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37: Richard Ramirez - Pt 3 - I Am The Night Stalker

37: Richard Ramirez - Pt 3 - I Am The Night Stalker

Sun, 12 Mar 2023 14:46

Join us as we continue delving into the m*rders, a**aults, and r*pes of serial killer Richard Ramirez. On this weeks episode we continue to move through his life before he was a man hunted by everyone. Please be warned; this episode contains detailed accounts of v*olence, r*pe, and m*rder. For the faint of heart, we lovingly ask you go listen to Betty in the goo chair while we slink away to talk about terrible things.


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The Night Stalker

By: Philip Carlo

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I didn't see you there. Something big is going on here. From hunting ghost to bakefoot, paranormal, UFOs, true crime and more. We won't just be spout and articles. I was researching for your entertainment, beginning of a new world. The best clock you'll ever fucking eat true story. It's basically like one day you walk outside and you see that the ants are playing with matches. This is the black airport. See you on the other side. Cold as ice, Richard Ramirez was the man of the night. The one with Satan. He was riding high and also riding low. With stolen cars, jewels and money aplenty. There was no one that could stop him. And he was on a mission from Satan. Living a dream that no one could make but him. It was time for him. To stalk again. You're as part three. Is it part three? You're there. Is this the last one? No, we got one more. One more. Hello and welcome to the black airport and our third episode in our series on Richard Ramirez. And Betsebe, your host. And this is Selena. Hello. Gail. Hello. And Joey. Hello, I'm here to stalk. We are going to delve into the next set of murders, rapes and assaults of Richard Ramirez. He was definitely getting into the group of murder, rape and assault. He was the peppered to assault. Terrible. I've literally just spit my beer on my soul. God damn it. He was the peppered to assault. God damn it. The puns come on fast and they come early. Let's do that. Armed with his 22, his knowledge of the LA area freeways, handcuffs and stolen cars. Richard Ramirez was displaying exactly what he learned from his cousin, me, and he was right in the middle of his form. Duh, duh, duh. Yeah, he was. Sweet. On July 2nd, 1985, Richard was again as always cruising the freeway. He exited off into Arcadia, thinking that it was far enough away from the other crimes that it wouldn't be watched. He parked and walked down an empty street. He came upon the home of Mary Louise Cannon. There were no lights on in the house, so he thought it was the perfect one. There was a beige, orange, one story house. He walked up to the right front window and as he had done so many times before, he pulled off the screen and opened the window and slipped right in. Somebody needs to make locks for screens. I'm just saying at this point, what they do now. Yeah, they do now. Do they? Oh, yes. They've not, uh, uh, none of our screens have locks on them. Anyway, I think he cuts them open anyways. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, they almost stuck them open. They need to make cut proof screens, not just for serial killers, but also for cat owners. I think we would all very much appreciate it. See, everybody's shaking their heads or like actually that's. Yeah, he is. Notting their heads. Penning. He moved towards the back of the house using his usual pen like to search. He crept into the bedroom where Mary was sleeping. He got angry seeing there were no other young women in the house. He picked up a milk white bass lamp and then smashed into her head. As she woke up screaming, he started beating her with his fist over, over and over again. He then walked into the kitchen, grabbed a butcher knife, then returning to the bedroom. He stabbed it right into the side of Mary's throat. Then he started stabbing her chest again and again. He then ransacked the house, washed up the blood and walked out of the frongo and got back onto the freeway. Mary Louise was found brutally murdered by a police officer the next day, which was called by the neighbors. Yes. All right. On July 5th, 1985, Richard sporting a new look with slick back hair. There you go. Oh, yeah. You know my fan. Okay. It's all about the hair. And large round white frame glasses was again cruising the freeway and searching for another victim. He chose Sierra Madder. Woo-hoo. Vendor. Okay. He chose Sierra Madder, which was an upscale neighborhood where he could find his perfect victim. I was going to say I'm surprised he never went to those little rich neighborhoods like, you know, all that area because that's where the money is. But I guess now he found it, which is good for him, I guess. He's moving out. Oh, no. He's moving out. Yeah. Because he was just going into this really poor neighborhoods and then getting mad. It's like, well, what do you expect? You're not going to like the small town rich neighborhoods. It's literally what I was saying the last episode. That's literally what I was saying was like, why are you going into poor neighborhood? Like all this time and talk and like anticipate everything's being built up and like, he's using military tactics to slowly scope out the area, find the behaviors and routines of the local residents. He's recognizing their income. Like he's doing all of this shit, right? At least that's the folklore behind it. But then he's like, damn it. The most expensive thing you own is an air conditioner. Like, and then he's getting mad at them about that. And it's just like, bitch, you're the one that stalked the neighborhood. Like, this is your fault. Why are you getting mad? Anyways, I'm not trying to rationalize serial