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"My Therapist Ghosted Me" is the result of Joanne's therapist doing just that! Ignoring her calls, refusing to answer the door at the clinic, or speak to her after she'd tracked him down at Enfield crematorium as he scattered his Aunt's ashes. Despite it all, it’s often said that friends give the best therapy so Vogue & Joanne have teamed up to do exactly that (alongside a generous helping of laughter as that too is said to be the best form of therapy). Together they will give 100% unqualified, unsubstantiated but up front and honest advice on the plethora of issues they and many others continue to grapple with.

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MTGM EXTRA! "The T Word" - With Una Healy

Wed, 24 May 2023 05:30

Una Healy joins Vogue and Joanne to tell her long-awaited side of the story, following the whole "throuple" thing...

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This is a global player, original podcast. Welcome to my therapist goes to meet our bonus episode and it's a special one this week. It's a very special one. We've decided we're going to start having guests on. Occasionally. Occasionally, only people that we absolutely love and adore and admire. In a hilly! I feel very special. I've always wanted to be you because obviously I've tried my hardest to be in a girl band all my life. She has. Oh! I lived the dream. I know. Literally. When did they start the Saturdays and when did they finish? Well, it started in our audition in 2007. Oh my god. And then we did our first single at the summer of 2008. What was the first single? It was if this is love. The one that sticks to my head is, um, super star. Oh, uh, ego. Ego. Yeah, ego. That was actually from that singing. She's, she's, she's, she's, she's wearing the song. If she can't get a new can. You can actually sing, which I'm not being bad, but that's not that common in bands. I mean, that's why I thought I could get into a band. I can't sing. I can't really dance. But you're hot. But Unicorn's saying, and she's hot. Yeah. I was thinking, Dan's, well, I didn't do much dancing before the Saturdays. I'll be honest, like, I was, I was, um, gigging and with the guitar literally in the corner, like doing gigs with the guitar. So when I had to actually perform and dance at the audition, I felt, this is my weakness now. I might not get in because of this because of some girls like flat out, like you know, like trained. But luckily, the dance moves were not that hard in the Saturdays. They were quite simple, you know, I don't know what it was, but I remember you girls in the Saturdays being like, why not me? But like, I don't even like dancing or singing. First of all, that's not true. We have seen some footage that we haven't shown in a video of, okay, pop dancing at Fort team practicing and she was recording herself in a sitting room. Oh, I know. We ordered street dancing in school. I know. Yeah, that was, I think it was street dance. So I wasn't about bad at it. We did line dancing in school. There was the line dance craze. Yeah. Did I risk dancing? I never did. I never did. I never did. I never did. I never did. No, only in Irish college things I thought, which was just a bit fast. Oh, he's just a caley. Yeah. We were just kind of skipping around the place. You can urge me. Are you still friends with all the girls? Oh, yeah. Of course, yeah. No, we're all really good friends. Yeah. No, they're such lovely girls. We're very lucky because we did audition and we were put together, but they put together a great combination. I know Molly. I know Molly and Frankie and I met them at the barters and they are really saying they were saying. Yeah. No, they're gorgeous girls. They really are. Like, I miss them. I miss having the girls around me. Yeah. So when the band went on a hiatus, that's what we call it. I mean, I appreciate it. So you're going to get back together? You never know. I hope so. I'll do, I'll do, I'll be your pre-warmoop. Yeah. Actually, you could do that. This is what's going to be a warmoop. When years ago, like, whenever we was young, was like, what do you want to be when you grow a pop star, you know? Yeah. But like, now, I'm telling you now, little girls now are watching the two vegan. I want to be them. That's kind of how it's shifted. You know, it's changed. You know, it's like, well, I just don't want to be a pop star. They're talking about saying, I don't want to be me, but I do think there is, like when Vogue was talking about getting into a band, when you're young, and I'm not saying this in a, I'm not teasing you, Vogue, I'm just saying Vogue knew that she was destined for some sort of celebrity. I'm sorry, you did. Your name's Vogue. I'm your host. I'm your host. Like, something was going to take off. So when you're kind of thinking, okay, what are my credentials? What can I do? And a band was, they were so huge at the time. I think