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Episode 462: Listener Tales 74 with Jon Lee Brody

Episode 462: Listener Tales 74 with Jon Lee Brody

Thu, 25 May 2023 07:00

We've got a listener tale up in here!! This week we are joined by Alaina's #bffAF, the one and only Jon Lee Brody. On today's installment we feature stories of spooky road adventures, badass moms, asshole friends & some demon encounters.

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Hey, Prime members, you can listen to morbid, early, and add free on Amazon music. Download the app today. You're listening to a morbid network podcast. Gotta walk the dogs, school drop off, meetings from 10 to 3. Take kids to soccer practice, then... there goes the extra time for a jog. That's okay. Maybe next week. When everyone else relies on you, it's easy to put your needs last. Therapy is a dedicated time to focus on what you need to be happy. So you can show up for yourself the way you do for others. Better help offers convenient online therapy on your schedule. It's the same professional service you'd get from an in-person therapist, but with the option to communicate when and how you want. Buy chat, phone, or video call. Go to their site and fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with a licensed therapist and switch therapists any time for no additional charge. Find more balance with BetterHelp. Visit today to get 10% off your first month. That's Hi, I'm Lindsey Graham, host of Wondering's Podcast American Scandal. Our newest series looks at the trial of the Chicago Seven, a case involving protests of the Vietnam War and a legal fight that became a referendum on the soul and future of America. Listen to American Scandal on Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, weirdos, I'm Ash and I'm Alena. And I am John Lee Brody. And this is a special listener tales edition of Morbid with one of our fantastic Morbid Network hosts John Lee Brody of that was pretty scary. Thanks for being here, John. Thanks for having me as a proud weirdo of first of all happy five year anniversary of the Morbid Podcast because I've been a proud weirdo for those five years and it's what the wood anniversary. So wouldn't it be nice if we get five more years? Yeah. Someone else wants to say hi. Hold on. Shelby is about to make an appearance and I'm going to lose my mind. Where is Shelby? Oh my god. Look at that coagie. Shelby, Shelby, Shelby. She feeling so much better. She is feeling better and I think she wants to take her nap right now. She's like, I'm not working right now. She's like, Dad, I'm not a show pony. All right. I want to do my show. I love Shelby. I love Shelby. She knew she must have known she heard your voice is because she's she hears your voice all the time that I always had the podcast on. So she's like, wait a minute. Are they here? I love that. She is so cute. She is so cute. I know them. Why do they sound familiar? I know. Well, this is special because it's the five year anniversary like months and you're are like special guests of the month. I love that. And it's also a API heritage month and it's mental health awareness month. So we got the trifecta going on and it's very exciting and I've it's crazy because I feel like I've known you two. Well, I have known you two for five years. But now we actually know each other we're working together and it's a very special dynamic and it's just it's all I have it all kind of culminate here is very, very special. It is. This is this is really fun. We're really excited for this. And I know everybody has been obsessed with that was pretty scary. People are loving it, including me and me. I'm so glad to hear that. Well, we got a, you know, we got a long road ahead and we'll get to our five year anniversary for that in good time and and also there was a really positive response to my Instagram little mini deep dive. So I'll be doing more of those to anyone who is enjoying that. There will be more of those coming. I think one one becoming this week. So this should be a more good stuff. I'm glad people like it. We certainly love doing it and we love work with y'all and we love all our listeners too. We're so happy to have you and I love those deep dives. They're fun. Yeah. Those are huge. There's more. There's more. And that might be a longer list than our list of horror movies. On the person that's always looking at those little details and I like to just shine a light on those things so that people go, oh, wait, yeah. It's not just a happy accident that's happening. There may be a calculated move in terms of why that's there. I think that's awesome. Get the inside scoop. Yeah. And I think what works with your show is that it's like such good perspectives. Like it's a different perspective than just taught like like even like we have scream and it's just like three, you know, us three idiots talking about horror movies, but it's like it's fun. We have no insight whatsoever. That's fun, but like it's really fun to hear it from like professionals on either side of the situation. So I think it's like a brilliant idea for a show. Well, thank you. Well, and it's a lot of things for going for the idea because I know Freddie, it was on like a random general meeting three because you all have the same manager. And then he called me and said, hey, I think we got this this horror podcast idea is going to go in a different way. I'm like, oh, okay. It's like I'm just a log for the ride. Yeah. And Freddie's my big brother. And so to work with someone that you were the close with like you two, you two are, you know, obviously best friends and everything. That's Freddie and myself. And he came up in the industry a lot sooner than I did when he was doing she's all that. I was in junior high. Yeah. I mean, and everybody want every guy wanted to be Zack Siler and high school. Oh, yeah. And none of us succeeded. I didn't. Maybe a couple of it. No, you guys are like the sweetest Freddie. That really was what it was. We had like a random meeting with him and we were like, he is so kind. So nice. And it was just such a good idea. And we were like, how do we not jump on this? Exactly. Well, I'm glad you did. I'm glad we're here. And I'm glad to be I'm honored to be here for listener tales and the part of the flagship, the mother ship podcast of the morbid network. Yes. And we heard you have a tale to start us off with. Yes. So this is for my good friends back home in Palatine, Illinois. Shout out to all my friends who I went to friend high school with. Even the ones that made fun of me. Now they can be my friend because they love morbid. But what about you? Oh, my God. I love it. You gave me so much street cred with the people that gave me our dive. It's funny. How about you? I'm glad. Screw them. Exactly. But keep listening and subscribing to morbid. Exactly. Yes. Keep on keeping that going. So there are these two haunted roads in Burington, Illinois, which is about 15 minutes away from my hometown of Palatine, Illinois. And the origin stories are a little murky. They kind of vary a little bit. It's like the Joker in the dark night. He keeps telling a different origin story of how you got his scars. So we don't exactly know when this originated. But there's a roco Cuba road, which leads to this cemetery called the white cemetery. So this does go back to the 1800s. And whether white cemetery means white only, I don't know. I don't know if I really want to go there. That's an era. But considering there is a very heavy mafia and gangster influence in Chicago, we're talking to Al Capone's and the John Dillinger's. I'm guessing that that might have had something to do with it or maybe that's for they bury their victims or whatever. So Cuba road is known to be a haunted road, which leads to this cemetery. It intersects with this other road called Rainbow Road, which leads to this secluded house, which apparently back in the day was this