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David Blaine’s Magic SHOCKS Logan Paul, Exposes MrBeast, Frog Swallow Trick Revealed

David Blaine’s Magic SHOCKS Logan Paul, Exposes MrBeast, Frog Swallow Trick Revealed

Tue, 23 May 2023 19:34

World’s greatest illusionist & extreme performer, David Blaine, joins the boys to perform never-before-seen magic, read Logan’s mind, discuss holding his breath underwater for 17min, why MrBeast = Floyd Mayweather, swallowing frogs, fighting Mike Tyson, floating to space on balloons, secret magic society, how Harry Houdini REALLY died, favorite reaction EVER, horrifying hallucinations, his final act & more…

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0:00 Welcome David Blaine! πŸ’₯

1:36 Fighting Mike Tyson?! πŸ₯Š

3:08 Exposing MrBeast & Floyd Mayweather! 🐐

6:12 Gotcha Hat! 🧒

8:07 Logan LOVES Magic! πŸͺ„

12:21 Trick 1 ($100 Bill) πŸ’΅

15:40 Trick 2 (Sharpie, Phone, Wallet) πŸ“²

19:20 Trick 3 (Reading Logan’s Mind) 🧠

22:07 Street Magic & Injuries!

26:47 β€˜UP’ Trick! 🎈

27:48 Frog Trick! 🐸

31:39 Secret Magic Community!

35:15 The 1 Key To Magic…

37:54 How To Hold Breath For 17Min πŸ’§

41:40 Free Solo Trick w/ Alex Honnold? πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

44:14 The Moment That Changed His Life FOREVER

46:19 How Harry Houdini Died

46:48 David Blaine’s Final Act *Exclusive* ♠️

48:24 Does David Feel Pain?! πŸ€•

50:23 Best Magic Reaction EVER?! 😱

54:21 Hallucinations & Sleep Deprivation πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

