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Ep 193: Arlo Parks

Ep 193: Arlo Parks

Wed, 24 May 2023 03:00

Mercury Prize-winning musician Arlo Parks gets an in-depth education in the musical genre ‘food rock’ in this week’s episode.

Arlo Parks’ new album ‘Soft Machine’ is released on Transgressive Records on 26 May. Buy and stream it here.

Arlo Park is on tour this autumn. Go to for dates and tickets.

Follow Arlo on Twitter @arloparks and Instagram @arlo.parks

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Hello listeners of the off menu podcast. It is Ed Gamble here from the off menu podcast. I have a very exciting announcement. I have written my first ever book. I am absolutely over the moon to announce this. I'm very, very proud of it. Of course, what else could I write a book about? But food. My book is all about food. My life in food. How greedy I am. What a greedy little boy I was. What a greedy adult I am. I think it's very funny. I'm very proud of it. The book is called Glutton, the multicore's life of a very greedy boy. And it's coming out this October, but it is available to pre-order now, wherever you pre-order books from. And if you like my signature, I've done some signed copies which are exclusively available from Waterstones. But go and pre-order your copy of Glutton, the multicore's life of the very greedy boy now. Please. Welcome to the off menu podcast, shaking the bottle of the internet, opening the lid of friendship and spraying the fizzy foam of humour all over the faces of our listeners. My name is James A. Kassel, that is a gamble. We are in a dream restaurant. And every week we invite a guest in and ask them their favourite ever start a man called Scydish and drink, not in that order. And this week, our guest is Aloe Parks. Aloe Parks are wonderful musicians, James. One of the most exciting musicians in the UK right now, Nay the World. Is that how people talk? Yes, Nay the World. But very, very excited. I mean, Aloe's last album won the Mocking Music Prize. And her new album, My Soft Machine, is out this week. Very excited to get to talk to Aloe about that. Very excited to hear the album as well. Big rival though, James, to your album, My Soft Serve Machine, which came out last week. Yeah. The joke is from the heart of it. And if people want to listen to it, I'm really, really, really appreciate it because a lot of, a lot of ballads on there. Yes, yeah, about the surf. Yeah. Very excited to hear Aloe's new album. She's absolutely brilliant. But of course, James, they will be a secret ingredient. Yes. And if Aloe picks it, she's out of here. As always, hey, then the rules. And this week, the ingredient which we have deemed to be unacceptable is cola. Cola. Cola. Why is that James? Now listen, sometimes we choose an ingredient that we don't like to eat or so that one of the listeners doesn't like to eat. Sometimes we just choose something that is associated with the guest. And Aloe has a song called Cola. Yes. So we're like, right, let's go for it. But we're a little bit apprehensive because we are a bit worried because that gets chosen as dream drink a lot. Yes. And also, why did Aloe have a song about it? Yes. Pop because she loves cola. She loves cola, right? Surely. And you know, I'm going to back up the decision here because I like Diet Coca-Cola. I like Pepsi Max. Yeah. But cola suggests to me like supermarket own brand cola, which I do not like. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well, I do not like it. I think if Aloe says Diet Coke or something, that doesn't count. No, because that's a brand. Yeah. I think she says Coca-Cola. We've got a yeah, then she's got. We can then go where from. And if she says Morrison's own. Yes. This is how it is. This is how we're interpreting it. I'm going to happen. It's just any full fat cola. Okay. I don't like it. Yeah. Like that. No. I guess if it happens, we can debate it with Aloe. Yes. And say Aloe feels and obviously she knows what that song is about. Yeah. She can say, I was talking about this. Yeah. So if you're doing it because of the song, then it's got to be that. Yeah. All right. Okay. Well, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Hopefully we won't cross that bridge. Yeah. And just for the record for this, now I would never put Diet Coke because the secret ingredient. No, man. You love it. I love it. I love Coke zero. I love Pepsi Max. I love Diet Pepsi. James is hung over today. Oh, man. Because we're recording this on a Sunday, which is very rare for us. On Sunday, I'm hung over. Yeah. Without further ado, this is the off menu menu of Aloe Pass. Welcome, Aloe to the Dream Restaurant. Thank you. Hello. Welcome, Aloe Pass to the Dream Restaurant, but it's better you for some time. Here we are. Here we are. I like that in jade. I'm a genie. I like that. My genie comes out of a lamp and I can get you on included one. This is the first one. Well, not this is the last couple of records. We've actually had the lamp in the studio as well. Oh, level with it. I didn't even notice it. I was just pointed it out. Was it another one? Yeah. It was in the other day when we recorded it. Didn't notice. No. I didn't like it here, but then I've used to lamps because I'm a genie. So I've noticed it as much. Not a bigger deal to me. Yes. Maybe that does meet it. But like, but yeah, you like it. You like the lamp. It's quite a Latin vibe. Yeah. I was going to say I feel like that's where genies live, right? Yeah, definitely. I live in a lamp. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I've asked for the Aladdin for style lamp. But what other lamps do you imagine genies are living in them? Because surely that's inside. Bedside. Bedside. Bedside lamp. Is that a thing? A bedside lamp. Yeah. No, no, no. Come on, I'll use a numeral of a bedside lamp. I know you've moved to a lamp. I love it. It's a bit of a bedside lamp. It's a bit of a bedside lamp. It's a bit of a bedside lamp. It's a bit of a bedside lamp. I'll be a big breaking news story. If I turn it out, you know what a bedside lamp was. Yeah, no, I can, I can convoan that I do. Yeah, yeah, yes. I'll be a, don't normally ask this. How many lamps you got in your house? Do you reckon? I feel like I've got, yeah, about eight. I was eight lamps. Yeah. Spread throughout the house are all just in one. All in one. In one concentration. Yes. I would say, I'm trying to think now, if I asked someone, how many lamps I've got in their house, how many they would have to say for me to think that's too many lamps, even if I haven't seen that house, I think if they said anything, 20 and above, actually, maybe even 15. I was going to say 15 lamps is quite a vast quantity of lamps in one house. 15 to be too much. 15 to be too much. I've tried to think how many lamps I've got now. I think I've got, I'd be 15. You haven't got 15 lamps. Am I a 15 lamp? How do you know? I've been to the house. Yeah, you didn't go in the lamp room. Oh, yeah, I was going to lamp room to be fair for you. That's not talk about lamps. I'm talking about Arles, your new album comes out this Friday for exciting. What can people expect? I feel like it's, I don't know, I wanted to surprise people a bit with this record. I feel like it just kind of expands the world of what I've already built. And I just wanted to show people the music that I grew up with, the music that they may not know that I like and get more involved in the production myself and just make them in you. Yeah. Well, in my life, you've changed a lot since the last album. Your career has changed a lot and you're living in a completely different part of the world as well. And that's that inform everything and make you approach it differently. Definitely. I feel like you're always kind of soaking up what's around you. Geographically and also having towards so much and having new friends and just having like learn a lot about myself and just seeing the world a bit more, I definitely think that pleases the music. There's always a danger with comedians that when you end up touring a lot and doing all of that sort of stuff, the