prominent like Scrooge McDuck's house, Richie Rich's house. It was a symbol of this wealth that you would never, ever in your wildest dreams get. And the rumor is now that at one point it was actually an insane asylum and the building was abandoned. There's a rumor that there was a house on Cuba road that burned down years ago and the ghosts of the woman who lived there is still there and looking over the land and apparently gets angry if you try to get out and see where the house was. She's like, get off my lawn. Yeah. I think she's the OG of get off my lawn. I love that. Maybe that's why she's so angry because people are using her phrase and not giving her royalties, which that does that does play into the WGA strike. So maybe our old lady on the Cuba road is the the OG of fair practices and fair pay. Topical. We support. Maybe that's all she wanted. We support my own interpretation of ghosts is we tend to think that every ghost is going to be evil because we have like ghost busters. We think the exorcist. And that's just how the portrayed on screen. But there's also Casper, the friendly ghost who just magically died as a kid and is just lingering in whip staff. I'm going off of the Casper movie that came out in the 90s. But we're seeing a reaching. Yeah. With the human version being Devon Sala and every guy was jealous of Devon Sala because it's like, wait, every girl likes Devon Sala. I don't look like Devon Sala. There's no hope for me. It was the hair shot at the Devon Sala. Anyway, I digress. It was. By the time we all got our driver's license is the right of passage was you have to drive Cuba road because that's the urban legend we grew up with. That's so fun. I love this. If you're really a tough guy, if you're really a manly man, because remember, this is the late 90s, early 2000 people still talk like that. If you're really a man, you're going to drive down Cuba road. I'm like, okay, I mean, I don't know how. I don't know. I don't know how my anatomy and like this. I don't know how this ties into the science of whether I'm a male or not, but okay. Let me just go. Sure. Because it's high school. We want to be cool. Yeah. And I remember as me, my best friend growing up Chris Ryerson. So shout out to Chris Ryerson who is a teacher in Barrington now. Wow. I was texting him last night. Like, hey, man, do you remember when we drove Cuba road with shout out to I think was our friends Lauren Jackie and Connor. And I think we were trying to impress them just like how brave we were. Cuba road. This is amazing. I'm already taking me back. Oh my god. It's got an nostalgic feel to it. It does. And it's taking me back the more I speak out loud about it. It's funny how memories work. They're pretty dormant in our brain. But the moment you bring it up, you're like, oh, wow. Like the whole flash of memories come back. You can like roll in. Yeah, you can like smell it. Yeah. Yeah. And it was our other friend Pat who was also in the car. So Pat, Pat's the friend who, you know, you are the asshole friend who, but they're your asshole. So it's okay. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I'm leaving his last thing out because he's a college basketball coach. So I don't want to get him in any trouble. That he's the asshole friend. But you know, you know who you are. You know, I love you, but you are an asshole. We feel that. Yeah. So we're driving down Cuba. Like, I were going to do this thing. Like, guys, we got to play a cool. If we got to be cool, I didn't know how to play a cool now. Like let them go on at the age of 16, 17, 18, like, what am I doing? But whatever they do it on TV, how hard can it be? So we're driving down Cuba road and right away, and this is something we always heard about. There's these little white and green orbs of light that this isn't just reflecting from our headlights or anything. These things are like following us. They're like kind of surrounding the car. Oh, that's like this is, and there's no street lights on Cuba road. So you're like, what is this? Like this is not a reflection. It's defies science. And all it took was one of the girls to say, oh my God, do you see that? And then all of a sudden, once we wish they said that and we saw that we couldn't unsee it. And then I'll send in my mind. I'm like, oh, wait, maybe this isn't just an urban legend. Like, it is how my story ends. Like, do I never like get to be Zach Sather and she's all that? Like, no, like, no, like, I wasn't going to be promking anyway. But there was at least a chance if I was alive. It's going to happen. And so now I'm like, I'm driving in my mom's Volvo 850. What she still has at this day, because we're Korean. We don't get rid of anything. So just to our garage. Shout out to her. Yeah, shout out to my mom, my mom, who is the real superhero. And with mother's day coming up, aka superheroes day, she's for sure is that. But my mom's Volvo. We're listening to like DMX or whatever. Mixed CD. Mixed. I'm with you. I am literally there. All of a sudden party up was not as an upbeat tune. And the worst ass for tuning. I was trying to make it. It became ominous. Oh, yes. And then then again, you peer of DMX's backstory. So maybe that's all I'm grand. That's true. All of the other things. It was being foretelling of the news we're going to get about DMX years from then. So we're seeing these orbs of light and number getting to the cemetery. And I swear I saw a car turn into the cemetery. I'm like, that's weird. People are here at night and we go down there. There's no car. Now, like, I swear to you, this happened. I'm like, okay, you all saw that, right? Like, yeah, there was a car. I'm like, yeah, we saw like some car points to the cemetery, which one, that's I think a red flag when we're there at eight o'clock. It's pitch black on this, you know, I think maybe. I don't think it's an unincorporated road, but it certainly felt that way. And so we get to the cemetery. We don't see anything, but we still see the orbs of light. And this is before you could just get on your smartphone and Google stuff. We couldn't film anything because we didn't have that capability. Unless I took my dad's like JVC video camera and made a mini movie out of it. Yes. How to real scary. Which I did just not. I did that all the time. Yeah. And I used to edit on two VCRs and everything. That's that was my starting filmmaking. Yeah. But for some reason today, we didn't bring the camera gear because we didn't think we needed it. Oh, it's time to talk about my favorite freaking meal kit and America's number one meal kit. Hello, fresh. I freaking love it with hello, fresh. You get farm fresh, pre portion ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered where right to your dust up. 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It had delicious caramelized onions guys, my mouth is actually watering right now. And ricotta cheese, my favorite. I felt like John Dealer ran tests up in the kitchen. It was amazing. You guys are going to love hello, fresh. I love hello, fresh. We can all love hello, fresh together. And to do that, go to hello slash morbid 50 and use code morbid 50 for 50% off plus your first box ships free. Hello, fresh. America's number one meal kit. Hey there, fellow podcast listener. It's Elena and ush. We're taking you back to the days before streaming services. Whoa. You know, when you would come home from high school and it was only a few hours until that TV show, everyone was watching was about to come on. So in 1999, that show was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In our podcast with Wondery, the rewatcher Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we take it back to 1999. So get out your knee high boots and paste that poster of Angel on the wall. It's time to enter the Buffyverse. Some of you avid morbid listeners already know what we've gotten store. Join us. Join us as we sway our way through Buffy's drama, action