there was all this talent shows and Louis Moult. It was a whole culture, like it really was. Yeah, it was all, everyone wanted, I meant, as you speak in a Vogue, I met a girl today and he threw her reports and her mom asked me to get a picture of her, because she was called Vogue. And that was her first, she met my first Vogue. She was about seven. Like, God. She could be, she might be named after you. Well, she did say that, but I thought she was just puttering me up. Looked at. But I thought that was amazing. I've never met a Vogue. It's the first Vogue. It's Bushy Irish. She knows English. And you know what? There's not, there's not many in the Eunas, like even though Eunas are Irish names. Well, we have another in our life. Do you? Our directors called in. In the car, yeah. I know a couple of Eunas, Ina Malali. Yeah. She's been always very kind to us in terms of... Yeah. That's all. That was my three Eunas. That's kind of a granny name, I think. I don't know. Granny names are back. Yeah, she has a friend called Mary. Oh, yeah. I love to see a baby Mary. You know, I just think that Marjorie's going to be my next kid's name. I think more does a really cool name. That's the best thing I've ever done. Yeah, they do come round. Oscar is big, the male, and Oscar was very analical, kind of traditional names. Oh, I can't remember. One's me of dogs name, though. What's your middle names? I'm a treesa. I'm a treesa. Oh, no. And then for my confirmation, I picked Imogen. Imogen, you were slightly cool. And my... So I'm Eunatreesa Imogen, which is UTI. Oh. It's very important. I didn't think about the time. You know, it's so funny, right? My mom was going to call my brother, Staffon, but his middle name was going to be Staffon, like that. Yeah. I always just even. Staffon, yeah. No, it's going to stay there for anyone. Staffon. Yeah, I don't know. I'm on Thomas. And Maconali, MC. But back when Conor was born, it was significantly out of the name. People were still signing checks. And my mom was like, I don't want to call them back because his initials would be STI. Yeah. STI. I was telling France for a while. And the amount of girls called Fannie, I was like, I don't know. Oh, no, are they in Fannie? Yeah. Oh, well, they don't know what Fannie is. They're Rachel over there. Anyway. That's not... We don't want to call Fannie into our level. You're better than the other. You're better than this. Stop bringing yourself down to us. Now we were talking about you on the part. You've always been very well known, but there's a lot of chat about you at the moment in particular because of the triple chat. The T word that I know on the word. I had to Google myself because I never heard of it in my life. Literally, I was like, what is this? Why am I being called this name that I do not have never heard of? I don't know what it is. First of all, you look amazing in the picture. You look amazing in the picture. So that's the only good thing. I'm telling you, I never wear a black bikini again. I've seen that picture so many times. It's just literally every single day. I'm down there in Turlis living my best life, little hermit down in Turlis while I'm tripling in paradise in this black bikini. Well, if I looked like that, I did measure I was in some sort of harram or cult. If I were like, dramatic guy is in a cult and I looked like that in the photo, I would be even just scared of like, yes, yes. Well, that isn't actually true. I know it's not true, but no one out. And like, in fairness to you, you have said absolutely nothing. Nothing. I would be like the biggest maithpiece. Because I like, don't, yeah. And I think it's nice for people to know the actual truth of this. You've always been quite discreet because when your husband was acting the magas, you never said a word. You never said a word. Look at Anna Healy. She's like a diplomat. You never said that they're weird. I was freaking it up. People just knew. So I didn't need to say anything. You need to say anything. You have to say anything. You talk the higher out. Something that me and Bob are always trying to find. You did that. I thought that was amazing as well, because you had kids involved in that too. And so what a sh**ty thing to have to go through, but publicly as well. We had so much aberration for you when you were separating from Ben. That we were like, look at her go. She's just there, lived in her way, saying nothing. You love him amazing. Her way, saying nothing. She raised her kids to an squad. She's an amazing mom and you're a single mom. Yeah. Most of the time. Yeah, like I'm raising them because he lives in New York. And he only sees them like summer Christmas. I am raising them. I'm raising them with my parents basically. That's how it is. And he sees them then for summer and Christmas. And it's not easy, but it's my life and it is how it is. Is there a bit of a mother? I've always wanted to be a mother and I feel very blessed. So yeah. And