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The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 04:02

Mark and Wade are getting married?!? Well, not exactly, but Bob still wants them to get to know each other using a fun wedding shower game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Good evening, gentle listener, and welcome to the Stractable, now with glorious nipple revealing visuals. This week, its fecal fixation and buns time. Nightman Mark needs a stick to cry, and his best friend cracks the office floor. Brilliant bomb! Admits diapers, aren't that bad, but weighs up his manhood. Emperor Wade Palpatine believes he has a most beautiful baldy on the planet. Ha, I'll see him on the heath. From pudding poo to culinary and juiced arson. As it's time for the show game. Now sit back and prepare to be distracted and enjoy the show. Hello, and welcome to the Stractable, I will be your host for today. And my name is Bob. This is the show where there's three of us, but each week one of us at the host and two of us are the competitors. Because whoever won the last episode gets to host the next one. Points are completely made up, sometimes they don't exist. Maybe I'll just pick a winner arbitrarily. Who knows. But it's my world, and you're just living it right now. Thank you so much for being here. As always, this week's competitors and my two co-hosts, Mark and Wade. Hello. Hey. You look so excited to be here, Wade. Why specifically me? I am very excited to be here. You just look as excited as I feel like you feel on the inside. I have COVID. Oh. All right. That's not very interesting. Well, traditionally before we jump into the week's competition and or topic, we do a little like small talk stuff. So, you know, it's been real scary. Oh, you were saying something. I was just going to offer to intro hang on. Wait a minute. It's just been stormy here. There's been like storms in Northern California. There's been snow in some of the mountain areas around us. It's been cold and wet. You know. What? What? Yeah. Picking up habits from the baby. Yeah. No, we communicate now. What? Does that one a lot? That's just me. What's up with you guys? Mark, you had a hand, right? I had a hand. I had a hand. And I had a hand. I had a hand. I had a hand. I had a hand. Yeah. So, new Chica explosion update. You. So, I don't like that. I just. Why is it? Why does it have to be explosion? I was bringing Chica into the production office. Because we're still in production and we're still working on it. And so, you know, she's great with the crew and she's great in the social situations. She loves people and that was not the problem. Um, but you know, it was time to sit down at the desk and do some work and do some writing and do some emails and talk to people. Um, so I needed her to sit at the desk. I was like, can you lay down? She's like, no, no, I can't, uh, I can't do that. And then she was like, come on, lay down. And she's never like disobeyed, like absolutely refused to do something before because I was repeatedly. Can you lay down? Can you lay down? Just snap my finger pointing to the ground. And she was just like, no, wagon or tail super out. And I think I was like, okay, she just wants to go say hi to people. They probably find if I just let her out and let her go wander around the office. And then she rounds the corner of my desk and then immediately squats down on the floor and just the most incredible horrifying poop you've ever seen in your life. And you know, I usually, I'm very familiar with the health of her poops. This one was nightmarish. I don't know where it came from. And it was mortifying because I'm in an office with other people. So suddenly just like the odor picks up and it just like carries and you know, Phil has to storm out of the room. And I know this is a very pleasant story, but it's just like I have to commiserate because then I spent the next two hours of time that I was supposed to be doing movie production stuff, two hours with like paper towels and like dabbing the thing. And thankfully, John had like on the carpet on the carpet. Yeah. On the office carpet. No, absorby carpets. Yeah. Oh man, it was or it's and I didn't have carpet cleaner or pet cleaner. So I just had this regular multi purpose like disinfectant cleaner and it was not doing it. So I'd soak it and then soak it with towels and ran out of shop towels had to go to the bathroom, steal like the drying hand towels and that wasn't enough. And it was just over and over and over again. And then finally, John comes back with like carpet cleaner from the store and I'm like, oh, finally, and it works after three rounds of that. She's fine. She's fine. Good. That sounds fine. No one can clean up more poop. But I'm sure you understand, Bob, like you can you understand. Hey, babies, babies poop in diapers. It's again, like barring the odd blowout, which does happen mostly with pee because it's very, very voluminous and juicy. Babies are manageable, man. Everyone complains about baby diapers. Not that bad so far. I'm guessing it's a different game when they when he's going to start eating real food here when he gets like six months, eight months old and he starts eating, you know, Cheerios and whatever. And that might make the poop a little more nightmarish, but so far it's great. Not like that thing that Chica did, which has like an absolute abomination. Yeah, it was. It really was. You have any idea? Did she like eat something weird or something? We think it was like, we sometimes get like, you know, rotisserie chicken and we'll pull it ourselves. Unseasoned stuff. It'll be in like a tub, pre-shredded. And it's like, that's a nice little treat for them, but there must have been something bad in this chicken or something like that because she was fine before and then no, but she's fine. She's fine again immediately. Like, she's in good spirits and she's in good health now. Just like a one time thing. She did not like that. Yeah, that won't ever happen again tomorrow. That reminds me. I don't know if I ever talked about this on the podcast. Did I ever tell you guys? I got COVID. Many of you have both got COVID over this past summer last year. And while that was happening, obviously we got it because we went on a trip because we thought that we could do that and have any consequences and that was stupid. Thanks. And we picked Lexi up from like, she had been at like the doggie hotel, whatever, the kennel. And she got home and she was having an issue where I guess she learned she could poop inside at the kennel because they were just cleaning it up. And so while I had COVID over the summer, I was in the bedroom isolating, trying not to get Mandy sick. She eventually did get sick, which was really unfortunate. But while that was happening, I was trapped in the bedroom and Lexi kept pooping everywhere. So that was like, and it was kind of all Mandy's problem because I was like isolating, tried not to get her COVID. Dogs are funny like that, isn't it? You're doing something normal and then something that's never happened before just comes out of their asshole. You know what else is funny like that? Cats. Cats are funny. Our cat, I guess, found a new pair of pants that I had while we were gone and decided to poop on them. So we got back from our trip and we were both, Molly and I were both sick with COVID. We felt like crap. So we got home and whatever we had to do went to bed. I woke up in like the middle of the night, had to use the restroom, couldn't go back to sleep. And at one of the, one of the many times I got up in the night, I went to go into the restroom, sat down and I was like, something feels funny. I looked at the bottom of my foot and I was like, what is that? And I, I didn't smell it. Weird or anything. Okay. Older less poop? Well, it turns out that's the first indication that I lost my sense of smell. Well, it's because it was probably not in fact, older less poop. I didn't know I didn't have my sense of smell. Oh no. So I had mystery dirt on my foot that had no odor. Just way into the bathroom, look at his foot. Like it picks a piece off like, you're not far off. It looks like poop, but it doesn't, it doesn't taste like poop either. It's just floored dirt. Where do we get, what, Molly? Where did Florida come from? Oh, well, thank God I did not taste it. But I did use like toilet paper to pull it off my foot and I was like, hey, if you're ever in a position where you have to eat