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There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Part Two: Inside Fox News with Katy and Cody

Part Two: Inside Fox News with Katy and Cody

Thu, 16 Mar 2023 10:00

We continue the story of Dominion's lawsuit against Fox.

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For fees covered, read like a card and send other terms and additions to the inflation Call 1-8337-4-Rocket, equal to 100 West's, small 50 states, and a less good to access. Order number 33. What's someone who should probably not be allowed out in civil society? My Tucker Carlson! Cody! Katie! Guests of behind the bastards. We've not done a BTB on Tucker Carlson. Cody, you basically did. You had a massive some more news episode on the guy. It's a big one. Yeah. Why is Tucker Carlson, I believe? Yeah. As was called. We've done like fall per two. But yeah. Yeah, he's a guy, man. Yeah. I would say all you need to really know about Tucker Carlson, aside from like the swans and airship and all that kind of stuff. And his son Buckley, I think. Anyway, this is my guy. Oh, right. Really? His letters to, yeah. I've never met a Buckley that we needed in the world. And also you know that he doesn't shorten it to Buck. It's Buckley all the time. No, it's Buckley all the time. Wrote a letter to Hunter Biden, thanking him for like helping him his son get into school. Yeah, anyway. That's one of my favorite Tucker facts. When Tucker was working in print journalism, he was getting a... He called it a take out hot dog. Is what he called it. My God. Yeah, you know, he's literally wearing the bow ties. He's writing this. I'm sure. So we got to take out a take out hot dog. We're back in the office. Man of the people. Yeah. And somebody in the office was basically saying they need somebody to go on TV to talk about the OJ trial. They need an expert in the OJ trial to go and talk about it. And their OJ expert can't do it. Can you? And he was just like, yes. And in the book, he's like, I didn't know anything about the OJ trial. I wasn't following it at all. I immediately said yes to get on TV and then he did. And that's like the start of his career on television. And I think it's just so illustrative of like who he is. Yeah. And his like his entire career is just that moment of like, who's an OJ expert to go on TV? Oh, I am. I'll do it. After getting a take out hot dog. You know, I am years ago for the nonfiction book I wrote a brief history of ice. I talked to one of the two guys who coined the Dunning Kruger effect. And I also talked to the author of a paper about, I think the title of the paper was the evolution of overconfidence. And it was kind of, it's part of this body of research is trying to answer the question. I think people are broadly familiar with the Dunning Kruger effect, which is a fairly durable finding in neuroscience that people who are least competent in given tasks tend to overestimate their own competence the most. That's kind of the briefest way of describing it. And so there's this question that people scientists in this field have, which is like, why? Right? Because it does, it kind of seems if you're just kind of assuming on its surface that like it would be a bad, a bad trait evolutionarily to be overconfident because then you'll get yourself in situations that you can't handle and you'll die horrible. Right. Right. But like, I guess it could be like psychologically protective. It, you know, but like that's not, I don't know if that's enough, right? There's the point that that was made to me as I was trying to like understand why this still exists is that if you've got a resource that two different individuals are competing over, right? And they're more or less evenly matched or at least they can't know whether or not, because right, if you're like standing next to a guy who wants to fight you, who's roughly years as you have no idea who's going to win or not unless you're like, you know, it's it's they're a black box, right? You don't know like who is who is better at fighting or whatever. So if you the individual that is more confident in their ability to take that resource, if they just go for it and grab it, one of two things will happen either the other individual will fight back in which case they either win or lose the fight or the other individual chooses not to fight and you get the resource. And statistically, that's a pretty good bet to make enough of the time that overconfidence is an extremely common trait, not just among human beings. And I think it's also interesting that like that is how fascism works, right? They just keep grabbing and until you fight back, they're they're just going to keep taking more and more, which is why, you know, we could talk about certain shootings that have occurred recently in the city of Portland. But I think that like fundamentally Tucker is a perfect embodiment of that fact, both in his career where it's just like, well, yeah, if you just try to do shit that you're not competent to do and, you know, hope that you can bullshit your way through it, sometimes you will. And then you make tens of millions of dollars. And also if you just keep pushing further and further as a fascist and trying to incite more violence against your enemies and no one stops you, then you get everything you want, which in Tucker's, yeah, it's literally fuck around and find out. Yeah. Just like evil. It is, it is really evil. It's interesting because we're, I wonder what he's saying in his texts, you know, in 2023. But in 2020, there's a degree of which you can see like fear in him of what he's doing, like, which makes sense. Yeah, what he's helping. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because he doesn't know if it's going to work out for him or not. But it does, I, there's a degree to which I find it and maybe he's more confident now. I don't know. There's a degree to which I find a little bit of it comforting because it's like, oh, he knows he could lose. But he doesn't actually know how this is going to work out. And he's, he's second guessing himself and his, his colleagues. And, and maybe that, maybe that means that there's hope. Maybe not, you know, it's 2023. Well, right. My idea to bet on that. He's in it, right? It doesn't matter how confident he is necessarily. Yeah. Yeah. Now, yes. So, yeah. At any rate, we are back into the story of how Fox News handled the, you know, the, the election lies. Was it well about this document? I remember it was well. Yeah. Well, is a good way to describe it. Okay. So, well, I respect nothing less. Sorry. Go ahead. No, no, no. While Murdoch apparently went to pretty great lengths to Curry favor with the Trump campaign during the election, he does not seem to have appeared to have wanted to push the stolen election line after November 2nd. But within Fox News itself, Murdoch had a serious problem. He had hired a stable of hosts who were, let's say, either crazy assholes or evil enough that all they cared about was their bottom line. And they saw this as the best way to do it. There's also a degree of like fear of Trump that they all have internal discussion. And these people could not be entirely controlled, right? Rupert Murdoch has a lot of power. He does not have absolute control over Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or Judge Jeanine or any of these others people because they were all multi-million dollar businesses. They have a lot of leverage, you know? Yeah. Although, wasn't that Tucker Carlson at one point say on like some like radio show, he was Rupert Murdoch's bitch. Wait, didn't he? Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was ruling it right now. But that was more back in his shock days though, wasn't it? Right, right, right. Right, right now he's like making it. I just like that popped into my head. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, a little bit. I mean, because it definitely the depiction you get from these internal comms is not one in which he's fully Murdoch's bitch. Although it's also one in which, you know, I don't know. I was actually kind of surprised by how comparatively toothless it seems like Murdoch was. Maybe just because of how much Fox is a talent driven business. But yeah, there's internal discussions that Dominion Post that are between Fox executives that are just like this parade of worries, particularly that Sean Hannity is not like controllable. They went so far and they did take some actions to try and mitigate this. Judge Janine P. Rose, November's seventh show was canceled because as Fox executive David Clark said, her guests are all going to say the election is being stolen. And if she pushes back at all, it will just be token. And then it's like token dot, dot, dot, and then like two sentences are redacted. So I don't know what the fuck else they were saying about you. I wish I knew. I know. There's some tantalizing redactions here. And then we get to this lovely bit. Quote, as Fox producer Justin Wells described, they took her off because she was being crazy. Optics are bad, but she is crazy. So he's like the optics of us questioning the election lies conspiracy theory are bad. But also this pitch is nuts. Oh my God. The situation you find when you hire people, you know, are inflammatory just to be inflammatory. It's Pandora's box. They've opened Pandora's box and they can't. It's fucked up. No, they cannot. So these my old attempts at responsibility did not extend to letting the network call the election for Biden first. They waited until all of the other networks had finished. Viewers revolted. Rupert Murdock complained to Suzanne Scott that the company was quote, getting creamed by CNN. Guess our viewers don't want to watch it. Now this is the point at which Tucker Carlson. Yeah, I fucking love that. It's funny. It's just like, yeah, the results to kind of sorry. Yeah. It's it's it is remarkable. And at this point, Tucker Carlson who'd kind of started out on like broadly speaking team reason, like angry at the election conspiracies takes a turn. Carlson texted his producer, do the executives understand how much credibility and trust we've lost with our audience were playing with fire for real. An alternative like newsmax could be devastating to us. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they know exactly like the shit that they're in. Yeah, they're in a bad way. Bad situation. Yeah. Freely spawned might overtake us. Yeah. It's very, very funny. On November 8th, the day after the election was called, Maria Bartoromo had Sydney Powell on again to talk about Dominion's software. Which she alleged had an algorithm that had stolen the election from Trump. Bartoromo knew ahead of time that Powell was going to spread conspiracy theories about the company because Powell had sent her a document the day before titled election fraud info. Now, this is the core of all of the information about the Dominion and smartmatic or whatever like this is this is the actual nut of data that Sydney Powell has that all of her claims are based on, right? So basically everything that Fox is going to magnify about the election conspiracy comes from this document that Powell has been sent from an anonymous source titled election fraud info. Now for one thing, Powell describes this anonymous source as pretty wackadoodle, right? And what does that mean exactly? I bet you're wondering what is from Sydney Powell? What is the sentence for the statement pretty wackadoodle mean? Here's how the motion describes the election fraud info document. In addition to promoting lies about Dominion, the cinder claimed that Justice Scalia was purposefully killed at the annual Bohemian Grove camp during a week long human hunting expedition. And that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes who died in 2017 and Rupert Murdoch secretly huddled most days to determine how best to portray Mr. Trump as badly as possible. The author continued, who am I? And how do I know all of this? I had the strangest dream since I was a little girl. I was internally decapitated. Oh, Cody, you got to hear this. I was internally decapitated and yet I live. The wind tells me I'm a ghost, but I don't believe it. What? That's right. You don't believe it. This is the source. Yeah, all of it. This is the source that three or four billion dollars in lawsuits are based around. Now at another point in this email, this anonymous