killer. I'm not trying to rationalize serial killer. But they're, but at the same time I am because there is a level of like serial killers need to be rationalized to be understood. They have habits. They have routines. They have like a very intense well thought out like niche, right? That's where serial killers exist is in this weird fucking niche that they create and mutate. And it's just like, all right, if the whole robbing thing is your fucking spiel, like, honestly, you suck at it, dude. I'm sorry. He can't suck to the robber. I would like to have a counterpoint to that. He's a great car thief. I would like to have a counterpoint to that. I think he actually is pretty good. And this is not saying you're completely wrong. But I think he's pretty good because he still has to fence these items. You know, think about it. He can't go into a super amazing neighborhood steal so much stuff because once he fences him, that person is going to be like, oh, I know exactly where these came from. And as we find out later, you know, the fence obviously is a person that could rat him out. So he needs to have stuff that's very like common, but still can get him money like a radio. Everyone has radios in their house, you know, maybe some cash that he can take. Cash on hand, you know, maybe small jewelry stuff. So in his, in my mind, thinking of it, he's probably, that's pretty, you know, obviously he gets mad for them having stuff. It's a safe thing for him to do. Again, as Selena said last episode, you know, Selena said last episode. He's not trying to push himself. He doesn't want to like, you know, get arrested, you know. So yeah, driving around, he was followed by a police car. I said this morning, they were looking for him. The police eventually stopped following him and he moved into a new neighborhood close by. Richard walked up to an old wrench house. He walked to the back door and it was locked. He then walked up to the front door and it was unlocked. He walked into the house with his 22 Whitney spectrum was the closest to the door on the right Whitney was the 16 year old daughter of Steve and his wife. His name was not mentioned. Richard crept past the door and back to Steve and his wife's room and notice they were still asleep. Richard decided he wouldn't use a gun as it would be too nosy. So he walked back to his car to grab a tire iron. He came back to the house narrowly escaping the view of a passing police car. He walked back into the house and into Whitney's room. He put his hand over her mouth and then struck her with a tire iron. Then he struck her 10 more times in the head. Richard decided that he wanted to kill her with a knife. But you didn't find the right knife. He then found a telephone wire and started choking her with it. Suddenly he saw sparks on the telephone wire and then decided to stop. Richard later said he saw a blue haze leaving her body and was very spooked by it. He saw the devil and his spower was leaving him. He quickly left the house and sped back to the freeway and into downtown LA. Whitney survived the assault and would be instrumental in bringing Richard to justice. Yep. That's insane. Yeah. Just something random because she basically... She passed out. She thought he saw her spirit leaving her body and was like, oh, something thought something weird was going on. So he just like, oh, I got to go. And then left. She woke up the next morning. They had no idea that anyone came into the house. She woke up the next morning and came into her parents bedroom and was like, oh man, I have a headache. Like, her head was killing her. Yeah, no joke. She said her head was killing her and like, her parents were like, oh, oh, shit. They were like someone broken here. And so they had to go, yeah. Well, she got hit in the head a ton of times with a tiger iron. They said like half of her face was like almost like not melted but like beaten in obviously. I mean, honestly, how is she still alive after that? Like, that's a lot of like hitting, you know? You said that she got hit like 10 times in the head with a tire. Like, did she get hit so many times? Did she get hit like so many times that she forgot? She got beat the fuck up by a tiger iron and some dude in the room in the middle of the night? Yeah, she did and I think eventually they found out like, because she had to go through some kind of regression or something to figure out who it was. Some better increasing shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. To figure out because like she pretty much didn't know that somebody came in the house. And obviously her parents were like when they saw her, they were like somebody came into the house and tried to beat you. You know, like they, like, I mean, they were fucked up. Yeah, they didn't try, they didn't try, they actually just beat the shit out of her. Yeah, yeah, I am fascinated to survive though, you know, which is amazing. That's what I'm saying that she survived. Yeah, and like good on her. I'm fascinated. This is really dumb. I'm just calling myself out of the head. There were sparks coming out of the telephone wire. Yep. Is that even possible? Like I know, I know he's he's fairing on like straight up hallucinations and like really getting detached from reality. Like that is the truth of what's happening here. And but like, shit, I used to stick those on my tongue when I was little. You know what I'm saying? Like, telephone wires. I didn't know they could do that. Like I didn't think that was a thing. Like you get hurt from that. They do need electricity to run phones, right? Yeah, but it's like so mile. It's like less than an annual battery. I mean, maybe it opened up. I don't know. I agree. Part of this is my own health concern. Yeah, please don't go trying to shock yourself with the telephone quarts. All right. On July 