some poop and it's not the thing that you're into, get COVID first problem solved. Perfect time. I mean, just the texture would be weird, but yeah, blended up. It's like pudding. I like that disgusting episode. You know me guys. Yeah, maybe had a few scratches. He's like, oh, floored dirt, perfect to rub in my wounds. That's dandelions. I scuffed my elbow up the other day and I was like, oh, that really hurts. Oh, God, some dirt. There's the magical floored dirt. It comes in pellets. Oh, well, nine minutes in, people probably safely skipped. You've reached the point where the poop section has ended. Everybody's skipping forward. Now we don't mind it. Listen, go back. No promises. No promises. We'll see what happens. Where this goes? No, I dare not speak more. I dare not. There's your poop update. Should happen, people. Should happen. Well, today's episode. I think you're going to enjoy it. I think we're going to have a good time. This is a game that is played often in certain contexts between the people who are dating. And you know, we're pretty close on the show. I feel like we've bonded and grown together quite a bit. So it's almost like, are we edging? It's almost like you two are a couple. You know, you're like work. You're like a work couple. We're all kind of together like that. But you guys know each other pretty well. So I thought this would be a fun game. But before we get started, I accept this. I'm going to ask you guys to look around your spaces because we're on video now so we can do video gigs and find anything that you want. One thing needs to represent yourself and one thing needs to represent your competitor. It can literally be a notepad where you write your names on it. It can be a shoes. It could be markers of different colors. Anything you want. I'm just going to need you to have things in your hands just for like a prop. Well, you're going to hold them up. You're going to hold one or the other up as a form of like voting almost. The only thing you want, I know you live in a pile of garbage waste. So you have tons of interesting things all around you. Thanks man. I appreciate it. Tell me the floor of your office isn't littered with literally costumes and technology. And whatever right now. Okay, I got it. Do I have to tell you that? I would like you both to hold up the object or whatever that you got that represents Wade. I got a plastic bag. Yeah, I saw that. Thank you. That's very creative, Mark. And then hold up the thing that represents Mark. Jesus Christ. I have a knife. I have a scalp. That's why he's wearing a hat today. Thank you. It's not like a night. It's just a steak knife that was used in open boxes. Don't get too excited today. I'm Elmo and a bag and Mark's a wig and a knife. Yeah, you're back in Elmo. You read both of those are accurate reflections of you who you are as people. It really says a lot. Am I allowed to know why I'm a bag? You ever feel like a plastic bag floating in the wind? I feel like that is reminiscent of you. Does Wade know that song reference? So then crinkly. That's you. Oh, I guess that part is kind of light. I don't know if I'm ever blown in the wind. I'm more like a rock that just thuds on the ground and stays there wondering why. That is a song actually though. Do you know that song? I'm familiar with Katie. I'm familiar with Katie. OK, good. We might have to distort that audio so that we don't get copyright claimed for my beautiful singing. It was very much spot on. It was like Katie was in the room. Anyway, I glad you have your props because the game that we're playing today is I guess normally called the show game, but I couldn't assume that you guys were wearing shoes and also you couldn't trade shoes. This is a game that's frequently played at wedding showers in particular where the married couple to be sit back to back and they take their shoes off and each of them has one shoe, one of their own and then their partner shoe. So you guys have your props and then I'm going to ask you some questions and before we can discuss and you can explain and whatever, but before we discuss anything, I'm going to ask your question more like the questions are like who's messier, you know, who's who eats spicier food, whatever. You pick and then at the same time you hold up the object that represents your choice and then we can discuss. We're going to wait until you say three, two, one go, right? Yeah, it'll be quick. I'll say the question. It'll be like, okay, ready? Raise your head and then we can discuss, but don't discuss it beforehand. Okay. All right. Don't cheat. I understand. So we're supposed to raise our props at the same time. Yeah, you raise it at the same. So you're not influencing each other and I will say the way that you get points today is going to be, whoever I agree with because I'm also going to be deciding in my head, but we can discuss. After you've both made your choices, I would be glad to hear your rationale or if you're unhappy with one of my selections, you can try and change my mind. Okay. So I think we all know how that's going to go. Anyway, you guys are going to be married within the month. It's a beautiful day. We're outside in our favorite park with some delicious finger sandwiches and other crudite and whatnot and we're going to play this lovely game for the happy couple. I feel beautiful. So thank you. How beautiful. Absolutely beautiful right now. There'll be more of that later. All right. And then we're going to ease into this. So some of these questions might seem silly, but we can get to the juicy stuff later. All right. First question, failures. Just more likely to leave dishes in the sink overnight. Raise them up. Well, I can't see more. Knife. Why are you blocking your face with it? You have the whole frame of the camera to hold that up. Oh, because I don't see the whole frame. I just see the sectional. I know it's zoomed in, but it's recording the whole width. How much width do I have? So I don't actually know this about weight. I know this a little bit about Mark. But you do leave dishes sometimes, it has been known to happen. I know what Wade's going to say because he never lets me forget about it. I put this up preemptively to work the ones stored in me about how, oh, just because I left some boiled eggs that I forgot that I cooked on the counter for a few weeks. Doesn't mean that I am just because I'm holding one of my technically initiatives. I'm just saying that I'm not in the sink. It's in my living room, but just because I was using it, that's not the same thing. I was using it a few days ago. Oh, well, that really undercuts my point. So I'm trying to get ahead of the curve here because I have a funny feeling that I'm going to be. I'm going to be roasting here and I'm trying to anti-roast myself. Over night, the answer was both of us. But I was also playing my opponent slash spouse here because I knew he also knew it was a good thing. I'll be honest, Molly is so much better about doing things like that than I am. So I'll leave something like, oh, get that in a bit. And she'll be like, I cleaned the whole kitchen, the whole kitchen will be sparkling. So, then I'll just be like, thank you. She's like, you're welcome, whatever. Whereas I'm just like, yeah, I'll do it later. I'll do it later. I am the do it later person. But weeks or days, it doesn't get to that with me, but I know someone who sometimes it just gets. Weeks is a stretch for me, but I'm definitely the guy who's like, I'll do it later. I'll do it later. This is more than one entire dishwasher load on now. This was really. I also can't help but emphasize that that particular livestream that we smelled the eggs the whole time was also the same one where Mark ruined his phone number by doxing him. Oh, yeah. It was a really bad livestream. Was that in that apartment where there was some really funny and or funny in a failure sort of way live streams that happened in that specific apartment? Yep. Good old Skype and it's incredible security. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was so crazy because people don't realize like before the days of discord, you know, like the days of trying to network with people was not as foolproof as it. Well, it's not even foolproof now, but it was much less foolproof. So like communication was on Skype. That's what everyone uses. Skype has your IP address to anybody that was would look you up. They didn't even really have to know your username. They just have to narrow it down. I could like Google you through the Skype like user database almost. It was very weird. And you would contact Skype and be like, Hey, this is a problem. They'd be like, Oh, that's not a thing. And we're like, I can see I can see that. I see it right there. And it was just like, So when discord came along, it was like no wonder everyone immediately jumped ship because Skype was like so bad and they wouldn't fix it in any way. So of course, discord swooped in. That's whatever uses now. Well, and team the other option I will say was team speak, right? I don't I had a team speak for a while. Yeah, I guess it's not like a super high bar. I'm sure some people will laugh. If you're good enough at computers, team speak was pretty good back then, but it took some like doing, right? It wasn't like discord where you you can get an invite on your phone in the form of a QR code or you can send. It was like you had to you had to know the details and figure out how team speak worked. And if you at all struggle with like tech stuff, it would never work right? Yeah, it wasn't a problem for me, but I know I knew people who were like fucking eight team speak. Yeah, it never fucking works. You would have to either rent your own server or set up a server in your own home, which also opened you up to everyone knowing what your IP address because that's how they would connect to it. Ventrilo was similar. There was a lot of server until there. The idea of just going into discord and being like, I'm going to create a server, one button, two buttons, name it, done. And all the rules and stuff. Yeah, and everything was just weird. These roles, all this stuff that was so much more difficult. It's shocking. It took that long to for something like discord to come around. Like it was people do not realize just how people were dying for that. No wonder it sold for like a billion dollars, right? Then it's completely free to use. You basically don't miss out on any of the meaningful features by not paying a single penny to a discord ever. We're not sponsored by discord. You guys remember the early days of like drop minecraft and recordings though, we had a team speak or Skype. We had like the randomly hosted. Like we had to figure out for each game we wanted to do. If it was just us, we had to fear out of way to like, host it. It was a lock me in Hamachi days. Oh yeah. I'm not even in Hamachi. I'm not even in Hamachi. It's all of those things. Oh. We're good old days. I think it's this computer that I'm recording on that I've had for such a long time. It has Hamachi installed on it and I cannot uninstall it. I have tried. I went into like the Windows program manager thing and I went into like the file systems. I was like, I think I've deleted everything. But sometimes it'll just be like, oh, lock me in running. Do you need to create any network for your friends? No. Get off of my computer. Geez. Oh wow. That takes me. That takes me back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All that to say, but point for both of you. Hey. Are you agreed with us? Yeah. Well, I don't know your habits that well, Wade, but I will say I've seen Mark's habits and it can mark and I are very similar. So I'm not judging at all, but it can go for a little while. This just can sit. I admit it. I fully admit it. Yep. All right. Well, this one I'm also interested. Because I know one of you better than the other on this topic. Which one of you is more likely to burn the house down while you're trying to cook dinner? And hold him up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Only because I would, well, I don't really have to give our reasoning. I would say the only reason I'm putting me, I think Mark cooks a decent amount. I don't cook very much. Yeah, I've never seen you cook. Mark has cooked delicious food for me on multiple occasions and I've been very impressed with it. I've been very fond of my family cooks. I'll help cook. I don't really take initiative to cook. I can do it. I'm not bad at it. I don't do it very often. So I feel like I raised this up for pure experience. I've like Mark has experience. Well, I don't like that. Okay. I just thought of her. I'm arguing against myself a little bit here. Ha ha ha. But because you don't cook, you won't have an occurrence. Like the number of statistical times I cook. Because I nowadays cook like every other day, at least one meal. It's a simple cook, but I use equipment. And like the Sims, it's kind of a quantity thing before your Sim eventually burns the whole shit down. You know, fuck, maybe it was me just because I'm turning the opponents off. Oh, I have to cook one time and I don't have my experience built up the first time I do it. Real life isn't the Sims. You just compare it. You braid the comparison. I can't argue with this man. It's like in the Sims, it's like, what if I did that too much? It's not the Sims though. Stupid. It's only the Sims when it backs up my point stupid by instinct. I'm trying to guess like you both. You both get a point for that because I believe that's true. But wait, if you absolutely had to like Molly is out of the picture for some reason. You're in loss or coming over and they expect a homemade dinner. You have like a recipe in the bag. Do you have like wades, spaghetti, meatballs or something that you can cook? I have like family recipes and my mom has given us like a recipe book and actually the one thing we're still waiting on is we've asked her for like all of our home recipes. And even if I don't have one in the book, I'm confident like I remember making dishes and high school and stuff and trying to like follow my mom's recipes. The only reason I don't want to cook is because I know I would get way too into it and I would like want to do it perfectly. So I have no doubt that things would turn out well. I just don't want to put that much effort into it because I would want it to be perfect. And I'd be frustrated if like the presentation like if something was slightly on. So I have no doubt I could do it. I just don't want to do it. I want to eat some home cooked wade food someday. Yeah, I would like to do too. There's something kind of freeing about it. When the more I cook, I mean, I'm not doing recipes or stuff like that occasionally, I will. The more I cook, the more I just get my skill if anything is going into going into the pantry and being like, uh, this, this, this, I'll just heat these up. Like before I left for the movie, it's like I went into the pantry. I had like a can of Skyline chili instant mashed potatoes. I had some cheese in the fridge and I'm like, well, it worked and it worked in spam. I had spam. So I spam Skyline chili. I fried the spam. I heated up the chili. I made the mashed potatoes and I drizzled the cheese on top. It was fantastic. It was really good. The spam was hard to imagine the rest of it. I mean, it's great. I love spam. You have to imagine spam is kind of just like bacon once you, if you fried up right. Yeah, if you fried in oil, it develops flavor a lot. Yeah. I'm a hypocrite here because I haven't really coached for either of you guys. He thought I don't think, but I many a night. We do have a pot pot pot pot pot pot pot pot. What's it called? It's a little pot pot. I ain't talking about a pot luck. Yes. A pot pot. Oh, no, no, no. No, we should have, that could be a whole episode. We can have a special distractive episode where we do a pot look. Then you'd really have to watch the video where I feel like you lose a lot. I'll sit here out like, no, that is good. Look at the color on that. Yeah. Whoa, this dish is designed. I believe in you, Wade. I bet you could cook. Thank you. I should have curated these questions a little better. Man, maybe we should throw the listeners a bone. We don't have enough World War II airplanes flying through our scenes anymore. We don't have enough bomb defuels or me and an air duct, you know. I give them something. Full studio production from here on out. Sets and costumes and everything. Well, we can sort of skip over this one. You don't even have to answer. I just feel bad that this got left in here, but I want to point out that the third question on my list is who has better hair? I got, I use some references for this. Wow. Bald is beautiful, my friend. When I pull off bald, like no one can believe even when I'm sick, look at this beard. I wouldn't let your beard is better than mine. So maybe that could be a qualification. Beard is hair. For