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58: Love Island Faye Winter Talks CHEATING Scandals, Secret Engagement & More!

58: Love Island Faye Winter Talks CHEATING Scandals, Secret Engagement & More!

Wed, 24 May 2023 16:55

Faye Winter is here to tell her side of the story. She doesn't hold back on cheating scandal, secret engagement and footballers sliding into her DMs.

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Guys, if you're watching this make sure you subscribe if you want to watch the whole thing, if you watch it on YouTube, Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Welcome back to another episode of Saving Grace. Today we've got the woman you've all been talking about. Say winter, give it up. Oh yeah! Oh no, that was good. I enjoyed that. Thank you. Give us a little intro. I can A.A. meeting, give us a start. My name is Faye Winner, number one villain, I'm from one year and now coming out of the other side. Thank God. Here she is. This is a redemption part and we're here for it. Even that or I'm going further down. Yeah, you'll be trending next week. Put me six foot down. So obviously when I love Ireland, we digress. Mm-hmm. Life after. Oh. So when you came out of love Ireland, you were the villain. How did you find that? Right, so when you're in the villa, what did you think people were thinking of you? Do you know what? Tell me. I knew the first few days I thought, God, I think I'm not coming across well. Yeah. And the reason I knew it is because I was like, I don't fancy any of these men. My girls all at home. I'm quite quiet when you first meet me and I'm quite rude. You can't lie. At least you're honest. And then as time went on, I thought, do you know what, I'm in here just for the ride now. I met anyone. Didn't like any of the lads still. And then obviously found someone. He should have shown up be names. Yeah. Never. And yeah, it was all right then. And then I lost my head. Obviously after also, I do want to mention that I did ask for space. Come on. In that. In that. In that. You did. I'm a space. I don't want to speak to you. Yeah. Didn't. Didn't happen. Well, you didn't want to give me space. You again, I get the full rifle. Yeah, exactly. I apologise for that. To our blue and the face. I came out and I lived up to that villain. Do you know what I apologise for it? I still don't. I'm not going to say I didn't do it. I'm not going to say that, you know, it is what it is. But a lot of people come out and they go, oh, production, oh, I'm the villain. I'm the fucking villain. So what now? What can you say to that? Because when you came out, I suppose it's a bit difficult though, because you want to back yourself a little bit because when people are saying all these things, you're like, come on. Let me out. But did you have that or not? You didn't really give a shit. I kind of was like, well, the first came out. I was like, oh, God, damn. No. But my family and that were just like, take it. Like you are loud. You are a brush. People ain't going to like it. Yeah. Just take it. And I was like, do you know what? Fine. You're making money. So fucking. Yeah. So I just carried on. Yeah. Do you still keep in contact with anyone from your season? Yeah. I've just come back a whole day with girls. We were going to discuss them. Oh, very nice. The girls, yeah. My main girls. And then obviously I'm really close to Tobes. So he's like, here's the only lad I speak to. Is that because a lot of the times when people come off love Island, they're like, I don't speak to anyone off that season. There's always beef after. Was there any beef after or not really? I feel like people have beef with me. But you don't have beef with them. Not that they've told me. Right. Right. Yeah. So if you came to me and was like, Faye, I don't like you. I think you're a dick for X, Y and Z. Yeah. Take it. Okay. Cool. I respect that. They'll just come on pods like this and like you. Yeah. Then they say things and I'm like, I think I've saved it. Yeah. I'm going to guess. It's the same as connecting. Yeah. Yeah. But I don't care because you ain't saying it to me direct. Are you glad that you went on love Island? No. Oh, I'm I'm that's probably missing. Really. Oh, obviously I'm glad I've done it. Yeah. Because you're never going to get that experience again. No. Ever. Like you'd be stupid. If you get invited to go on the show, you're going to take. You would say yes. These people are like, I'm a guy that been asking love Island. If you're going to go on the show, you're going to go on the show. Yeah. But I did really like my life before. Yeah. So you feel like you're ever left with a love Island stain as people call it. Like people don't take you seriously because you're on love Island. Yeah. But I think as you can only be stained if you want it to be stained, right? Yeah. He's a bit of a vanish and you'll be fine. Like if you want to go around, a lot of people come to the channel and go, I will go, I don't want to be a sociable bit of love Island. Don't go on love Island. Yeah, though. It's really fucking simple. Don't go on love Island. But I just think, I think it's a great