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49: Jamie’s Wedding Glow Up Ft. Dr Zamani (His Secret Botox Doctor)

49: Jamie’s Wedding Glow Up Ft. Dr Zamani (His Secret Botox Doctor)

Mon, 13 Mar 2023 00:00

Jamie’s got a secret to tell, and it’s about his face. Some of you might know about it, some of you might not. In this episode, we find out exactly what he’s been doing with it, and what he plans to do with it… his face that is. Thanks to @drmaryamzamani for coming on this week!

We have the most beautiful propose the pod, this week from Callum.

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I've been stressing you out a little bit recently. Well, I think I'm close to a breakdown. Are you serious? Sorry, it's so stressful, I'm losing grip. Why, you can't think like that. He's like, no, no, no. Your brain can't handle this. What we'll do is we'll cancel the wedding. What are your pet peeves in life? Um, when you bend over to kiss the dog and your bullsack and paws are in my face and you have no shame. So sorry, but Sophie's being can't handle the wedding, we must cancel it. Acast powers the world's best podcast. Here's a show that we recommend. Hi, I'm Christopher Kimble, host of Milk Street Radio. If you'd like to change the way you cook and also think about food, please check out the Milk Street podcast. We travel around the world to find pizza and Tokyo, Egyptian food in Berlin and Bhutanese farmers in Vermont. We speak to Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Al Roker, Ina Garten, as well as Michael Twitty, Marcus Samuelson and Alice Waters. And we'll introduce you to recipes that will change the way you cook from bright pink Tottenham cake to Afghan dumplings to show you sugar steak and that one is direct from Hawaii. It's a whole new world of food right here on Milk Street Radio. Please check us out on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts. Or go to Acast helps creators launch, grow, and monetize their podcasts everywhere. How are you feeling at that moment? Swollen. What do you mean swollen? I'm swollen because I'm pumping on my own like nobody's business. Talk to what you mean pumping on. I'm training with Sean Stafford, who if you didn't know, is literally famous. Yeah, he's my, so he's my PTA and I introduced you to him. Yeah, I had had a really fun time going in and taking my little jump off into my sports bar and standing like the scrawny person I am against the Bible. And then he pinched my body with like a little pinch of thing. Pinched to find my body fat. Yeah. And then he said we can nail it. But okay. Six weeks he was like, oh, pushing it. So this is all about, this is your pre-wedding like glow up, right? Yeah. And I was like, so it's like in six weeks while that's literally in four. And he was like, oh, let's see what we can do. Got to push hard. And then he said, my diet was great, but I needed to add a little bit extra protein. So after my sessions, he gives me this big shake. Yeah. Which I've now found out is 1,400 calories. And it's way. And as you guys know, milk and me don't go together so well. So it's what's happened. I am creating, which I think. Are you becoming a bodybuilder? Is that what you're capable? I just, I don't quite fit into the old genes. And the tummy is a little bit blue. Honey, you look great. But hopefully I'm going to have an ass like him, okay. Did you say it like that? Yeah, her ass. And every time I go, I go, my butt's not hurting. We need to do more. He's like, you're just a machine. You want King Kardashian's butt? Well, I think it's fake. So I don't think it's possible, but. What about my butt? Yeah, your butt would be lovely. I just want a nice juicy, juicy butt. You would want to take my butt. Give me some more curves. That's what I want. All right, honey, you take those curves. Give me some more curves. What are your pet peeves, by the way? I was thinking about this. What are your pet peeves in life? When you bend over to kiss the dog and your bullsack and paws are in my face. And you have no shame. What are my biggest pet peeve about you? That's not about me. I meant in life, what is your biggest benefit? I'll just give a few about you because last night you demonstrated three and I was highly shocked. What? New Year's resolution was Jamie mustn't fart in front of me. And I must say you've been really good about it. You have. Okay. The pooing with the door open still is happening. You poo on the phone to our agent and she knows and then you flush the chain. Yes, you do. I heard her on the phone. You go, Jamie, please stop going with me. I went to the bathroom and take a pee. You don't do that on the phone. Tazara. I took a pee. There's not that one. And you call me all the time while you're taking a shit. And I'm like, I can hear the tension. And then the, the, the, the flush is the chain. It doesn't flush very well. Let me tell you my second pet peeve. I didn't even ask about me. I didn't even ask about me. He's turned the farting openly to try to do silent fart. So I see him pull a bum cheek open. And I'm like, I'm fully aware of what you're doing. And he goes, oh, sorry, it didn't happen. And I'm like, the fact that you try and pull your bum cheeks open to do a silent fart is not sticking to the rules. Okay. Okay. Okay. Fine. What's the third one? Your friend is who stinks. Although I did eat your lamb cough to see other night. And he didn't notice. Of course I didn't notice. They are, I mean, that's why I'm being aware of poof. I came out the bath. I was naked. And I was on my all fours stroking the dog. And Sophie just gave up behind me and got so upset. Because I think I had saggy balls and no arsehole in my face. And he was so red from the bottom. And I was like, it looked like, it looked like a fully grown utter. No, no, no, no, no, no, we mustn't say that. I look like an arsehole. I look like a pink car. No, we really can't say that. We've really got. My friend the other day was like, God, isn't it really awful? I don't know what a ball should look like. I don't know if there meant to be long or whatever. She was like, my worst nightmare would be like, a boy having saggy balls. And I was like, Jamie? Should we just begin the episode? Yeah, let's begin the episode. Hello, I'm Jamie Lang. Hello, I'm Sophie Habey. And we met four years ago and now we are getting married. Yeah, that's right. We are. We're nearly. We're nearly. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Nilly Wads. I am Sophie Habey, your host. And this is my lovely friend, Jamie Lang. If you want to say, I think it means. You're my lovely, if you want to say. I'm your fiancee, yes. Do you remember that? I do. Here's new trainers. He's been a huge fan. I don't think you remember that I'm your fiancee because. I don't like saying the word fiancee. I call you my boyfriend. I think you forget that I'm your fiancee. Trust me, I do. I saw what we talk about. Whoa, you feel that? Would you call up and go, hi, I'm booking a reservation for my fiancee? Yeah, I'm 100% word. I said booking it for my friend, Jamie. I can't even call you my boyfriend. I think it's weird. What? They would just say fiancee is a bit now. Of course they say fiancee. I'd rather say my husband. When you're my husband, I'll say my husband, easy, easy, low and easy. But you can't say fiancee. No, the words. I think it's so nice. Are you joking? Just say it to me now. This is my fiancee. I just think you're, I'd rather say you're my partner. That's a good idea. We could do it like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's perfect. We have this thing that I've been doing radio for a while. And we've been doing radio on the weekends since October. And now I finally stop. And honestly, I think you think that I was your housemate for a bit? Yeah, I got really used to living there. Being not being there. And I still can't quite get out of the habits. So at 8 p.m. I go, okay, Jamie, I hope you don't mind. But I'm going to go watch my iPad in bed with the dog. And he's like, we're not going to watch a movie together. I eat dinner alone before I go. So I just so use my own company. And I never realized how much I love my own company. So if he honestly goes to bed, I get home at what seven. So if he goes, oh, quite tired. Am I going to bed? I'm like, it's 7 30. Guys, I've been sleeping a leaven to 12 hours. And I don't know why. Yeah. And then when you get up in the morning, you're tired as well. No, I'm not watching me now. Spray it. It's a Spray leave. All right, sister. I hate you. You're high as a kite from that goju. She keep pumping into your veins. 280 m.g. of coffee from the boy who doesn't like caffeine. I've been drinking doing these workouts with our trainer as well. And yeah, you know what? He we had these drinks, these sort of caffeine. I got given one which was 80 m.g. And I thought my head was about to explode. I call Jamie's therapist. I said, I don't feel right. I said my head's buzzing, but my eyes are tired. I felt so hot. My hands were wet. My head is buzzing for my eyes. I couldn't look at anyone. I couldn't look at anyone. I think this was the meeting on Monday. I was like, yes. My head is buzzing for my eyes are tired. My body was so weak, but my head was like this. I have a bit like that said. It's made me a bit jittery. Well, you have five times what I have. I feel like we're a little bit stressed still about the wedding. How are you feeling about that at the moment? Well, I think I'm close to a breakdown. But I have been for the last couple of months and I've told you that and nothing changed. Finally, I think you're almost close to breakdown and I'm like, it's been very stressful at the moment. I tell you that for sure, we had the obviously the wedding. But someone decided to do a live show a month before our wedding. Yeah. Just because we want to put on, we love you guys so much. We're so grateful for all the support we feel like a family. And we want to put on the greatest show for you guys. And obviously, to do that, it takes up a lot of our time. We want to plan it. We want to rehearse it. Completely completely. And that teamed with also the Wedman, which... Wedman is a lot, honey. I get it. It's a lot. It's a lot. And teamed with the fact that I have no shoes for my wedding dress and still don't have a wedding dress. One of the funniest things that happened this week, though, which I thought was just the best thing ever, is our little puppy, Bobbi. Yeah. Sophie has a brand new laptop. And Bobbi is quite hectic. And Bobbi ran across your laptop. And what happened to it? She turned it into Chinese, the language. And so being me for five days, I just closed the laptop because I thought, right, well, I'm going to have to buy another one, aren't I? Yeah. Why? You can't think like that. And then when Matt miraculously, I was like, Jamie, can you think that right? Crying. And then it was just... And then one day you opened it, it was back to normal again, wasn't it? Yeah. People don't realise as we spoke on it on before, doing all the things that are going on at the moment, I am just proud of you, honey, because as a bride... I don't think there's any more bond to be proud of me. I am like the worst, organized person ever. No, you're not. And I am so stressful, guys. It's frightening. I'm proud of you for building up with me. Do you think so? I think you've done very good to put up with me. Oh, my God, that is actually the nicest thing ever, because I feel like I've been stressing you out a little bit recently. Well, yeah, you are quite stressful. Like, he walks in, he's like, right, no, your brain can't handle this. And I'm like, what? Do I have to get you a minute? He's like, no, no, no, no. Your brain can't handle this. What we'll do is we'll cancel the wedding. I'll