source claims to be able to quote, time travel in a semi conscious state of which is also I think that just means dreaming. That is fucking incredible. Like to know where it all comes to. It's not even Sydney making stuff up or just pretending to be a black box. He shares this email with Fox hosts, right? So that she can inform them what she's going to bring up. So they know that the source of a lot of these election claims is an internally decapitated woman who the wind tells us a ghost. And can time travel in a semi conscious state? Yeah, in a semi conscious state. Very impressive. Yeah, some very interesting info. Yeah, I mean, Cody, I don't think any of your sources can time travel in a semi conscious state. So not really. She includes all this in her resume and cover letters. Yeah. It is a lot of work. Like a tough traveling a semi conscious state. Interestingly, our friend David Bell puts that on his resume as well. So that's true. That is true. He can't. I'm wondering when I did David Bell write this letter? No, he was never internally decapitated. That's right. That's right. No, he sends me a cat scan of his neck every single week. So I can I can confirm he has not been internally decapitated. So Bartolimo, Jesus, what a stupid last name. Was aware of the email and stated in her deposition that she knew that it was nonsense. But at no point on air did she mention that this email was the source of Powell's claims about dominion, which had aired on Fox to millions of viewers. As Tucker Carlson texted that night, the software shit is absurd. Half our viewers have seen the Maria clip. And yeah, not wrong. Yeah. It's the most interesting stuff in here to me is this behind the scenes glimpse at how Tucker communicates when he thinks he has a reasonable expectation of privacy because he seems equally preoccupied with how dumb the conspiracy is as he is with lambasting his colleagues for not adequately furthering the conspiracy theory, right? Like he's pissed about boat, he's angry at that this conspiracy is taking off and he's even angrier when his colleagues don't back it up on the air. What a weird position for a giant asshole to be in. Yeah. It's a bad. It's a sticky one. That would be his position though, wouldn't it? Yeah. Of course, because there's no personal responsibility. There's nothing like be angry about everybody. The options. Yeah, there are no breaks. What are the options here? There are no breaks on this. There's no rise on. It's just he wants the drivers to guide it a little better. Yeah, it's it's it's not stopping. That's so interesting. He's definitely not stopping. On November 9th, Carlson told Suzanne Scott, Fox's CEO directly, I've never seen a reaction like this to any media company. Kills Meadle Watchet. Scott took that message down the line attacking her colleagues for having the arrogance to call Arizona. She expressed that it was astonishing that a top executive had signed off on the Arizona call, given that every executive's first job was to quote, protect the brand. Oh, that's their first job. Oh, yeah, it's your shit not reporting the news, Katie. No, no, no, definitely isn't that. I'm going to continue from the the motion. And on that day, day one, as Scott termed it, Fox executives made an explicit decision to push narratives to entice their audience back. Scott and Lacklin Murdoch exchanged texts about the plan going forward. Scott, viewers going through the five stages of grief. It's a question of trust. The AZ call was damaging, but we will highlight our stars and plant flags, letting the viewers know we hear them and respect them. Murdoch, yes, but needs constant rebuilding without any missteps. Scott, yes, today is day one and it's a process. Mm, so fun. Oh, pretending they were some. Pretending they were some. Yeah. Yeah. Acting their audience means embracing the lie their audience. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Using them off the lie maybe. We've got to respect our audience. So funny. I think that one of the things I find really compelling here is that like the most honest any of them seems is when they are distraught that the audience is losing trust in them. And so it's like, I think they do feel bad that they didn't embrace the audience's insane conspiracy enough that like, oh, we let them down. They expected us to be as bat shit as they are and we really fell down on the job there. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, yeah, feeling upset that they can't that they're in this situation and they can't. Yeah. Yeah, that they that they failed their audience. Yeah, we should have gone in harder at the outset. That's a very single idea. That's struggling right now. We should have been dumber and faster. Yeah. I do say that a lot myself. But you know who's as dumb and as fast as it's possible to be sponsors are sponsors. They are they are as they are as fast as as I don't know how to finish that sentence. Anyway, here's our fucking ass. The biggest tournament in college basketball is here. Get in on the action at Draft King Sportsbook. Right now new customers can bet just five dollars on college hoops and get $200 in bonus bets instantly. Plus, all customers can score a no sweat bet during round one and two of the tournament. Download the Draft King Sportsbook app and sign up with code behind. New customers can bet five dollars and get $200 in bonus bets instantly. Win or lose. 