being bold, point to Wade. No. Thank you. But that puts it on the historical that Wade has better hair than me. People are going to take that away. No. Mark, you got it going up here, but you've tried here and failed. Mark, we all know your body hair situation being part Korean as you are. You're basically a shiny little Ken dog. No, no, look. Uh-huh. Look, I got smir- Look. Look, I hit stike. Doesn't show. Oh, I know. Yeah, I see some little tuffs. You're right. You're right. The first nipples on Spotify, everyone. They're going to make well edit them out. You are going to be a Kim dog. You know, they can just put a sensor bar. It's not like they have to. He has to go and track my nipples and use skin replacement. All right. Anyway, good point, Wade. That's my bad, but that actually worked out. It's fine. I'll take the hardball questions. I'm not a coward. I can't believe Wade gets that better hair. Wade has the best hair. You know, I also hosted the episode called hair. It's the hair man. I'm the hair man. I'm going to be a probably a hair advice. I got you. Can't talk hardly, but I can give advice. All right. Next question. You see, I'm hard on questions. We're really getting to the bottom of who's what, and who has which, and so on. Who between you two is a more of a daredevil. And hold him up. I said daredevil, not a masochist. Yeah, I knew someone was going to say that. It's not that I'm a masochist, but I'm willing to do a few things. I'm willing to do something. He's both. Oh, well, I mean, you both agreed. I was hoping you'd stick your neck out there, Wade, because you've done some stuff. You've seen some stuff. And you survived. Yeah, but I am a, I am, listen, this, it's quite sick I'm not a coward. I'm a coward. And myself preservation instinct is very high. I am God's gift to this world, and I need to be protected at all costs. I'm the main character of the Hulk. I just, I don't like, I feel like there's enough bad things that have happened where I've tried not to have bad things happen. I feel like if I'm gambling even a little bit, it's like, dude, what are you doing? You know, you're look shit. I wasn't trying to lose my dad. Lost him. I was trying to lose everyone else. They died. I wasn't trying to lose my hair. Where did it go? Different injuries throughout the years, like trying to play it safe. Like shit goes wrong around me all the time, whenever I'm not risking things. The last thing I need to go is out of my way to like, let me jump out of a plane. Okay, fucking idiot. See how that goes for you? Because my parachute would be the one that doesn't work. Or maybe you say like, hey, you're accumulating a lot of good karma, and you can, you can go out there and spend some of it. You just gotta go down the karma warehouse and catch it in your certificate. Hey, you can have this one. I could see Mark, you're the Daredevil. You're the masochist. You could go, no, hold on. That wasn't the question. It was Daredevil. Daredevil. It was Daredevil, but I feel like we answered both. Well, Mom, you said not masochist at the top of it. So it's a separate question. Did I lie? Did you? I don't know. I'll say masochist first both. Oh, okay. Point to each of you for being correct and an extra point to Wade for being even more correct. It spells our highly irregular. Thank you. That's awesome. Possibly could this be, you know what Mark? My bowels are highly irregular Mark. This is right on track. Can you just need to start being the guy more and Wade needs to not be the guy, and then you'll win. Here's one. Here's the top one. Here's the toss up for how well I know you both. I'm interested to what you think about this. Who is the most stubborn? Hold him up. Wait. Yeah. Mm. Interesting. Why? I don't know. And that is pretty stubborn. Yeah, because I'm pretty stubborn too, but I feel like I've gotten better at opening up to new experiences, trying new things, being less bullheaded, and only focusing on things that I really, really know. But Wade, you still won't touch a taco. Oh shit. He's bringing up tacos. Here comes all the comments in the subreddit about the taco. That's a long thing. I don't enjoy the taste of your brain burgers. Like you're very set in your ways as you get older, you become more. You want to come lick my foreskin because it's about the same amount of effort that I would want to put into a taco. What the fuck? Wait till we're married. My God. That sounds a little... Well, that day's coming today. You, I feel like you're becoming more, like, send your ways, like you've been saying on the podcast just a couple of weeks, like, I don't want to go outside. I don't know what I mean. My nutrition is like my chicken wings and whatever you do. All this happened to be pie going outside. Yeah, you're getting sent your ways. I try new experiences. I'm less stubborn. I'm stubborn on some time. Two weeks of having COVID has been sent. You're sending your ways, Lucas. All the time, you start to see a pattern in your behavior. You're sickly. You don't want to go out. You're coughing. You're always wearing rows. That's a stubborn thing. Don't like tacos. Well, you can't taste anything. You're a different man. If you were to get the image of who's like the old guy on the porch yelling at the used, like, I don't know, you can't fit that little bit. You can't fit the bull. That's because I got gray hair. I got some grayish. These words have different connotations, but I will say both of these things are stubbornness related. But I think you're right. I agree. Wait, it's more of a curmudgeon. I feel like you're sick of word, right? You're getting like a grumpy old man sometimes. Not always. Thank you. You give off a little bit of a get off my lawn type of vibe, sometimes with some stuff. But Mark, you're more like persistent. I would say the things that you're stubborn about are when you're obsessed with an idea, when you're working on stuff, you're working on in space or whatever. You're obsessive and stubborn about doing what you have to do to make that thing like the best possible version of it you can. It's like a different version of it. And I don't know if either of those is really stubbornness, but you work yourself to death on, if you have a project, you're really passionate about it. It does not matter if you are hurt or sick or whatever you are stubborn to the point of you work on it and you no matter what it does to you or to your body or to your health, you're very stubborn in that way. So I don't know which of those is more stubborn. Is it more? If we're talking about an idea and Mark feels strongly about it and one of us feels strongly about it, I feel like I'm more likely to cave into what Mark wants to do because I feel like I don't want to deal with his stubbornness on it. Not to say I would also be right, he's probably also right. He's pretty smart. He made the whole markiplier thing work all right. But also, whenever he's focused on something, I ain't getting the way of that train because I'm not going to derail it. I'm just going to get run over. I didn't do this consciously, but I like that this is structured where if Mark wants to work, I was just going to say, are you against his own vanity or whatever? He's got me in check right now. That's like, I mean, I'm like, you can't win, man. I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, you can't win, man. Thanks for asking. Thanks for asking. You're just asking for trouble with that. Call him down. I don't know. Are you conceding Mark? Are you structuring your argument? I'm just saying, because he... Are you two stubborn to give in? I didn't mean I'm afraid. No, I'm going to gracefully concede because it's not worth the fight, you know? If it is what it is, I'm just going to roll with the punches, man. Wait, does that mean I win or lose? If he concedes that he's stubborn. I'm a point to wade for being right, but then a point to Mark for growing as a person and being less stubborn. I feel spare somehow. Here. All right, okay. That's it. Don't worry, I'll change. Next time, guys, I promise. I'll try not to have COVID. That one got a little... That one felt a little personal, I like that, but I don't want anyone to fight or get one. How did hair feel? You won it! You won it! That's true. You're so wily that somehow you won best hair on this podcast. I feel like that's impressive, but this one should not be very personal or contentious. I just want to know between you two, who's smarter? Three, two, one. Hold