text everyone tomorrow. It's not a problem. And I'm like, please stop saying that. Well, he's on the phone to everyone about to send them a text, being like, so sorry, but Sophie's being can't handle the wedding. We must cancel it. Yeah, that is true. I've been trying to, I've been trying to cheer up a lot. I feel recently. Like, like, loads of different things, like sending you messages to make you feel better, like just taking pressure off of you in lots of different places. Shall I read you one of the messages I sent you? Do you even read them when I send them to you? So this morning, morning my lady. And I were, what did I say? Morning, baby cat. That's you. I just thought that's what you say to me when you wake up. I think I'm like lacking. For me, I need a lot of sleep to get over strass. Yeah. Jamie getting into bed, naked, and click, click, click, chest, bright laptop with my eye. And then he decides, and I click the laptop down, and maybe just mute the chest noises. And then he decides to watch Joe Rogan for six hours. It's like Joe Rogan. I've never watched Joe Rogan. And then he snores so much. I went and slept on stairs. I never watched Joe Rogan. Do you remember when I woke up this morning, on the other morning, and I, and you were in the kitchen? And I came over to him and went, you are so beautiful. And he went, oh my god, you're breath. You just, he keeps so close to me, baby. He's like, you are an architect. Not in the morning. We know the rules, I know. Yeah, the rules are. Honestly, you just give me a cheek or a chin. You'd never even kiss me. Also, guys, we went house hunting this week. Yeah, let's add that to the stress. Yeah, well, that was a bit stressful. We went house hunting this week just to add a little bit more. So what have we got going on? We got a wedding. We got a podcast. We have a live show. And... The house we can't afford. That Jamie's insisting that we can. Which doesn't make me stressed at all. She honestly... I walk and I go, it's not really, but we can't afford it. He's like, I think we can. I'll make it work. You're all so... We drove there on my scooter. She was so... It was the day it was snowing and I just got out of the shower and wet hair. And he grabbed me at the house. I had no salt. So you walk in this poor real estate lady. I run, give me your salt. It's now. Hey, listen, I love you. I love you. You're the greatest. You're the greatest. I know you're stressed at the moment. You've got a lot on your plate. You're always stressed out putting on me. Hey, I'm stressed it's okay, but I think I handled maybe a little bit better. Yeah, you do. Okay, I tell you what, so... We should probably go into our favorite moment of the podcast. Can't we? Listeners, messages. So this listener, cool, Poppy, had to stop listening to the podcast because they got so jealous about our marriage and our relationship and things like that. Are you ready for this? Oh, that was very bittersweet. No, they would listen. Hey, it may be a happy ever after. Oh, I give it to me. Okay, hi, Sapien Jamie. Love the pod. Started listening last year. But unfortunately, had to stop myself from listening as I would become slightly jealous that I was not planning my own wedding. Ha, ha, ha. Although you make it sound stressful, there was nothing more I wanted than my boyfriend of 12 years to propose. It's been a subject that has caused the biggest arguments we've ever had. Anyway, after a rough few years, we decided to effort and go on a holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives. On our second night, he got down on one knee. My eyes couldn't believe it. All my dreams had come true. Little did I know that when I said yes, he said, good, as we're getting married in two days. Oh, my gosh. Little did I know that he had planned a whole wedding over the Maldives and no one knew apart from him. No, it's just. He organized everything. So off we went and had a surprise secret wedding in the Maldives at sunset, just the two of us. Oh, just the two of them. That's what you would love. Yeah, you're the one who made her jealous. That's all she wanted. I'm so jealous, but that is the absolute dream. My God. Anyway, I'm writing this on the day we're due to leave and head back home having listened to a lot of episodes whilst here. It's great to be back listening and not being jealous of the stress of planning a huge wedding. Can't wait to catch up with the rest of the pod, lots of love. Also, our family still don't know that we got married. So hope they don't listen. Stop it. That is amazing. Guys, that is my usher dream. It is, isn't it? I text our very many workers and today just saying, FYI, note from me, don't get married. And if you do, just a lope. Are you serious? Sorry, it's so stressful. I'm losing her hair. You're not losing her. Okay, don't worry. Sorry, I'm very excited. It's really excited, Avril. But that's a dream to me. That is a sign seal delivered to me. That is a dream, isn't it? I want it, but good she like that because other sun rise would have been like, what the fuck are you joking? I want my sister. Completely okay. Do you have one? I've got one from Oni Jones. So this is about grandparents being not very good at tech, tech things. Hey guys, love the pod. Thought you'd like a traumatic story. I was having food with the boy I fancied and we were having a great night. I then got a notification from Facebook to tell me that my granddad was live on Facebook. This has never happened for and I thought you'd just been out live streaming a band or something. Being the stupid nosy person that I am, I clicked on the link only for me to be presented with a full screen. Oh my god. View of a hand holding a penis. No. Oh my god. After a few seconds of the penis being on the screen, the camera pan doctor revealed my granddad's face accidentally whanking to all his friends on Facebook. No. The boy I was