7th, Richard Christen, normal neighborhoods he had hunted before. He decided that Monterey Park would be his perfect place for tonight again. He literally walked to the front of the house on the street. The home was the home was of Joyce Lucille Nelson. He was as normal dressed all in black and was almost impossible to see. The house was a one story in pale yellow. He tried to open the front door, but it was locked. He went to the left window next to the door and it was unlocked. He took the screen out and then placed it in the back yard so as to not browse suspicion. Richard tried the back door, but it was locked. So he moved back to the front window. He crawled in and saw Joyce sleeping on the couch. He put the pistol to her head and woke her up. She tried to resist so he dragged her by her hair to the bedroom. She wouldn't go willingly so he started beating her with his fist. Getting angrier he kept beating her. He then dragged her to the bedroom and beat her to little death. She was beaten so much she spawned around in a complete circle. Joyce had a clear imprint of an obvious shoe in her face from Richard stumping on her. He then robbed the house, taking radios, jewelry and anything of value. He then proceeded to walk out the front door like nothing had happened and got back into his car and drove away. At 3 a.m. on the same night, he was still in the mood for murder and robbery. He returned to the Monterey Park and parked on Hollywood Oak Drive. He was carrying handcuffs in his 22 pistol. He chose the house of Sophie Bigman. It was a yellow one story house, which seems to be a big thing in California. He walked to the one front window and took this green off very quickly. However, the window was locked and could not be opened. Richard walked around to the back of the house and found a doggy door. I know that yellow very well. It's like a pale, you've seen it. It is very California. It's very old school. Very old school. Did he crawl in through the doggy door? For the love of God, tell me he crawled in through the doggy door. Richard walked around to the back of the house and found a doggy door and reached in and unlocked the door. He went in and he just reached in and unlocked the door. He just reached up to the doggy door and unlocked it. Get shorter dogs. He also had to have abnormally long arms. I know, right? It was really weird the way it was described, but I was like, okay. Unless he sucked his head and shoulder through it. I'm going to figure it out. If it's a big one, we should try that with bomb ones. You can't do it on cat doors. You can't do it on small doors. Big dogs have almost like probably like a third of the door and it's tall. You could probably reach in if it's not locked and then reach your arm up and click the lock. And then the reason is to buy the new, a new cat door. The cat door is made of cereal killer and cat proof screens. And like that along with the cat doors make cereal killer impenetration impossible. It's not just last. Quasca's got your back. Stop saying that. He took her to Sophie's bedroom, turned on the light and then charged her. He covered her mouth and told her to shut up or he would kill her. Richard could, the handcuffs on her and a pillowcase on her head. He put her in the bathroom while he was robbing the house. He took all he could, then handcuffed her to the bed. But he couldn't get himself up. So he told her if she set anything to anyone, he would return to kill her. He then left the house with all her valuables and returned to the three ways. Monster all in one night. Those two things. How does he have so much energy to? And he's not doing cocaine anymore. Five hour energy. This episode is brought to you by five hour energy. When he'd be asleep during the day and like staying up all night. You know, it would make more sense. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and then like, you know how you guys were wondering like, okay, so he's doing all this. Like, does he, does he have any hobbies like? My college. He's really into finding like chicken hands, like, you know, like in the woods. And like really, he's really into oyster mushrooms this year, which like at the time, super hot and trendy. Like it was like three people that were like really into it. He was just like, I'm just saying, I think like, Ray she. It's good for you. So that's controversial, but like, I'm just saying, I think we need to start considering adaptogens. They balance the body, which is really important when you're recovering from cocaine addiction. You know, he was super into it at the time. It was like, Ray she, I'm pretty sure Richard Ramirez invented mud coffee. Yeah, say that. He. I mean, he's obviously making all this money now. Because he's like stealing all this stuff. So it's like, okay, don't you want to enjoy the seats of your labor? You know, like, why are you doing like, you're not going to beach clubs or just traveling, you know, like, why isn't he traveling? You know, you're fixing your teeth. He is traveling. He's a freeway traveler. That's what he does all night. He loves the country. I mean, well, you don't need a teeth if people only see you at night. That's why he likes the night. Well, talking about the in between by this time he was stuff, but the news media as the night stalker. So he is starting to get famous. So he's probably, I guess that means that he is trying to stay out of the, you know, the daylight time because people will start recognizing him. So he's probably just not trying to go out and talk to people. He did nothing. They would connect all the crimes, but decided he needed to be much, much, much more careful. Instead of leaving as any other serial killer would when they are being chased by cops. He decided to stay in the LA area. So not travel plans for him. And with all the people