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The brand team at Fox Panicked, Raj Shah who headed the brand team notified senior leadership that Kavuto represented a brand threat, tied in with all this and with Tucker's reaction was an ever present fear of newsmax, which built over into the course of November. Fox execs and talent seem to see newsmax as a mortal threat to their continued profitability, which is funny because didn't it just get dropped from like, what is it? Was it newsmax or the one news? Yeah, direct TV, direct TV just dropped newsmax because it didn't get enough people watching it. Well, it's interesting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe Fox was, I don't know, it may have just been that like in the moment newsmax was experiencing a surge, but it clearly didn't last. They're not doing well right now, which is very funny also. Talk all of those people. Quote, prior to November 8, Fox executive David Clark testified that newsmax was not a credible media outlet because quote, their hosts were extremely one sided, ignored the facts. They did not seem to care about telling the truth. They seem to invest truly in conspiracy theories versus fact. Yeah, I mean, that'll do it. Wow, imagine a news agency being like that, David, fucked up. On November 10, Scott pointed out to senior Fox executives a note from analyst Kyle Goodwin on Newsmax's ride. Fox executive Porter Barry responded, just pulled up, up newsmax's show and they're hitting Kavuto. They're just whacking us smart on their part. Lauren Peterson added, they definitely have a strategy across all shows to try and target and steal our viewers. And this is also really compelling to me just because like at number one, obviously at no point is even ideology a primary concern, like the concern is the competition, right? Like it's pure business. And there's almost this like, I can respect the degree to which they're good at fucking us over. Yeah, we would do that too. We would do that too. And it's a shame to us that we weren't smart enough to do it faster, right? Yeah. Fox executives talk about Newsmax. The rest of us talk about Fox, which is one of the most entertaining things in the document. Fox president Jay Wallace describes Newsmax as truly an alternative universe that can't be ignored. He then adds in a message to Suzanne Scott that he is trying to get everyone to comprehend we are on war footing. And again, that's also from the point of making about like ideology doesn't seem to come into it with these people. They're not at war with the Biden White House or Democrats. Or at war with other right wing media that might steal their thunder. Yeah, who's, yeah, out Fox losing them. It's very, very interesting. I'm very interesting. Yeah, I'm proud. I'm proud, I'm proud of you, Cody. You know what? Let's get on a call with the T-shirt people real quick. Yeah, let's go and print one of those. So the T-shirt people, the T-shirt people, everything that Fox does next is influenced by this feeling of being at war with Newsmax. This is what causes Tucker to make common cause with Sean Hannity in order to push the false claim that Dominion was the core of some grand fraud. The express purpose of backing this conspiracy theory was to bring viewers back from Newsmax. Quote, Hannity told Carlson and Ingram on November 12th in one week in one debate that is straight a brand that took 25 years to build and the damage is incalculable. Tucker responded, it's vandalism. The hosts also discussed the possibility of competition to Fox emerging. Hannity told them serious money with serious distribution could be a real problem. I am a show they need to address, but what I don't know, Tucker, that could happen. So yeah, feel it, feel that fear. Yeah, feel that feel that fear. It is nice to know that he can be afraid. It's a little brain bug moment there. Putting your hand on the goop stick that Tucker Carlson uses to suck the brains out of your aunts and uncles. Yeah, it's afraid. It's afraid. Normally, I feel a little bit of empathy when an unlikeable character, when you realize that they're afraid that you humanize them. Not this guy. I would not feel empathy if Tucker Carlson's asshole got sucked out of his backside by one of those sucker things in a swimming pool in a grain silo or something. Yeah, or a grain silo. Yeah. Let's grain silo the fucker. Did you guys grow up with that at your local pool that there was like, oh yeah, it got their whole other gut sucked up. And then like a Palinux short story, right? Was it a Palinux short story? I think you had a doing a short story about that urban legend, which I think is. If anyone ever, yeah, I would definitely say Cody, if there's a short story about getting your gut sucked out of your butt through a swimming pool, check Palinux. It would be Chuck Palinux, yeah. It literally called guts actually. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, beautiful. I'm going to read it now. Okay. But for the record, I would think it was funny if that happened to Tucker. So that same day, Laura Ingram's producer Tommy Firth texted a Fox executive responsible for overseeing her show. He complained, this dominion shit is going to give me a fucking aneurysm. As many times as I've told Laura its BS, she sees shit posters and Trump tweeting about it. And since her show is redacted, but the Fox executive responds, this is the Bill Gates microchip angle to voter fraud. The next day, he messages Firth again asking, how is it going with the cooks? Oh, wow. So they're both being like, oh yeah, Laura is, you know, she's watching these shit posters, she's tweeting about nonsense. But the executive's like, yeah, you know, this is something we can work with. It's this Bill Gates microchip angle, but it applied to voter fraud. Yeah, yeah. You know, how's it going? Are the crazy people biting? This feels, you're not done telling this story, but this all feels really damning. It's very damning and evil. It feels like people should be locked up. Like, we're, we're, we have fun. We make our jokes, but like, honestly, the real life repercussions of this shit. Families destroyed. People kill themselves over this. There was just another like suicide of an entire family over this shit. Like this is destroyed so many lives. I don't know. These people, like, the money is not enough. I don't see on a moral level. I don't see any argument as to why a lot of this shouldn't be criminally liable. But none of it is obviously or ever will be, because it's fine to do this. It's not fine to like yell at the Atlanta police after they shoot a guy. And you get charged with domestic terrorism, but this is cool. Yeah. So also on November 12th, Lew Dobbs took to the airways with Rudy Giuliani as guest. After Giuliani repeated his litany of false allegations against Dominion, Dobbs said, on air, it's stunning. They have no ability to audit, meaningfully, the votes that are, the votes that are cast because the servers are somewhere else. This looks to me