56:41 Trick 4 (How To Rip Deck Of Cards) πŸƒ

1:00:34 Does David Believe In God? πŸ™

***PLEASE NOTE*** Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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Floyd is the most brilliant fighter that ever lived. You think you could do some magic and get me the rest of my paycheck? No. I went and got a floraoscopy and I realized that you could actually make an aquarium in your stomach. I was wondering that. Yeah, and I never wondered that. Well, it's not possible. Like the photo we took did not exist. You gotta have a crazy relationship with pain. You have the one where you have the cups and the nail under the cups. You hit the nail once on accident? Yep, by mistake. Ah! Oh, oh, oh, we did damn it, Blake! That's what we call defeat. Do you have a vision for like a final act? Yeah. Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! And now he does the final act. What's up, David? Just doing breath work. I didn't think you'd walk in at that moment. Well, a little lightheaded now. I think I should also probably be on, let me just see, hold on. Whoa! This side. Whoa, that'll be crazy. Yeah. This has never happened before. Yeah, this is good. Yeah. Okay, all right, all right. These mics were never... Yeah, these are kind of all cro... These are all cro... Fine. Give it to this crack. Yeah. We'll give it to this joke and the table. Or, take your time, take your time. I'm just gonna ban to my co-hosts and big brother. My associate. I heard by... You Mike Tyson, you're gonna go out of that. No, bro, Mike Tyson fucking running his mouth about taking me down to WWE. You should do that. Let's talk about it when you get back. Incredible. Yeah, it would be crazy. I pitched to ABC 20 years ago. You know, I know Mike since I'm pretty young, since I'm like teenager. And I was always... You know, grew up printing T-shirts of him and wearing it. He was like, you know, guy from Brooklyn, chamber world. And years later, when I was doing TV specials after I'd done like... I think I was in the block, I used to say that... The president of ABC was a guy named Alex Wallow, who was like an ex. He used to be a sportingcaster or something like that. You cannot see a crazy question. You want to tell us this on the show? They roll right out of it. So the first of the show. This is the show. Robert Schoen. Robert Schoen. This is the show. So back then I was saying, so I wanted... Basically, I know I was going to get this shit kicked out of me, but I just wanted to go... You know, it was also the biggest fan of Rocky and Stallone. So I was just like, I wonder if I can last. Just one round. No way. No, I didn't want to get a punch in. Just could I lat train for a year? So I started training with Luduva and Tommy Brooks. I was training very seriously just to get beat up just to take... And my goal was... And I pitched it to Alex Wallow having a training the year. He said, no chance. He'll fucking slaughter you in ten seconds. And they wouldn't back it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so when you did the floating, I was so excited. Because to me, that was the thing. Yeah, you're fighting the best fighter in the world. Yeah. And you're figuring out a strategy of how... Not how do I win, but how do I last? Yeah. And that was the strategy. Yeah. I had a good idea that I wasn't going to be able to knock him out. No, but that's not the goal with a guy like that. Nobody... He's too fast and too smart. But also Floyd is not my type. No, no, no. But Floyd is the most precise and most... Floyd doesn't care who watches, who likes. It doesn't matter. Right. Floyd only cares about the point. He doesn't care if somebody wins because they're knocked out. If the fight is entertaining, he does... For him, it's just a strategy. So he's kind of like the beast of fighting. You know, beast is like, how do I get the algorithm and the numbers? 100%. Right? That's how Floyd is. Do you think he's the greatest? One of the greatest fighters in the world says technically there's nobody better. Yeah. Every single... Easily the best counter puncher in the time. No, every great fighter who says there's nobody better. But when you're talking about wins, the best heavyweight champ is Mike Tyson, I think. Right? Like the scariest guy. Because his... his force is just so... It didn't sound. Yeah. Well, Logan having almost B Floyd, that's got to play him in the top three greatest... He's awesome. He's awesome. I'm crazy, bro. I'm making my comeback this year. I like that comparison. Floyd may weather as the Mr. Beast of boxing. Yes. He is. He's the most... Floyd is the most brilliant... He's the most brilliant fighter that ever lived. Yeah. But for him, it's just strategy. It's like, how do I do everything to win? Right. I don't care if it's a knockout. I don't care if it's entertaining. I'm just gonna win. You think you could do some magic and get me the rest of my paycheck? No. I don't... I don't think anybody does. That's gonna take... That's gonna take the court. I don't think you need that now. I'll move on, man. Keep doing the good work. Keep coming up with great ideas and don't waste your time on anything that delays a creative process. That's what you're doing. You're doing... I did like, 3 of these in my life and their friends were... Where is I'm doing your things? Because I liked your approach to things. Thank you, man. Thank you very, very clever. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. But don't get stuck with it. I need this or greedy shit. Who cares? That's another one of Floyd's strategies. Believe it or not. He knows that if he doesn't pay people, they'll just give up. No. So it's like just another cow. No, because what you're doing is more of a... I feel like you're trying to understand the whole like... The algorithm of how to make like interesting and exciting events using Utah. I think that's why you asked me to walk out with you, I think, right? For Floyd, I'd like 10 people ask me or you try. I have asked you a lot of times to do a lot of things. Yeah. You know you're my dream guest. Well, that's not true, but thank you. He's a better guy. He said it to me or something. Of course, like that. The episode, I didn't even know that. But I don't mean to. But anyway, I was always, you know, like I said, very impressed with... With just your whole strategy on how do you make this? And the Floyd thing to me was like... To me, that was kind of like the coolest idea ever. So excited. And then the thing you're brother did, like it was... It was so happy. Yeah, but it's so simple. It doesn't hurt anybody, but it's just... It's her void, man. But that's her feelings. No, but the way you promote fights is you do funny, crazy things. And I was like... Nothing got more attention than that. I know. I know. Everyone knows Jake from Got Your Hat. And it's amazing. He got a smash. He got a Got Your Hat tattoo. Tag you son, right? In the episode. Say it. Where's the hat? Where's the hat? In a fucking mess. It's in the song. It's in the song. It's with Logan's UFO footage. It's a bun. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So... Did you actually want to do the show? You mean now? Yeah, where do you go? Like, where do you intend on going right now? Oh, right now. Yeah, I'm just... Like I said, I was going to just go get some decks of cards, perhaps some things, and come right here. You always feel kind of like a little on my hands with that. I think you said something. No, that's what I'm saying. Like, I'm never quite comfortable knowing that he can just make something up here. Something happen. Yeah, something happen. All right, just keep my eyes peeled. Yeah, so we'll go set up and I'll come right back. Okay. All right. This is great. We've never had it opening like this. Yeah. He caught me doing breath work. Magician's talking about boxing. This is crazy. I'm in the right hands. I'm in the 3-slot. Where at a table? How about that? Where at a table, dude? Dude, only other time we've been at a high top. So 300. One of the most disastrous episodes in a positive history. You guys remember this? We're also in this city. Yeah. But it is a high top type of city, dude. Yeah. High top type of city. High tables. We're going to be gambling tonight. We're going to money getting rich. Yeah. Thanks. Oh, by the way, here at Resorts World. Here at Resorts World. Thanks so much to Resorts World. Ron, all the guys over at Resorts World for hooking us up with the place to do the show. We love you guys. What is it about DB, David Blaine, that you love so much? Because that wasn't a lie. You didn't make that up. You are a, you're a, you're a fan. He massive. Yeah. Massive. I've been saying it first 50, 100 episodes that one day my dream guest