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E369 Dave Portnoy Sells Barstool For $610M, Calls KSI Irrelevant, Admits He Lied To Rogan

E369 Dave Portnoy Sells Barstool For $610M, Calls KSI Irrelevant, Admits He Lied To Rogan

Tue, 14 Mar 2023 18:11

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joins the boys to discuss selling Barstool for $610Million, horribly mispredicting Paul VS Fury, getting called ugly to his face, allegations & lawsuits, favorite pizza review, Dana White VS Jake Paul, unboxings ruining his life, running the stock market, slap fighting, Saudi Arabia taking over sports culture & more…

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You didn't strike me as a settle down kind of guy. How do you prevent this one from cheating on you? You're totally two girls who had allegations against me. One of them is a legit f***ing sorry. I'll introduce you, Mike. One of her is like, I saw one video of a girl calling you ugly. You're f***ing ugly by the way. Didn't you make merchandise with her face on it? Yeah, that's a real Jake Paul f***ing. It was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What can we make that they will buy? Can you make a whole all version of barstool? Hey Logan, are those suffer decorations? Could I grab one of those? Yeah, I don't want those prime energies. How is that prime drink by the way? Jacob, go. Who are you asking? I don't know. He's throwing it out there. Mike's here. How much equity you got in prime? God damn it! F***ing f***ing. I don't want to start off like this. Are we rolling? Are we rolling and we actually are wrong? You need to get the joke by the way. When the Super Bowl, I'm like, Congrats on your Super Bowl commercial. And you're like, oh, maybe one day you'll get, you didn't even get, I was just like, you got like a quick camion. I can't start like this, bro. You did have a camion. You were in a Super Bowl. No, I don't even sense here. Why wasn't you a f***ing commercial? Bro, that's not what I meant. I thought you meant like you guys plus you were in a BN, like, you were like, we're sweet Super Bowl commercial. You took it serious. He's like, that's like, you know, one day, maybe you'll get there's like, what dude, I was joking. That's not what I was saying. I texted him back like two weeks later, I was like, yo, Congrats on your new complete richness. Congrats on the sale. And then he just left me on the screen. We were on a live stream. He just left me on the stream. We saw that commercial. I saw he pop up on it. Oh, great. Who will be the show? Guys, welcome back to Impulse of the number one podcast in the world. Thank you for listening, watching, viewing, subscribing. If you're not subscribed, hit that button for us. We have Dave Porton on the show today. Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Porton on barstool sports. Still the president, how does that work? I know. That's just more the title. No, employee. No way. Yeah, yeah. They own it all now. I mean, that's the big, that's the big thing. Yeah, we knew that was coming. But yeah, so my role hasn't changed at all. But I guess technically like I'm an employee. Can you get fired? You have something playing, Dave? Yeah, horse racing. I find it incredibly rude. It's a horse racing with audio. Go on. I bet that race is done now. Did you win or lose? I had the first place and I have second place. Did you bet on the barstool sports book? No, not with horse racing. Goddamn it. I tried so hard. It's not with horse racing. I'm a barstool ambassador. Yeah, you're the hat. You wore the hat. That was wore the hat turn. Your brother's fight. I feel like I'm sort of becoming like a... Like a NASCAR car with brands. You're always... You're the king of that. I mean, the primes everywhere. It's prime in barstool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, you're very good at that. I almost brought high noons, one of my guys at the world. You should. I generally don't like bring it. I knew you'd have it, but the Tewis are fire. I just saw you not stick here. We got a lot to talk about. So even just now, just... I'm not a star. Glanced over seven topics. Yeah. Okay, well, let's start with the big one that we started with. The sale. You sold barstool for what? $504? The total came out $610 million. But it was all... So this recent part, when I was on here with you guys last time, it was always kind of... So when Penn bought it, the plan, they knew what was happening, basically. It was a slow sale. So, you know, we get all the congratulations, which I do appreciate. But I knew it was coming. Something drastically would have you gone bad for it not to happen. Well, there was a section there where something pretty fucking bad happened with you. A bunch, I guess. Yeah. You're not... You know, just float through a universe, not in controversy. Yeah, so it's like, it's all relative with me because so much shit happens, it's all degrees. Like, getting accused of being like a fucking... Basically... Yeah, that's tough. Yeah, but that happened early. That happened like right at the beginning. So that wasn't really part... Like, they knew that that wasn't a big... Well, I guess no, that was during the part of it. So that could have... That shows you how much shit I'm in. It's like I lose track of it all. That's ancient history now for me. But yeah, I guess I went through that. And then the New York Times, I talked to you a little bit, a little bit. And then I spent a year in doing investigation. I'm like a full fucking year. And the New York Times, this lady was a savage. She had a Pulitzer. She, you know, like Bill O'Reilly got in a whole fucking ton of trouble with Fox News. She was the one who did all that. But I have no skeleton, so they really didn't find anything. But they tried... Did that hurt? Did that hurt like your integrity? Like with people that you never wanted? The first one. The first one did, because it's just made up. It... To a degree, it's just more scary. Because somebody can say something about you. Yeah. And when I say there's 0.00000, elements of truth to what was written about me the first time, there's zero. Well, yeah, I hooked up with the girls, but none of... And it's bullshit. And worse than that, like I started unraveling where it came from. And to me, it's pretty obvious where it came from. And nobody gives a fuck. Like it was some of my arch enemies really deeply involved in... And I got a lot of enemies. I mean, you've cracked a lot of battles. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There is a... There is an update to the story, though, because you had a lawsuit brewing against insider. Yeah, I see. That's your... That's your like more... Inside like your more... I lost it. What's that scumbag fucking dudes name? Yo, it's... It's a logic. Who's a legitimate crook? Like when I say... Sometimes I throw so many things out there, but like he literally got kicked off Wall Street because what he was doing, let's say... Just take any stock. Let's say prime. All right. Say prime is public interest rate. Well, at a bar, it's the learning buddy. Okay. He was basically going out and saying publicly by this stock is great. And then they had emails of him being like this stock sucks. So they brought that up. He got kicked off Wall Street, never can trade. That's what runs this fucking company. And they're a paparazzi operation. They own like this thing, I think it's called Bill in Germany. That is literally... That is what they do. We got a German big news outlet. Yeah, and that is there. It's like the paparazzi... Put the rots in the dumpers? They sens...sensationalized shit for celebrities. It's like big headlines to get paid for you. So they did the thing with me and then you had to pay to read it. So yeah, that... I sued them. But... But you just... Did you drop the lawsuit? So that's the news today? Well, I'm not going to... That's a real thing. So originally I lost. Like basically what you have to do, we file the lawsuit and then it goes in front of the judge. And the judge basically wouldn't even look at it. It had nothing to do with the facts. Was it defamation? Yeah, no, was it... Yes, it was defamation. It's basically... No, I don't think it was actually defamation. Basically we had to prove business inside a flat-lied. And to do that, it would have to be like they printed day-port notes in jail. I never went to jail. But everything they said, they're like, well, the girl... The girl just told us. It's not... Basically in the report, the judge said like incompetence is not against the law. Right. And then he said, I'm not going to be a big year. Everything they're saying you agree with has like, did you have sex with the girl? Yes, five years later, how you prove that she wasn't uncomfortable in her brain. And I wanted to turn all the emails. I wanted to see all the communications. I couldn't get to that point. I pull it down like this. Johnny Depp, the Amber Herde case. He sued the newspaper first and lost. And then he's like, fuck that, I'm going after Amber. Because the newspaper, which is the Washington Post, and he sued somebody, the son or something, we just listened to what they said. Like we, it's not our job to be the fact checkers. Because they had text messages, they had all that stuff. Well, they had a couple, but my thing was always like, all right, you have communications with me, sometimes graphic, being like, hey, come over and let's fuck. Like they posted those. But I have like 20 after we had sex being like, hey, let's hang out. I had a great time. Not posted. Those were posted. So like, how do you have... How big it? You had to have had all the messages. You didn't post anything positive for me. It was all... And there wasn't one thing for me that would support my case. So it's like, how is that possible? That to me proves you had a agenda. That's what we're suing. That there was actual mal. But isn't that just representative of media direction in general right now? Like every story that's told is one sided. Yeah, it's crazy. And that's what happened with the New York Times thing. That... So after this, which I feel like anybody who... Like anybody who logically looked at the facts of the case, I mean, we've told you there's this... Everyone knows the color daddy shit, right? That's a well-documented, well-documented thing. Roof top meetups. Yep. And Sophia Franklin, who