like it is the endgame to a four and a half year long effort to overthrow the president of the United States. While Dobbs dug that whole deeper, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson were in a group text thread together. And boy, that sounds like the worst group text. I want only that. You want that? I want to see it all. You don't have it. Every breaking news story that happens, I want to see just everything. I don't want to be on that thread in any way. Oh, gosh. I would love to read it for sure. Yeah. I don't know. I'd like to be on there. Be like, hey guys, it's Friday. I got some beers, the liver of a child that was drowned to death in Amoretto. You guys want to come over, have some brews, eat a little bit. I assume, I assume when Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson hang out together, they eat like the human equivalent of an Ordalon. That's the only thing that... They don't even hide their shame from God, though. Tucker knows he's more powerful. So yeah, while Dobbs dug that whole deeper, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are in their group chat. And Carlson shares a tweet by Fox reporter Jackie Heinrich. And Jackie was one of the like three or four people at Fox who had a shred of integrity. And she was... She fucked... Trump tweeted about Dominion, like sharing this Sydney pal conspiracy. And Jackie Heinrich fact checked it. She noted, there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes. Carlson shares this and tells Hannity, please get her fired. Seriously, what the fuck? I'm actually shocked. It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It's measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down. Not a joke. Tucker then adds, I just went crazy on me to over it. Hannity responds that he had already sent to Cisanne with a really? He then added, I'm three strikes. All his shit debate, election nighted disaster. Now this BS? Nope. Not gonna fly. Did I mention Kavuto? They're so pissed. They're so pissed. Is that satisfying? Yeah, it does feel good a little bit. I can see him. Yeah. Now Hannity and ex-Tex Suzanne Scott, who reached out to Fox's SVP of corporate communications, Irene Bruganti. Quote, Sean texted me, he's standing down on responding, but not happy about this. And doesn't understand how this has allowed to happen for anyone in news. She, Heinrich, has serious nerve doing this. And if it gets picked up, viewers are going to be further disgusted. By the next morning, Heinrich had deleted her fact-checking tweet. So I guess, look, again, Heinrich had a little bit of, what do you say? Courage or whatever. A little bit. But not so much that when her boss is yell at her, she doesn't do anything to tweet. Oh yeah, this is Tucky. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to lie in a little text. I don't know. Maybe one thing you could take from that is that like, if you get caught telling the truth in right wing media, there's not like a job open for you in normal media, whereas if you get caught lying in mainstream media, there's a job for you. Exactly. Yeah. So putting myself trying to put myself in that position and it's like, yeah, I could see how you get intimidated. I would like to think I wouldn't because I would make those series of choices where I was working at this place. But, you know, yeah. You know, there's this term you hear because of Hannah O'Rent, the Benality of Evil. She was talking about like Holocaust perpetrators, but it gets used a lot. I think it, I prefer to think of things a little differently, which is that like, it's not that evil is banal. It's that the vast majority of evil is perpetuated so that people can pay their mortgage. Like that. And that's what that's what's going on here. And that's even what's going on with like, like Tucker doesn't have a mortgage or whatever, but it's very much just about the bottom line, right? Like if the money for Tucker had been in being a liberal or left wing media personality, he would have been just as fine doing that. He doesn't care. Like, yeah. While this is going on, Dominion representatives are frantically contacting Fox News to try and correct these false allegations. In the first like two months that followed the election, they sent 3,600 messages to Fox representatives. Fox executive David Clark tells a colleague on November 14th, I have it tattooed on my body at this point. LOL, super aware that we're lying criminally about a corporation. LMAO. Yeah. I hope they don't sue us for $1.6 billion. Tee heee heee. Kissy face. Yeah. One fun thing I learned reading this is that Fox doesn't fact have its own fact checking department. Now, that's an astonishing thing to hear if you have watched a lot of Fox News. You know what they call themselves? No, no, no, what did they call them for? The brain room. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh no. Goodness. The brain room. Yeah. Incredible. Love it. What facts are they checking? They are. They'll check the facts so that they know Katie. Report the opposite. I would love to answer that question for you. But as soon as the motion notes that Fox's fact checking department has called the brain room, the next two full paragraphs are redacted. Oh my god. Yeah. There's some juicy shit that's black barred in this. It's the funniest place to put redacted. It's really, there is a degree of comedic timing from some of these dominion lawyers. Yeah, some of it's like intriguing. I was like, wow, why don't you say it there? It's like, no, no, no, the brain room is soft. The brain room? Yeah. We can't talk about what happens in the brain room. So immediately after, sticks in the brain room. So immediately after those two full paragraphs of redaction comes this paragraph. Fox continued to broadcast its lies about dominion as it nervously eyed Newsmax. In November 16th, email, Rupert Murdoch told Scott to read a Wall Street journal piece about Newsmax telling her, these people should be watched if skeptically Trump will concede eventually and we should concentrate on Georgia helping anyway we can. We don't want to antagonize Trump further. Giuliani taken with a large grain of salt, everything at stake here. It's so funny. The