would be David Blaine. I was obsessed with magic when I was a kid. Oh, actually, yeah, I did it for like four years. What, what, what do you laugh at? I don't know. Because I know like some of the like nerdy kids that would come to school with like, and they're like, you want to do a trick? They were you that one. My tricks were sick. Where are they? I could, I could do one trick. Where I could, uh, I could take someone that's ring. And then make it disappear and then tie it around my shoelace like in the loop of my shoelace. That was a cool trick of mine. I had, I had some cool tricks, but then I realized it's hard and I just don't have the patience for it. Like my, my ADD kind of made me an anti magician. I mean, it's a craft. It's a real, real craft. And in my fingers, bend weird, like watch how my fingers bend. So the slight of hand stuff didn't really work. Like you see how, you see how they all kind of like my thumbs are weird. And so I wasn't able to get the slide of hand that a lot of magicians master. And I don't, I don't have the patience, but I will watch David Blaine. I will. I will. I will. He's an endurance artist. I want to ask him about it. But, uh, I have so much respect for someone who's able to put his mind through the type of stuff he does. Right? Yeah. I've stood on a pole here. His stuff is insane. The submerging stuff. The cherry. Being buried alive for seven days, standing in a block of ice for over 63 hours in Times Square, New York, standing on a pillar 100 feet in the air for 35 hours without a safety net. That was, that was vertical. Um, attempting to break the world record holding his breath. You got up to like 70 minutes, floating up to the sky holding on 52 helium balloons. Up. The inspiration for the movie. Up. Yeah. If you think about it, David Blaine is the original YouTube clickbait in real life. Like a lot of these things are things that miss me. Oh my god. Once again, you're down the line and aired myself alive for 24 out like things that he did before anyone else became what social media picked up on and said, yo, this is how you get people to watch. You was the pioneer. 100%. I just thought of the moment when you were still doing the ring trick and magic and like you, you're ADHD and you saw your brother Jake riding a mountain bike off a picnic table. Yeah. And you're like, no, I'm actually just going to go do that instead. Like that, that seems like a better fit for me. Yeah. Yeah, man. Was never ready for something more reckless. And being a fucking 88. YouTuber was more of my speed. But it came back full circle. Now you're creating magic, man, brands, like WWE stuff. Look at the people that you have, like that are. I'm being serious right now. Not to be a co texture, ride and dikesuck and, you know, whatever I get called on a daily basis but dude. It's cool to see the, the Kings give you your flowers, bro. It's crazy. I don't know what to say when they do. Like we had ice cubes. I don't think I feel can. We are Cuban Kevin Hart on the podcast yesterday and one day we had ice cube and Kevin Hart in the podcast That's insane. Flute Vegas. Now we have David Blanon today and and and when they give me kudos, I don't Know what's going on. I guess you're supposed to just say thank you when people when people offer you that especially kings of the Titans of the industry when they offer you Those type of that type of sent to me just say thanks. You give them back You know, that's it. Maybe I'd like to hopefully one day get some flowers from someone Yeah, even just real flowers. Yeah, actual flowers. I think you need a girl. I think you need a girlfriend Do you think you're fine? Find one of those in Vegas maybe? Probably not that would be magical I'm standing up for this ad read It's a big deal. We're all over the place. NASCAR 75th anniversary season is starting to heat up with drivers giving it All they've got to lock in a playoff spot just come close to the mic so you could so you could do the nice This weekend NASCAR Cup series is headed to Charlotte Motor Speedway for one of their biggest events of the year the Coca-Cola 600 this weekend is about so much more than erase the entire racing community rallies around this event to show respect and Gratitude to the brave men and women who protect the United States the cars get decked out with some of those sickest Military inspired paint schemes you'll ever see and there's just a grand as to this race That's unlike any other on the schedule if you don't have a Memorial Day weekend plans You got to check out NASCAR invite the whole crew and watch NASCAR honor those who have fought and continued to fight for our freedoms By tuning into the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday May 28th at 6 p.m. Eastern on Fox. Thank you NASCAR. Thank you for service Do the noise do the noise Back to the show can you put your initials kind of crumple on maybe on the white part over there? Can you fold it a few times but never let us see the other side? I never want to see the present space and keep your signature shown so we know George Can you hide this bill somewhere in like a pocket somewhere that I can't get to it? Yeah, I could backpaw or work for sure I don't care. So somewhere that I cannot get to it as I run through the cards you just say stop So say stop on a little pile. Is he for like there? Say stop stop okay one more time say stop there more stop there Is that good? Yes, but you're gonna shuffle them more done turn two of the piles face down two piles face down Great now you know i'm vegas what they do is they kind of push them in you know they do like that Yeah, so you're gonna push these so they really go face up into face down so you're kind of pushing them in like a shuffle Yeah, push them into each other push good now hold on let's do this to make it fair Do you want to turn this pile or this pile which one? It's up to you turn this one flip the whole pile over Good, and I want you to just push everything into one all of it into one And you agree are the cards really being shuffle face up into face down it feels thorough Yeah, yeah, and you shuffle behind your back and now you're shuffling this way you said push them all in Would you be impressed if every single card in the back turns face down? That's impossible. It's not possible. What if they're all face down and in order that's My hands are empty make sure I'm not doing anything All right, okay, that's good. It makes it harder. Yeah, that's good. Go ahead. Oh, can I can I get it straight? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but watch ready Everything is now face down That's not hard for it slowly across the table Slowly slowly slowly We need it we need them to blame That's what we call the feet blame Well, no, no, I know it happened Um, if if we were playing poker, this is a look at there's four or five there. You see that yeah Think about that think of four of a kind of like you shuffle behind your back Then you shove on table and there's a four of a kind. Where are the odds of that statistically speaking one and a hundred that What is that so that's what just happened right now? Well, that's cool, but you still fit. Yeah, that wasn't your trick I showed up pull out like you're great. No, but what I said is all the cards would be face down and in order and that is the order Because remember you took a bill from your pocket man. That was your bill. Yeah, I remember and then you signed it But we never saw the other side of it I don't like you. I don't know what you're saying, but I don't is a serial number on the pro stop stop Just stop dude take what you're doing and stick it somewhere. I don't like this Five five five six five two two seven It's not possible. It's what happened just happened is not humanly No, maybe you could any card. Yeah, yeah Use reverse logic of what you're not a deal. So try to switch it, but now quickly switch it back to what you're gonna do the first time by the hearts Um, I knew that was gonna happen by the way and I was just prepping to show you this thing My loo that you were gonna choose the five of hearts So when I showed you the sharpie like this Just rub it with your thumb. No, let him rub it take this go ahead rub it No, no, like this with the key rub it here like that. Yeah. Yeah, that's good It says my heart What the fuck it looks like sharpie. I need to use one of your phones for this as well No, no Okay, so this is your phone though correct It's got cheeseburgers on it. I'm saying this is your phone's on my phone's Correct. Okay, so I'm gonna take a picture of the two of you together Okay, perfect. So here I'm gonna put this here, okay like this and close a lot Good now and come over we'll put it on top of here. Okay, so when we do this you pull some