probably doesn't like me. And I did hear her say the other day. She didn't think of anything wrong. But whatever. She brought this kid, the Milfunter. Anybody who watched that show. He's like the kid who wore the mask. His name is Mooch. He used to work for me. I hate him too. From me and David talked about this on shows about 12 times. I hate him. He's fucking hate fucking poison. I literally call him douchebag just face. Anyways, the breakup of color daddy happens. Those two, Mooch and Sophia, they go together and he's helping her produce her podcast. Turns out one of the girls... There's only two girls who had allegations against me. One of them is a legit porn star. I'll introduce you Mike. One of her is like a legit porn star right now. Like that's what she does. She wasn't at the time. Starter only fans the day after these allegations came out. She went on the No Jumper podcast. And literally said she was fucking Mooch. And Mooch was who introduced her to business inside. It's like, is anyone listening? I gotta say this. There's so much celebratory stuff. I'm feeling silly today. This topic is... It's real heavy. It's crazy. That's it's crazy. You're a rich man now. But you shouldn't concern yourself with these things. Oh no, but that's my personal life. That's my personal life. If you're... I understand what you're saying. He's right. He's right. If that's flashed about you, I mean those are sad things. They're basically saying... It's like the people who don't like me don't look at the facts. That's what I have come to grips with. People who don't like me are never gonna like me. People who like me are gonna like me. And the scary side of it is, even if I was guilty of the shit they said I was guilty of. If I said I wasn't, the people who liked me would still be correct. Like everyone's opinions are kind of in stone at this point. I mean I'm telling the truth. I always do. But it's like I have my crowd who believes me. And I have the people who fucking hate me. What an odd time. What an odd time. I mean this is used to be like the witch hunt type shit. You just like... He did this and it was done. We are in a headline culture. And I think some platforms take more responsibility than others. Snapchat in particular is... Just crazy. It's crazy. With their headlines. If you see these tiles on Snapchat, some of the most appalling titles. Yeah. Yeah. People love it. And in a day and age where everyone's attention span is negative one second. I don't have time to fucking read the article. But I'll read the headline with the embarrassing picture. Yeah. Me too. I've had those plenty of times. The New York Times thing's weird. Because I always grew up my dad. I thought that was like a legit publication. I don't anymore because I went through. But yeah, everybody's gonna agenda. Everyone's gonna something. I mean, I saw the thing with you, which was like... We actually talked about BFFs. It's the only thing where I'm like, well, if he did that, he's a real piece of shit. Yeah. With your mini horse. Oh, the big, the prominent horse. Yeah, the big, the big, the prominent horse. I have many horsewars. He just threw them away. But that was the headlines before you came out and said... Very, very disappointing. Yeah. Very disappointing. Yeah. And it always sucks to have to retroactively correct a narrative because... Because on cares... No one has a fuck. The corrections, the netizens... No one's lying. No one's lying. The original. Yeah. It's annoying. And like, bro, I was heartbroken that I loved this pig. This pig's slept in my bed for like two years. Right. Not every day, obviously. But like, on and off, I'd have this pig in my house. We'd feed it. This pig lived a fucking very luxurious lifestyle in my backyard. Not anymore. I really want to... Not anymore, man. I'd have to go to the room and then without my knowledge, two years later, that person re-homed it to a person who apparently didn't look after the pig the way he was supposed to. Bro, why are we... I don't know. It's not. We're having a break. It's my talk and stuff. Yeah, but I'm feeling silly, bro. Does it... This guy said he got a hell of a hostage last night, gotten taken to lift. He's like, I ain't no choice. He said he got a lift. I went to swan and the next thing I knew was gumb-point to lift. Dude, I was supposed to go to a nice dinner, dude. And then, that's exactly how I went down, bro. I don't know how you live in this city. I don't go out. That's true, because you got the girl from. Yeah, a girl from I've gone out maybe one night. I really don't go out at all. Like last night I was in West Virginia. We had a rough and rowdy. I got in at like three or four, but I've been out once since I've been in Miami. So I go back and forth maybe twice. I don't go out much. Can you trace your, because I heard you talking on Theo's podcast about the olden days and talking about like, I don't really love it. Shout out to Theo Vaughan by the way right now. He is absolutely crushing it on YouTube. He's getting like five, six million views per podcast. But that's all you want to show talking about how you used to go out all the time. Did you stop going out the day you got waived up? No, well, she loves going out. So we still did it in the beginning of the relationship, but I mean, I'm getting old. And I just, I start feeling old. Like when you look around, you're like, I'm the fucking old guy here and that was starting to happen a lot. It's like, I don't know what I want to be here. I feel like the old guy, you know, in Miami is a club city. I was going to ask, because I've been out with you a couple of times. Yeah, when I Cleveland, when I was in Chicago. Yeah, you came to our bar and you got there. Yeah. And you didn't seem like you're having a good time. No, no, I was just like, stand there with your bottle. You're one of those. I'm never like the guy causing a scene up, even if I am having a good time. I'm also, that's just me. Like a more of a, if I go out, first of all, I run into a little problem. I got to make a life choice because if I go out, my am I got to do drugs or else I can't stay with it. Like I just can't stay awake. So then if you're doing drugs, you're up all night. And then like I don't, then I'm fucked up for a couple days. Well, like at ease and shit. Exorcism. Yeah, yeah. But you can get it. I can get it don't. I mean, nobody. Yeah. Hey, hey, hey. Sorry, fuck. I can get, can you just take black allergy? Oh, some believe well, they don't, sorry, they don't have it. They don't have that. That's why you don't have that. That is. That's why you don't have that. Unbelieveable. I don't have it at the clubs yet. I'm working on the relationships. That's why I was at leave last night. That's why I went last night. I'm working on the product. You just said the other. Yeah. OK. You're wild. The audacity. They don't have it yet. Did you know that you lose about 100 hairs every day? 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I don't know how you've done it with prime. I know you guys are big. I was talking to my little cousin. And prime is the hot drink. And why I say it's middle school, but he didn't know who you were. And he didn't know who KSI was. But I told this to my partners. I said, I believe this beverage has already outgrown us. It was just like, and this isn't disrespectful to taste, positive negative. It was just like, you had to have it. You were cool if you had it. And that's the best. By the way, that's what you want. Obviously, you don't want it. Your best case is people drink it. No idea if you want it. That's why we didn't link it to us in any regard other than that we created it. And at first anyways, and I guess still are the faces of it, but not really. Like it has outgrown us. Dave, it's all anyone wants to talk to me about. I'm not kidding. People on the street, I'll be at my WWE events. And it's a great thing, but it's crazy how you do my work. You do my research on it. You know who I'm good friends with? Mike Ropoli. You have to know who that is if you're in this space. Because you started vitamin water and body on it. Billion, like twice over. Soul of billions. Yeah. So we were talking about, yes, it's hard to do and impressive. The beverage category is a good one if you can break through. And you've started with high noon a little bit. And even I just saw the tequila announcement. Yeah. How's it going? I knew it was killing it. I knew tequila just came out the other day. So I think that'll be a monster, but they're really good. So what I've learned with doing different stuff, if it's not good, it doesn't matter what people think. It really doesn't. The high noon is an easy thing for me to push because people love them. Is that considered like an influencer product? I mean, you're not an influencer, but in what you have traits of an influencer? Yeah. I don't know. It's hard to tell. My link with high noon was, so they were out for a little bit. They started. I had nothing to do with it. And we had a palate in my office. And at the time is one kind of the, you know, the shelters were hot. And people were approaching me all the time. Like, hey, would you be involved? Equally whatever. And it never felt right. I saw the high noon. I love the marketing. Tasted it. It liked it. And then we reached out to them like, hey, Dave wants to be involved. Let's do a partnership. And then the thing just really explodes. Cool. Yeah. And the tequila products, right? Brand new. So we work on that for like a year. That's hard to do because you got to get the tequila from Mexico. I don't realize why or understand why like a tequila seltzer hasn't been like perfected and blown up yet because no one, no one drinks vodka anymore. Like you go. Oh, you still are. Yeah. Yeah. You still are. Because vodka market share has to be down dramatically in the United States. Yeah. I feel like when you're in a club, most people are doing the tequils. I don't. I think the high news are going to be explosive. We'll see. They're great. And I am not a tequila guy, but they're great. Who competes in the tequila seltzer? Like, Mammitos. Mammitos. That's Brody Sanders. Yeah. And the Travis obviously had. They're done. Don, right? Yeah. Well, I think he's one of those guys as an influencer. He wasn't really so keen on the influencing part. Like the act of promoting the product. Like you see what Logan does with