next show you write is all about service stations. Is that also dangerous in musician? I think so. I think so. I think so. I've definitely heard some records where I'm like, you haven't really been anywhere but some musicians in like the depth of Germany. It definitely has that vibe sometimes. Some musicians can really pull that off from the road. The road. Yeah. It's very, very romantic. The idea is being on the road. I don't have a people. It's like, yeah, I think it's just talked about having a state bait from Greg's. Not as enticing, yes. What is your favourite food to have on the road? On the road. I don't know. I feel like I'm trying to stay quite healthy on the road. I like to say that on the road. Yeah. I don't know what they usually have. It depends where you are. I feel like sometimes when you touring certain places, there's like a specific staple like in Germany. There's just like bratverse and they'll just have like a little cage of bratverse just spinning around. It's always quite an ominous thing to see. A little cage. A little, yeah, it's like a tiny little cage. It's spinning. Yeah. If you've been on the road. I'm sorry, I've clearly been on a different road. I've never seen the cage of bratvers. You've not been on the German road. Yeah. That sounds like a nightclub situation. There's a cage of the cage of bratvers in the middle just like spinning around going for it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not going to see the bratvers. I mean, when we started doing something, I don't know. When did you start touring? Like how long ago? Honestly, just after the pandemic is the first time I was probably touring, I've been doing music for five years, but I didn't really, really tour until I was still at school before the pandemic. I feel like, oh, pieces of shit. What? So it's only been a few years for me, but I did like 125 shows last year. So I was like, really, yeah, I was on the road. Did you have like, is a favorite place to talk? So you sound like you're going to a bunch of different countries as well? Japan was really nice. Oh, yeah. I love Japan. I'm going back this year. I'm doing Japan and also I'm doing Seoul. So yeah, that part of the world I'd never been to before. And I did this little kind of like travel show with MTV as well. I got to experience like all the Japanese spars and get food cooked by this like 84 year old Buddhist monk who like only cooks for like the president. It was insane. Yeah. Wow. He went to school a few years ago. I love that. I like that. Change first. Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are you like big on food? Yeah. I would say so. I feel like I spend a lot of my time cooking when I'm at home. I'm just very like particularly low. I wake up and I know exactly what I want to eat that whole day. Yeah. All for the whole day. The whole day. You've got it mapped out immediately. Always. Yeah. Today was it to collectively. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was feeling it. Yeah. You're feeling it. It was in the air. Maybe because we're going to meet Arlo. Arlo knows which was the whole day. Yeah. So I was there like I just know I know what I want immediately. Yeah. And it was because I was vibing on whatever I was plugged into the Arlo Parks main frame. Main frame. Yeah. Yeah. And also the big sushi cage they have there. Oh yes. It's very tempting. It's like the sushi cage is all in the oven. It's all just coming apart. Yeah. I don't know. It goes so far. It's rice all the way up all the way up with the bars. What's your it's a water? I always have just the avocado baby rolls because I can't have I can't fish. I'm allergic. So sushi is a strange choice but that specific thing is the only thing that I can have and do you have a mizzy avocado baby rolls seems like a very demeaning thing to call something. Your baby avocado baby rolls. I don't know. If someone started calling me avocado baby rolls I'm quite like it. I think that's the nice affection. Yeah. Yeah. That's your drag name. Yeah. Where are the I was thinking about if a drag queen called me it? Oh right. I'm a fan of drag queen. Yeah. And she was like hey avocado baby rolls. I'll be really happy with that. Every day. Every day. Yeah. I sat front row of a drag show when I was in Vegas and they don't say things like avocado baby rolls. They'd say it's marital stuff to you. Did you get destroyed? That show. Do you see someone else get destroyed? No, I got destroyed. You got destroyed. Yeah. Yeah. It was amazing. Those are like noon and everyone was having. Hammer. Yeah. It was a brunch. It was a drag brunch. And a woman fell over. She was so drunk and all her rings came off. She hit the floor so hard. All her jewelry flew off. Fantastic. It was like something that had shrug. Their laugh and bonito. We always start with still of sparkly water. Sparkling. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Why is it so? Of course. I don't know. I feel like I just like the little tingle gives me to be honest. But half of my life though I hated sparkling water. I just woke up one day and it was it was only that. Well, this is part of you waking up and deciding exactly what you want to have. Exactly. Yeah. Someone programs you in the night. Honestly, I feel like sometimes it's so specific. I always know exactly what I want. So we've had singers on before and we've asked them about I think sparkling water is quite a pop the choice for the same. Yes. Really. And but then we always have to ask obviously you don't drink on a stage, right? Yeah. That's honestly one of my biggest fears. It's better. Like sometimes I like feel it coming and I'm like, okay, you've got to be ready for this. Especially during a high note. Oh, yeah. Imagine that combination would be. Yeah. It would be a high up. It would. I guess I feel like it would be. I feel like it would match match the tones somehow. Maybe. Imagine if it was it sounded so amazing that people like you heard what I was doing. The game this thing I didn't recreate every single time. Just downing bottles of Pepsi Max. There we go. On the high note. You want anything in the water. You want some ice. You want some fruit. What's this new character? I like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to ask them my fingers for the listener. Yeah. But you also sort of when you want to be one of the other gangsta. Yeah. I like that. I know I was going to say. Yeah. Yeah. I would say no ice. I'd have a bit of lime. That would be a lime. What a wedge is slice. What do you want? A wedge. A wedge. A wedge. Yeah. I don't like this guy. No. No. No. No. Is that status welcome? Yeah. Yeah. Just ask people on the back. Yeah. That's it. You won't be here for any other courses. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm hoping back. But every episode we do now. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Is it being there? Just ask people what they want to go to the water gangsta. So it's a slice. Yes. Rather than a wedge. You're not. You don't want to say a wedge. No. I just say a wedge. Yeah. I said a wedge. Sorry. I was getting confused. Yeah. So you can. Are you picking the wedge out? And you are picking the wedge out and giving it a little squeeze. Oh my God. I got my own. Yeah. I'm scared. I'm not going to carry it to some different place. Yeah. So you would dip your, you would dip it in and give it a little squeeze. Squeeze it. I don't think I would dip it in. I would give it a squeeze from above. No. I'm not giving my hands in it. So if it's bothered about in the water, the wedge of lime, but you don't want to bother about in the water, you want to be giving it separately. Yeah. And then squeeze it in. Squeeze it in. And then that's it. If you do get given a water and there's a wedge of lime bobbin about in it, do you consider fishing it out with your fingers? No. No. No. We never do it. That's not for me. No. I'm not getting my hands in there. Is that you just fishing around in it? I think it's in there. Yeah. Not my whole eye. I'd say from a four finger. Try to get a lime that's bobbin about. No. If it was