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Tolerance Break

Tolerance Break

Mon, 01 May 2023 05:00

Are you familiar with tolerance breaks? Have you ever taken a t-break from cannabis? Don is on day three of a 21-day tolerance break and he talks about the philosophy behind them, why they're worth doing and some tips and tricks to help get you through it! Plus some fun cannabis events coming up this Summer and a new business to tell you about on the News Joint Wrap! And a disturbing reminder that some parts of the world are still very much opposed to cannabis. Have a question or comment for the show? Reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Spotify! Best response gets a free butane torch lighter from Dynavap! Enjoy!

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Hello, listener. How are you? How was your 420? I hope it was excellent. Obviously, that was a couple of weeks ago now, but just recovering from that really myself and I hope you are as well. I hope you got a chance to listen to that excellent conversation I had with Tommy Chong for the 420 episode. Really some great stories from him. He's just such a wonderful advocate and has been for decades for cannabis and his characters, his comedy, his music, all that that he's done and contributed as a creator has just meant so much to the cannabis space and I was a great, great conversation. So if you haven't had a chance to listen, I definitely recommend that. But 420 was an interesting time for me too. I certainly indulged in a lot of cannabis products. I had a blast of a weekend. And after the indulgences of 420, I kind of settled down a little bit, got back into my regular routine. And as of right now, listener, I'm recording this April 30th of 2023. I'm going to release this episode tomorrow May 1st and I'm on my third day of a tolerance break or a tea break. Maybe you've heard of these, maybe you haven't, but I'm going to get into a little bit of the specifics, what I like to do, what some others do, what what it entails, how long and some tips and tricks to kind of get through these tea break days, which can be a little bit tough. But I'm still going to be bringing interviews to you and talking about the topic of cannabis. There's a lot going on as always right now in the news of cannabis and in this space, lots of events coming up. So that's going to be the main focus of today's episode. I'm going to get you caught up on some news headlines and tell you about some exciting events coming up and kind of walk you through my personal tolerance break. And if you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out at Seaman Podcast on Twitter and Instagram. Or you can head to the website or engage with the show on Spotify or YouTube or some other way, whichever you prefer. Any questions or comments are always welcome. So without further ado, let's get into this 47th episode of the Cannabis Man Podcast. Thank you very much. Oh yeah, there it is. There you have it. That, my friends, is the excellent theme written and composed by my man, Yusukem, aka Good Son. Great friend of mine from high school and a very talented musician. You can catch him at I Am A Good Son on Twitter and Instagram if you want to check out his most recent singles. But listen, I hope you dig on that theme the way that I do because man, that thing always just puts me in the exact right mood to be talking about cannabis, which let's get into it right now. I'd like to start this episode off by bringing you the news joint wrap. This is a wrap up of news stories and events around Illinois, but the Midwest at all related to cannabis and it's all curated for you by Illinois news joint dot com. Think of it as the joint you can hit for all your Illinois cannabis news and reviews. And let's start with anti-apparel. SECRET Conference Center and Hotel. It's gonna run on July 1st from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It's geared toward artists, vendors, and patrons and Illinois news joint will be there You stop by their booth you can get a chance to win a free prize and other giveaways lots of other stuff It's gonna go on there Joseph Cowach of Blies barbershop will give free kids haircuts if your kids You know do is getting a little long out there maybe Stop by for a free haircut. That's worth it That's worth the price of admission and itself right and also custom fourth of July designs for kids Obviously that'll be right ahead of independence day So something fun to get excited about that event and there'll be photo booths set up a few vendor spots and food trucks Available to Decatur art and vendor days is also accepting donations for raffles and giveaways by the way if you like to find out more about that Event you can head to Illinois news next story here highlighted by Jason Brown at Illinois news joint Vineyard accounting specializes in cannabis now. This is a highlight piece Jason Brown mentions that once he started an LLC the accounting side of it was you know as you can probably imagine Listener kind of some deep water to wait in for a lot of people not not familiar with accounting I would count myself among them and so Jason Brown is basically highlighting the local business vineyard accounting And he says he found eventually exactly what he was looking for in an accounting partner And it's a cannabis specific accounting firm designed to work with both plant touching