Prime and even what I did. Like you have to really, my impression was he didn't give a fuck on that. Well, he also didn't kind of launch around the same time where he got like Uber, like actual cancel because of Ashow World and shit. So it was like kind of time to care. I always want to go ahead. Prime is just suits Logan so well with his lifestyle. Yeah. So it looks organic with his boxing, with his the soccer thing. Like everything, it looked organic and it felt right. I think it would be weird to consistently just be holding about. I always wonder to the difference in there's examples of like influencers who people care about because they're so big that their audience doesn't actually like feel like they know them are attached to them. Yeah. And it's like you kind of, you may have this huge crowd, but are they as attached to you and like actually believe what you said. It's also kind of like symbolic of of YouTube creators versus like mainstream creators as well. There's just something about YouTube and the audience that you curate there that they just they love you. Yeah. They feel like they're a part of your life. They feel like they share in your ups and downs. They feel like they know really who you are as a person. And it's like there's a certain level of like detachment that exists between you. That's also real mainstream celebrities. A lot like longevity like sitting in the couch. I mean, we've been doing this for a long, ass time. So it's it you're building. It's like a story that people are investing in as opposed to something else. So yeah, I don't know. It's always interesting to see how people are monetizing, you know, everything right now. So now that I mean, what is your role in bar stool now? Same. Like nothing changed. Like so run content. I mean, I'm definitely have taken a little bit of a step back. I'm not in the office. I live here. I'm the only one who does that. But I still, you know, still run content. I also have to add. I did a five year contract. Basically when they went and bought the first salary now. Yes. You could pay the salaries. Yes. Okay. Like Jamie like Jamie. I mean, I mean, I guess it doesn't matter. Like Jamie Diamond. Who fucks Jamie Diamond? The CEO fucking was up. What bank is it? JP Morgan. I think probably know. Probably was getting like 50 million a year. No, no, no, no, I get nothing like that. But you made a lot of money on the sale. Yeah. I it's probably saying I made probably like about a hundred million on the sale. Me. But you already had made a hundred million total total total. A total of all of it. So from the first hundred and three a little yeah, a little more. So I don't know if it's a stock matters, but that's like basically where it was. And an Erica too obviously made money. Yeah. All our early Milton guys will be like millionaires. Can't see. Yeah. Whoa. I saw a tweet from him and he was like, dude, I've been waiting for this day. So when we did the deal with churnin. So we sold twice the first time. Like I took my equity and I gave away about 15% of it to like my early guys. So they all had equity. Yeah, you got to give equity to those guys that are with the front. They all did really. Yeah. So the question is, you have to. And the rumblings I've been hearing is shut up. I have not had a sale yet. I have nothing's happened. I haven't made any money. I'm getting up. I'm getting up. All you do is plug my competitive. You're an asshole because you're not safe. Yeah. This is a B. Oh, no, no multiple. It's no more. I'm just saying, not an M. It's a B. The question I was going to say is, and the rumblings are. That bar still sold under value. Somebody told me that last time. Yeah, I don't really buy that. A time I would have said that, but not, not anymore. A lot of people fucking talk. And I've heard this through ever. It's like, you didn't do this. You could have made this. It's like, dude, I'm here. Like I'm feeling offers. I know what's coming in. We met with fucking draft kings before we met with Penn. They didn't offer 100 million. So it's like, it's great. Who has the check? The check? Like, where's that check? Yeah. Money talks. And when we sold the gambling industry was fucking flying. And then it's like, holy shit, we probably were billions. But it's all come back down to earth. It's a super competitive industry right now. So no, right now I don't think so. I didn't negotiate the deal. The churnin guys did. They're fucking savages in their pros. They do it for a living piece of churnin's a savage. So no, I don't buy that. I always heard that. Throughout parcel. If you did this, you'd be making that for you. It's like, all right, well, like where? That's easy to say. But we're like, all right, I'll take it. What are the biggest like something? I need some prime right now, dude. Can I have one of those? There you go. Man, I'm feeling part, dude. What are the main factors in like timing a sale? So like, obviously you're fielding offers. You're looking at stock valuation because Penn has ownership. Like how much of it is based on like the ebb and flow of content? Like that's the thing. Like I'm talking to somebody last night and they're like, bro, if he had stayed with it, like another two years, this could have been, it could have been a B. Like, oh, yeah. I'm like, yeah, but who is that guy? No, that's what I'm saying. That's like, you're not living in the fucking trenches. Really when you start looking at it, it's like, all right. If you're going to spend that much money and then we're a content business. So what? Four or five of our top guys leave because they just got a shit ton of money than what you just buy for that. So there's all different elements. I think Barcel has done a very good job of making it. I've said, I think we have just about media. If you include current and past, just about the most successful like across the spectrum. Some people don't even realize how broad we are. Like we have the number one urban podcast. Like million dollars worth of game, they're fucking huge. Obviously Cooper McAfee came from us. Big cast huge. We, Jenna Marbles. We've just had a lot of talent. But you know, you never know. What caused it was the change in the gambling legislation when they passed the different laws that made it legal. That was our moment. But you never know. It's not the media business because the media business, for us, it's still kind of where a renegade risk is. So who out there right now is buying media businesses? Nobody. Really? Or if they are, they're pennies on the dollar. They're like ones that used to be worth a lot. And whether it's a, you know, I don't know, having the post or the one that does all the fucking clickbait, they're all in the toilet. But yeah, Buzzfeed. There's not media business. You know what happened? Buzzfeed was all my fault. You know what? The world has changed so much that most influencers, like the hardest thing for us is like, why do you stay with us? We say we'll put gasoline on you. If you're a great influencer, a great personality, you spend two years with us. And then your worth is going to be like 10, 20, 100 X, what it would have been not with us helping you. But a lot of people can go make money on their own and do things like that. So you're not, you know, when we started, for the most part, people didn't have an option. You are looking, you needed that platform to go. Now, you know, people are exploding overnight. Yeah, but sort of, I even just like, I'm not going to say the numbers, but Prime was asking about potentially sponsoring Caleb Pressles. Yeah, yeah. We had a back and forth in prime. I told you about that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, for a little bit. And we got the numbers that he was getting for his show. And they're just unbelievable, like for an ad read. I think we were talking for Sunday conversation. For Sunday conversation for the sponsors of his show, he is collecting a lot of money. Like what he proposed. We had a long conversation about this three nights ago. And if the number that was thrown out there, for a prime sponsorship is accurate. I mean, he's 10 X CPM versus anything I've ever heard in the career space. Yeah, because it's run through the bar. My network, like he gets, credit, credit, credit, credit. Well, it's not only that. So you're going to be on his show, but then it's going everywhere across bar. So you're not just getting Caleb on Sunday conversation, but it's going to be on my feed. It's going to be on part of my take, which is, it goes everywhere. Like we, depending on the price, but you car wash it. We basically car wash the whole seven. It was like based on syndication across across. So you're not necessarily getting just that. You're getting like fucking angry. It still just seems high. But regardless, what I'm saying is there's still a lot of value in being run through the bar still. Oh, 100%. You're silly not to acknowledge that. No, 100%. I see you making, like when you talk from the first time to now, every time you talk, I feel like you have like 10 moves already planned ahead. Now that you just sold your company and you're kind of divercing yourself, like what are you, what's your next 10 to five years? I don't really know. I never think that's nice that you said that, but I don't know if that's true because everything changes so fast. I also could take a little break. It's like two years. Be doing it for 20. That'll be like two decades of me doing it. So I don't really know. It's not an unwinding time now. You know, if something strikes me, I like gambling. So I like what I'm doing. I like horse racing. I actually love the small business stuff. Like love it. So maybe a more in-depth kind of visiting with like old school companies that have been around like a Netflix version of something like that is something I'd probably enjoyed doing, but I also like sitting on my ass. So. In the Hampton dude, like when you told me that I couldn't believe it and spend as someone's sounding the Hampton. Yeah, six and six. Do you feel like a trader? No. You are, you are supposed to be a nantucket. Correct. So I guess my ex is, my ex is like, I feel like people are mad. My ex wife has the nantucket house with still best friends. Happy she has it. I've looked. I have very specific requirements for an nantucket. This will be very specific to an nantucket people. I need privacy because