trapped under a bit of ice, you got to rescue it. No. I'm not a fan of ice either. I don't have ice in anything. To no ice. Chip. It's a con, isn't it? Ice. Yeah. I've said this on the podcast for a long time. The ice is a con. Taking up real estate in the in the in the glass. And it means to get less. That's the actual drink. It's true. I agree. It is a con. Well, this is the thing about your ship. Put it in. Yeah. They take up your real estate as well. Yorkshire puddings. Bet the ice of the roast dinner. The ice. I've always said that. I'll know. He has always said that. Actually, the ice is roasted now. It's not even a joke. I like that. Pum lumps open. Pum lumps open. I know, Parks. Pum lumps open. Bread. Yeah. Yeah. Any particular type for catcher? Saw Jonathan Ross interview in some of the other day. Prudely, for now, after what I'd failed to type of bread, wasn't she. So for catcher and he said, no, you just swear at me. I know. And it's still waiting for that. Now, it's a doubt joke. Yeah. But it was funny. Yeah. Maybe last. It's funny stuff. No, you've got a language on the show. Yeah. It was funny. For catches your favourite. Yeah. How do you want it? You want it warm? You want it with butter? You want it? Warm with like a bit of rosemary on top. I like some, yeah, some salt and like black pepper. You need that salt, the big crystal. You need, yeah. I love it. Anything with huge crystals of salt, to be honest. I agree. Jay, what? I can't get over that you were in school a few years ago. Because it's even more mature than me. You're having rosemary on bread. Oh. That's the sign, is it? That's the sign of maturity. I'm still not. I'm still not. I like that. Yeah. Especially rosemary, man. I bit into a rosemary once and I was a little kid. Why? Why not on purpose? I swear to God. It was in there. Whatever my mum had made and I bit into it and it made me very upset. I didn't like how it made my mouth feel. I'm still not over it now. Whenever those rose me on stuff, I got to navigate around it. James' mum is a terrible cook. It's a very good, but my mum makes wonderful food. It was angel delight, she'd made. Stuck a big bit of rosemary in, disgusting. My mum will get very, my mum is happy. I know, she's listening. She knows she's trolling her. She's raised to it and I'm going to get to text. I'll get a lot of text about how angry she's at Ed for spending rumours about her. So sorry. She's very naughty boy. Who's the best chef you know? The best chef I know. I'm trying to think of the best chef I know without offending anyone. There are a lot of people in my life who claim to be. The best chef and my mum is a really good cook though. I think that's always the same as the same thing to go with. That is the same thing. You won't offend anyone. I know, I'm sure I think of all the dinner parties I went to. I was like, definitely have told all of my friends that they are the best chef I know. So I need to give it together. But yeah, it's your mum. No, I'm just going to go. I just joined that podcast. I was the best chef. You say, your mum? That's what you said, your mum. That's what I'm going to get angry at you. What's your mum's speciality? What do you look forward to the mum cooks? What do I look forward to? She does a really nice, Spanish omelet that has... Yeah, it's just like chopped onions, tomato. And she also does great fajita, great Mexican food as well. Nice. Yeah, no. I'm definitely listening to this and would be very pleased. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello, mum and Parks? No, mum and Parks. Yeah, she'll have that. Yeah. Yeah, that'll show up. What's your dream starter with getting to the meal proper? OK, I would say very simple, but I love like a tomato and barata salad with a bit of basil, again, black pepper, olive oil. Just give it simple. Is there a place where you've had that's like the best place the way you've been doing it? And then they make the best version of that? There's a restaurant in LA called Sparanza that is really, really good at telling food. And I love that and all the past is homemade. I just love a telling food. It's just so like comforting. Yeah. Because it feels really warm. Yeah, I love it. I've got... I think I like it. What? What? But then I... Well, just say, here's one problem. Italian food in general. Yeah, I've got one mate. Italian food. What? I like it. And the main foods. I like it. That's one of the main foods. It is. I do like it. But like, I've never... Like, it's never my go to. What? But this is the thing that we have to know always gets. Well, I always get this reaction. What? Everyone's always like, who is this guy? I don't trust getting him over. How does he talk about it? Look, I love pasta. I love treats at broccoli pasta. Yeah. You know, I love that. So broccoli is the go to that's very specific. Yes, yes. He made it every day of lockdown. How dare you say you don't know if you like Italian food or not after doing the wedge of lime guy? My wedge of lime guy wasn't Italian. Yes, he was. Well, I had all the Italian rhythms. He was London gangster. Yours was... You were going to make a pit. What do you want? You want the... That was you. That was your approach. You had Italian rhythms. What do you want from lime with that? And you were like... It was just the ham that was the thing is very expressive. Like, you got a ham. Yeah, you did Italian ham. Oh, I didn't know I did that. I probably shouldn't have an apology. Yeah. That was my bad. Well, here's the thing. Everyone always... When I say this about telling people, everyone's like, what the hell is the matter with you? Correct. I like it. But like, I've never like gone nuts for it. It's never my first choice. And I went to Rome recently and I was like, here we go. I'm going to finally get it. Mm. I didn't get it. You didn't get it. I got the desserts. I love the desserts from Trevi Fountain. Near Trevi Fountain. Not in the Trevi Fountain. No. Just used it in the middle of the Trevi Fountain. Yeah. Yeah. This is a place nearby. It's made of good desserts. But what about like, you know, the Antipast, the older cold meats. Oh, chini. Chini. None of that. I don't think it gets me in the jazz. What's your guess then? I'll probably go for Thai over that. Or Indian or Chinese or Japanese. Lot of European cuisines. Like Italian? No, no, no. I love it. Farts and stuff. I mean, Barata. I love Barata. I love Barata, which I think if you did a spreadsheet of all the best starter options, I do love Barata, actually. That would win out, surely. Barata is delicious. Theresa, broccoli pasta, I'm Barata. Yeah, yeah. And the Theresa Bocchi pasta was invented by a man from Bristol. Gloucester. Gloucester, sorry. Look, there to see. I don't know where Tom Kerr is just from. From Gloucester. But yeah, but I mean Barata is delicious. And I love a Capriacy salad, is that Italian? Yes. Yeah, I love that. As you well know. Yeah, I love it. Barata is, that's a great choice because some people come and say mozzarella and tomato salad, which is fine. But the Barata, it's a step up. It is a step up. Did you used to like mozzarella more and then one day you woke up and you went, I prefer Barata. Yes. Yeah. That's probably exactly what happened. That is probably exactly what happened. Again, I's opened. I'm a Barata person. I like that. Farts thought of the day. Probably. Yeah. So what is probably, are you going with, because sometimes you order a Barata salad and they've already cut the Barata up or like, Oh, no, no. Drizzle that over and you're like, I wanted the experience. The experience of cutting it open and it just blows out definitely. It's part of it. I like to be in control, you know? Oh, yeah. The Barata. Yeah, yeah. That's a big part of it. It's like, where'd you draw the line of the control though? Because you don't want to cook the whole meal. No, but I want to be able to, to configure it how I want. Yeah. Like with the lime, I'll do the squeeze. You'll do the squeeze, you know? So in the dream restaurant, for your dream meal, are you going to be overseeing things in the kitchen as