show. I think I thoroughly enjoy watching it. Yeah. I mean, obviously it's hard now because a lot of people don't go on there and are just themselves and they don't go there. They don't want to cause any drama. They want to be very mediocre. We're losing the entertainment side of it. But then that's because people were carons and they think that they can just keep bullying. And that's just like fine. If they did like an all star version, would you go back on it? I've been asked this a lot and I'm just like, I love like the production and like some, I'm really close with production still. So I really love the show. I don't know. I need to find a man. I'm fucking nearly firtied man. I'm making sure because you provide the drama. I want to say about the last season there wasn't any drama. No, because people know what they're doing now on the show. They don't want to. And also, I think ITV have also got kind of because of all the backlash. They've got to try and protect them. Yeah. True. Let them out to the wolves. Wealded. So fuck them. So you just went on a girl's holiday. Where'd you go and who'd you go with? A little bit of Crete. Go on them. Went with Sharon, Abby, Kaz and Lib. How was the holiday? I should know what was bloody lovely. I only have four days. Rain for two of the fuckers. I was at my husband in England. Was there any beef? No. Bastards. Do you know what? It's the worst thing. Yeah. There was nothing. There was one night Abby told me off because I was being really loud and annoying with a very nice Greek man. He wasn't very nice to talk. A really trying to set her up and yeah, she really didn't appreciate that. Is this like your hot girl summer? Summer though. I mean, if I could get hot girl, then maybe. I mean, the thing is I'm too used to being in my pajamas, walking a dog over top not. Yeah. But that's some like was kink. Kink it is there. Kink it is. I think I love that light. Get yourself down to Fetford Forest with the ball on your head and I think you could find a potential partner. Do you know what? Down my area is holding. There's a lot of dog in the ghost area. Do you know what? Yeah. Drop the address. If not, pet so I'm on my way. So now you're single. Is anyone slid into your DMs that you're like, fuck yeah? There was something slid into my DMs. Brilliant. There was. There was a good person slid into my DMs. What's their occupation? Pleas a little bit bowl. Football. How did I know you were going to say that? But no, I didn't. No, I did reply. Then I told Toby who it was and Toby went, God forbid. Oh really? I don't like his face. I said, I mean, unless it's Jack Grielish. Oh no, he's not my type. Oh really? Not my type. What would your type be? A little bit very Joshua, you know. Oh fair, you want like a shit brick house. I literally want something. It's going to frame me around. Do you know what as well? Because you live on your own, you want someone to protect you if you get burgled. You don't need a panic alarm. Fuck out, I've got my dog. Oh yeah, all the dog. The Bonnie's there. All that sounds like a fucking rockwiler. You're joking. Then this little fucking poodle comes out and I'm like, shit. She's back up. Yeah, she's back up. So I don't need a man for that. I literally just want a man. I just want like a man's man. Oh yeah. Not this kind of something. Let me take like, give them shit. What were your relationships like before love Island? And have you spoken to any of them since coming off? So all of my exes are dickheads. Brilliant. We love. Yeah. But I would speak to all of them because the only problem is is because I just don't care enough to hold any hate. I mean, I just don't have it in my heart to be like my first boyfriend five years. I was a stepmom five years. Oh, no. Okay. 18. Oh god. Yeah. You were the school guys. I actually was. I used to school run all the time. Right on my own. It's fucking got lovely car out of it. Yeah. But he was a dick. Yeah. And he got engaged six months after we broke up with my engagement ring. Oh, was you engaged? No, I went engaged. He bought the engagement ring. Right. Okay. Told my sister that he was going to ask me to marry me in the July. We broke up in the February of January. And then he used my engagement ring for his new tig. I believe so. I actually did see them last summer. And you know what? I give them so much. You live your life. You're a better woman than me. I just don't. I just think you live your life. If Bill, this is a message to you Bill, even they sat right there, if you ever get engaged after we break up, heads will be flying, including yours. He's nodding and said no it. Thank you Bill. Right. So X is your I've got a worst one. I like I've got the worst the worst. Do you? Yeah. Before that, before I went to love Ireland, COVID happened. Moved in with him. Yeah. Told me he was going down to get a laptop from his work colleague. Oh, chestnut. Didn't come back with no fucking laptop. Oh, did it come back with Climidio? I bet he did. I don't know. I didn't catch it. So good. Good for you. Good for you. 