and ancillary businesses owner's Boyd and Heather LaFoune provided Illinois news joint with a full state and federal tax services including filing them Also Heather scheduled personal meetings with Jason to go over adjustments on how to better categorize label and Scheduled business transactions that'll pay them big benefits in the future So if you have a cannabis business or it's something that you're thinking about or an LLC that's related to cannabis as As Jason mentions andcillary businesses here. However you are in the cannabis industry if you're a cultivator If you're an infuser if you're in the medical space wherever this is if you're starting a cannabis business Think about vineyard accounting for your cannabis business needs and here is a very interesting one listener I wanted to bring this up because it excites me a lot high-minded events offers full service cannabis bars Uh, and this article a by Michael lastly of Illinois news highlights weddings as one of the most memorable events in a person's life I've myself have a wedding coming up in just over a month now June 11th very excited about this gonna have definitely some cannabis stuff there But what's really cool here is that high-minded events are now offering cannabis friendly couples a way to incorporate a new legal way to Celebrate at the reception that being a full service cannabis bar High-minded events is leading the trend by providing the special service and more for couples who want to add cannabis to their wedding Celebration they make a note that full service cannabis bars can be part of any celebratory event not just weddings High-minded events is offering certified cannabis educators who are trained to inform guests about the menu Serve and monitor cannabis dosing as well as maintain a responsible level of consumption I think that is a very important point to highlight there It ensures that guests will have a safe and enjoyable experience which I think anybody who's putting on any kind of event I think that's very important to you So I just thought this idea that high-minded events is moving forward with these full service cannabis bars This is fantastic. They provide educators who are there to help people who you know The state and all the legal states are full of people who are interested in cannabis But don't know anything about it So a full service cannabis bar at your celebratory event complete with somebody who's gonna show up and Educate the people and get them excited about the different products allow them to expand their minds and palettes a little bit try something new I think this is fantastic and something to think about if you've got any kind of event coming up in the Illinois area Consider high-minded events and maybe add a full service cannabis bar to to your spot As always listener you can find out more about all these events and news stories by heading to Few other interesting news stories that are of more national or global focus listener that I'm going to get to here in just a moment But before I do I want to take this opportunity to remind you that cannabis man podcast is now an affiliate of studio TBD in New York and man if you haven't tried some of their gummies let me tell you you are missing out right now If you have not indulged in some of their four milligram THC 25 milligram CBD gummies for a nice chill evening or one of their more high Level products the 10 milligrams THC 20 of CBD if you're trying to turn the party up a little bit They're great great gummies. They not only taste great But they put you in a wonderful place and as I've mentioned before you can kind of track your progress So to speak along your cannabis journey of the evening because TBD has these excellent little graphics on the back of their Products that sort of chart where you can expect your high to travel to in terms of level throughout the evening and in terms of time period So after you consume the gummies You can look at the back of this package and look at the next three four five hours and kind of follow along with your own Personal feelings the reaction you have to these gummies and I thought that was just such a cool innovation to put on their packages So I love what TBD is doing. They now also have some green tea infused lemonade hemp based drinks available for sale And you can head to to avail yourself of either one of these delicious and very fun Cannabis products and if you use the promo code cannabis man at checkout you can knock 20% off your order That's promo code cannabis man to save yourself 20% One more a news note here around Illinois listener I got a message on Instagram from my buddy Nick Thomas over at Also an affiliate of the cannabis man podcast and I love the products they have there too listener If you're looking for a new piece or anything a grinder A nice little joint a roach clip if you've never used a joint roach clip I never had one of those I saw the big Lebowski using one and I always kind of wanted one Nick sent me one from and man I just love using that thing now Not that you know I had really any problems when the joint would get down real low It's not like my fingers really ever got burnt But you can feel that heat and there were times when it would get you know uncomfortable I suppose on the you know even on the lips But on the fingertips too and it's kind of nice having a little you know roach clip to just you know pin that