halfway out Doesn't matter pull some which one which ones are for that one for this one Which one's all good. This is where you make a brand I got I got I got I got I like that you didn't go for the obvious. Yeah, it's not obvious We didn't go for any don't let it don't let me see it let him see it. You could let them see it don't let me see it That feels like a good one. Yeah, it feels like watch how fast this is look. This is a putty here watch this look Did I just do anything? cord is gone Can you flip it open flip it open flip the wall it open. Yeah, open it up and And fly here look look This is how do you do that? How do you do that? Oh, I'm gonna do it again. I'm gonna do the same trick twice close it close it And I'm not gonna touch it, okay? Is that fair? You know what do this come but here dinner, but pulse I'm gonna show you how I do it pulse some halfway out of some which one Good eight of diamonds I do find it over the three which this one so look watch this it's fine here Eight of diamonds is now in the wallet What up here's what I wanted to say quickly while you're saying is not humanly possible the eight of diamonds is in the wallet Can he open at this time? Who'd be divvied know when I say it's in the wallet. I don't mean this wallet remember we took a picture with the phone Have you opened? No, can you open the wallet look in the picture of the wall? Wait, that's that that's not possible again That's not possible if the if the If the end of the photos Oh, it's not possible. It's Yo, what you're doing isn't I don't I don't I don't understand at all it doesn't make any sense How is he able to mimic a digital image inside of my locked Device like the photo we took did not exist if we had looked at that photo before I chose the eight what would have been My guess the secrets to human civilization. I have no Alien like the video you stole with your ball play on repeat Oh later I am I am show shop. I am absolutely shell shocked right now. So hold on. I want to ask you as a question I want to ask you a question. How'd you do all that practice repetitively forever? So I just want you to think of an object go go to your childhood home Yeah, think of something not a person think of something meaningful to you But I something that you can hold to your hand and do not tell me what it is So I'm gonna ask you to think of an object But not something that you see here and you see all the different things good You haven't seen something not from go and I don't want you to change it so I want you to keep this in your mind Okay, and now here's what's gonna happen from all the cards in the deck You know all these objects these will tell me what your thing is you understand so pull a few a few and I'll tell me Okay, three put them here they will tell me no, but you have is there any chance of this worries? No Okay, turn turn them over so we can see that yeah Okay Well But maybe the plate of old does this mean that here, but it's doing like this. I guess spell it Well, does this is this an umbrella? Oh See what he's doing. Oh man. He's gonna get it. He's gonna get it Mike Here wait, just take a few take a few there's a couple before it's fine for a group Hold on Let's just see if this oh, no, he's gonna get it. He got it He got it Look at his spells spells journal. That's what I was thinking of my child the journal J. Oh you are and Al blame. Where's your capsule secrets? Where's All right, David All right, can we do a little podcasting? Yeah, all right. What the fuck just happened first. I wait hold on hold on hold on Well, I walked in and you were you were doing some training meditative breathing and You were breathing in and out deep so breath, which is what I do all the time. Yeah, yeah, and I interrupt a deal I said here's what I was gonna say here's what I was gonna say after the breathwork Welcome back to the policy that I'm one podcast in the world Thank you guys for listening watching viewing and subscribing look this episode's crazy It's a format. We've never we've never seen before we have David Blaine here on set He just did a bunch of magic, but I'll be honest Dave you walked in and you just comment dear to everything you just you just took over And and showed us tricks. I've never I don't understand like my brain feels like it's in a mental pretzel I was I was telling this to Mike, but like You know, I wasn't sure what to expect maybe sometimes you have to fabricate reactions This is the best magic I've ever seen in my life and I guess it makes sense. He's the best magician in the world Uh, and uh, there's a lot of great great magicians that are much better than me somewhere in this room Yes, so David has a team of magicians all in the room in his mentor who won't go on camera and actually won't even perform ever is here as well Uh, but I mean, I don't even know what I don't even know where to start David you're incredible. You're an endurance artist your your A magician a top tier magician you're an amazing performer. We came for opening night here in Vegas Jumping 80 feet jumping 80 feet off a off a a ledge onto cardboard boxes the other The week you broke your or dislocated your shoulder doing it popped it out popped it back in in the middle of the show and continue the performance Because I see these clips on Twitter also You have the one where you have the cups and the nail under the cups And you hit the nail once on accident. Yep. I'm a stake my daughter was here and she came running up to the stage I got to go but by the way that took me out for 40 seconds the dislocated shoulder stop the show for about 30 minutes But there was an orthopedic surgeon convention in Vegas and five surgeons came onto the stage and popped it back into place Which was mind books one was a shoulder specialist So I owe them big time you uh, you didn't make any deals with the devil or anything No, no, what I was trying to explain you guys is What magic is is very straightforward. It's just practice repetition failure math, that logic science performance all put into one incredible art form that I've been in love with my whole life as Have most of my dear magician friends and that's all consuming and then the other part that I'd like is as a kid I would watch Harry who do need to do these that define Escapes and challenges and I was always inspired by him in a different kind of way And I like the idea of not just the magic tricks, but like come kind of Putting together real and magic and mixing them and those are the guys I was drawn to and I feel like I as a kid I didn't have magic kids because I grew up in bruntless single mother So the magic that I learned was always stuff that I could relate to so it was things that you could do with the human body Things that you with the deck of cards simple objects and and I've never left that that path I guess but you also introduced Hmm an interesting new vertical the magic which was how you present it visually and digitally to a internet audience or a or a broadcast audience watching you today is In sane watching him not only focus on how he manipulates us or how he provides magic to us But also watching him puppeteer an entire group of people who are filming in a certain way or viewing in a certain way You're not a magician. You're a director at the highest level. It's it's mind-blowing to watch how you Control so many different aspects Conduct it's a conductor correct It's just crazy. So how I mean you you pioneered a lot of that space would you say right? The street magic stuff. Yeah, it was different back in the day because you know the only camera crew that was around would be your own camera crew But so Getting the trick and the reaction in one shot was you know something I was always obsessed with how do you how do you do that without a cut? But now Every single person has a phone. So when you do magic There's every single direction. It's so now the magic had to change, you know So it's a fun. I like the switch. I like that can you know that the the challenge never never stopped That is so interesting because someone could just go home and like play in slow motion and see like maybe where the card is or how you did your trick You make me feel like I don't have free will Which is definitely not true. Are you sure? Yeah, definitely okay, because how did you get that eight to appear in the picture inside your wallet? No, that one is the that's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life That's the craziest thing I've ever seen because The problem with that trick is we both are sentient human beings. We have consciousness, right? I know what happened. I he knows what happened. We were both there I was there and we we took the picture with Nothing in the wall it like together friends showed the world and The picture