they're blessed, have you? They have your eyes, those eyes. They have those eyes. Your daughter is literally like your carbon copy. Yeah. She's like, I'm so jealous. Speaking of your carbon copy, I can't look at her over her mouth. You look like that doll in that horror film. I know. I admit it myself. I do like it. Yeah, I was kind of thinking, do they see a picture of me or something? And actually, copy and go, we're going to make a doll. A horrible evil doll that looks like. I bet I have to. Of course. You're there, me and you see? You're like the bride to Chokey, but like she's hotter now. Yeah. Tell us about the photo. What happened? How did it go about? Okay. So how did you start dating him? Yeah. So dating him is the right term because that's how it was and how it, you know, it wasn't a trouble. Okay. Yeah. So I met him last summer online on a date and app. Right. And it was really, yeah. I'm giving them an advertisement now. I've been talking about Ryan for two years. Yeah. I haven't had any look on it really. You know, Papi and I did meet David and we had a lovely relationship. But I'll go back to the beginning where I was swiping along and a song and he was doing his weights there and I was like, oh, he looks good. He was very nice. I was like, I remember him from back in the day when he was boxing and stuff. So I hit the like and then as soon as I hit the like, you know, when it connects straight way, I was like, oh, he's already liked me as well. So he loved you. So then he straight away met me going, nice to connect. I was like, nice to connect to. And then after a couple of messages, he was like, oh, here's my WhatsApp. So then we moved it to WhatsApp, you know? Yeah. And then I straight out asked him, I was like, what are you looking for? Because I did a Google and I was like, well, I'm probably going from the prime pen into the fire with this fella because he did exactly to his wife, what my ex-husband did to me, you know? So I was like, don't like that now. So did you know who he was? Yeah, I would have been familiar with it. Yeah, I was in a big fan of it and so I was like, yeah, I just knew he was. Well, he's well known in England. And as then we were chatting on WhatsApp and I just said straight out to him and said, what are you looking for in a relationship? Well, I've just split up with my girlfriend, that's what he said. And I'm single, but I don't believe that the traditional relationship exists anymore. And I was like, in what way he was like, it's like John McNally. Yeah. I'm still on rare. I'll have a look. Okay, I'm going. So I was kind of like, because I'm an anonymous person and that's what I, you know, hopefully one day I will settle down again with a nice, monogamous man. That's what I want, you know? So I said to him, well, good luck with that. So I said, we can just be friends anyway. Yeah. But then because we got on so well, I was just like back and forth like we chatting every day. We sent him pictures of him and his kids and he had hours on the phone. Yeah. And then met in person. He was a real gentleman. He brought me in a lovely day. Went to see a lovely play in London. And then anytime I was ever working in London, I'd meet up with him. You know, what's casual? Like it wasn't. But you told me you probably could handle at the time. Yeah, I was happy enough with it. You know, as my mother would say, in a romantic capacity. It was in a romantic way. Yeah. I was going to open up with him. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I wanted to see it. I was like, why do you want to know? Sorry. Yeah. So you were walking up in the bathroom. Yeah. I just know. But anyway, he was very honest that he, I wasn't the only woman he was seeing. He was like, I was very aware that he was, but I feel like that's kind of like the start of relationship. But at least I knew he was honest and that's the thing. So it's not like I was being cheated on. And I was like, well, you know, it's like, I know he's not husband material. So this is just a bit of fun. Yeah. And I was enjoying it. Yeah. And then I went on just from conversations and little things and when the form would ring and I'd see her name light up, the ex girlfriend. Yeah. He's back on the scene. It's that shan. Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, so what's going on there? And he was like, well, she's very involved in my life. She knows a lot of the stuff. What I'm working on, she's kind of involved in that. And yeah, she is around. So he said, because you're very special to me and she's very special to me, I think it's important that she meets each other at some point. Okay. And I wasn't fond of the idea. I was like, no, I'm happy to see you knew when I see you. I don't, she doesn't need to be around. She gets enough time to check and I just have you on my own. When I get to see you, you know. And then he was like, no, I think it's really important that you do meet her. And I think he kept saying she really wants to meet you too. And then I was thinking, oh, do you know what? Because they've been pictures in the past. And as his girlfriend, I was thinking, well, if we're ever perhaps sometime and I was a child, or it was just me and him, it could come out that he's cheating on her with me. That was my first instinct to go, well, maybe I should meet her. And then at least we're all pictured together. Yeah. Well, the happy family, like, do you know what I mean? It's like, there's nothing sinister going on. And they weren't going out at this time. Well, you see, this thing, he just label, he never really says girlfriend. He's never called her as girlfriend. And he says that as well. It's like, anytime. She's her girlfriend. No. Well, she's like, Richard the whole time. So why she then was like, but he's other, you know, he's open. He's open. He's kind of like, it's all the amers. Yeah, I would say that. Yeah. And so I did meet her. Really nice girl. And I didn't get to know her very well. So it wasn't a thruple, you know. So there was no, like, to me crude. It's not like you weren't like, you were romantic with him. You weren't romantic with her. I wasn't romantic with her. I don't really know her, you know? Yeah, you see that's the thing that they may get. I think they may have that like you were having like some three way relationship. Yeah. We did spend a few days together, though. We went away to Morocco, the three of us. Yeah. But you were very, you weren't, I just thought it feels very modern. You were very modern. I was like, I was on the flight over. So I'm like, I met you at the airport. I remember that. And I was saying to you, because Christmas is hard for me every other year because the kids dad has them on Christmas day. So like, you know, it's sad that I'm up there that when Santa Claus arrives, that I get to see the kids faces open in the present. So I was like, this year, I just had it in my head. I said, I'm getting out of the country. I just do not want to be in Ireland for Christmas this year. So I said it today because he was the guy I was seeing at the time. I was like, please can we just go, you come away with me? I want to, and he was like, okay, he's right, but a chance coming too. And I was like, okay, I would have rather just me and him. But she's a nice girl. She can come too. At this stage, and I did you know that they were going out, that they were kind of seeing you to there as well? I knew she was very involved in his life. Yeah, okay. But like, as I said, he's very open relationship. And at least he's being honest. Yeah, well, this is the thing. There's the honesty there. I think that's what I found attractive too. But I did get on really well with him. And I remember sitting on the plane on the way over to Morocco literally. I was, but I got the window seat. And he was in the middle. And the hand was on one leg on mine and the hand was on her face. I couldn't look at him. And I was like, I said to myself, I said to him, I go, what am I doing? And he goes, you're having a midlife crisis. And he said, don't worry, so am I. And I was like, well, she's not, because she's 10 years younger. So anyway. But I can totally understand the, especially, it's, you're in something new. You've committed something else. You're in something new. He's very charismatic. He's offering as kind of a modern way of looking at relationships. Yeah, and very modern with you. Yeah. And you're kind of just curious. You're like, OK, well, let's just see. I just go. But if you don't want something really full on, like, you know, like, it's those, those few days were, were fun. Nice. It was, you know, a bit different. But when I got back and I went over for four days to Costa Rica to see him, it was, it was like, I felt like it actually, the song came on on the way in actually today. It was like, it's signed Brandi a moniker, do you know the boy is mine. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So even as I got there, I just felt the boy, was like, I could hear the song, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did. Like, chills. I was like, I'm Brandi. I'm Brandi. You're definitely Brandi. You're Brandi, yeah. So I was like, it just was like, it was just, there was a tank of, there wasn't quite a few other people there. So it was like loads of us. So she was kind of jealous of you being there. I just, no, I don't know if she was, it was just it wasn't just no dynamic there at all. like clearly she's not my girlfriend, he's both our boyfriend and it was just, I was like, you know what, I'm out. This isn't for me. You can have him. You can have him. He can have whoever he wants because I know that one will never be enough for him. Yeah. And I just want to go back on my own and went back, little her and my back in turn, as I said, for months and literally in the paper and every single day, you just clickbait as being in this throttle. Yeah. That was