and romance episode by episodes. I see. Follow the rewatcher Buffy the Vampire Slayer wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen early and add free on the Amazon Music or Wondery app. And then Pat being Pat was like, I'm going to go into the cemetery, just looking myself like, what are you talking about? Like, we agreed to be staying in the car. Like a bad action movie of the 80s. Like, no, don't you know what? Like in last action hero, don't you know what happens when the partner goes with? He gets killed. Like you got to stay in the car. You know what the classic Pat, it is classic Pat. He was on a different mission to really prove like, oh, I'm on the alpha of this group. Yeah. Sure. Sure Pat. Whatever you tell you. I love you. I love you. So he's like, he gets out of the car and we're like, Chris and I are looking at you. Like, we're going to, you know, like, we're going to have to go with him. But we also can't leave everybody here. So we're trying to figure out what's going on. He takes two steps out of the car and it was like, before Jordan Peel even had the idea for this, basically we see Paco. Nope. He doesn't even go there. And that was kind of the end of that. But then we remember there's rainbow road and we said, okay, but for here, we got to check out rainbow road and which is crazy to me because at this point, I'm, I'm not going to lie. I'm a little creeped out because as much as people want to say, there's no such thing as ghost, like you can't definitively prove that there are or there aren't. That's my interpretation of it. Unless you can conclusively prove just like we can prove two plus two equals four that you can prove there are or are not ghosts. I'm open to all possibilities. That's always how my brains worked. Yeah. So that's my thinking. I'm like, look, first of all, my curfew is like 1130. It's how to relate. I need to get this spell back. I got a recipe. How does this girl get out of here? How does that know if you're like a a worried Korean mom wondering where her son is on a Saturday night? It let them on. Is she knew we're on some haunted road in Burrington doing whatever. You got her Volvo. I have her Volvo 850, the same car that Sally Field drove and Mrs. Dalfire just went instead of right. Yep. Yeah, it's the give you a visual. Yeah, just that car was that's very facial. It took you right there. I really did. I'm 20th century Fox. So shout out to Mrs. Dalfire and Sally Field. So we're like, all right, well, we're here. I'm looking at my watch. I'm like, okay, it's 10 30. I got another hour before I got to get everybody home and meet my curfew because I legitimately was the that kid who would get grounded and wouldn't be able to go out the next weekend. If I was there like a minute later, then my curfew. Oh, yeah. So like, why are there such a silent on Rainbow Road? Okay. All right. So we drive down there. I swear I heard police lights. I'm like, okay, like maybe the police are shutting it down because too many people go there and they just want to usher people out or maybe people who actually live there on Cuba road were like, man, fuck these guys that are trying to look around all the time. It's like, I'm just trying to live our life here. Like maybe there's nothing wrong. So like we're like looking around, looking around. I swear we heard, I swear we saw police lights and sirens. We get down further. There's nothing there. What the fuck? So I'm like, okay, this is this is strange again. So like, well, which way? Which way do we go to this same in silent? And I was like, I don't know. I'm like, what do you mean you don't know? Who's your idea? Like I just want to do Cuba road. Do you want to do Rainbow Road now? What's going on? I don't know why my voice is so high now. But this is what I'm scared. And like, I'm not exaggerating. I'm pretty sure. I like, I did, that sort of tone, but also not trying to show that I was that scared. So we're turning right. We don't see it. We're in like pitch black. And now I'm going from scared to kind of being like pissed. I'm like, what the fuck? I like it like, it was enough to do Cuba. You had to just take it too far. Now we gotta go here. We look down the other side and we do see just this iron gate. And like, okay, I think we, oh no, I think we found it. And is this really ominous and dark, long driveway right out of a Tim Burton movie? Except not as welcoming. It's like Tim Burton movies as creepy as they are. They're like, you're still like, I want to go there. Yeah. There's a joint mix to it. This was like Bizarro Tim Burton. Yeah. Yeah, where it's like no. A level below Tim Burton. So you shall not go and you shall not pass was basically the thing here Pat once again is like, oh my God, is that it? Like we should hot the fence. We should do this. I'm like, where are you? Like cool. Why are you giving the ideas here? Who brought you here? Oh, wait, it was me. Oh, wait, it was me because you're our asshole friend. Again, I love you Pat, but still it's going to be the running joke. That every time I come on, we'll do a shout out to my asshole. Shout out to asshole Pat. Yeah, shout out to asshole Pat. I'm here for it. So we see that and like, so we all like actually make a choice. Like, okay, let's, let's all get out like if someone's going to get out of the car, we all get out of the car. We all, let's like all for one one for all. We got to be, let's do this. So we get pretty close to this like iron gate. And then I swear, like I saw, we saw like headlights coming towards us. Like, oh, no, no, no, like this could be a ghost car. This could be this. So we never got too far into exploring what the house could be or what it isn't. There are legends that say some people have hopped the gate and they actually get into the abandoned rooms at the house and they make it down to the basement where apparently, I've no way to confirm this or deny it. So I'm just going to state that this is what I've heard. So I'm not saying this is a fact to anybody listening. But apparently if you make it to the basement of the supposed abandoned insane asylum, there's like bloody pentagrams painted on the floor and stuff like that. And then I remember the mob backstory of Chicago because John Dillinger and Al Capone used to always come up to the north suburbs to escape Chicago a little bit for a little R and R or whatever. But it's also very possible that they could have used this abandoned place to hide some of the dead bodies. 100%. You know what I mean? So that's where my brain goes now. Back then it's like, dude, I got to get home for curfew. It's like that matter. And I don't want to look like a whoosh in front of these girls. That was so important to me. So once we saw the headlines, we're just all like, okay, guys, we got to go like, because if the cops get us, like, we're all screwed and we were all like athletes and we all had stuff to do. And like if we all got in trouble, that actually would be pretty dire consequences for school. And me, I'm terrified of what would happen if I got in trouble with those. I'd be more afraid of my mom than the police. Let's just do that. So I was like, I would been safer in jail. Yeah. I don't want to even play with this. Exactly. So that was my personal tale of Cuba and Rainbow Road and that we went a couple of other times. And the other times weren't as intense as the first time because you're going in. You don't know what to expect. Yeah. You've heard people tell you stories, but I swear, those orbs, everyone I've talked to you that's been there. They say the same thing. The orbs like surround your car and they follow you. They're not just light refractions and I'm not an expert in physics or anything. But again, there's no street noise. Where were these or they come from? So there's a belief that these are the spirits of Cuba road kind of being guardians. And I would hope that they're just nice ghosts and they're hoping that