well? No, no, no, no. You don't want to be a supervisor? Yeah. I'm just there in the kitchen, still over there. Yeah. No, no, no. You want the first bit done for you, but then. First bit done for me and then the rest of it, I can handle. Is this why you're taking on more production duties with your albums now? Just that of that little, you're sort of like squeezing the lime. Honestly, yes. Yeah, I want to be the one to squeeze the lime. I was trying to extend that into an analogy about making an album, but I've got absolutely no idea. I did not have the vocabulary to do that. How you would make squeeze the lime to a note. Ah! That's a good, adaption choice. I can't believe the squeeze the lime on this song. Yeah. Although we have no idea what you're talking about. Let me squeeze the lime. With the barata, I love cutting into the barata delicately, just releasing all the good stuff inside. Do you ever imagine you're like a surgeon? No, I can't say that I've thought about opening a body. When I eat a barata. Yes. Because I've seen I did a restaurant show. We're looting him. That's pretty nice. It's pretty disgusting to say. I bring one of those vacuum things. Yeah, a little vacuum things. He knows all the terms. That's why he tends to be a surgeon. I didn't know that vacuum things on my face. Yes, I had a facial for the first time. Hmm. What? I had a facial. I did it. Went for it. Really relaxing. Those little vacuum things on my face I could feel on my eyes close. Yeah, and then you went out. I got drunk. Yeah, I got hammered up. Completely wasted time. I guess wasted money. I was going to say that is a waste of time. Yeah, went and got a facial. Really nice. She was like, so look out for yourself. I was like, yeah, yeah. I went to my face, but he got hammered. And then for absolutely reversing all the good. I've done this afternoon. But you know, if you ever had a facial, when they put vacuum things on your face. Not vacuum things on my face. No, I thought it was sucking my face. I didn't see any of it. I had my eyes closed. Oh. It could have been anything. I feel like I fell asleep. I've only had a facial once when I fell asleep. It was really relaxing. There were no vacuum symbols. No, hydro facial. Oh, what's that? I think it was just like, they fill your face with water. Oh, they fill it with water. It's a good thing. I don't think that's what it was. No. I think that's what it was. I don't think it was that. I imagine they blast water at it, right? So they blast water. I don't think they were vacuumed. Where did this happen? They're like, put your fridge, your stomach around. Putting bridge. Yeah, you're under the bridge. Under the bridge. That's what I was thinking. Just the load of lads went right. Close your eyes. Yeah. It's going to feel like a vacuum. They'll just start sucking on your face. What? I look 10 years old. What about that? Dream main course. So I went down the Mexican food route for that because I loved Mexican food. So I went for some slow-cooked carnitas tacos with guacamole, black beans, coriander, and piggota gallo. Yeah, I love Mexican food. I spent a lot of time in Mexico. I'll do you. Yeah, yeah, I do. Has that always been a thing? Or has it at least used to be? Just these past few years. I think it being so close to LA as well. And having a lot of friends who've gone out there to make music to Mexico City. But I went there with my friends in January. It was really nice. Would you get up to? Honestly, you're just sitting on the beach. Dring Margarita's eating tacos. Doing absolutely nothing. Great. And the guacamole I'm told, it's another bit in. Hello. It's the best. That is amazing. It's like a completely different dish. It's amazing. It is. I mean, I squeezed a lime into that. Hey, yes. I like the lime theme. Would you want to do that? Would you want to squeeze the lime into the guacamole? No, I think I would allow a little bit to do that. I think it's good to have that. That's good. If you're going to Mexico and being like, excuse me. Guys, I know you do this all the time, but I'll have to see it now. I've got this. I'm a lime squeeze. I never know what it is. So would you want these tacos for your dream meal from Mexico or have you got a favorite plot? Because LA has very good Mexican food. LA does. They really do. My favorite place, probably in LA is this place called Gisardos. I don't know if you guys have been there. Yes, we have. We've been there together. Oh, then yes. Yes. Is that what you took me and they refused to give us certain one? They refused to give me the spicy one? Yes. Why? Because I'm white as hell. Oh, yeah. That's what one looked at me and one, you don't want that one. No, thank you. And because I'm, okay, thank you. I'll tell you. I'll tell you. They did not disguise that reason at all. I told him it to his face. I love it. To his white, white face. We can handle our spice now. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? We can go back to that place and tell them. Yeah. Give us the hottest one. The hottest one. Yeah, we could do it now. James and I filmed a video the other day where they made a seat the hottest tortilla chip in the world. Okay. And it did not go well. What was it like? It was the paint, genuine paint. Yeah. What they put in it? Like ghost. Yeah, it's like ghost pepper. Caroliner, caroliner, caroliner, and it was blue so we could talk about it. Did you eat the whole thing? Yeah, stupid. We didn't ask. And what is on this? How hot is it? We was like, yep, fulving in one. And then afterwards, googled it and we're like, oh, it's like half a million sco-vills. And there's all these different things on it. And people have had heart attacks and all sorts of shit after eating it. Like, really horrific. And- How must have destroyed your innards? Yes. Yeah, for a good day. I mean, James walked somewhere after that and I got a cab and that was a pretty hairy cab ride home. Every speed. You're on the edge. No, no, no. I'm about to destroy my Uber, I think. I just stop it and McDonald's. Oh, no. I'm texting Ed from the from the throne. Telling him, I'm not leaving him until it's all out. I'm yet. I'm terrified. You find out who you are when you eat something that's spicy. You do, it's true. I went so quiet and James, the most aggressive I've ever seen him. He was like a cornered, cornered hound. I was screaming. It was pain, it was physically painful. It felt like I was being stabbed in the tongue over and over again. Like properly. Yeah. Only when I had the milk in my mouth was that, oh, it stops for a second and as soon as you swallow the milk, you're back to being attacked. Oh, my goodness. It's like that for 10 minutes before it even starts to subside. I was screaming. I was kicking walls. I was shouting at the crow. Yeah. What's the spiciest thing you've ever eaten? And what did it teach you about yourself? I feel like it was probably my grandma's soup because she just has this pepper soup. And my grandma lives in Nigeria and like the approach to spices is quite intense then. I'm being like, oh, I can't really handle my spices. Like don't make it spicy. And she made this soup, which was basically just water and chillies. And I had to like, you know, I had like most of it because I was like, she made this delicious soup for me and it's honestly, it was like the most unbearable. My tongue was numb for like at least five days. Yeah, see that? Completely. When your grandma's made it as well, you've got to eat it. You've got to eat it. And did you say to her like, yeah, this is too much? I can't. I was honestly, my eyes were just watering. She knew. And she thought, I think she thought it was because I loved it so much. I was like, yeah, it's great. She's crying. She loves my stuff. These tacos. So the carnitas is pork, right? Yes. Really good stuff. Guisados is like, so just to describe it to people, it's more like a sort of, it feels like more of a cafe situation. Yeah, it is. They've got a couple in LA, but they make the tortillas fresh every morning. And it's just like a nice little like hole in the wall spot. My favorite ones, the one in Echo