thing down And you're just I hold on to a little wooden block now and I pretend I'm the big Lebowski and and everything's great So head to if you're interested in that stuff And you can use the promo code cannabis man there too and you can knock off 10% off your order if you're looking for any new cannabis product But I bring that up because Nick Thomas sent me a message on Instagram at seaman podcast if you're interested But there's something happening in the Illinois hemp industry basically according to mark pay Sockovich here. Hope I'm saying that right to no offense meant But he says that cannabis companies in Illinois are claiming that hemp made products hemp derived products are Dangerous and illegal and they're telling Illinois legislators that having to compete with hemp operators is hurting their business And so there is a building movement here and Mark says that hemp companies and advocates are planning a virtual meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday May 6th so that's coming up later this week on Thursday and they're going to be sharing updates and discuss Next steps in this kind of journey so if you'd like to join those advocates for Illinois hemp you can RSVP To mark at mark at mbm advantage dot com mark at mbm advantage dot com and a link will be provided to you if you would like to jump on that virtual meeting Regarding Illinois hemp operators and companies. So that is something to keep an eye on I have heard some buzz about this talking about the Delta 8 THC products and some of the hemp derived options Alternatives to true THC cannabis now. I admit I am not that familiar with these hemp based products I myself I don't think I've ever tried Delta 8 THC. I've never been interested in it I have a lot of family in Milwaukee some of my cousins and good friends, you know who are up there Told me years ago about some news stories making the rounds that people had some very bad reactions to some of those Some of those products so I don't know the truth of that or not. I admit to you now listener I am not an expert at all. I am the furthest thing from it regarding Delta 8 products. I've never tried that stuff So I don't really know anything about them. I don't know if they're dangerous I don't know how they relate to Delta 9 THC. I don't know how they compare But I do know that there are a lot of hemp operators who are making good products and hemp operations in Illinois are not limited to Delta 8 There's a lot of other hemp based products that might be made and sold by a company So I do think this is certainly worth paying attention to and if you or anybody that you know is a hemp operator or is in any way Affiliated with these sorts of substitute products. This might be a virtual meeting to attend to figure out what's going on there Now I'd like to travel East listener across the world and head to the small country of Singapore The Republic of Singapore is an island country. It is right on the south tip of the island of Malaysia But again, it is an independent Republic. It's on its own there But it's kind of right above the equator. It's northwest of Australia and south of countries like Vietnam and Thailand Now why am I talking about Singapore on a cannabis podcast? Well because a few days ago listener April 26th news started coming out That Singapore executed a man for trafficking two pounds of cannabis. That's right. Singapore Killed a man For trafficking cannabis. I'm bringing this up because it illustrates so clearly how fierce the opposition Still is in some parts of the world in some parts of the US now nobody's getting killed here over traffic and cannabis thank god But This is It's more than noteworthy somebody was killed legally executed in a country for moving cannabis A Singaporean man convicted of trying to traffic around 2.2 pounds of cannabis was executed last Wednesday A sentence lambasted by rights groups and campaigners for its severity at a time when many other nations Including neighboring countries have adopted a more lenient approach towards drugs and capital punishment I'm reading a CNN article here listener I will share it on the show social media pages at seaman podcast on twitter and instagram But CNN goes on while cannabis has been legalized in a growing number of nations worldwide Singapore maintains some of the world's harshest drug laws and its government remains adamant That capital punishment works to deter drug traffickers and must remain in place to maintain public safety Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? Public safety you kill a man for moving 2 pounds of cannabis into your small Asian country to make people forget For a moment that they live in a place like that and you hang this man by his neck until death This is exactly this is exactly the same kind of refore madness propaganda from the 1900s But it's 2023 April of 23 this is last week. This is 10 years ago. This happened last fucking week 46 year old man And I'm gonna butcher this name I apologize in advance, but Tangaraju supia I believe SUPPIAH 46 year old Singaporean who was put to death Wednesday His sister Lillavathi told CNN that her brother had been hanged and the family received a death certificate It was Singapore's first execution in six months I'll be honest with you listener. I'm still struggling to wrap my brain around this one This one is is really I know this is not the first time this