapped and it was pulking in my ass all night. Yeah. So when I was sat on that seat, I had a bit of metal. And I sure you didn't have that. I was like, that's been in my ass all night, not in the hole, like the cheek. And you know, I got a bit annoyed, actually. I just got a bit annoyed because you know when you're just like, why can't I just have a day? Can I just have a day of just being comfortable and not something not go wrong? I'm sure everyone listen to this thing and did you have them on the right way? I did have them on the right way. Oh, you sure about that? Well, it just happened before. We went the toilet before we went to do the award. And I was like, am I going to have to open these up? But I thought I was just going to have to have literally crotchless given out in the water the bafters. Imagine. I just, I sometimes just look at the sky and I'm like, why? Why? Yeah, I'd love it if it stopped doing that in public. I just feel like the universe is like, listen. Not around you when you were on the mood to the end of the palette of the apes. No, why? You did it. No, but sometimes I just feel like someone over there or something is like, you're here. But why in Jineckin? Do you know what I mean? Yes, you're here. Yes, all right. All right. You've done all care. You've been asked to come here. It's lovely and you're having a lovely time. But you're going to sit with a metal rod up your neck. There's your seat. And it's like, can I just... Why? Because, uh, because fuck you, that's why. It is, it is a big fuck you. It was fine. It keeps you on your toes, I guess. Literally. Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo, Babadoo. Hi, Chris and Rosie. Just listen to an episode 212 where the lady says her boyfriend, Sasha Husband, gave her the yoke when he just randomly passed out. This reminder made an incident that took place back in 2021. Just for ground, my husband was just for ground like, oh, just for background, sorry. Background. I forgot to say back. Fucking hell, man. Oh, it's the one's diet. Painful. It just for background. My husband has a weird condition where he passes out and convulsors a bit when he is in any stressful medical situations. He passed out when saying our first born son was crowning and I had to have an episister tomi. What the fuck, sir? Episister tomi. For the fact that you couldn't read background earlier on, I've got no sense in what I've been watching. Never heard of that before, but it sounds pretty nasty. Not a pretty sight I know as our son was in distress. Just as our son was born, he hit the deck and multiple midwives came running over to help. He had passed out with blood tests and even an eye test. My sister does that all the time. My case has to have people with her, every appointment she goes to. I can't imagine the lack of sympathy you would get from midwives and your wife if you passed out. I know what happens, but whenever I hear a blow passing out during pregnancy, I feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him. No, I do feel sorry for him because of how much fucking shit. It gives his anxiety to think of how much fucking constant shit he would get. As a woman who has been through labour. I would never... I'd nine months of pregnancy. No, no. I wouldn't have let me forget it. You wouldn't have let me forget it. My mate would never let us forget it. It would haunt us for the rest of my life. If you fainted while I was giving birth or in labour, I swear to God, I don't think I could have sex with you again. I couldn't even look at you. You lose. You faint during this and you lose me. I would be so angry. But actually, but at the same time, it's very overwhelming. And if you are squeamish, I get it. I get men faint. I'm not trying to listen. I'm doing business. You will never catch me down there. Would you never catch me down? Not a fucking chance. Would you catch me down that business and watch? We never got that far, sadly. People say, when you got the C-section, they were like, do you want to watch? I was like, I don't want to watch you. I'd chop your fucking wife in half and pull her fucking out. Do you know what I got? I got a bit annoyed that I didn't watch. Of course I'm not watching. Oh my God, are you crazy? You probably would have fainted that actually. I don't think I would have fainted. I just think it would have really heavily affected this for the rest of my life. For the rest of my life. Yeah. I wouldn't be like, eat certain things. Yeah. Like what? Oh, I don't know. Just hamburgers. Yeah. Cheese toasties. Meat. Anything. Anything was swapping. Oh, it's so great. To