existing on print, but in principle, and in reality, I'm actually at home in third, so I can have to my kids, where I'm at a 10 year, I got trolled to death. Did you? Absolutely. Why, that's trolled to death. I would've thought that. I know, but today, I think it's in this day and age, people are just thrown shade at you because they just, they see you as someone who's just in this modern relationship. He's like having us in modern relationship where you're seeing as somebody who's like, not supposed to do something like that. But it wasn't what they labeled me. You know, it just wasn't because if you googled that, that word, because I actually just can't even bring myself to say it, it's a romantic relationship between three people. And there was, there was, Truples coming forward, like going on the likes of this morning and they were like, we're in a trouble, we're really proud of it. And they should be, that's what they're in and they're happy in. But I was labeled the wrong, that wasn't what it was. You know what it was, you know? I swear to God, I think people are jealous. Look, you wasn't, it wasn't what it was presented, such grand, you know what it was what it was presented at. Yeah. You were three incredibly attractive people, photographed in a pool. And people are, they're fantasies, they're imaginations. And that's what it was as well. And they're like, hold on a second, if I have to stay, if I'm still in a monogamous relationship with this lad I've been with since I was 22, why the fuck can he go off and have a good time? She should be ashamed because I don't have the courage to live that type of lifestyle. So I think people project their shame. I really do. And I think that's a lot of what it was. There's that and there's judgment as well, or just it's society and everything else. It's judgment on themselves, because they're like, hold on, if I have to abide by these rules of monogamy and all that shit, why does bite isn't in a healy? But I also think that people just are very opinionated on things that they just don't know anything about. And I think, I look, you know, I'm like fair play. You're Dan and Theradas, and you want to go and have fun. You're back and forth to London. And you're seeing a guy that is seeing other people, but you don't mind because you're not into a full-time relationship. See, went home. Yeah, you got it. You came home in January, okay? So the last I've seen of David, and we've only been in touch here and there. Like I said, he calls it on-subscribing from the team, if you're not. Yeah. So I had to tell him, I feel like I'm a spreadsheet. I got back and I was like, I've unsubscribed and he was like, okay, fair enough. He goes, you do you. Do what makes you happy. And he always says that. He says, I'm just living my truth. I'm my authentic self, he said. And this is who he is. And so I unsubscribed, came back to Ireland in January. But as I said, like, yeah, I've been monsting the press being in this trouble. Yeah. So I got back and then it came to Valentine's. Now I already unsubscribed, but for some reason he wanted to share the love, she was appreciation for the queens. So he had one picture of her. Oh, she got in first, so maybe she was brandy. And then it was like, it was happy Valentine's too. I needed one for her, an appreciation post, and then one for me. And I kind of got, two self reposed. Yeah, but like, you know, kind of swipe on the story, you know, kind of happy Valentine's. Oh, no, we did put the two of us in the picture as well then on the actual grid. Even though you don't subscribe. I don't really unsubscribe. Yeah. Maybe you just want to get you to re-subscribe. Maybe. Maybe, yeah. But I was like, oh, thanks. And he was like, can you kind of go, you're not going to like repost it. I was like, and I kind of on winning me, did I went, oh, and then all my friends were mess you up. Why are you doing? Why are you reposing? You're not winning anymore. That's why you're doing that. I was like, I don't know, I don't know. And then, and then I did another one. Like, you don't want you to oppose, but delete it afterwards. It's actually like the picture. It's like, thought it was cute. Might delete later. But I was a lot of that going on, you know? Yeah, yeah. So, and I put one up of just me and him. And I was like, really? And a suffocating. I was like, it was only him. Yeah. But I deleted it again. Oh, no, they'd already seen it. Oh, of course, the press had already seen it. It's screen grabbed us. Oh, because you were trying to say it was only him. I was trying to explain it. Yeah, I was trying to explain that, but I didn't do a great job. And I think that's pretty, I think that kind of set it all up. It was only him, yeah. So, I said that. And then, oh, sure, just, that was back in February. And look where we are now, they still haven't read anything like literally. If I've ever made a fart, they'd link it back to him. Yeah. Yeah. I think the