people, our bros will be everywhere. I want to see the ferry come in and out. So a brand point. Brand point. In those houses never go on the market. Because I feel when I see people leaving the nantucket, it makes me feel good. It's like, oh, I'm still here and they're leaving. Yeah. But it's super hard. It's so small, so small. So what are you going to, I mean, you got a go that you're going to go stay at the White Elf and get a hotel room. I mean, back a couple years, I'm also seeing you float around in the pool on the float. Also world war three happening in the nantucket. I became a very like one of the two girls is from the nantucket. I was on the cover of and magazine. Somebody made a big stink in the whole island. I went to war. So you can't even go to the box. Anywhere I go. No, I love the box. I have my people in that I have people who don't like me, which is kind of everywhere. But yeah, there's a girl. We're still here today, Dave. You don't got to get into it. How often, how often are people shit talking you in person? Never. I saw one video of a girl calling you ugly. Oh, that one. Yeah. That is my dream. When that's gone, it's like, oh, we got content. I was doing a pizza review. She waited for me to leave. And then she just went in. She knew more about me than me. All every controversy, one ever another. She's like, you're fucking ugly in that on my girl. Well, she was like, you're fucking ugly. Did you make merchandise? Was there a face on it? Yeah. That's a real Jake Paul shit. You made merchandise with this girl's face on it. What did it say? What did it say? Like, you're ugly? I'll be honest with you. Listen, back in the day, like way back, like a girl that I was dating, first after like my ex, she cheated on me with her soul cycle instructor. We were selling. Oh, that's a famous story. We were selling Cuck's cycle teachers. Yes, just like. And you got, you got, they got tasted assisted, right? Yeah, they, the soul cycle called, they literally had 911 on like speed dial because they thought we shut down their social media because every single time they post it's like, do you get the fuck you're like instructor with it? They called 911? Yeah, because it was a big fucking. So I like, I am the type of guy like, all right, if you fuck me over, it to get you back, I will burn the whole ship down. Like if I drown with it, like, all right, I fucking, oh yeah, that is. Oh my God, Karen, it's one bite your ugly. Till this day offered you a pepperoni pizza and it still haunts me. Till this, yeah, I don't even pepperoni. No, I know, I clearly know that. You know, I stopped eating pepperoni pizza. Clearly, I don't hate it. I don't do it for the reviews. I knew it was a mistake. And you know what, when people give me shit for not liking pepperoni, fuck you. It's just not the baseline pizza. Everyone knows cheese and I always point today of actually because he does, he does it right. Does cheese pizza? She ripped into me, I am my back door. She went off, she is behind a fence. It's like, what is that cartoon where the guys Hank Hill, he's always open the fence? She, yeah, she ripped into me, but that's great. Like, I love for content, my content brain is like, all right, this will be great. The second was over. It's like I'm glad we got that. Are you still rocking the same cadence of pizza reviews? Every day. Just rock, can you reiterate one time? Cause I swear I still have this conversation. New Haven. Thank you. New Haven's the best. There's no doubt. Actually, Brought them, brought them and did the whole your app, Sally's modern and pepper. That's the best. Does it bother you that Mike goes around tasting things? Oh, yeah, I want to, I want to ask you this too. I want to use the pizza first, but I want to talk. Did you just stole your identity and made it? No, I don't ever want every one. I actually judged the bird contest here for this. So first, so yeah, I think that's what it comes out of and do that too. Yeah, sure. So I started it and a lot of the comments were off the bat were, bro, you can't do this. Like, they're not on rates. Pizza. I go, bro, you think he's the first person to rate a fucking food? Yeah, definitely no own food. I definitely don't know food. I, the people say that. I mean, I guess it's flattering, but food spaces. You definitely are, you, okay, I'll say this. You definitely are like the face of food rating. So I got the comparison, but it was like, it just didn't seem like there can only be one person doing it. People have done food forever. I mean, I definitely have pizza and lock, but it's, no, I, people say that all the time. Food God's gotten that and food God's been doing food forever. How did you feel about your, your Rogan appearance? Oh, that was sick. I didn't know it. So we talked a ton of UFC and I'm not a huge UFC guy. But other than that, I thought it's good. I mean, people always said I go to Rogan. I think there's a lot of people. Yeah, how did that work that he reach out to you? Yeah, so I would never ask really on anything, but it was the New York Times shit. It was this most recent hit piece that they spent a year researching and then they published it. And we did something that's a little unusual for the time. So we just didn't respond. Like, and when I say we didn't respond, they wrote the whole fucking article in like 48 hours, 24 hours. They had a laundry list of things to like answer all these allegations. They ripped, the story is already written. It's like, and I said, no, we're not going to do it. And in the article, they said we asked Barstool or Dave for comment. He wouldn't do it. I had all my ex-j I knew this woman was writing the article in like for eight months, I was like, hey, I'll answer anything you want. I'll sit down as long as I can record it myself. Whenever you want to do it, she kept saying I'm eager. I'm eager to do it over and over. I'd write back, hey, if you're so eager, why aren't we doing it? I published all that and Rogan saw it. And he's like, I love what you did with the Times. You want to come on, but we never even talked about it. I also did something. I have a video in the whole store, which I maybe I'm done with Barstool, like I'll post, but I did a legit stakeout of a New York Times reporter. Like I went with a guy work with, we just sat 48 hours style, like eating like junk food in the car. Fan or no, no, do you have a fan? We had a car. We had a car. You got to get a fan for all of you. And I think we had a rental car at the time. We had to wait. And we just sat there and waited for the reporter come out. And then when she came out, we sprinted off. And it's like a 10 minute like confrontation. This woman bailed from the article after that happened. She took a name off. So you're saying, you're saying getting run up on by two men who staked out her office. Scary. No, no, I did the same fucking shit. It's like, I know you're snooping around every fucking skeleton I have. I'm right here. You have questions. And she did ask something. She's like, well, these girls say that you like film without consent. I'm like, I have the girl. I have the video of her giving me head right now. You can watch it. Because she's looking at the camera. She's talking to me. And do you want to see if it's without consent? She's like, well, maybe later. So it's like, it was like a 10 minute and thank God her husband was, I'm not tall guy. Her husband was five, one max. So I was kind of like over him a little bit. But yeah, back to that's what Rogan reached out. But then we kind of, I mean, it's so long Rogan. It's so long. Yeah. It's like a three, four hour show. I don't have the energy to do that. And you still never got to that subject. No, well, the producer James, like he may talk all bar soul. He may talk no bar soul. You never know. But it was good. Yeah, one thing you did. A big thing was the his brothers fight. I was about to say that Tommy, you predicted kind of wrong. I thought that one. It's kind of wrong. I thought I didn't think Tommy Ferry would come like that. I didn't even think he was trying to win. I thought I, we worked for Showtime at Jake's fight in Cleveland, the first one versus Woodley. And Tommy Ferry fought that night versus a guy who was collecting like ticket stubs. It was a guy they pulled out of the crowd. Dave, I saw the same fight. I was there ringside and I had the same thought. That's that. I said, this guy's not impressive. He's not he quit. He quit. He gets it. I sparred the guy that he fought that night. He couldn't take out in four rounds. I dropped him in the second round and sparring 16 ounce gloves headgear after a month of fucking hangover. So like, I thought the same thing. You thought I was like, Tommy. I can't do this. It was all based on Dan who works when we watch it and like, this guy is terrible. And I thought Jake, I know Jake takes it seriously. And I didn't know. I still, I think a little more clarity. I didn't know what Jake was, but I, you know, he beat the UFC guys. I just didn't think Tom. I thought they built this up. Tommy Ferry gets a payday then goes his way. So yeah, I was adamant. He couldn't fight. I was stunned. Do you guys think he pulled out because he was just the whole time he knew it was? He was doing it. And he was just in camp because bro, you watch him. He was so fast and he had such a good combination. See, I don't know if I agree with that. You talked about that. You, you want that vengeance brother? No, I heard that. But that's, that's the Paul Marking mission. I mean, but regardless, there's only two people on this planet that Tommy Ferry impressed with his boxing. That's, I disagree with him. I disagree with him. And Dave Portnad. But you have to be a boss. I don't understand. He didn't impress me because the standard was low. Now, I said, and I sent Jake a text after like aside from the boxing, I think the fact that that many people, including like myself, and we're interested in that fight, is one of the great marketing business things like we'll ever see. We just talked about this with Jake three days ago. We talked about the, what, what a Jake Paul KSI fight really equals out to in terms of PPV. And Jake had the same exact sentiment that you do, which is that people wanted to watch Jake fight an actual sanctioned fighter or boxer and that there was mainstream pick up on this fight you being mainstream. Yeah. Because he was