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59: The Wedding (Part 1)

59: The Wedding (Part 1)

Sun, 21 May 2023 22:00

13 months, 59 weeks, 413 days, it’s been a rollercoaster but we’re finally here. We made it. Pat yourself on the back ‘cos we’re going to the chapel baby, YEHHAAA!!!! Jamie and Sophie are getting married. It’s the wedding episode!!

We’re taking you behind the scenes, chatting to the couple’s nearest and dearest.

But before we get to "The Day," we’re hanging out with Jamie and Sophie at their pre-wedding retreat, Palmrocks. Then it’s rehearsal time before we get to THE BIG ONE.

And this is just the beginning - next week we’re going face first into the reception, joined by lots of special guests, dishing the deets on what is - let’s face is - probably the best wedding ever.

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To see him break down like that incredible. I thought it was so heartwarming and really wonderful. The preparation was extreme. I got someone to send something I couldn't answer because I was genuinely completely choked up. I'm just so incredibly proud of my brother and my new sister who I just adore. She's one of my best friends. I thought I was going to mark Jamie off when he cried. I was like, I don't know where fuck I'm crying. There's no words. It makes you have that bubbling authority and it's the most insane thing ever. It's one of the greatest moments ever in my entire life. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the podcast you've been waiting for. This is our wedding episode. We are currently in our Palm Rocks retreat. It is phenomenal. The wedding is happening on Saturday. So we're recording this pre-wedding. So in the episode today, you're going to have little bits of us in Palm Rock. So if you have a little drunk, get ready for that. We also have the rehearsal, which is amazing. And we also have our wedding episode. We're going to split this into two parts because hopefully it's going to go really well. So anyway, tuck in, enjoy and get ready for this phenomenal episode. There is a noise in the background that we've gone with. James, and his cloudy is being our moment to be getting married. Yeah, it's cloudy and there's a noise in the background. Jamie's been crying all night because it's cloudy. But listen, I haven't cried at all. I woke up this morning and it's cloudy outside, which is a real shitter. Is it the wedding day? No, I am Spanish. Well, I'm not. I'm not, but I've grown up here. And I know that if it's cloudy today, it won't be tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, we are recording this from our Viller in Spain in Solagrande. It is three. We're in Palm Rocks villa, a retreat. It's three days before our actual wedding. By the way, if it sounds a little bit different, it's because we are sitting on these lovely cushions recording in the sun. I've never been comfortable holding handheld mics out out here. Describe what it's like here, so come and give it to us. If I could die, go to heaven, I'd live in this place. Okay. It's just so epic. I can't even believe it. It's describing it really well. Is there a swimming pool? There's a pool. There's like everything's so cool. We sound very small, but we're just very lucky to have. It's amazing. We're here. We're having the best time. It's got a huge fire. I mean, I don't know how to fire pit. We'll get some shots eventually. The French love Island recorded here as well. And not to mention the trainer here is not hard on me eyes. So if he fancies the six foot four. Guys, I said it for he's six foot tan. I was right. I mean, he's like a god. And he like, you've got to his, he barbeque. He's two. I barbeque. You don't even have to pull away. So what do you talk about? I know how to do everything. I like small boys. See you're all right. What's my taste? I prefer. So just just before our big wedding, you're now schmoozing over Sam six foot. I'm just appreciating the view. I said this myself. I think God must have been drunk when they made Sam. And he was like, oh, let's make this epic human. He does look a bit like a Greek. God even Jack was like, whoa, Greek. And I don't look like a Greek. The only child I have was Sam is every time I see him. I say over and over again. Wow, you're so tall. And I say something else. But what is your flirting with him? I'm not I mute. Oh my God. He's even worse. You're just mute with him. I'm going to get in here. Let's say it'll be a mute podcast. I like I like small petite with a little tummy joking. You're ripped to shreds. Okay. So guys, I haven't drank it three weeks. Yeah. That's a lie too. But I think I haven't even drank my red