has happened in the world I know that again in the 1900s that that a lot of this stuff took place especially in countries outside the US But I don't think I've received Certainly not in the last decade or so. I have not seen as stark a reminder as this of the vicious and very powerful Anti cannabis sentiment that still exists in the world today It's easy for me living in Illinois Which has been a legal state for the last three years It's easy for me living my life here to go about enjoying cannabis and make it a part of my existence and celebrate the legality of it and and operate you know as a cannabis user out in the open and I do love that I love my life right now. There's nothing about it. I would change but this is Somebody who is a little over 10 years older than me moving cannabis For just like any other country for the people in that country who need it You know forget about recreationally forget about people who are just trying to unwind at the end of a day We're talking medically I'm not saying that this guy was definitely like a street doctor or something I have no way of knowing that but I know that there's no medical cannabis program in Singapore And I know that the line between recreational and medical use of cannabis is pretty blurry So I'm willing to bet that there were people using it medically That perhaps might have gotten it from this guy And this guy is now dead So the article kind of gives some more details and and I'm not really gonna share Any of those as I said if you I encourage you to read the rest of the article listener And I will share it on the show socials But um I felt the need to share that with you in case you hadn't seen it because As exciting as these times are in the US and and these countries that are legalizing cannabis And that are fighting the stigma and that are finally moving us in in a direction That is is going to improve the quality of life for so many people It is foolish To forget About the forces that are on the other side here It is foolish to not remember that stigma and the power That that propaganda that that refer madness still wields in the minds of so many today Right today So that that's just something important to keep in mind and thankfully again I living in the US I speak from my perspective and you know I try not to speak for others here But my god that that poor family and the poor man to just be murdered Yeah executed is one way of saying it I am going to say that the Singaporean government murdered this man Because he was trying to improve the lives of some of his fellow citizens there And and this is 20 this is April 2023 That's that's the point of this Is that this is not something that happened a hundred or fifty years ago This is happening now Singapore could execute another guy in six months for moving cannabis Although pretty powerful deterrent that they just put out there and made global headlines So maybe not but either way Be careful out there You live in a place where cannabis is not legal Be careful out there Because not everybody's attitudes are as open as some of these US states And other countries around the world who as I say thankfully Are fighting this stigma of anti-cannabis propaganda and such But the other side of it The people who are still Vomiting that vile propaganda And just spitting out these horrible anti-cannabis policies and sentiments That attitude is still alive and well out there And it's very strong and it is rearing its ugly head all over the world Even in some states here in the US We're again nobody's going to get executed But we are seeing a lot of pretty fierce pushback from some state governments On not just recreational but medical cannabis policies too So obviously that's very different from executing somebody for moving it But still to pretend like the whole world is as open and happy about cannabis moving forward as as we are That's not the case And it's very important to keep that in mind If you live or work or are traveling to a place that is not as cannabis friendly As some of these states and countries are So I just wanted to bring that to your attention just in case you hadn't seen that listener And now I'd like to move on to the topic I brought up off the top of the show Which is my tolerance break I am currently on what many cannabis users will call a T-break Tolerance breaks are when you give your body a break From cannabis in order to reset your cannabinoid receptors And re-evaluate balance That's really the major thing here And that's the reason that I do it I find that you know we lean on substances we human beings You hear me ask these questions to my interview guests when I have them on the show We as humans lean on substances some of us more than others And some of us become addicted to those substances Now the topic of addiction related to cannabis Whole other ball of wax I'm not getting into that here That's not what we're talking about What I am talking about is a tolerance break Whether you consider yourself to be someone who is a heavier cannabis user Or a even lighter more moderate cannabis user Tolerance breaks can be very effective at just simply resetting your balance Resetting your table I'll tell you my personal experience here The reason that I've done tolerance breaks in the past And this time included is because I want to lower my tolerance for cannabis It is a high tolerance I am somebody who at the height