fighting an actual boxer. And it's interesting because I, I think the Jake Paul KSI fight does tremendous numbers because there's so much. Too much. Right. Right. But I do also understand because like ESPN was all over this one. And maybe on that. But I don't know that you're like I on, I skew on the, on the boxing side of things. Like I actually want to see great fights, not so much on the personality celebrity. So, but wait, hold on, you do rough and erotic. It's all about the personality celebrity who cares about how good the boxers are. Like literally who cares? At, at, right now I think we're living in a time where we want to see the people with the biggest ego get fucking dropped. Totally. No, but you're. But you're. No, but you're. No, but you're. You're a perfect person. They're buying that for like weird. To say they're fading. Right. They're characters. But that fight wasn't really entertaining. One thing I will say is they did, they did work the whole time, which, which like they didn't dance. No, they could have danced. But when they were swinging, they were swinging. They were swinging. They were swinging. They were swinging. If you think of any fight, we're like that's a really good fight. Generally, there's like swings and abs. Oh, that guy's somebody went down, something got back up. Yeah. There was type shit like that. That fight. I, after 30 seconds, I was like, I'm wrong. This is going to be pretty close. And it was kind of was what it was. Again, it's just that's me. Like my, the thing I, I really, what Jake brought for me was I didn't know. Like I consider myself sort of a boxing fan. And it's clearly had like power. These knockouts are spectacular. It's like, is he, is he actually somebody who could start like competing versus real boxes and move up the like, I don't think that's a good because I don't think Tommy Ferris is like great. Uh-huh. You're still a market for it. I have two questions that are very important that I need to make sure I ask you. And you guys love each other, right? If you're, no, the Ferris and the Paul's. I, I'll be honest, I love Tyson Fury. I think John Fury is incredibly entertaining. Right now. Yes. I mean, congrats to Tommy, right? But he didn't impress me. He beat my brother. One of my brother was 70%. So I can't say I love Tommy at the moment, but Tyson and John, I think are, like, great. It's like a fury. There's two families that are very like marketing savvy. And it's like you, this whole event's good for everybody. Do you know John Fury? I don't know. I mean, I didn't piece review Tyson. He's the dad. He's the father who you may see just like trolling about in the background or some. Yeah. I know. I know. He's a whole family. He's excellent. He's a master troll. He's, he's the best they got. I think, I mean, the fury's learned it all from him. And you see him real time, like just playing the game. Yeah. I don't think he's playing the game. Yeah. I can tell you. I can tell you. I think he's in the press conference. We are, or no, sorry, the way in, Jake weighed in and they were having their face to face. And John Fury comes to write up to me and he sticks his hands up. He's in my face. He's saying something. He's like, and he's smiling and go crazy. And then he shakes my hand and winks at me. I got that five the whole time. He knows exactly what he's doing. So my two questions is this, did Rogan ever hit you up and be like, yo, you were wrong about. He talked about, yeah, because I, like, we were going to do a live watch party for it, which think, oh, we didn't do. But I was all over it. And yeah, he, he just like, yeah, because I owned it. I was like, I'm so fucking wrong. I was going to say, when you realize that you're wrong and your audience is such a sports centric audience, like, does your skin start to turn inside out? Is that hurt you? Is it embarrassing? I mean, I just believe it all, I don't know if it's embarrassing. I was just fucking dead ass wrong. I don't know. But also, but also, I know what you do with it. You immediately turn it into content. Yeah. And I, I mean, you're wrong. Set is a lob for you. Yeah. I have you can then spike home a funny storyline about why you were wrong. And I try to take credit. Like we need more people who take accountability when they're wrong. Like I just hope in my shoulder, put my fit hand up. I do have a question. Even you with like, I've never seen during that fight. You went WWE when you're like, fuck the fiora. I've never seen that like a real fight. Dude, I got a lot of, a lot of heat from that. People, well, I don't, some people seem to be upset. And I cut a promo mid fight. Correct. I didn't think twice about it. I was just like, I'm just going to continue the show and talk a little shit during the fight. It was WWE into boxing. I've mistakenly and somehow blindly not realize that the worlds are intertwined now. Yeah. That was a big time. I didn't think twice about it. And what I was trying to do was because I was on the mic and you could hear it in the arena. And I knew Tommy was sitting in his corner and Jake was losing. It's trying to talk shit and getting Tommy's head so he could hear it during the fight over the loudspeakers. The issue is, just pissed him off because the third round started and he just fucking unleashed another reason. I was like, I fucking just made him mad. So just on record now, Logan versus Tommy, who wins? I was say Tommy, what's the last time Logan fought? I mean, what I want to say otherwise, I'm a fucking Owen one. Tommy, you found your column with the wrestling. I mean, very natural. No, but he's coming back to boxing. For KSI. I have a fight this year. For who? Oh yeah, I was going to announce. I was going to announce it and then it's something happened. It didn't happen. No, I got to do it. I got to do it. I got to do it. I got to do it. I got to do it. I got to do it. Who? Not said yet. Not said. I'll tell you. Say it and believe it. We'll believe it. No shit. Cool, right? You guys, I don't know what the fuck. I don't know what's going on. But the problem is there's just so much. You're madly in love. Yeah. Two years coming on two years. That's great. Congratulations. So you aren't you? I am. I am. You know, it's something I never saw coming for you. And either, definitely not for me, but for you, I just, I don't know. You didn't strike me as a settled down kind of guy. No, I'm always if it's right, it's right. So it's been good. How do you prevent this one from cheating on you? You can't look at your phone. It's swiping out of your apps. That's such a dark question. Yeah, I knew the first one was going to cheat. Oh, you did? Yeah, yeah. How did you know? I just knew. I had it. It's like I sensed it. Not with this. But also you didn't have an exit at that point. I mean, you're sold for, you know, that's not good. Yeah, that one. Well, you don't cheat on me. Although I do have a good line. I do have a good line. I do have a good line. You definitely do. You don't have to make, you don't have to make excuses for the wife. But yeah, no, I knew it. I knew it with the first. So I think everybody deep down knows when there was something I was talking about. Wow, like I knew there's an issue. So whatever it is, were you already drawing up the merch ahead of time? No, no, no, what's it happened? It, it, it can't pretty organize. How did you find out if you don't mommy asked me? Her, she was the worst. She just told you? No, no, no. It's like timing. It's like, hey, I'll be home in 10 minutes. Just home in an hour. Like, Uber, it was, it was pretty easy. Like I said, I knew it. I'm sorry about that. No, I don't care. Do you want to have like little, little bar sales? That's a wild, wild time. You're on the phone, she, I don't know. No, do you want to, do you want to have kids? I knew that's what you were asking. Oh, then you just said someone was on the phone. I don't know. No, when he asked the phone, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, uh, do I want? Yeah, if the, I don't know, I don't know. Like right now, no, could it change? Maybe, do I wake up? You like, I need kids? No. Why? I don't know. Why do some people, I feel like, I just don't. Are you taking, are you actively taking preventative measures to, to, to, to make kids not appear in the person that you have a sex? Oh, okay. Yeah. We're not just happy. I was just like, oh, kids, we have kids. No. So, oh, so you're okay, actively preventing children. I want kids. Antide, yeah. I don't know if I'm an anti-kid, but no, I don't want kids. It's like, and that's like a question. Why does somebody want kids? Why don't I don't know? I just don't like, I like my life right now. You have dating advice? No. What is dating? No. You don't go out dates? Do you date with a girl? Oh, just in general? Yeah. No, we're fucking boring as fuck. Like my idea, my ideal thing is just like dinner, good dinner, and that's pretty much it. How much has that allowed you to, to like, focus on the business? Like having that at home and that stability hasn't? Yeah, but I, I, I'm past the court. The first 10 years of doing barcel, I worked every single day. I didn't take a day off. That's all I did. Now I get to enjoy my life a little bit. I can do things that I want to do. So it's good. Like I travel a lot. You earned it. Yeah. And you get to do that, that other podcast, BFFs podcast. Still going. Yeah. How are you feeling about that? Are you loving it? Yeah. It's, you know, some of the drama, do I love being like talking about it? I, because I'm so blunt and then I'll say something and at times I do feel bad. It's like I'm a much older guy. I'm talking about maybe like a 19 year old. But it's still good and it's been great for bar stool and that whole wave. Like I don't, we've talked about it before where you put like the tick tockers and their influence and like Josh is so real. Like in all colleges and people all about it. So that it's good for me to be in that space. Like there's so many different space. Like I don't like where do you both of you guys like where do you actually consider yourself? Like what? I mean he's a, he's a fucking, I don't even, he's impossible. I'm pretty much YouTube's soundtrack. I mean the book obviously was, was outside of that zone and I do some other stuff. But I mean he's a, he's a freaking, he's all over the place. Boss or you don't get, you just, you