amlins. It's no full fuck out. No coconut water. Just water. I love how you're looking down the camera. Is he say this? Yeah, because listen up. Again. Yes. It's off. And hello. Wait, you've jumped my little guy. I had a little treat for you right there. So as I was being like, whoa, I'm drunk. Before before we even begin this episode, you know, when I wanted to learn the dot golf balls, I wanted to slide a mirror around all those things, which is vetoed by you. Because you're so tacky. Nice. That's not tacky at all. It's great. However, there was one thing that I really wanted to have. And it was canned cocktails. And lo and behold, we have. Yeah. Thank you. Commerized. Our very own canned cocktails for the wedding, which I am so excited about. Give it a bit more detail. Okay. Well, I will. They've been past nice. Yeah. Can I just tell me? I'm going to tell you. I sold it. Jamie always forces me to go on these fucking zooms. I'm so sorry, dad. You've asked me not to. These stupid zooms. And he gets me all these zooms. There's no need for me to be there. Because he yaps way. I have no idea what I was talking about. Anyway, he puts me on a zoom with the guy who owns. Moth for guys. Two founders. Yeah. Sam and Rob. So great. I was like, I'm sold. No, can't cocktails have some of your new favorite drinks. No, the funniest thing about it was this is. This is. It sounds like we're doing an ad. We're not even doing an ad here. Just to excite. So we didn't want canned cocktails at the wedding. So bad that that's why I went to an invested in a canned cocktail. I went to an invested in a very kind of isn't that. Yeah, well, it's not. But I'd invest in those two guys because they were that great. I invested in it. I'm going to add them to the wedding. To have them at the wedding. And listen, they're so I'm going to read you something. They're so personalized. They're called Moth by the way. They're MOTH are amazing. You you're going to get a little bit tipsy today, I think. Yeah, guys, I've been out here for a week for Jamie. Yeah. I feel fat. I'm tired because I've just arrived out here. Sophie has had a week of relaxation. And she's now just wanting me to be on form all the time. All day and ready for it. And I'm just, you know, I want to have my week of relaxation before the wedding. To have tough ship, baby boy. Alright. And Jamie's turn now fall off yesterday. That's the cherry on top of the tree, isn't it? But I'm back. Can I just say? Yeah. Harriet Westmoreland. Who I have followed for three years. Yeah. Who was meant to be doing Haley Beaver's nails. Add Justin Beaver's nails in England today. Ask to fly out to do mine else instead. Does that mean I made it? I think so. Yeah, I did. So take these in, suckers. Does that mean you made it that that's happened? I don't know, but I invite her to the wedding because she's alive. I hate you, Annie. Hey, listen, we should probably kick off the podcast as we always kick it off. Are you ready? I'm always ready. Hello, I'm Jamie Lang. Hello, I'm Sophie Haby. And we met four years ago, and now we are getting married. Yeah, that's right. We are. One nittyy. One nittyy. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Nilly Wedds Podcast. Now, this episode is coming out two days after we've been married. So we've just been married on the Saturday. We're recording it, obviously, in the week before. So we're going to have lots of different bits from the wedding in it as well, which is really exciting. We don't know how it's gone. So we're preempting what's going to happen in the wedding right now. I think it's going to be sick. Honey, are you excited? Guys, I'm so excited. Really? Like, Ray, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm just so excited. Maybe it's because I've locked you down. There's no worries now. It's so funny how our minds work, because you're now so content that you're married to. Yeah, you're a little Nancy. The other Nancy. Now I'm the stressed one. Because you're so upset you married me. You're like, fuck, I'm locked in. I've got to hear you. I'm absolutely sad when we had a fight. You went, I've got to be married to you for at least a year. I was like, fuck you. Yeah, it's true. It was before, yeah, I wouldn't be like, well, that was short. Yeah, then you're like, was all right. It's going to be. I'm going to slowly put kind of kids in my name. Then you're locked in for that. Yeah. What? It's joking. Everyone's going to actually think of a gold digger. No, you're not. I'm the Bradwinn, right? No, I do want to say you're in just such amazing form. You really are. You want to get here? Thank you. I had a really difficult time. So maybe the universe works