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No, I'm not violent people. Why is such a cow? And I'm like, you don't know. You don't know me. Would you say your toxic in a relationship? Do you know what? I would love to sit here and go, I'm so toxic. Yeah, but you're not. I would expect you are though. Yeah, but I think because they and also men like expect me to be. I feel like I've got to take like this massive step back to overcompensate for it. Yeah. To be like, I'm actually not psycho. But now because I'm saying I'm not a psycho, I look like I'm a psycho. It's like when you date a guy and they're like, my ex was a psycho and you're like, you cheek and I know, didn't you? Yeah, that's exactly what you did, doesn't it? I just think men are going to cheat if they're going to cheat. Let them do what they want to do. True. We'll always find out anyway. Oh my god. I think car associated media. True. And it's good thing about being in the public eye is some fuck all send it to you. Some they can be from I don't know, Skeg Ness, but they'll still find you. Oh yeah. God for being a fool from Skeg Ness though. Yeah, that one there for me. It feels to be like, hey, Fagas girl. Yeah. I hope you're right. Do you want to come for a girl strip? Yeah. So I want to do a quick sale or shot it here. I want to loosen you up. All right. Get the shoulders going quick. Loosen yourself up. Oh, that dance on it. Okay, I'll do. Yeah. Right. San Buka. The issue here that we have is I don't have a shot glass. But what I do have is my mouse already salivating. Was it called a bottle top? Oh, and also I'll make it fair. If you shot, I have to shot too. She's. What this is going to shape. Okay. God, you are. You feeling all right, sweet person? Yeah, exactly. Right. Okay. The stress. Have you ever gone through someone's phone if yes, what did you find? Oh, I go from all my partners to any and I find someone every single fucking time. Really? It's the worst thing you found. What is the worst thing? There's been so much shit photos from girls, arranged meetings, messages. Yeah. A lot of messages. Like flat messages. And then I think that's the worst. And then when confronted, they go, ain't that bad? Oh, yeah. Nice. They just say, no, don't say what you think it says. Go fuck yourself. That's why we have screenshots. Okay. Next question. Who did you hate the most from your season of love Island? Oh, Jake. Fair. Didn't like him. I knew he was on the floor of the villa. Oh, did you? Yeah. He actually dated one of my friends. Went in there though. I said, when he walked in, I said, I know him. And then I thought I'd give him a chance. I want to use girls like I will give you a chance. If someone else hates you, I'm not going to hit you because of it. It's nice. Don't be wary. And then, yeah, read it like him and to really love lips. Oh, yeah. I forgot our Liberty bless her. So yeah, the name that she'll not be mentioned. Yeah. What Liberty or Jake? Jake. Sorry. I thought for a minute, they'd fallen out. Right. We thought girls on a day's. Girls on a day's over. Right. And next question. I saw a video online of he who shall not be named that you dated. Right. Opinions thoughts? Want to chat about it? I mean, do you want to rob? Yeah, I do. Do you want to elaborate on the video? You probably said one that I've not seen yet. It was of him getting in a car with some girls. Okay, I'm not going to shot. Brilliant. Jim. Jim. I feel like there is always three sides of the truth, right? Right. So you've got his truth, her truth and the truth. And I won't personally there. So I can't. Right. I can't. And I'm still finding things out literally until a couple of months ago. Really? So even to a few months ago, just after Christmas, there was more that came out. And it's just one of those things. I'm like, what do you believe? What don't you believe in? Social media? It's really hard. And I think you don't want to believe shit. No. Like you want to see the good and people. You're one is you want to really believe that you wouldn't do it. Yeah. But I'll never know. I wasn't there in that hotel room. Did you ever message the girl? So I'll be in straight on that shit so quick. No, I don't know. Not until very recently. But also I feel quite protective of her in a weird way. For. I feel like, yeah. I think if you've been that age, you know, if someone who's well known comes up to you, you're like, oh my god. And you don't really think about the repercussions of it. Yeah. I actually do. And I do really feel like protective of her in a weird kind of way. Because I can't imagine the shit that she got. Right. And I can't imagine being in that situation. And I always think I wouldn't want that from my little sister or my family member. So I think it's hard. And she is still young. So I just think, May, if you if you bad yourself a banging lad, if good on you, if you had a girlfriend at the same time, oh hell. Yeah. Well done. Fair play to you. I ain't in that relationship no more so I'm gonna fuck. Do you know what, you're coming off great on this podcast? I don't know. Free. Yeah, that was a great answer. Right. So dating in the future. Oh yeah. What do you think you'll date someone in the public eye again? Or would you want someone low key? So I have actually met a love in my life. Right? I've not spoken to him. Okay. Yeah. I've walked past him. And he's the I will marry him. He's normal? No. Beautiful. But love of my life. Right. Okay. Yeah. But I feel like I keep I keep intrusing him to everyone as my husband. Do you want to see him? Yeah. You're ready. Are you ready? Yeah. I'll give a live reaction of what I think. Okay. Okay. It's really bad that I know his name. It's a little stony. I actually didn't know his name when I walked past him either. Text my best friend saying, I've just met the love of my life. I was in a fucking four hour car journey. So you haven't spoken to him? No. Right. By the time I got home, I found him. Oh yeah. She, she ain't messing around. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm a bit nervous. Why am I nervous? Oh, okay. Oh yeah. Yeah. I get you. Oh. Oh. He is the love of my life. He doesn't know it. I think he'd be fine with this. I hope so. Not the AI picks. Sorry. Okay. Take them off right now. Sorry. Wow. What, um, what star sign are you if you're born in September? I was fucking, no. I don't know. I'm not interested. All I know is I'm a Gem 9. I'm a Gem 9. Let's roleplay. Okay. All right. I'm him. Right. And this is going to be how you get together. Okay. I'm walking past you again. This is your only chance ever to speak to him again. Yeah. I'm walking past. Come on to me. Oh, I'm not speaking to you. I'm just going to grab his friend. Okay. You're right, babe. A little. Yeah. How you been? No, I'm. And he walks away. That is his only impression of me. You've got up your game. You've got up your game. I'm not okay. I've never done this before. Right. That's why I'm here. I'm walking past you again. Go. Tap me. You're. Yeah. No, we can't do this. He'll do that. He'll do that. I'm embarrassed. I'm going to tell you. I'll say. I will say. I will say. Yeah. How big should I look? And he probably massive. Yeah. Actually, Bill, I'll show you the videos for the pictures after you. There's no videos. I was sorry. The way I say his big video. Where's that video? Sorry about that. No, I've also told my mum. I've said I've met the love of my life. I think maybe you should work something in. I won't say his job is job title. Be like, I fucking love the Gem. I hate the Gem. And moan when you say it. I hate the Gem. The Gem. I've never lived in my life. I hate the Gem. I think you should say that. And then that I think if I was a gym boy, what would I want in a woman? What I hate the gym. But no, but some people, some people date with the hate the Gem. I hate the Gem. So do you want to work out in my bed? Oh, he can lift you up as well. He can. He is your guard dog. Do you know what I can't from that tree? I want if you get with him, I want this podcast to be clipped. Okay. And then you two on here together on here together. I can get a sex when we were open on this podcast. Yeah, that's fine. So I think I should message him off your phone. I am, you know, the cop destroyer. That's why I'm with Bill. That's how I got him. Yeah. I think you should put your trust in my hands. I don't want to check someone at toilet though. That's fine. We can maybe rearrange, maybe get you a sky garden or something. Oh, right now. No, no, don't try any language. Okay. Get his profile up and the DM. Imagine if he's already DMed me. I will die. Then have to leave this because. Well, he hasn't said he's stupid. Wanted to. Maybe he's gone off him already. Maybe his phone's on. Don't disturb. But he's forgotten to take it off. He just doesn't go on it. I'm scared. I'm going to start off. Favorite scared. Hey, how difficult are you thinking it? Hey, big cocky. I want a man. No, I want to marry this man. Remember that's fine. Okay. To hold me at night with your big strong arm. What dog do you have? Why do you not know this, Bami? How would you have me on this podcast? I think you've got some sort. I think I thought you had a golden treatment. I do. Well done. Okay. Fine. Yeah. My golden retriever. Why do you have to ring her into it? Isn't the only thing that I have. I'm looking for a daddy with an extra leg and needs a puppy. You can't send this is bad. How do I sign it off? No, we need. No, he's the last one. I want your balls dangling on my chin. And then I'll keep it classy. God save the king. There you go. I'll put kiss at the end. Are you asking me? I hate you. And I promise you. Hey, big cocky. I want a man to hold me in night with you. Have you had that? That was the sad thing. I want a man to hold me in night. Okay. With your big strong arms. He might feel bad for you because you'll think you're dyslexic. My golden retriever isn't the only thing that I have with an extra leg and needs a puppy. Yes. God save. I want your balls dangling from my chin. Yeah. I have a big chin. Yes. There's room. God save the king. I hate you. I actually think that work. Because if I got that message, I think she's got some personality about her. I do. Exactly. So you're welcome. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We'll wait for the reply, shall we? Yeah. We'll carry on with the pod and hope for the best. Hot girl summer. How long did it take to why I can unsend a message? How long does it give? I should have maybe done the corrections after on the... Your big dirty. No, it's voice no in stop. Okay. For a minute that you just being like big daddy, that would get him going too. Okay. So this is what I want to talk to you about. Hot girl summer. Hot girl summer. And I feel like you've come in to yourself a bit now. That's how it works. You've filled her. You removed it all. I've got rid of that. Why? So I feel like when I was on the show, it was a whole lot of lip. Yeah. It was a whole lot of lip. Do you wear brown lipstick to this day now or not? Yeah, I do. You do. I do. But because the lips look smaller, it does. I've got the same lip liner on today, honey. Yeah. Yeah. But looks good. It looks good. Also, I have an MUA that does my makeup and show me how to do it properly. Peace out. Yeah. Anyway. We... So I... When people say to me like, yeah, but you obviously saw how big your lips were. You don't. You don't. When you're doing your makeup in the mirror. Like lip dissmal for you. You don't see it. And then I saw myself and I was like, yo, it was you. Oh, yeah. My little fella girl, she was raking that shit in. She was having great weekends. So I just felt like, yeah, they needed to go. Yeah, fair. But then when they went, I was like, shit, my great dad is God rest his self. He is dead. But even though he's been dead for 20 years, I would look like his dead 20 year old ball bags. Oh, fair. So they sag after you get them so bad. Really? So bad. No one won me. And I was like, no one's won me about this. Just come out and they were like flowing in the wind. And they were like, you need to be on your stories. I can't leave my life. Yeah. Look at all these. What are you doing this to me? So then I did have to have a, I got a meal put back in. That's fine. And that was fine. Why am I saying that's fine? A year ago? No, when I can't villa. Fuck knows 18 months ago. Right. And yeah, now I'm not having more Phillip. I can. Would you want any more filler anywhere? I would love, like I get Botox. I love Botox. I like my shirt. As you should. Yeah. I love. Yeah. If I wanted to, I would, but I would let everyone know. But right now, I'm good. Because I've seen everyone wants Kendall Jenner boobs now. Yeah, I'm insane. They like the small, small titty. I actually spoke to Abby about this the other day. I actually said, like, I actually would quite like to get my boobs removed. Really? Yeah. This is the thing. Don't you find about trends? So when I was at school, it was all about the skinny Paris Hilton. Yeah. Flat asses were actually in fashion. So fuck all of you. I was actually trendy back in the day. Yeah. Yeah, which is me. Flat chest. Yeah. Cool. She's off the pod. All of that was trendy. And then it became BBL big. I love where I'm absolutely ripping you right now, but I also have the flatest ass that they've ever seen. We're coming back in fashion soon. Yeah. Cool. But now it's like flats back and natural's back. Would you think the next trend is going to be? Oh, take it back to the range of cooker then. I'm fucking out with the stove ass. Yeah. I think we need to be back to flat asses now. We've had too much shit. Yeah. Over that shit. But I feel like the problem is I've got boobs. If I don't have boobs, I am a naturally very thin frame. Right. So I will look like my walking God rest his soul. Grandad six foot down. After the 20 years he's been dead. Yeah. I will look like that. Yeah. So I feel like they give me something because I haven't got the ass. Right. Right. I thought if you've got the ass, you don't need the boobs. Kendall Jenner, she's got the ass. Yeah. Yeah. Because she don't need the boobs. Yeah. Whereas I don't need something. I need a little bit of a little love of somewhere. But I think big boobs and eyes. All men are like, I'm an ask guy. But like if you stick tits in their face. If you are an ask guy, go stay with me. Honestly. Well, that's why I'm dating Bill. Thank you Bill. Thank you so much for your charity to me. But no, I think men will take tits all as they come. I don't really think they give a shit. Yeah. And I think because I've had two boobs jobs now. Have you ever? Oh yeah. Yeah. What's the first one like? You didn't like it? No, the first one was fine. But I was under parental guidance. Right. And they said I might not have to go too big. And I was like, so I got a little probably like a C cut up there. I'm double A. I was flat as a cub. I was caught once, stolen chicken fillets from Primal. You were a nipple. Yeah. Fair. And I literally my mind to come pick me up from Primal because I was stealing chicken fillets out of the fuck up. Yeah. Yeah. That's cool. And what I'm saying. Amazon, they're about three quid. But that's fine. I didn't have that money when I was out for a week. Yeah. No, that's fine. My mom gave me a tenner to go to fucking clairs to go and spend. That's all for me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. So I took their ideas on board. And I had a very small implants put in. Then I broke up my first