don't have to consider yourself one day. Yeah, I just want to look multi-iphone it. But like, so would you like the tick tock crowd? Would you like are you comfortable with like your, I guess, awareness level with all those people? No, like the tick tock crowd like what do you mean? Like the tick tock crowd like younger. You're pretty tapped out on that. On the audience or the creators? Creators and audience. Creators zero percent. But audience. But I have no idea what's going on. The audience I make tick tocks. I'm a, I'm a content creator. Like I'm a, I'm a dirty little social media. I'm a stupid. I'm a stupid shit posting it all the time and all my platforms like I like it. I started on Vine dude. Yeah, I know. I'm going to Lately Pods wedding today. My Vine buddy. Oh, is that why you guys are here? Yeah, it's over here. Yep, yep. I tried it. We're having it on the podcast tomorrow as well. Like it's short form media was my thing. I like get to do it on TikTok. It's fun. I do like tick tock a lot. I try to keep them like briefed on what's going on in the space because like he's kind of elevated out of it not to make it sound like that. No, no, no, no. I mean, I don't know. I'm just not too real interested in like here's a question for you. Yeah, right. If you could be like, Hey, and just anybody in the world and it all made sense to join you with prime to be like, well, this person can kick. Let's start prime again. Like what, who would you pick? Of course, we've thought about it and we are and will be signing athletes. That'll be the next phase of prime. The best ones in the world with the most reach exposure and potential that we can possibly get. Because I think especially, especially after the UFC deal, we just, we just kind of, I feel like leveled up and we want to stay on that level and even chew higher. That's another thing with you guys, which, which it's, you can't tell how much of it with the Paul's because the Jake Dana, like have gone back and forth like crazy people and then the next day you'll be sitting there with Dana with like, Brian, I know it's, it's, it, we talk, we had Jake on the podcast for whatever fucking reason we happened to just be doing the same thing, but with different companies, each other's partners, enemies, like it's, it's tough. But I made a, I made a, because that's one that I, from the outside, I say is like they really don't like each other. Oh, they definitely do not like each other. That's a, Dana, Jake. That's not true. So you guys really want to, KSI and Jake don't like each other. That one I want to said is fraud. No, that one, that one, that one. How do you say, how do you say the, oh, the Jake and Tess, I want his very real, but how do you say the things that Jake has said, and I'm not saying good or bad buys it all, how do you say the things that Jake has said about Dana White? What does he say? It's cold because it's pretty hard. Cheating, prostitute, fucking, I mean, again, you're just, you're just playing a game. And if Jake, and here's my theory, if Jake is able to identify a target to further his agenda of fighter pay, it, that's the way to do it. Like if you can identify a common enemy, you knight everyone against that person. No, but the way you're describing it, you're sad he's not going to do it. He's not, nothing's going to happen. I know, but it's just, okay, let me give you an example. I have a gun on my way to kill you that's still, well, not nice. You know what I mean? Like just because you didn't kill and turn down the company, just to mean that attempt is not, no, no. I definitely agree, go on and kill someone with a gun, it's not nice. That's bad. That's good. I just think attempting something and getting it done is the same. I listen, if Jake was coming at Barstool the way he did, like you have seen, like, Dave doesn't pay you guys enough, you need more money, be like, fuck this guy. Oh, you'd be war. Yeah, I would not wait. Yeah, but, okay. That's Dana's life. But for how long until you're, you, nothing actually changes and you realize this person has no effect on your business. And then you're like, okay, he just, he's doing something. Yeah, I guess it would be how long you do something. It's been two years. Nothing's changed. And it may in the future, but as of now, nothing's changed. Dana's doing his work, Jake's doing his work. And I love the UFC. I made a vow that I'm not going to, I guess, alter how I feel about the people in my life or people that I look up to or would aspire to do business with one day, just because my brother has created beef with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, like, you know, how, how, how, how, it's, I mean, I think it comes down at the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel. I mean, Dave, I'm going to be blunt with you. You are, you're, you're still a polarizing figure this day. I mean, there's, I mean, no, I say, I say, you, you, you, the way you preface that, I thought I saw something like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, fuck it. But I haven't said the part. I'm sorry, but they were, they're, you know, we'll get feedback from internal. Be like, don't do that show. You know what I'm saying? Like, who the fuck's internal telling you not to do that show? First of all, we got a hundred person team, David. You guys have a hundred people team. No. Five, six, but somebody in this room didn't want Dave in the podcast. Raise your hand on three. You have. No, I'm scared. It was him. Somebody on the fucking Paul team being like, he's bad PR. Get the fuck out of here. I looked at him and I go, he's not nice to me. Yeah, he's still like, he's pizza. He slapped the pizza on my hand and he called me corny. Oh, that is shocking. Do I have an eye? I've been on pizza show because you're not good enough. No, I probably ask. We've asked you to do so. You're not never around. I don't do celebrities really anymore for pizza, generally, because I don't like, you're going to be, Dave, you're crazy. Like, I think the rock was offered, but it's like so far in advance that I'm not going to commit to coming in to do something. I see. Do you feel like having celebs there with you or other people who aren't like pizza centric throws off the the the sanctity of the review of it? It can, but it really, it doesn't if the person knows what they're doing. It's like a fan. But then you have other stuff like I did that. I don't know if someone called, but just said, you kind of back. Stone cold. Was it Stone Cold Steve Austin? I don't know what he did, but I did the smash thing. So it works. You get, you get the answer. I did a review with the cast of, it was some movie. It was like Ed Helms, the guy who just got in the accident, Jeremy Renner. Oh my God. It was, what's that tag? And it wasn't a great review because they didn't know who were where they all actually believe they're not, John Hamm was there. They did like makeup before pizza review. Yeah. Yeah. That's high. I remember what you said. But a girl walked by in the streets and she saw all these people saw me. She's like, you're the pizza guy, you know what all the others went crazy viral because of that. It's like all these a list of us. So just having chaos in the streets helps the pizza. What's your, what, so I have a favorite burger review that I've done. Yeah. Me, a sugar shan Andy Milanochus in a Gucci sweater, Jeff and my buddy Jeff Wittic. What's your, what's your like favorite pizza review? And I know the most viral certainly was the, was the legless. The Arleys homeless man. There's that guy in Miami who's still around stabbing people. He is. He's going to go see him if today if you want. How is he carrying that? There's the one that people, the probably the most popular is actually Joe and Pat's where there's like five things happen once. There's a guy who looks as face as leading. There's a guy who says he fought World War II for me. There's two gay guys who are like the service horrible. My favorite though is probably Al Santillo, Santillo's New Jersey. He's this old school pizza maker. He won't let anyone else work his ovens. He's like, give me the guinea shit. That's what he tells me to say. I like the people like the others are funny, but I like actually like the, you know, the guy has his oven that he treats like his kids. So that's it. That's actually a good segue because you talked about it a little bit earlier. We had you on pre-COVID, pre small business assistants. Now that you've moved the company, the remainder of it and started climbing that's second mountain, which we call service work. You know, do you see that being? Is that your line or is that like a real thing? It's a book. It's a book. Second mountain. Second mountain. Well, no, no, not called the service work. That's that generally is the second mountain of like a successful, of a successful business person entrepreneur. Someone that has succeeded in one place. Now what's it going to say? Yo, how can I make an impact on this planet? How can I help people? Yeah. Do you think that you've found your calling and helping people with, with those businesses? That was one thing I saw from you that I could tell was real. Right. Very real that you like that. Yeah. So it's never planned like that COVID who would have saw that coming, but there was a need. There was just a need to help small businesses. I identified with it because of the bar stool story. So it's something we were as happy to. It resonated with people. We were able to raise so much money so quickly. So I really truly enjoyed doing it. But you know, in a small business, it's still something that I want to, that speaks to me. But yeah, it's casual. Like we've done charity and different things throughout the 20 years of our school, but something happens and we react to it. That's generally how it goes. Yeah, like a reactive chair. The one thing that I miss that I think you, you dropped the ball on massive and I want to call you out on it. Like, dude, are you fucking serious? It's just mad at you. It's appropriate. This is important. I think it's just poor time for that. The unboxing is dude. I think you had, I think you had a massive, I think you had, I think you had a multi. It was not a business. It was probably the worst, worst three weeks month of my life. That was the, do you remember that? A lot of boxes. You go live free. It started going. We were