on. Interesting. I think there's a difference, right? This is like a common thing. It was like smarter, because like, what is smarter? I think quick-witted, I would say wade, because of the speed at which you can do things. I might say I'm more imaginative just because like, I... Creativity, you've got me by a mile. I don't, because I'm my self-imuzzled creative person. I'm witty, I'm not super creative. I think book smart, we're both, we were both pretty up there. We both did well in school and such. I think you have me in motivation. You're more motivated to work, and I think that your drive is higher, and that's gotten you further. You've learned things like all the different technologies. I remember back in the day with editing. You were showing me websites like Linda and other things to learn how to edit, and I was trying to like get into that and learn it, but I just didn't have the drive to do it, and then like looking at you edit now, you can edit like movie worthy things, like relatively quickly, and I'm still like trying to draw. It took me two hours to figure out a crop in Premiere Pro like last week. I don't think you have an editor, I think. Yeah, yeah. Yes it is. I had to edit anything like two years. I was just like, I want to try this. It depends on your definition of smart, but I would give it to Mark in the drive and motivation category that pushes him over the edge. I would say like when it comes to information and logical reasoning, like I mean you went to school for that basically, because I have strong beliefs. That doesn't mean that I've logic through them. And also like I can't, I still to this day, I know my memory is shit, both in terms of short term and just names, I can't fucking, I never remember names and I don't know why. I could see it either way, it's just like your definition. It's a toss up, I think it's good that we both put an opposite one up. I think Wade, I don't disagree with both of you, that both of you have strong suits, but Wade argued more towards drive and work ethic. When just knowledge, he knows more about like editing stuff. I think I can't change our human now. I'm excited. What do you mean? Change it, I'm reminded. I do like you, Archer. I argued further away from like smart as a broad and meaningless word. And Mark pointed out more that like you are very logical Wade and classically more like smart in the, you know, in the like philosophical ways. Not so smart now, eh? Smart guy. What is intelligence? Let's break it down. What is smart? Don't smart on me, okay? The smart time is over. Megafart joke or something, come on. Yeah, dumb it down for me. Here's a joke. It's me, I was the joke. I didn't get it. Oh, you needed to point it yourself or something, I didn't understand what you meant. I did, it must not have been in frame. Not the, oh, there it is. Ha, okay. Point for me, point for Mark. Josh, for being the dumbest dumb dumb on this podcast. A bliss audience, be stupid and you'll get points. Come in, I have bad hair. Yeah. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. We're learning so much about each other right now. And that's why I included this question on my list. This just feels bad, man. This is where I'm picking on Mark the episode. Hey, no, you're smart. I didn't craft it this way, but it's just the inverse of what we usually do to you. Isn't it graying on this side? No, it feels bad on this side, dude. There's like a blind coke test. It's gonna be like, which one of the best are the worst hair is the dumbest and dumbest. So stubborn as a mule. And it's just like, you're just fucking gonna keep pulling up like Mark tabs. And then you're gonna have the numbers around them and they're like gonna rip off the wall. And it's just all Mark. Mark really is all things to all people, I say. But I'm curious about this one because I don't think I know the answer to this for either of you necessarily. And there's no way that this one can become personal and hurtful, like I'm so sure about this. Who is more likely to cry during a sad movie? Or a, do, one, do it. Oh, really? Oh, really? The one thinks they're the sensitive type, do they? Can I give a little anecdote about a recent event? I don't wanna spoil anything. Have you guys watched the last of us show? Not all of it. But the first four or five episodes I think. There is an episode of the last of us that was so incredibly out of the blue and touching that I broke down like six or seven times during it. And then I guess channeling Mark's masochism, I went and I watched react videos so that I could cry watching other people cry as they witnessed that for the first time. So you wanted to cry? I guess there are definitely times, do you guys ever do that where you want to cry? So you go and like you look for something that they're really happy or really sad to make yourself cry? I do that all the time. I do that automatically. If I see something that affects me on something that's very personal, like attaches to one of my personal fears or whatever, I will watch more content that's like that. But I also feel kind of conflicted about that because I don't like doing that with like real things. Watching other people's actual real life like tragedies or whatever for my own emotional gratification always makes me feel really dirty. Because I do get upset, but that, using that in that way for me is like watching their life as like my emotion porn is weird. Mm-hmm, yeah. But I do that with fictional stuff, sure. I will just as my argument tell a story that I think you guys know about is one day I was taking a shower and I imagined a scenario where there was someone who was a flat-earther and he was sent up in a rocket to see the curvature of the earth. And it was like he was like, I was wrong. I was wrong. And I just imagined that in my head and I just started bawling just because of like it's so beautiful. He learned and he was like remorseful. There was a tick-tock I saw the other day of like, and it was probably a rip of a different video, but it's like it was this prank where like someone is pretending to be blind and like looking in ice cream cone. He wasn't pretending, obviously first. And this other guy came up and like shoved him and just like then he busted out like, you know his cane is like trying to swing it back and then the guy thinks he's blind and then just like the sheer remorse like on his face after he went away. And just like I watched it like dozens of times just like, he's so sorry, he's so sad. I don't know. So we're both cry babies, I don't know. Like you had to watch it. Seen, I imagined a flat-earther going to space. That's right. Well the question I think was specifically about movies. Yeah, I'm saying like I didn't even need a move. No, any sad movie God, that's hero. They gotta be sad. It'd be really happy moments too. Like a military people reuniting with like their kids or loved ones, like they surprised them at like sporting events or like in hallways school, whatever. You know what, you know what gets me, what always gets me on social media. I'm a sucker for pet rescues, where it starts just like a dog living at the side of the road and it's like a broken leg and you're like, oh God, geez. And then the end is like, and I took him home and he's been happy since that day and we live together and he loves me and I love him. So sweet. And if I watch one of those, that will get me in the mood where I'm like, I don't wanna have happy tears. I want more happy tears. Yeah, no. Yeah. Well, we're all just so much big cry babies then. I guess none of us is a man. By traditional standards, but by the way, I don't know if you know that a lot. Not part of what a man does, sorry. There's a quote that's probably better for the other podcast you're on, Mark. But are you aware who Jim Valvano? You know, he was a basketball coach. Have you heard of the V Foundation? There's a, if you watch the SPN in all seriousness, there's commercials every year. I think it was for cancer, he had cancer. And so every year, ESPN does a thing where they raised money for his foundation. But he had a quote that he read one of his last like public appearances, like he was getting an award. And he said, if you laugh, you think and you cry, that's a full day, that's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week. You're going to have something special. I remember hearing that when I was young. And I think I was going through like a tougher time in my bed