dating immediately shouted, who is that? Wish I screamed and panicked. My granddad. I promptly laughed and returned home to tell my parents who was sat in the living room in stitches on the fridge. My granddad telling him how to remove the live stream from his page, truly haunting. Can I just tell a story? It's a big, great. Oh my god. What? Rasmus copper. He was the greatest guy of all time. We lived in a house which had a well in it. So in the sitting room, it had like a well going into the dance house bedroom. So like a whole. Sorry. You had like a well. It was like a well house. I don't know what it was. So how did a well that went into this? You could go down the well. Well, no. It was obviously not water in any more, but it had like the still the book, the thing. So like you could peek a boo into the room below. Oh, yeah. Anyway, I was watching friends with my sister in the sitting room. You're like, what the fuck is that noise? We paused the TV. Went over there. Like, where the hell is that noise coming from? And then we poked down and saw my granddad and his wonderful girlfriend having sex. By the way, he was about H2. So bravo. You looked down the well and saw him. Well, I heard. I had more than I wanted to. And then he said, Kate say goodbye the next day. And I locked myself in the bathroom because I can't even... I'm like, guess, bye. But he was great. We have a voice note that producer Jack has given us. It's from Jake. We haven't heard this. So here we go. When I like Trump, I like to copy it. I like to put my hands, let me zoom my legs and copy it. I think we'll see. Like... It's like a red-chained one. Or it's just like a... You know. Oh my god. Um... Why would you allow me to help? I suppose fantastic. The smell of something else. He smells his own fart. Wait, when he went... Does he mean he... No, he engulfs it. He engulfs the smell. He engulfs the smell. Also, why does he in between his legs? Like, where does his fart come out of? I'm so confused. Because I think when you're sitting down, your fart comes between your legs. That... If he... I hope he's got a girlfriend, because forevermore, he's never going to... That... You need to stop. Stop now. Go speak someone. No. No. No, I'm upset, and I'm across with him. I know. It's not a good way. That's gross, and I think that's what you would do back then. I would never do that. He needs to cut parts and put them in your sister's face. She's sick, son of a d'arras. That is so rank, guys. Yeah, that's a poo particle sense. You're going to get like... That poo-poisoning thing. I did once. I did once. What I did is I copped K to my sister and she threw up. Well, fucking surprise. She's sick, oh. Wait, did he say it smells amazing? Yeah, he likes the smell. Oh, you and him. We're going to end on a much nicer note before we end listeners' messages, right? And we go to propose the pod. This is a cute message from Cameron Slade for Rachel Green. Yeah. Hi, guys. Rachel Green from France. Hi, guys. My girlfriend has got a big operation this Wednesday, which she is really nervous for. We are such a fan of yours and she finds you both so funny. We listen to all of your podcasts when we are driving and at work. The recovery process after the operation is going to be painful and long. Rachel is one of the people that everyone remembers after meeting her. She has an infectious laugh and a warming presence that I and many others love to bits. In a few months' time, we will finally be traveling the world together after a long, tedious wait for this operation. I love her to bits. And alongside many others are so, so proud of how strong she's been with everything. Cameron Slade, you are such a lovely man and Rachel, you sound like the most amazing. Shout out to you, Rachel, you absolute rock star. You're going to net best operation. It's going to go so smoothly. You're going to recover so well. You sound like you have everyone behind you. That is amazing. Cameron, what a dude. They travel the world together, guys. You deserve it. Have the most epic time. And send us photos of where you go because I'd love to see. I would love to travel the world. Yeah, I'm so... I would love to travel the world. Why don't we sit around? We could, sister boy. We could just go and travel the... You can just continue saying to them, just have the best time and you deserve the best. That is the sweetest. Doesn't it? Sometimes I tell you what, when we sit here on the podcast and we talk about how stressed we are about weddings and how we're stressed about... Yeah, I feel like such an idiot. I know sometimes put it in perspective where you go, okay, it's actually okay. There are so many other bigger things going on in life. And that's just to everyone, if I'm going to preach for one second. Yeah, Rachel, you've inspired me today to shut my little mouth. And be strong and strong. And be happy and excited for stuff. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah. There we go. Okay, we have our proposed pod time. And like we always like to do, we like to play a little jingle, propose the pod. Rabbo's a bow. What a... If it was the bow. Rabbo's a bow. Rabbo's a bow. Rabbo's a bow. Why do you... Why do you... Keep going, let's play. Okay, we're going to play it. And this is from Nicole. Rabbo's a pod. Rabbo's a pod. What is that? What is that? Rabbo's a pod. Rabbo's a pod. No, no, wait. Tell us. No one tell us what that theme tune is. Oh, and the... It's the cinema one. Yeah, yeah, yes! Oh my god, you're my smash-dirt. It's the cinema thing. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da! Pekamix, popcorn. What are we going to watch? I don't know. I don't see... Should we do that? You don't ever want to go to the cinema? No, I don't like the cinema. I like to go get the Pekamix popcorn, go home and watch it on my own house. I hate the cinema. I love the cinema. I'm so fishy and I need the wee about 40 times. Do you think, though, that you don't actually like doing things that I like doing? And you just want to do what you want to do? I like facials, like you do. I like how I get my nails on like you do. Don't like Botox, like you do. Oh my god, it's literally a joke. I like how my hair died, like you do. Okay, the proposed part this week is from... Callum. Huge fan of the pod. I just wanted to share my proposed the pod, which has changed my life. I am gay, but I've always had trouble coming out to family and friends. While I was listening to your podcast the other week, and Sophie was talking about dress code for the wedding, while this was happening, my mother walked in and started listening along with me. After telling her about the premise of the podcast, I paused it and told her that my dream dress code for my wedding would be to upstage the bride, where everyone comes dressed in outfits that would typically upstage the bride. My mother looks at me and asks, why would I want to do that to my future wife? Without a second thought, I then told her that it obviously wouldn't be where they women. Oh, that's amazing. There was a silence until I realized that what I had said. My mom walked when silence. While she was gone, I started tearing up, because I thought she was upset and would not approve. However, I found out she left to go get a bottle of champagne to celebrate me coming out. Oh my god, they've never been... Hi! That's so... Oh no, go get your pimples. That's like the nicest thing ever. That's made me emotional. Why is that? Because that's how I should be, but the fact he cried thinking she was upset. That hit me different. I loved my amazing mother and I want to shout her out for being so supportive. Jesus was wrong with me. Oh my god. She often tells me that she thanks your podcast for tricking me into coming out. So in a way, I have to thank you guys. Thanks for the podcast and I hope you have an amazing wedding. Lots of love to you both, Calum. Why am I actually crying? Yeah, that hit me differently, love. That shit is just what life should be about. It's amazing. Your mom's a rock star, so are you. I hope that inspires anyone else in the session. Calum's your rock star. That is so... To be your true self. I think it is better for everyone around you to support you. It's been an emotional episode today, I feel. What the hell? Why do that fully get me? I don't know because it's honesty and authentic and that's everything, right? And being vulnerable. And I think vulnerability is the sexiest, cordy-best thing. And no one should ever live in a lot of misery. Well, I think we've all been judged in our time, right? About whatever it is. And we're all insecure and all worried. And we're all those different things. And actually, the hardest thing in life is to be our true authentic self. We always try and fit in. But actually, we're born to stand out. 100%. I love that. Yeah, it's true, right? And I think sometimes what happens is what it hits different is because we all try and be someone that we think we should be. But actually, we should just be ourselves. And Calum is being himself right there. And that's what's so awesome. Oh, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and your mum is epic. And I love everyone listening. I'm so emotional. Yeah, I'm emotional too. I absolutely love that. Honestly, that hit different today. Maybe we're emotional. We definitely are overstressed. No, I think that's just what life's about. And the fact that we've had any help in that at all is like the greatest thing to ever hear. Honestly, I just, you know, this podcast started off as just a podcast where you and I would just be to jump. We're getting deep now. Yeah, I don't know why, but maybe we should. A lot of the podcast is about laughing all the time. But actually, you really think about it. You know, helping someone do that or helping someone feel happy if they're having an operation or making someone laugh just throughout a day, even if it's for like five minutes. That's pretty insane. So and it, you know, we get to sit here and we get to do it together. And yeah, we have our stresses and stuff for that. But to make people happy. Well, actually, you guys bring us the health out of because we are so ridiculous and you guys are so happy and everywhere and we're so grateful for your listeners. Don't continue. I'm out. I'll stop. No more marshy self, because I'll start crying. You want me to stop that? Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, everybody. We do love you. Remember, if you want to get in touch, please do on our Instagram at nillywestpodcast or email us contact So that is the end of the most wonderful listeners messages. I've got something to tell you. Tell me. Okay, getting my haters all about the bright. Well, the bright looks like what you're saying. Well, it's not in this situation. Anyway, I did something on the slide. Well, no, I know what you've done. What have I done? You've died your hair again. No, I'm not died by any of you. You've had impacts in plants. No, I'm not. I've, you've had your fucking balm done. That makes all the sense. What the hell? No, none of those things. I decided to get a friend of ours on. To talk about glowing up before the wedding. I wanted to ask the little tips, the tricks, the little secrets to help me. And you didn't bring me on? Honey, I wanted to do it myself. Because you want to look better than I am? You're going to look, you always look amazing. I need to take some tricks. You don't need the tips and tricks. I need to trust me about that. You look fantastic. You can look great. I asked our friend, Dr. Zimani, to come on the podcast to get you. Oh, your boat hot stock. Not my boat hot stock. She's just a friend of mine. Don't get. Your boat hot stock. Don't my boat hot stock. Raise those eyebrows. I will. There you go. Oh, you're booked in