developed with the fucking card man So what I'm not asked you to explain it, but like Like how do you expect us to now go out of this room and continue living? Does that make sense? No, I mean that that's why I like what you do because it's very you know You take what there is and then study the the history of it study the greats hang out with the people The best in the world and then you process it and make it your own and that's that's part of the the fun You know that's the excitement of it. I don't even know like where to go with this I'm like what to do you you blew my mind and now I see why we did the magic was podcast fucking late I know you did the magic on every one of the pages. Yeah, no, okay, but you're also an endurance artist I think I think I think Oh the first time I met you You were met you the cryogenic chamber right? Yeah, yeah, yeah No, so there's one time before I don't know if you remember that was like the official meeting And you were preparing for your your up. Yeah, that's right And you were freezing yourself in the cryo chamber for like 20 minutes at a time Yeah, just it was supposed to be zero degrees up there But that wasn't a difficult part of it. What was the difficult part of jumping space? The difficult part was because the FA was there and because I started to go high-poxic They started to remote pop the balloons with a squib so I couldn't go I want to go higher than anything on earth So I wanted to go as high as Mount Everest which is 29,000 starting to feet and again They were pop pop pop so I couldn't keep going up So I stuck at 25,000 feet and I had to jump so that was that was what bummed me out But then when I watched the back I did realize that they were right in the sense that I was going high-poxic But you don't know you're going high-poxic. Yeah, yeah, you know No, you you you you push your body But the first time that I unofficially met you was like this intimate Gathering I think it was for some billionaire you and you did the the frog trick Then afterwards you did a little Q&A and I said hey David Uh, if you know someone in this room wanted to do the frog trick like how would they go about doing it? I remember that that was me. Yeah, that was me here. It was a Peter teal thing. That was it Wow, that's amazing you were there for that's when I first started working on that Yeah, that my it was going crazy and you did it live and it dude in front of Man, there's probably 30 people in that room. I couldn't believe He he this was also the most impressive part about the track like 10 bottles of water in three minutes beforehand And then throw up the frogs Yeah, I could put up to a gallon of water in my stomach and then I can keep that in the stomach for Enough time at the right temperature that the frogs are very comfortable and I create an aquarium in my stomach But that's not magic No, so the guy there was a guy did it a century ago named Mac Norton the human aquarium and who Harry Houdini wrote about him doing it Okay And when I read Harry Houdini writing about Mac Norton a miracle monger is in a book that he wrote I went oh well this guy must have really been doing it because he's not going to fool Houdini backstage you know so That was enough of a justification from a century go to a trick that disappeared to think oh well Maybe there's a way to do it and then I just he took a secret to the grave so I literally started by just Finding the best frogs that are the least toxic to the most durable which ended up being northern leopard frogs And then I just started putting them in my mouth just to get comfortable and make sure they were okay and I realized that They actually you can they can rest at comfort and everything is fine, but Some of them have same anella so I got really sick the first time Then I didn't try it for a couple weeks. I did it again Was it was really really tough and then finally I Went and got a fluoroscopy and I realized that you could actually make an aquarium in your stomach and you could have Coe fish creatures or anything live there. I was wondering that yeah, and then they How do that So did the results come back from the fluoroscopy? Am I able to produce an aquarium for coe fish in my stomach or not? Like imagine being that doctor and be like what the fuck Well, you couldn't so I had to say that I swallowed something by mistake Right, otherwise they can't really just do a fluoroscopy so I say I think I got something stuck in my stomach And then we did the flashing she's like well, there's a bunch of living creatures like moving around in your stomach And I went oh, so this can work and then I realized that you could just have them come up One of the time on their own you told me after I asked you if I if I could do the trick you said I wouldn't recommend it That was what you said then I push back And I and I think a lot of the guys that did the real stuff that was crazy I think they took their secrets to the grave specifically because they didn't want other people to do it Because they didn't want other people to harm themselves or doing so But so there's a rhyme and reason to why you know, I say to people the best thing that you can do if you're curious about becoming a magician is practice card tricks and as you see we did all card tricks and nobody got right But that's the stuff people like the most by the way like the card tricks are the things that people or you know the the straightforward magic is ironically my show has that in it But I like doing the jumping from nine stories or doing all the different things But really the audience is the happiest one. It's the simple magic and the people's reactions of on stage Yeah, I don't know like the the glass eating the needle through different parts of your Those body like actual body This doesn't it just doesn't feel like magic. It feels real Well, that's why I say you're an endurance artist essentially like didn't you didn't you go around Finding people who could regurgitate water like a like a like a waterfall almost yeah, I traveled to Africa to find a guy that that Was on YouTube on one small video that went viral, but it took me forever to find him because it was it was shot by a Missionary and and he was living in a mud hut So it took us five years to track him down Then I finally found him and spent a couple of weeks learning from him and then I learned it So that that he was there he was there with me that's a dedication that crazy thing I've ever seen and also just like Not only like devoting yourself to the craft, but also like I'm just so curious about this like community of Magicians and like you were talking about you're like oh, he never would have been able to fool who dini backstage like Like is it is it almost like like comics like what would you compare it to the most it's like community that you exist in I think it's it's it's it's a pretty amazing feel because if if a magician it could be one guy that sits in a basement in the middle of nowhere and if he works really hard on one move He'll find somebody and that somebody will take him to one of my magician friends Then my magician friend will be like oh you got to see this kid that does this move And then I'll see the move and then that kid will become part of the team or he'll be traveling with us on come to the show Yeah, and any magician That's really good that works really hard can be in any part of the world and Other great magicians will host him put them off taken so there is an incredible community of magicians is there Equity in the trick itself like if you see a new trick It doesn't get around in the magic community like this up and comor has got a crazy one exactly. Yeah Like like I watched the prestige Have you seen that movie? Yeah one of my favorite movies and They had the twin trick right the teleporting man right and it was like the trick Do you have or have you seen a trick recently that it just blows your mind that not even you David Blaine know what's going on? I mean there's yeah, there's tons of that. I mean We just found the kid. I was in Indonesia, I think And we found a kid that just did this incredible mind blowing stuff and and was willing to share the secrets and He's actually flying to Vegas to come what to do work with the team well I'm not gonna spill it, but what's the closest you've ever been to death? Because you're you're you're you're tolling the line. I feel like frequently no this show should be once a year Because normally the stunt guys would do that that kind of jump It's not something they would do once or twice a month. It's something you would do once a year I was wondering when I saw you do it. That's a problem. How you're gonna replicate it. That's right Freedom of the problem and by the tent show I've been seriously