on the time like my dad or someone had passed away. And I remember hearing that and like that was going on. And I was like, that's stupid. And then like, you know, later on, it was like, actually, it kind of makes sense. So yeah, days where I like get the laugh at something or if I watch this react videos, that stupid episode of last of us recently, you know, figure something out and think about things like, yeah, it feels like a pretty good day. I think it's a pretty good word to live by. That's Jim Valvana, V Foundation, I guess, shout out to V Foundation, if you have any support. Well, you both did a terrible job of helping me decide who gets points. Give it to Mark. Give him the point or give him crybaby status. What would that be both? If Mark is the crybaby, oh wait, you picked yourselves. That's right. Yeah. Oh, that's very generous if you would. It's not worth any points this time though. Just one point for Mark. There you go. If I there if you can cry, I'm cute though. I'll give you a point. I can barely breathe on cue, man. Give me a fucking break today. No, I can't do it right now. I can't do it. Okay. Damn. It's really hard. It's really hard to cry. I have expected that to go from staring to just like bawling face. It is hard. Like, it's a skill some people are just able to like cry on command. I have to like, in the times that I've done it for scenes now, like as acting. It's really fucking hard. The only way that I can do is just like, really, really getting in the moment. And I think that's how a lot of people are and like embracing the sadness. So unless there's something like sad that I can have some time to get in that headspace, like absolutely sure I could. But in 30 seconds, I don't think I could. I mean, that would be very impressive because I do feel like that's probably it. And maybe not forever would, but for some people, that must be a very hard to cultivate like acting skills. There's a lot of methods like to it. And some of I don't touch. There's a lot of methods for like that. People teach an acting of trying to like get in touch with your emotions by channeling past trauma. And I'm like, that's unhealthy. And it was put to me in a very good way. Someone put in good words is like, it's disrespectful to your past to use it in a way. Some people don't believe that. Some people believe that by using their trauma and channeling in that way, they're kind of getting control over. And that's fine. I don't like doing that. So I like to just like be in the scene for that. But the number of times that I've had to cry and a scene on camera now is only three. The rest is with a tear stick because when you're shooting the same scene for eight hours a day, turns out that's the hard part. You can't stay sad and actually crying for a full work day. What's wrong with you? Yeah, no, I didn't realize that was a part of it until for eight hours. And I had to be like, he didn't even just be like over and over and over and over and over and over again. Wait, that's a sensor that holy shit. What am I talking about? Well, cut that out. When you hear in a scene eight hours and you just go, car over and over and over and many different angles. Have you watched like the behind the scenes? Like again, last of a stuff, whenever they were filming the game and they had Troy Baker and the girl who played Sarah, his daughter, Joel's daughter, rather. If you're watching them do like the motion capture, spoilers for last of us where Sarah gets shot and she's like freaking out and like dying and everything and Joel's like freaking out over her and crying and stuff. And they both start like bawling. It shows them do the motion capture for that and like they've always acted out. But like after they're done, it looks like for like a amount of time after doing the scene, they're still just like not okay. Yeah, like the channeling stuff. Like it's pretty wild to actually watch. If you think about it's the same, it's the same exact thing is like when you're watching that movie or you're watching a TikTok as far as I'm concerned with acting is like you get there because you can empathize with the moment you can feel it. And when you are doing a scene where it is, all you need to do is like if the scene is written properly, it is sad and it calls for that emotion during that time or at least it can nudge towards that because it's just fucking sad. And so when you just like live that, everyone does it every day. Acting is not like that complicated. It is difficult, but it's just like that is what it is. I think in normal circumstances, I would agree. Like if you're like wearing your costume, you know, you're full, you know, they're the person you're looking at looks the same. But in the motion capture stuff, I mean, they've got like the bands, like the dots on their faces and then they're like balling over each other where they look like so silly. Like you just want to be like looking at the way they're, you know, outline for the motion capture. That's kind of my favorite part of a lot of the Marvel movies is when you see like behind the scenes stuff and it's one of those shots where it's like a big fight, right? It's a big ensemble thing. All the heroes are around. And in the movie, it's like, Iron Man's flying in the Hulk is put at this stuff and then like Thanos appears or whatever. Like it's not a real scene, but you know, all this stuff is happening. But then in the behind the scenes, it's like, well, the Robert Downey Jr. wasn't there. That's CGI. Like the Hulk is actually, you know, Mark Ruffalo with like a big thing costume like a thing going up off his head. And all this, you look at it in real life and you're like, well, how do you, how do you do an emotional performance? In front of a blue screen, the size of a building with guys with tennis balls on sticks who are like, these are the Hulk's arms, okay? So we're gonna interact with the ball in the stick. And then these guys are like, you know, emotional death scenes and whatever, all this crazy stuff that happens in Marvel. And all looks fucking insane in real life. How do you do that? That seems like your say, that seems so hard compared to acting where everyone's in costume, you're in a scene, you're in a place, there's at least cause I realistic compared to that. Have I ever told you about that video that I did with the rock and Lily Singh? There's a video of me. No. Wait, how am I not saying that? I knew you did something with Lily at some point. I didn't know you did something with the rock. This was like a separate thing. It was like if the rock was like doing YouTube or something and making a big snafu about it. And so he had like was giving a, getting a tour of like YouTube creators and they were going to each these rooms. So in the video you see Lily Singh open a door and rock walks in and it's like, yeah, this is a marker blur, a bit, a bit, a bit. So I'm told that this is gonna happen. So like, oh, cool, that's awesome. I'll get to meet the rock. This will be, oh no. So I get in a room and you know, they're having me do this thing and I've like a cat and there's like the meow thing or whatever. And they're like, I'm like, okay, why are they gonna get here? And then they bring in two sea stands with a tennis ball on top of each. One very tall and one shorter. And they put it in there and then they take two pieces of paper and some tape and they go, and they stick a picture of the rock on the taller one. And Lily Singh on the bottom one, I'm like, they're not here because they not make it. And it's like, no, they're not coming in. And I'm like, oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. That was my first experience with that situation. That's such a bummer, man. That's so disappointing. There's an AT&T commercial that came out, I think last year or so. And it showed the AT&T girl, I forget her name, and like LeBron. And they're having like a conversation about like phones and this and that. But you never literally see their faces in frame, like looking into the same time. It's always like the back of his head and her face or just her hair and like him looking and talking. And it feels very much like the same thing happened. Like they couldn't get them both the same place to film and they tried to play it off. But I was like, I'm on dear tricks. You didn't even try. You didn't even try. You didn't even put them in the frame and just like, you know, steady cat, you could've done something. You didn't even