boyfriend. Yeah. And I thought, what, we sold our house. Yeah. You gave me my cash. And I thought, fuck, you know, you make see me naked hands. So I want to walkers put in. Pricey. Yeah. No, I'm not that big. No, not yet. And you know what, though, I don't know if our bodies could take that big. No, I'm done now with it. I'm done. But I did actually say about the other day on holiday. I said, I might have been taken out. Fair. But I'm going to be in taking used to the lips like because once you've used been seeing your big boobs. Yeah. I'm not coming in. So no one take this as well. This next year. And if you do, then it will just get me some good views on that. All right. I'll come in with my note. Thank you. But it will just be literally chestbone. That's an option. And what puts me off is that you've got to then have a scarf from the nipple down and then across. Do you? Yeah. Because they've got to take the whole thing out. I guess. And then I feel like my nipple might look quite big. Maybe your next sponsor though could be bio oil. Hannah. And I get on that shit down. Yeah. Bio oil. I don't know if it works. But God save the king. I'm just saying that. Don't even like him. You live in the country now. You're a country bumpkin. I've always been a country bumpkin. So you're a you late Bristolian or is that I'm I'm I'm prosperous for the only and I'm right for Dan. Oh, are you? We're even worse. My dad propped up like that. And I don't know. I sometimes I didn't know. I like that accent now. I think it's a bit of fun. Yeah. And my dad calls me and he goes or it made. Oh, I love that. That's it. He doesn't even say. And 90's like 10 if I don't say or he buy. He gets in the right mood. So have you ever lived in London? I live just outside when I was with they who are not we going to do you prefer country or this? Country. You do. 100%. I agree. Actually, you know what? I just love it. Like yeah, no one gives a fuck. No smog. No, we got sloths on the roads. No, we've got shit cars down there. Sloths on the right. Was that a joke? Are you being serious? No. Well, we've got cows and sheep that roam the roads. But I mean, yeah, I mean, no, I love it down there. And I really struggle being away from it. Yeah. Would you say when you get older, you're going to be like a Mrs. Hinch. I already feel like so Mrs. Hinch is like idle for me. Yeah. Yeah. I love her. Oh, Packers. Yeah. Yeah. I would love that. But no, first of all, I want to do like more property kind of stuff. Like get me on San and San and say, I'm done with this shit. I think you do great. You could be the new Christine. Yeah. Do you know what? I would absolutely love to live up to a queen. Yeah. I think you could. I have you'd slap crochetl across the face. About nothing. First meeting. I did go to a launch though. Did you But I did love her. But I didn't say hello. And that's fine. That's fine. I turned up. Free press. Free press. Yeah. Get the pics in and go on. Yeah. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? So me and Hannah went to an event. And there was one of these like kids there from this is love Island. Okay. Yeah. I was drunk. I had a couple of drinks and I'd gone on this photo booth and fuck. I came up to me. And you went, you want to look better looking in real life? I hate that. What does that mean? I was like, are you trying to flirt me? You're trying to piss me off. Yeah. I don't really know what you're doing right now. And I had these photos. I was like, what's your photo of me? Just like, yeah. And I was like, no worries. I was like, do you want it signed? You're like, yeah. I'm just licked it. Go back. What did he say to that? I don't really remember. I didn't say anything. I don't think he was in barris. I hate that you don't have embarrassing moments because weekly I fuck up. No, because I watch your things and I'm like, how does that happen to you? How does that happen to me? I nearly drown. Let's talk about it. No, it's little mermaid shoe for me. I thought fuck you. Yeah. I thought, no, it's not a foot on my attack. And I nearly drowned in a fountain four days before this. So I thought that's my way. Yeah. And I want to give context to this. Max fuck me over because he said we should do a friends moment. You know, in the intro, they're all in the fountain having fun splashing about. Wasn't it? I'd be here. You were. I ran full pelt and I thought he was getting in. He stopped. I went in deeper than it looks. That was like a meter deep, nearly drowned. And my scheme has been really itchy since I've got back. Skabies. I think genuinely I've got some parasites. You need to get that checked out. I was thinking that but I don't have time. They have time. Hannah. Get it on the doctor's nose. Put one in Ibiza we can go there. Maybe we'll get a drip. And I've a drip. Yeah, and I've a drip. I just, I'm actually, I don't know, loads of people will be saying different. You're embarrassing moments during sex though because I find that's when I have my mouth. My embarrassing moments during sex is when somebody's like trying to be really dominant and I just don't enjoy that shit. I'm like, yeah. Just love