you're not going to kill anybody else. That's what I was kind of thinking that they were like surrounding your car to be like, hey, you shouldn't go back. Like don't go. Don't go this way. It was it was the Devonsauk cast basically saying like, you don't go like, can't keep you. I was just going to say, can I keep you? That one line that one line changed everything for everything for a whole generation. Yeah. And you know, it can only be said by Devonsauk circa the 90s. If I try to say that any man tried to say it's a wrap. It would be like, oh, let's turn the door. Devonsauk let's go. Absolutely. You can keep me. Yeah, it's up there with my favorite line deliveries of all time. It's up there with back to the future three when Martin McFly just has his realization about being called chicken and he just looks at mad dog tanning and goes, he's an asshole. So it's like, it's up there with it's hard with that in terms of such iconic line delivery. So, so that was my personal tale of Cuba road rainbow. To be a 17, 18 year old kid who's, you know, just first of all trying to figure out who the fuck he is as a person, which I really haven't figured out. I mean, it's really in recent years I figured that out, but trying to look cool with your friend. I'll also try not to be the worst of the group sort of thing. Not that I think I am, but look, when you're dealing with the supernatural, anything goes, you don't know what's going to happen. I was going to say, I'm not trying to mess with that. So yeah, and I did put a thing out on my Facebook last night to any of my hometown friends if they had any stories they wanted to tell me that may have been intense. And I would love to share a couple with you. Yes, please do. So this first one is from Kristen Kanig. So shout out to you, Kristen Kanig, who actually helped, she actually planned our 20 year reunion last year. Oh, damn. So shout out to you, Kristen, for doing that. I don't know why you got tasked with such a thankless. Yeah, I was going to say damn. Appreciate it. So she wrote this on my Facebook. I drove along Cuba past the old cemetery and saw the floating orb of light that follows you. Also got lost searching Rainbow Row for the asylum, traveled along a creepy little side room that turned out to be someone's driveway. Once we realized and tried to turn around, a man burst out of his house with a shotgun and scared the shit out of us. Okay. And then she also mentioned that there is also an urban legend that if you stop on the train tracks and honk your horns three times, a ghost train will come. I love those kind of urban legends. Those are the most fun. Yep. We never found the train track and we did look another time, but we never found that. And maybe I should just go on there during the daytime to get a GI or a surgery. If I was smart back then, but that's just not what happened. And Kristen B. Shammel said a bunch of my friends and I drove there way back in our day, late in the fall. And we saw a faint green light, not orbs more like a horror, a boreale style green light emanating from that graveyard. A couple of the guys got out and went in with a flashlight to see what was going on because they thought someone was pranking or left glow sticks out there, but came back after a few minutes with no answers, but both were freaked out because one of them was sure someone tapped them lightly on the shoulder. He went around and no one was there. And our other friend, parentheses flashlight guy, wasn't close enough to have done it. To this day, they still get quite uncomfortable when we talk about it. Ooh, I can hear the chilly willies. Yeah, they got to catch. Right. And so it's fun to first of all hear people from people that I haven't heard from in a long time. And some of the others share with me that they heard those same urban legends and nothing really happened. But for everyone of those, there's those other stories like from the two Christians. I didn't even put that. I know. It's a wild, wild thing. I think that sort of stuff is fun. And, you know, but also I'm glad I'm in the comfort of my own home. And it's just it's a big enigma. And I kind of hope that they make a movie out of it. Maybe I'm going to make that movie. Yeah, you should. You must. I was thinking it could be you ever seen the Curacao movie, Rashomon? I have no, but I've heard of it. So Rashomon in the nutshell was basically a singular event, but from different perspectives and how our perspectives can make the story a little different with the same result, but the journey getting there is different. Ooh, that would be a good way to go about it. Yeah, yeah. So I figured because there's so many different stories and different interpretations, I think that's how you structure the movie. It's this maybe these different tales almost analogy. It's juxtaposed almost Pulp Fiction style culminating into like, Cuba Road and what the singular thing happening there and what everybody thinks they saw or didn't see. Oh, that would be so cool. I want to see that. And then we can compliment that with a morbid episode with a deeper dive in the road. I think we have a game plan, guys. TM. TM TM. That's ours. Don't. So thank you for letting me share my story of Cuba Road. This is a, it's taking me back to my teen years. I love that. Quite a bit ago. Yeah. That was a good one. Thank you for sharing. I like the Aurora, Borealis Green coming out of the graveyard. I could like picture. Immediately. I was like, ooh, I want to go to those ruins now and see the pen. I know. Maybe field trip. I was just going to say field trip. I would love to host you both in my hometown because we will do the Cuba Road thing, but also there's Smunky Dunkers, which is the only place I get donuts. It's in my hometown of Palatine. That's sold it. We love a donut. We're concerned for several. And my cousin Natalie is like the head of marketing for Luma Nadi's pizza. So we'll get some deep dish pizzas thrown our way as well. So I would love to host you to my hometown and be cool to do a little side quests with the morbid girls. Hell yeah. See, you just got to double hell yeah. I'm fighting. Oh my god. Send us dates. Yep. Hashtag made it. Our people will call your people. Let's make this happen. It's happening. It is absolutely happening. Oh no. It shall be a joy to us too. Well, we'll show you part of the adventures as well. Absolutely. A great, great thing. Shelby is part of the squad as far as I'm going to hell. Hell yeah. We'll tell you some of our girl right there. Well, should we go on to some random listener tales? Hell yeah, brother. You'll start us off. Yeah, I'd love that. All right. So the one I'm going to start off with is called Boogie Man Birdie and the haunting of Rim 1. I'm going to start off with the one that I'm going to start off with. I'm going to start off with the one that I'm going to start off with. It's called Boogie Man Birdie and the haunting of Rim 1. 