getting up to like a hundred thousand in currents watching these unboxings for like four hours. But it started like almost everything we do organically. I showed an address of a frozen pizza by accident, people sending it, but it was where I lived. So, you know, people are sending me dead animals and trying to like, they're trying to do like live chickens and shit like cockroaches. So I didn't know what I was opening and my routine would literally be, I start the unboxing, I think at eight. I'd be done with the unboxing. I mean, still have like scars on my hand. I'd be done, I don't know, three or four in the morning. We'd have ServPro, which is actually an international like disaster recovery company, come clean the apartment. And by the time it was clean, it was time to do it again. And there was nothing to do. But what made it work was that it was real. Like towards the end, it got so big, we moved it to the office, it wasn't the same. It was coming to my house and ruining my life. Remember, were you not scared of having people send you some shit? Yes, that's why I had, I probably had, I had my, I have two bathrooms in the old place. My tub was filled with like, koi fish. I had like three other fish and things. I, well, there was a horrible ending to that. I mean, one of the saddest days of, of, of, of, of random, yeah, random, yeah. No, it was, who's random? Yeah, it was my goal fish. Like I could say goldfish. I'm talking about the ball. Yeah. Yeah, he jumped out. He killed himself. He did, he killed himself. He really did. Yeah, he did. And I would too, that, that living where you have nowhere to go and, and it just trash. And again, people started towards it's going like we're going to get him again. You open some cockroaches, come out in your apartment. It's like, fuck no. So yes, I got why it was viral, but I sent my merch. I said, yeah, the chair. Yeah. No, no, no, I sent a lovesack too, but I sent, I sent my clothing. I still get people talking about that. I mean, we got so much shit. Yeah, it, it was great because it's real or an organic, but it was unsustainable. It's crazy how like you, you were the first, one of the first content creators. Like it's crazy how much you have your finger on the pulse because it's, it's not likely to happen for someone in your, in our age bracket. Like for you to be able to say, okay, X event has happened in the world. I'm now going to activate on set topic and it works pretty much every fucking time. Yeah. It's crazy to see in a 35, I'll say 35 plus. Yeah, sometimes we may get too much credit for that or I do. I like what we're good at and I don't think it's rocket science is people were reacted instantly. So it's like, oh, this is good. Let's lean into it. We've done plenty of things that haven't. It's like, oh, we won't do that. And more people aren't interested. You know, it's probably similar to you guys with the fighting and it's clearly resonating against people going. It's like, let me lean into it. So you play with the hand, you're dealt. Like I'm not going to be fighting or doing anything like that. So the pizza worked like that was not planned out, but it worked and people liked it. During COVID, it was the stock trading. Like when I started doing the stock market, I mean, TV day trader. That I took over Wall Street. Like that's all I, I was the only person people are talking about on Wall Street. It was at Wall Street Journal, New York to every day. It's like, what's Dave doing? They featured me on billions. There was like a spoof of me stock trading on billions, like a crazy guy and his thing, like hitting a bell and shit like that. But it resonated instantly. Like it just the second I did it, people like, what is he doing? He's like, he's putting a million dollars into Shake Shack because the fact guy said people get hungry at lunch. Which we were doing. Well, you guys also have the benefit of being able to be nimble because of the nature of your company, which is really nice coming up in this internet landscape, having the ability to pivot on the dime and follow a trend or do something that your audience resonates with is something that these larger corporations can't because of all the hoops that they have to jump through. And even like traditional actors and celebrities. I mean, bro, the fact that these people came to your pizza review thing with makeup is insane. That's not like a real life at all. And they didn't even know, and I like, I'm, what the fuck are you doing? I can't. What do you mean when it's like you're putting on makeup, you're like, fucking John Ham. Don't worry. That's such a killer to like a social first program. Like it's like, that's why I always get really worried when I see some of these like big social creators start to bleed into the mainstream. Like I remember when you did the pizza review with Addison, right? Yep. And I think it was right when she was starting to pop off. And did she have makeup before? No, she was actually super cool. No, Addison's great. I actually just ran into her the other day. She's, she's amazing, but it's always interesting to see what happens when that even if I do podcasts, if somebody tell, and my people don't tell me because they know, but if we have a guest in their PR or their whoever's like, you can't ask about this. It's a literally the first thing I ask. No, it's like your PR versus that. Did you, did you get, or I'm assuming you didn't, but any of that shit with Rogan? Because I, I heard, I heard he doesn't let publicists in the room. He just, you just walk in there and anything. Well, I don't have a publicist. So it wasn't, we were trying to walk us through that experience a little bit. So it's a joke. It's a brief experience. Yeah, yeah, exactly. His studio's awesome. It's fucking huge. This thing coming down. So he's got like a, and I'm sure people following, he's got like an archery range. He's got all a weight run that looks like it's built for like a football team. So he came in, gave me a tour of the office. He's such a fight guy. He's got pictures of people like Russian wrestlers and things like that. So he gave me the tour and then we just kind of went. You guys on that tour talking about anything topical is he, is he worried in a, in a way that I sometimes get, have a conversation. You can give anything away. No, no. He, and he, it was just like, you know, coming in doing his three hour thing. And I think he puts them together and, and goes. So it was pretty laid back. I wanted to ask you because you do do a lot and we often find ourselves forget it. We're putting everything, for example, everything that's ever been said on this podcast and every guest we've ever had. Couldn't name one. Couldn't name you because you're here right now. Right. I forget everything, Dave. My long term memory is so poor. Do you experience any of that? I think it's an age thing for me. Like I can tell a little bit of that I'm slowing down my brain. Yeah. For sure. But it is what it is. But yeah, do you think it's because of your age or you could you slowly stop giving a fuck? No, it's the age, I think. I don't know. I've taken a lot of fucking Adderall. Like I use it takes so much of it and all that fucks with your brain at all. I think it kind of does. I mean, you can change your brain chemistry does. But I talk to my mom about this and I told her a similar thing that you just said, which is like a worry of mine. I'm like, mom, I don't really remember a lot of stuff. And she's like, listen, that's how it goes. But if someone brings something up to you specifically, you'll remember it like it was yesterday. You know what I'm saying? Did you experience like a ground swell of Rogan fans or the people that maybe didn't know who Dave Portney was now being turned on to you? I mean, definitely some. Like you get the experience like the next day, I do my hot boy walks every day. I walk like through I can't do anything but walk. So I do like three mile walk and like a lot of people like, oh, listen to you on Rogan in the end of school. I know how big it obviously is. It's gigantic. But I didn't notice anything too different in my world. Interesting. I mean, maybe it's just because the demo doesn't overlap as much, but he seemed to think that the Rogan audience really I don't even know how Mr. Beast would judge that. I think it's people either seeing him in real life or commenting on his stuff. Maybe what's your own Rogan? Well, I definitely got a top of it. No, but I'm from a piece of shit. He's just curing blindness and shit. Yeah. Think about it from an age bracket standpoint. You know what I'm saying, like Rogan's, you clearly have a lot more overlap with Rogan fans than Mr. Beast does. Mr. Beast caders to a much younger. And I think a lot of people probably were coming up to me and saying stuff already was that cross. So like, hey, I love you on Rogan. If you didn't know that, it was an interesting interview. It's the same as anything. I think Rogan gets a lot of like what I get or fans. It's like some people are like, it's great. Some people are like, it was terrible. There wasn't much in between. Were you nervous at all? And I asked that because being someone that plays in the content space and sits down with idiots from time to time on couches and talks about rough and rowdy and bought this. You go on the show with someone who has neuroscientists on the show. Someone who talks to people about the history of fucking landmines or whatever. And you come and you sit down. Do you feel a little bit more pressure than an average? No, because I can only talk about what I know. So I mean, I knew it was a huge opportunity. It takes a lot from me to be like, oh yeah, no, I'm excited. Like when he asks, that's like, whoa, that's like a big opportunity. Yeah, it's Rogan. And like you said, introduce us to a new base. So it's definitely excited. And like, there's probably a handful. I don't know who they'd be where it's like, hey, can you do this date? Like, yep, I'll jump on plane. I'll be there. Like, that was a no brainer than to do. What is Sophia in that handful? No, man. I will let Sleeping Dogs lie with that. I know she's your best buddy. Dude, listen, it just keeps popping back up. I did a great show with her. It came off. I think she wants to mend the bridge, bro. I really do. I feel like she wants to. I didn't do anything like, except be probably over the top