worst for me was, it was some people were there with the judgment where they're kind of like going the poor kids, the poor kids, the poor kids. Like, that's just so nasty because I am just standing up for myself here because I look after and love my children so well. Yeah. So I'm so proud to be their mother and they're proud that I'm their mother. So I just thought that was really horrible. Yeah. I think that it was the media that kind of pushed them to feed, to say those things. Because it's how they headline things. I don't think it's fair that the way they did that. If I'm been honest, I actually have not really hated the first half of this year and I haven't been able to enjoy it. Yeah. I've been really upset about it. And but like, luckily back in my hometown, nobody looked at me differently. Nobody gave me weird remarks or any of that. Like, some of these sources coming forward then. And saying things that weren't true. And that's where I had to draw the line. I was like, if Anthony Moore said here, and would have to take some sort of legal action because I can't have my name trashed about the place. Well, then he did, but then he did that post. So he did a post-traum where he like basically, what a post. Yeah, post. And said, we're looking for a new team. Yeah, I said, there's an opening in the team. Because I let it slip. I was at a library event for International Women's Day. And there was a journalist in the audience that I wasn't aware of. And then I was just asked about being a single parent. And I said, yeah, I'm a single woman, single parent. That's all I said. But then one of the papers, I think it was the mirror, did this big headline, exclusive. And they did a two page spread on that little one thing that I said. Yeah. Well, you've made it probably to the world that you're single and ready to mingle. I'm putting that out there that I'm doing the same. Oh, God. So he did. And then I kind of brought the whole thing back to that again. So I think, like, you live in your best life. You haven't done anything wrong. Anyone can be whoever they want to be or be in the kind of relationship they want to be in. But like, your thing is, you were with one person. You weren't in a relationship with three people. No, two of the people. And I really enjoyed my relationship with him. And he's actually a really nice guy. He was very kind to me, very honest. But it ran its course. Yeah. I've been single ever since. I haven't been on a date. I went back on the app for a while and had, oh, Jesus. We were talking about the fish and the sea, the swamp. It is top when you get to my age in the Dayton world. It's not like when you're younger and it's like, this little is a fish and the sea, because that's an expression, isn't it? But there actually isn't because there are like a lot of the good ones are caught and taken. No, I've always said though, I would never have swiped on Spani. Like, not in any bad way. He just wouldn't have been my type. Had I not met him in real life. I don't think I would have met him online and been like, I want to be with you. I think it's a tough thing. It is. Online dating. I've only ever fallen for people. I've been kind of forced to spend time with them. That's true. Like, the God's honest truth. I was kind of forced to spend time with. That's so true. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think that the Dayton apps are like, if you go into a restaurant and it's always a bad sign when the menu does like learning every single option on there that you can imagine. They've got it all. It's not good sign. There's too much. And then they show the pictures as well. It's even worse because you know the food's not going to come out like that. And you see the picture and then you need to check. That is actually that's what I think it is. And it's terrible. I'm not going back on the app. I'm staying off the app. But someone will, and I am like, I know one of my actually got a rest of soul. Lindsay, my friend who passed away last year, she always said to me, Una, stop looking. You're looking and looking and you find in the wrong ones and you're attracting, you know, because you're looking, all the wrong ones are like literally like a beacon. I think being set up by somebody is nice. Let's think about that. I think that's actually a really good issue. Yeah. I want to meet someone naturally. Yeah. I have a little thing for that. It's a trouble tone. It sounds to me like you were just involved in a casual relationship with the guy you met on right now. Yeah. That's also it. I, this said to me, it sounds very much like this was his narrative to push that he wanted people thinking that this is what it was. Yeah. I think he's very happy about it. Yeah. He looks like I was, I was in bits about it. It was all the different from men and women. He looks like a hero. And then people play on the two women. And he didn't get it. Like he was like, he was always really trying