18. Obsessed. By Sarah. Brought to you by Sarah. It says, what's up you wonderful weirdos? My name is Sarah spelled the correct way with no extraneous consonants, little winky face. I love the pod and have been skipping around the episodes for the last several months. I've never been much into true crimes into the true crime genre, but decided to give it a go when your podcaster is recommended to me by a co-worker. I love spooky shit, but tend to gravitate, take more towards ghost stories and paranormal type things, rather than true crime, because honestly the real life shit is way more terrifying because real life or real death. And it freaks me out. I don't always have nightmares, but when I do, it's the kind where you can't distinguish between dreaming and being awake. Yes, I said that like the world's most interesting man from the Dose-Ecky's commercials. Stay spooky, my friends. We'll do. Anyway. I've been listening for a while, but the Hebe Gebes got the better of me and I had to take a break after having a nightmare involving Richard Rumeras. That's right. The night's stalker decided to stalk it my way into his way into my dreams one night recently and proceeded to chase me through the halls and classrooms of the high school where I currently teach. I don't love that for you. Being a teacher in these times is scary enough. I don't need some psycho killer thrown into the mix, sheesh, and you are right. Being a teacher is scary enough now. And we appreciate you. They don't pay me enough to deal with that level of bullshitery and you would think that the terror would stop there, but plot twist. My mother decides to make an appearance in the scholastic hellscape. My subconscious has so elegantly designed and is waiting in my classroom to convince me to sit down with Mr. Rumeras for a nice chat because he is, and I quote, a lovely young man. Excuse me while I schedule an emergency session with my therapist because I feel like there's a lot to unpack here. So needless to say, I stepped away from the pod for all of about 24 hours. What can I say? You all are just too good at what you do. No need to fully hold on to your butts, but maybe make sure they are secure in case we encounter any turbulence. I'm quite proud of the fact that I've lived most of my life free from supernatural, natural encounters. But somewhat in an achievement, considering I grew up in uber rural Georgia and spent a few years of my young life involved in a pentacol stil church, where belief in the supernatural is very real. Thanks speaking in tongues, spirit possession, all that sort of carrying on. Anywho, after graduating high school in way back times, 2006. My vintage. I'm 2004. 2014. Stabbed right in the chest. I attended Carson Newman College in another rural town in the foothills of the Appalachian or Appalachian mountains. Which one is it? I think we've even told more often that it's Appalachian. I'm going to go with that. I think that is, yeah, Appalachian. I had a softball scholarship, not super relevant, except to denote my tough girl status into late blooming lesbian hood and subsequent detachment from my alter conservative religious upbringing, shrug, shrug. All female athletes were housed in Butler Hall, named for the late birdie maples butler. It's a grandiose three story brick dormitory, complete with classical greece and façade. That sounds beautiful. That does. I was just thinking that. The lobby of the dorm hung birdies portrait, see the perverse detached image and they put an image of him. Note the crepe factor of the eyes. Birdie is a woman. Or I meant her, sorry. So old bird. There she is. Here's birdie. Very regal birdie. Or just gorgeous girly. So old bird, a former graduate and faculty member of the college had made a sizable contribution towards the construction of the dormitory in the early 50s. Apparently bestowing a ludicrous amount of cash to an institute of higher learning is enough to get your name on a building, but not enough to have a say in the location of said building. Because the brilliant minds behind the construction decided it was a fine idea to plop a girl's dormitory in the front yard of an old-us-fuck cemetery. Oh, oh. Sidebar. It is not a fine idea. Side sidebar. I'm still convinced there are graves under the foundation of the dorm side side side bar. The threat of dead bodies didn't deter my friends and me from sledding down the cemetery hill by buying the dorm on cafeteria trees. Oh my god. Also, the dorm shares a property line with an abandoned hospital insert, ebgb's. So when I moved into Butler Hall my freshman year, I managed to snag a sweet sweet on a first floor of the east wing of the building, room 118. Most residents lived on the east wing floors because the west halls were always vacant and we were told a myriad of reasons why mold electrical issues plumbing plot problems, hauntings, etc. I love that it goes from mold electrical plumbing hauntings, you know, like just what have you throw that in there. Well, naturally the little asterisk about hauntings caught my attention and after some light reading through the annals of the college's history, I discovered that many of these stories that cropped up over the decades featured the ghost of the one and only birdie maple's butler gasp. But it really wasn't too big a deal because no one lived in those halls, right? Well, sort of. A few years before I arrived, a fraternity on campus had managed to obtain permission to host an annual haunted house in those a bad then halls of Butler dorm. That was actually quite surprising because Carson Newman is a conservative Baptist school and this particular haunted house dubbed Frightmare Manor was not some lighthearted cheap ass carnival funhouse. Talking scenes of demonic conjuring dismemberment, gaur and abundance, chicken gizzards and liver livers, sign a waiver, typonted house, damn. That's wild. Complete with gallons of rather tasty albeit realistic fake blood can talk concocted from Hershey's syrup peanut butter for texture, corn syrup and red food dye. That's interesting. Sounds like a good combo. I smell like Reese's cups for weeks. I say we because as soon as I heard about the open cast call, I decided to participate as an actor in the haunt and it was totally red or whatever the youths are saying these days. I still say red. I still say red. So that's right. That's right. I think that's right. I think it's right every weekend in October in the entire week of Halloween, residents of Butler Hall were serenaded with screaming, whaling, chain saws and other spooky sounds that emitted from the rooms of the west wing from the basement to the second floor. That sounds awesome. Sounds rad. Sounds fucking rad. Aside from the general creepiness of the scenes in the haunt, there always seemed to be a presence that most of the actors, myself included, were aware of. Like something was watching us from just beyond the next shadow and occasionally we would catch drafts of icy wind blowing down the corridors despite the fact that the AC units on that side of the building had not worked in years. Yep. You bet I noped my Reese's cupass right out of there as soon as the haunt closed for the night. Hebe's and Gbe's galore. I thought for sure I'd be rid of those hebe jubies once the haunting season ended and I went back to my comfy hebe juby free zone on the east hall. Nice wish you naive child. I didn't say that she did. That Christmas and keeping with the spirit of the season, I decided to help decorate the lobby of the dorm. Remember the creepy portrait of dear sweet birdie? Yeah, I hadn't forgotten her either. And after a night of good wholesome Baptist college beer pong, my jolly and ebriate itself thought, hmm, this old lady looks a little too scroogey. Let's deck her halls. So I promptly cut out a quick Santa Claus hat and beard and taped that ship to the glass with comp with the confidence confidence of Pablo, mother fucking Picasso. Had iPhones existed at the time, you best believe I would have plastered my handiwork all over the gram. I stumbled my way back to my room, pleased as could be and filled with dare I say Christmas spirit and promptly pass the fuck out. We only had a few weeks left before Christmas break and every time I walked past birdies portrait, I got a good laugh at the ridiculous decorations. But that was the wrong thing to do. I had a feeling I don't think birdies going to like you don't law that birdie. Okay. I birdie just has that vibe. Yeah, you don't law that birdie. About three weeks after my little craft craft cupade, the spooky started the sport. It looked like some looked something like the second image after I added my festive day core. I can't talk. Here's the second one. Birdie Santa Claus edition. Mind you, I didn't have a roommate at the time because the girl who had been my roomie got a promotion to R.A. on the second floor and moved out. Which fist pump the air heck yeah, I'll take