of my cannabis use I'm smoking all day every day All day every day That's when I smoke cannabis So resetting my tolerance is kind of I view at a crucial practice Not only for my body's sake in my mind but for my wallet too Uh, I'll tell you anybody who uses cannabis frequently Know is that if you're smoking all day every day It becomes kind of an expensive habit And what's nice about a tolerance break is that If you the longer you do it the lower your tolerance resets Now there are a few different um, I've seen blog posts I've seen some articles on this I am going to be reading from one out of the University of Vermont They're a center for health and well-being at UVM They have a tea break guide A cannabis tolerance break guide Kind of a helpful thing As I said I'll share this on the show socials They say like anything else your body builds up a tolerance You need more to feel the same high And a tea break can help you save money and also keep balance Now this is interesting from UVM here They say the hard news is that if you partake most days A true tolerance break should be at least 21 days long Since it takes around three weeks or more for THC to leave your system Again, this is on average and that's because THC bonds to your fat cells Which is stored in the body longer We've talked about this on the show as well A lot of other substances like alcohol, tobacco, cocaine Those are water soluble They bond to the water cells in your body And they get flushed out in 24 hours and then they're gone They're gone from your system Cannabis is different It's lipid soluble It bonds to the fat cells in your body So when people ask the question Hey, I'm a regular cannabis user And I've got to pass a drug test for a new job that I just applied to How can I get a clean urine sample And there's no clear answer to that Because the fact is there's a lot of different factors How often do you use it? What's your body fat percentage? There's different things there There's no easy and hard and fast equation Which makes it just uniform for everybody But that being said, I like this sort of guideline here The rule of thumb if you will from UVM 21 days long And that, three weeks That's my plan for this tolerance break This is my third day of this tea break And I've done this before as I mentioned multiple times The most recent time was about three years ago If I recall, it was January of 2020 You'll remember two months before COVID If I'd known then what I know now I probably would have just forgot the whole thing And just enjoyed myself for another few months Before the world changed But in any case, January of 2020 I did a dry month entirely Now some people do dry months And it's just concerning alcohol I totally forwent, I guess, to forego Forwent, I don't know what the past phrase is I abstained from alcohol In the month of January 2020 I went a dry month I also abstained from cannabis Over that month I also abstained from caffeine and added sugars It was a hellish month Let me tell you, it was awful But it certainly reset my tolerance The first cup of coffee I had in February I felt it for most of the day The first alcoholic drink The first cocktail I had A February first I really felt that And the first joint that I smoked After a month, I really felt that too And that ultimately That's the point of the tea break The wallet help is nice You know, saving some money on cannabis for a few weeks Is obviously good You save that money Put it aside For me personally, the reason I'm doing it right now Is because I indulged pretty heavily in 420 I had a great, great weekend, great week afterward I almost always do I celebrate that holiday Properly, in my view, and I indulge But then, to me, a natural follow-up to restore balance Is a tea break Three weeks 21 days for me That's going to put me at May 19th And for me personally, that's kind of a nice built-in place To end it because that'll be my bachelor party weekend And my brother just informed me That we've got reservations at the rise in Mundaline On May 19th So, I'll be there that night And I will be celebrating the end of my tea break As well as the end of my bachelorhood in style So, this was very natural for me To just sort of jump into this tea break And I understand that it's not... Let me back up It's... I was going to say it's not easy for... For... Everybody It's not It's not easy for anybody Let me say that If you lean on cannabis, you know, as a substance Whether, whether, recreationally, medically, whatever Whatever you use it for To sleep better To, for stomach discomfort issues, for body pain Go down the list Whatever it is that you utilize cannabis for It's not easy to take a tea break You know, we... any substances cannabis included Again, not getting into the addiction here That's not what I'm talking about But, if you're just talking about leaning on a substance If you're somebody who likes to partake in the evening Or if you're in all day, everyday, user like myself It is certainly not easy to completely change up your routine like that And throw out a substance that you lean on Um, pretty heavily So, what are my tips and tricks here for getting through a tea break? Number one, put all your cannabis stuff away If you got a little safe, if you have a little container, if you've got something Even a zip container that you can just stash in the back of a closet Get it away from yourself Remove