tomorrow. Sorry, you're a diary there. No, I'll eat you. Jesus Christ. Honestly, I bought on Zimani just to talk about facials and moisturizing. And that's about it. That is all you do. So get ready ladies and gentlemen. I want to welcome to the podcast, a guru in the world of beauty, facials, everything about glowing up before the wedding. Please welcome to the podcast, Dr. Zimani. Hi. Hi. Um, okay. So we need to lay the secret out straight away. Sophie doesn't know that you're here. That's for sure. And that's because I feel like when it comes to like wedding chats and stuff and that, it's all about the bride. And no one focuses on the groom. It should always be about the groom. Thank you very much. It should always be about the groom. And for some reason, not particularly for your wedding. Yeah, I got your invitation by the way. Thank you. Did you like it? It's gorgeous. Interesting fact. You were the first person I told that I had got the ring for Sophie. This is so true because I caught you out. Yeah, so you tell say what is your version of the story? You said you came into my office. And I don't know what we were talking about. And I said, so what are you going to propose? And then you gave me that like deer in a headlight. You know, sort of like, oh my god, how did she know? Yeah. type of situation. And you were, it was hilarious. Your face just showed it. Just for the ring. Sophie didn't know about it because she would have totally been able to tell by the reaction on your face. It's because I had just gone and got the ring. And then you asked me these questions. And I couldn't hide it from you. I know. Isn't that weird that you couldn't hide it from me? Are you a good liar? I can't think not. Ask me if I've had Botox. Have you had Botox? No. You're a good liar. So we've got to talk about beauty rage engines. It's tough of that. Sure. Okay. You know everything in this industry. You know all about it. You have your own skincare range. You have been in the industry for how long? That's 23 years. Yeah, but you're young as an of these. It doesn't matter. Give me the things that we need to do. When leading up to a wedding, what is really important when it comes to beauty? Because this is what we haven't spoken about on the podcast yet. And I need to know all the secrets. Well, first of all, for most people, it starts with a body. And that's their first thing of fear, especially for guys. Like, oh my god, am I going to look good in my wedding night after I take off my whatever clothes? The thing that people forget is, I mean, obviously a bride starts with everything. They want everything to be perfect. They're on that diet. They're cleaning up their nutrition. They want their skin to look good. Yeah. But it's also about, you know, the face and the hair and the makeup. And the nails and the five outfit changes. So it's literally, there's so much that goes in for a woman. It's unbelievable. For the guy, it's also equally as important. Because all those pictures are going to be around for a very long time. And your kids are going to look at them. And your grandkids will hopefully look at them. And you're just, you just want to look your best. You don't want to be like, oh my god, I was that pudgy, like horrible, skinned, you know, groom. There was so much pressure to look good at weddings. You know what, there's so much pressure all the time. I have to say right now, for men and women, it's all about you have to look a certain way. You have to almost look like that filtered self of yours. You have to have the perfect body, the perfect outfit, every day with, you know, looking glamorous at the most fabulous places on holiday. And no one shows anything other than the best version of themselves. And that's not reality. Life isn't always about the highs. There are also some mediums and hopefully not too many lows. But, you know, there's a lot of that fluctuation that happens. For each of you. And, you know, getting ready for a wedding is stressful. I mean, there's a lot of things, especially, you know, you're doing a destination wedding. You know, it's stressful enough to have a wedding. But then to have to do it in a different location is also, you know, stressful too. No one's going to know anything that's not perfect. You know, only you'll know any of the small little hiccups that I'm sure you'll have like everybody else does. And you will just have the best time. It's just such a fun party. Everything is about you. And I know you love that aspect. I love that aspect. And then you're just going to have a party. And it's going to be so much fun. You're going to be like, oh my god, all of that and it's over already. I mean, it's crazy. What do you have to do? Do I have to wear a face mask? Do I have to put those ice things on my face? Do I have to go and get, I don't know some... So, needling? I don't know what I'm going to do. So, I mean, it all depends on what you have. But usually most brides and grooms start about six months before it. If you have six months, that's ideal. It doesn't always have six months. Honestly, it's the best piece of ice. It's the best piece of ice. No, because at six months, that's when you're working out a little bit more and getting your abs of steel, getting your thighs... No, we're just going to see the abs. Hello, you just are getting married to the woman of your dreams. Oh, yeah. She's the most important person, isn't she? Very true. Yeah. If your skin is quiet and you just want to tweak it or you have some scarring that you're like, you know what, I just want my skin to be that extra perfect. Like, six months is a good time to start with, you know, little lasers or micro-needling. What is micro-needling? I never know what that is. That's a good question. So, micro-needling is literally little tiny needles and it can be in a roller. It can be in a pen. And what it is is little needles that come