me. Yeah. And I find it really embarrassing when somebody's like trying to be really dominant. I'm like, yeah. What do I say? Or like, when they're choking you and you think, get the fuck of my neck, bitch. I can't really, I'm really annoyed about that shit. Yeah. And then maybe that's something you should go, are you, do you know, do you mind being choked? Because you could have some trauma there. I don't have any trauma. I just find it weird. Like why are you trying to kill me? Yeah, no, that's fair. Are you in negroselia? That's fair. That's completely fair. Or like, you know, if you're like a queen, queafa, that's a bit crazy. I just, I'm like, my puffs all around. It's crazy. Yeah. I mean, it's like somebody when they just try and dip it in your ass and it's like, get the fuck away. No one has ever been near that. No one's ever going to do that. Do you know what I always get scared? I'll shit myself. I don't understand how girls enjoy that. It feels like you're taking a massive poo. And I get scared. It's like, when their fun maybe comes out that the poo will come out with it. Just keeps going. Keep going. Because my wife said this before, my friend, shout herself after that on a bed. No, I don't want to do that. How would you return? What conversation would you have after that? There is no returning. There's none. If you had a worst date story, worst fan story. I've got great fans. Right. But weirdly, I feel like they control my life. Okay. Fine. So they're great. I love them so much. But it's got to a point recently, obviously, recent events have happened. Of course. Where they will say things like, you need to stop talking about this now. I don't know who you think you are. I don't know where you've lost yourself. I'm like, bitch, I haven't spoken about my breakup properly once. There was one news article that came out from he that should not be named side. I replied to it and it came out two weeks later. So look, I waited for ages. Why can't you talk about your relationship? I mean, like a few of the public eye. Do everyone wants to know? Even people that don't want to know. They want to know. Yeah, it was just fucking crazy time. Like, got toughed at me out. I mean, dog fucking every night bags. Me in the dark. Sorry. I'm imagining you. Who's that person with the little poo? Yeah, we need the poo with this stick and the little bag. That was me apart from out of clean out fucking freezer. I fucking rotten fish in it. Oh, my. That's just salt in the wound, isn't it? It does. But no, I've not really to be fair. I know I'm a shit date. I can't imagine what it would take to get you on a date. I think you'd have to meet them in person maybe and actually like them because I don't see what message someone could send to you. Where'd you be like, yeah, someone can mess with me like, your chin is massive. I'm like, bitch. Okay, so they got be horrible. I don't want to eat. Fine. Because I like it when somebody gets the piss out of my insecure. I love it. Yeah, but we think it can make a joke about it. Yeah, I think it's funny. But they've got to accept the joke about the legs after. Yeah, but if they think it's funny, then like, I don't know. But if they try and be like really romantic and like, I can't do it. I can't get away from me. That's a way. Get away. Get away from me. And I don't know how to deal with it. No, I mean, that's fair though, because what do you reply if you don't know them as well? Yeah. And then like, there's like, you know, there'll be somebody recently followed me. Right. I followed them back and fucking fans went fucking mad. And I was like, they're also, they fucking watch my followers. And I was like, mate, I'll say following them because it said celebrity love coach and they're fucking bi, I thought I could have a gal out. Would you do, um, celebs go dating? I feel like. Yeah. Celebs go dating. Yeah. I think it would have to be the moment it comes around if I was in the right place. But I mean, like, if they asked me like tomorrow, I'd probably be like, yeah, I'll do it. Yeah. But I'm not sure that I'm actually, if I'm going to waste your time, not, but then next week, but then I might be like, mate, I don't think anyone that goes on there actually goes on there to really find, I don't think anyone expects to find love on celebs go dating. And I think if they do, it's an accident. Really? It's like, like, man, celebs go dating in a couple. I mean, not. No, I don't think they are. I think it's more, they know it's entertainment. The bills need to be paid. Like, and it's good TV. But I don't think anyone's on there. Like, I will find a, like, married at first sight. Oh, dude, I would shoot. I'm 28. I need to get married. No, I think you do fucking great on that. I'd love it. The thing is, marry me up with my man. Yeah. Oh, maybe we can just sort that out. Yeah. I love the way I'm saying, like, I'm not ready to meet anyone. If he, I love the way I'm saying this is if he's ever going to mess you back or take me seriously now because of that message. Yeah. But that's fair. He's the only man in your eye line. I sound like a predator. But in the best way. I am a