paragraph, yeah, what a hard time. So the paragraph that follows this is also redacted and immediately after all that redaction comes this line. Carlson told his producer Alex Fyfer that night, Sydney Powell is lying. Fucking bitch. Oh, it's so good. It's struggling. Having a rough one, huh, buddy? Let me out. He continues to complain about this regularly up to November 18th when he tells Laura Ingram that Powell is crazy and Ingram responds, Sydney is a complete nut. No one will work with her. Diddo Rudy Carlson responds. Holy shit. Check this out Carlson response. It's unbelievably offensive to me. Our viewers are good people and they believe it. Why do they believe it's okay? Why do they believe it? What do these people believe it? Let's take it a step further, man. It's so, there's almost like a schizophrenic quality to reading through this because there's this mix of like Carlson responding the way a regular person should. This is unbelievably offensive. It's fucked up, they make. But also like you're doing it, Tucker. Yeah, it's like, it's like look what they're making me do kind of stuff. Yeah. I'm in and what I have to do because obviously, but I respect the audience so much there's such good people, but I have to. No, they respect what the audience means for his bottom line. But again, it's just not surprising in any way, but you, an inability, psychologically incapable of seeing any accountability. No, no, absolutely not. Nightmare to be married too. Tucker, you're doing it. Yeah, Tucker, the lies have come from inside the you. What's coming from inside you? This is entirely your fault, Tucker Carlson. But you know what's not what isn't Tucker Carlson's fault. The joys of cooking. That's right. Preprepped meals. That you're delivered straight to your fellow friends. I bet I can make it. We could find a case for how that's a fault. But no, you know, he actually, you're very excited. Cause deliver straight to your door. Very exciting. Yummy, yummy. We've got a couple of sponsors. We've got a food box company and a mattress company sponsoring us. 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Every topic and guest must perform. No one forced errors in content. For example, abruptly turning away from a Trump campaign press conference. Get on the slop that they want. Yeah, feed the pig is. Keep fucking people's relatives up. So yeah. Ruin, bring down a society to its knees. It sure is. It sure is. So yeah, following this guidance on November 19, Fox broadcast the entirety of a press conference with Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. Now you guys probably all remember this as the press conference for Rudy's hair melted off of his face. I do remember that. What an incredible moment for this country. Made up. It's AI art. It was a lie. It didn't happen. I want to be like frozen so that a thousand years from now I can help journalists make a documentary about America. And I want to cut straight from like the battlefield at Gettysburg. Thousands of corpses. A nation fighting with its past in order to like finally write like the evil at the center of its existence and cut immediately from that to like Rudy Giuliani with his hair melting off. Leaking. Yeah, just leaking from his skull. Nothing else is important. You can cut the rest of American history between those moments from Gettysburg to Sydney Powell and Giuliani. The two most pivotal points in American history. Absolutely no questions. Yeah. I have. I have four seasons total. Sure. Sure. We can throw that in there too. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think we might even be like morally obligated to have a little detour into force seasons total landscaping. Okay, I'm going to play a little segment from that clip because I know a lot of people enjoyed Rudy's head melting. But I think fewer people actually like actually listen to some of the claims being made. This is a particularly powerful moment from that press conference and I'm going to play it in just a second. Outrageous situation now. I don't think most Americans know but our ballots get calculated many of them outside the United States and are completely open to hand them completely open to change. And it's being done by a company that specializes in voter fraud. Oh, he does not look well. Also Sydney Powell is very tall. Yeah. And wearing a leopard print sweater real school one. Interesting choice. But we are really dealing with an incredible more by the day massive influence of communist money. Oh, it's good. I started with the experience. Our elections here in the United States. The Dominion voting systems, smartmatic technology software and the software that goes in other computerized voting systems here as well, not just Dominion or created in the windows of Waila. At the direction of Hugo Chavez. Make sure you never lost an election. Okay. That's so my God. I do love the way she says Venezuela too. Yeah. Yeah. His, the crude oil leaking from his brain really distracted from the things that she said. Yeah. She should not have. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cause all I would you could talk about it. Maybe it was attacked it. Maybe it was planned. Maybe. Yeah. Rudy is much more cunning than we give him credit for. He has, you know, some species of lizards can shoot blood out of their eyes to like a distracted attacker. Rudy is able to do that to the entire chin with his head. No. I think he developed it over millions of years. He's checking himself with a symbiote. It's like, you know, do my little trick. This is how Rudy's Giuliani have managed to survive the fringes of the world for the last 65 million years since the death of the rest of their race. I consider Rudy to be the same species as the dinosaurs in the original Mario movie. You know, the one with Bob Hoskins. My goodness. You could just put Rudy in that movie and he would say, immediately the same way he dressed in that movie. Not entirely. No, we just don't know. So while this beautiful, beautiful scene was unfolding, Rupert Murdoch sent out an email with the subject watching Giuliani exclamation point. The text of that email, real, really crazy stuff and damaging. If only you had the power to stop