in different ways. So what has happened since you've been at what did you do last week before? So my dad lives here in my best. So this is really, that's probably why I feel so great. This is really my happy place. It's really like my home. Yeah. I'm always the happiest when I'm here. I came out a week earlier. My sister, we literally just slept, walked on the beach. I really shut down. I just literally slept 12 hours every day. No red ambulance. There's no alcohol, drunk water. That's just amazing. I think I'm just really rested. I know you still can be calm, right? For very calm. But this is, I know it here. Like I've grown up here. So this to me is my calm place for you. It's you don't know it that much. No, I don't know it here, but I, but I tell you what I am. I'm just. And also you've kind of like put on this big extravaganza. So you probably have the pressure to pull it off. Whereas I'm like, look, this is Jamie's thing. It's not just my thing. I said I wanted to 20 people running in more deep. So like if it's on you, if it's all goes to shit. It's a race we are fucked. The first thing is, as we just only have the wedding out here, we've been checking the forecast. It's thunderstorms. Guys, it's been a long day for a week and then I chat. But it's changing. It's honestly thunderstorms. If you say it one more time, you're going to manifest it and I'll punch in the balls. I know I know this and the good thing is that we're going to plant a sausage. So once we plant a sausage, Jamie wanted to plant bobby. I was like, you sit on avert. It's a sausage dog. So that would be a good idea. No, but I think I have the full confidence as to how she's going to be okay. It's going totally fine. What are you talking about? Yeah, I think it is going to be okay. How's our, I've had dance lessons with my dad. Yeah, you've had dance lessons to your dad. Not your wife, we're not American, but it was a lovely bonding experience anyway. I tell you what I'm really nervous about is my speech. Why is your best favorite thing? You love to stand up and talk and have all the eyes on you. No, I'm really nervous about it. So I'm nervous about it because of you. That was really, really genuine. Yeah, I am. I'm really, I'm nervous about it. Well, do be nervous, but that might be why you're nervous. No, honey, it's not. I'm nervous about it because it's like, okay, do I read it off cards? Do I not read off cards? Do I just learn the whole thing and just read it like? I'd have cards, but learn it pretty much all as much she can. I've sort of done that, but it's really intimidating. Go and get that in your gum. But it's a little bit intimidating. I'm a little bit nervous about the whole situation. It's intimidating. You literally do it. That's like your breath. Two hundred people that you have to give a speech to. No, it's not too under because so many people are pulling out of my friends and to root. Not to friar. I've got my be list coming. Jokes. So it was going to be people. That is true, but I just hope it's going to be. Tivi, you're so great at that. Just don't try, don't be anything but yourself because you're your best when you're yourself. Don't try and be funny because you're not actually funny. Go that sweet from me. That's the nicest thing I think you said to me. Oh, trip. Be on it one day. The other thing that's been happening at night time is your snoring hasn't been too good. I'm sorry. I'm going to have to put it out there. Sovie snoring was so bad last night because she's got allergies in her nose. No, right. Okay. Someone told me to stop you so you shoved tissue up there to so you can't breathe in it. It didn't work. She sounded like a warress. Honestly, I thought it was so loud. I took like a belligerent to have it. So Jamie's like, and I was just like, yeah, go downstairs. No, I said to say, but I was like, so if you're snoring so loudly, can you please? And she went, I'm so tired. I can't snore again. So then I had to go sleep downstairs. I really wanted to sleep on my back last night. I'm actually going to get into this quickly. Firstly enough. Okay. So we spoke about. Harriet and Millie who've done your nails. We're going to do hilly beabas nails. They have come out here. They arrived at 1 a.m. last night. Who had to let them in? Here you are. Me. I had to let them in last night. I don't see like 8,000. Sorry, Betis. I had to let them in last night at 1 a.m. in the morning. I then had to move bedrooms because the snoring was so loud. And then I have to wake up today and organise everything as well. Organise. Yeah. You little bastard. I've been all-griving everything. This episode is going to be a bit of a fun one. We've chatted a little bit at the top. But I think we should invite Sue, the owner of Pound Rocks. And also the person that you're mute around. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. On to the podcast. How do you feel about that? I don't know. I don't know, but I think one of my clubs let me hear you pull your fingers on the phone. My sense of freedom is this is called Hell주. That's a sort of freedom. You gotta swim like hellfire, butt,premise or more that's the thing you need. You pull your quad on. That's a try flat technique. Absolutely. I was really surprised that I was just gonna lock for the dark, especially that I guess would be. I don't feel water going through. I really, really cultivated my power. I don't feel like I can though. For ever enjoy heavier cast winds. If you like everything, Amer, maybe a bunch of others will come out when I'm on foot. But once you get into the novel, But thank God you hold it in honestly. I need to go to the room and then nothing has happened. I'm like, oh, it's all good. Don't worry. And then she comes in and I've like walked up to a hundred, level 100. She's like, oh, tiny thing right? You want me up to 100? Well done. Strong. I'm like, bitch, I'm getting married. All right. Well, let's bring in the start. The start. And let's also bring in Sue to the pod. So please welcome to the podcast Sue and Sam. Sue, Sam, welcome to the podcast. Sue, Sam, I've got to say if you need to be on the microphone. I don't want that mean. This is Sam, I've got to say. And then this is Sue. Sue, thank you so much for having us here at this wonderful place. Are we the first people to come for the season? Or have you had people here already? Have people here already? Have to. Nobody is epic as you. But this place is amazing because in sort of Grande, the weather, apart from today is typically really amazing. So you're outside. It's very outside space that you have. And you have this amazing sort of routines where it's up in the morning, there's breath work, which is amazing. You have your sister Carol who's the most incredible chef in the entire making all this amazing food. We then go with Sam and Sam, I mean, he makes us lift and do these different things. You've enjoyed your exercise, well, haven't you? Well, I just think it's so good because I've been to sort of granny loads and I grab them up and I grab them a bit like this. It feels really secluded, but you do have light chocolate area there. But here you're so, you don't need to leave here. And then like doing the yoga yesterday was honestly the most relaxing thing ever. And our training and I'm not a big gemmer, but I loved it. Well, it took me 40 hours to get you in the gym. Yeah, two days. I'd like to just say that. I was going to do it now, but Margarita's now attached my lap. So whoops. So have you ever had a pre-wedding party here? Or you've never done this before. Be honest, would you do it again? Great question. Yeah, great question. No, no, it's so. No. No, no, no. I would like to make an eye-dance. I'm quite like, I'm kind of into the pre-wedding and everything being perfect and nice. And it is like, hopefully, once in a lifetime. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's great. So I want it to be perfect for you. One thing that I have to say, which is, I think, is really great. So we're doing two exercises. You go back to back and you're a nice, real pace, and you're completing for 12 minutes. We start. Jamie does three or four sets, turns to me, and he goes, how long has that been? I go about one and a half minutes, mate. He goes, he looks me, goes, like, I've genuinely insulted you. Yeah. One and a half minutes. So I was like, yeah, man. It's horrendous. Jamie also tries to... She and his box is just a sandwich. I was like, well, are you doing a white pre-wed? I was like, Jamie says, you don't have that much packing down there. Like, I have put some surety. What was I told Barry, shout out to him, my sister's fiance, is he cannot bend. I mean, I've never seen someone so unflashable in my entire life. And he's a dude with all the yoga, and I'm just like, just give it a rest. You can't even bend, you're like, he's at my feet. He's in love with me. He's at my feet. They can't. My tooth see is just carbon. From our side, guys, we do. We want to say a huge, thank you to you both. That's a pleasure. It's been, you know, we've been a few days here, and it's been absolute phenomenal. You guys. The food, the service, like everything we've been made to feel so at home, it's just, it's, it's, it's faultless. It's been incredible. It truly is amazing. Guys are just the best. So you want to see, like, I want to take a home and a little capsule, carry around me every day. It says a little bit drunk on that migraeter. I am lit. It's, like, I'm going to have to sign out now. OK, we're hanging on before we go. Like, these eyes are drooping. This is, this is why I do drink because we also say that, do you remember, we arrive out here and obviously I have been training the entire time for the last year to look good for the wedding. I've been lifting weights. Oh, God, I've been in the gym. I've been in the gym. I've been in my personal trainer and we get out here and we were on the beach in my bear and we get photographed. My nipple was on the beach. She's a naughty, naughty girl. Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm angry to send me a selfie. So, cut that out. Well, save you look for no one in the photos. I honestly, like a man with a guard. No, I looked, honestly, I looked at that. I didn't look pretty well. I sent it straight to my trainer. I said, what the hell have you done to me? No, it's because you're really pasty and you, I think you're chokes full on to you. First comment that comes up, he looks like a pint of milk. What is it with men carrying women's handbags at the moment? So gentle. This is bad. I can't resist. He looks like Boris. Very unattractive couple. He's way too pale to be attractive. These two look better fully clothed. True, true. All right, listen, that's enough of that. He's daily male anchors. OK. Hey, producer Jack here. This episode is going to sound different because, obviously, Jamie and Sophie are busy getting married. So we're going to jump to the day before the wedding. It's the rehearsals, all the groomsmen are there, all the bridesmaids, Patrik, Sophie, Jamie, obviously. Here we go. Are you going to have an octopus leg at Trocadero? I think it's a set menu, is it? Yeah. There'll be some person, because it's delicious. It's delicious, yeah, yeah, yeah. It'll be absolutely delicious. Yeah. He's quite nervous for a safe. I mean, it's very normal. It's very nice. It's very nice. Oh, my God. There we go. I love you. That is it. You want the music of the session? It's going to be quite cool, is it? It's amazing. Everyone in black is eye-boiling, huh? Yeah, that's amazing. What's the time now? My son is a mermaid. I don't think he's a mermaid, but I'm sorry. Did you see your own Wilson? Did you really? Yeah. Did you get on his knees like? I said, I don't know. It's really nice. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing. There is Jasmine. We have some of the world's most finest cocktail available to humanity just this morning. There we go. I've been here for... And then you have to play flute and run. You have to play flute. Yes. This is Mr. Tom Nuss. Where the hell's the MC again? The MC. What is he doing? What the hell is going on? The game can't sound as the MC, honestly. I'm not even doing it. It's a dimension again. After nine weeks of solid sunshine, suddenly we had rain and I felt, oh my God, we have 100 people. We have no plan B. If it rains, we've just got to wear umbrellas on our head and still party outside. But no, now I'm feeling relaxed. Weathers here, everyone's here. We're all feeling good. When you did the practice with walking up there, I always say, how do you feel? I saw someone in the centre and I couldn't answer because I was genuinely completely choked up. I'm absolutely world love. I thought, I'm going to be shocking during the speech. I just know that there's a little moment where I mentioned my mother as well. Because Sophie and my mother share the same birthday. When we found out that we were pregnant with Sophie, we just found out that my mother had terminal cancer. So we were so upset as a family devastated and then we got some good news. And we called my parents and said, you know, we're pregnant again. With another little girl, she's going to be born on 27 September. She's my birthday. And my mother, it was quite weak at that stage, said, it's quite whispered. But with 100% certainty, she said, she'll be born on my birthday, 19th of October. And we said, mum, second child, they're never going to be a nun flame. And she was born. She never was born on the 19th of October. I'm going to go in with Sam. Can I get in? How you feeling, Spencer? Pretty ready, you know? I think this whole thing... The business is ready? The business is ready? A lot of cool stuff. Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, this is a work day. You know, you got me here on a Friday. No, no, no, but it's, honestly, I think the whole venue is incredible. I think it's going to be amazing. I'm very ready for my role. I'm nervous now. Yeah, why do you keep getting nervous? I'm just a nervous. I'm really a little... It's going to be amazing. It's going to be the greatest day ever and I can't wait. It will be awesome. Like, it's quite a lot cooler than I thought it would be. So I think, even though I won't be officiating the wedding, I'm happy with my role. And you glad you did get invited in the end to the wedding? Yeah, getting the call up, obviously, was really nice this time. I think that we've got a fun night ahead. I hope you will remember for the rest of our lives. We're all so excited for your big day tomorrow. And I hope that you know. Thanks, Pugs, sir. It's going to be a great day. It's going to be a good day. I'm nervous. I just want you to dress as Mr. Timeless when you do the MC. I just, unfortunately, I didn't bring the outfit. So it could be quite difficult to locate in the time that we have. And I did buy a lovely new tux, which I'll probably debut instead. We'll find you some hoons. Hoons and horns would be ideal if anybody has any. Hello, me again. So, the rehearsal is a finish. Now it's time, finally, for the big day. It's been such a build up. Mumps are podcasting. And we want to say thank you so, so much to everyone that's been following the journey. I want to take you behind the scenes at the wedding. I spoke to so many friends and family who all had so much to say about the big day. You ready? Okay. My name is Emily Leng and I am the younger sister of James Lane, the groom. We have finished the ceremony. We are now in the reception. There's a lot of people. There's a lot of palpable joy. There are some oranges hanging around. As I was walking up, I was going, I'm bright-smoking, by the way. I'm going to cry, I'm going to cry. And then my stepdad, as I was approaching, went, Ha-ha! Look at him. At which point, I went, Shhh! Oh, I'm f**k! And then, because everyone was standing up, we had to tell him to sit, so I was going, sit down, sit down! And there was a bite that was like, this is, I've now just snapped out of any kind of emotion. And you had a poem to read? I did have a poem. I wrote a poem and I read it. And by all accounts, it would seem great. I'd seemed lovely, people seemed like it. I'm just so incredibly proud of my brother and my new sister, who I just adore. She's one of my best friends. I love her. Oh, okay. You know you're getting old when you f**k with boys. Make a noise. Hello, I'm Sam Thompson. Used to be Jamie's PA for a candy kittens. Then became what I like to think as brothers and arms. I thought I was going to muck Jamie off when he cried. I was like, haha, and then I went, fuck, I'm crying. Watching that bastard cry. I was like, that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. I thought that was going to be the best bid. I was going to be like, wait, what a wanker. But no, it was very, very lovely. It was a beautiful blend of a bit of humour with the priest and an emotion with the tears and the love. It was absolutely beautiful. That's why I'm getting a little bit pissed. You're never going to find a free bar with this kind of rosé. Anywhere else, Jamie's caked. Fucking yes. I was doing my part because the beat and he goes, you excited Jamie's wedding? I'm like mate, I'm excited. He's probably spent a million. I was like, I can't wait. It's going to be unreal. And what's the game plan today for the rest of the day? The game plan was actually not to get that pissed, but I'm two winds in. I'm a fucking lightweight. I'm absolutely happy. You've known Jamie a really long time. Did you ever think you'd see the day that he'd walked down the aisle? I said fucking good question. Yes, I did. But I didn't know how he was going to do it. And I was like, I can help because he's as mad as I am. We're very similar. And I see him as a big brother. So I look at him and I'm like, fuck if you can do it. So is it made you want to maybe prop the question yourself? I tell you what, God, I almost want to. Yeah, you love love, right? The moment Jamie's crying so, so beautiful. The brights made him look unreal. And you're like, this is like the boat case going everywhere. The parents are crying. I don't know, you sit there and you go, God, I just want to get married myself. Beautiful couple, beautiful visuals. So when you look at two people, you go, wow, you guys are so in love. And I think that's the biggest compliment you can give anybody. Seeing Jamie as a say cry at the old, so when he sees a beautiful bride, I walk down, seeing Sophie and her beautiful gown and the words she was saying, it's so lovely to see true love. It's absolutely beautiful, so I'm so happy for you. My name's Georgie LaRue. I am Jamie's best woman and I've known him since we