Park. And I go there, all as I said, I know what I have, want to have every morning and mostly for lunch, Ilby Gisados at the studio. I'm like known for it. Like ask anyone I work with. They're like, what does she have almost every day? And it is the tacos. For Gisados. So is that good if you're recording music? I mean, I guess you need to think it's especially if you're recording vocals. Yeah. You need to think about what you're eating for lunch. I feel like I'm quite loose. I'm quite loose with my life. I'm just like, this is what I want. And that's just going to have to affect how I sound or miss on. That's a fun challenge for people. It's actually an album. Which one? Spot a taco. Yeah. I like that. Taco take. Yeah, yeah. That's lovely. We're at Taco take on this list. There's definitely post taco. Yeah. Today's episode of the off menu podcast is sponsored by Vroom. With Vroom, you can shop thousands of cars right from your phone and have your next ride delivered. Stir it to you. Now, Ed, have you ever bought a car before? I have James. I have bought a car and let me tell you it was a total hassle. I went to a dealership. There wasn't much selection. I had my old car. I had to give them that car for scrap. And then I got a car that, you know, is fine. But it's not necessarily what I wanted. There was a very limited selection and it took a lot of time. I wish I had Vroom. Because Vroom is the better way to buy your next ride. You never have to haggle with Vroom. Did you know that? You have to negotiate the price of a car. So you know you're getting a good deal. I can't haggle, man. Offer me a car now as if you're selling it to me and we'll see how it goes. 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So next time you need to buy a car, just grab your phone, go to That's and check out thousands of cars. Your dreamside dish. I dreamside dish. I went for this one. I went for some Mexican street corn. I think they called it a latte corn or something and it's just like, they've got cheese on there. They've got coriander and they've got creme fresca and butter and it's just like a nice little side. And they're quite spicy as well, sometimes. But I can handle a little spicy bit of corn. Is that on the cob? On the cob. Never off. Never. Really is that? Never off. It's eventually off there, right? Yes, eventually. No, no, no, no. It begins on. Yeah. But then you seek to that. Yeah, and I see to that, yes. What's your column on the cob eating technique? Are you going round? Oh, across. Across. Is that thing? Are you going left to right and then both in it? I'm saying not. Or you're just going round, round, round, round and then you move. To the, to the, to the, and then you move position. Round, round, round and then move, round, round, round. Like a gradual spinning top. Yeah, yeah. Side to side. Side to side. Do you guys do that? That's how they're doing cartoons, right? Yes. That is how they're doing. Really big in cartoons in the corner of the cob. Actually, never really realised it before, but it's one of the things that happens. I'd say more in cartoons than in real life. There's a lot of big in corn on the cob. I'm so glad someone's picked this because this is one of my favourite side dishes. Yeah. Because it's been properly grilled. So there's like the little charred bits on it. And then the creme fresco. And then the little bit of cheese. Yes. And lime. Yes. And lime. Squeeze your own lime. Lime. All the way through the menu. Through the menu. You move, so just bring your bag of limes and it's getting into me. Yeah. When I went to Disney World, I went to a pub in there for like quite a few days at this point, at least five days. Five days. Eating just Disney food. Oh, that's too much. Correct. Correct reaction, Aolo. Thank you. Very, very long time to be in Disney World, surviving off that food as well. Yeah, but I was in goddamn line for eight days. More than. Lies you in Disney World. Yeah, you get away fast enough. They didn't do any shows in the Trevvy Fountain. Yeah, there's no no parade. No parade. Yeah, Mickey Mouse wasn't waving from the Trevvy Fountain. I would love that. Big shame. But we went to Animal Kingdom in Disney, five days in whatever. And then got the corn on the cob there. The herambay from the herambay fruit market. Herambay fruit market. That's called. We're named after that. I think it was back in gorilla before the good. Oh, I was going to say. I know that I know that good. I was going to say what's the store is the store called cops out for herambay. Yeah. It's not about the good. They're very clear about that. There's no one in a big herambay outfit. I was going to say that's why people take photos of other women getting their little kids to go and take the picture. Yeah. I love that good. That's much as the next person. Like it wasn't that nothing to do with it. I think the Disney people were like, well, it was already called it before that. We're not going to change it. Yeah. You know, but they know everyone thinks about that gorilla when they go and get the corn on the cob. But my point is that the corn on the cob was much needed because I had days of just eating junk. So having some vegetables was very nice. And it was very good corn on the cob. And everyone recommends it for a reason. Thank you very much. That was it. Thank you. Thank you for that story. That's a story. I feel like the elote that Arlo is talking about is probably of a higher quality than the Disney world called on the cob from her youngest feet market. I don't know. I don't know. I'm the only one who can speak on that. No, the shape. And you had the homemade fruit market called on the cob. Yeah. The Neeta's had it. He loves it. Yeah. He loves it. The Neeta's vegetarian. He loves Disney. So yeah, yeah. So he went, I mean, Benito, Gladly spent a month in Disney. Really? Two weeks is crazy as well. I did one day. Yeah. That was way too much for me. In Florida? No. And the one in just outside of LA, I did not enjoy that. How long is one day though? Because I went with my wife and she likes Disney. From the beginning of the day, from when the gate opens, when the gate's closed. Yeah, that's a long day. It was a long day eating that food. Those turkey legs everywhere. It's a very traumatic experience for me. See, I love the turkey leg, Disney. Oh, no. It's so artificially moist. I love it. He's bite into it and it's just like a pint. A pint of salty, just turkey water. Oh, really? Delicious. So just one massive corn on the cob. Yes. Did you ever had corn rips before we moved on? I have. I actually made them. Yeah, into them. She made them. Mm-hmm. It was really hard to cut them. Yeah. It was so hard, almost chopped my hand off. Yeah. Because I put it in and I was just banging it on the... That's what it's all we supposed to do. I don't know. I just put it stuck in and was just banging it around my kitchen. Yeah. You were just like using the impact of banging it down and trying to chop it in half. So the knife could have just come out and... Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think it's supposed to do it like that. Okay. I watched tutorial and that's what the guy was doing. Oh, yeah. Did that guy have one? Did that guy have one? Yeah, I was going to say maybe you didn't have one out. Yes. Yeah, that's the hardest one. Yo-Tam Otolengi came with the podcast and he was saying cutting corn long is the hardest. And we got some texts from some friends after the episode all saying that they'd try to cut corn long and it brought back memories to the pot. My stories are not great today. That's my favourite. Even I don't like them. Normally, Benito gets annoyed at me because all the my stories are boring, but even I'm getting... Even I'm getting... You're friends not being able to cut corn long is I'd say a real idea. Your dream drink are low parks. My dream drink, I feel like I would just go for fresh orange juice. Yeah. That's it. Now, have you had one from the machine that looks like a contraption? Our brains now just work to say because James is going to bring up the machine. The contraption machine. It's pretty cool. Have you seen those machines? It's like... What, the one where it's... Yeah, the orange, where it's got the orange, like, cup things. So, one is the Gwamit machine. Yes. Yeah. I used to be terrified of that. What? Well, it's the Gwamit. Yeah. Why? The one where it's like the baker who is a murderer. Do you know which one I'm talking about? The film. I'm trying to remember the baker who's a murderer. That was a baker... A murder. I have like a very specific list of films that traumatise me and it was the one about the baker murderer. I want to listen to Gwamit. Yeah, that one really... So, was it the baker specifically? Yeah. You not want to listen Gwamit themselves. The hero's place. Well, yeah. I just associate them all now with fear and terror. So, you would still be scared if Gwamit walked in here now, you'd be scared? I wouldn't, yeah. I wouldn't be happy. So, you wouldn't be like, how good it's the good guys. You'd be like... No, fuck off. I'd be like, oh, fuck off. Yeah, you'd be very scared of them. I'd be very afraid. What would scare you more? Well, listen, Gwamit, like, as they are when they film them, like little plasticine models or then the size that they should be in real life. Human size. Definitely human size. Definitely. It's scary, yeah. It is very much scary, yes. And he is a wanker because he likes cheese, doesn't he? Well, this... Yes, he is. He's always eating cheese all the time, which makes him a knopped. No, it doesn't. There's a lot of cheese on all those men. There is a lot of cheese. I'm a real cheese boy, so... Yeah. And James Blossom... Can you not have cheese? I can have it, yeah, sure. But I'm not having it for dessert. Put it that way. Are they? Like, I mean, whenever someone else is a cheese board for dessert, I go through the roof. Really? Yeah, yeah, I go through the roof, man. If I met Wallace, I've got a bit of a... I'd beat up Wallace. I'll beat it up. Well, what do you reckon? James could take Wallace or Wallace with absolutely the story of being honest. He would destroy it. If you were with the story of being honest, he's a dog. He was a tank top. He was a talk to me as dog. He's got a little like, feral vibe to him. I feel like he'd bite you, or something. Yeah. This is just your scared of him, like. That is your, I am afraid. You're asking someone who has like, a deep-rooted fear of what it's like. I do. I am really scared. You got to open. I'm the woman chicken run. Same amount of... Same amount of the pie, the pie lady. The woman who... Yeah, she's chopping... Yeah. Yeah, that was... That was scary. So it's something about art and animation, it is... It is. You ever watched Creature Compass? No. Or flushed away? That one's all right. The singing... Toes or something. The singing... I've never seen it. Yeah, flushed away. A rat gets flushed down toilet. I think I have to film. Yeah. Sean the sheep's farm are getting. No. Can't see. I've seen that one. Can't watch... Could you ever watch it? Do you think... Maybe. I've said to you, we're going to watch Sean the sheep's farm again and after this. Do you think you'd be able to watch it? Well, think so. Don't know if I'd want to. But I could. You could. But... Well, you can see there's a chance you would get scared. Yes. Because they might have a character in it who's similar to one of those. Yes. The bacon kills people and the farmer's wife. The farmer's wife? The farmer's got quite a lot of them. So I feel like I've got quite a lot on. So I think I should probably call up her next interview and say, I'm going to be like, I'm watching Sean the sheep's farm again and see if I'm scared. To see if I'm scared is the best part of that sentence. It's a good experiment. Yeah, you've had a lot of cheese on your menu so far and I respect it. So you've had cheese for the starter, obviously. Yeah. Was there cheese on the taco? No. No, but there is cheese on the... On the corn. Mmm. Lovely. No cheese on the orange juice though. No. We're going pure. We're going pure, AJ. Orange juice. Yes. Are there other types of... I'm going to ask you to rank the juices now. Well, all of them. No. Never look... Never seen someone look so devastated. The suggestion of a question. No, my fucking god. Let's do top five or top five juices. Top five. We've been top three if that's easier. Okay. We've got orange. That's... Orange. Yeah. You've got orange number one. And I would say, you know, that's the original juice. Peach. Peach. Peach. Where are you getting peach juice? I don't think I've ever had a peach juice. Peach juice is really nice. I bet it is. I love peach juice, man. Yeah. Peach juice. And then just apple juice. Easy. Apple and ginger, specifically. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not into the vegetable juices. To my juices at the end of that very long list. Very bottom. Not even in a bloody Mary. No, I can't understand it. Because it's a bit like cold soup, but... Yes. Yes. Yes, exactly why. It's a bit cold soupy. I love that. You love cold soup? Well, I love tomato juice. I love bloody Mary's. I like imagining it as cold soup. I love Gazpacho. Hmm. For example. I love Gazpacho, actually. I hate all of those things. Yeah, yeah. They all like the bottom of the Aaloparks. Rankins for juice. What did you do if you turned on the TV and it was wallessing and you filmed when you was eating Gazpacho? I turned it on. Good question. I'd hide. Well, if you woke up in the night and it's a figure at the end of your belly, it would go, oh, it's good. And then you realise it's walless, is it? You go, it goes, more. Gazpacho? So, Paolo. Would you run out of the room if I'd go in your house? Never sleep again. I would never sleep again. Well, I could see why you'd be scared of it. You went to... You went there recently, didn't you? Went to Ardmond. Ardmond animations. Yeah. To film something at Ardmond. Very nice people. Mm-hmm. They've, I said, how do you write your films? And they said, we create whatever we think Arlo Parks might be scary. Ah, that's how they... That would make sense. Yes. Big picture of you on the... Yeah, on the... On the other side. With a big red cross. Yeah. I like that. My dad's getting ahead. Good night, Benito. It was quite rightly. And... Quite an angry tone. Yeah. I think that you want to watch. But I think... Yeah, the question, great Benito, and so on, to ask, is does the audience just have bits in? But I'm guessing if it's fresh. Yes, it's fresh. Yeah. It's just a question, Benito. Yes. It has that bits in it. And we already know that Arlo's not going to dip in and take all the bits out of herself with her hands. No. She... That's insane. The audience is insane. The end of the... So hold on. We were talking all the way through this podcast, but you're squeezing the line. Are you squeezing the orange? Are you making... No, I think... No, I think that's right. Have you ever tried to make your own orange? I have, and it takes ages. It takes so many oranges to make one glass. So I usually... Yeah. Yeah. Also, if you live in LA, and in California, is it to do with the weather as well? If you're sipping a fresh orange juice in LA, that must taste better than sipping a fresh orange juice in England. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's got to be in the sun. So you're dream restaurants in Aria. We haven't even talked about where you're in. Where it is. Mm-hmm. I feel like either it will be in like a vineyard in the south of France. And you just like have a cool breeze. The sunshineing. You've just got this view of nature. Or it will be by the sea. Like a little coastal moment. I think that'll be really nice. It's a very peaceful. Yeah. I mean, if you're in a vineyard, and then they said, what do you want to drink? And I said orange juice. I'm sorry, it's juice, please. Yeah, but that's very me though. I'm just like, I'm sorry. I just... This is what I want. And this is what we're having. I mean, that would be... That would be... Yeah. Or grapes would be shaking on the vine. Yeah. That's f**k. I have orange wine though. I'm into orange wine, and a little natural wine. If I was in a vineyard, I would. Would you stop the grapes yourself? Would you stop them? No. No, it's the same question as would you dip me... If I was not dipping her fingers into get a bit of lime, not stomping the grapes. Well, listen, last time I checked, we do a podcast where we asked the same question 50 times. LAUGHTER Sorry. I don't know what you want for me. LAUGHTER It's worked so fast. LAUGHTER I'll stop the grapes. You would? Yeah, but I wouldn't drink it. No way. I was going to say... But I'll stop it for someone else. But I think there's an extra process after picking stomping the grapes. I'm not picking stomping and it's pouring. I think it's just straight into the bottle. Straight into the bottle, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they drag the bottle for it. Yeah. But they can't get through it. And then that's it. That does sound nice. Right? Yeah. There you go. This is stomped by James A. Cast. LAUGHTER Some people are drinking that. Yeah, yeah, there's some weird people out there. LAUGHTER Dream dessert. My dream dessert. I went with just pumpkin pie. With vanilla ice cream. Pumpkin pie. I know it's something that people... I mean, American people mainly have it, thanksgiving, but I have it all year long. From house of pies. From house of pie. There's this place called house of pies where you can get pies to let through A.M. That's after a night out. I have a little bit of pie. And it actually is a hack. Yeah. It's so good. Yeah. That's what we're missing in this country. Yeah. Like good late night food. Mmm. House of pies at 3 a.m. I don't really know. They have pancakes. They've got like milk shakes, you know, whatever you want. And they've got like, it's weird. They've got like breakfast stuff as well. So at 2 a.m. you can just get some scrambled eggs in. I don't even like going out that much. I'd set my alarm for 2 a.m. Wake up and go and get a pie. Yeah. I go to house of pie. Do they do cherry pie? Yeah. They do like, they have like, 55 different pies. I'll always like, I'll schedule a delivery for when I know I'm going to get home and then there's a pie at my doorstep. Great. That's brilliant. That's a satisfying feeling. Yeah. Do you ever... I've been in a situation... This is probably one of the most tense things in the world. When I'm like in a car home. Yeah. And it's smooth sailing. So I go and deliver. Yeah. Okay. This is going to get there at the same time as me. Great. As soon as I've paid for it. And it's locked in traffic jam. And then I'm like, oh, shit. Oh, no. I'm having a mother of God. Like, I don't know if I'm going to get my deliver now. The guy's going to ring me being like, where are you? Why don't you just leave it at the door? I can't do it because I live in a bit with this. They have to buzz to get through to another James lives in a gated community. Ah. Yes. Can't leave it at the gate. Why not? Because then some... Some like urchins will steal it. Straight away that or that. Immediately. Oh, that's an immediately. You have no idea. My area. Also swipe it. It's just the worst. You never had that. You've never been... They're leaving it on your doorstep for you. Yeah. And no one's nicking that. No. Not so far. No urchins. That's a good life. That's a good life. Yeah, yeah. Oh, especially for the pie place. I mean, we've told this on the podcast before. It's another story that doesn't go anywhere. But like, you know, when we were in New York, Ked and I, we walked ages to go to this pie place. And then it was shut. But like, all we could think about was how much we wanted some of that sweet American pie. Okay. Not like the film. We weren't doing that. I was gonna say that's what I was thinking. We were, dealing that with the pride... Tracting across New York. He couldn't wait to get to that sweet American pie. I thought it was a cultural tradition there. I got checked out the shop pretty quickly. They had it here. That film, man. What a film. We had to talk about that with Brett Goldstein recently. Yeah. He asked us what the most... Brett Goldstein does their film podcast. So if we do a mashup for comic relief with the food podcast, you know, I was just... What was the most arousing meal in a film is? And I said, He doesn't say what he fucks the pie. I might have said it. Yeah. Yeah. Because Manic's I was 13 years old and what should a sex film. It wasn't fine. You weren't 13 going... That's sex. That's fine. I'll do it with that. I never call it. I probably know what to do with a pie more than a person. James grew up in Kettering. So the only apple pie he could let his hand and was Donald's what I really really burned himself. No. Boy, then hot. To Kingdom Cup. I thought I might have just getting better now. Pumpkin pie though. The right. You can't get it here, I don't think, really. Not really. Not of the... Yeah, not of the right kind of quality level. You ever get the 10s, the mix, the pumpkin pie, like in a 10. You ever use that mix? You look disgusted, actually. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Sorry, a very expressive face. As soon as something I'm like... Does that give you a way, ever? A lot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've really struggled to keep it in. In a good way and in a bad way, when I love food, I always do like a little... No, don't. Yeah, and then when I do it, I'm like... I'm like... You got songs about food? You're ready to move. I feel like I mentioned food quite a lot, actually, in my songs. Yeah, I just like sensory writing, I write about food, and smells, and flowers and stuff. Yeah. Do I think what the best song about food is? And now all you can think of is the song America can pie. Because we mentioned it earlier. And that's about very different subject matter. Yes. Actually. Fast food, rockers. Fast food, rockers. Yeah. What's that? I don't even know what that is. What's that song called? Look it up. I'll mainly imagine it. If the song America can pie was the same tune and stuff, it was about the subject matter from the film America can pie. It would be... Is how well the song would have done... It would have just... Fuck it, it would have happened. Fast food, rock. What's that? Yeah. Macdan, it's Macdan, it's Kentucky Frederick, and in a pizza hut. What is that? Sorry, I forgot. You were at school probably when it came out. Yeah, yeah. Like that, I mean, to be fair. That's my... Well, it's a classic of a large genre of... Oh, classic of witch genre. Fast food, fast food, rock. Oh, yes. This is the most embarrassing... We've ever... I think we've ever done on this podcast. It's that we've got to now explain to you how... This is the oldest I've ever felt. When we were in school, I don't know. We didn't have phones or anything. We would walk around singing... Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, could duck a fire chicken? I'd give you a second. Why? I don't know. It had little actions with it. It was just all the fast food chains that there were at the time. I've seen now there's a lot more. It would go on for ages, that song. But it was such a popular song that a dance troupe, like pop music, European pop music combo, did a version of it that was like, sound like it should be in Eurovision. No. But you used it no time ago. You're very confused. I'm very confused. You used it no time. No, no. So there's a pizza Hut, a pizza Hut, could duck a fire chicken in a pizza Hut? Yeah. So you would go, a pizza Hut was, you would draw a hut, like a little house with your hands. Pizza Hut, a pizza Hut. Could duck a fire chicken, is the fact you're out of little chicken wings, and a pizza Hut. And then McDonald's, you would do like the arches of McDonald's. McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's. And then could duck a fire chicken in a pizza Hut. And it was a fact. Oh, I forget. Over and over again. That is the whole song. And that was what? That was fun. That was what we did for fun back then. In our day. Right. That was how we had fun. We sang that. I prefer it. I preferred that. Hate to be so good. No good old days. But you had to use your