of memes after it happened. But like, my version of events is 100% the truth. Dude, do guys life has changed forever, bro? Because somebody saw him the other day at a fight. I don't know, whatever. It's on to the next. Do you respect the slap fighting thing that's going on right now? Dana, why did you start with a new competition? He loves it. The numbers are clearly huge on social, gigantic. I think it's because it's new, but do you respect it as an actual sport? No. But I mean, that doesn't, what does that mean? It's entertaining, like, in entertaining is the name of the game, right? Is it safe? It doesn't look safe when people are going crazy, but I mean, you know, the early UFC, right? They were fighting like different wake, you could fight anybody. Right. Six times you fought 10 times in one night. So and then they get the regulation. I don't know. It's built for the internet. He was supposed to do that. So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, yes. So way before it was even a seed in Dana's mind, I think he was, we used to watch the videos of it going on in Russia and it was a massive thing in Russia, right? And he wanted and how did you end up getting connected to possibly doing it? It's it originated in Russia. It was going crazy viral. These slap videos would go crazy. Right. That's what I mean. They're built for the internet. I found they are. I found the organization that puts on the slap fighting contest and I decided that I wanted to enter as a participant. We actually scripted a whole thing around it. It was going to be like a mockumentary. Our second one. With me actually entering the slap fighting competition. So I was like practicing slaps for like three weeks. I had a guy come to my house who was like the United States slap expert. So this guy standing across me, 300 pound guy, large man. And he's like, yeah, just like, you know, one shot open palm. Let's see what you got. Let's see where you're at. Let's see where your starting point is. Fucking cock back. Wow. It sounds like a whip. Knocked this guy. Yeah, I've seen this. Right. It's a rock. It's like a sand. It's sitting there asking me who he is, what he's doing here, what happened. And I'm looking at my palm like hold on a second. I could do this to any man that stands across from me if they're just standing there and it is fucking not a great feeling. And also they can do the same thing to me. That's the problem. So yeah, the question I guess with it, it's like, is there going to, if it develops, there's going to be some sort of skill like guys have good chins guys. No, there's no skills now. No, that is part of it. Oh, wow. It's not. No, no, no, no. You see, it's like playing chess. He's going to throw a move. I'm going to counteract it with this move. There's no counteract. No, no, no, no, there is a ton of strategy. These guys are, it's just, it is, I'm sorry, it is a sport. There's a ton of strategy around. So if it's a rock and you don't have to make that way, then you have a sport and then you go sell it to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is 100%. Like I literally sit around with my team. And then people say, what can we make that they will buy? That is the only business that people should be making. I think I'm doing burger concept with them. Literally. In Jeddah. It's like, I don't know why they don't want to buy media company. It's like, well, whitewash the shit out of you. Tell us, I will suck the, the kings dick they want. No, you're like, $100 billion dollars. And we'll fucking sell. That telecast that Tommy Fury, Jake Paul, every other word was, thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jesus Christ, but I'll do that. They're fucking live golf. Faraday's getting like 30 million. I've said publicly, we will sell the Saudi Arabia. I don't give a fuck. Sounds great. It's made it great. They are on payroll. They are. They are WWE. That's totally a result. They are actively. They'll buy anything. That's what I was going to say. I mean, there's just been, there's obviously been a bunch of turmoil and people, you know, having this to say in that to say, but they're modernizing like, and they're going through growing pains. They've gone through growing pains as a country. And I think they're doing what they have to do to, to be competitive in the global market. I mean, oil is not a one-stop shop. There has to be other. Oh, you think they're planning for the future? No, that's what they are doing. Oh, I never even thought of it. Listen, listen, listen, I never thought of it that way. This guy already says on the payroll, he's doing the burger. I'm it. No, I just don't know about the oil thing. I never thought about the oil thing. No, it isn't. You think one of the richest countries in the world is planning for their future. I was talking about the oil part. So they are diversifying them, Qatar, and all of you are diversifying because, dude, I'm honestly fossil fuels are going to run out. So let's build something and let's fucking sell it to the king. Can you make a whole all version of barstool? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. You know, you guys probably, you probably have the year to, whoever, I don't know, the promoter. It wasn't Jake. It wasn't the Kisa. It was the, his equivalent, whoever was talking. I mean, he just kept saying we want big events, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What is it? Thank you. The Prince for bringing us. They're going to go hard. I think they're trying to turn Riyadh into like a Vegas. Like a hub of sports entertainment. And they're probably going to do it because they're innovative. They're creative. They have the money. They're at the end of the season. The environment. I'm telling you is awesome. No one expects to go to Riyadh. Have you been having it? No. Yeah. I mean, if you look at some of the stuff that Riyadh and Jedah are doing right now, it's like, dude, they're building some of the most insane, infrastructural work ever. Well, we'll blow Dubai in terms of what they've done out of the water. Literally. I mean, they're building up. What was that fight like not to cut out like the atmosphere? It looked weird on TV. I'm going to go, but it was, it was fine. Was it like loud? Yeah, yeah, it got loud. It was cool. It was cool. The problem was it was outside and there was about 8,000 people there. So the sound kind of went up instead of being like collected by a dome. And there wasn't as many people there as like, like Jake has done 15, 16,000 people. Like, it was as loud as it could be. It was fine. It was great. It wasn't at the same place as Jule, right? They made the stadium. That's the other thing. They'll just blow. Oh yeah. I mean, it's so happen with World Cup for tar. I mean, they're just like, we need eight stadiums. What happens to that place afterwards? It's just ghost town? I think state, I think the final, the place that Jake fought got took down the next day. I'm sorry. Taking that. That's not, it's gone. It's completely gone. It was a parking lot. That's the one, the one final note on on I'll say is you'll, you'll go there and you'll, you'll have never experienced such a hospitable people. I mean, I mean, it's in their culture. It's in the religion to be extremely hospitable to guests. And I mean, dude, like, when were you there? Like for crown jewel when I got beat up by the, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. When the enjoy's got access to, but I mean, I mean, it's in their culture to, to like, they'll see you out and be like, oh, I've seen your stuff come to my home. Like come to my house right now. And by the way, like you can't say no really because they'll grab your beard, which means like, I'm not accepting your no answer. This is a true thing. Yeah, so they were yanking on my beard. Like, no, no, no, no, no, no, you're coming to my house. You're gonna stay on the floor with my family on a rug and eat and the food is, I mean, it's fantastic. You'll love it there. You'll just find something to sell them. I'll see if there's buyers like they live golf thing. It's like all of it. The rest of the live all of it. It's crazy. The fights. Don't talk about live, please. So no, just live the word live when I'm in Miami. Just leave it out of your mouth. I don't need to be put. Who was there? Who performed last night? DJ Khaled. Are you going there again tonight? Aoki's there. Who knows? Good friend. That's all we got, Dave. Do you want to go? I'm good. I got a vote thing. Been dinner than now. Pote thing today? Yeah. Who's there? You know why? Who's vote? So I'm getting a place in Miami that was probably was being worked on last time I was on your show. It just never is going to be done. But it is getting somewhat close to conclusion. There is a doc. So I went to the boat show, which was here a couple of weeks ago and was just looking around. I must have had like a big sucker on my forehead. So everybody's like, hey, take the boat out. Take so I just got a million boats that we can just go cruise around and see if we like them. Are you trying to know how you about to buy? I'll probably get one because I have the doc even though there's not one human alive who says the boat's a good purchase. I was like, best days when you buy it, best days when you sell it. I know that going in. So the three S if it like flies, fox or floats. Break out another thousand. Yeah, no, but yeah, I don't know. I probably will. So anyways, a super nice boat. The guys like take it out. So if you like it, kind of like a timeshare, probably in my asshole being like you're going to buy it, you're going to buy it. I'm going to take me home. But yeah, we're doing that later. Well, Dave, thanks for coming out. No, that's always fun. Yeah, yeah. This was great, guys. Hey, I had update Port Niant social media. That was the Barcelona Sports Patrol. You sports betting needs. We love you, Dave. We'll see you next time, guys. Hit that subscribe button. Who is it? Who's it? Who's it? This doctor's waiting room music doesn't care that you've been listening to it forever. And you're working, box doesn't care that it's more congested than your stuffy notes. They're just things that can't possibly care, but we can. At med expression, you can get affordable same-day treatment when and where you need it. That's urgent caring. Open 8-8 every day for in-person and virtual visits.