were 13. And then I met the lovely Sophie when they met. I want to say five years ago, am I right? And that was the priest, you got on the stage. I got on the stage with Kurt, which was an experience. I just didn't want to fool and then I didn't want to stand on her veil. It was quite a lot. I didn't know when you were meant to go off the stage. I didn't either. As soon as they then were taking pictures of the couple, I thought I'd back leave. They didn't want me in that picture. I saw you do it and said, let's get off the stage now. It's time for the picture. I was wrapping it up, so I thought they're meant, not mine. And for the rest of the day, you're doing a speech later. Toby and I are doing a speech and we've just been told by the wedding panel. It's at 11pm, so I'm trying not to drink anything until then, which is a challenge. It's going to start to produce some pretty heavy showers and even some thunderstorms in places. This is our main show. Jamie ran the wedding panel, I'm a sight. What are we going to do if it rains? I was like, what's the plan being? She was like, oh, don't worry, don't worry, we'll just cancel. Jamie was like, oh, no, that doesn't work for me. It's like a fancy maybe, there we can vingo. Hi, I'm Jamie's older brother. I am one time, one hit, one member of the podcast. Jamie did it at one point, actually on the podcast, he asked me to be an usher. He never heard about that ever. I was like, he's like, sit down in the conversation and that was it. I was like, he looked like we're so in so if you're arrived, he was wobbling on the edge. I mean, everyone else was crying around to my stepmom, my mom, my dad, my little brother, who's at 18, he was in floods. I'm Bella and I'm a bridesmaid. Best friends are Sophie and Jamie. I'm Izzy, I'm also a bridesmaid, I'm known Sophie for 20 years. The preparation was extreme. People arrived at 10, my hair and makeup are over at 10am. I was up at like 7am because I was too excited. Sophie was nervous, there was nerves in the air. But it was very good vibes because she had all of her bass grounds around her. So I feel like there was good energy. We put music on, there was just makeup everywhere, people everywhere, everyone in there underwear, naked girls drinking coffee around 12pm. Maybe earlier, maybe earlier, actually. Yeah, I got to get through it, I just had to. I do think my favourite moment though was when Sophie's dad came and she walked down the stairs and he saw her for the last time. It was the most everyone was crying. It was like my baby. It was just a special moment more than it and he was speechless. Like, he literally couldn't speak. You were walking in front of Sophie, right? Before she comes on as a drive-man, how was that feeling like just being in your pairs about to walk up the stairs? So scary. So scary for them. It was really good. Yeah, we were, but I think part of you as a drive-man and a best friend you've got to keep your shit together before you go. Yeah, we're not thinking about that. Would you mind introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple? Hang on. I'm nearly finished with this delicious cheese. Hang on. We're recording. Yeah, take a song and you should like. When you've got good con say available, you've got to go for it, you know? My name is Spencer Matthews and I am Jamie's best friend. And how's today been? Tell me about your role today. Come on, you've got a big role today. Yeah, I'm the master of ceremonies. I believe I'm an obvious choice. Would have been that all best, man. Of course. Everyone keeps asking me what I've prepared. I haven't prepared anything. But I think, you know, with these things, speaking from the heart is always nice. You know? No, I mean that. You know, because you go to some weddings, I think, and people try so hard to tell funny stories, don't they? And actually, ultimately, everyone is a fan of the bride and groom. So it's a tough road to tread that kind of making the groom look stupid. So not going to say much tonight, because I haven't been asked to write anything. But I'm going to compliment Sophie on her amazing dress and how incredible she looks. And how proud I am of Jamie. And then I'm going to welcome everyone for dinner. And that's that's that's that'll be me done, basically. And you're going to stick around or once you've done your duties, you're off. Straight back to Satsangranda, I think when my role is over, no real interest in being here outside of the work that I'm, unfortunately, not being paid for. No, no, I'm going to jack up here. I'll be here probably not until 4 a.m. I think the thing goes to 4. I think, you know, as a sober person, I'll probably be here