looking for him, he's strolling to a downtown knife store and bought a huge machete because that makes sense. Then he just got back on the freeways and headed on to Glendale, I guess the poor area. Glend, Gil, this is, this is what he does in his hobbies. This is his hobby. Yeah, like he just prepares for the murders. Like he's, that's what he thinks about. The lifestyle. I mean, I guess when I was there, it was for the maybe back in the 80s, it wasn't, but, um, not it is. I don't know when I went to school in Ego rug, that was where a lot of like richer people lived. I don't know, I changed. This seemed like the place he could finally find what he created, he got out of the car and walked to the front of the house of Max and we went. Oh, pronounce nighting. Thank you. He got out of the car and walked to the front of the house of Max and we left nighting. The front door was locked as where the two windows. So he went around to the back of the house and also found the windows were locked. Max and we let had locked all doors and windows because they were following the news stories and they don't want to give any indication for someone to easily break in. Richard cut this screen out of the French door on the back of the house and then unlock the door. Instead of going straight into the house, he went back to the car and grabbed his magic. He then prayed to Satan as the humble servant. He entered the house and then slowly moved towards the bedroom. Both were asleep in the bed together. Richard cased the house scene if there were more people in the house. Finding that there were no more people in the house, he walked into the bedroom. Richard turned on the light and then swung the match at the town on Max in the night. Richard then swung at Leela and missed. Both were still alive so he pulled out his 22 and pulled the trigger. The gun jammed, he quickly cleared the gun and put it up to Max's head and shot. Max was instantly killed. He then did the same to Leela this time shooting three times and both were dead. He cut and poked other bodies with the match at the end. After that, he started taking their possessions and was out of the door before the cops would make it into the house. Before the end of the night, he was already at the fences house to get rid of the valuables. So, think about this. He's literally going into the fences house, still covered in blood. Yeah, he doesn't shower or do anything before he goes because he just goes. In the book, they talk about the fence sitting there like, I'm pretty sure this guy murdered people and this is where they're coming from. So, at this time, he's getting the night stalker's his name. So, he's in the news, you know, and obviously the guy that's kind of fencing stolen goods probably knows about all this stuff happening. And so, he's already starting to think, I think that this guy is the night stalker, but I don't want to be murdered. So, I'll just keep taking this stuff in. Yeah. That's the weird spot to be in. That same night, he was back on the road again, this time to Sun Valley. He stopped on the Shreve bone street. He stopped in front of the house of Shaina Long and some kid Covenant. Richard went to the back of the house and tried the sliding last door. They were open. He slowly moved into the house. Some kid was sleeping on the couch in the living room. She woke up, but Richard quickly put his hand over her mouth and then put the 22 pistol to her head. Richard moved to the bedroom where China wrong was sleeping. He put the pistol to his head, pulled the trigger and killed him instantly. Richard saw that some kid had hit in her ring, so he slapped her in the face. He grabbed her and dragged her to the bathroom. He cut the cord to the hair dryer and tied her hands together. After that, he dragged her back to the bedroom, then raped her right next to the dead body of her husband. He then methodically searched the house quickly and returned to her. He then tied her to a chair and raped her again. Not satisfied with the loot, he beat her and told her to talk her where the good stuff was. Then she led him to some of the valley where she had hit in. He then made her swear to Satan that she was telling the truth, so she swore to Satan. Then he dragged her back to the room and raped her again. He kept demanding more valuables so they retrieved money from the car, totaling $15. After that, he left her on the bedroom floor and walked out the door with all their valuables. With all the valuables fence from the last murders and robberies, Richard was looking at a high price on his head. With a high price of $80,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and a new police sketch of him that was placed in every police car in the LA area. People were starting to report random sketchy people walking around the neighborhood. There was a true panic in it late. Richard completely unaware that the fences were starting to close in on him. Richard was still in another Toyota and started driving on the freeway. I mean, honestly, he's not being careful at all. What are you doing then? When you get in the house, I just want to add to that story a little bit. He ran into the house and saw one of them sleeping on the couch, one of them sleeping, and then he went to the room and shot that one. He just kept hitting her over and over again. When he got into the house, he put his hand over her mouth. When he first got there and said, if you make a sound, I'll kill you. So obviously not one to be killed. Then he went into the room. She didn't make a sound. Went into the room, shot the husband, came back out, and then started raping her again and demanding everything. So if you ever notice, it's such a theme for him, is he literally continuously and continuously and continuously over and over again keeps asking for more valuables. Even