this, Rupert Murdoch. It's like watching a train crash and also you have the Superman like ability to stop any object in motion with the moments notice. It's a trolley problem, but there's one track. It's a trolley problem, but you're God. Yeah. It's very funny. White House correspondent Kristen Fisher did at least fact check some of the claims made during this press conference. Her boss, Brian Boyton, called her and told her emphatically that he and his bosses were unhappy with her. And that she, quote, needed to do a better job of, and this is a quote, respecting our audience. Fisher texted a colleague about being punished for doing my job shortly thereafter. Real, real lion's eating faces party moment. Oh no. I like that this is their phrase. That's the way they're respecting our audience. Yeah. Yeah. Lie to our audience. It's very fun. It's also like, you get these people like Kristen Fisher who is like, well, it's good that you were doing your job as a journalist, but also like, you did work at Fox. Like you did choose to work there. Right. Yeah. This isn't the first thing. Yeah. Like a, quote, first question of Maloo that they've got. Yeah. You, you didn't have a long career there without any kind of moral qualms. This is just like happened to be the time that there were a bunch of deposition. Maybe this is the only bad thing they've ever done. Maybe this is the only bad thing they've ever done. That's possible, buddy. We don't know. So the fact that there was regular spirited resistance within Fox to the increasingly unhinged Dominion conspiracy is very compelling to me. At one point Fox anchored Dana Perino comments that Dominion would probably be able to sue over the comments made in that press conference. This prompt CEO, Suzanne Scott to send an email saying, you can't give the crazies an inch right now. They are looking for and blowing up all appearances of disrespect to the audience. Scott separately noted, the audience feels like we crapped on them and we have damaged their trust and belief in us. We can fix this, but we cannot smirk at our viewers any longer. I'm not positive what is being argued for here. She's saying like we can't give the crazies at Fox an inch right now. They're looking for like any opportunity to like blow shit up, but also the audience feels like we're shitting on them when we correct this stuff and that's damaged their trust. It's again, they're being pulled. Exactly. It's this impossible situation because you're evil. Like, you're evil, but you don't want to be. You're choices and the scenario that you've created that you know is bad, but you also need in order to continue. Yeah, the crew of the Hindenburg got themselves into an impossible situation when they exploded. We don't want to explode. And yet we love this explosive thing. What an impossible situation. Respect the explosion. Yeah. Respect respect. We're not respecting the audience if we don't explode properly. The audience being hydrogen. So internally Fox executives like Ron Mitchell laughed at the clowns Rudy and Sydney who had put us in a terrible place. He even asked a colleague jokingly if Sydney was going to mention the quote international crime conspiracy to steal the election featuring Soros, Maduro Chavez, Antigua, and Tifa Cuba and China. It's noted in the conversation that silly as these allegations are, they put Fox in an awkward place where we're going to need to thread the needle. You're actually not in an awkward place. You don't have to be. No. It's okay. You don't have to do this. Yeah, nobody's making you do this. You don't have to do it. It's okay. You can help. You can make it better. On November 20, Dominion Sins Fox's general counsel, Assis and Desist. Internally, executives fredded over how reckless it was to keep giving Powell air, but she continued to guest regularly on Fox prime time shows, including dobs and Hannity that same day. This continued into December. On December 2, Bill Sammon, Fox's DC editor, message to colleague, it's remarkable how week ratings make good journalists do bad things. Oh, it's good stuff. Good stuff. I might, yeah, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I'm not that cobbled with that, but by late November, even some of the bad journalism Fox were expressing a fear of where the recklessness might lead. Suzanne Scott said, privately, I had a number of conversations with Sean, where he wanted the precedent to accept the results. And Hannity had understood that Joe Biden legitimately won the election for some time. He admits this in his deposition, too. On November 19, after the Giuliani Powell press conference, Carlson very carefully tried to thread his own needle. On one hand, he said publicly on his show that what Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history. But she never set us any evidence despite a lot of requests. On the other, however, he did not say that what he believed privately, that she was lying. Instead, he closed by saying, maybe Sidney Powell will come forward soon with details on exactly how this happened and precisely who did it. We are certainly hopeful that she will. And this is the most minimal pushback you can get on this. Still too much for Fox viewers. The motion, citing internal Fox communications notes that there was a massive viewer backlash to Carlson on this, which forced caused him to mobilize with Raj Shah from the brand team. Shah messaged a number of executives, including Lackland Murdoch and Susanne Scott about this. But we don't know precisely what was said because the next full page or so was redacted. Again, super curious as to what was said there. When the black bars end, we come to this. Shah also texted with producer Alex Fyfer on November 22nd. Shah wrote, shit is so crazy right now. So many people openly denying the obvious that Powell is clearly full of it. Fyfer, she is a fucking nutcase. Now, November 22nd is the day that Trump finally disavows Powell, noting that she did not represent his campaign. This appears to have been on the behest of Tucker Carlson, who messaged Ingram that day that dealing with Powell totally wrecked. He spells it. RECKED my weekend. Then he says, this is Tucker. Wow, I had to try to make the White House disavow her, which they obviously should have done long before. Ingram responds, no serious lawyer could believe what they were saying. Carlson replies, but they said nothing in public. Pretty disgusting. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's disgusting that they didn't say it. It's also interesting because the White House does disavow Powell after this. Like Carlson, that's just kind of evidence of the amount of pull that he does have. Um, January 6th came as a surprise to everyone involved at Fox, at least based on what the discovery documents suggest. It seems to have done something to set up a sense of stakes for guys like Carlson, but he was still too afraid of losing his audience to reverse course. Late on January 6th, Carlson texted with Fyfer that Trump is, quote, a demonic force, a destroyer, but he's not going to destroy us. On January 26th, Carlson invited his leading sponsor, Mike Lindell on the show where Lindell spouted these same conspiracies on air after previewing them for Carlson staff during a pre-interview. And again, this dichotomy between the almost panic awareness of how much trouble they're getting into by the faming dominion and like inciting an insurrection, it exists on every level of decision making that Fox. And the last quote I'm going to read you from this motion is this. On January 5th, Rupert Murdoch told Suzanne Scott, it's been suggested our prime time three should independently or together say something like the election is over and Joe Biden won and that such a statement would go a long way to stop the Trump myth that the election is stolen. Scott forwarded the email to Cooper stating, I told Rupert privately that they are all there. We need to be careful about how using the shows and pissing off the viewers, but they know how to navigate. They did not know how to navigate. And in fact, reviews too. But it's interesting that they were aware as it's this suggest that Murdoch is aware like we do have some sort of duty to use our reach to try and quash this. Might be seen as like evidence of guilt. Yeah, I mean, they're not unaware. Yeah. It's interesting what lines they I mean, but again, you're saying like they didn't do it. So yeah, they didn't do it. Not the line is like considering doing something. Yeah, I guess. Yes. Anyway, that's where we are folks. That was a real treat. It was a treat, wasn't it? I'm so honored you invited. I loved it. I felt good about it. Do you feel good? I feel great about it. That's good. I mean, I don't I don't feel great about it. But I change a lot of people's minds. Yeah. That's the thing, right? That's what pisses me off most about it. It's like, oh, here it is. Objective proof from the mouths of the people who run and are the main faces on Fox that they are liars and they are lying to their audience and they are like doing it out of a pure cowardly vinyl desire for money and fame and care nothing about the degree to which they mislead people really. And it will never matter because facts. It's impossible to convince anyone with facts. You put this in front of a person who watched the tiny little morsel, right? Here's Tucker. Here he is saying that he needs evidence for it. So he did push back. That's the game that they tried to play and sometimes exceed that. There's enough. You can see people running cover for them already of like, well, no, he did. He said it without acknowledging anything else. It's very frustrating. I mean, it's this thing where like, I don't know, I shouldn't say it doesn't matter at all because we just had this very shocking like midterm upset where like maybe maybe we're coming to like a head of how much they can get away with. I guess we'll know after 2024. But it does. I do know that like the people in my own life who have been listening to watching Fox religiously for years, this won't stop them. This will not have any impact. And like, and they're not dumb people. Nor are they bad people. It just they have gotten bored into their reality tunnel. And the like digging into this, acknowledging the degree to which they've just been manipulated for their viewership would be I think psychically painful. So why would you do it? It's hard to accept a re we see it all the time. The people that still are on the Q trade, you know, like having a hard time accepting the facts of the but also I would imagine that there's a lot of people who straight up don't even know this story. Yeah. Like Fox News viewers that will get this information because it's not like this is going to be a breaking news segment on Fox news, you know. Yeah. Anyhow, I want to read more their texts. So I either redacted part. Yeah. I would like some of that too. There's a lot of very enticing pieces. But what's more than Tyson is y'all's pluggables. Oh, that's very true. Wow. You start Cody. Check us out on slash the search bar and type in some more news for our video channel. We do videos and stuff. It's a podcast too if you like podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, we also have another podcast in that same podcast feed called even more news. You go to that feed. You'll see both of them in their one episode will be the audio of the YouTube show. Another one will be us chatting with with each other and people about the news. Also, we have a slash some more news. Wow. God. It's you you guys really are a well oiled gazelle. Yeah, we are. We get that a lot. Yeah. We get the oil from Rudy's skull. That's, you know, that's where we need to invade next is Rudy Giuliani's for send the 10th mountain division in there. Get it out. Get it all that fuel. Oh, right now. This is fun though. Somebody needs to cut like, I don't know, use an AI or something to like cut him into X files whenever there's one of the aliens that have like the black oil coming out of there. Yeah. Somebody make Rudy into an alien super soldier on like season six of the X files. I feel like someone will. Yeah. Yeah. I could always thank you in advance. Yeah. Finally, we'll all get to live our dream of seeing Rudy star opposite David Duke company. And that's a good note. Tand on behind the bastards is a production of Cool Zone media. 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