the solar room that's going to be so wheat. Wah-ha. Oh, my sweet innocent summer self shaking my head that night upon the stroke of you guessed it three a.m. Duh, duh, duh. I was rudely awakened by distorted muffled screams coming from the massive 20 inch box TV on my dresser. The same massive 20 inch TV that I had turned off prior to going to bed and whose remote control rested peacefully on my desk five or six feet away from the bed where I sat now rigid and heart racing confused as fuck. The white static illuminated the room just enough for me to see my way over to the desk and retrieve the remote to turn the TV back off. It took a few minutes, but I managed to fall back asleep still too disoriented to think clearly about the incident. So she just woke up to like blood curdling screams and static on her TV and she was like, okay. A good night's rest is important. I guess so. All right. Priorities man. You know everybody scout him. Sarah is a tougher chick than I would have burned my house down and I also played softball. I can't claim to be that tough. I played softball. I was actually like this is Sarah Connor from terminus. It took a few minutes, but I managed to fall back asleep to disoriented course three weeks past with no further disruptions. And I thought it had merely been a fluke until it happened again. Same time three a.m. Same shit TV turning on to static and muffled screaming. I don't like that. Only this time the closet light was on. No. Now I'm someone who requires complete darkness to go to sleep because ADHD be fucking around when there's any kind of illumination dumb. So I don't sleep with any kind of light on and the closet was on the opposite side of the room for my bed. And again the TV remote was on the desk. This time I managed to game some modicum of mental coherence to weekly vocalize. What the actual fuck is happening and as the last syllable passed by my lips the closet light clicked off. Oh no no no no no no no no no as though whatever or whoever was saying oh my bad bro I forgot you were asleep. Let me get the lights for you. Let me get the lights for you. That would have freaked me out so bad. I feel like that was just like fucking around with her. I would have loved if she actually heard from the closet. Oh my bad bro. Like I forgot you were asleep. Let me get the light. I would have changed the story. The movie version that's like oh it's okay. Oh what? But at this point I'm like nah don't bother because I sure is shit ain't sleeping for the rest of the night. The following day I recounted the story to my good friend and fellow Butler resident M who listened with interest and said as nonchalantly as can be. Hmm sounds like birdie is messing with you. Great nothing says happy holidays like a good old fashioned haunting by the ghost of Christmas past. Well I was thoroughly disturbed by her revelation my inner Dean Winchester of supernatural fame. Had sparked a life and was running through old episodes of supernatural to remember how to 86 a ghost. Of course salt and burn the bones brilliant or would have been if I fancy desiccrating Bertrude Bertrude's final resting place. Which I did not good and actually had no idea where it was actually located. I love how that was just like yes I will just burn the bones and salt them. It'll be fine. So I spent the next few nights anticipating her return to my room and sure enough 3 a.m. on the nose TV static closet light and oh lovely the mini fridge is now opening on its own. Like birdies rooting around for a snack. Something about that is really funny a mini fridge just like opening and closing by itself. I like that vision. Yeah that one doesn't feel as threatening. No it's that just feels silly. It's because it's small. Yeah it's small. You know that would humanize the ghost for me a bit. You know like in Casper when like fatso stretch and stinky they're eating food. Yeah yeah. Ghost get hungry too. Yeah I love snacks looking for a snack. We got home-ish we got carried help yourself. Let me know what you want me to stock in there. I'll do it. I just leave a post it. Exactly. I got a cost co membership. It's all good. Yeah. What do you like together? It's cool Bertrood. What do you like? I'll buy a book. At my witsend I yelled into the semi darkness. What the fuck Bertie? Get a life and leave me the fuck alone. I don't know if that was quite the way you wanted to go about that. Yeah that was mean. It's swear to dog in the midst of the static buzzing from the TV. I hear Santa Claus is coming to town. She said get the stuff off of my GD portrait right now. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just shot the portrait. Bertie apparently was not a fan of her jolly old Saint Nick get up and decided to seek retribution by freaking me the fuck out until I removed it. So I scooted my flannel clad ass out the door down the hall and skidded to halt in front of the damn portrait. Ripping off the construction paper hat and beard and one sweeping yonk. I love that they did it that night. They're like you know what I got you wrong. I'm not waiting. I don't care this. I trashed the offending paper and tape and slumped away to my room. The eyes of Bertie Mabel's butler burning into my retreating backside. Bertude. I peered cautiously around the door frame into my room into my utter amazement and relief. The TV was off. The closet light was out. And no sound or sign of any disturbance could be detected. Bertie had left the building. Well not really the building but at least she had returned to the west wings seemingly appeased. But there was a little posted on the fridge that said get more Oreos. I never heard anything else out of Bertie in my remaining time at Carson Newman. But I also never looked that portrait in the eye again. Though I could still feel her chilly gaze following me anytime I pass through the lobby. So that's it. I apologize for the lengthiness but what can I say? We English teachers are a loquacious bunch. Oh I like that word. I love that word. Don't say T word. Yeah it feels right like the quacious. Ooh I'm going to try that on scrabble. There you go. There's a lot of points. Don't forget to keep it weird but not so weird that you unwittingly insult the resident ghost of the oldest fuck creepiest millionaire namesake of your college dormitory And she decides to haunt you right before Christmas because your drunk ass thought it would be funny to dress her equally creepy ass-bought or to Santa Claus. Bye! That was a good one. That was a classic. That was really impressive. Oh great. Sarah you need to be writing for like every movie and TV show. That's truly. Writing of that is so good. I was really good. I was there painting a picture. Yeah I liked that. Or maybe a portrait. Ooh. But a Burtrude portrait. I love it. I'm waiting for the movie version of this too. Maybe Nick Cage will be this investigator in that movie. Oh he has to be. What's going on here guys? There goes there. You know you're a Burtrude. I was a treat as that you. I like how southern you got tired of. I don't know. Whatever man. Those are both fantastic and I loved them. It felt right. Well our next one is Listener Tales Haunted Roads. The time I let my teenagers talk me into dumb shit. And I know up to the fuck out of Hatchit Man Road, Michigan. Why did you know why did you yes the fuck in to Hatchit Man Road? After his plans. Yeah that's absolutely terrifying. I would have always knowped out of there. Me too. It says hello ladies. Here is my Listener Tale of the time I let my teenage daughters talk me into doing something. I knew better than to do and saw a demon ghost girl and had to know the fuck out of there. Please excuse the bad grammar and punctuation. When I started this I had a cold in my eardrum ruptured as well. Oh that's fucking awful. That's horror. That's my biggest fear. I think I get a new biggest fear anytime somebody tells us something awful. There it is. I kept