that temptation Don't have it in your line of sight Don't have it in a place where you can smell it Near you, some people I know have it in like a coffee table drawer Right in their living room I myself have a lot of that I cleaned out that drawer and I moved it into a case that's in the back of a closet now I don't want to open the drawer and see it I don't want to smell it I don't want to have that temptation for these three weeks So I remove it from my immediate vicinity Rule number two Find something else And when I say something else, I'm not talking about a substance here I'm really talking about an activity Find something else to lean on It's very difficult to replace a substance that you're leaning on Without some kind of substitute activity or substance Now, there are some people who take a tea break from cannabis And then maybe they lean a little more heavily on alcohol Or maybe they lean more heavily on mushrooms or caffeine You know, I don't know what your particular brand of vodka is But people have different sort of methods of replacing cannabis as that crutch Myself, what I turn to when I'm on tea breaks like this I try and lean pretty heavily on exercise and meditation Now, I understand that that might be like advising somebody who's hooked on chocolate To start eating broccoli instead Maybe that doesn't sound that good to you But I will tell you, the reason that I have found it to be so effective Is because I lean on cannabis in times of stress, anxiety, boredom Along with a long list of other conditions or feelings and such That I, you know, would describe as negative I lean on cannabis for a lot of things When you exercise and you do so putting some effort in You know, walking is an exercise which is enough But you really want to break a sweat And I say that because when you break a sweat When you put your body into that place of movement stress Work your muscles, work your organs Make your heart pump faster, raise your heart rate When you do those things, your body releases endorphins And cannabinoids and endorphins are... I don't want to say they're the same but they're very similar In terms of how you feel after your body processes those The endorphins that you get from exercise For me, that is a big way that I deal with the stress of Not consuming cannabis during a tea break Exercise becomes my substitute activity When I'm sitting in my living room and I'm stressing, anxious, bored Those times when I would normally turn toward cannabis to help alleviate that I get up, I go to the gym and I burn some calories And I come home and I'm feeling better My mind is off of those negative places My mind is in a better place and my body feels better I'm not feeling stressed and anxious And you know, I've also had the added benefit of You know, not only feeling better but I have burned some calories and stuff So exercise is a big one Meditation, I've talked about on the show too I realize meditation, a lot like cannabis is in need of a rebrand Pretty badly When I talk about meditation, I'm not, you know, necessarily Lighting incense and hitting any kind of temple or anything like that And this is part of why I feel it needs like a rebrand What I do is I put on the app Insight Timer You may have heard this come up during one of my interviews I spoke with a guest who utilizes it pretty heavily Insight Timer is a free app And it comes with guided as well as unguided meditations I, what I've done is I go to Insight Timer And I created a little soundtrack for myself You can alter, you can adjust the length of time You can adjust the audio beds if you want some music If you want a bell to start the window If you want a bell to end it If you want a nice river or the sound of birds chirping Or any kind of nature Whatever it is that puts you in a nice chill zone Whatever gives you that zen feeling And you know what I'm talking about listener When you're, you know, the opposite of the stress When you feel like you're kind of in the flow And your mind isn't a good equilibrium A nice frequency And you're just, you know, time gets a little bit lost And you're just focusing on your breath And you just try and clear your mind It's not not going to happen You know, that's the whole thing with meditation Is that you're basically trying to repeatedly clear your mind The thoughts are going to come And that's okay You, when the thoughts come And you're on a train of thought for 15, 20 seconds 30 You bring yourself back to your breath And you try and actively set that thought In a little, what would I imagine I take that thought I put it in a little leaf-made canoe And I send it off on the river Because I've got a little river sound In my, uh, insight timer soundtrack there During my meditation windows So I do this for about 10 or 15 minutes I have it set right now during my tea break My meditation timer is set for 15 minutes So, if I've already exercised Like I did yesterday And I'm still feeling a little stressed Meditate Find an eye space in your home Or go for a walk Find a park Sit under a tree Get yourself in some sunlight Ideally Get sunlight on your eyes Put some over the ear headphones on Or earbuds Whatever you've got But make sure you've got something that Is going to occupy that audio space for you Make sure you're in some place Where you can see either sunlight Or you're in nature sitting on some grass Feeling the wind on your face