predator. Because it's not like you go to, you know, you know, it has like you slapped on the ass. You've just stared at him. I think that's fine. It's weird. I said it. You walk past your na fan out. Your name and now I've messaged you on a podcast. I think actually more. It's impressive. Fucking if you're careful of me asking me, I will hug you down. Never fall out of the fact. No. I saw you as a whale on the street. Let's digress. I was. I loved it. Yeah. So who was it for? And why were you a whale? So I work really close to your pet pee. God bless. Yeah. I do. I do a lot of campaigns with them. You know, not on a meet pee. Save the animals. So I decided that it would be a really good idea in November to get naked, and not even dress painted as a whale, as a whale and a bathtub and Trafalgar Square. How did that go for you? We tried to do it twice. Okay. The first time we done it, it worked great. I had a wee hiccup during painting, where I've been stood up for quite a long time and my blood pressure dropped. Yeah. I sacked it on the floor. She passed away. Full seizure. Oh, yep. Yep. And as I wet myself. Just to quickly confirm, were you painted as a whale while having the seizure? I can confirm. That is definitely the case. And that's not funny at all. I woke up with streaky legs. It was a very awful tie. I know. I can't imagine that's an awful tie. And I was very... That story's wild. Yeah. And I woke up with these two random women. And I was like, I don't know what's going on. Yeah. I'm dressed as a whale. I'm painted as a whale with pissed my skulls, but some nipple tape and some pants. And I was thinking, God damn. Get me out of here. These whales really meant a lot to me, huh? Yeah. That's fair. So the second time we done it, and it didn't really go... I mean, the painting was much better. I lied down. Yeah. So I didn't have to stand up. And went out to Trafalgar Square and it was literally like the creeps knew I was there. Yeah. And they just ascended on me. Really? And there was one point where there was this man and he was literally like taking a zoom in writing on Titi McGee's. Oh. Right in until Hannah Manager, Mama Archer. She had to go over. She shouted him. Oh, I can't imagine. And then she said, God, you're deleted. Delay that way. I was thinking, there's hundreds of more people running. They're probably all doing the same thing. They probably got the beef curtains out on it as well. To be honest, I'm getting in that bath. You know, whales and their beef curtains. Yeah, I mean, it was a mo... It was a strong moment that I was proud of it. Like I loved doing it. It was for good cause. And also it gained attention to it. So I think... I think... Fuck it. And also, so I have no whale disaster to be kept in swimming pool. No. And how they do it now? Probably great. So I'm just hoping that, yeah, we just are a bit more aware when we book holidays. Yeah. We don't need to go see them in the whole... I agree. I went to see well when I was younger, but I do remember thinking, this is inhuman. Yes, Hosh. Yeah, this is a little bit mental. Even zoos. I feel a bit sad when I go to zoos. But you're the worst thing is, is even when these whales kill people, they kill these fuckers. They're telling you they don't want to be there. Yeah, but then we put them down. Let yourself down. Yeah. Yeah. Let's not do that. I don't know what kind of advice that was. So that was, yeah, that was a really good... It was a real hyphenate, am I agree? Yeah, I agree. But it was for good cause. And you were to paint me as an animal. What animal would you think I'd be painted as? Gazelle. Thank you. Selects in it. And the nose. Okay. Okay. Wow. And that's where I'm ending the podcast, yeah. I've never been more humble in my life. It could be worse, it could be an anteater. So I'll take that. Oh, it's going to be. It's not long enough to play. The few bits. Yeah, no completely fair. I'm flat ass. Right. So Rosie, a week... Right. You can say it cause you're alone. My last bit. Go on. I like to ask my guests, what piece of advice would you give me to save grace, save my life, any issues I've got? What would you say? Very vague. Okay. So I've had... What have I had before? Don't shit in a paper bag. Start going on top. That still hasn't happened. God bless. Just life advice, shagging advice, drinking advice. What advice would you give me the things? Yeah, if you went in a passenger princess, you're going to princess at all hand. Fair. You're going to be in a driving nowhere. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. Yeah. To be fair though, Billy has an LGBT and the speed bumps are crazy. Mate, fuck that. I've got a range over drive on my own. You look like you'd have a range over though. I like that. Yeah, but I shouldn't have had a range over it on my own. It was meant to be a family car. You've got a golden retrieval there. So I think that's fine. I'm a dog mum. You've got the family there. Right. It's been a pleasure. Thanks, darling. If you've been watching, give it a like and subscribe. And if you've been listening, give it a five-star review and a follow. So see you later. See you later. Bye.