myself busy for a small time doing this. Still not tech savvy. Yeah no still not tech savvy. So I did make you a puttafa but I didn't know how to double space it. I did make it a size 14 font for your viewing pleasure though. So just know I tried and we appreciate you. And this is perfect. I think it is double spaced. Hello ladies. My name is Amber and yes you can say my name. You can also use my teenagers names because if you read this on the pod we will all just shit ourselves. Just poop everywhere. I'm so sorry. Not a good visual amber. Well shit. Literally. That's some good shit. Let's start off with the normal gushing. We love you. You ladies have made us laugh and cry and feel so many emotions. I appreciate everything you ladies do and all the time you take to making sure you have all the facts while respecting all the victims and their families. Thank you. Thanks. We started listening to your pod during the pandemic. I had never listened a podcast before and you were the second one I'd found and I was hooked. Then they'd listen to me or then they'd listen to it with me in the car and soon me listening without them would hurt feelings because they loved you just as much as I did. I love that. Thank you guys. Listen to our tales are their favorite and they've been begging me to send this in for a couple months so I'm finally taking the time to do it. Hell yeah. So when I was a teenager I grew up living about a mile from the creek. This was the road or this was a road that the pavement ended on and about a mile up was one of was a one lane bridge that was over a small cold creek. It was definitely not the most perfect area to smoke pod and underage drink. The couple of beers that we've hidden from our parents during the week. Nope. As far as my kids are concerned their mother was a perfect angel who would have never done things like that. No. And that's definitely not why they never would get away with anything because I had never been there. Nor have I ever done that. Of course you have not. No me either. I believe that. No way Jose. Never. Now fast forward to last summer when I was talking to an old friend from that time period and she said something about Hatchettman Road. And I'm like, where? And she says the creek amber. That place we used to hang out at is one of the most haunted roads in Michigan. Looking back we'd never been there at night except except one time when my brother's car broke down. It just wouldn't start. So we ended up walking home and as it got dark. I had been terrified. I chalked it up to just being scared of the dark and my brother trying to scare me. So I of course tell my kids about it during one of their sleepovers where they're all trying to scare each other. I tell them about how the man was scared of the apocalypse, build a bomb shelter where he made them all live until he slowly went mad. Then trying to spare his family of what he believed was coming, he murdered all of them with a hatchet and then killed himself. Damn. That's dark. And I love that you told that story at a sleepover. No, I know. I love it. 99 kids. Bye. This turned into all four of them begging me to take them on a drive down Hatchettman Road. That was in some cool kids. I love those kids. And your cool mom. At first I said no. But let's face it, I'm kind of a pushover and I love all the spooky things. And I've definitely created these monsters of mine. So I cave and I tell them all to load up. I feel that. Hatchettman Road is still only a hop skip and a jump away from where I live now. So it didn't take long for all of us to pull on to the dirt side of the road and come to a stop. Just a pause so I could roll down the windows and turn off the radio to set the mood. While Alexis started recording on my phone and placed it back in the mount. It was fun creeping at all of about six miles an hour and hearing all the cracks and breaks of the twigs and the chirping of the crickets. I'm there. I planned on trying to scare my kids like a good parent would. Of course. Asking if they saw that while actually seeing nothing. And if they heard that while knowing it was just their own heavy breathing. You know, just character building. I love you, Amber. I do too. My oldest daughter, Alexis, who 16 was sitting in the front with me. While my middle daughter, Ashlyn 15, was in the back with two friends. I can't wait for this with my kids. Oh my god. I can't wait until they're like 15 and 16 and I could do this stuff. You don't pick me up on the way of your face. Of course I will. Let's go. So Lex started doing the normal talk to the ghosties asking if anyone was there, if they were and if they wanted to talk to us, they could. But there was nothing much. So we come up to the creek and I pull over so they can get out for a minute and goof off. I get out with them and friend number one starts telling us that she's had some medium experiences. And that she's sensitive. The other girls mainly Lex started rolling their eyes at her. So of course, I being the sensitive that I am tried to validate her. When we all just got a terrible feeling and heard the loudest woman scream from the woods. No. I'm unsure. I'm unsure of the kids at this point. But me being the whole last adult that I'm supposed to be at 35, stomach dropped. And I had zero issue at that point leaving a child if they did not get into the car fast enough. I will leave your ass. You better get in the car. We are leaving. So as we all fumbled over each other tripping and getting into the car, we rolled up the windows and locked the doors because you know ghost can't get in if the doors are locked. Of course. As we flipped around and started to head out friend number two and ash were giggling in the back seat about how she almost lost a shoe. And what on earth was that scream when friend number one grabbed my seat and said, there's a little girl and she's crying. I don't know. I'd be out of there. I'd be like, you get out of the car. I'd be like, you get out of the car. Out of the car. No more. I'm talking roll baby. Yeah, no. I just got all quiet because I fucked that. Indeed. Fuck that. Oh my god. That's absolutely terrifying. Sorry, I lost my face. I would have literally, if she said that I would have just turned around and then like, fuck that. Absolutely. Get out of the car. But then Alexis turned and looked at her all mean and says, you're full of it. You're the only one saying those things to make yourself feel cool. You hit the brakes and was just like, what's wrong with you? And why would you say that? Lex says, if there's really a ghost, make yourself known right now. I bet you won't though because you're just a giant pussy. Oh, damn. My jaw hit the floor. Friend number one said, with a shaking voice says, Lexie, stop. You don't say things like that. She went full sense. She said, I even chime in and tell her to stop. We were just trying to have fun. And now she was turning into a real jerk. She then started to throw her 16 year old teenage attitude around. And I just looked at her and said, that's it. We're going home. We're done. You're being mean to the ghost. No. I tell the kids to make sure that they're buckled and apologize again to friend number one, who's visibly shaken and pale. Alexis isn't a jerk like that. She loves all her friends. She's a really sweet, caring and compassionate kid. It was at this exact moment I went to turn the phone recording off. When I looked at my phone that was pointed in front of the car, my blood ran cold or hot. I don't actually recall if I knew the exact temperature, but I know that I couldn't feel my legs. I couldn't even talk. I had just hand nudged Alexis and she started freaking out. And soon all the girls in the car were shrieking. It was all I could do to reach up and push in the two buttons that screen shot in the trees. You could see the perfect little image of a little girl with long hair hanging around her face. Just past her shoulders and in one of her hands was a teddy bear. I would pedal to the metal out of there. Goodbye, see you never fast in the forest. That's like a straight up little girl with a teddy bear. The teddy bear makes it real. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no. I don't like that. No, no, no, no. And then like part of me would want to make sure that it was like not a real little girl. Just like hung up in the trees. Yeah. Oh, I hate it. I don't like it. I don't like it. So I look from the phone to the actual trees. And there's nothing. Okay. Well, I guess you checked now. But I look back at the camera and she's still fucking there. No. It's one of those things where you can't believe your own eyes open, close them, rub them. It doesn't go away. So it almost paralyzes you. But there she was standing in the trees. You could feel her or no, no, no, sorry. You could see her from head from her head to her feet. Black hair and a white knee length gown with the teddy hanging from her hand. Her eyes were all you could make of her facial features. And it was the darkest, blackest holes I've ever seen. I literally hate this. David. I don't like it. Oh, once I came back to the realization of what was going on and gathered my bearings with teenagers screaming on all sides of me, I hit the gas and very, very vocally said, fucking no, fuck that. No fucking way. We were no longer doing six miles an hour to get the actual fuck out of that. We were actually levitating. We took flight. It was weird. All of a sudden, we were just flying. Yeah. I was like, I'm not going to be a woman. I no longer wanted to be the adult. I wanted my bed, my safe and my warm bed. The one that has my big 230 pound burly husband in it. The same husband who probably would have said no and stuck with no. Because even though he's not the responsible one in the relationship, he is not going to go go sent in with teenagers at midnight. Nope. That was my dumb ass choice. So we finally get to the pavement. The whole mile we had to drive out feeling like an absolute eternity. Until about halfway there, Lex turns to one to friend number one and says, I'm really sorry I acted like that back there. I honestly don't know why I did. I just felt so angry and frustrated. And she says back to her, that's okay. It wasn't you. It was him making you feel that way. Oh no. And every single hair I have stands up on the back of my neck. While girls, I have sage. Every single one of you is getting someone we get home. And so is my car. The rest of the trip was all chatter from the girls laughing and giggling. And I just can't wait to get home and change my underwear that I'm pretty sure I've shot myself in. We pull into the driveway where we get out once again, tripping over each other to get into the house. Ash immediately grabbed the sage. Yeah, I did. And let it. Well, Lex started. Lex started mirroring the phone to the TV so we could all watch the video that we just taken. I went into my husband still shaky and not exactly sure if I could feel my legs yet. Walking up to him, telling him he needed to come out and watch this. So as we all sit there and watch the recording, there is nothing. The screenshot I took where the girl was, you can only see the blackness of where her eyes were. Oh, no. But that's it. So we all went to bed with 14-age girls sleeping on our bedroom floor because they were too scared to sleep alone. Now, I don't scare easily. I never really have. When I started, I was sensitive earlier. I just always know if a house is haunted or not just from walking into it. I've cleaned house us since I was a kid with my mom because she owned her own cleaning business. And doing what we would call the empties, I would walk into a good handful and know I was not alone. There's a couple great stories from the ghost who would slam doors and turn the lights off while I was in the room. But would stop if I sang along to my MP3 player. Or the one where I went to walk into the basement and was so overcome with dread, I refused to go all the way down the stairs. So while I was vacuuming, the hose came undone three times, the third time I was watching it, and at eight months pregnant, nope, the fuck out of there. But this is a road of, this is a roadtales. So I'll save those for a later date. Hopefully by then, I'll have another ghost story because I just moved into a house that was built in 1900 on the hill with a giant front porch overlooking the city, where I can drink tea and glare with a cemetery as its backyard. Ooh. It really is just a witchy kind of perfect. Oh, yeah. It sounds like it. Anyways, keep it weird, but not so weird that you think it'll be a fun to go on a midnight haunted adventure with a bunch of teenage girls and realize that you see a little demon ghost girl, and you no longer want to be the adult anymore, and you know of yourself all the way home. Damn. That was so freaky. In the Midwest too. So like Midwest, we got our haunted road. Yeah. I love it. You guys have like a monopoly on the haunted. Absolutely. Absolutely terrifying. Damn, Amber. I don't know either a little more stealth about it's a Cuba road like yeah, and sounds you threatening like the hatchet and I'm like whoa. I know they're like rainbow road. It's like that's a lot better. This one's like hatchet man road. I patchy you in the face road. Yeah. I take the orb so for the little teddy bear girl any day. Oh, the teddy bear girl. I don't like it. And the deep black eyes. I hate it. It's a. It's a state. I'm not into it. I am not into it. I don't like it. Oh. Yeah. That's a good story though. That was a really good story. And then it's a little little possible like spear possession too. Yeah. Yeah. That's what it sounded like. Yeah, that she was suddenly being like nasty when she's really not. Yeah, she was like, yeah, sorry. I was back in like a turd back there. That wasn't me. And she's like, no, it's fine. It was him. And it's like, we never got for her explanation on that. Was it the hatchet man? Maybe it was the hatchet man. I think it's like if you took a ghost and juxtapose that with like get out. Like it's like, you know, like when the ghosts are going to the bodies, but this goes, puts you in the stunk in place. So you're fully aware of what's going on. You can't do anything. That's what I like that. I hate that guys. You always send in the best freaking two really do. Keep it coming. So good. I think that's probably all we have time for today. Yeah. I got to go pick up my kids and take them to a haunted road. Yeah. We're going haunted shopping. Let's see it in. Let's go. Well, John, thank you so much for coming on. And thank you for bringing stories with you too. Thanks for having me on. And I adore both you. We've got podcast host, but as humans and I can't wait till we have an in person meetup. And we'll do it in my hometown at some point. Yeah. Yeah. Peach. Pizza. All the deep dish. Is there anything you want to plug before we let you go? Well, as people know, that was pretty scary as every Wednesday. This, uh, we got a, we got a really fun list of movies coming out. So just, it's going to be a long first season, but we got other seasons planned as well. So just stay tuned and I'll be doing some more of those mini deep dives on Instagram, which, uh, look for that on my Instagram. And also, Ash and Elena are always very gracious about shared it on their Instagram stories as well. So if you don't see it on mine, you'll see it on theirs. But at some point, you'll see it. Because we love you guys. We love you and we love those. Listen to that was pretty scary. Well, guys, we love you so much. We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it. It weird. But not so weird that you go ghost. No, I think you should keep it so weird that you go ghost hunting and experience terrible things. Keep it this weird. Hell yeah. Yeah. Bye guys. Bye. Bye. 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