injured three of them. Oh, you got a pretty serious hit right on the injuries It's just the show itself. That's like a third of the day. Yeah Do you do you keep adding new stuff in More for the pursuit of pushing your own limits and learning magic to you know Grow your legacy or for the actual show from a business standpoint like are you still are you still? Are you still completely enthralled in magic as like a as like a A hobby and as a passion. Oh, yeah, that's no that's all yeah. That's all I do That's all I think about that's that's my mean other than with my daughter everything being a full time But as a magician that that is that is the drive. That's the love. That's a passion That's that I think same as what you do, which is just you're always coming up with ideas that excite you But you know, it's not like you do this. Oh, what's the business model you do it like This is this is this is what I need to do. Yeah, it's just so interesting because you're right like that energy I think fuels anyone who Is great in a in a vertical like they love what they do they really love what they do It's like kind of all they think about but I I said this when you were away I did magic dude for years when I was kid, which is why I think I became such a fan because I I wanted to be a magician like that's funny genuinely for a while But then I got like bored of it and impatient like I didn't have the patience to learn the tricks right and and and stick with this craft Because I did I liked it, but I didn't love it. You need lots of patience and You it's it's you're talking about You know my friend I told you we worked on one move. It would be six eight hours a day on one move over and over and over for years and years before he shares I'm a little different in a sense that I come up with an idea or I friends that help me brainstorm There's arm inspired by something I start playing with it right away and I put it into play and I start trying yeah Pretty aggressively and then I fail fail fail fail and then it starts to make sense I'm like, oh this is interesting. Oh, what if I had this? Oh, what if it become and so it grows and it evolves quickly Which I think is more current with how Things are today whereas back in the old days of the old school magicians like you have to practice in the mirror You spend gears before you go out and try the trick and then when you're finally sure it's part But I feel like that doesn't allow the natural evolution of the interactive part of the trick and that's so important That's what I'm most intrigued by the reaction from would you would you rather get a crazy reaction from a audience That resorts world at a show or from your favorite fellow magician in the community. I like all of it We all like to mess with each other. That's that's a big part of the fun So the thing I did to your friend with the nine of diamonds. That's a trick that's meant for magicians So those are those are types of things that we like to do. Oh, okay, you know the one that you did with him Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, those are like magician foolers, you know, are you ever are you ever like scared to death before you do try something for the first time like What what's the most scared you've ever been before one of your tricks? No, I usually I'm so excited by the idea and then I come up with the backwards process of how do you learn it? So I don't fear it doesn't play into it It's it's more of a problem solve. It's like oh, I want to do this. How do I do this? Oh, well, there's a guy that was able to Hold his breath apparently for 10 minutes There's a kid that trapped himself under a frozen river and was was no air for 45 minutes. Oh, there must be a Scientific explanation for this now let me back or you know try to understand the process And slowly test it and then slowly assemble a great team and then Do the research read the medical papers and and eventually come up with a way. I'm gonna try to Voice what I this thought I'm having right now, but I think part of the reason I found you so and find you so inspiring and a lot a lot of people do as well is The way you just described reverse engineering a feat of human nature Makes it feel kind of like anything is possible whereas I I would have thought that A regular person can't hold their breath for 17 minutes like like you just happened to be that guy that can do that because You have a long capacity But you like taught yourself how to do it you taught yourself and pushed yourself to do these crazy feats of human endurance And I'm wondering do you think that to do some special insert and significant things you have to be born with it Or no, I think what you just said is dead on you just work No, you just work really hard failure doesn't stop you you push as hard as you can You you you you learn you try you practice you push a little further you find more little clues on to how you can do this thing And you don't give up because it might take you 20 years to get there Many of my things did that but that's that's so long have you seen the meme have you seen the meme of the two guys digging for diamonds No, there's this meme. I just I just said to my boy. Where is like one inch away from the yeah, it's about it's about it's about Persevere and and never never realize how close you are to your goals because if you keep going and going and going with 20 years Is so long that I don't think a lot of people are are willing To spend that amount of time to hit their goal Because at what point does it feel futile your efforts feel futile Yeah, that's great, but it's good right but you kept going you hit the diamonds after 20 years Yeah, but yeah, I mean no the process it never stops. It's a you just keep going You oh, and that's what's great about magic is it's like there's so many Secrets and so many discoveries that it just never ever slows down Do you know what the biggest thing and the reason why he's able to do the stuff is he talked about this like backwards thinking critical approach Scientists finding the right team, you know practice practice practice I bet you what we know for fact he goes into every one of those new feats with the attitude of I can do this I can do this. I've seen it get done and I can do this But that's like a relentless persevere but it has to start right with the belief that real deep-seated belief inside you That you can actually get it done. Yeah, right? There's even a shredded doubt one percent of doubt in your mind that you can't do it No, you might not ever get it done. I agree with that and and my theory is what you said before I believe something is done by one It can be done by others So I don't look at somebody say oh only this but no, I say oh wait, how does that possible? Okay, so question not to not to offend your friend, but we were talking about Alex Honnold Do you think if you were hard enough you could free solo alcapitan? No, I'm not gonna mess But how do you decide what to latch on to and just go for it like have you had anywhere you just By the way, Alex would be the first to tell you somebody starts and trains and works hard And and is very you know careful about what they're doing in the process that they will eventually figure out how to get there and It looks insane what you see him do, but he's really Cut it down to the Is to the deepest understanding of his core in a way that I think you know a magician would be with a deck of cards or somebody You know what it's it's a science in his DNA now. Yeah, and also his body is formed for you know when you look at I give him a deck of cards when you look at his hands on a deck The the fingers and he won't take the the powder off and it's like the fingers are meant for digging into rocks You know, it's he's evolved Yeah, yeah from all the yeah from all the pushing in so fingers aren't like this. They're like meant to That's crazy Would you ever think about climbing with them? Yeah, I mean, I love the idea of that but but I usually So for what I do I usually like to find the guess but not like he does that you know But what I like to do is I like to find the magic Part of let's say what he does and see how would this relate to magic like to something that that would Excite me as a performer or as an endurance guy or whatever and resonate with your audience as well Yeah, just something that would get me that that feels unique to me, you know, yeah today. I watch you Manipulate cards manipulate my mind a room for the people you're not really manipulating with cards. It's like you're Uh You've just understood it so deeply that you know what you're trying to do. Well, that's that's what I'm saying like watching you It's very clear you have this like weird understanding of human psychology and and uh An