for as long as I kind of can be without everybody else becoming, like, incredibly irritating. Today, seeing Sophie walk up the aisle and Jamie in floods of tears, how did it make you feel? It made me feel like a psychopath or a like, because I just, I, that's so far from emotions that kind of I would have. Right, so like for me to see him break down like that was just so amazing. It made the whole thing really real for me. Incredible. I thought it was so heartwarming and really wonderful. Yeah, it just made me, made me kind of wish that I had feelings like that. Yeah, looking forward to a very successful beautiful evening. Yeah, I'm around and available whenever people need me, which appears to be right now. I think you need to go off in an MC. Cool, cheers. Emma Bowman, how's it going? Really good. Tell me about your role in this wedding. So I have some A to B's dress, so I went to the villa before helped her get in the dress. It was quite chaotic. Really? Yeah, yeah. Lots going on, so what was chaotic about it? Just lots of dresses behind, but lots of last minute little alterations of the other dressers. So I was sewing a lot, getting made sure the girls underwear was all in check, getting everything sewn at last minute or just fixing place. But yeah, Sophie was great, the dress was amazing. I was quite nervous because you know we didn't have many fits. Two fit shirts. And when we did, one of them was at that tiny shop, wasn't it? I think Sophie was nervous today, so we all picked up a bit of energy and just thought it's really emotional. Everyone was really, really emotional with her, but I see a lot of couples. They have something different, I think. They're just so happy together and seeing Sophie through the process. There's been so different to other clients that I see, because she's so relaxed. She's not really been a diva. She's not really been vain, she's not been bothered about really. She's trusted me in the process, but for her and what I feel is she's just so in love with Jamie. She's not really been that bothered about the dress or what she looks like. She's just, I think, making him happy and proud. My name is Tom Lucy and I am a friend of Jane. A friend of both of us, not just Jamie, but both. Are you sure about that it was a stumble? Originally a friend of Jamie's, but now I'd say both. Today's been great. It's been great. It's been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed it a lot. I sound like I'm live, but it hasn't been great. You keep repeating yourself. No, it's been great. It's been great. And today, rest of the day, what's the game plan for you? You're going to just mingle. I'm going to hit the alcohol pretty hard from now on. I'm going to go full deep into the wine. And then I'm going to come back and do an interview later. And possibly end my career. I hope they don't fall into some deep depression after this, because it's been such a build up to this. I worry that when this is all over, they're going to fall into a slumber. I think I will. I feel like I'm at my wedding. My name is Jamie Lang, and I am the groom. Do you know what I can't express to you? There's so much adrenaline through my body right now. I don't really know what to do with it. I'm hyperactive anyway for adrenaline on the time. This is like overboard. So I'm kind of feeling like it's not anxious. It's like over energised. It's insane. And that moment when the music started playing, and so it's all so exciting. Don't you ever go again. King through. Oh my god. Can you bring me back there? It's just insane. I mean, the moment is, it's amazing. There's no words. It's, it's, it makes you have that bubbling authority. It's the most insane thing ever. It's one of the greatest moments ever in my entire life. And all those months waiting and all the friends and family in front, it must have been amazing. Everything leading up to this moment is the best thing in the entire world. I'm so happy to be here. And so happy, so happy is okay. And everything's great. It's just amazing, dude. It's unbelievable. And for the rest of the day, what's the plan? So we're going to do have drinks here. What's the time now? So it's nearly eight o'clock. So dinner isn't about 55 minutes. Then we sit down and we then do speeches. And then we just dance the night away. Okay. Well, I'll see you later. See you later, baby. Okay, guys, we're going to pause it there for now. Next week, we are going large with the party. And we've got all the massive goss. I spoke with her like, Sir, Olly Locke, Patrik, so if he's dad, Otymaboozi, and honestly so many more, plus the drinks are flowing, so it gets juicy. Join us next week. See you then. Bye.