And then put this insight timer soundtrack Into your ears And let 10 minutes go by Just breathing and trying to clear your mind I find And this is me I'm speaking for myself here Only I find that meditation and exercise Are hugely helpful Hugely helpful I wouldn't be able to get through these tea breaks without them That I'm willing I'm fully aware of that This is how I get through tea breaks Now as I said Some people might lean on other things Like I know some people eat a little more When they stop smoking Whether that's cigarettes or cannabis or whatever The act of smoking might be somewhat of an appetite suppressant Not always with cannabis Obviously we're all pretty familiar with the munchies I think Often times you might smoke and then eat a little bit more It's very possible that for you A side or fringe benefit An unintended benefit of the tea break Might be you might lose a little weight Especially if you end up adding some exercise to your routine In order to combat that stress You burn calories You lose some weight That These are the things that I lean on During my tolerance breaks In order to help get me through the days But I wanted to let you know I am in day three of my tea break And I'm going for the 21 days So I've got my eye on main 19th It's marked on my calendar And I'll be going the three weeks And the way I feel about it Is that like I said People I'm an all day everyday smoker At the height of my cannabis use I am an all day everyday smoker I enjoy it And not just smoking either But gummies, tonics Any consumables, Topicals, you name it I'm all cannabis all the time I love it But that is also why it's kind of important For me And others like me I think to take these tolerance breaks If I'm being honest You know, it takes me recently Last week when I was still Inbibing cannabis Last week it took me A lot to feel properly stoned And again, properly stoned is subjective You might be looking for a certain feeling From your cannabis use That's different from what I'm looking for Maybe you just want a light buzz And to kind of relax at the end of the day Maybe you want to be completely zonked And on a new reality You know, reflecting on stuff A plane of thought or existence That you've never reached That's the spectrum of cannabis use You can use it for just a little bit of relief And a pleasant buzz Or you can, you know, take off And get yourself to another planet Whatever it is that you're looking for If you're a heavier user Or a lighter user Everybody can benefit from a tolerance break And what's nice about cannabis At least again, in my estimation Is that cannabis as a substance Is a lot easier To stop using and take a break from like this Than many other substances that people lean on To get through a life I'm talking about cigarettes I'm talking about sugar I'm talking about alcohol I'm talking about caffeine Name it Whatever you, you know There's a lot That we as human beings lean on in 2023 To get through our days And if you really consider Taking a break from some of those other things If you're a heavy user Of something like alcohol or caffeine Or sugar Let me tell you When I took that dry month In January of 2020 The thing that was hardest for me I thought it would be cannabis It was the caffeine I had caffeine headaches for two or three days Before I finally passed over that hill That was probably the hardest for me to really shake Cannabis Comparatively To like caffeine sugar or alcohol Cannabis is a lot easier I think To kind of stop using Now that experience is going to be subjective completely You might find that cannabis is a lot harder for you to stop Than anything else That's different We're all we're all different Perspective is subjective That's a little phrase that I've been saying A lot frequently Perspective is subjective You might find that stopping cannabis use is harder for you Than stopping any of those other things For me And actually I mean for me right now I'm not stopping anything I haven't really been drinking alcohol Because you know, I'm still kind of shedding weight for this wedding here But I've got my coffee right next to me here I'm still indulging in delicious foods and such So I just wanted to share that with you listener As I said I'm still going to be doing the podcast I'm still going to be talking with people About cannabis I can certainly talk about the topic I'm interested in it And there's a lot going on It's not like the news of And the cannabis space is going to stop Just because I'm on a tolerance break or anything So I'm gonna keep doing what I've been doing But I just wanted to share with you that From now until May 19th For these next three weeks I am on a tea break And I'll tell you something else I'll share something with you Last night Which was my second night of this tea break I had the most vivid dreams I have had in years I mean I don't know Again, this is another topic Where the research is not yet done We don't know specifically the relationship Between cannabis and REM sleep But there is some research That indicates that there is a relationship there There is an effect From cannabis use on REM sleep I don't know what it is I don't have any definitive You know Just like a lot of the research That's been done on cannabis It's faulty What we have is lacking So there I don't think there is a definitive conclusion That you can reach In regarding cannabis And its