when they don't have more, he's like, no, find more. They went out to the car and he got like $15. I don't know. What was the minimum wage at this time? Probably like $2.350. He's putting so much more work into it than he's getting out of it of the minimum wage at that house at least. Yeah, he's doing it all wrong. He's always getting an idiot. What happens when you think Satan makes you invisible? I know. Yeah, look, I used to think Satan made me invisible. I've grown up. I've grown past that. Now I know it's Ketu Lue. So Ketu Lue makes you invisible. Look into it. Go Google it. On August 6, 1985, he cruised the streets of Northridge and parked on the street. He was scoping out the neighborhood and after half a walk, he stopped in front of the home of Chris and Virginia Peterson and their five-year-old daughter. The house was a modest house with three windows on the right of the door. Richard walked up to the front of the house. Try the door. It was locked. He then tried the windows. They were also locked. Quietly, he moved into the backyard, seeing sliding glass doors. These were, of course, open. Before he moved inside, he prayed to Satan silently and then crept into the house. Both Chris and Virginia were both asleep in the bedroom. Before entering the room, Richard cocked the gun. Virginia heard this and woke up. Richard moved into the room holding the gun out of both hands. Virginia asked, what do you want? Get out. Richard then shot her in the face under the left eye just to the left of her nose. Virginia then explained to Chris, he shot me with a stunt gun. Sorry, but the gun is that shitty. It's one of two. Somebody who was literally just shot was like, I was shot with a bullet. I was, yeah, they were just shot in the face. They were like, the stunt gun. That's why I've been complaining this whole time is like, that's how dumb this is. I did kill a lot of people with it. He did with like eight shots. Like now couple or like single shots like right to the temple. What's this young gun? Like shotguns. Yeah, it's they shock you. I'm saying. Chris woke up and looked at his wife. They yell, oh my god, your face is gone. Like he says that. I know, but she got shot on the face. I wouldn't be like, oh my god, your face is gone. Why would you mind? Because he didn't expect it. She said she got shot with a stunt gun. So he turns around and we look to her. She's sitting up looking at him and he's like, what the fuck? Yeah, pretty much. And like complete another shock, you know? Yeah, just woke up so like, I would say your face is gone. Yeah, that is like incredibly articulate for the situation. I'm out of bed. Yeah. What the fuck, Selena? Hey man. I'm just damn it. Never a lot of people kill it next to you. I'm just kidding. I would beat them up. Just then Richard shot Chris in the right temple knocking him back onto the bed. Richard started laughing like a crazy person and tried to shoot Virginia again. He missed. Chris left back up and started attacking Richard trying to protect his family. Richard shot two more times and missed both times. Now his trusty 22 was empty. They grapple for a few minutes for Richard tossed Chris over his back and ran out of the house. Richard got back to his car. He thought of loading the gun back in again and going to kill both of them. But because he thought the police would surely be coming, he sped off and back onto the freeway. After he was gone, Chris made a quick decision to put his family in his truck and go to the hospital. After he was gone, Chris made a quick decision to put his family in his truck and go to the hospital. Chris was in the truck and he was going to kill both of them. They were treated and both survived. Wow. This dude is a hero too. What a mess. This dude, they described him as like, I mean, he was like a kind of a football player which kind of body type. So they were both decently young. This is kind of like the opposite of what he normally would go for. And I guess I don't know how he, you know, like we're talking about like he's a. He's not great. He's really great at scoping random things out, but then misses that one detail. Like you're saying, you know, it's true. He like misses that one detail. And so like he shot her. It went through her roof of her mouth and down her throat and then out the back. So like it missed her brain. Completely held. So she was like the is so lucky. And then she shot him in the tent. He shot the husband in the temple. Yeah. And he, but it bounced off his skull because it's a goddamn 22. It's a 22. And the ammunition was old and the gunpowder had lost most of its potency because he bought it so long ago and never replaced that stuff. He just thought, oh, I bought it and I can just use it. So he's been using the same stuff for so long that it's starting to lose its potency. And so he's like, damn, I can't kill anybody anymore. So they, they called 911 and then instead the Chris was just like, well, we might bleed out. So we should probably go like we need to go. So he just was like, screw it. So let me drive casually to the hospital after he got shot in the head. Recognizing every red light and all safety procedures on the street. Oh, pedestrian. It's there right away. Let them cross the street. We only got 13 miles left to the hospital. He's like tip, tip in his cat, cap in the blood, shooting out a little bit and puts it back into use. I, my uncle had a heart attack and drove himself to the hospital. Whoa. Yeah. So you got to do what you got to do. Yeah. The facts are really the Richard Ramirez of bodily problems. How so? I don't know. So what? I thought you had something there. Nothing at all. Let's keep going. On August 8, 1985, Richard pulled into Diamond Bar, which was about 40 minutes away from LA. He figured that being this far from LA, people would not