ability and uncanny ability to read the room like literally like you're you're paying the fuck attention You could read minds maddenald go to be like gasoline That's not saying that's right now No, but you're not no, but you're not reading it doesn't have to do with that just that If you've done something 10,000 times which is me with cards you kind of know Comes muscle memory at all. Yeah, that's right. Did you always want to have a family? Well as soon as as soon as you have a daughter your whole The way you think about everything changes because You guys just watched her On something she's been working. Yeah, but I learned by having a daughter is that The female brain and the ability to focus is much greater than the male brain because I when I'm doing I'm practicing Magdarsum I'll take breaks. I get distracted, but she'll go four hours and she doesn't want to pause She doesn't want to take a sip of water. She doesn't want to look at a phone nothing will distract her so I have a very you know incredible respect for her that I watch her do things. I've never been able to do and she's 12 It's insane. I just just watched her she's she's widely impressive and the talent obviously runs in the family Did what I was I was just imagining her watching these feats. I that was a part of the balloon one right like her Her actions to happening Yeah, did you did did you have to rethink how far you were willing to go for a feat once you had a a a Life form that you're brought into the world Well, what I did is I had to do 500 jumps in a very short span of time I think like six months before doing the real event when she was gonna come in for it So I did 12 jumps a day repetitiously That's why I started to mess up the shoulders from PLF and over and here for Yeah, yeah, repetitively, yeah, but I did the jumps got the pro rating which then allowed me to jump over any congested area I would jump and land on the back lot of a Walmart and So by the time she came I knew that I wasn't gonna have any real issues per se but it's just funny because I talked to these people like that You know I've been traveling with DJs for 25 years and they're like dude. I used to get on any jet It didn't matter if it had a engine in it if it took off it could land I get in it then I had a kid now. I don't feel safe ever. Yeah, that's right. Right? It changes everything. Yeah, you're careful. Yeah, that's right. So I don't want to die Yeah, you can't die and Houdini died at 52 doing a water breath hold I thought he got punched in the stomach or something He did before and then he should have gone to the hospital because he didn't felt feel so great But instead he did his show did the water tank that the breath hold collapsed when he came off the spade The stage was rushed to the hospital and then he died so I I've promised my daughter. I won't let the show kill me so I'm Even though it seems crazy. I am being careful This might be a little twisted question, but do you have a Vision for like a final act the last act of David Blaine. Yeah, I'm sure you do Yeah Is it incredible And also what is it? I can tell you that the one thing I can tell you is it's the culmination of everything that I've ever worked on my entire life All put together into one final piece That's the I don't like it. That's the prestige I don't like the combo stuff because you just said two minutes ago. Oh, Deity got punched in the stomach and then yeah, you know what I'm saying the combo shit is when it's Dangerous and when you look at the like secret little assembly of everything Like so this show is called in spades right? Yeah, this is like all of them drowned alive But like oh cool this show is called in spades to the last Oh Yeah, the last one starts with an end. Yeah, is it numerous? No Dude know it okay Do you think of the trick can I say what I'm looking at yeah you could say yeah, huh? What? So so so each of his major tricks His name serves David Blaine serves as an acronym uh B in blaine being buried alive E at the end of blaine being electrocution V and David from vertigo And all the other ones and there's there's the eye and the end have yet to be filled in well the eye is right there in spades Oh, I see I see I see I see yeah, so there's an end left and that's the final one you got to have a crazy relationship with pain physical pain I mean, I think we all I think we all do you know you know like you no, it's not true It used to be called bite the bullet before we'd all the pain killers of the arm got blown off fun by can and they'd have to use a red hot iron to seal It so you don't bleed to death and you would bite the bullet right so just we have the ability to And women have been given you know birth for millions of and with no Epidote known right and they say that that's one of the most painful things we can experience but Our ability to override it is is is wired within us for Million you know millions of millions of years so and it strangely always comes back here like it always comes back Yeah, yeah, and and and you know, I think people ask me really push the ice with you And I think I just kind of connect to it. I think I kind of just focus on What I'm going through and and accept it as opposed to fight it, you know See I feel like I could do these things But I know that if I stab my arm with the ice pick I'll end up in the ICU. I don't think that's true But yeah, I don't recommend that's right. Don't do it. There's a rhyme and a reason to it as he said it's calculated Is it true? There's some things that I won't go near like just now When I was in India But these guys aren't going to be able to see per you know that you they're messing Themselves up, but you know, I watched a bunch of guys that just do things like this You know that just pull their eyes out Now because you got it to your eyes in your head. Yeah, that's not gonna work right I got a friend Jeff Whitick Try that trick also You're just doing stuff huh you're just doing crazy so if you see guys like David Copperfield Chris Angel is it on site? No, I love everybody what they do I think and what they do is all magic and it's great, you know I think luckily we all do different things So there's room for everybody and I don't say like this or that I think it's amazing But you are Jordan though of the space Yeah, that got nobody is Jordan That guy is the most amazing Actually everything on the plan the go of go. Yeah. Yeah There's nobody like that man I'm not even the brown not even the brown Everybody says that he's the bond is mind-blowing And but but for me just going to Jordan is like saying to me. I don't even I Those three is at the end of the game those clutch three's or he just I've never say anything like that in sports my entire Not just that but he's just on every level like even when I do magic to him just the way he is It's an immediate challenge. Yeah, and it's always it's always you know It's like game on even if I'm doing a card trick to you know I was I was gonna ask about that you you perform in front of the coolest people in the world The one of my favorite specials of yours was the was the Performing in front of celebrities and you've done this a lot But what was the there was one way was like just doing tricks for celebrities and it was one of those things where And this is I think how people react to you is like David Blaine did it again like there is with he's been in the lab He's cooking up his tricks. He comes out with an amazing special. Do you have someone who you love performing for you Or you were maybe a little bit nervous and has there been a favorite reaction? I mean there's so many incredible reactions So many and it's funny because everybody that I meet when we're shooting we usually shoot hours But because it's ABC I only put together like a one-minute clip of each person but but the other You know three hours of footage is just amazing. It's just that they're long process, you know But yes, there's so many incredible people in the reactions. I I keep a stoke face on through magic, but yeah, that's that that's one That's what drove me when I was five years old I told you I go over the Single mother in Brooklyn and she gave me a deck of cards and I carried it everywhere But I didn't know what to do with it and I would wait for her to pick me up at the library And the librarian walked me through a very simple self-working magic trick with this book that she had And I did it to my mother and that was the first great reaction She went running away from the best reaction and I realized oh wow with a simple cartridge you could change her whole day If you go from a tough day to a cartridge So I want to learn more and I would do magic to earn all the time to this day That's my favorite reaction your mother but but that's