effect on REM sleep But I will tell you My personal experience I remember vivid dreams in January of 2020 And this morning I sat in bed for 20 minutes after waking up Just replaying the dreams that I'd had All through the night I mean it was like an HD movie And I don't know how long I mean nobody does right Like you could be dreaming for three minutes And it feels like eight hours I don't know how long Of my entire eight hours of sleep was spent dreaming But it felt like the entire time And I remembered all this stuff When I woke up in the morning Like I had watched seven movies yesterday And that's just something Where I lean pretty heavily on cannabis To fall asleep at night And something that I've noticed Over the course of my cannabis use Is that I never remember my dreams I don't know if I have them But when I wake up in the morning I'm not remembering them if I do That's just part of my experience with cannabis use I'm not saying that's the same for everybody You might remember your dreams as a cannabis user But I lean on it to help me sleep And cannabis no doubt does Help me get to sleep and stay asleep longer That's one other note that I'll bring up here With the tolerance break One of the, you know, one of the tough times And I'll say this just for myself One of the toughest times during these tea breaks Is when I'm laying down to go to sleep at night I don't think I ever crave cannabis more Than when I'm just ready to go to sleep And I'm at that place So it's hard I'm not saying this is easy It's hard to get through But leaning on things like exercise And meditation, drink lots of water, read books Do things that you've been wanting to do That's another thing is that I'm not saying there's not a lot that I don't do When I'm using cannabis I, because I smoke all day every day I've pretty much, you know, learned to operate my life Using this and I'm capable of doing that But to pretend like I'm not more productive Even these last two days To pretend like I haven't been more productive Than I probably would have been On a regular average weekend When I'm using cannabis versus now when I'm on the break That would be, that would be false I would be being dishonest If I didn't admit that I've been more productive These last two days Than I might have been on a weekend When I'm using cannabis and such So I'm finding that the time is passing a little faster I'm finding that I'm plugging into activities And kind of staying more in those things Even like this podcast right now I know I've been rambling for a while Listener, forgive me here But I just wanted to kind of share with you Like I said that I'm on this tea break And I'm finding it All the things I want from it That's what I'm focusing on I am focusing on the 19th When I'll be at that rise in Mundle Line And they're not There's no sponsorship here I'm not, you know, they're not paying me to say That that's where I'm going or anything That's not what this is But I have just wanted to go there It's become part of the bachelor weekend I'm going to have And that timed out To be exactly three weeks from the end of April So it was just kind of a Ready-made tolerance break Right there for me on the calendar And I decided to jump into it And like I said, this is day three And I got to say I'm feeling pretty good right now So if I can do it You can do it And it's worth doing Again, like I said no matter how much you use cannabis This is worth doing I believe Throughout your life As a cannabis user Tolerance breaks are I think a very, very good thing to do And boy, get ready for some vivid dreams I'll tell you that Because again, I'm not saying that's going to be this thing for everybody But boy, get yourself ready for some vivid dreams I mean, maybe you won't experience that the way that I did But my goodness I know some of my friends also When they take tea breaks Report very vivid dreams And remembering them a lot more than they do So that just seems to be a pretty... I don't want to say typical But I'll say it's at least a In my experience It is a popular symptom of the tolerance break It's vivid dreams And I just wanted to share that with you listener as I said If you have any questions or comments about tolerance breaks Or what I've talked about in this episode Please share them with me At seamanpodcast twitter and instagram Head to the website Or if you're listening on Spotify Feel free to just reply to the show in that app And ask me a question The best question That's asked by a listener This week as I go through after this episode's released The best question is going to get a free lighter A butane torch lighter courtesy of dine of app They sent me a few of those So the best question or comment regarding This episode tolerance breaks Or anything else I've talked about Will get a free butane torch lighter And all you got to do as I said Use one of those methods Spotify, twitter, instagram Or the show's website To communicate your question or comment And I'll get that out to you Thanks so much for listening to this episode listener I will have another guest interview To bring you next week as well as All the news topics and events coming up Related cannabis in and around Illinois The country and the world On the next episode The cannabisman podcast Bye bye Cannabis man is 100% originally crafted By myself Don Kleppen Original theme music written and composed By you so can aka good son