be thinking the night stalker will be making a visit. Crucine to a stop on a small quiet lane. He made sure that he wasn't seen and snuck into the shadows of the street. He walked up to Elias and Sakina above what's half. Instead of trying to front door first, he slipped around to the back yard. It was a modest, suburban house, built like the normal sets of houses you see outside of a city. Richard found the back sliding glass door open, a snowman. He stopped and listened to make sure everything was silent. After he thought it was safe, he started moving on into the house. He came to the bedroom of the three-year-old first and then moved on into Sakina and then Lee as room. Looking at them, he decided he needed to move the car closer to the house to make a quicker getaway. So he crept back outside and moved the car right into the driveway. Then moved back into the house through the back sliding door again. Standing besides their bed, he put the 25 right next to Elias head just up off the left ear and fire. Elias was dead instantly. He then jumped over top of Elias body and on top of Sakina, straddling her. He struck her a few times in the face and stomach, then flipped her over and handcuffed her. He then struck her again and went to the closet, grabbed a t-shirt and blindfolded her. Then stuffed, part of the t-shirt down her throat, almost choking her. She bit down on the t-shirt so it wouldn't go down further. And then he struck her again in the face. He tied her legs up with another t-shirt, then struck her four more times in the head, almost knocking her out. Richard stood over her, then kicked her hard enough to knock her up the bed onto the floor. After ransacking some of the house, he moved back to Sakina, asking her where the jewelry was. He struck her. She tried to describe where the jewelry was but couldn't find them. He kept kicking and hitting her until he could find the jewelry. Feeling like there was more inside the house, he made her sword to Satan that she was telling the truth. Grabbing her by the hair, he dragged her into an empty bedroom. He then proceeded to rape and seldom mice her. Sakina and Alia's baby in the other room started crying. So Richard made Sakina get up and go into the other room with Richard behind her. To settle the baby down. She had her hands tied behind her back so all she could do was put her head up next to the baby until it quieted down. Then Richard dragged her by the hair again back into the empty bedroom. Kicking her, slapping her and punching her, he then raped and seldom mice her again. He even drank the milk from her breast. At that moment, the three-year-old walked into the room and said, That is no waking up. Richard grabbed the child, put him on the bed and tied him up. He put a pillow over the kid's face to stop the noise. He then continued to rape her. After he was finished, he let Sakina go to the baby and walk to the kitchen and grab a honey to your melon and eat it. Returning to the room, he continued the man that Sakina had to give her more valuables and money. Sakina kept repeating that he had taken all of it. At this time, Sakina still thought that Elias was still alive. As Richard said, I only knocked him out. Richard took her out to the garage to search the cart trunk. There was nothing more value so he dragged her back inside and raped her again in the room where Elias laid it. After he finished, she implore him not to kill Elias. Richard replied, he saw right at just bunch him. And for the first time, Richard had a pain of guilt but it was short-lived. Grabbing all of their valuables, he walked out of the front door and hopped into the cart and threw away. This one's heavy. He did a lot in this one. While he was actually going through the house looking for stuff, at the beginning, he was kicking stuff trying to find valuables. He kept saying it's in the suitcase and he looked through the suitcase and said, it's not in here and then punch her. And then she was like, no, it's literally in the suitcase. You're just not looking in the right place. Obviously, she was terrified at this point because in the bleeding. And so he was just beating her and then finally he found the stuff that was in the suitcase. And then he kept obviously like his what he does, he just keeps asking like is there more is there more there's got to be more here. There's got to be more here. And then gets from taking command of people like we talked about in the last episode, he gets sexually charged. And then he starts raping people because he feels like he's in control. Usually that's how the people live though is that he does that. So while he was tossing the house going back to it while he was tossing the house and looking for everything, he got a really funny feeling. And so he walked to the window of the house looked out the front door. And so you know his he parked in the driveway right on this one. This is like a he's getting stupider, you know the more he does it, he looks out the window and sees a police car driving down the street. So he thinks they probably heard the gunshots and are like looking. So he's just sitting there watching he's just watching watching drives down the block all the way black up the block and leaves. And he just then he waits for five minutes and is like all right time to go back to what I was doing. And he just he becomes more brazen like he's just getting more brazen obviously. Yeah parking in their in their driveway is pretty. Yeah. Yeah it's pretty bold. And he thought he parked in the driveway because he was thinking that would seem less suspicious than if he parked on the street. Yeah. You know he had like that what is it the opposite you know he was thinking the opposite of what probably was actually true. So you know he just yeah. It was that's it I mean they're all pretty rough