also what drove me to love reactions But to this day her reactions are still the best dude watching you remain stoic while people are just for It just adds to hilarious. I saw it do him do it to us um Real time have you ever seen the David Blaine parodies? Yeah, those guys are the street magic guys And Ella Yes, and no, Mikey days on SNL right now, but we were just talking about you guys want to see some magic How do we stack up in terms of our reactions where we closer to the No, and you guys are amazing. Yeah, but I knew that but it's also not but it's also I don't look at it as a like a reaction per say it's um I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I'm scared I'm worried It's we're they're not play there's nothing being played up or anything that I want to know Still I'm gonna walk out of the room 10 years from now 20 years from now. I'm gonna want to know how you created a photo That I did not take and put it on my phone So the other the other night on stage I had uh I had this couple on stage and I showed my mouth together and and and I'm about to start a card trick, but his reactions were so funny. That was trying my laugh because my mouth is so together, so I I want to ask you on the mental side really quick uh going back to your your tolerances uh, I read that you've you've experienced some pretty like mind-blowing hallucinations during some of these extreme can you can you describe well? I mean first of I think uh native American Indian I think they sometimes practice sleep deprivation for the purpose of finding those hallucinations and usually for me when I'm 55 hours of being awake no micro sleeps and no food and extreme situation The rest I go into these incredible but but scary hallucinogenic states where your eyes are open because you're awake you can't go to sleep and Your brain is trying to To sleep so you start having all these dreams and many of them are nightmares and dreams But you can't tell if it's real or not and it's unbelief, but it's very scary and Whenever I do these endurance unside me Very close friends and they and they have to talk me through it because it gets really bad sometimes you Because basically what happens is your brain your your body needs to go to sleep So your willpower is fighting your brain, but your brain knows that your body needs to go to sleep because of brain the immune system everything During those times, you know that that's the most fundamental most important thing that that we have I think you know sleep breathing yeah water right So your brain is Trying to convince you to go to sleep and how does it do that? It takes your biggest fears the things that you fear the most and you start to see them all over You see it all over your body you see it everyone what's that movie called bird box? It's unbelievable like is that how that you get bird box. Yeah, by yourself. I haven't seen it But it's a great movie. Yeah, but it's yeah, but it's So it's a place that I would never go with that it's very careful supervision But that state is unbelievable Well, there's a lot of studies that that have shown that or or people believe at least theorize that the The hallucinogenic state that you're able to reach through sleep deprivation or meditation is actually far greater than any hallucinogenic state for melastere or psilocybin or or iosca It's actually the highest level of hallucination. So pick a deck for me one for you. It doesn't matter open the box open Do you want here? You can shuffle them or not and You can make which deck do you want to use for this the or is it my I'll use my yeah, thank you. Yeah, thank you Okay, so the so the technique on it well here try to try to rip yours and half just right down the middle. I'm not sure I can Can I do that? No, no one block It's hard now I'm getting pissed off Can I twist it as one block you have to there's no other way to do it you Great it's pretty hard I would say it's really fucking hard. I try So this doesn't have to do it strength. This is basically Wow You're stronger than me. Why they say you can't fight my Tyson Wow Force friction force friction or was that what you actually use force friction for that No, no, did you use the fact that you kind of look like Jeff Goldblum to make them I hear that all the time You gotta you gotta tell us how you do one trick because like I said before we're we're we're highly considering roughen you up So do this after seeing that we're not rough But you know here, so what I want you to do is you're gonna pick up a bunch put them on bottom pick up a bunch put them on bottom So try that give it a cut pick up a bunch put them on bottom. Yeah, watch them spell do it again Bunch without dropping them. Yeah, keep them neat. Let me see what hold on But wait, could you yeah, keep them neat? Can you do it under the table again? So keep your hands do it under the table. Keep your hands You can make them first pick up a bunch of bunch put them on bottom keep your hands under under Okay, then take a piecey the top or bottom and hide it under your leg don't let anybody see it take a piece and hide it Okay, all right, you did that hide it no one he didn't see it Anything and you agree these raw mix everything. Yeah, of course Shuffle before we even cut him right I did I did We agree. It's not like there's an order nothing like this. No order small deck at this point. Yeah, you got a 50% of a card Yeah, but I'm saying here you can mix here. Let's do like this mix them like this. It just makes some It's chaos incarnate. Yeah, what that this is so do this for me just pull out pull out. He's not good at that Oh, funny you went for the nothing. Oh, you went for the jacket spades your card from before Was that so but you took that face up? So when you chose that face up you made a deliberate choice It wasn't deliberate. Oh really? You just randomly chose it when I was going face up you went with that one Yeah, but the one that you took Under that you under the table. Yeah, you don't even know what you know idea. I mean nobody knows what he took because you you Mixed him under the table and you pulled out a piece it random and hit it under your leg This is let me just know yeah, did you do that? So you have half of a card here, but then you have half that you're sitting on yeah Nobody's ever seen no one seen I haven't seen it. Uh-huh you haven't seen What you're getting to is actually impossible there's no way That the half that I'm about to take from under my leg is gonna match up be a jacket spades. Is it? It's fucking weird David. It's weird how you can do these things You've made me hungry. That's all I feel right now is hunger. Yeah, this is your you're you've pushed the ball of space time Do you have a capsule of secrets on the moon with Joe Rogan? Be honest? Did you build the paramets you did this? You did this are you religious? Yeah, I believe I you know my mother used to say The last words he said to me is God is love and I believe and like she did I think all religions lead up a Mountain and the same peak is you know taking the best of What we as humans are capable of in the spiritual part of our journey and and You know, I believe the Abraham Lincoln theory says which is the the most human part of it all From my point of view is he said when I do good I feel good when I do bad I feel bad and that's my religion So I think the most that we can try to push each other and inspire each other and not all go against each other and not try to take each other Downside and that's what I love about magic is it's the great that you could take any division and it blurs the line It doesn't there's no barrier. There's no language you can go anywhere in the world and you can suddenly see the best in all people and That that's the beauty of magic is is that simple feature that all magicians I think are drawn to or understand Which is like it is an incredible way to see the best side of humanity totally you know totally Wow beautiful David That was I mean, I mean that's just amazing episode Unbelievable you you came in and in our show and flipped it on its head show it's your show David You guys he has a show this next week in a Vegas you in second in spades here in Vegas. Yeah, I said that resource world Dave I you're one of those people that when you meet you're only my brother calls me Dave So now you and my brothers Brothers that's right, but not at the time was amazing exceeded my expectations the tricks are incredible They're they're they're fucking awesome and this has been such a delight dude. So thank you. Thank you Yeah, thank you So good guys, hey, let us know what you thought about that episode the format was all over the place If you're not subscribed to that subscribe button for us. We'll see you next time take it easy peace