in and out and make little tiny holes on the skin. And the idea is that you're inflicting injury on your skin. So, your body is like, okay, I have an injury. I have to make new skin. And so, you're making new skin and you're producing collagen in the last one. So, you're making your skin more supple. So, have you keep saying my lips are crusty? Your lips are crusty then? Yeah, they're saying they're dry and they're crusty. And I don't know what to do about it. You must lick your lips a lot. No, so... I do and I don't know how to stop. They become really dry. I don't know what to do. Well, I mean, it's winter. So, you know, I'm only answer really important. So, you moisturize and you do anything that you do on your face, you do on your lips. Okay. And then you seal it in with a little bit of azaleen at nighttime. You know, it really holds in that hydration sleeping with a humidifier also helps. And then actually, you can have a little bit of injection in your lip at, you know, not to create volume, but to create hydration. You think I have a lip filler in my lip? That's what you think I should do. A little bit of higher on the acid. A little bit of lip filler. A little bit of hydration in the lips. You'd be surprised how many men do it. So, can we just bring this out? We're... Okay. Okay. So, this is meant to be a little secret. And I mean, so, if he's not meant to know, he's meant to look good for the wedding. Okay. And what I have to do is I have to roll a pin on my face. I have to do that first. I have to do that first. I then have to moisturize my whole face. And Vaseline, my lips, I do that. It worries me that I have to do all these things to look good for the wedding. There's nothing that you have to do. Absolutely nothing can be own natural. And, you know, age gracefully like Moa. No, just joking. I've tried everything. But... But, yes. I mean, you're lucky. You're young. You're getting married. Young, you don't need too much to do. Okay. And also, we've got to mention your skincare range. That's very important the day before. A couple... I mean, like, good skincare up until the wedding is really important. But the day before the wedding is the day that you should chill out. Give yourself, like, even if you're not able to go and have like a little spa morning or, you know, whatever. Do it at home. You know, get yourself some nice music, whatever relaxes you. Do a little bit of exercise. And then sit down and do, like, a nice skincare regimen. Give your face a nice little massage. Use a gouache, use a roller. Use an LED light. I mean, those face masks actually are really wonderful. The night of your wedding, you know, if you have it a few days, you know, back to back, you can use the eye patches because you will not... The one weekend you're not going to sleep is your wedding weekend. I mean, you're gonna... You're gonna be on adrenaline. I also had a room that you have to... Whenever you moisturize, you have to moisturize upwards. Always. So remember, I mean, why would you want to drag your face down? So you should always go from in to out. And, you know, from down to up to lift things or from here upwards, you know, like, if you're on the side, yeah. Just to get things moving in the right direction. Let's shout out your skincare company as well, because I use it all the time. Safely and I use it all the time. We're always wearing them. Where can we get them? Where can we find all that kind of stuff? So you can find it on my website, Thank you so much for coming on the walkers. Thank you. Thank you. Say a little secret for you there. I love another secret. I know you get bitters. No, it's not anything. You always come home with little red-blooded dogs. So that's being mean. I do not. It's not being mean, because you should be honest. I do. People look at you and they think, how is he 40 with that smooth sketch? I don't. Are you joking? You're honest. And you just need to be honest. It's honestly a joke. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't have a... Like you're going to the camera. That's so natural. Look at you. I'll wrinkle to the camera. Yeah, because it's wearing out. You've got it bitten on juices. It's a Jesus Christ. Hey, by the way, I'm really excited because I'm going on my stag next week. I just asked one thing and one thing only. What? Don't skid our naked. Okay, I won't do that. And don't not wear a helmet. Because if you don't wear a helmet, I will fly out there myself and handcuff you to me and take you all home. You would do that? Yes. Why would you do that? Because it's so stupid. Anyone on the ski mountain so you don't wear a helmet, you're dead to me. Okay, well, I really want to give an amazing shout out, ready to a company called YSE ski. One of my best friends who's organising the stag do, Oli, has organises in same trip to Valdezere. We're going to Valdezere. And they've organised... You miss Swedish Week, which is a thrill to me. What Swedish Week? All the Swedish beautiful girls. They've been... Gen and gone. It's... We've missed Swedish Week. It's now over 50 week. Okay, well, listen, we're staying in this incredible shally by YSE. And this shally has like everything. So Oli was telling me it has like chefs, like pool tables, like everything. What? Yes, it's insane. It is insane. And then maybe I can come for the days of you're not going. Absolutely not. You can't. So we're going out there for... They're going out for a week. I'm coming out on the Wednesday next week. I can record... Is it a C. No, I can record a little bit of an episode out there as well. We're going to go to the Foley douche. Douche. Foley douche. Cocos. Cocos maybe. I'm probably going to wear... I've got my boxes on today that say Mr. Herbou. Yeah. I've got it all, baby. I'm ready to go and see strippers and... No strippers, surely. Okay, I know. I don't think see strippers. Do you think you