but I think that one's a pretty rough one. Some of these stories are described in a little more detailed than the other one some of them are you know he ran in ran out. And stuff like that so like this one was a very like poignant one. Yeah. Richard feeling like he was getting close to being caught. Stayed away from the downtown area for a while. He was ready for more. Richard stole a 1976 orange Toyota station wagon. He drove to mission vehicle which was about 76 miles out of the bill. Pulling into the town at around 2 a.m. he drove down the street with his lights off. He then park and jumped out of the car carrying only his 25 automatic. He kept to the shadows and I literally. The night of August 24th 1985 Richard or me just kept up to the bill. Carons and his fans the carols mid south. The house was a beige one story house with two large bay windows in the front. Richard walked up to the front of the house and tried the front door and the front windows. But they were all locked. Moving quietly he crept around to the back of the house and removed a screen from a window. Slipping into the window he stopped and got used to the darkness. Richard turned on his pen light and moved around the house. Getting closer to the bedroom he caught the 25. Bill and Carol were both asleep in bed. But hearing the cock of the gun bail woke up. Seeing the flashlight he jumped out of the bed before he could get out of the bed fully. Richard shot Bill in the head. He then moved closer and shot Bill two more times in the head. Seeing the sheets move he pulled them back and saw Carol hiding underneath the blanket. Like this was a movie and Richard was delivering a corny line as the villain. Richard said, do you know who I am? I'm the night stalker. Okay, but he's out of here. He's getting into the persona. He's so dumb. Like dumb. Hey guys, I'm the night stalker. At least, Lico felt bad about what he was doing. Yeah, he has a method acting into the phone. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I believe in the last one he felt a ping of guilt. Just a ping. Just a ping of guilt. Just a small tiny bit. And then he asked himself, do you know who I am? I'm the night stalker. That's right. You know, talking in the mirror, he's talking in the mirror. I do believe he practices this in the mirror while he's like before he goes, that's what he does. In the one hour, he's awake during daylight. Pretty sure that he delivers his rent check. Pretty sure he got his machete. He was just swinging it around in front of a mirror for like five hours. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, he didn't get a lot of sleep that day. He's like, he's so stupid. Swinging it around being like, oh, almost dropped off my dick. Oh, god. And then do a jab, another jab. Carol's scream, oh god, no. Then Richard said, don't say God, say you love Satan. She repeated after him and then he punched her and made her say it louder. Throw her down on the floor. He hugged, tied her with ties he found from Bill's closet. He threatened her, kicked her and slapped her, trying to get her to tell him where the valuables were. He ransacked the room like he was a master thief. Then he dragged her to another room, raped and seldomize her. After he had finished, he kissed her very tenderly. He then kept demanding for her to show him where the jewelry and cash was. She took him to the extra cash they had around and he quickly took it. Then he took her back to the fedroom and tied her back up. Richard again, like the comic book villain he was told her. Tell them the night stalker was here. He then exited the house through the front door and was gone into the night. Bill and Carol were taken to the hospital that same night and both survived. At this time, he had killed 14 people but was only convicted of 13. Richard had raped and assaulted 12 others. Richard Ramirez committed the first of his convicted murders on June 28, 1984. And the last of his murders and assaults on August 24, 1985. In the span of a year and about a month, he committed all of these atraches crimes. Most of them were committed with two months of each other when he went in an almost rampage mode. Richard Ramirez was cruising down the highway and was about to be cruising into young ladies' hearts behind bars. We will wrap up our four part series on Richard Ramirez next week with the hunt and the capture of Richard Ramirez. The night stalker. Tell them the night was here. Richard Ramirez. I was applauding the writing. He's like the bag. You remember in the first murder? What's look at the evolution of the evolution of Richard Ramirez? He was shooting up his water in cocaine mixture, super nervous. Those are the early days of his murder. barely open in the windows, you know? Oh yeah. Oh, like this young, you know, up in cummer serial killer. And at the end of this, he's going into a house, going like, Hi, I'm the night stalker, you know? It comes in with sunglasses, smoking a cigarette, puts it out on the floor, he's like, Hey, know who I am? Yeah. Yeah. Night stalker. Yeah, he's like, he can't get me. I want to say, like, as a serial killer, like he became like they do. He became the like caricature of himself, you know? And like kind of just leaned into it, even though he was like, stupid, you know? Like his stupid, like honestly, I just think he's so dumb. Like obviously he's so dumb. And like even to do these, do this to people is terrible and awful. But he's just freaking dumb. Like he's like parking in houses, he's getting brazen with everything he's doing. He's just like, whatever. Oh, cool. Now I'll let everybody know that this is a serial, that I'm a serial killer, you know? Instead of like in the beginning. Yeah, in the beginning, he was like crap. I need to change my, I need to change how I do things because I don't want people to like connect me to these crimes. And at the end, I guess he just is like, whatever. Yeah, there's like more ors. Yeah, I wonder where he's getting this ego from, like, you know, he's all talking about it and then all. 100%. 