imagination to have fun. Yeah, rather than all this vaping and needs. Yeah. That's a big thing in the genes. That was about what we ever did. Yeah. Yeah. Wasn't that. So I don't know if you're doing any covers on your next tour, but you should consider doing the first food tour. That will be a very, very brief cover. Oh, can I ask you a favour? Okay. Can you not tell anyone about us? After this podcast, I don't know how to tell anyone. It wasn't here. I'm on what we're like. James is worried because James is about to release an album. And he's worried that it's going to get out in the music industry about what a sad loser he is. Yeah. I've got to be cool. They've got to be cool in the music industry. Yeah. And this is not going to help me. Right. I'll read your menu back to you now. So you feel about it? Okay. You would like sparkling water with a wedge of lime that you will squeeze into it yourself. No ice. Pop-ups of beer. You want warm for capture with rose, me salt and black pepper. Starter, tomato and barathe salad with basil, olive oil, salt and pepper from speranza in LA. Main course, slow-cut, canitas tacos with guacamole, black beans and picket of gallo. Oh, and when was that again, the tacos from? I guess, oddis. Gisados. Side dish. The Mexican street corn. A lotas is a says, so is he? Yeah. Drink, fresh orange juice. May or may not be made in the contraption. Desert a pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream from House of Pies. And are you miking up your stomach? I was miking up my stomach just to show how much I enjoyed that menu. The respect. Because I'm hungry and then every time you mention you need to get a drink. I also am hungry and I also can feel my stomach rumbling. Yeah. And I'm scared that he can hear it. Well, I tried to mike it up, but of course, as soon as they might go on it, it was like, no way. I don't perform. Don't perform for you. I can't get in the studio. That is that is a fantastic menu. Thank you. You've transported me to like California or Mexico as well. I think it's it's perfect stuff. Yes, delicious. And apologies for our input. And generally, this is generally. This episode is kind of apologize enough. Yeah, it's your dream meal. We don't need to be there at the dream meal. Yeah, just so you know, you don't have to part with this shit. Yeah. We're not in the venue. You can't hear us in the video. Well, but he goes down low didn't far again. And now what am I going to watch it? We're all going to watch it together. I'd fell for that. I can't leave my actually trip to. I'm very hungry. That's my mind to this. That's how born off it on the podcast. This episode is like, can't be a joke. But he's actually downloading shoulder sheep's farm again. Oh, thank you so much for coming to the dream restaurant. Yeah, thanks for having me. Thank you, although, sorry. Well, there we are, James. Delicious. Great menu from our low parks there. Very tasty, very simple menu. That's what that's that mean. Though those are the ones that transport you the most sometimes. Transportative. You were in L.A. Well, you were in sunny L.A. It was in L.A. But I was in L.A. And I wasn't really annoyed that I was in L.A. I can normally have. Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go. I don't know how these people are wearing shorts. I'm going to have to wear shorts and I look like a complete moron. Like that to make concern. Yeah, that's big concern. No one else is wearing shorts. Yeah, because it's warm outside, but they're never outside. They're always in their car and they're in their commissioned office. Whereas I like to have a little stroll round. So I have to wear my little shorts and then I'll, you know, nip into some high flying entertainment office. Yeah. And I look like I'm on a tour. Yeah, because it's facing it. Yeah, I mean, the their aircon as well. Yeah, yeah. It should point you out is freezing. Yes. It's like a walking freezer. Yeah, yeah. It's not like, oh, okay, that's a bit nicer than outside. It is like always, it's freezing. And if I dress for hot outside, I come here. Yeah. And now I'm freezing. And part of the whole thing. My name is knocking. The whole thing in L.A. is you've got to like be or brash and overly confident about what you do. Because otherwise they don't think you're any good at all. Yeah. And it's very difficult to be brash and over confident when you're the only person in an office wearing shorts. You're dicks all shriveled up because of the air conditioning. It is hard. Yeah. You're dicks all shriveled up. You think that tripped dick. You can't comedian come in and gamble. Stupid little fucking knees and deck. Love it. Love that voice. Yes. Love the voice. Love the voice of every time. Yeah. It's a real. But you consider going into the meat and then speaking in that voice. Yeah. Yeah. That would make me more confident, actually. Yeah. Yeah. That would be much better. Yeah. What's up? Hey, guys. I've flown all the way from fucking London. I've got a shrimp deck. Make a show out of it out of it. Now imagine if I'd asked you. Good name for a sitcom. No. Huh. Good name for a sitcom. Yeah. What? Shrimp dick. Shrimp dick from London. Yeah. Thank you also to Arlo for not saying. Curl though. Didn't say cola, which would it? It was a soft drink. No, we weren't with. It was. Or orange. June or orange. Yeah. So no, but no booze. No, if I may. Yeah. Oh, you may. You may. You always may. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, yeah. I don't know. It's first time we've had fresh orange juices. No, I don't think so. We've definitely had fresh orange juice before, I think. Well, it's funny. I mean, I guess we've probably asked about the contraption before. Yeah. We've definitely asked about the contraption before. Richard E. Grant chose the, because he went to the squeeze to the Pip Squeak. Yeah. Yeah. So of course he went in there. Oh, we should remember to ask. When anybody picks fresh orange juice, do you want to be squeezed until you're Pip Squeak? Yeah. You should have asked her that. But she definitely doesn't, because that would be like being in a Wallace and Gromit machine, wouldn't it? Yeah. That would terrify. Absolutely. I'm sorry for her. Terrified of it. But I tell you what kind of machine she's not scared of. That soft machine. That soft machine. But maybe that's what she's talking about. Oh, God. Yeah. How do we miss that? She's talking about the orange juice machine. Yeah. Maybe because all the ones with Gromit stuff is obviously made of plasticine. Yeah. So they're all the machines that want to start with our soft machines. Yeah. So maybe it's about her fear of the concept of the collection of the collection of the collection of Gromit. Or her love of orange juice. Ah, this is why we didn't ask the question. If we thought we didn't ask, it was too late now. Yeah. My soft machine is coming out on transgressive records on Friday, 26th of May. Go get it. And Arlo's going on tour in September, Dublin, London, Europe. Going at tickets. Thank you very much for listening. We will see you again next week. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Hello, it's me, Amy Glentill. You might remember me from the best ever episode of Off Menu, where Sput and my Mum and Astro about seaweed on mashed potato on our relationships have never been the same since. And I am joined by me, Ian Smith. I would probably go bread. I'm not going to spoil it in case. Get him on James and Ed, but we're here sneaking in to your podcast experience. It's over at a new podcast that we're doing. It's called Northern News. It's about all the new stories that we've missed out from the North because look, we're too nervous, sure. But we've been living in London for a long time. The new stories are funny. Quite a lot of them crimes. It's all kicking off. And that's a new podcast called Northern News. We'd love these to listen to. Maybe we'll get me mum. Get Glentill's mum on every episode. That's Northern News. When's it out, Ian? It's already out now, Amy! Is it? Yeah, get listening. There's probably a backlog. We'll give left it so light.