try. I was very upset. So for you, Mark, did someone did like a, I don't know, production assistant or someone read for you? So you're supposed to be talking to Lily Singh and the rock. And some person off camera is just like, hi, it's me, doing the rock Johnson. I'm just touring YouTube. And it's nice to meet you, Markiplier. Yes, 100%. That is exactly how it goes. So did you shake his hand or anything just like pass by the my head or the cat to him? Nice to meet you. Well, look at that. Can I find this? I've never seen that. I can't believe I didn't know that existed. Anyway, so it's there. Yeah, it's called the YouTube factory featuring Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Lily Singh and more. Turns out I'm the Ann Moore. I can't wait to see how much content Dwayne the Rock Johnson has put on YouTube in the, oh, never mind. Four weeks ago, part of disruption project rock. Don't know what that is. Then five months ago, black Adam trailer, five months ago, workout with Aaron. I mean, it's not it's not actually that bad. No, considering how busy he is, I guess that's not so bad. But then it goes eight months and eight months ago, apparently, he was really on this shit for a minute. It's like a few times a year. And I'm like, OK, that's fair. It's totally fair. Well, you know what, point to Mark, because that is such a good anecdote that I forget what we were talking about before that. Yes. I don't remember the questions. Yes, fine. Was that was the question there? Oh, yeah, who's more likely to cry during a sad movie? OK, great. Unrelated. You are in those poems, Mark. Thank you. All right. How are we doing on time here? Coming to the end. You know, I also didn't get to meet the rock. Why don't I get a point? Because your story is not funny. Your story is common, Wade. How common, OK? I have a funny one that I'd like to do quickly. And then the last one I'd like to end on, because it's another one I'm curious to learn more about you as people. But the funny one is, who farts more in bed? But either while sleeping or not sleeping, roll them up. Ready, there you go. I can't. I want to say Wade. I wanted to say Mark, but I don't know who they're farting at. There's the thing. Don't know each other. It's farting habits and you're out. I know yourselves go host. Well, we're not married yet, so we haven't shared the same bed. Exactly. I mean, we've been on the same tour bus, but it's never really been a horrible issue. Yeah, we've slept. Some of us, like a rock on a tour bus together, was it you who slept through when the police stopped us, Mark? Yeah, I did. Literally, we got pulled over. And everyone on the bus woke up, except you. And then the next morning, you woke up, and we're like, well, police. I don't remember that. He also apparently, it was you that lost your pants for artwork, and you had to run and get them, and no one noticed you. Oh, yeah, did your pants slide to the back of the bus or something, because they fell out of your bunk, and then slid around? Oh, probably. I remember that happening, I think. Yeah, because I can't sleep with pants on, so I gotta take them off. Yeah, the monster would get you a suit. You gotta really get those boxers off. We learned that last time. Tell on yourself, how much do you fart in bed? Describe it as accurately as you desire. I mean, it comes, it changes from time to depending on like, do you fart every night in bed, like every time you sleep, you fart probably. I wouldn't say that, but in my sleep, I don't know. Yeah, I have no idea. I don't feel like I fart a lot. I'll give it, I have an argument. I have an argument. I'm actually gonna, I'm gonna change it up. I'm like, I can't change it up, but Wade is larger than me. Therefore, he probably would statistically produce more natural gas than I would. And therefore, if there was anything to go on, it would be he would fart more, but he vote for himself. Wait, stop. Mark, you're right. Mark was a strong argument and Wade takes the point for farts. I forgot how the game was played. No. No. All right. Well, that, I guess with X about a farts, I win. It doesn't matter how many farts all you know is with more farts, you've won. X is greater than Y in your equations. All right, fart man. And with many farts comes great responsibility. Better hair, better farts. Just got you get it all. Not fair. Wade, Wade really does have everything, even COVID. Thank you. I won the lottery today. All right, this one I find interesting. It might be an absolute dud, but I'm gambling for the finisher. I want to know between the two of you, who takes the longest to order a meal at a restaurant? And let's assume it's not a place where you go when you have a set order. This is not CrackerBerl where you mark you already know what you're gonna get before you're today. This is like a restaurant where it's like, oh, guys, we're visiting me. Thanks for coming to town. I know this great place. It's a type of food that everyone likes. There will be something for you, but it's a restaurant you've never been to. Let's go and have a dinner together. Who between you takes longer to order at a restaurant? Hold them up in three, two, one, show me. Damn it. Mm. Okay, I feel like there have been many times where we're at dinner together and I'm just going like, oh, can you go last, make me go last. Do you go first or I'm flipping because I'm doing some stupid diet. And I'm just like, oh, I can only eat two pieces of lettuce if they're on the left side of a stem of broccoli. The stem, only the stem. You know, like I feel like I, or at cracker barrel, you order your stuff but it all has to be on the side. That's a long order, but he orders immediately. The like that takes to communicate is not the same. If we're going to focus a show and even play like of course where you're already into the same speed, but you know, if it's a restaurant that we don't usually go to, I think just like recently, you don't order there, they just bring the meat. That's what I mean. It's like it's the equivalent for cracker barrel, but if it's like when we just went to B.J.'s, it's like I remember distinctly going last. I'm going to defeat you by complimenting you. Ready? I don't eat as much of a variety of things as bark. So I know where to go to the menu and what I'm looking for pretty quickly, even if it's a place I'm not familiar with. I know what I like and I don't usually venture too far from it. Whereas Mark, I think, is more willing to try new things. We actually reach through the menu and takes time to figure out what sounds good or what you might want that particular day. Whereas if I'm at Ace Daycouse, I have a pretty good idea of what I want. If I'm at like an Italian restaurant or an Indian restaurant, I already kind of know what I'm getting. And I don't venture from what I know. I'm not an adventurous person. So therefore it's easier and faster for me because I'm very kind of simple. I've got a much bigger appetite than you guys get me credit for as far as the things I'll eat. But it's still pretty simple compared to the probably two yours, especially I think Mark. I think he wrapped it up perfectly there. I agree. Good thing I voted for you too, buddy. No, there's nothing else I can do. We're all in agreement, which means that both of you get one point. And unfortunately that means that it's tied. Can I tell you an ordering story because this is another thing? Yes, restaurant ordering story, emergency playoff, wait, get ready. With my doing like no carb only meat, I've discovered a new way to embarrass Amy. And that's ordering no bun meals at drive-thrues. But in doing so, I have discovered some pretty incredible things that you can get that are really nutritious way overpriced, but useful for those who want to do. Best lettuce wraps on the go readily available, Wendy's. But also five guys does bomb lettuce wraps. If you have a hop dot in here, you that is the best lettuce wrap. You can order McDonald's patties by the patty with just cheese and bacon. It is cheaper than getting the burgers because it's like a buck 25 per patty. You can get about a pound of beef for under $5. And then the best breakfast is Chick-fil-A because you get like a chicken breast, egg whites, and a slice of cheese on top. And it's unbelievably delicious. However McDonald's breakfast with no bun is very good. But the first time that I went up and ordered, it took me five minutes and they didn't understand what I wanted and I was extremely