100%. He's seeing himself, he's seeing these stories on the newspaper, he's seeing the, he's seeing the, like the detectives that are following the cases. So he's like, oh, he did see that the one detective, I think the one detective from the last serial killer is following his case and he found that out. And so he was like, oh, like me? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and he also heard about like what a grip he had on like Los Angeles and like everywhere else that he's been. And he's getting all the attention. That just makes him feel powerful. He's like, everybody's afraid of me. I can do whatever I want. And as we know, cops don't find me. Like they always end up driving away. Yeah, look at crazy and all fairness was true at the time. No, they literally would just look at them. Goodbye. And like the other story we told, like, a cop pulled him over and you're not that guy that's out. You're not that guy. Are you? And he's like, no, no, no. When you get a catch that guy anyway, that's what he told him. That's so slow. It's like, I mean, honestly, like those days were his like smooth days, you know? Yeah, and he like gets out of the car, draws a pentagram on it and he's like, he he he it runs away. Yeah, and then let's, yeah. Yeah, like he just like, the guy was like, huh? I guess I should go after him. I think he like followed him for a little bit, but then like he jumped the fence. Like literally, he like jumped one fence. You know, he got this. Well, I guess he's gone. He's good. I'll never find him again. Yeah. Hope he doesn't call anyone. Yeah, I hope he wasn't that killer. And so that that also the car that was in that story, which we can talk about later, that car was impounded in an impound lot. And nobody knew about that car. The detectives weren't told about it. The police did kind of circulate it because also at that time, they still weren't circulating information of like of people. So like the detectives that are looking into this found that out afterwards. And that's how they found out that he went to that dentist office. Yeah, remember, they were under the car. They were under the belief at the time that zero killers only operated within very specific, civically designated neighborhoods. Yep. And there was no possible way crimes could spread outside of a civically designated border. It's impossible. It's impossible. How could that even happen? So it was like, if they're not in Glendale, boom. If they're not in Eagle Rock, boom. Like, it's impossible. Yeah. Well, to be fair, they didn't have computers. Yeah. So like, you couldn't input that into a database. You couldn't just input in a database. And then like, they're like, oh, murders with AV issues. And then like, database would come up with like, oh, he's been all these people died or like he had footprints at these places that they had issues on. And there's only a certain amount of people in LA that had AV issues. But honestly, to me, that gives less of an excuse because that means at the time, they were actually sitting over coffee and talking. You know what I'm saying? Like, it was like more casual because like, the back end of a computer spoiler alert is basically a fucking spreadsheet. Like, when you really get down to databases and shit, it's a massive spreadsheet. And like, so yeah, they weren't entering in this information that was based off of all these obscure questions and stuff at the time, these new trending ideas. But they were having casual conversations at a diner that happens to be like in between both neighborhoods. And like, it kind of gives less credit because like the borders were less defined because shit wasn't perfectly outlined in a formula, in a form that they filled out on the report at the end. So I don't know. I give them less credit. They have floppy disks. They did have floppy disks. And. Was that didn't have the administrator was caught? Then it's a raider. Yeah. Yeah. He was like, he literally asked them, like, if I were to send you guys a floppy disk, would you, would you guys catch me? They're like, no. You goof. Then they trusted over. They trusted the shared ticket. It is. Yeah, he's like, okay. Yeah. You guys are telling me, because you have to tell me the truth. All this year of killers just literally have like, that issue is just staying in that potential when they were kids. Truth. Yeah, because that's all they want. They just want attention. They're feeding from will be attention. They're getting from the media and then more attention. They get the more like remember that. I don't know. Do you guys watch catch me if you can? No. Yeah. Well, do your. Bival you joy? Yeah. Well, do you remember this scene where he, he starts calling the cop. Yeah, to like to be like chase me, you know? Yeah, because like, you know, obviously like, he has no friends to all zero killers have no friends, basically. So he calls this guy who is played by Tom Hanks. And then he's calling him for, I think it was Christmas or something. And he's just kind of like messing with him. And he's like, you're calling me because you don't have anyone else to call. And then that like hits him, you know, right in the deals. Because he's lonely and that and, you know, like that's why they love the attention. Because they're lonely and no one really cares about them besides the media and the cops. Thank you for listening to the Black Cat Report in our third episode of a four part series on Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. Join in next week when we cap off the series. 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