have... No, no, Georgie Lerese. My best woman's going so side in there. I don't think we will. But I'm very, very excited for it. And I just honestly can't wait. And, hey, also on that... Don't get too drunk there because you know you're... You're a little bit smaller than the rest of your friends that they can take more. Okay. So water in between each shot. Yeah. And maybe you just singles. Thanks, Mum. And then also you can just say, I have a gin and tonic. I'm just no gin and put the fever tree tonic in. Oh, we can just do that, right? Yeah. Hey, by Rosie. Also, by the way, we send out our wedding invitations and everyone's loved them. We put them up on our social media account. Yeah. Do you know how many RSVPs we got from the entire wedding? Pretty much all of them. No, we've only got 20. So... If only he had 20... So... We've only had 20 replies. So... I'll wait. So, all of you, Mum, who's out there who aren't replying to our RSVPs, please do because we don't know you're coming. My family haven't responded. Can't wait. We've only got 20 people coming. I might my ideology here. We've only got 20 people coming. It'll be like 20 people. One of them will be your bettos, any of the other will be your therapist. And I'll be like, hi. OK, well, listen. I can't love you guys. No, not the end yet. So, if we've got more to go. OK. OK. Listen, as we always like to do in our podcast, we like to do our wedding favours. Now, we did say on the podcast a while ago that we're going to start picking out our wedding favours from our little box. And we're going to do that today. Are you ready for this, Sophie? I'm ready. We're going to pick out our wedding favours. Oh, my God. It's nice out in this nice box. OK. Here we go. The first wedding favours and pick you out. Here we go. Da, da, da, da, da. OK. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da. Hey. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da. We have it from Haley Brown Designs. Make coasters with dried flowers of the wedding day. Oh, my God. So, we keep the flowers from our wedding day and make them into coasters. Haley Brown Designs, we love that. That's what we're going to do. So, what will we bring a suitcase back of flowers to England? Yeah, I think we actually put you in. Or we bring Haley out there. Oh, Haley can come out there and collect the flowers. You're invited, Haley. Haley, you're welcome. Yeah, we only got... You come on it's 21 people. Yeah. 21 people coming to the wedding now, which is great. That's our first wedding favours. OK. So, if you know on last episode, we gave a shout-out, saying that people when are subscribed and commented on our YouTube channel, they would potentially win a pair of tickets to our live show on the 30th of March. Did anyone do it? A lot of people. Producer Jack, how many people? We had hundreds. How many was in hundreds? Guys. Yeah, it's insane. Raw. Yeah, so, so, Producer Jack, we've actually... You found someone, haven't you? Yeah, I picked it random. Picked it random. And we are going to call this person now. Her name's Poppy. She has no idea that she's one. We're going to phone her and she's one of pair of tickets for her and her friend. Should we see her reaction? Here we go. Who's she? I... Here we go. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, is that Poppy? It is, yes. Hi, Poppy. It's Jamie Laying and Safiya Boo here from the Lily Webpock cast. Hi, Poppy. Hi, guys. Hi, Poppy. How are you? I really well banged. This is such a short. Hey, listen, a question for you. What are you doing on the 30th of March? Hopefully coming to see you guys. Hey, Poppy, you have just won two tickets to our live show on the 30th of March. Oh, we're kidding. Thank you so much. We can't wait to see Poppy. We can't wait to see you there, Poppy. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. Subscribing to our YouTube channel to everything. We can't wait to meet you. Give you a big hug to whoever you're bringing. You're awesome. So thank you so much. So much. No, thank you. You've made my day. You made my week. This is amazing. And I will look forward to seeing you then. Poppy, you've also won a Range Rover. No, too. I'm joking. Are you having Poppy? You have it. I'm kidding. I'm sorry. You've only won two tickets. I'm joking. I'm joking. Oh, thanks, Poppy. We'll see you there. We can't wait. Bye, Poppy. Have a great day. Bye. No, no, I'm embarrassed. Why are you embarrassed? I feel embarrassed because it's like we're calling them. You know, normally it's like, hello, is that Janet from... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Where have you been. Where have you been, there were so many people, doesn't it? I'm sorry. Wow! I'm sorry! I car almost allergic to five feet of brown sugar. Wow! Thank you. Thank you. I'm sorry. Thank you. That hurts me. Recently. Google National tail attachment. Google Bell, I'm sorry. gangs hormonal, I think your bandfahren is mildly Well, there it is. Google Bell. Wow. It's not all bad. It is going to be amazing. It's going to be amazing and everyone who's coming, I just can't wait for it. So it's going to be incredible. Poppy, congratulations to you. Hey, it's a nice thing to do, honey bun. Well, I hope so. It is. It's so nice for you guys to subscribe to our wicked YouTube channel. I didn't know it existed. Have you ever watched the YouTube channel? Yeah. Guys, if you want to also win a couple of tickets to our live show on the 30th of March, all you have to do is go and subscribe wherever you listen to our podcast. That may be Apple or Spotify, wherever it is, screen shot it and then send that picture to our Instagram at nilly wed's podcast. And you can be like Poppy and win two tickets to our live show on the 30th of March. Go into it right now. Thank you guys so much for listening. Please write into and add nillyweds on Instagram. 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