embarrassed. Dude, okay, I do this. Carb, I'm not particularly dieting and I'm not good at diets, but carbs. I, because I am diabetic, carbs are still a thing I have to manage carefully. No bun options in the age of like DoorDash, you grub hub type stuff. It's absolute banging. Absolutely awesome because you don't have to try to explain to a normal human who eats a hamburger why you don't want a bun and what that means. And that you can in fact order single patties from McDonald's because sometimes the employees don't even know that. But you can order anything you want on the app on your phone and they generally give it to you because it's so specific and weird. No bun ordering is not weird Mark. It's cool. It's the wave of the future. It is lovely and I honestly, I kind of enjoy the more in a lettuce wrap now. I got buns and I like buns. My least favorite part of most burger places including fast food is the bun and the fries. I feel like those are the things that can let you down most consistently. But the burger and or chicken patty or whatever plus the toppings that go on it that you get always pretty good unless you're certain restaurants which I would not go to anyway. But like always pretty good. You're not gonna get shitty fries or a bun that's stale or whatever. No bun ordering is the wave of the future. I love that story. I will counter with this though one of the best things I ever had. Stake and shake burger which is kind of shocking. But they had this thing called the 3D grilled cheese. What? Where they took their burger buns and they flipped them inside out and they treated the buns like they were making a grilled cheese sandwich. So it had like the butter and the toasted butter bun on the top and the bottom and then like the burger meeting the cheese inside. That's a five guys grilled cheese sandwich. Wait, the cheese is on the outside. You can get that at five guys. No, the cheese was still the inside of the burger but it was like a grilled cheese like bun. The next one is on the exterior so it toasts like bread. Right, got it, okay. So it's still the rounded part being up. It was like saying like a bread. I guess. Yeah, well they have bread at stake and shake. I get why five guys does that because you can order that. I did not know and I know where I'm going when I get my taste buds back. But five guys doesn't have bread, right? They have buns, they burger buns and hot dog buns. They can shake has bread. They serve like sandwiches. They use the burger, I think they use burger buns for now. It's been a while and it didn't last for a, I think I only got it twice and they got rid of it which I was very sad about. They can shake is pretty good because they have patty melts. For you bun people, the grilled cheese bun is the way to go. You know, this is where I'm like stunned way because you know you can cook this stuff at home if you wand it. But then it's not, it's taking shake or five guys. Burger that's a home. That's true, that's true. But there are, I know we have this at home but you understand what the problem with that is. But the thing is like all these burger the way they prepare their burger, Bert Buggers. That's the only thing. That's the only thing. That's the thing. Oh. That is the thing. That's the thing. That's the thing. Never mind. Never mind. That's the thing. Yeah. Wait, what was your point though? I was just gonna say the way that all the individual restaurants do they think it's available online but whatever. It don't matter. There is, I will say though, something about a homemade burger that just like, if you like make the bacon and the burger and stuff, like, I do wanna try a grilled cheese burger like homemade burger at this end. Oh good anecdotes everybody. Thank you for the lighting round playoff at the end there. And I think we can all agree and I think it's probably pretty obvious at this point that the point and the victory for the entire episode for one word goes to Mark. Yes! So that's a point for burgers. Oh yeah, baby. Yes! I was beaten by burgers. I lost the hair round. Damn right, you did. I may have also really enjoyed Mark coming out about no-bun ordering and the adventurous possibilities of ordering individual patties with stuff from the restaurants and fast food chains and whatnot. But, burgers is what put it over the head. Oh my God, the losing streak is over! Do I continue your winter speech mark? I feel like you're really feeling it right now. Ah man, I've never really, I've never felt like yes, I've won it for a while because it's been pretty regular that I've been able to get it back. There's been very few times that I've gone through a streak this long, but it's like, I've not done it! Everyone's rooting for me in the subreddit. Everyone's like, he's making his comeback. I'm gonna get 15 wins in a row and I'm gonna really get my place back up there. I'm gonna get it guys. I'm gonna get it guys. I guess you could get 15 wins in a row by declaring yourself the winner every time you go. I will say Mark, I know you had 15 deducted. There's been rumbling in the subreddit of people being like, well weren't they gonna get those back? Do we get to get those back? Does someone get to get those back? They could give Mark's wins back to him. So, while I'm host, oh wait, do you have a loser's speech? Thank you Bob for a fun game. That was really fun and imaginative way. I didn't know about the shoe game. So that was fun. It was nice and easy to do with COVID. It's nice and I've got better hair. I'm less stubborn. I'm less messy and even though you lost the game, you won some super stuff. I do even though I didn't win the game, I feel like I won the war and I'm okay with that. That's a very thoughtful and sincere loser's speech. Very weird. Thank you. Anyway, like I was saying before I interrupted myself, Mark, since I'm the host, I'm gonna give you back your 15 deducted wins. Yes! I don't know if that means a single thing to anyone other than the five people in the subreddit. Oh wait, who took them away? I think you did. You did. You did. Oh, so you're giving them back counterfeit wins? No! I got the real ones in a bag of my house. Who is host? It's about hosts as an office. As a seat of authority in the land of distractible, the host is the host. There is no person. And so the host, that's why you were able to take those away. You had absolute autonomy and authority as the host to do as you saw fit. Just like I have absolute autonomy and authority. I do think we should avoid really nearly giving and taking wins away. Maybe there should be some sort of wait period after we've done this. But when you are host in the future, is within your rights, I am not curbing that in any meaningful way, but I am reinstating Mark's deducted 15 wins. So for everyone on the subreddit who's so into this, there you go, you're welcome. Put that on the spreadsheet and smoke it. Wait, I didn't mean to do it. I didn't want an asteristh on it in the subreddit because he who took it didn't give it back. You can make that declaration when? Yeah, when you're host. Oh, that's true. When you wield the power. I'm coming for that seat, baby. We can't wait. When he's going to get drunk. Don't worry. I fix it every time. OK, good. I'm already drunk with power. How do you think I've become more palpatine like you was COVID-19 winning the digits to me? Do it. Just like palpatine. I've even got the robe starting to grow. It's starting to grow. Rob is starting to grow as a growing out of you. How do your body? I didn't buy this. It just started growing on me one day. Maybe you need a shower, man. No, you need to end this episode so I can go be dirty. Do it. Thank you so much for listening and watching. If you're cool and if you didn't watch, it's because you didn't go to Spotify because you can only get the video podcast on the Spotify, obviously. So make sure you check that out. Maybe you should do that. And see how I was going to say beautiful, but that's not fair. See our faces. Check out our merch at Thor.StrechtablePodcast.com. Mark is Mark a plier on the internet. Wade is minion777 and or Lord minion777 on the internet. I am my skirm. As always, you can just Google Mark's friend Bob much easier to spell. And that's how you find all of our stuff. Thank you for listening. Make sure you follow us on Spotify. And you can see our non-dutiful faces. That's it for this episode. Congratulations to Mark. He will be hosting next week. And until then, podcast out.