board was soup. Yeah. Every time I look at my kids, I'd be like, oh, look at you. From that horror movie I watched. A movie card on the screen, you. But. Oh! X. It's awful. Oh, it's you, from show. Six. Oh. Is itитсяip orlag just because i've been waiting for this but it was allorial about this and what the other guys had on the screen, totell and put someone хороший to show. I was very much kind of jokin' a bit when I said about that because men feigned, I'm not trying to be, you know, it's just so unfortunate that it happened at that time anyway. At the moment when your wife's gone through the worst possible thing she'd been gone through, it's a worse thing in the world. But actually, when I was speaking to Joel and Hannah, I was telling Hannah because he has so many horrible birth stories. Given birth, I found was one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life. But you still win about it? No, it was awful, but it was so empowering. And it was brilliant. It was brilliant. Like, it was brilliant. It was really, really good. Four stars. Yeah. I'm not going to do it again, but, you know, I did it twice so it wasn't that bad. But it's again, thank you for our two beautiful boys. You're welcome. You're welcome. So, right, OK. Back in 2012, we were all doing our bit and getting our COVID vaccinations. I went with my husband to his appointment as I knew he was likely to pass out. I'm joking. I'm joking. It must be hot. I passed out all the times, awful. We got called into the room, ready for him to be vaccinated. We explained that he might pass out and they were very understanding. They laid him on the bed and jabbed him, and he was absolutely fine. They gave us a 10 minute timer and asked us to sit in the waiting room with everyone else. Remember that? Remember that? Oh. In practice, he says, the room was full. The chairs were all spaced out in a u-shape. We sat on the very end near as the door to get some fresh air just in case. I was talking to him and keeping an eye on him as I don't trust his body. I asked him a question in the moon, and I thought, oh, shit, we got to go. He slumped forward, so I put one arm around the back of his neck, slash head, and tried my best to lower him gently, so he didn't bang his head. But it was too late. He was gone. Anacomplete dead weight. I dropped him. I called for help. I was unaware. His arm was caught under my floaty top. The nurses came running, and my husband convulsed throwing his arms up, lifting my top, and exposing my tattie-old maternity bra. His jacket's clean, God-court. The clip at the top of the bra, cut, releasing it, and my boob for all the staff and patients. Just saying. LAUGHTER Sorry, sorry, two seconds. Your tell me that that man can undo a bra 100, one of the conscious. Yes. Lend you. Lend you. Talk about party tricks. What? Lod, lod, lod, lod, lod. Not now. Still got it. Not now. Still got it. The nurses were attending to my husband. I quickly threw myself back together. I was mortified. I looked up and made eye contact with a man across the room. He was in a mask, but his eyes said and sewed all. LAUGHTER We were taking a side room where my husband was checked over, and we were eventually sent on our way. A few, I was later. I told him what had happened, and he thought it was the funniest thing ever, and would have loved to have seen it. Great. He also said his head was sore from where I dropped him, and I wasn't even sorry for them, Boris Manai. It's so hard. Please keep me anonymous. Funny. Funny. LAUGHTER Past our world, she was given birth. Past our getting his core in injection, and also flashed his wife. Oh, great. Exposed up, moved to everyone while unconscious. I'd be seated at joy. Please. No, no, no. No, no, no. Please. Oh, God. I'm going to go. I'm going to go. I'm going to take your turn with us. LAUGHTER BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU BABBADU Born God. LAUGHTER CHEERING Yes, Solve your pertin Alorschuckles. Happy Thanksgiving, BAFTAHeavierShagmetalAllie. Which is part of the AC<|fr|><|translate|> LAUGHTER Thank you for watching, thank you for listening, we love you, bye! Bye! Hey, it's Sina Shea and as you know, life can get crazy when it's all happening, but whether you're a mom like me or have a ton of work engagements, also like me, everyone should have two minutes to spare. So everyone can enjoy a factor meal, a delicious, dietician-approved meal that's fresh, never frozen, and gets delivered right to your door. You can choose from calorie smart options, protein plus options, and more. 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