to coach me on that, trying to not get upset. And he was like, why do you worry so much about what people think? And I said, it's not really that. It's more what they're actually saying to me. I've never had to hit the block button so much. I was literally like, block, block, block, block. That's horrible. And I had to like, you know, in Instagram, I didn't even know you could do this, but you can actually make a list of words that you don't want to save people comment. Oh, really? And they're calling you certain names. So the reason then there wasn't as many nasty comments written was because I have my list of words blocked. I didn't think you could, but that's how much I've learned. But I don't know. I'm glad to know what it's like out there. I'm what I feel is like to be, and do you know what? They wouldn't come up to your face and say it. They just wouldn't. No way. Because not one person, not one person said it word to me. Well, I'm so glad that you come on now. And you've had, like it was like, again, because you were so good with your marriage break up and everything like that. You just kept silent about it. And then you kind of did it with this, but it's nice to just get across your own side of the story. And that's kind of it. Because to clear that up as well, that there was the report that they concocted was that I went on rea and that they were a couple on there. That is fine if that's what they wanted to, but that was not how the relationship started for me. And I don't want to be part of a three-way relationship. You were hodwinged into a thruple. I was. You were hodwinged. I was. You were hodwinged. Well, in a Spencer and I are auditioning for our team. I think you look great. I try to subscribe. And if I said no, you've unsubscribed. I'd like to subscribe. It is, though. It honestly just looked to me like you were living your best modern day life. But it was. It was. I would still use that picture if I was you. I just caught the other two eight because you look amazing in it. I'll keep the picture. Yeah, I definitely will caught the other two. Yeah. So were they gone? No contact. I never. As I said, I don't really know. Sean. I don't. I don't honestly don't know where we never used to like WhatsApp or ring each other. Like I don't know where. So with David, I'd hear from him the other time like he checked in like just to cover you. Like we never, it wasn't an bitter or anything. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is what I mean. Yeah. What would you have done if you were seeing someone else? Oh, no. I don't know. Well, I didn't want to anyway, because I'm, as I said, like I am a monogamous person. I just, I don't feel comfortable seeing more than one person. I just don't get it. Yeah. I'm in a person. I think I'd be blocking the right life right now. I'm very, yeah, I'm very monogamous. I really am. Yeah. You always trying to think that you're not, but you are. I am an agamous. I 100% am. I'm just a bit. I can be a bit, as I call it hyper independent. It's not that I'm off trying to ride other people. I'm just, but it's next. Well, I've got a new single coming out on June 1st. Oh, yeah. It's called Walk Away. What is that rhyme? It's called Swipe Right. No, well, don't. We're just a right. Why just a right? Walk away. David Hay. Yeah. Yeah. Look, I've been delighted with herself. I've been stuck with the rhythm. Yeah. I've been stuck with the rhythm. Yeah. I've been stuck with the rhythm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, the song's going to walk away. It's very like at a country pop. And, yeah. Oh, no. We love it. I'm really excited. Can't wait. At first, I can't wait. Thank you. How are you? I am now. Do I feel relieved to the fact that I've got to say my bitch. Okay. And I'm not reading, learning about this whole thing and about myself through the media. Because I think that's how people have heard about it. Yeah. And I'm actually getting to say the truth from the horses mouth. Yeah. To the mean. Yeah. It's not like rumors. It's the truth. But everything I've said, I have not lied. Yeah. Leave Una alone. We'll do like Leave Britney alone. We'll do a Leave Una alone. Leave Una alone. Leave Una alone. Two of us under a bad cheap awe and crying. Yeah. We're released here from her conservatorship and tipperary. Free Una. She's on subscribing. We're delighted to have you on. Thank you. Thank you. My paraphrase goes to me is on tour and it's coming to a town. Maybe near you? We've got tickets left for the Marquis and Corke. We've got tickets for Cardiff. Glasgow. New Castle upon time. South for Keys. Brighton. Bristol. Liverpool. London. London again. London again. We've got a new three arena in Dublin on sale. We've got Castle bar. We've got mayo. All tickets are available at my therapist goes to Thanks for listening to our bonus episode of my therapist goes to me from me, Joanne McNally, Corporal Qual freedom and our special guest Im De Emil.